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July's A Hellshow This Year

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We all know of all the events that just folded recently. Mitch is headed his way to the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. They all knew the Raiders were his favorite team and wanted him to be surrounded by something he loved when he died, so they chose there. He got his car filled up with gas, got some snacks, turned on some Marshmello radio on Pandora, and was on his way. He had no time to stop anywhere on his way to Vegas, even to sleep for the night, so he drove one endless drive. Nothing bad happened to him thankfully on his way there.

He finally reached the stadium, but he saw some weird things going on at a nearby Rainforest Cafe. He saw a monkey and some businessman there pooping on the floor and shoving corn up their butts. He arrived at the stadium and got out of his car and headed toward the entrance. No actual workers were there, but instead lots of soldiers in black jumpsuits. Mitchell was surrounded by a bunch of them when he finally managed to get in. They all whipped out weapons. Mitchell beat the crap out of them one by one, and more and more of them kept coming. Mitchell still never let his guard down and parried their attacks, one by one. They got beat up and all cried like anime fans on prom night. Mitch then kicked one of the guys and they flung the door open. Mitchell went to the actual field the Raiders play on and beat up many more people. They would just never give up. Mitchell finally got onto the audience section and saw something terrifying. Taka, Chiaki, Gundham, Kaede, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Futaba, Yusuke, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Kenny, X, Zero, Joseph, Speedwagon, Caesar, Jotaro, Kakyoin, Spike, Kiryu, Majima, Yagami, AVGN, and Travis were all tied up to seats. But all the lights in there turned off and a voice said something.

"Mitchell Kay, you just won't ever give up and let us do our business. You took down each and every one of us, and hurt our feelings. Now we'll truly show you what true despair feels like and fill you up with it."

The lights turned back on and showed Clone High JFK, Uzaki Chan, and Henry Stickmin on the field tied up with guns pointed to their heads. They were all shot and life slowly sunk out of them, and they were all dead.

The lights turned back off and on again, but things were different. The dead bodies were gone, and everyone he fought was there, and more people as well.

Curious George, the leader of his cult was there. It turns out that all of those people were part of George's cult, all started because he got locked up in a cage with a diaper on for pooping on the floor to protest going to Rainforest Cafe. He broke out of his cage and found Mochizuki, Honma, Tom, Emily, Milk, Tetsuko, Mizuki, Kazuomi, Fuzzbucket, Ernie and Maynard on the way to the cafe. They also got a temple and sacrificed Hundley, Fujita, Piggle, Milk Chan President, and a frog. They also kidnapped some people Mitchell knew, and one of them was his friend Roman. But the whole cult tested positive for monkeypox and got thrown into quarantine. The Man in the Yellow Hat also caused some trouble, he was in the stadium as well. They also seem to have some more members. Little Baby Bum was all there, with their recruits, Anastasia, Kuro, Herb, Yamada, Hanasaki, Ueno, Aki, Jack, Shadow, and Dark Woody. The cult also had some new recruits. They were Mizuki and Jana from Slight Fever Syndrome. They explained their story. Mitchell also freed all his friends and then they went down to the field.

Honma got out an ear of corn and tried shoving it up Kiryu's butt, but he used Essence of Tiger Drop on him. Chiaki and Kaede hurt all of the Double Duty Nurses, along with Makimura. Travis sliced Kazuomi's hand off with his beam katana. Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward murdered T'choupi, Strange Hill Hill, Kevin Spencer, Yvon of the Yukon, and the sumos as well as Kenny did. Majima gave Mochizuki a concussion. Angelino and Vinz were all beat up by the Nerd. Mitchell and Yagami beat the crap out of Jack and Marcus, as well as the other Jack, Trane, Muto, Yu, Rex Ronan and Novolin. X and Zero knew the Larsen and Falcone families were Maverick, and beat them. Akihiko, Yusuke, Mitsuru and Futaba Beat up Ana and Kuro. Mizuki and Jana made out in the corner, but were interrupted. Spike also shot Ernie and Maynard. Jotaro and Kakyoin ora'd and emerald splashed Packy and Marlon and Bronkie. Taka and Gundham scolded the Shirakawa girls and Kuri. Herb made some weird food, but suffocated on it. George, The Man in the Yellow Hat, Little Baby Bum people, Tom, Emily, Fuzzbucket, Pecola, and Woody were beat up by Mitchell, Patrick and Majima. Chiaki and Kaede hurt Milk and Tetsuko. The Sensitive Pornograph guys got too horny and died. Shadow died of worry. Even Speedwagon was afraid and hurt Rocket. Joseph and Caesar predicted Ah Lang and Guy's moves and got the advance on them. Eric's stres mark killed him. VJ, Weiner and Trina also pooped themselves to death. Freddy Freaker also killed himself.

It was finally over, and the cops surrounded the stadium. A helicopter came to evacuate everyone. Everyone came back to life and looked deadlier. But the horn and the fire alarm in the stadium went off. It caused all of the bad guys to start shaking and get cut to pieces and split like a palm tree. Mitchell and all of his friends got on the chopper and finally escaped. They were all finally safe and sound. They finally got home and got all the rest they needed. It was finally over, they won. That Mina girl from the 2nd chapter also congratulated Mitchell.

But one second later, Mitchell actually woke up from this very long dream. He must've been asleep for a few days. That was such a weird dream with all the pod research, hellshow, cult, autistic headcanons, Crybaby Clown, Goofy, Word Party and chamber pots.