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The Gossip - SouMako Edition

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We here at The Gossip have gotten a few questions about what’s been going on in the lives of everyone’s favorite swimmers, so we figured it was time to put our best team on it. Last time we checked in, Rin was off to Australia, Haru had decided to go pro, Makoto was headed for Tokyo, Nagisa and Rei were nurturing a batch of new recruits, and what Sousuke was up to was anyone’s guess. Our team has been criss crossing the Pacific in search of all the news you want to know. It’s been three years since then, so let’s see what everyone’s been up to.

Since his face has been all over the news lately, we’re sure you guys know that Matsuoka Rin’s made a name for himself in the world of professional swimming. Though Rin did not medal, he did achieve his dream of swimming in the Olympics. When up against such tough competition, 5th place is a remarkable achievement of its own. His coaches say that the loss has only pushed him to up his game even more. They promise that fans will see a more powerful Rin in the upcoming Pan Pacific Championships. We can't wait!

Next we tracked down Nanase Haruka and we were so surprised that we didn’t have to go far. We found him in the middle of his year abroad at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney. The word on the street is that the high he felt during his first visit to Sydney, the one that made him feel like he wanted to go pro, faded after about two months of training. There are rumors that a series of panic attacks ushered in Haru’s change of plans, but we could not confirm this with a credible source. However, it is true that once he finishes this year, he plans to return to Japan to continue his studies. No word on where, but Hattori or the Sushi Academy are the most likely places, since they’d bring him back to Tokyo where our next favorite swimmer is probably counting the days until his return.

Back in Japan we learned that Tachibana Makoto is in his third year with Waseda University’s School of Sports Science. We hear that he got in with his grades, charm, and on recommendation from two of the grateful parents from Iwatobi SC who happen to be honored alums of the university. It must be fate! No one thought that Haru and Makoto could be separated and we were all happy that Haru ended up going to Tokyo as well, but now that they have been, we were curious about how everyone’s favorite angel was faring without his other half. There’s a story there, but we haven’t been able to confirm anything. The only thing we can tell you for sure is that he’s been keeping company with one of his uni-mates who looks very familiar.

Elsewhere on Soudai’s campus we chased down a rumor that someone was wreaking sunshine all over Shinjuku. Who else could it be but Hazuki Nagisa! Who would have thought our anti-study buddy would have gone to university and one so prestigious? For starters, not Nagisa. You know we have to get our facts straight before we can dish it all out, but for now we’ll tell you that a military mural installation, a chance meeting, and a film screening, lead Nagisa to joining the university’s School of Culture, Media, and Society where our favorite history buff has been torturing his kouhai, endearing himself to his senpai, keeping his professors on their toes, and occasionally disappearing for days at a time, apparently in the name of research.

Guess who else we found on campus and in the same faculty as Makoto? If you guessed Yamazaki Sousuke, then you guessed right! Although they’re on different tracks—Sousuke's in Athletic Training and Conditioning while Makoto's in Education—it seems they became fast friends and are often seen working out and studying together. Two times the eye candy! Just one of them walking down the street will definitely turn heads, so with the two of them, they must be stopping traffic. We're all curious about it since when we last saw him it didn't seem like he had decided anything for the future. We came up empty on info regarding Sousuke's admission to Soudai—we're still working on that. We hope that knowing that everyone's favorite brooding butterfly specialist has started spending his summers getting acquainted with something long and hard in the Izu Islands will tie you all over until we can get the full story for you!

Speaking of butterflies, we made our way south to Kanagawa where we almost didn’t recognize Iwatobi’s most beautiful butterfly. He was spotted all decked out in the National Defense Academy’s uniform. No my friends, this was not cosplay, our most versatile captain, Ryugazaki Rei, was admitted to Boudai and accepted into the Department of Aerospace Engineering where he’s focusing on propulsion. So, we know he’s studying what keeps spacecrafts moving, but what we’d really like to know is what keeps him going. Well, there have been sightings of an energetic blond who happens to show up in the area around the times Rei’s off for holidays and other extended periods of free time. Whomever could it be?

Well guys, that’s all the dirt we can dish today. Be sure to check in next time when we hope to have confirmed info on Nagisa’s admission, Haru’s year abroad, and more of the news you want to know.

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