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Summer of Smut Challenge 2020

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The afternoon was unbearably hot as you sat on your boyfriend's bed, waiting for him to come back. You had visited the Black Army headquarters, hoping that he had a bit of free time to spare for you. Unfortunately he was decked to stay behind today while the rest of the officers were out on patrol. Though the two of you had promised to spend his next day off together, the promise of a cool and delicious treat made you reconsider leaving right away.

Seth entered the room and shut the door behind him. Taking a seat next to you, he opened the packet in his hands, careful to not disturb its contents. To your pleasant surprise, it was a frozen strawberry popsicle.

You gladly accepted it as he handed it to you, making sure to hold on to the stick firmly. "Where did you get this?"

"Luka likes to make them during summer. It's a real life saver, especially when we've been training under the sun." He replied, tossing the plastic in the trash. "There were extras from yesterday's batch, so consider yourself lucky!"

Being mindful to not make a mess, you hummed with delight as you took your first taste. The sweetness level was just right, while the slight sourness from the yogurt was a great contrast and balance. There were also bits of the fresh fruit mixed into it, giving you a nice burst of flavor with every bite. It didn't take long for you to eat most of it, enjoying the cold relief that spread through your body.

You noticed that Seth was staring at you, chin resting on his hand with a smile on his face. "Hm? What is it?"

"Is it really that good?"

Nodding, you offered him the last portion. "Mhn. Did you want some?"

He held your hand, fully expecting him to eat the rest of it in a single bite. Instead he moved closer, wrapping his free arm around your waist and pulled you in for a kiss. Your surprised gasp prompted him to slip his tongue inside and playing with yours. It was as if he was chasing the taste of it on you, keeping you flush against him as you kissed him back. The coolness you felt from the popsicle was brief, replaced by a growing warmth in your core.

There wasn't much resistance from you as he guided you down on the bed. "It was quite good. But I know something sweeter than that."

Seth kissed down your neck, his hand leaving your waist to slide up your skirt. It was instinct for you to part them, urging him to go higher as he caressed your inner thigh. You moaned softly when he touched you through the fabric of your underwear, the light strokes making you buck your hips up for more.

The small pool of cool liquid on your palm made you remember. "S-Seth, the popsicle..."He was quick to notice your concern. Positioning himself between your legs, he started to clean your fingers with his tongue. Watching him lick your fingers sent a thrill through your back, biting your lip when he finally ate up the last of the melted treat. The sight was more than enough to turn you on.

You felt his fingers slide along your folds, your arousal making it easy for him to push his fingers inside you. He moved them slowly at first, his thumb pressing against your clit as he sped up. Lifting your shirt with his other hand, he planted kisses on your chest while reaching to unclasp your bra. He hadn't bothered to properly take it off you, pushing it up just a bit to expose your breasts before taking a nipple in his mouth. You moaned as he played with it using his tongue, teasing it until it perked up for him.

Another digit easily slipped inside you, your walls stretching around them as he thrust in deep. You grabbed on his shirt and pushed your hips up as he angled his hand, trembling when he found that sweet spot. It wasn't long until the peak of your orgasm hit, gasping his name wantonly as you squeezed around him from the rush of your release."Fuck, that was..." Breathless, you let go of your grip as you waited for your heart to calm down. When he pulled away, you looked up to catch him removing his fingers from his mouth.

Running his hands down your legs, he placed a kiss on your knee before returning your gaze. The desire you saw in his eyes made you shiver in anticipation. "I haven't had my fill of you just yet."Seth knelt down on the floor, pulling you to the edge of the bed. Your panties were gone with a tug as he pushed your thighs apart and closer to your torso. A blush spread on your cheeks, realizing just how open you were to him like this. With a smirk, he lazily licked along your folds, keeping his tongue flat with each swipe. He would push the tip in your pussy every now and then, lapping up more of your wetness before continuing his ministrations.

It was maddening how his pace was slow and thorough, yet purposefully avoiding the spot where you wanted him most. Even as you tangled your fingers in his hair, he refused to notice until you tugged on it hard. He moved higher, taking your aching nub in his mouth and alternated between sucking and licking.

A frustrated sound fell from your lips when he stopped too soon to your liking, only to feel his tongue slip inside you. "Mhhnn..! S-Seth..!!"

He ate you out eagerly, thrusting faster while his thumb rubbed you with just as much enthusiasm. Your hips jerked when he increased the pressure on your clit, drawing smaller and tighter circles. Tension coiled in your core as you gripped his silvery locks for some purchase, your voice raspy with need. There was nothing more you could focus on besides him and you were close, oh so so close, just a bit more--fuck--

Moans were reduced to hitched breaths as your back arches off the bed. Seth didn't pause as the pleasure overwhelmed you again, drawing it out for as long as he could before helping you ease down from the high.

Soft kisses tickled the back of your thighs. With a winded chuckle, you rest your tired legs on his shoulders. "Well.. Now you've made me all sweaty."

"You're free to take a shower here before leaving." He grinned, unapologetic of what he just did. "I didn't think I could wait until our date to have my favorite treat."

Your cheeks were red as you pushed off the bed, giving his cheek a light pinch. "Are you going to let me bathe alone?"


The tone of his voice highly suggested otherwise. Sliding your legs off him, you grabbed your panties from the bed and headed to the bathroom to fix your disheveled clothes. Leaving his room looking like a hot mess would definitely give away what the two of you had just been doing and you'd rather keep that to yourself.

The next time you saw him was a few days later, patrolling around Central Quarter with Luka. The Jack was quite concerned when you blushed red after offering you some popsicles to eat, to which Seth just laughed at and managed to convince him that it wasn't something he should be worrying about anymore.

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It had been a while since you and Leo took a proper vacation after your marriage ceremony. There was still a lot that needed to be done for Wysteria and you both agreed to hold off the honeymoon until things quieted down. This also meant less time to spend with each other as you resumed your duties right after. Nevertheless, you did your best to concentrate on your tasks at hand, waiting for the right opportunity to talk to Giles about it.

To your surprise, it was him who brought it up with you one day when you were writing letters in the study. Even the king was worried about your health and had arranged a trip to a western town, hoping that the two of you can use the time to relax. Because it was quite a distance from the city, no one would recognize them and they would be free to move around. He mentioned to treat it like a honeymoon if you wished, the implication it carried making you blush. A few days later, the two of you arrived safely at the lodge.

You woke up early the next morning, stretching your arms as you glanced out the window. The suite had a wonderful view of the beach below, which was what they were most known for. Slowly you crawled out of bed, hoping that you wouldn't wake your sleeping husband beside you. It was a good thing, knowing that he couldn't get much decent sleep in the past due to his nightmares. You decided to go for a quick stroll, heading to the bathroom to change clothes.

When you returned, Leo was already awake. "Hm? Why are you all dressed up?"

"I was thinking of taking a walk by the beach."

"And you didn't even wake me?" He asked, pouting a bit.

"I wasn't going to take long! You looked so comfortable there sleeping and I didn't want to bother you."

"You know you're never a bother to me." Standing up, he came closer to give you a look over. "Your dress is really pretty, just like you."

You laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Oh, wait here. I have something for you before you go out."

Curious, you waited while he rummaged through his things. He came back with a bottle of sun screen, opening the lid as he sat back on the bed. "You should put this on even if the sun isn't that high yet. We wouldn't want you getting any sun burns."

The concern he had for you made you feel warm and giddy. "Okay, sure. Thank you."

You sat and faced away from him, tying your hair up to keep it out of the way. He started on your lower back, caressing upward and being thorough, making sure not to miss any spots. The brush of his fingers on your lower back made you shiver as he continued, now working on your arms and elbows.

A tingle of pleasure spread through your body when he started to apply some on your upper chest. "Leo, I can put it there myself."

"Let me do it for you anyway since I already have the sun screen on my hands."

You bit your lip as he smoothed the lotion all over your exposed skin, the sensation sparking a warmth in your core. It was much too early for thoughts like that, but you couldn't help the way your body was reacting to his touches. The dull throb between your legs grew stronger when Leo moved closer, pressing up to you as he proceeded to apply some on your thighs as well.

A soft moan escaped your lips as he moved higher, your arousal rising with each stroke of his hand. He nudged them farther apart and caressed your inner thighs, planting kisses on the back of your neck. When his fingers brushed against your panties, you were pretty certain that he knew just how wet you already were.

"Leo, maybe it would be better to take my walk at another time."

"Is that so?" His voice was full of mischief as he nipped on your ear. "Then I guess we should wash all of this off you for now."

It was difficult to maneuver to the bathroom without stumbling when the two of you were simultaneously kissing and undressing each other. Your fingers deftly dealt with his shirt, pushing them off his shoulders before working on his pants. The dress you wore slid down your body, with the rest of your clothes quickly following to the floor. The only time you pulled apart was to step into the shower, which didn't last long as Leo pinned you against the tiled wall and kissed you again.

Water streamed down your bodies as you touched him, making him buck up into your hand. You stroked along the length of his cock, swiping your thumb on the head as he leaned down to suck on your neck. His fingers teased you, rubbing your clit a few times before sliding two digits inside you with ease. You gently squeezed your hand, making him groan as he thrust faster.

You didn't feel the need to complain when he withdrew his fingers, positioning him at your entrance before slowly pushing in and filling you up. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he held you close as he waited for you to adjust, drawing circles around your clit to help distract you.

"We should...mmhnn...stop the water... Don't wanna slip..."

He laughed and reached to turn the faucet off, still playing with your sensitive nub. It made you twitch around him as he licked up the water on your shoulder. "Done. Anything else?"

"You." Whispering in his ear, you jerked your hips towards him. "I need you so bad right now..."

It was all it took for him to grip your waist and start thrusting in you. Your fingers dug into his hair, moaning loudly as he stretched you with each push. Neither of you had to worry about being interrupted here, using the built up frustration to fuel your desires. He tilted your chin up to meet his hungry eyes, claiming your lips as he nipped on your lower lip.

Lifting one of your legs to wrap around him, he started to speed up. Pleasure coursed through your body as his new angle rubbed right against your sweet spot. His mouth latched on your neck, sucking hard enough to leave a hickey before making another one below it.

