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Falling Inside The Black

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It’s so dark outside, it’s so dark even the stars are not visible .

I wonder what I am doing here ..

I want to go home, to my warm bed, inside the safe walls .

My father will be there, my mother, my sister .

And …


I shiver as I thought he will be there, waiting for my return .

I will not return to him, no I will not …

Even if the world will turn dark and cold to me .

I refuse … If I go back, I will disappear .

I feel like I will disappear ..


“ Kotaro wake up ! “ The sleeping boy groaned as he turned around, his eyes stared at the person who was shaking him awake .

“ What .. “ His eyes could not say what was a dream or reality just yet, his sister looked annoying as she figured it out . “ You idiot ! “ She said as kicked him at his side, he looked displeased but let it go . He did not want to face her warth this early .

Woman are just that scary that’s a fact .

He looked at his clock, as she walked out his room . And noticed he was actually late .” Damn ! “

His mother was enjoying her thee, as he ran from the staircases . “ Kotaro what will you do if you have job ! “ His mother sighed with worry, of the thought of that .

“ S-sorry .. “ He said and took some breath, to fill his stomach with .

“ Why are you still here ? “ He asked Yuna .” I have a day off . .” She just said simple, Kotaro nodded and looked again at the clock . “ See you guys later ! “

He ran out .

“ I wished he was sometimes, that actor that likes to play . “

“ Who ? That samurai that he sometimes pull off, as he turns serious . “

“ Yeah . “

What they don’t know was that Kotaro heard that last part, as he run for his life to school .


( school )


“ Mochizuki-kun ! “ His sensei looked at him with a iron face, as he smiled dumbly at her back . “ S-sorry I over slept . “

“ You are not kidding . “

“ S-sorry ..  “

Nagasawa Ai & Nakamura Tsuyoshi looked worried as the class, looked amused at them . “ Go sit down .” Kotaro nodded and went to sit down .

“ I wonder why you can not always act, like that if you play samurai . “

Kotaro looked at her, everyone nodded as Nakamura and Ai looked at each other .” Ah … I wonder … “ He just said .

He sat down as many thoughts jumped at him at once .


Are they sick of me ?


Don’t they like me anymore ?



They wanted the other one ..


They don’t want me anymore ..


I am just second ..


They want me gone …


They don’t want me anymore ..


They don’t want me anymore ..


They don’t want me anymore ..


Will I just …


Disappear ?