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2,825 miles

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“So,” Johnny drawls out, “What do you think?” His lips quirk up around the rim of his wine glass as he takes a long sip, amusement evident in his eyes as he stares across the table and waits for an answer. 

Mark makes a small noise of distress, his mouth forming a wide O as he chokes over a few words before clearing his throat. “Well, uh, that’s yeah, wow. Um, so… uh, Donghyuck?” He deflects the question, tips of his ears impossibly pink. Mark finishes his own wine with a toss of his head and a heavy gulp, staring at the empty glass once he swallows with wide eyes.

Donghyuck squints at Johnny before snapping his gaze towards Taeyong, staring into his eyes like he was looking for a lie painted into his brown irises. Taeyong’s palms start to sweat under the table but he forces his lips into a grin that he prays looks less nervous than he feels. 

He’s really never been good at lying. 

“So what I’m hearing,” Donghyuck starts, gesturing vaguely between the two of them before running a frustrated hand through his hair, “is that you two have somehow fallen completely and utterly in love in the span of what? Six, Seven days? And not only have you fallen in love, but you’ve decided to get married?”

“It didn’t happen in a week, but yes,” Johnny confirms.

Taeyong’s heart swells at the implication behind Johnny’s words — that maybe Johnny’s been in love with him for longer than either of them can quite put into words. 

Mark’s eyes are still wide when he swings his gaze to Taeyong, probably waiting for someone to laugh and say sike.

He’s met with awkward silence instead. 

Johnny not-so-subtly nudges Taeyong’s thigh under the table, clearing his throat before shooting Taeyong a look, clearly urging him to do something other than sit there and stare at the tablecloth trying not to laugh

Taeyong spurs to action, nodding enthusiastically before making a show of twining his fingers with Johnny’s on top of the table. He puts a stupid big grin on his face, only partly forced as he shows off the same golden ring he hasn’t moved from his ring finger since the diner, wiggling his finger in a way he imagines would make more sense if there was a large diamond involved. 

The ring was really what had given Taeyong the idea for the prank in the first place. Well… the ring and the fact that Bride Wars (a cinematic masterpiece and absolute classic in Taeyong’s humble opinion) was playing on their hotel TV while they scrolled through the restaurant’s menu. 

Taeyong had proposed the idea and Johnny had been almost immediately down to do it,  amused at the prospect of pissing his little brother off the weekend of his wedding. He had almost immediately followed his ‘yes’ with saying that he should probably do most of the talking if they want to even remotely pull it off. 

And he had been right, of course. 

Taeyong had nervously word-vomited something incomprehensible about wedding preparations just to get them onto the topic and Johnny had swept in, recovering for Taeyong, as he dropped “the bomb” on Mark and Donghyuck.

“And,” Mark swallows hard, drawing Taeyong back to the present, “Y-you want to have your wedding… during our wedding?”

Taeyong wants to laugh so badly that he has to make a conscious effort not to, stomach muscles drawn fully taught and fingers digging into Johnny’s palm on the table. Mark sighs, one long breath through his nose, and Taeyong almost loses it — he looks away from Mark’s face and the “I’m going to pass out” expression written all over it before he has the chance. 

“A double wedding,” Johnny explains, as if it was just that easy, “Fun, right?”

Mark laughs nervously, repeating ‘fun’ under his breath as his fingers grasp the edge of the table. Taeyong snorts before he can stop himself, trying belatedly to play it off as a cough. Donghyuck narrows his eyes, suspicion written across his features. Taeyong balks under the gaze, looking back away as nerves rise up his throat. 

“How did you propose, then?”

“At a diner,” Johnny says, at the same time Taeyong blurts out, “he serenaded me.”

Even Mark raises an eyebrow at that. 

“He serenaded you … at a diner?” Donghyuck clarifies.

Johnny laughs softly, the sound causing Taeyong’s cheeks to lift up in a small smile even though he isn’t even looking over at him. “Does that really surprise you, Hyuckie?” Johnny asks, tone cocky like he already knows his brother’s answer to the question.

Taeyong’s been around Johnny and Donghyuck plenty of times, so many that he probably couldn’t count them all even on both hands. But not once has he really been paying attention. Now, Taeyong can’t help but notice all of the little details that he would’ve missed just a month ago — the way Johnny kicks his brother’s shin under the table whenever he teases him, Donghyuck winking at Johnny after telling a joke, how their mannerisms mirror each other enough that they are so obviously related despite how little they actually look like each other. 

And even more than anything else, the obvious love between them. Taeyong saw it in the way Donghyuck’s fingers bunched up Johnny’s shirt into two tight fists when they hugged, the way Johnny calls still him “Hyuckie,” despite them no longer being kids, and now, when Donghyuck buries his face in his hands because he knows Johnny’s right and Johnny just sits back in his seat and grins at him. 

Donghyuck looks somewhere between crying and laughing when he pulls his hands away. “No, it sounds exactly like something you would do, you attention whore. I was just hoping to catch you in your lie because if you are actually trying to get married during my fucking wedding I’m gonna need a lot more wine, and maybe a valium.” 

“Hyuck,” Mark shrieks, eyes widening again at his fiance’s words.

Donghyuck shushes him, murmuring something like “I’m only kidding, baby. Well, sort of,” under his breath before turning back to Johnny, something devious dancing in his gaze as he rests his elbows on the table and laces his fingers together. 

“So what do you think?” Johnny asks, taking a bite of pasta and humming at the taste, completely oblivious to the white knuckled grip on the table and the way his eyes scream that he’s contemplating different ways to murder Johnny and get away with it. 

“Please tell me you’re kidding,” Donghyuck grits out.

“And why would I do that?” Johnny snorts, looking up from his plate with wide eyes and confusion written into his face. Taeyong’s nearly convinced that Johnny’s forgotten they’re not actually trying to sell this idea for real, he’s acting so well. 

“You’re kidding, Johnny. Right? Tell me you’re kidding.” 

“Does it look like I’m kidding?” Johnny asks, a brow raised. It doesn’t, Taeyong marvels. It really doesn’t. He prays Donghyuck doesn’t look over to Taeyong for confirmation. Taeyong’s not afraid to admit he’d cave in seconds, withering under Hyuck’s gaze. 

“Okay, Johnny. Be like that. I just want you to know that it didn’t have to come to this,” Donghyuck warns, tip of an accusatory finger hovering over Johnny’s chest. 

Johnny raises his eyebrows, settling back in his chair to cross his arms. “Come to what?” 

“Tell me the truth right now or I’m telling Taeyong about the Christmas card.”

The table goes quiet, a second of stunned silence as Johnny’s face almost immediately drops, cheeks burning red.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Johnny splutters, fingers fidgeting with his napkin on top of his thighs. Taeyong’s eyes shoot immediately to his lap at the movement, his own eyebrows raising up. 

Johnny Suh, nervous? 