You could barely contain the pleasure anymore as your walls squeezed around his cock, clinging to him as your orgasm came over you in intense waves. His thrusts became increasingly erratic before he let out a guttural groan, pumping his hips a few more times before releasing inside you.

Leo didn't let you go as the two of you paused to catch your breaths. Still, the fire in your core persisted as you deliberately tightened your walls, feeling him twitch inside you from the stimulus. You raked your fingernails up his back, purring into his ear. "Leo, I want more.."

"Mhn, that's a dangerous game you're playing." He raised his head to look at you, the lust still evident in his eyes. "But when you beg for me like that, I just can't say no."

It was a while before the both of you managed to leave your room to explore the lodge. Needless to say that you woke up quite sore the next morning, though that didn't deter either of you from satisfying each other's passions through the rest of your stay. It was a much needed release of pent up frustration and longing to just be with each other.

Upon your return, the two of you headed to the King's chambers first to express your gratitude. He was happy that the two of you thoroughly enjoyed the trip and encouraged you to visit there again for your next vacation. You wondered why he was all too eager to arrange another one for you but didn't ask any further.

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The sun was high up in the sky as you sat underneath the umbrella's shade, determined to build a sandcastle. Today was a lovely day to spend at the beach, enjoying the clear waters and summer breeze. The only reason you were here was because of your lover and the company he worked for. Their latest project had been a huge success and the CEO had arranged this extravagant trip as a reward for their hard work. Fortunately, since they were allowed to invite one guest per member, you were able to tag along.

Though you've only met Ieyasu's co-workers a few times before, usually when the company conducted social events, everyone was quite friendly and welcoming. You were thankful that a few of them had also brought their girlfriends, which made it less awkward knowing that you weren't the only female in this group of men. Plus, you were always up to meeting new people.

"Ah, so this is where you were."

You looked up to find Masamune standing behind you. He was Ieyasu's second in command so to speak and also one of his long time friends since their college days. You've known him since the two of you started dating and eventually become one of your good friends as well.

"Where's Ieyasu? I would've thought that he was with you."

"He went off somewhere, but I'm sure he'll be back soon."

He sat down across from you and smiled. "And left such a pretty girl like you all alone? That's not very nice of him."

"Instead of flattering me, you should help me build this castle. I've always wanted to make one."

Together, the two of you worked to make the sandcastle of your dream. While you were trying to make it taller, you could feel your halter top sliding around a bit every time you extended your arms. Even though you tried to discreetly keep it in place, you were worried that the knot could have loosened from your movements. Looking around, you searched for the nearest changing area or bathroom you could use.

Masamune had immediately noticed your discomfort and paused. "Hm? Something wrong?"

"Yeah, just... Will you excuse me for a bit? I think I need to fix my top."

"I can tie it for you if you're okay with that." He offered, dusting the sand off his hands. "It'll be faster that way, plus we don't want you getting lost in the crowd like that. Or I can walk with you back to the hotel if you want."

You thought about it but you didn't want to just disappear on Ieyasu like that. "Do you mind fixing it for me?"

Nodding his head, he moved behind you as he undid the ribbon you made. You could barely feel his fingers, clutching your top close to your chest as he worked with the strings. Once he was done you slowly raised your arms as a test, happy to see that it wasn't shifting around anymore. "Thanks Masamune!"

"That should hold it throughout the rest of the day, as long as you don't get up to more exciting activities." He said with a suggestive tone.

"Oh shut up, will you." You were used to his antics by this point, laughing as you shook your head. "Come on, help me finish this before Ieyasu comes back."

"Alright, alright. You're quite bossy, aren't you."

By the time you were satisfied with how it looked, you spotted Ieyasu approaching the two of you. You stood up and brushed the sand off your legs, smiling at him as he studied the structure by your feet. "Ah, so this is what you were doing while I was away."

"Yup! I've always wanted to make one of these and Masamune came over to help me with it."

There was a strange expression you saw on Ieyasu's face, but it was so brief that you weren't really sure if it had been there. After taking a photo with it as a remembrance, the two of you headed back to your hotel room for a rest while Masamune went off on his own. You hadn't realized how much actual work it was until you were done, even if you did have some help. Plus the sun was getting too high in the sky, which also meant that it was getting too hot and you didn't want to get any sunburns.

He sat down on the bed and started to open his phone. "You go ahead and shower first. I can wait for you."

You grabbed your clothes and headed to the bathroom, shutting the door behind you as you reached behind your neck. After a few frustrating moments of fiddling around with the strings to no avail, you used the mirror sink to check what was going on. It was quite a dilemma--the top strings were tied to each other and so were the ones on your sides, but what you didn't expect was for the extra length from those two to be connected together with another knot. There was no way you could remove that on your own without needing to cut it, so you decided to ask for help. "Hey Ieyasu, can you help me with this? I can't remove the knot."

"What do you mean you can't?"

"Well... You'll understand when you see it.

"With a quizzical look on his face, he put his phone away and came close, turning you around so he could take a look. The surprise was evident in his voice. "Why did you haphazardly tie it like it? Or rather how did you even manage to do this?"

It had stumped you as well, recalling if anything strange had happened today until it came to you. "Oh! It's Masamune's fault!"

"How is this his fault?"

"Well when we were building the sandcastle together, he helped fix the knots because I said it felt loose. I didn't think that this was what he would do." You pouted, wishing that you had done it yourself instead. "I swear, his hobby is nothing but playing pranks on people."

Silence. You thought that maybe he was busy concentrating, feeling his hand caress your back every now and then. As much as you wanted to avoid cutting it, you would have no choice if it was too difficult to untangle. Waiting for a response, you stood there for a while before speaking. "Ieyasu? We can just snip it if it's too troublesome."

"That's careless of you to let another man do that for you."

The dismay in his tone confused you. "This is Masamune we're talking about here. Do you really think he'd try anything weird with me?"

"You're so clueless. Do you ever stop to think about how your actions look like to other men?" He wrapped his arms around your waist, trapping your arms to your sides. One of his hands cupped your breast, massaging it as he nipped on your neck. You bit your lip when his fingers teased your nipple, making you shudder when he gave it a gentle tug.

"They can get the wrong impression from you if you're not careful." His voice was gruff, lips pressing warm kisses on the back of your neck. You felt your top slide down as it fell to the floor, gasping when his warm hand caressed your bare chest. "When something catches their interest, they'll relentlessly chase after it until it's theirs and won't let go of it."

Though his words were rough, his actions were the complete opposite. You tilted your head and called his name softly, knowing full well that he would look at you--and he did. His emerald eyes told you what you already knew. "Even so, that doesn't matter to me. Because you're the only one I want, Ieyasu."

As soon as you finished your words, he maneuvered you down on the bed, laying on your back as he hovered over you. Discarding his shirt, he claimed your lips in a hungry kiss, nipping and tugging on your lower lip for permission. You parted them to let his tongue sip inside, deepening the kiss as he made quick work of your bottoms. The last of his clothes soon followed, tossing it away somewhere on the floor.

Fingers stroked your clit in circles, making you jerk up for more. Sliding them further down to tease at your entrance, he slipped inside you and began to thrust. You moaned into his mouth as you moved your hips in time with his hand, trembling when he curled them and found your sweet spot. Pulling away a bit, you noticed his cheeks were a pretty shade of red while his eyes watched you with intense longing.

You reached to wrap your arms around his neck, holding his gaze as you spoke with unabashed desire. "I'm completely yours, so take me."

His eyes widened in surprise as his fingers slowed down. It had looked like he wanted to say something but instead kissed you tenderly, communicating the gentle affection he has for you. You responded back with just as much love you had for him, hoping to chase away the doubts he had.

Easing his fingers out, he rubbed himself along your slick entrance before pushing inside of you, groaning against your skin as your walls squeezed around him. You crossed your legs behind him and rolled your hips up, letting out a sharp gasp when he filled you. With his thumb languidly stroking your clit, he began to thrust at a steady pace. Your body trembled with need as he took his time loving you, sucking on your neck to leave his mark.

It was so much but you wanted more of him, digging your heel into his back as you whimpered. "Ieyasu... please..."

The increased pressure on your sensitive nub made you clamp around his cock, crying out when he moved faster. His free hand slipped behind your waist and hoisted you up, giving him the leverage to reach deeper. With each push you were closer to coming undone, moaning his name with urgency as you gave yourself over to the pleasure, unraveling in his arms. He held you as his movements became unsteady, groaning as he pumped inside you after a few more thrusts.

Ieyasu didn't let go as the two of you took the time to catch your breaths. He slowly lied down on his side, bringing you with him as well before gently easing himself out of you. Lifting his head to look at you, he reached his hand up and caressed your cheek. Even if he didn't say anything, the look on his face had told you everything.

The weekend passed by quickly and before you knew it, it was time to leave. As everyone waited for the van to come around, Masamune came over and hooked his arm on Ieyasu's shoulder. "Man, this trip was real fun wasn't it?"

You nodded. "Mhn. It was a nice break from all the bustle in the city too."

"The huge slide by the water park was the best though. Did you guys try that?"

"No. We had no time to." Ieyasu retorted before his phone rang, taking it out of his pocket to see who it was. He swatted the older man's arm off him before walking off to answer the call. "Nobunaga's calling me. I'll be right back."

"Sure, take your time."

When he left, you noticed that Masamune was looking at you curiously. You tilted your head. "Hm? Is something wrong?"

"No time, huh.." He rubbed his chin before casting his gaze away. "I suppose the two of you were too busy with some other exciting activities in the hotel, weren't you?"

You looked away in hopes that he didn't notice your blush, but the proof was in your silence. Laughing, he reached out to playfully mess with your hair, mentioning the nearby mirror for your hair before walking away. Although you could easily fix it without needing one, you decided to approach it.

When you looked at yourself in it, Masamune's stare now made sense. Your shirt was certainly enough to cover the hickeys that were below your neck as long as you didn't lean over. The ones on the side of your throat, however, were definitely visible with your current hairstyle. You quickly combed your hair down, hoping that no one else had noticed.

Soon enough, you were on your way back home with everyone else. Ieyasu sat beside you, typing something on his phone before asking. "Hm? Why did you put your hair down?"

