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A History of Fate- Changing Hobbits

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       After embarrassingly being saved from the orc pack by elves, the last thing Thorin and company wanted was to be herded into a defensive circle by a bunch of the poncy creatures on horses. Poor Bilbo was stuck in the centre by Bofur (who has a strange habit of trying to protect him it seems) and trying not to feel too claustrophobic. The head elf greets Gandalf and they started up a conversation in Sindarin ( also known as 'that flowery tree-shagger language' to the dwarves), which was interrupted by a sweet bell-like voice calling out " Grandpa Gandalf!". Gandalf turned quickly at the voice, looking slightly sheepish, before smiling widely. A young looking woman on a pony comes trotting in after the elves, her red- gold hair shining like fire in the setting sun. She hops off the pony, removing the protective leather skirt she was wearing, revealing hairy large feet, hobbit-style trousers and a dagger strapped to her thigh. Strapped to her back was an odd dwarf-forged shovel and a beautifully carved bow, its quiver tied around her hips along with a curious black leather pouch. The corset she wears is hard, brown suede leather, embroidered in gold with golden clasps running down the front, worn over a cream blouse. A dwarvish braid running from her temple stands out against the fabric on her left shoulder, and an elvish one on her right shoulder.

" Well now, Shae Baggins. What on earth are you doing in Rivendell? I thought you'd be half-way to the Iron Hills by now, or possibly Rohan, or even Gondor, " Gandalf says, sounding suspiciously guilty. Bilbo squeaks from the centre of the circle, and tries to hide.

" Well I was going to, but I was struck with homesickness, or more acurately, I miss my brother," replies the woman, finally taking in the dwarves kill-circle. " What on middle-earth are so many dwarrows doing here? It seems like the entire House of Durin is here!"

" That is none of your business, Halfling." Thorin growls at her, giving her his best King-Under-the-Mountain scowl.

" Rude... Oh Nori, is that you? I haven't seen you in ages!", Shae suddenly cries, rushing to Nori and pulling him into an embrace. " Oh! Are these your brothers!" She turns to Dori and Ori, bowing at Dori before squeaking with delight at the young scribe and hugging him. " Oh, he's adorable!" She pinches Ori's cheeks, causing him to blush madly and fidget with his mittens. She leaves the dwarves alone, heading over to Gandalf for a hug. " So, Grandpa Gandalf?"

" Yes dear?"

" Why do you look unspeakably guilty about something?" she asks with a raised eyebrow and a hand at her dagger.


" Well you see dear... you may not find Bilbo back in the Shire... per say..." Gandalf replies shiftily. Shae tenses, and grabs Gandalf by the beard, shocking the dwarves and garnering amused looks from the elves. " And just why is that Gandalf?"

"I may have taken him on an adventure..." said Gandalf, looking rightfully terrified. Shae yanks on his beard again. " Where is he wizard?", she growls. At this Bilbo decides to come out of hiding and steps forward from behind the dwarves. He flinches as Shae turns to look at him, his eyes as wide as a startled deer's, but he does not look away. He isn't expecting to almost be barrelled over by his sister's hug and frantic search for injuries, but isn't surprised when she knocks their foreheads together in a dwarvish greeting.  " What were you thinking Little Bo? You know how I hate not knowing where you are! What do you think would happen to me if I got to Bag End only to find an empty Smial. I can't lose you Little Bo, I can't."

Bilbo tightens his grip on his sister's arms and rests his forehead on hers. " I know Shae, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But I had to, it was one of those feelings, I just had to come. And I found him Deadly, my One." He says the last part in a whisper, and looks sideways at a frazzled Bofur. Shae blinks a couple times before grinning cheekily. She releases Bilbo and walks over to Bofur, then pulls him into a hug. " Thank you for looking out for him, but you don't need to worry, I could never hurt my brother.", she says, smiling disarmingly. She then lowers her voice and says,"I also give you my blessing, don't dilly dally too long." She smirks and leaves a blushing, spluttering Bofur before heading over to an elf on the side of the courtyard. " Hilderine, ready my private apartments for guests and have the things I made for my brother placed in his room."


" Yes, My Lady", Hilderine replies, rushing off to complete her tasks. Shae looks to Lord Elrond, and smiles. "I hope you don't mind that I took care of my brother and his company's lodgings, My Lord?"

Elrond smiles knowingly, " Of course not Lady Shae, but I would like them to dine with me at least."

" Of course My Lord," Shae says, before wobbling slightly. She looks around quickly before stepping in front of Fili, the closest dwarf. " Master Dwarf, you appear to be quite strong, would you mind lending me an arm?" Fili gapes for a few seconds, then holds out his arm. Shae wraps the arm around her chest and tilts her head up to look at him, " Whatever happens, do not let go." After Fili's shaky nod she stills, before she begins to glow from her eyes and from green vine tattoos running elegantly all over her arms and legs, previously unnoticed by the dwarves. Bilbo hurries over and takes her hand, watching her as she begins to speak in an amplified voice, the tone still feminine, yet more powerful than her own: " The Lord of Silver Fountains, the King of Carven Stone, the King Beneath the Mountain, shall come into his own. And the bells shall ring in gladness at the Mountain King's return, but all shall fail in sadness and the Lake will shine and burn". A single tear ran down her face at this before she slumped and came back to herself.

" What in Mahal's name was that???", yells Thorin, many dwarves echoing the sentiment. Fili still held onto Bilbo's sister, at a loss for what to do, Bilbo wipes her tear and looks at her with pained eyes while Elrond approaches the three swiftly. " Lady Shae, what did you see?" he asks kindly.

Shae looks up at him, takes a breath, and steps away from Fili. " I saw dragonfire, death, gold-lust, war, and too much pain." At this she flees, pulling her strange shovel off her back and hopping on her pony, riding away deeper into Rivendell.  

" What just happened??", exclaimed Kili, looking incredibly lost.

Surprisingly, it is Bilbo who answers, rather clamly. " My sister is the Prophetess of the Valar Yavanna, and she just had a vision of how our quest will end. Come on, we might as well get settled before dinner. We'll be staying in my family's apartments." He starts walking hurriedly, followed quickly by Bofur, then Kili, then the Ris, until all of the dwarves have left the courtyard following their burglar.

Gandalf turns pained eyes on Lord Elrond. " What can this mean Elrond?"

" Something evil stirs Old Friend, and I cannot know if we will be able to face it."