“What Christmas card?” Taeyong wonders aloud, eyes drifting to Mark who only shrugs, equally confused. 

Johnny doesn’t so much as glance his way when he speaks, eyes glued instead to Donghyuck and his growing smile.  

“Did you hear that, Johnny?” Donghyuck gasps, hellfire and mirth dancing in his eyes as he stares Johnny down across the table with a viscous grin. “Taeyong wants to know about the Christmas card.” He slides his elbows up on the table and rests his chins on his hands, the picture of maddening innocence. 

Taeyong pictures Donghyuck just a few years younger, cheeks rounder and hair longer, being an absolute fucking menace in high school, refusing to take any shit from his older brother. Taeyong smiles at the thought. He really does see it now, Johnny wasn’t lying about him being a little shit.   

Only, Johnny finds his antics intolerable, and Taeyong’s simply amused. 

“Donghyuck, don’t,” Johnny begs quietly, eyes bearing into Donghyuck from across the table. “Please.”


Oh, now Taeyong really wants to know. 

“Five,” Donghyuck grins, sitting back in his chair and folding his arms across his chest, the picture of calm victory. 


“Four.” His voice cants a little louder, cutting Johnny off. 

“Fine,” Johnny starts, deflating. He shoots a look at Taeyong that screams I’m sorry, but I have to.

“Three,” Donghyuck drawls out. 

“I said fine,” Johnny stammers, eyes going wide, “No double wedding, we were just messing with y’all.”


“It was a joke, Donghyuck. I said we were kidding. Stop counting, I’m saying sorry.”

‘One’ never comes.

Instead, Donghyuck turns to Taeyong, grinning like a madman who just pulled off his most impressive heist yet, and whispers conspiratorially across the bread rolls laying dormant between them, “Mark sent me y’all’s Christmas card when we first started dating, you know the one of you and Biscuit cuddling at your parent’s house, and Johnny took it and used your face as a bookmark for a few months until Seulgi eventually found it and threw it away.”

“Donghyuck!” Johnny shouts, cheeks beet red and eyes wider than saucers. His hands come up to cover his face as he ducks his head, as if that small movement was going to stop the embarrassment from spreading. It really doesn’t. The tips of Johnny’s ears flush crimson, the skin on his cheeks and nape equally red.

Taeyong’s eyes go wide at about the same time a shriek of laughter peels from his throat, loud enough that at least five other patrons eating dinner turn to glare at him. Across from him, Mark’s clapping and laughing, the sound just as loud, if not louder. Johnny’s groaning is drowned out by the matching giggles peeling from their mouths as they choke on air nearly in sync. 

“Karma, John,” Donghyuck whispers, his grin entirely pleased as he pours himself another glass of wine. He winks, “You shouldn’t mess with your baby brother right before his wedding. That’s evil.”

“I’m gonna kill you,” Johnny mutters, playfully bouncing his forehead against the edge of the table as he groans. 

“You cut out my picture—” Taeyong manages between laughs, wiping at the tears streaming down his cheeks. His abs hurt from laughing so hard, but he can’t stop. “And used it as a fucking bookmark.”

“Shut up,” Johnny groans. “You were really pretty,” he murmurs into his hands, more sheepish than Taeyong has ever seen him. 

Taeyong hums, still grinning, “Were?”

“Are.” Johnny corrects himself immediately, that knee-jerk reaction to keep Taeyong happy at all costs he’s developed over the week. Then he realizes what he sounds like and grimaces. “Shut up,” Johnny repeats, groaning at himself. His hands fall from his face as he leans back in his seat, his eyes immediately finding Donghyuck. If looks could kill, Donghyuck would already be six feet below ground. 

“I’m only kidding, Johnny,” Taeyong coos, winking at Donghyuck across the table as his fingertips trail down Johnny's back, rubbing over the notches of his spine in mock-support. “It’s refreshing to hear you’ve been obsessed with me for so many years, my dear."

"I'm breaking up with you," Johnny murmurs, finishing his wine in one swallow. It's more for show than anything, but Taeyong swears it’s just so he has an excuse to blame his vicious blush on.

"Oh, you wish." 

"Pause—” Donghyuck interrupts, holding a hand up in a way only Donghyuck could pull off without looking like he was auditioning for a breakout musical. "A break up implies that you're dating, does it not?"

"Oh, right," Taeyong laughs, returning his hand to his own lap when he remembers they’re in public and he’s been petting Johnny’s neck and back without stopping for five minutes. "That was actually what we meant to tell you in the first place. You know, before, well,” Taeyong laughs awkwardly, cringing at himself, “before the double wedding joke and you know… everything."

"I think what Taeyong meant to say is that yes, we’re dating," Johnny clarifies, patting Taeyong's thigh. He twitches under the sudden movement, his knee jostling Johnny's under the table.

"You know what, good for you, Johnny," Donghyuck says with a sigh, and a clap of his hand on Johnny’s shoulder, "Finally got the boy."

Taeyong's chest swells with something warm, his heart melting like ice left out on a summer day. He bites the inside of his cheek, cutting his eyes to the side to find Johnny staring back down at him, lips turned up and eyes soft.

"That I did," Johnny murmurs, grinning back at him like he’s proud of it, too. 

"Shame the proposal bit wasn't real, though," Donghyuck continues, sighing wistfully. "I'd never turn down the chance to see Johnny sing."

“Oh no, wait, that—” Taeyong laughs, finally relaxed for the first time all dinner, “That bit actually was true. Proposed to me via song with this stupid little grin on his face. The whole diner was swooning. He really put a fucking Beatles song on the jukebox and serenaded me and everything.”

“I mean it was that or Fat Bottomed Girls, so,” Johnny shrugs, grinning when the table laughs. His grin grows when Taeyong rolls his eyes at him. 

“Please tell me someone got that on video,” Donghyuck pleads. 

“God, I wish,Taeyong grins, watching Johnny glare at his brother before swinging his arm around Taeyong’s shoulders, pulling him closer like it’s already second nature. 

“I’m still confused,” Mark admits, ripping apart a piece of bread, “So, like, you are or you aren’t engaged?”

“We’re not moving that fast, Markie,” Johnny laughs, squeezing Taeyong’s shoulder before adding, “Besides, I won’t use a ring he already owns when I propose to him for real.”

Taeyong tries to bite back the smile that threatens to take over his face, his cheeks warming at the implication that Johnny plans on proposing one day, for real. The thought's almost as surreal as the fact that Johnny's his boyfriend now.

Once they're deep in their meals and the table’s quieted down, Taeyong nudges Johnny, offering him a bite of his steak. Johnny bites it off of his fork with a soft “thanks, babe,” brushing his fingertips on the back of Taeyong's wrist in a touch so delicate he feels goosebumps rise on his arms.

Taeyong clears his throat, turning back to Johnny. "You know, before the prank turned to shit, you actually weren’t the worst actor. I mean, I was almost fooled and I was in on it.”