"Oh. Well, I think it looks better this way, don't you think?"

"Hm. You look fine either way." Reaching his hand out, he trailed a finger down your throat, gently tracing over the marks he made. The simple gesture made you shiver as he leaned in closer, whispering in your ear. "Although, you look best when you're smiling.."

You smiled, tilting your head to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. He blushed and looked away to hide his face, turning his attention to the window. You giggled and rested your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and savoring the warmth of his sweet words.

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The sound of laughter in the background made you smile as you looked out into the ocean, mindlessly tracing your finger over the sand. Things have been quite hectic around the Red Army headquarters ever since the war with the Magic Tower had ended. There was still much to do in the aftermath, such as keeping the peace and bridging the gap with the Black Army, which also resulted in additional work. You couldn't help but notice the exhaustion written on your friends' faces, especially with Lancelot. Being King meant that he was responsible for almost everything that went on and you worried that he was exhausting himself too much. You had thought about different ways on how you can help them until Edgar gave you the idea of arranging this weekend trip by the beach.

When you brought it up with him, you didn't expect that he would agree to it so easily. But here you all were, spending the last night having more fun with a small party. The past days have been full of adventure and new memories. Even though it was a short vacation, you were glad for the opportunity to give them a break, even for a little while.

You felt something graze your back, looking up to see Lancelot drape your shawl over your shoulders. "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing much. I was just admiring the scenery."

He nodded. "It's a beautiful sight, just like you."

Tomorrow, all of them will be back to their normal routines, attending to their duties and obligations. Although you understand that it's simply a part of how things are, you couldn't help but feel a dull ache in your chest. You stood up and stepped into the waters, hoping that it could carry away your sadness. Forcing a smile, you turned to look back at him. "I'm going to miss this though. It was a lot of fun spending time with everyone like this."

He moved towards you, reaching out to cup your cheek. "Yes, I feel the same way. But I missed you the most."

"Me too." Leaning into his touch, you looked up into his blue eyes. "I know I can't do much, but as long as I can stay by your side, I'll do my best to support you."

Lancelot could only smile at your words. "That's more than enough for me."

Wrapping your arms around his neck, the two of you shared a sweet kiss. Before you could pull away, he tipped your chin up and nipped on your lower lip. You opened your mouth, whimpering as he pulled you to him and deepened the kiss. It had been far too long since he was this close to you, the need for him growing even more when his fingers caressed your side.

Your body trembled as a cold wave splashed up your legs. Breaking the kiss, you tugged your shawl closer around you and rubbed on your arm. "I think we should get out of the water first."

"Come with me."

Following along, he led you away from the lively cottage and down the shore until you spotted a secluded alcove by the far corner. It was quite cozy inside with enough space to lie down on the sand if you wanted to. He brought you back into his arms, nuzzling in the crook of your neck and resumed to shower you in kisses. You moaned softly when his hand slid up your chest, massaging your breast through you bikini top as you arched your back.

His touch sent a throb between your legs as you ran your fingers in his hair. "Lance..."

"Here, let me help you warm up." Sliding further down and in your bottoms, he teased your clit with his fingers, rubbing with light pressure. You heard him groan as he realized how wet you already were, sliding two digits inside you with ease. With your other hand holding on to his shirt, you ground your hips against his hand for more. He pushed a third one in, stretching you and thrusting them faster as you gasped wantonly into his ear.

You dug your nails into his shoulder, fighting the urge to give in to your release. "Lance, please... I want you inside me..."

By your command, he pulled his hand away and licked them clean. You felt the gush of your arousal as you watched him before he undressed you of your shirt, guiding you to a nearby rock. Leaning down, you placed your hands on a smooth portion. With a tug, your bottoms slipped down your legs as his hand caressed your inner thighs. Parting them further, you felt him rub his length along your slit before pushing in your waiting entrance. He grunted from your wet heat, your walls throbbing around him as he started to slowly thrust his hips.

Biting your lower lip, you tried to keep your voice down as he filled you with each push. Lancelot tilted your face towards him, kissing you briefly to stop you. "Don't do that. I want to hear how much you want me."

Pleasure spread through your body as he sped up, making you cry out when his fingers circled your aching clit. You rocked your hips in time as he pushed deeper, making you shudder when he rubbed against your spot. His mouth trailed a series of kisses up your back, his free hand cupping your breast and teasing your nipple.

"Lance...!" You moaned his name, your walls squeezing him tighter as you felt your body reaching its limit.

His voice was hoarse, hips thrusting harder and his fingers relentlessly rubbing your clit. "Come with me."

Everything seemed to fade when your orgasm crashed over you, your body trembling as you cried out in bliss. Drawing out your pleasure longer, he kept you flush against him until it was too much, your spasms triggering his own release as he spilled his warmth inside you. The two of you struggled to catch your breath as he gently pulled out, placing a tender kiss in your shoulder before whispering his devotion for you. You turned around and gave him a kiss on the lips, answering him back.

Before the two of you left the cove, Lancelot pulled you in his arms again. Lifting the shirt you wore, he nipped and sucked on a spot above your breast to leave a hickey. He pulled away when he was done, your body shuddering over the memory as he traced his thumb over the mark. "I promise to make love to you before this fades. And when I do, I'll make another one in its place and promise you the same thing."

It was simple yet it filled you with much joy. You nodded, placing your hand over it. "Okay. I'll make sure you never forget."

"I don't intend to." He smiled, kissing you on the forehead. "But you're free to remind me whenever you wish."

Everyone was still there when you returned to the cottage. You could only assume what happened, seeing as Jonah was red-faced and giggling with Kyle about something while drinking. Edgar and Zero seemed pretty sober as they chatted normally, having a few cups of tea.

"Oh, you're back." Zero looked at the two of you. "Would you like--"

"Lancelot!" Out of nowhere, Kyle managed to launch himself at the man, draping an arm around his shoulder. "Where'd you go! I can't believe you would miss out on our party. We should have more fun before we go back to working day and night!"

You could only watch while Lancelot got dragged off by the merry doctor, giggling as he tried to sit him down. Edgar offered you a fresh cup of tea as you took a seat across them. "So where have the two of you been?"

"Just by the shore. We were just talking and admiring the view."

"It must have been quite a stimulating conversation if you were away for a while."

The implication in his tone almost made you choke on your tea. Zero nudged him with his elbow. "Edgar, don't pry into their personal affairs."

"Yes, of course, you're right." He nodded, hoping he didn't notice the blush creeping up your face. "Although I am curious, isn't that King Lancelot's shirt you're currently wearing?"

"It was cold so he gave it to me."

"Ah, I see. And your hair..."

"The wind messed it up as we were coming back."

"Really?" Zero tilted his head. "I didn't feel--"

"You know, I'm feeling quite tired, so I think I'll have Lance escort me back to the hotel." You put the empty cup down and shot Edgar a look. He only smiled at you, though you knew better than to give him more fuel to tease you with. As you left to rescue your lover from the two inebriated men, you heard Edgar chuckle while the other one asked him what was going on. Lancelot was more than happy to accompany you, leaving Jonah to discuss the intricacies of eating custard cakes with Kyle.

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It was no argument that Mitsunari was a capable warlord. With his keen smarts and ability to quickly adapt to any given situation, he was certainly someone to be reckoned with in regards to strategy. What everyone wouldn't have expected was for this genius to be quite forgetful, often too absorbed into his readings to realize how much time has passed since he holed himself up in his room. Being his lover, it gave you much reason to be concerned about his well-being, always reminding him to put the book down and eat or point out where his glasses were.

It was silly how you got a bit jealous over the amount of attention he had for his books. You knew that it was important and you would never want to get in the way of that. But tonight, you were feeling quite playful as you ushered him into the baths, joining him after undressing as well.

The waters were warm as you straddled his lap, hands wandering all over his chest while nipping on his neck. He shivered under your touch, moaning softly when you started to suck on his wet skin. As you left a red mark on him, you languidly traced over it with your tongue before pulling away to admire it.

"My lady..."

Before he could touch you, you held his hands and placed them on your thighs. "You can't move your hands from this spot unless I ask you to or I'll stop."

He bit his lip, glancing down between your naked bodies before nodding. "Okay."

Satisfied, you pulled him in for a kiss. You cupped his cheek as he opened his mouth, deepening the kiss and playing with his tongue. The hands on your thighs quivered, fighting the urge to touch you in another way. You reached down into the waters and lightly caressed along his hip, careful to avoid his member as he jerked. "Since you agreed so easily, I'll give you a reward."

Mitsunari groaned when you wrapped your fingers around him and stroked along his entire length. It was difficult for him to thrust his hips up, which gave you some sense of control as you slowly pleasured him. Leaning close, you teased his nipple with your mouth and used the palm of your hand to gently rub on the tip of his cock. You continued to tease him, feeling him throb with need your hands as you moved them faster.

You looked up to see him panting, eyes closed shut as you instructed. "Are you close?"

"Ahnn.. I'm almost..!"

The hitch in his voice made you stop as he whined, squeezing your thighs to help him calm down. You made him sit on the edge of the bath, his hips now leveled with your chin. His cock stood erect as you moved to take him in your mouth, hearing him take a sharp breath in when you started to take more of him. Using your hands to stroke around the base, you bobbed your head up and down, making sure to suck at the tip when you pulled back.

You could feel him twitch as you licked along the underside, tightening your lips around him. Keeping his hips pinned down with your free hand, you moved your head faster and shuddered as he spilled in your mouth. The wanton moans he let out fed the fire between your legs, squeezing them together in an effort to relieve some pressure.

Pulling back, you swallowed up everything and licked your lips. Mitsunari reached to tip your chin up, making you look into his eyes. "Will you let me please you as well, my lady?"

It was difficult to refuse, not when he asks you so brazenly, knowing that he had every intention of following through. Nodding, you motioned for him to sit in the water and lean his head back. You positioned yourself over him, head in between your knees as you ran your fingers in his damp hair. The first swipe of his tongue sent a tremor through your body as he thoroughly indulged himself in your arousal. His eyes were trained on you, watching your expression as he poured his attention on you.

