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Pizza And A Movie

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Mike's seen pretty much everything, delivering pizza, crackhouses to penthouses. He once delivered a large sausage, bell pepper, extra cheese and garlic to the middle of a domestic dispute. He's delivered to park benches, cars, and hotel rooms. He has been hit on by innumerable people, threatened, tipped in cocaine, and invited in to parties he had no interest in attending.

He's lucky, though. Very few places would hire a pizza guy who delivers by bike. On the other hand, bikes can go where cars can't, and at rush hour Mike is in high demand in the ten square miles where Rollo's Pizza And Ribs delivers.

It wasn't rush hour the first time he delivered to H. Specter; in fact it was midnight, and the streets were eerily empty as he locked his bike and carried his pizza bag into the lobby of the high-rise. The doorman waved him up, and Mike knocked politely on the door at the end of the hall.

There was a thump, and a rustling noise; still, the guy who opened the door seemed normal enough. Hot, in a kind of Mad Men way, but normal.

"Great, thank you," H. Specter said, accepting the medium pepperoni and half-plate of ribs (Mike never forgot an order, which was actually kind of annoying). He was totally going to tell the guy to have a good night and leave, when they both heard a female voice call out, "Baby?"

Beyond H. Specter, an incredibly hot naked woman walked into the room.

Mike, who was accustomed to this kind of thing, kept his eyes on H. Specter. Lucky bastard. H. Specter, however, seemed torn between annoyance and embarrassment.

"You didn't see this," he said, and tipped Mike a fifty.

"See what?" Mike replied, and H. Specter closed the door.

He later learned, crowing over his tip with the rest of Rollo's staff, that H. Specter was new but seemed like he was becoming a regular, usually late at night, usually Shawna's delivery, and while he didn't usually tip fifties he did tip pretty well.

The second time he delivered to H. Specter it was a little earlier, and there was no repeat of the naked lady. In fact, the guy looked harassed, and he had a file folder in one hand.

"You should try the cheese in the crust," Mike said, as H. Specter fumbled for cash. "It'll blow your mind."

"I'm a traditionalist, and also not a child. Tell Rollo he's saving my life," H. Specter said, accepting his small onion and mushroom, side of fries.

"I'm sure she'll appreciate that," Mike replied.

"Rollo's a woman?" H. Specter asked, looking startled. "Is she single?"

"Every woman is a mystery to be solved," Mike intoned.

He got an even more startled look. "Don Juan Demarco? That's what you're giving me here?"

"Well, Top Gun is a little short on quotes about single women," Mike said. "Thanks for the tip, man. Enjoy."

Rollo -- the original Rollo's daughter, known around the kitchen as Junior -- told Mike that for a guy who lived on the fiftieth floor and tipped like H. Specter, she would be willing to pretend to be single. Her girlfriend wasn't amused.