Johnny laughs at that, hand covering his mouth as he finishes chewing.

“I might've taken an acting class or two at film school,” Johnny murmurs with a grin. At Taeyong's roll of the eyes Johnny turns his head, pressing a soft kiss to Taeyong’s temple. Taeyong's heart may or may not quicken at the casual graze of his lips against his skin, the intimate touch equal parts nerve-wracking and calming.

" Of course you did," he sighs.  


☽☽☽☽☽☽  ☾☾☾☾☾☾


They leave Donghyuck and Mark with the promise to wake up in time for brunch with the Suh family, promptly resulting in Taeyong's stomach turning into complete knots at the idea of spending time with Mr. and Mrs. Suh not as Mark's brother, but Johnny's boyfriend.

Not to say that the Suhs aren't wonderful people — Taeyong’s met Johnny’s parents plenty of times over the years, and has always thought they were wonderful. Hell, even the first time he met Mrs. Suh she’s already treated him like family, calling him ‘Taeyong-ah!’ whenever she sees him. But Taeyong's anxiety has been known to ignore all logic, so instead of being excited to see them, he’s merely an anxious bag of bones at the prospect of disappointing Johnny's parents and somehow entirely changing their impression of him.

Which he tries desperately to voice in words that Johnny will understand. He doesn’t, of course, instead just reassures him it’ll be okay the entire walk home until they're right back where they started, hand in hand in the hotel lobby. Even then, when Taeyong butts his head against Johnny's shoulder, pouting up at him until Johnny presses a kiss to his forehead, Johnny reassures him, patient as ever and voice soft like it only ever is for Taeyong.

"You need to stop worrying so much," Johnny murmurs, jabbing the button for their floor with a bent knuckle, his free hand still laced loosely with Taeyong's. Johnny gives his palm a squeeze as if to reinforce his point, and Taeyong can't ignore the way his body goes a little lax at the reassuring touch, his heart somewhat calming in his chest.

"I just want them to like me," Taeyong admits, words incredibly honest and not at all meant to be spoken out loud.

“But they already like you," Johnny reminds him softly, running his thumb over the back of Taeyong's knuckles. Johnny traces the bumps of the bones in his hand, following his veins around the pale skin of his hand in silent concentration. "And they'll like you even more when they know you're stuck with putting up with me for eternity."

"Eternity?" Taeyong laughs, stepping into the elevator once the doors slide open with a ding. "Are we vampires now or something?" He asks, grinning when Johnny laughs and shakes his head, back pressed against their reflections on the mirrored walls of the elevator. 

"Might as well be," Johnny murmurs, raising the hand he has twined with Taeyong's between them to show off the way Taeyong's skin is nearly illuminated by the dull light of the elevator, pale skin reflecting ivory light like a disco ball.

"Oh, shut up," Taeyong laughs, yanking his hand back from out of Johnny's grip to fold it under his arm, crossing his arms over his chest.

"What do you mean shut up?" Johnny scoffs, "We talked about this, Yong. You're telling me you wouldn't want to be a vampire after seeing Twilight? I mean, Edward Cullen ? Come on. Fucking, oh, what's his name, the dad! He was a doctor or something. Blonde, c’mon, you know—”

"Carlisle," Taeyong supplies helpfully, smiling not only because Johnny sounds so passionate about how being a vampire is a compliment, but because Taeyong’s trapped in a constant state of being stupidly endeared by the fact that the only pop culture references Johnny understands are Twilight ones.

" Carlisle ! Exactly, baby. Please, you know I'm right." 

"If you say so," Taeyong sighs, letting Johnny win if only for the smile that forms on his face at Taeyong's words, a pleased glow on his cheeks. 


Johnny is still grinning when the green light reads four and the doors slide open to reveal their floor. He places his hand low on Taeyong's back as he guides them past the group of drunk college students waiting for the elevator, steering them back towards their rooms and away from all of the noise.

Taeyong frowns for a second when they turn down the hallway and he remembers that they technically have two rooms tonight, not just the one he’s gotten used to sharing over the course of the week. Naturally, when the rooms were booked, nobody in their right mind thought that he and Johnny would be amicable enough to cohabitate if they didn’t have to, much less be dating — but then he remembers that they’ll probably end up sharing just one room anyway. It's not like anyone would know he wasn't sleeping in his own room, unless he or Johnny told them. No harm, no foul.

But then Taeyong realizes that if he and Johnny are left to their own devices… sharing a hotel bed... with no one around...

"Whatcha thinkin' about?" Johnny asks, pulling him out of his thoughts as they stop in front of Taeyong's door.

Taeyong blinks, eyelashes sweeping slowly over his cheeks as he stands there, blinking dumbly up at Johnny before he remembers where he is. He startles, grabbing the room key from his pocket and swiping it, the door unlocking with a flash of green and a click.

"Uh, nothing." He ducks his head when he responds, mouth cotton-dry and ears burning under Johnny's gaze. Taeyong pushes the door open and steps in, holding it open as he pauses in the doorway, brain running on overdrive.

Does he invite Johnny in? Does Johnny still want to be invited in? Is Taeyong reading the situation completely wrong and Johnny doesn't actually want to have sex right now?

More importantly, why does he feel so fucking nervous all of the sudden?

"Nothing?" Johnny repeats. Taeyong feels his spine straighten when Johnny leans up against the doorway, crossing his arms and smirking down at Taeyong like he can read all of the questions running through his head, towering over Taeyong and giving him zero room to escape the conversation. All of the nerves and insecurities that are running rampant in Taeyong’s brain might as well be written on his forehead, if there’s anything to say about the way Johnny pins him with a look and sighs. 

Taeyong shakes his head slowly, rocking back and forth on his heels. The words refuse to come to him, his mouth instead slammed shut and his jaw clenched. 

"Hey," Johnny says softly, pushing off the door to hold Taeyong's face, thumbs stroking over his cheekbones, tracing a line down the clench of his jaw. "Talk to me."

"I'm nervous," Taeyong sighs, heart thawing out when Johnny's finger grazes the small scar by his eye and he smiles at it before meeting Taeyong's gaze. "About, well, you know. Everything." Taeyong’s following laughter is pitchy and awkward, feeling more like a teenager than he ever did when he actually was a teenager. He realizes he's still blushing furiously when Johnny's fingers find one red ear and he tugs playfully on the lobe. Taeyong grimaces at the silent teasing, his nose scrunching up.

"What could you possibly have to be nervous about? Hm? Worried I'll get you pregnant and we'll have to have a shotgun wedding?" Johnny murmurs, amusement evident in his voice as he drags his fingertips back against the flushed skin of Taeyong's cheek before pulling him closer by his hand resting at the dip of Taeyong’s waist. 

Taeyong gives in, letting Johnny tug him closer — so close that he can see each individual eyelash that fans across Johnny’s face, his honey eyes bright with amusement as they stare down at Taeyong, constellations written into the brown of his irises.