When he pushed a finger in your throbbing heat, you tugged on his hair and shook your head. "No. Just your mouth."

He was quick to oblige, withdrawing his finger and holding on your waist instead. Taking your clit in his warm mouth, he sucked and stroked it with just the right pressure, the wet sounds of his ministrations making you gush even more. He flattened his tongue and licked along your slit before playing with your sensitive nub, repeating the motions over and over again.

You gasped when he slid his tongue inside, spreading your legs wider to lower yourself closer to his face. Pushing up against your sex, he ate you out as if consumed with a ravenous craving that only you can satisfy. Leaning forward, you steadied yourself with your other arm, your thighs shaking each time his nose rubbed on your clit.

A rush of heat flowed from your core as you cried out his name, rolling your hips to ride out your orgasm. His tongue was incessant while he lapped up everything you had, the prolonged pleasure draining you of your strength. "M-Mitsu--ahh--mhnn.." You whimpered, trying to gain his attention by tapping on the back of his hands.

With a final suck on your clit, he stopped and looked up at you. The intense desire in his gaze made you flush in anticipation as you moved off him to sit on the edge. You pulled him in your arms and kissed him, pressing your breasts against him. The hardness grazing your thigh made you reach down between your bodies, teasing the head of his cock. "You're still full of energy, I see."

"I.. got excited seeing you like that." His cheeks burned red, groaning as you gently squeezed your hand around him.

Giggling, you pecked him on the lips. "I suppose we will have to solve this problem then."

You wrapped your arms around Mitsunari's neck, moaning softly as he entered you. His cock filled and stretched you, making you squeeze around him when he was fully inside. "So warm and tight.."

Tangling your fingers in his grey locks, you planted kisses along his neck. He started slowly at first, caressing your back in distracting circles. It was clear that he was being careful not to hurt you, the thought making your chest bloom with affection for him.

"Mitsunari." Purring into his ear, you jerked your hips up to take him deeper. "Harder. Make me cum."

With renewed enthusiasm, he gripped your waist and moved faster. Fingers pressed on your throbbing clit as you folded your legs around him and dug your heel into his back. You tilted your head back and moaned louder as he hit your sweet spot, making you squeeze tighter with each thrust. The lukewarm water splashed all over with your fervent lovemaking, the sounds echoing together in the room.

Giving in to the pleasures, your walls convulsed around him as you rasped out his name. His thrusts became erratic as he soon followed, groaning in bliss as he released inside you. You rested your forehead on his chest as he held you, still inside you while waiting for your breaths to return to normal.

It was much later when you came back to your shared chambers. After giving your hair a quick combing to dry, you slipped in the futon with Mitsunari soon leaving his desk to join you. It was quite a rare sight--usually, he would only stop working at night due to exhaustion from reading or if there was a sudden summons to Azuchi Castle.

He moved closer to feel your warmth, caressing your hair as you looked up at him. "I wasn't too pushy with you, was I?"

"No. In fact, I quite enjoyed it with you. I really liked... pleasuring you as well." A faint blush appeared on his cheeks as he answered.

Giggling, you gave him a peck on the cheek and nodded. The admission was a bit of a surprise to you, though you wouldn't mind teasing him again if it meant that his attention would be solely focused on you, even if for a while.

Chapter Text

Every now and then, you and your friends made it a point to go on a trip together to hang out and spend time with each other. It was a way for everyone to destress from their work life and just have some fun and adventure. This time, it was decided that a trip to a forest lodge was the perfect summer getaway. The place was known for its hidden lakes and natural waterfalls, which was an ideal spot for taking a swim in.

It was already mid-afternoon when you reached the house, hearing the rush of water nearby as a couple of the boys busied themselves over finding the waterfall while the girls were discussing what to have for dinner. You felt a hand on your shoulder, looking up to deep blue eyes watching you. "Whatcha doing standing around here?"

"I was just taking in how pretty this place is. Don't you think so?"

"Yeah, it sure is. Though we should probably beat everyone else to which room we want to sleep in.

"The room closest to the stairs then. That seems to be farther away from the rest of the others." You mentioned, setting your backpack down on the table. "I guess this is what we get for being the only ones single in this group of couples."

"What, you saying you don't wanna share a room with me?" He teased. "It's not my fault that you keep dating jerks who break up with you after a month."

"Yeah, yeah, will you stop reminding me already and grab the room keys?"

It was still a bit of a sore topic to talk about. There was always some issue with every guy you previously dated, ranging from the typical 'got back together with their ex after a week or so' or they were dating another woman at the same time. There was even one that felt they were rushing too fast into the relationship after you harmlessly offered to let him sleep on your couch for a night.

Sid had been the one who was there after each breakup. You've known each other since your college days, which almost always surprised everyone who knew that fact. He was one of the few who got the privilege to listen to you drone on about how much of a jerk they were, preferably over some alcohol. It was stupid because even though you didn't have the same tolerance as he did, you would continue to drink even if you'd hit your limit. This sprouted a problem when one morning, you woke up to a different bedroom in a different set of clothes. Your panicked scream made him run inside to check on you only to have one of his pillows smack him right in the face.

"Sid! What happened last night?!" Clutching the blanket closer to your chest, you tried to hide from him. "Don't tell me we--"

"Sheesh, calm down for a sec." He gently placed his hands on your shoulder, his warmth shaking you out of your confusion. "Take a deep breath and lemme talk."

When you had calmed down, he started to explain last night. After you got drunk, he drove you to his place since it was much closer compared to yours and asked one of his maids to attend to you. Your clothes were in the laundry since you had spilled a drink down your blouse as you tried to stumble your way to the nearby dance floor. He managed to stop you from humiliating yourself just in time and convinced you to come home with him.

Your cheeks burned as you listened to his story, the words triggering a few bits of your hazy memory. Looking around, you noticed that the rest of the room seemed untouched. "Wait, if I was here, then where did you sleep?"

"Why, did you think I stayed here with you?" He grinned, the tone of his voice suggesting otherwise.

"I said nothing of the sort."

Sid handed you a bottle of aspirin and some water from his nightstand. "My living room couch is pretty comfy, you know. Now drink up and get changed so I can drive you home."

That morning, to say the least, was quite strange. You knew that he was well-off, but you didn't feel the extent of the reality until you sat down on the spacious table with him, eating breakfast as a few of the maids simply stood close by. It was surreal, especially when you're used to eating all alone in your apartment. An older butler, who you guessed was the head housekeeper, approached you in the foyer and handed you a small opaque packet. You weren't able to inspect what it was until you were settled in Sid's car, the blister pack slipping from your hand in surprise.


"Your butler gave me Plan B!" You couldn't decide if this was comical or horrifying.

Sid paused as his shoulders shook, pulling over the nearest sidewalk before exploding in laughter. You should have been suspicious, especially since you knew about his infamous track record with women. Not that you were a part of that--even back in college, which is a whole other thing in itself--, but you should have made the connection much earlier.

"Stop laughing! This is serious!" You smacked his arm. "Your staff thinks that we slept together!"

"Ah, James, ya damn prick. Sticking your nose where you shouldn't." He murmured, finally getting a hold of himself before continuing to drive down the road.

"I don't see why this is funny to you."

"Because you and I both know that that will never happen between us."

"I wouldn't use the word never..." You muttered under your breath as you turned to the window.

"You sure you mean that?"

The shift of his voice from being playful to serious made you look back at him. For some reason, you thought he looked a bit tense as he kept his eyes on the road. "What do you mean?"

"I'm saying that if it's possible, you would give being friends with benefits with me a chance."

You can't say that the thought hadn't crossed your mind before. He certainly was good looking, though quite cocky and tactless at times. What stood out to you though was despite that, there was a caring and selfless side to him. Not many people would know that, mostly because they get put off with his abrasive attitude.

A part of you wondered how serious he was. "You've seen how terrible my relationships are."

"It doesn't have to be anything else but physical." He replied. "I think we both know that there are certain urges that are better dealt with someone who knows what they're doing."

"That's a bit subjective."

He chuckled. "That's not what drunk you said to me last night."

"Oh god... What did I even say to you?"

"A lot. Some would say a bit too much. You turn into quite the chatterbox after a few shots."

Groaning, you rested your forehead on your hand. It was bad enough that you couldn't remember what you said, but now he knows about how poorly your exes perform in bed. Though you trusted him not to say anything to anyone, the fact that he knew about it made you wish the ground would swallow you up on the spot.

The car came to a full stop in front of your apartment complex. "Nothing else is going to change. Except that we may get a bit busy in the sheets with each other now and then." He said it so casually as if talking about the weather. "We can also forget this conversation ever happened."

This sort of thing wasn't that unusual--you know people who had friends with benefits and turned out okay. He already knew about your intimate frustrations and here he was, offering you a viable option with no strings attached. To say that you didn't want it would be a lie. Plus, both of you were smart and responsible adults who can make their own decisions. Either of you can choose to stop at any given time and still keep the friendship intact.

You thought it was a fine idea. Until it got complicated.

Night had already come as you sat on a log by the campfire, tending to a s'more on a metal skewer. Everyone else had gone up ahead to swim in the lake but you decided to stay behind, declaring that you forgot your swimwear to avoid any further questions.

"You sure you don't want to swim?"

"No, Sid. I don't want to." You rotated the stick, careful to not let the marshmallow burn. He took a seat beside you. "What about you? Didn't you say you wanted to take a dip?"

"Nah. Maybe later." Poking at the fire, he rested his chin on his hand and watched the ashes dance with the wind.

A strange silence settled over the two of you as you waited for your perfectly toasted s'more to cool down before taking a bite. Maybe it was just you who felt that way, but for the past few weeks, you knew that something had changed. Admittedly, being friends with benefits with Sid was quite the revelation. You were confident in your assumption that he was good in bed, but experiencing it for yourself had been mind-blowing. You were by no means innocent, but each encounter had left you breathless and wanting for more.

Of course, there were rules that both of you had agreed on, which mainly rotated around communication. Be open about what you want to try or what you don't want to do. Respecting personal space and time. Speaking up if one of you has found someone they want to romantically date--which was the set deal breaker.

Thankfully, you never received another blister pack from James. It did make you wonder about the previous women he slept with, thinking about if they received this same sort of treatment with him. You quickly shoved those thoughts away, your chest aching a little. It was also easy to forget about it when you were with him because you always enjoyed your time together, whether it be just hanging out as friends.

Out of the blue, one of your co-workers commented on your improved mood, chalking it up with a new and better lover. Before you could explain, a realization had struck you as you stared at them wide-eyed.

You were in love with Sid Arnault.

And that was trouble. But after that day, you couldn't ignore the swirl of emotions in your chest when you saw him. In hindsight, you didn't expect this to happen since you were quite secure on what your ground was with him. He was a great friend, someone who knew some of your intimate secrets, who always looked out for you and protected you. Sure he would tease you for the spirit of it, but never to the point of harm.

A relationship with him was out of the question--you weren't even sure if he was interested in having one, more so with you. You were sure that he had no romantic feelings for you.


Engrossed in your thoughts, you didn't notice Sid until he was right in your face as he took a bite from your s'more. "Hey!"

"It'll go to waste if you keep spacing out like that." He teased, licking the chocolate off his lips.

Seeing him do that sent a rush of memories through your mind, your body tingling in response to the closeness of his warmth. The singing cicadas were a good reminder of where you were, looking away as you focused on your treat. As a means of distraction, you decided to skewer another one on your stick, pretending to watch it cook as you push your thoughts away.

"You keep thinking about something."

I'm thinking about you. "What makes you say that?"

"You have this distant look in your eyes. Like you're trying to remember something."

I'm trying to remember the moment when I fell for you. "Really? When do I do that?"

"Sometimes, when you look at me." You tore your gaze from the fire to look at him. Sid looked far ahead into the forest and for a second there, you thought he was about to say something profound. He grinned, leaning closer as he stared into your eyes. "You're not falling in love with me, are you?"

I already am. "You wish."

He shrugged and pulled away. "You should let me know if you're dating someone."

I'm not. "I know. We agreed to that."

"But there is someone you're interested in."

Yes. "No."

"Who is it?"

You. "There isn't anyone."

"Don't tell me." He paused, mischief twinkling in his eyes. "He hasn't the balls to confess to you."

Annoyed, you hit him on the head with your hand. "No one! How many times do I have to tell you before it gets through that thick head of yours?!"

Sid covered his head, wincing in pain from your sudden attack. A moment passed before the sound of his unbridled laughter rang in your ears, filling you with a sense of happiness. "There we go. You look better when you smile."

You hadn't even realized you were frowning until he mentioned it.

"Whatever you're worried about, it'll be fine. Trust me."

Before you could respond, footsteps echoed behind the two of you as you heard your friends coming back from their night swim. He stood up, ruffling your hair before walking off towards the lodge. "I'm gonna go lie down first. See you inside."

As you watched his retreating back, you whispered to yourself. "If only it was that easy..."

After extinguishing the fire and bidding goodnight to everyone else, you quietly slipped inside the dimly lit room and under the covers of your bed. Although it's been roughly an hour since Sid lied down, your gut somehow told you otherwise. It didn't help that you couldn't sleep, hyperaware of the fact that you were surrounded by couples who could be up to some business.


Nothing. You turned around, seeing the back of his head poke out from his blanket. "Sid."

"Whaddya want?"

The hoarse quality of his voice told you that he might have been asleep. "Sorry. Did I wake you?"

"No. Kinda hard to sleep on this bed."

"Take a dip with me." The words were out of your mouth before you could stop yourself.

You heard him shuffle a bit, presumably to check the time on his watch. "Right now? It's well past midnight."

"I know."

"I thought you didn't have anything to swim in."

"Swimming naked doesn't sound too bad."

"The water's going to be cold."

"Then you'll keep me warm."


"Come on." You pleaded. "Please?"

Pause. "Fine."

The two of you slipped outside, using the moonlight to guide your path. It was easy to follow the sound of rushing water to the lake as your eyes widened in wonder. "Oh wow. It's amazing."

"The others mentioned that there was a small alcove behind the waterfall. Pretty sure no one's been using that for any funny business." His tone suggested otherwise as he approached the edge, watching as he undressed before glancing back at you. "Well? Stop gawking and get moving."

This wasn't the first time you've been naked in front of him, yet a shy feeling bloomed in your chest. Staring at the ground, you started to take off your clothes, tossing it on his pile, and slowly stepped in the cold waters. It wasn't too bad as you tested the bottom, seeing how far you could go until it all disappeared beneath your feet.

Sid headed for the center, which was also probably the deepest area. "What are you doing all the way over there? I thought you wanted a swim."

"I am not going any further than this." You pouted, crossing your hands over your chest.

"You shouldn't waste the opportunity, you know." He made his way over to you, standing in front of you as you tried to avoid staring at his muscular chest. "What, are you afraid of drowning or something?"


"I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong."

Biting your lip, you cast your gaze to the waterfall. "I don't like it if I can't feel my footing under me and there's nothing for me to hold on to. It's... unnerving for me."

Without another word, Sid reached for your arms to wrap them around his neck, pulling you closer and pressing your chests together. The warmth from his body made you shudder as he tilted your chin up to him. "If we're like this, then there's nothing to worry about now."

As the ground starts to fade, you closed your eyes and hid your face in his neck. His arms rested on your waist, holding you securely as he let out a husky chuckle. "You alright there?"

"I'm fine!" You fought the urge to kick around, worried that you might hit him by accident.

"Yeah," he muttered, his voice a bit softer now. "you're doing okay."

Feeling nothing with your legs, you tuned your attention to him instead. Idly playing with his damp hair, you matched the rhythm of your breathing with his own. He was looking at the sky, and you didn't bother to look until he stopped swimming.

"Hey, look up."

You lifted your head, following his instruction as you took in the sight in front of you. The night sky was unobstructed, the darkness littered with stars as far as the eye could see. They created a stream of light and colors, dispersing away as they stretched higher and faded in the distance. It was mesmerizing, leaving you in awe as you smiled.


"Right? I've never seen anything like--" You looked back at Sid, surprised to see him staring at you. The gentle look on his face made your heart skip a beat, wondering if he had been talking about the sky or describing something else.

Something pulled the two of you closer, lips coming in for a kiss. One of his hands came up your back, tangling his fingers in your hair and tilting your head back as he deepened the kiss. You nipped on his lower lip, sucking on it and sliding your tongue in when he opened his mouth. It was demanding and intense, quickly robbing you of your breath as he palmed your breast.

Sid leaned down to nip on your neck, teasing your skin with his tongue as he said. "I think we need to move if we're going to continue this."

"Mhn. A bath sounds like a good idea as well."

You let him lead you back to the edge, having enough restraint to put your clothes back on and walk back to the house. Even in this uncomfortably damp situation, it did nothing to impede the growing heat in your core. Sneaking back into your shared room, he immediately pulled you in the shower and stripped you both of your clothing. The smell of lavender filled your nose as Sid massaged the shampoo in your hair, washing it carefully before moving along your body with soap. When he reached the apex of your thighs, you whimpered when his hand slipped between them and brushed against your clit.

Not wanting to be left out, you started to do the same to him, reaching up to gently rake your lathered fingers through his hair. You started to rub your hands over his chest and down his hips before reaching to stroke his hardness, earning you a strained grunt from him. Swiping your thumb on the head, you balled your hand around it and squeezed before pumping your hand over the entire length.

"Don't play naughty." He nipped on your ear before getting on his knees, lifting one of your legs over his shoulder. "You know the rules."

"Why did you even put that rule in?" You asked, remembering his preference of pleasuring you first before taking his.

Sid answered with his tongue on your slit. Gasping in surprise, you clutched on his hair and rolled your hips forward. His appetite was as ravenous as the last you remembered, your body shuddering in delight when he sucked hard on your clit. Fingers rubbed your soaked entrance, two of them thrusting in you fast while applying more pressure with his mouth. You could only moan his name as your orgasm crashed over you, your other leg giving out and trusting him to support your weight.

Dizzy from the rush of your release, you slid down into his awaiting arms. He held you to him, your heart hammering wildly in your chest. He pressed soft kisses on your shoulder, caressing your sides. "Sid," your purred, blowing hot air below his ear as you raked your nails up his back. "give me all of you."

Whether either of you realized the implication of those words was the least of your concern as his tall form hovered over you. His disheveled and wet hair framed his gorgeous face, his intense blue eyes shining like the midnight sky you saw earlier. If your thoughts hadn't been hopelessly muddled by him, you would have recognized that look he had.

"I just can't win over you, can I?" He mumbled, voice taut as he shut the shower off. Without letting go, he stood up and left the bathroom with you still in his arms before laying you down on one of the beds. Settling himself between your legs, he rubs his cock along your slit, using your arousal to push into your slick heat without causing you pain.

You moaned loudly as he filled you, stretching around his impressive size. With a steady pace, he started to thrust inside you while his thumb stroked your aching clit with wide circles. It was a slow climb to your peak, a contrast from his earlier ministrations. His free hand caressed your chest, cupping and massaging your breast.

A pinch to your hardened nipple made you whimper. "Any other man would be lucky to see you like this."

Flustered with his words, your cheeks grew red. "What? No one else is--"

The rest of the words died in your throat when he slammed his hips hard into yours. Letting go of your breast, he leaned forward on his knees and slipped his arm under your waist, hugging you closer to him. His mouth nipped on your neck as you arched your back, thighs quivering from the building tension in your core. You couldn't grind up against him in this position, leaving you open and defenseless as you took everything he gave you. His cock rubbed right against your sweet spot in this angle, making you spasm with each thrust.

Moving faster, he pumped in and out of you as his fingers drew smaller circles on your clit. You felt him whisper in your ear, your heart leaping out of your chest over his words. Overwhelmed with pleasure, you rasped out his name with your reply, squeezing around him tightly. Groaning in your neck, he released inside you as his thrust became erratic, filling you with much of his warmth.

Even as exhaustion set in, Sid gently pulled out of you and eased you down on the bed. A soft towel was wiped down your body before he lifted you in his arms, carrying you over to the next bed and tucking you in the cool sheets with him. His hand caressing your hair quickly pulled on your consciousness, sending you off into a dreamless sleep.