"You're so weird," Taeyong sighs, sounding much less like an insult and a lot more like endearment. He lets his body meld into Johnny's anyway, chasing the warmth of his chest pressed up against Johnny's, the feeling of home as he buries his head in Johnny’s neck and breathes him in. 

"Maybe," Johnny laughs, Taeyong's heart clenching when Johnny presses a kiss to his forehead before tucking Taeyong’s head under his chin, just tall enough to get away with it without craning his neck. "Don't be nervous, though, seriously. How about I go back to my room and shower and put on some comfy clothes and then come back once we've had a moment to ourselves?"

"You don't have to do that for me," Taeyong says, pulling back to look at Johnny. 

If Taeyong’s being completely honest with himself, he doesn't really want to wait, not when it comes to finally having Johnny all to himself. And fuck, Taeyong wants Johnny. Wants him more than he's ever wanted anything, if how riled up he's been all day has anything to say about it. 

But a Johnny with a plan is a Johnny that Taeyong is yet to defeat.

"Maybe it's not for you. Maybe I just need to shower, Taeyong," Johnny grins, already backing away. Taeyong knows he's just saying that because he wants Taeyong not to feel guilty about being nervous, and the fact that Johnny cares about him enough to do that makes his heart want to explode in the first place, but Taeyong still wants to argue that he’s really not guilty because it wasn't his fucking idea in the first place and he doesn't want Johnny to leave. 

Taeyong concedes anyway, knowing this conversation is going nowhere, and Johnny will be back sooner if he just lets him go. "Fine. Go shower, Johnny. Shoo. Hurry back to me."

"'Course, baby," Johnny says, voice close to a drawl as he grins around the words. Then he's turning out of the doorway and tucking down the hall to his room, the door swinging shut in his absence.

Taeyong sighs, latching the deadbolt because if he’s learned literally anything this week it’s that hotels are fucking terrifying, and Taeyong's nothing if not cautious, even if he'll just have to unlock it back in a few minutes when Johnny returns. Taeyong takes his shoes off and puts them at the base of his closet, making mental notes of all of the things he needs to finish unpacking. A few moments after he’s finally taken note of all of the clothes he probably needs to wash, he realizes he left his suit in Johnny’s car, and really needs to grab that before anything bad can happen to it. 

And probably steam it, if a week on the road in the back of Johnny’s car has anything to say about the condition of it. 

Taeyong takes a deep breath, inhaling the stale air that reeks of cheap cleaner and crisp hotel sheets into his lungs with a cringe, breathing it out in a long breath that surprisingly doesn't come out choppy, despite him scrunching his nose at the smell.

To be fair, Taeyong really does feel less nervous now that he's alone. The air of uncertainty that was clinging to him like a parasite was broken by some odd combination of Johnny's typical ridiculous behavior, and the soft touches he initiated the second he recognized Taeyong was nervous. Both things Taeyong is weak for.

Taeyong pulls his phone out of his pocket, sitting on the foot of the bed as he turns it on to scroll mindlessly through Instagram until Johnny comes back. He gets about halfway down his feed before there's a knock on the door, just one sharp rap of knuckles against the wood.

Taeyong's eyebrows draw in, wondering if his neighbors had ordered room service and gotten the room wrong, because there’s no fucking chance Johnny’s already showered and changed and is back. He sighs, pushing off of the bed and crossing the room, unlatching the deadbolt before pulling open the heavy wooden door. 



"Did you forget something?" Taeyong asks, his voice coming out shakier than he expected. Johnny's mouth goes taut for a second, his cheek pinching in like he's biting the inside of it, something Taeyong's noticed he does when he's thinking. Taeyong's heart starts to pound at the moment of silence, anticipation settling deep in his stomach as he watches Johnny watch him . But then Johnny's taking a step forward into Taeyong's space, close enough that he has to crane his head up to meet his eyes. He finds nothing but molten honey there, lust and adoration heavy enough in Johnny's gaze to cause Taeyong’s heart to malfunction. 

"Yes," Johnny breathes, voice barely above a whisper. Then he's grabbing Taeyong's face between two cold hands and leaning in.

And when Johnny kisses him it feels like the first time Taeyong's ever been kissed — like there's fire deep in his bones, licking at his arms and legs, settling heavy in his core and spreading across his skin like wildfire. Taeyong sighs into the kiss, his hips canting forward until every inch of him is pressed flush against Johnny, bodies molding together like they were made to fit. Fire crawls up the backs of his legs as he raises himself onto his tip toes, wrapping his arms around Johnny's neck and pulling him closer until there's no space between them, no room to breathe, no room to think .

"In," Taeyong gasps into Johnny's mouth, grabbing at his shoulders and tugging him inside the room. "In, in, in."

Johnny kicks the door shut behind him, spinning them around and pinning Taeyong against the door, the handle jamming into his lower back as his hips chase Johnny's, his back smacking against the wood. Taeyong’s mind goes fuzzy at how fucking hot that was before he remembers to be confused about why Johnny’s here when he literally just left. 

"What happened to Mr. ‘maybe I just need to shower, Taeyong?’" Taeyong mimics, laughing when Johnny pulls back to stick him with a look.

Taeyong's still laughing when Johnny picks him up, sweeping him off of the floor and into his arms, hands gripped hard under his thighs. He stops laughing when Johnny throws him against the mattress, a gasp flying from his lips as his back slams into the pillows, bouncing against the mattress as his words and breath catch in his throat. He stares up at Johnny with wide eyes as his lungs desperately fill with the charged air of the hotel room. 

Johnny’s close enough that his cologne is the only thing Taeyong can focus on, the familiar musky smell coating the air and settling heavy into his skin, filling his lungs with wildflowers and freshly squeezed lemon. 

Taeyong’s knees fall to the side, making room for Johnny almost on instinct, like he belongs between Taeyong’s thighs. Taeyong reaches out a hand to beckon to Johnny, a delicate come here falling from his tongue as Johnny takes his hand and presses a kiss to his knuckle, soft lips brushing against cold gold sitting on his ring finger.

It feels like a promise, one that Taeyong shivers from the weight of. 

As soon as Johnny presses his knee into the mattress and looms over him, Taeyong’s lost to pure, carnal desire, the only thing on his mind Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Taeyong arches up into the warmth of his body, legs curling around Johnny’s back as he pulls their hips flush together only to whine at that first lick of delicious pressure, bucking against the weight of Johnny on top of him, heavy and hot against Taeyong’s body.

“What do you want, Taeyong?” Johnny asks, hovering over him as he looks down at Taeyong, running his tongue over kiss-swollen lips. 

Taeyong’s heart hammers against his chest, the weight of all of the desire and want he has for Johnny too much to be spoken out loud. He probably couldn’t put it into words, how much he wants him. Couldn’t even list all of the things Taeyong’s been aching to do to him — the unspeakable things he’s dreamed of after seeing Johnny tease him all week in various states of undress, the things he left unfinished the last time they hooked up, the things he hasn’t yet been able to act on, but has been wanting for longer than he’s willing to acknowledge. 

But now, he can.

Taeyong can have all of Johnny, just for him, and no one else. And Taeyong would fucking beg for it, that’s how bad he wants it. How bad he wants him. 

“You. I want all of you,” he responds, dragging Johnny back down to his mouth, swallowing the curse Johnny breathes out as he moans into the kiss, tongue sweeping hot and slow into Taeyong’s mouth. 

Johnny pulls back to unbutton the top button of Taeyong’s shirt, kissing a path down from his mouth to the column of his throat, mouth pressed to every inch of pale skin newly unveiled. Johnny continues his mouth’s descent to the button just below it, pace unrelentingly slow and just insistent enough to leave Taeyong dizzy with want and already getting hard in his pants as he trails wet kisses down Taeyong’s chest. 

Johnny gets the third button open and peels the shirt back just enough to mouth over Taeyong’s collarbones, teeth scraping over the bone before his tongue smooths over the skin there, wet and hot and insistent. Taeyong keels under the touch, his body arching up into Johnny’s as a poorly restrained moan escapes from between his lips. 

“Quiet,” Johnny purrs, drawing back just enough to stare down at Taeyong with dark, blown wide eyes. Taeyong gulps, his lips moving under Johnny’s thumb as he presses it to his mouth, swiping it slowly over Taeyong’s bottom lip before returning his attention to Taeyong’s shirt. 

Taeyong wants Johnny’s fingers in his fucking mouth, pressing down on Taeyong’s tongue, claiming him.

But the sheer command in Johnny’s tone has Taeyong biting his tongue, struggling to stay quiet when Johnny’s attention returns to his chest. Taeyong’s breath hitches as Johnny’s tongue swirls over his nipple and he has to try desperately to swallow the moan that creeps up his throat.

It comes out as a choked whimper instead and Johnny grins, scraping his teeth across Taeyong’s nipple as he whispers, voice dark as midnight and huskier than Taeyong’s ever heard it, “Good boy.”


Taeyong’s eyes roll back into his head as he shoves his fingers into Johnny’s hair, the black strands sticking out between his fingers as he grabs tufts of hair and tugs, desperately grasping for purchase as he pushes his hips into Johnny’s body and tries not to come from the words Good boy alone. 

Johnny’s fucking mouth is going to be the death of him. 

Johnny undresses him until he’s laid out and bare on the bed, his chest covered in marks, nipples peaked and aching. Taeyong’s soft thighs are stretched out on the mattress, spread wide enough to make space for Johnny to kneel between them, hands clenched on his lap like a sinner begging God for mercy. 

Taeyong squirms under Johnny’s gaze, his knees pressing together as his heart races, feeling watched. Johnny’s tongue sweeps over his bottom lip, his hands moving from his lap to track paths of fire up Taeyong’s thighs. Johnny pushes against them until Taeyong relents, opening his knees back up and letting Johnny spread him wide against the mattress, pushing until Taeyong’s knees are flush against the mattress, and he’s stretched as far as his tight muscles will allow. 

Taeyong flushes cherry red, feeling entirely too bare and exposed. He runs his palms over his face and whines into his hands, embarrassed. Taeyong’s spread out in front of Johnny, cock dripping onto his stomach from how turned on he already is, hole clenching in anticipation where it’s bared to Johnny. And the worst part of it all is Johnny’s just sitting there, fully clothed and smirking. 

Taeyong is going to die. He is going to die. 

“Stop,” Johnny commands, grabbing Taeyong’s wrists and pinning his hands over his head with one hand gripped around each of his wrists, the other cupping Taeyong’s face so delicately it feels almost out of place. Taeyong jerks against his hold with all of his strength only to find he can’t break it, despite it only being one of Johnny’s hands against the full weight of Taeyong’s body. Christ. Johnny’s going to make him develop a fucking strength kink before they’re done if he doesn’t stop fucking manhandling him. “Wanna see that pretty face, baby. I want to watch you when I make you come, see what I do to you. Don’t hide from me.”

Taeyong flushes even further from his words, but doesn’t move to cover his face again when Johnny finally releases his wrists. Johnny returns to his wicked descent down Taeyong’s body, his mouth licking and biting and kissing a path up Taeyong’s legs. Johnny slides his palms up and down the soft skin of his thighs in slow strokes, his skin dimpling under Johnny’s grip. Johnny teases him until he’s dizzy with lust, chest heaving and hands trembling by his sides as he aches to touch himself, relieving some of the intense pressure building in his cock. 

And then Johnny’s nose brushes against Taeyong’s cock as he presses a slow, wet kiss to Taeyong’s inner thigh, and he fucking loses it. 

“Fucking touch me already,” Taeyong all but yells, fingers grasping desperately at the sheets by his side, his body twitching in desperation under Johnny’s smart tongue and slow touches. 

Johnny stills, mouth still buried in the crook of Taeyong’s thigh. Taeyong’s chest is shaking, breaths erratic as his chest rises and falls rapidly, something charged sparking through the air as Johnny cuts his eyes up to Taeyong. 

“I said ,” Johnny drawls out, eyes darker than soot as he nips his skin of Taeyong’s thigh until there’s a bruise blooming purple under his tongue, right next to Taeyong’s hip. It’s a warning. Taeyong’s stomach flips, his dick twitching where it’s drooling against his stomach, heavy and flushed red. He’s so turned on, Johnny could probably ask him to come right now and he would. “Be fucking quiet.” 

Taeyong’s eyes slam shut when Johnny presses a kiss high on the inside of his thigh, his breath hot on the side of Taeyong’s shaft. It’s too much and not enough all at once and Taeyong’s starting to tremble under Johnny’s touch, little whimpers from his mouth every time Johnny teases him with another kiss to his inner thighs.

“Please,” Taeyong begs quietly, hips thrusting uselessly into the air, pressing into nothing as he aches for friction and finds nothing but Johnny’s teasing eyes grinning back down at him, hands pressing dimples into the skin of his thighs. 

Johnny’s been teasing him all day, working him up in the hotel room, and outside the diner, and every chance he fucking got at dinner, squeezing Taeyong’s thigh under the table and eye-fucking him on the walk home, and now that they’re alone with nothing in the world to do but fuck, Johnny wants to take his time? 

Taeyong’s going to commit murder. 

“Patience, Darling,” Johnny murmurs, tone husky and a little wrecked, shooting straight to Taeyong’s cock. 


Taeyong throws his head back as he lets out an embarrassingly high keen at the nickname, his chest filling with shaky air as Johnny slides one of his hands under Taeyong’s body. Johnny’s fingertips are warm and calloused where they tuck under him to drag one of Taeyong’s pale legs over his shoulder. Johnny takes his time, sucking a bruise into the inside of his knee, another on his inner thigh, kissing over the quivering muscle.