When you woke up, you were alone in the room. The darkness outside told you that it was still early morning, probably just before dawn. You got dressed and grabbed Sid's jacket, draping it over you as you made your way downstairs. The living room was empty, though a cup of unfinished coffee was your only sign that someone else was awake.

Leaving the lodge, you looked around for him. You ventured down the path to the lake, spotting him by the edge as you came closer. He was looking out into the distance, refusing to turn around as he spoke. "It's still too early. Go back to sleep."

"Nah. Maybe later."

The cicadas were gone now. There was no one but the two of you here. Walking over to a rock next to him, you faced the opposite direction and leaned on a smooth portion. "Last night, I heard something."

"Did you now?"

"I remember you said that any other guy would be lucky to see me like that." What struck you with that sentence wasn't so much the words, but the undertone of jealousy. "And then you said, 'be mine'."

Sid didn't respond, so you continued. "You didn't let me finish replying to the first one. I was going to say, 'no one else is going to see me like this'. Because I only want it to be you who sees me like that."

As scared as you were to address the pink elephant, you couldn't bear to leave it just like that, not after what you heard. You would survive if the arrangement was broken after this, but not before you determine what his feelings for you are. Even if you're wrong and this is all just one-sided, you could bear the heartache. It's the regret from not giving this--the two of you--your all that you refuse to let happen. Not with Sid.

Still nothing. Taking a deep breath, you clenched your fist and mustered what courage you had left. "What I'm saying is, I love you."

Your heart clamored in your chest as you waited for a reply, staring at the patch of grass in front of your feet. The first morning rays had started to peek over the horizon when you finally mustered the courage to look up at him. "Sid?"

He looked at you, cocking a sure smile. "Heh. It feels nice to hear that from someone you love."

As your mind scrambled to think, he leaned closer and cupped your cheek. Your vision was filled with him as he kissed you with quiet passion, pouring out his feelings into you. Kissing him back, you clutched on his shirt to keep yourself steady as you pulled him down.

Sid let out a chuckle. "I didn't think you'd remember all that. Not with what I was doing."

Your cheeks flushed over the memory. "I usually don't, but I couldn't get it out of my head."

"Hm. Makes that two of us then."

The two of you stared at each other for a while before you spoke. "Are you sure about this? I don't have a very good track record when it comes to relationships."

"I have my own bad record and you seem to be accepting of it." He rested his forehead on yours, gazing into your eyes. "This is just the start, so we'll have plenty of time to figure stuff out."

Nodding, you leaned closer to give him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too." He smiled, kissing your forehead before extending a hand out to you. "Come on. Let's have some breakfast."

"Oh, before we head back, there's something I want to ask you."


You felt embarrassed to ask this, but you needed to know. "When did you start to like me?"

His eyes widened in surprise as a faint blush spread on his cheeks. "Around our last year in college."

"What! It's been that long?!" You shouted, clamping your hand over your mouth. "Okay, then why didn't you try to ask me out then?"

Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, he averted his gaze. "I would've, but... When you cried to me about how you hated playboys because your first boyfriend was one, I knew I couldn't at that time. I was pretty much jumping from bed to bed back then." You noticed the tips of his ears turning a shade of red as he continued. "So I had to straighten myself out first."

"So, that day in your car, when you offered that... You weren't sleeping around anymore?"

"Not for a long while."

Now it was your turn to blush. "But the pill..."

"James is a nosy guy. Sticks himself in other people's business even if he isn't supposed to." Sid cleared his throat. "Are you done investigating? You can ask me more after we eat."

"Fine, fine." You pulled on his arm, walking back together to the lodge. Although you had many more questions for him and probably vice versa, he was right--this was just the start, and there's plenty of time for the two of you to explore this next step. It can't be that bad, not if you have him at your side through it, and you were sure to do the same for him.

Chapter Text

The downfall of being inherently competitive is that there are times when you bite off more than you can chew. Granted that confidence is a key to seem proficient in something you are not, it's proven ineffective if your audience knows that you are, in fact, not good at the challenge. Even though you can be stubbornly fierce, you do at least know when to admit defeat.

It started off innocently, for the most part. When you came up to the room carrying a tray of freshly brewed tea, the two of them were already in the middle of a game. Placing a full cup in front of everyone, you sat down on one of the chairs and nursed your drink. You reached to grab the table on the book, flipping through the pages to find where you left off. It was a quiet time in the evening and even though you weren't doing anything to each other, you treasured these sorts of moments with them.

As the current round ended with Comte's win, he took a sip of tea before asking. "Would you like to join us in playing?"

Tilting your book down to meet his gaze, you shook your head. "Me? Oh, no thank you."

The other man laughed, reshuffling the cards in his hands. "Is it because you give everything away from your expression? I bet we'll be able to tell what you're thinking."

Pouting, you playfully kicked Leonardo from underneath the table. "I can be good at it! I just don't want to interrupt your game. Besides, I'm having a lot of fun with my book."

"Well then, how can we get you to play with us for a bit?"

"I know," Leonardo smirked as his hands tapped the deck on the table. "We should make a bet."

Comte gave him a look. "We are not using money, Leonardo."

"Who said it had to be? There are other things we can use as a bet."

Intrigued, you closed your book. "Okay then, what do you suppose we should use?"


"So you want to play strip poker." You crossed your legs, resting your arm on your knee. It wasn't that big of a surprise for you--even in modern Japan, you've gone to several mixers that used this game as a means of socialization. Not that you had ever participated in them, but you weren't in the company of strangers today. "What does the winner get?"

Comte poured himself another cup of tea. "Anything they want, as long as it's reasonable to the others. I think that would be appropriate."

That certainly did seem fair, but you realized a big discrepancy as you looked over the two men. First, both of them had way too many layers on compared to you, even if it was just their daily clothes. Second, it would be by pure luck if you managed to win once, let alone win the entire game with your skill or lack thereof. Third, you're sure that they knew this as well, so there's no need to create an enticing incentive for you to join. Not that you needed to hang a win over either of them to ask for anything you want because you knew that they can and would give it to you.

"Well? What do you say?"

Picking the book back up, you shake your head. "You two can play by yourselves."

"Why? Afraid that you're not as good as you think you are?"

You glared at the painter, who had a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I just don't feel like it."

"Now, now, Leonardo. Don't tease her." You thought that Comte was on your side until he continued. "We cannot fault her if she does have a terrible poker face."

It was a bad idea and you knew it from the start. You shouldn't have given in to the obvious bait.

But here you were, holding up 5 cards to your face as you waited for the two men to decide whether to draw again or finally make a bet. Your skirt and shoes had been the first to join the pile of clothes along with a beige overcoat. Leonardo threw his belt in on the second round, which technically was one article of clothing. Still, it was vexing to see them barely undressed while you sat there half-naked.

To your surprise, you had won the round, prompting both men to dispose of another layer of clothing. Despite the burst of satisfaction, something told you that it didn't mean anything in the long run.

The next round ended fairly quickly. Leonardo had already removed his coat, noticing the curious expressions on their face. You chuckled, remembering how their eyes followed your hands while you were unhooking your skirt earlier. In a smooth movement, you slipped your hands up your blouse, fiddling with the ties of your corset as you looked back at them. Their heated gaze sent a dull throb between your legs, finally loosening the piece before pulling it from underneath and letting it fall to the floor.

You had already accepted the fact that you would lose. With that, you decided to put on a show instead, stretching your arms out wide and arching your back just a bit. Neither of them gave away anything save for their eyes, which were drinking up the sight of your exposed torso and breasts pressing up into your blouse.

"Hm. That's certainly one way to undress." You heard Comte say before you reached for the cards, leaning forward on the table and shuffling them well.

A few minutes later, his vest had soon joined the pile. The painter looked at you expectantly, wondering which one you were going to contribute next. You hooked your fingers in the band of your panties, dragging them down your thighs at a slow pace. As the thin fabric slid further down, you flicked it away with your foot before coyly crossing your legs.

The two men shared a look as you started to shuffle again. And as expected, the round ended with the count's win. As Leonardo pulled his gloves off, you moved to stand up, which caught both of their attention. You had turned your back to the table and sashayed to the bed, knowing full well that they'd be watching you. Lifting the covers, you slid underneath it and took off your blouse before throwing it in the mountain of clothes.

"Cara mia, that's unfair." He teased, leaning back into his chair. "Who's going to be our dealer now?"

"Your dealer has lost, so I don't see any further reason to sit by the table."

Comte gathered the cards, shuffling them mindlessly. "Leonardo. Shall we raise the stakes a bit?"

"What did you have in mind?"

He paused to distribute their hand before looking up at him. "The winner gets to monopolize her tonight."

You sighed softly as your hands started to wander on your body, idly caressing your thighs while watching them. "Won't either of you just call it a draw?"

"There must be a winner, ma chérie. That is the rule."

"Hm. Don't think I'm going to lose to you."

"You'd be mistaken to think that I'd let you win."

As entertaining as it is to watch them fight over you, the growing heat between your legs made you impatient. Settling down on the bed, you closed your eyes and started to touch yourself, fingers gently running along your wet slit. A hand reached up to cup a breast, teasing your nipple until it hardened and gave it a light squeeze. Slipping a finger inside, you pumped it slowly before adding another one. You spread your legs wider, grinding your palm against your throbbing clit for some friction. You were no longer paying attention to them as you sought after your orgasm, bucking your hips up as you continued to pleasure yourself.

A pressure on your hand made you stop, opening your eyes to meet Leonardo's intense gaze. You whimpered when he moved your hand away, keeping a firm but gentle grip as he licked your fingers. "Such a naughty girl. You couldn't wait for us, could you?"

"I think she deserves a little lesson, doesn't she, Leonardo?" Comte sat by the head of the bed, tossing the blanket away before he helped you up into a sitting position.

"That's certainly something we can agree on."

With his arm around your waist, Comte hoisted you up on his lap as he sat on the edge of the mattress. His lips trailed a line of hot kisses on your neck, making you arch your back while his hand reached down between your legs and teased at your clit. Your wanton moans were swallowed up in a demanding kiss as another pair of hands roamed over your chest and caressed your sides.