Taeyong meets his eyes and feels a chill run up the course of his back. He watches Johnny with unreserved lust as he leans forward without breaking eye contact, pressing a singular, wet kiss to the head of Taeyong’s cock. Taeyong curses at the sight — of Johnny’s kiss swollen lips, spit slick and bitten red, pressed to the glistening tip, licking away a bud of precum before it can roll down his shaft.  

“Fuck—” Taeyong cries out, head falling back on the pillow when Johnny swirls his tongue around the head of his cock, slow licks against his slit that drive him insane as Johnny’s hand strokes the rest of him, slick-spit grip sliding excruciatingly slow against his skin. It’s a little too dry, but Taeyong doesn’t even care about the hurt. Not when Johnny’s moaning around his cock, big fingers wrapped around him as he works Taeyong with his lips, hand working the parts his mouth isn’t yet touching. 

“You just can’t be quiet can you,” Johnny grins, popping off of Taeyong’s cock with a noise Taeyong so obscene you’d think Taeyong hallucinated it. 

“Feels too good,” Taeyong whimpers, bucking his hips up until Johnny’s mouth slips back down his shaft, engulfing his cock in wet, perfect heat. 

"That's it, kitten ," Johnny breathes when he pulls away, a wicked grin splitting across his face when Taeyong breathes out a broken moan at the nickname. Johnny's words mixed with the way his nail digs into Taeyong's slit cause him to jerk in his arms, hips bucking into Johnny's fist as his fingers tighten where they're grasped into the hair at the nape of Johnny's neck, mouth falling open as his breathing hitches, his leg almost slipping off of Johnny’s shoulder. 

"You look so pretty, baby," Johnny purrs, pressing a kiss to Taeyong's throat. "Look at you. All bare and laid out, falling apart just for me," He adds, his wrist snapping back down the length of his cock in a slick glide.

"Holy fuck, Johnny," Taeyong whimpers, his eyes slipping shut when Johnny goes back to focusing on the head of his cock, thumbing over the precum dribbling out of his tip and sliding it down his shaft.

Taeyong's heels dig into Johnny's back, unsure if he's pushing him away or pulling him closer.

Pulling him closer, most likely, from the way Johnny laughs into his skin, whispering, "Needy, Yong," into the air at the same time as an especially hard flick of his wrist. 

And that's about all it takes, Johnny's teasing voice licking at his ears as his hand swallows Taeyong's shaft in slick heat and glorious, overwhelming pressure. Taeyong feels his balls tighten up, his dick pulsing hot in Johnny's grasp as he gets closer and closer and closer to the edge until it almost hurts. 

Fuck, Johnny. I’m so close, so so close. Please. Need to come. Feels so good. I'm gonna—” Taeyong screams, pleasure burning through his body as his ears fill with cotton and he’s seeing fucking technicolor stars. Johnny’s mouth slides back down his cock just in time to catch the come spurting out of Taeyong’s cock, swallowing it all as Taeyong moans his name over and over and over until he's left laying unmoving on his back, panting at the ceiling and wondering where the fuck Johnny has been all his life.

"Taeyong," Johnny pants, drawing Taeyong's attention back to him immediately just from how wrecked he sounds. Taeyong notices distantly that his shirt's now gone, his jeans unzipped and his cock straining against his boxers. Taeyong’s mouth waters at the sight. 

"Yeah?" Taeyong manages, eyes still glued to his bulge. God, he wants Johnny in him. In his hands, in his mouth, buried deep inside of him and making him scream his name loud enough for their neighbors to complain. His arms tremble as he pushes himself back up to a sitting position, body still numb and trembling from his orgasm. 

"How long do you need before I fuck you?" Johnny asks, teeth pressing crescents into his bottom lip as if that's all he can do to keep himself restrained.

Taeyong's mind blanks entirely at Johnny’s words. His eyes blink slowly. Once, twice, three times. His dick twitches, already filling out again. Taeyong sweeps his tongue over his bottom lip and swallows hard and the only thing he can come up with is a quiet, resounding, "Fuck."

"Don't make me repeat the question," Johnny warns, finally pushing down his pants and pulling his cock out — all nine fucking inches of it. Johnny moans when he finally gets his hand on his shaft, stroking himself in slow tugs as his head falls back, eyes fluttering shut as he pumps his cock. 

Taeyong swallows hard. “I don’t.” 

“You don’t—” Johnny starts, voice affected as his breathing hitches, “don’t what?”

“Need any time,” Taeyong whispers, already pushing onto his knees. He crawls across the mattress on his hands and knees until he’s kneeling in front of Johnny, palms on Johnny’s thighs and eyes bearing into Johnny’s. “I want your cock inside me now, Johnny. I don’t want to fucking wait any longer.”

Johnny gulps. “You’re not even hard again yet, baby.”

“Fuck me right and I will be,” Taeyong counters, smirking when Johnny takes a shaky breath, his eyes sweeping up Taeyong’s body as his hand continues to stroke up and down the length of his cock. 

“Fuck,” Johnny murmurs, repeating himself under his breath as Taeyong reaches for Johnny’s pants to pull them all the way off, throwing them somewhere behind him as he pushes Johnny up against the headboard. 

“What are you doing?” Johnny asks, watching Taeyong shift, swinging a leg over Johnny’s lap to straddle his thighs. 

“You remember what you asked me earlier, baby?” Taeyong asks, palms sliding over Johnny’s shoulders, squeezing the muscles under his palm as his eyes blow wide with lust, Johnny’s body under him a work of fucking art. 

Johnny shakes his head, no, hands running up and down the length of Taeyong’s thighs where they’re stretched over his lap, thumbs stroking over the sensitive skin of Taeyong’s inner thighs, a bruise he left there earlier. “What was it?” Johnny hums. 

Taeyong leans forward, coming up onto his knees as he leans in to whisper in Johnny’s ear, dragging his teeth across the shell, “You were being a little shit and asked me about my favorite sex position, Johnny. You remember what I said, baby?”

When Taeyong pulls back he finds Johnny’s eyes dark as his gaze flicks down to his lips, a crooked smirk forms on his mouth, cheeks whiskering in the way that drives Taeyong insane. “Go ahead and remind me,” Johnny murmurs, leaning his back into the headboard.

Taeyong knows Johnny remembers exactly what he said. But that doesn’t stop him from grabbing Johnny’s dick and rolling on a condom, slicking his hand up with lube and covering Johnny’s cock in it, rubbing the slick tip over his hole in teasing strokes as he lines it up. 

“Riding dick,” Taeyong whispers into Johnny’s mouth, sliding down on Johnny’s cock at the same time, down and down and down as his ass swallows Johnny’s shaft in tight warmth, already stretched wide enough from Johnny’s fingers that Johnny’s fully inside him with just one thrust. 

Johnny’s head falls back with a curse, his mouth falling open in a cry of pure ecstasy when Taeyong grinds his hips down until he’s fully flush with Johnny’s hips. Taeyong doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this full — Johnny’s dick buried so deep inside of him he could probably feel it if he touched his stomach. 

“You’re so fucking tight,” Johnny breathes, grabbing Taeyong’s ass and grinding up into his body, his hips snapping against Taeyong’s almost as loud as the moan Taeyong lets out at the feeling. Taeyong whines at the drag of Johnny’s cock against his inner walls, still sensitive from his first orgasm and reeling in the feeling of Johnny inside of him.

Johnny’s hands slide around to grip Taeyong’s hips, his eyes half-lidded as he leans back and just watches as Taeyong rides him, mouth parted and gaze molten honey. Johnny’s eyes slide down to where his cock is disappearing into Taeyong, again and again and again, and he curses, low and rough as his fingers flex against Taeyong’s hips. 

Taeyong slows down, grinding his hips down on Johnny’s cock, hands fisting into the shorn hair at Johnny’s nape and tugging Johnny’s head back, pressing wet kisses to the column of his throat as he rocks against his hips, against every thrust of Johnny’s hips that he meets. 

“Look at you, Yong, just fucking taking it,” Johnny curses, grabbing Taeyong’s ass with his as he fucks up hard into him, “You’re going to kill me.” 

I plan on it, Taeyong thinks, squeezing down as hard as he can at the same time Johnny bottoms out, a wicked grin on his lips when he feels Johnny twitch inside of him. 

“You can take it, too,” Taeyong says, smirking when Johnny’s fingers squeeze his hips, eyes fluttering shut against his cheeks. 

“Fuck, yeah, I can take it,” Johnny laughs, eyes pryign back open as he grins up at Taeyong, a glint in his eye. “Been thinking about getting my dick inside you all day.”

“Just today?” Taeyong says through a whine, breath getting knocked out of him when Johnny presses the soles of his feet into the mattress, using the leverage to thrust into Taeyong, matching his pace perfectly. Taeyong’s legs burning from the effort of holding himself up, starting to shake as he impales himself on Johnny’s cock, chasing the pleasure shooting through his veins. 

“God you wanna be praised so fucking bad, don’t you baby?” Johnny asks, punctuating the question with a particularly hard snap of his hips that jostles Taeyong and leaves him moaning, his hands finding the top of the headboard for balance. “Desperate for it, aren’t you? I’ll praise you, honey, tell you how fucking gorgoeus you are. You like that don’t you, kitten?”

At Taeyong’s silence, Johnny grips his chin, turning his face so he meets Johnny’s eyes. Taeyong nods against his fist, gasping when Johnny’s cock brushes his prostate on his next stroke. 

“Don’t you?” Johnny repeats, voice gravelly, “With words, darling.”

“Fu-uck. Yeah, Johnny. I fucking love it when you talk like that, Taeyong sobs out, still desperately trying to keep his rhythm as he feels every nerve in his body firing all at once, fire licking up his spine from the stretch as Johnny’s cock fucks him open. “Wanna be good for you.”

“I know you do. Shit, I mean, look at you. So fucking sexy, baby. Wanted to fuck you from the second I saw you, fuck. Knew you’d look so fucking perfect sitting on my cock.” 

The praise shoots straight to Taeyong’s cock and he moans, his cock dribbling against Johnny’s stomach at his words. 

‘From the second I saw you,’ Taeyong’s mind repeats, even more turned on from the fact that even when Johnny acted like he hated him, he still wanted him. 

Fucking hell. 

And then Johnny finds his prostate, just one small shift in the angle of his hips until every thrust has Taeyong gasping, pushing back down onto Johnny’s dick, the pressure of the head of his cock against Johnny’s abs just enough to make Taeyong’s eyes roll back in his head. And he knows it’s over for him. 

“I’m gonna—” Taeyong whispers, tears clinging to his eyelashes as his legs start to give out under him.

“Me, too, baby,” Johnny moans, hips stuttering as he loses his rhythm, “C’mon, let go for me. Let go, beautiful.” 

That’s all it takes before Taeyong’s coming untouched, spurting white onto his and Johnny’s stomachs, moaning through it all as Johnny grabs his cock into a tight fist and strokes him through it. And then Johnny’s coming too, Taeyong’s name falling from his lips like a prayer as his head tosses back onto the headboard and his eyes screw shut.

Johnny looks beautiful as he comes, inky hair fanning across his face, sweaty strands stuck to his forehead and the ends curling at his nape, his face screwed tight in a moment of ecstasy as his body goes lax under Taeyong’s touch. 

Taeyong presses his forehead into Johnny’s, both of them panting as they come down from their highs, the afterglow settling onto them like bottled starlight. Taeyong’s grin is sated when Johnny presses a soft kiss to his cheek, giving him a playful slap to his side as he tells him to move. 

“C’mon,” Johnny urges, lifting Taeyong’s hips a little, enough for him to get the idea. “Don’t wanna hurt you.”

“Oh my god,” Taeyong groans, wincing when Johnny pulls out, his cock dragging against Taeyong’s sensitive walls. He rolls over onto his stomach, sighing as his body relaxes back into the mattress, his face flushed and sweaty and limbs numb with exhaustion as he pushes his face into the pillow below him. 

Taeyong expects Johnny to lie down after, too exhausted to want to move, nestling into Taeyong’s body and falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

What he doesn’t expect is Johnny’s palm to rub across his ass, spreading his cheeks apart so his thumb can run over Taeyong’s swollen rim, now dry and clean and more sensitive than ever. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” Taeyong asks, heart in his throat as it beats erratically against his chest, his body on high alert as Johnny’s thumb drags back over his hole. 

“Pretty,” Johnny comments, that one word causing Taeyong’s entire body to flush crimson. 

“Johnny—” Taeyong starts, a chill running down his spine as he feels Johnny’s breath ghost across his back, his lips brushing the skin below Taeyong’s ear as he presses a kiss to his neck.  

"I think you can come again," Johnny murmurs, pressing a kiss high on Taeyong's back, between his shoulder blades, fingers dancing across Taeyong’s skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. 

"You’re kidding,” Taeyong balks. “Tell me you’re kidding.”

“Does it feel like I’m kidding?” Johnny asks, lips muffled against the top notch in his spine as his hands move to Taeyong’s thighs, spreading his legs wide on the mattress until the stretch starts to burn. 

"I can't ," Taeyong hisses, cheeks heating at the way Johnny's pressing kisses lower and lower until his lips are at the dimples in Taeyong's back, his hands leaving trails of fire up and down the back of Taeyong's thighs as he runs his hands over Taeyong's flushed skin. "I can’t. I already came twice," Taeyong reminds him, his voice quiet, just shy of embarrassed.