As you were reaching to undo Leonardo's pants, he stopped you and pulled away. He chuckled at the baffled look on your face. "I don't think so, cara mia. This is a punishment for you, after all."

He reached past you, hearing the rustle of smooth fabrics together before he undid the count's tie. Comte paused with his ministrations to bring your arms behind you, feeling the silk tie against your skin as it bound them together. Though there was enough slack for you to stay in it comfortably, you couldn't move them around freely anymore.

With a final tug, he asked in a soft voice. "It's not too tight, is it?"

Shaking your head, you felt your heart warming from the affection. "No, it's just right."

"You'll let us know immediately if you need it taken off, alright?"


Leonardo tipped your chin up to place a kiss on your lips, smiling gently at you. "That's our good girl."

Once again, they busied themselves with your pleasure. The painter settled himself between your legs, coaxing more of your arousal as he eagerly sucked on your clit. You could feel slick fingers teasing at your other hole, gasping when one of them slipped inside and started to slowly thrust, getting used to the sensation as Comte added another one. The tongue thrusting inside your pussy made you clench, your thighs kept apart with a firm grip when you tried to close them. The orgasm had blindsided you, moaning loudly into the room as your body trembled from the sudden rush of your release.

When he moved away, you noticed the slight shine around his mouth and chin. Your cheeks flushed in embarrassment as he licked his lips, the devious look on his face telling you that it was far from over.

Both men were quick to undress, the bed creaking underneath the added weight. Comte placed you back on his lap, only this time you were facing him as he claimed your lips in a hungry kiss. A hand gripped at your waist as you felt something cool being spread on your asshole. The anticipation of what was about to happen made your heart pound with both excitement and nervousness, though this wasn't your first time taking both of them.

"Leo..." You whimpered, leaning forward as he helped to keep you steady.

"Just breathe, cara mia. You're okay."

There wasn't much you could do anymore but follow, taking a deep breath as their combined scents gave you a sense of ease. Leonardo was gentle, pushing slowly while trying to distract you from the initial discomfort by stroking your sensitive nub. The other ran his hand down your back in circles, pressing kisses all over your shoulder. The pain had already subsided by the time he was inside you, replaced with a feverish heat spreading through your body.

"Ready?" He whispered in your ear, to which you could only nod.

Keeping you close, he laid down on the bed with you on top of him. The count leaned forward on his knees, hovering over the both of you as he rested your ankles on his shoulders. He teased his cock along your slit and paused, voice taut with his desire for you. "Bear with me, ma chérie." You tossed your head back as he entered you, moaning loudly and doing your best to relax. Leonardo had let out a groan as well, his hands reaching to cup one of your breasts.

Neither of them moved, giving you time to get accustomed to the fullness. Comte turned his head to press a kiss on your leg. "The two of you make such a beautiful sight together."

"We shouldn't keep her waiting for too long, you know." The painter chuckled in your ear.

"Yes. Shall we bring her to the brink of rapture, then?"

They started slow, eventually falling into a steady pace of pumping in and out of both your holes. One of them would always be inside you while the other pulls out just enough before pushing back in, creating a rhythm that sent you higher to your peak with each thrust. With your arms pinned between you and Leonardo, you were rendered immobile as he caressed your breasts and toyed with your hardened nipples. Comte was scattering kisses from your ankle down to your knee, his thumb grinding circles on your throbbing clit as each of their free hands held onto your waist to keep you from moving.

It was nothing but bliss and all you could do was helplessly indulge in them.

Leonardo nuzzled his face in your neck, leaving kisses below your ear as he murmured. "You like it when we fill you like this, don't you, cara mia?"

"Ahhh, yes, yes...!" you nearly yelled, their ministrations provoking your unabashed response.

"Such an honest answer, ma chérie."

"Please," you rasped, the words escaping you as your head started to blank when they moved faster. "Oh fuck...!"

You could feel something tugging on your arms, realizing that your restraints were now undone. Even if they were a bit sore, you reached out to Comte, wanting to feel him close as well. He was quick to realize your feelings, moving your legs down and hooking them around his waist. Resting his forehead on your unoccupied shoulder, you wrapped an arm around him as you searched for the painter's hand with the other, interlacing your fingers with his as soon as you found him.

The sensation of being stretched by your lovers made you dizzy with need. You heard both men groan when you clenched around their cocks, only to make them slam harder and deeper in you. The increased pressure and tighter circles on your clit made you cry out, arching your back as you surrendered yourself to the immense pleasure. Their thrusts were becoming erratic as your walls clamped tighter with each push until you felt their hot release spill inside you, your intense spasms coaxing out more of their cum and filling you up.

Your shared warmth was a comfort as you waited for your heavy breathing to return to normal. One of them guided you down on the mattress, shivering as they gently eased out of you. Feeling spent and sated, you let out a soft sigh as you closed your eyes for a bit.

As you opened your eyes, it occurred to you that you had fallen asleep. You were still in bed, waiting for your vision to clear as you thought about getting up to fetch yourself some fresh clothes. The argument you had with yourself vanished when you opened your eyes and realized what was going on: your lovers had surrounded you, with Comte lying down in front of you and Leonardo behind you. Each one of them had an arm around your waist as they continued their peaceful slumber, unfazed by everyone's state of undress.

Your chest ached with the love you held for both of them. Smiling to yourself, you closed your eyes and listened to the soft sound of their breathing, the safety of being in their arms lulling you back to sleep.

Chapter Text

It was the middle of the afternoon as you marched through the halls of Hideyoshi's manor. Taking a sharp turn, you approached your destination and without preamble, slid the doors wide open. "Hideyoshi Toyotomi, put that brush down!"

Inside the room was your lover, his back facing you as he sat up straight from your voice. There was a sheepish smile on his face as he turned to look at you. "Oh, you're home early."

It was just as you suspected. He had been writing reports, hunched over his work desk even with his bandaged forearm. Normally it wouldn't have bothered you, but this time was different. Information from the western border revealed that bandits have been pillaging villages for food and supplies, and Hideyoshi had volunteered to stop them. It was a quick affair with minimal casualties, though he had been injured with a poisoned knife in the middle of the skirmish. Ieyasu was quick to see him upon his return, assuring you that he'll be fine with plenty of rest and some medicine.

You sat beside him, frowning when you pressed your hand on his forehead. "You still have a fever! Don't you remember what Ieyasu said?"

"Of course I do. But I was feeling up to it, so I thought I'd get a head start on some paperwork."

Though it's already been a few days since then, you were still worried. Knowing him, he was bound to push himself to catch up on, which would hamper with his recovery. "No. I'm banning you from working, not until you're completely well."

You thought he was going to argue but instead, he sighed and set the brush down. "Alright, no work then."

Satisfied, you moved the table away and helped him back into the futon. One of the maids had brought over a couple of pieces of cloth and a basin filled with ice and water, just as you requested. You closed the door after thanking her, a risqué idea coming to your mind when you returned to Hideyoshi's side. Lifting one of your legs, you moved to straddle his hips, making sure you were still appropriately covered up by your kimono. This earned you a curious look from your lover. "What's this about?"

"You're all sweaty from your fever, so I'm going to wash you."

"Is this position really necessary?"

"Yes, because you shouldn't be exerting yourself." You could see the growing spark of desire in his eyes as you slid your hands in his kimono, pushing them off his shoulders as you purred. "So you just relax and leave everything up to me."

Dipping the cloth in the water, you wrung out the excess and started around his neck, following the line of his right shoulder. He was more than happy to let you do what you wanted, following along when you motioned for him to lift his arm. When you moved on to the left, you were careful to not get the bandages wet and made a mental note to change it later.

You looked away to rinse the cloth, trying to ignore the tingling sensation running up your leg. His hand moved higher, finding purchase on your inner thigh as you continued. With slow circular movements, you made sure to wipe his chest thoroughly, biting your lip when he ran a finger along your slit. You bent down to place a kiss on his throat, gasping when he pushed two digits in your pussy.

"Are you sure you're not the one with a fever? You feel quite hot here." Hideyoshi punctuated his last words by stroking his fingers forward, curling them in search of that sweet spot.

"Mn, cheater. That's not fair."

Repeating his action, you let out a moan when he started to thrust his hand. His breath tickling your ear made you shiver. "I'm not doing anything strenuous."

The pleasure started to spread through your body, yet you had a different plan. Reigning your desires in, you stopped his hand with a firm grip and moved off him. Settling yourself between his legs, you pushed away the rest of his kimono to reveal his impressive erection. You tucked your hair behind your ear and gave the tip a tentative lick, smirking when you heard him take in a sharp breath.

"I think this needs some attention as well." You licked your lips and slowly took him in your mouth. Hideyoshi groaned as he clutched the sheets, throwing his head back when you sucked on him. As you started to bob your head, you wrapped your hand around the base of his cock and stroked, squeezing him every now and then.

When you pulled back enough to leave just the head in your mouth, you ran your tongue on the underside and sucked harder. You could only chuckle when he shouted, taking more of him in as you held his hips down with your other hand.

As much as you wanted to draw this out, the heat between your legs was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. You pulled away and used your hand to pump his entire length, feeling it throb under your touch as you moved to straddle him again. You shoved him back down on the futon when he tried to sit up, shaking your head at him as you loosened your obi with one tug and let your kimono fall open.

You watched as he drank in the sight of you, holding his gaze as you lift your hips. Using your hand to guide him to your waiting entrance, you sank down on his cock, moaning as he stretched you open. You shuddered with pleasure as you squeezed around him, his hands digging into your thigh as you rolled your hips.

"Fuck, you're so tight..." He grunted, bucking his hips up and making you gasp.

Leaning forward a bit, you held on to his shoulders and began to move, building up to a steady rhythm. He reached out and cupped your breasts, teasing your hardened nipples with his thumbs. Your walls clenched when he gave them both a pinch, driving you to move faster as one of his hands slid further down your body.

The sudden sensation of his thumb grinding against your clit caught you off guard, making your thighs tremble and lose strength. Hideyoshi used the opportunity to pull you to his chest, letting out a squeal as he rolled you on your back. "H-hey, no fair..!"