Johnny's hands slip back up to his ass, his palm sliding his cheeks apart as one fingers moves to draw circles around his swollen rim that have Taeyong biting the cotton of the pillowcase. Taeyong goes completely still when a second finger joins the first, circling slow enough to drive him crazy. "But you're gonna come again, aren't you baby?" Johnny asks slowly, collecting some of the cum on Taeyong's ass and pushing it back into his hole, making an obscene noise that has Taeyong whimpering into the pillowcase, cheeks violently red. “For me?”

"Johnny, fuck ," Taeyong moans, pushing his hips back against Johnny's hand. "I c-can't."

"Oh, but I think you can," Johnny murmurs, voice low and his free hand wraps around Taeyong's cock, giving it a long, slick tug. Taeyong's feels his dick twitch in Johnny's palm, his body thrumming with pleasure as Johnny works him back up until even just the tip of his dick pressing into the mattress is too much for him, his oversensitive tip rubbing against the cotton causing his hips to push back against Johnny's hand, trying to push away from it. "You're gonna be a good boy for me, aren't you?" Johnny asks, his fingers pushing back into Taeyong at the same time his hand tightens around the head of his cock.

Taeyong gasps into the pillow, overwhelmed to the point tears are collecting in the corners of his eyes, soaking into the pillow below his face. The grip Johnny has on his cock gets tighter, fingertips curling around his base and pumping him fast.

"Answer the question, Taeyong," Johnny growls, fingertips finding Taeyong's abused prostate and grinding down until Taeyong is squirming and moaning under his touch. 

It’s too much. It's too much, it's too much, it's too—

“Please, fuck, okay, yes—“ Taeyong sobs, turning his face out of the tear soaked spot on the pillow to take gulps of air, his eyes finding Johnny’s behind him.

“Yes, what?” Johnny goads him, fingers catching on Taeyong’s swollen rim when he pulls them back out before sliding them immediately back in, his knuckles brushing against the sensitive skin there and Taeyong starts to hear color. 

“I’m not fucking calling you daddy,” Taeyong growls, grinding back against Johnny’s hand as his hips start to roll against the mattress. 

Johnny laughs at that, a sound too endeared for how hard Johnny’s fingering him, light and airy and smoky around the edges in a way that’s distinctly Johnny’s. 

“I was going for please,” Johnny grins, pressing a single kiss to Taeyong’s cheek that’s far too soft, too far gone from the moment. If his fingers weren’t currently drawing out the hardest orgasm of Taeyong’s life, a third digit pushing in with the other two and curling inside of him, he would have thought that felt like a confession. 

But maybe that is what this is, chasing each other’s highs in the dimly lit room, wrapped in each other's arms with the taste of the other on their tongue, hearts synched and beating together.

A confession.

"Want. Stop, wait, I want. Please, on my back," Taeyong pants, overcome with the need to see Johnny's face in front of his own. 

Johnny stills his fingers, pulling them out to let Taeyong turn, sinking back down onto the mattress once he's flipped over. Johnny's gaze looks mildly concerned when he looks back down at Taeyong, "You still okay?"

"Yeah, 'm okay. Just wanna look at you," Taeyong breathes out, smiling when Johnny rolls his eyes, his smile and pink cheeks giving away his real feelings about Taeyong's words. His breath hitches when Johnny looks down on him with a look of pure adoration in his eyes, kissing Taeyong soft and sweet, tongue licking into his mouth before pulling him closer by the hips to finish what he started.

It doesn't take long for Johnny to find his pace again, fingers pumping back into Taeyong fast enough he's right back on that cliff of no return, succumbing to desire in seconds. Taeyong moans at the shift, every jab of Johnny's fingers now hitting him perfectly.

Taeyong tugs Johnny's mouth to him with desperate hands on his cheeks, pulling him back down into an open mouth kiss as Johnny draws him closer and closer to the edge, pleasure and lust and need coursing through him, heating his core until he's dizzy, the only thing he can focus on the feeling of Johnny pressed on top of him, his fingers in Taeyong pumping at the same time his tongue fucks into Taeyong's mouth.

"Come for me, kitten," Johnny breathes, and then Taeyong's shattering in his arms, eyes screwing shut as the most intense wave of pleasure he's ever experienced washes over him.

And when he finally comes down, body numb and buzzing and sated, he finds Johnny staring down at him, mouth a little agape and eyes glued to Taeyong's.

It takes Taeyong a massive effort to push Johnny to the side and off of him.

"You—" Taeyong pants, chest heaving as he rolls onto his side and winces from moving, alone, his body already ridiculously sore,"—are a fucking menace."

"You love it," Johnny murmurs, laughing when Taeyong shoots him a glare. A moment of pleasant silence falls over them before there are soft lips pressing sweetly onto Taeyong's, fingertips caressing Taeyong's cheek, brushing sweaty blonde hair off of his forehead and curling it around his ears.

"What was that for?" Taeyong asks softly, grinning when Johnny shrugs, returning to his side of the bed to stare at Taeyong from his own respective pillow.

"You're beautiful," Johnny whispers, something terrifyingly genuine in his eyes as he stares back at Taeyong with stars and wonder written in his gaze. “I just think I’ve been waiting a long time for you, you know? You’re lovely, Taeyong.” 

Taeyong takes a shaky breath, the weight of Johnny's words crashing onto him, his heart aching heavy in his chest with adoration. 

I love you, Taeyong thinks. Nothing else seems to cover it. 

Butterflies threaten to split Taeyong’s chest open to fly out when Johnny kisses him, hammering against his ribs in a wave of cobalt blue as nerves and love and the feeling of falling off of a cliff all hit him at once. Taeyong doesn't let those three words fly from his lips like he's desperate to, he just thinks them and knows them to be true, and presses them into Johnny's mouth with everything he has, giving him every part of his soul in one kiss.

He loves Johnny.

Taeyong pulls him back in for another kiss by his chin, presses their foreheads together and just breathes. He breathes in the moment, breathes in the scent of Johnny, the scent of hotel sheets below him stained with sweat and cologne and sticky with lube. He breathes in every imperfect aspect of the moment and savors it, because in this moment, nothing else matters but one simple truth.

Taeyong loves Johnny.

And even if a little part of Johnny will forever be lost to a man who will never return to him, and a little part of Taeyong will forever be lost to his past, the red-stained relationships that haunt him in his worst moments, Taeyong loves Johnny. And Johnny loves him, too.

Taeyong doesn't need to hear those words spoken out loud to know it to be true. He feels it in the way Johnny carries him to the bathroom and sits with him in the tub and scrubs him clean, pressing kisses and soft spoken praise to his skin as he goes. He hears it in the way Johnny talks to him about everything and nothing at all as he tries to fall asleep, ear pressed to Johnny's heart, and hand curled around his middle. He feels it in the way Johnny falls asleep with his arms wrapped around Taeyong tight enough he knows Johnny would never let anything happen to him if he could help it. 

And for the first time in his life, Taeyong doesn't feel like that love is something to fear. Because if there's anyone he trusts with his heart, it's Johnny.