"I can't play fair any longer." His voice was taut with need, hands gripping your waist as he slammed into you. You cried out and dragged your nails down his back, trembling when he hit that sweet spot. Your wanton moans only made him thrust faster and deeper, his mouth latching and sucking on your neck to leave a mark. His thumb resumed its work on your sensitive nub, rubbing in circles with more pressure.


"That's right," He rasped out as he kept his pace, bringing you up higher to your peak. "come for me."

The pleasure crashed over you hard, clinging to him as you arched your back. You could feel him thrust harder into you, hitting your spot with each push. Hideyoshi groaned when you squeezed and clamped around him tight, the spasms coaxing his release and spilling his cum inside you. His warmth made you shudder, wrapping your legs around his waist to keep him flush against your body.

You tangled your fingers in his messy hair, whimpering in his ear. "Mhn, I want more..."

He chuckled and looked at you, noting the lust still evident in his amber eyes. "Greedy girl. You make it hard to say no, you know that?"

You clenched your walls around his cock to prove your point, feeling him throb in response. "Then don't refuse and make love to me again."

Claiming your lips in a demanding kiss, he nipped on your bottom lip before pulling away. The sparkle in his eyes told you that he was up to fulfilling you of your demands until the both of you were sated--for now.

Chapter Text

"Did you manage to contact them?"

"Kind of." Theo sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "There was someone there, but not the one I was looking for."

"So I guess that means we're left to wait here, then."

You frowned as you looked out the nearby window. Today was supposed to be the start of a relaxing trip meant to help your lover unwind from all the stress of the past few months. He was a talented auctioneer who had an eye for new talent, helping them create a foundation for their career with his art gallery in the city. It wasn't a surprise when he was invited to a grand art auction, one that was notoriously known to be the best ground for artists and businessmen to create connections and a name for themselves.

And of course, it was a huge success. You didn't expect any less from Theo, knowing how hard he and the rest of his team worked to ensure its success. With the weight of yesterday's event off their shoulders, there was finally time for a well-earned break and enjoy some recreational activities until the next big project.

Taking his favorite boat out for a ride was your idea. It seemed like a good idea then, thinking that he'd enjoy himself more with this hobby of his. There was also the fact that it would give him some personal time for himself. What you didn't anticipate was him asking you to come with him--or rather, him telling you to come with him--, though you were more than happy to oblige. Everything had been fine until a few moments ago, which led to some troubleshooting that ended up calling for someone to help. You were starting to second guess if he was having any actual fun with you like this.

You were caught up in your thoughts that you didn't notice Theo until he pinched your cheek. "O-Ow! Theo!"

"What's with that frown on your face?" He chuckled. "Are you scared to be out here alone with me?"

"Of course not." You pouted, massaging the sore spot as you tried to sound nonchalant. "I just thought about how boring this must be for you and how you could've been spending your time on something more enjoyable if I didn't suggest this boat trip."

There was a contemplative look on his face for a second before he held your wrist, guiding you to the chair in front of the control panel. He took a seat and tugged on your hand, the sudden action making you fall on his lap without much resistance. "If you're worried about that," he said, resting a hand on your knee and played with the hem of your sundress. "then maybe you should keep me entertained."

The smirk he wore already told you what he meant. Holding onto his shoulder, you shifted around to straddle him and asked with faux innocence. "How should I do that?"

"Shouldn't you be the one to come up with something?"

"I could tell you a joke."

"You have a terrible poker face. You'd be giggling before you even get through the punch line." His fingers were back to fiddling with your dress before sliding over your inner thigh, caressing you as he held your gaze. "Maybe I should punish you instead, for stranding us out here."

The thought of it sent a shiver up your back. There hadn't been much time for the two of you to spend together intimately until now, which made you a little more eager than usual. "Maybe you should."

His hand started to slip higher, fingertips running along your clothed slit with a light touch. Leaning forward, you rested your forehead on his shoulder and started to rock your hips, holding on to the armrest for some leverage.

"Look at me." His voice was firm and commanding. "Let me see your face."

You pulled away to look at him. The intense desire in his blue eyes captivated you as he nudged your panties to the side, moaning lowly when he pushed a finger in you. He pumped it with relative ease, pulling out almost completely before thrusting back inside.

"Willem. Over."

The obnoxiously loud voice from the radio made you jerk in surprise. Theo didn't take his eyes off you and reached for the transceiver with his free hand, your eyes widening as he replied without stopping his finger. "This is Willem. Over."

"Theo!" The man over the radio exclaimed with recognition. "You called earlier. Did something happen? Over."

"I'm in the waters and it seems Willem has run out of fuel." You tugged hard on his shirt, hoping he would at least stop his ministrations to keep you from moaning out loud. This only prompted him to add another finger and push them in deeper. "Might need to be towed back to the dock. Over."

"I'll get the ropes ready. I take it you're already anchored? Over."

"Anchored and the engines are off. Over."

"Good. How long and speed? Over."

His voice was calm and steady, while your breathing was the complete opposite. You quickly hid your face in the crook of his neck when he rubbed his thumb against your clit, digging your nails into his shoulder as he continued to answer several questions and give out precise information. The conversation faded from your hearing, shifting your focus on keeping your voice down despite the tiny whimpers that slipped from your lips. Your body shuddered with pleasure when he hit your sweet spot, tightening around him as he curled his fingertips. Even as you raised your hips to deter him, he would only follow higher.

"Alright, I'll head to your location right away. Over and out."

When the exchange was over, Theo gripped your waist and pulled you back down on his lap. He removed the pressure on your nub and stilled his hand. "I thought I told you to look at me, hondje. If you keep disobeying me, I'm not going to let you cum."

Based on your previous experiences, you knew better than to challenge that statement. Sometimes you did, but the need for him far outweighed your whim to play with his patience. You managed to pull away and look at him. "Please," you squirmed in his lap, trying to generate some friction. "I'll be good."

He added a third digit in, stretching you just a bit more with each shallow thrust. When you lowered your hips to take him deeper, he pulled them back just enough to keep you from getting what you wanted. You'd have thought that he'd wrap this little game up by now due to the incoming company, but the lack of urgency in his actions told you otherwise.

The pent-up frustration combined with the time pressure made you all the more impatient as you craved for something a bit more...filling. "Theo, please... I want you."

"You want me to what?" He raised an eyebrow in question despite knowing full well what you meant.

"I want your cock in me."

Theo withdrew his fingers completely, bringing them up to his mouth and licking them clean. He let out a satisfied hum as he finished before picking you up in his arms, moving to stand and sit you down on the chair. You lifted your hips while he yanked your panties off you, stuffing it in one of his pockets as you watched him reach for his belt.

The crackling sound from the console stole both of your attention. "Willem, I'm within range. Permission to board. Over."

You weren't sure if you wanted to laugh or whine over the impeccable timing. He chucked as you pursed your lips in disappointment, turning to answer the radio. "This is Willem. Go ahead, I'll meet you on the deck in a bit. Over and out."

When he looked back at you, he cupped your cheek and traced his thumb over your lower lip. "You better not do anything naughty while I'm away."

The words 'or else' was heavily implied with his eyes. You nodded, the word spilling from you before you even thought about it. "Yes."

Satisfied, he made his way out of the room and closed the door behind him. You listened to his footsteps as he made his way downstairs, hearing the man from the radio talk animatedly with him as their voices faded from the distance.

It would be trouble if you tried to do anything cheeky in Theo's absence, but you were free to daydream, right?

Closing your eyes, you ran a hand along your inner thigh, over the spot where his hands were earlier. A soft sigh escaped you as you remembered the heat of his touch, fueling the throbbing you felt inside. With your panties gone, you were much more aware of just how wet you already were. After his belt was gone, what then? Would he give in to your pleas or keep teasing you until you were begging for him? Your fingers moved on their own accord, drawing circles around your swollen clit as you covered your mouth with the other. It made you clench just imagining him taking you right here, his cock thrusting in you hard and fast--

"What do you think you're doing, hondje?"


You opened your eyes to find the object of your fantasy standing in front of you, blue eyes watching you with interest as you stopped your fingers. "I--"

He pushed your hand away from you, not bothering to wait for your reply. Hooking his arms under your knees and upper back, Theo hoisted you up in his arms. You smoothed your skirt down as he pulled you closer, bringing your face to his chest before making his way down to the cabin for some privacy. You heard him talk briefly to someone else before giving the excuse to take care of you, who was nauseous with seasickness. That wasn't true at all but you didn't attempt to correct him.

He dropped you unceremoniously on the plush mattress, instructing you to kneel close to the edge. You kept still while he undressed, pushing his underwear down his thighs along with the dark-colored pants. The sight of his hard-on made you swallow, the anticipation sending a shiver up your back. He cupped your cheek and teased your bottom lip, taking his thumb in your mouth to suck on it.

"You've been really naughty, making me deal with other people with my cock like this." He said as you watched him stroke himself with his other hand. "And I think you need a punishment."

Taking his thumb out, he tangled his fingers through your hair and positioned the tip of his cock in front of you. Without another word, you opened your mouth as he pushed the head inside, licking it as he thrust at a slow pace. Your hands started to slide up your thighs, swiping your fingers between your folds to play with your clit.

He was quick to notice this and pulled out, leaning down to your ear. "Stop that and put your hands on your back. Now."

You managed to follow despite your reluctance, clasping your hands together behind you. The low growl in his voice made you shiver as he reached down to push two fingers inside you, pumping them fast. "Absolutely soaked, aren't you? Just ready to cum for me when I say so."

It wouldn't take much more for you to cum, not after the constant teasing he's done with you. When you bucked your hips up to ride his fingers, he took them away and stood back up, ignoring the frustrated sound you made. He tilted your head up and took him in your mouth again, relaxing your jaw as he pushed more inside. "But you've been a bad hondje and I don't think you deserve a reward." He continued, tightening his grip on your hair. "You're going to sit there and let me take what I want."

He began to pick up some pace while you kept your tongue flat and pressed up on the underside. His cock was slick with your saliva, making it easier for him to thrust faster and deeper. He slid his length in and held you there, grunting when you swallowed and pursed your lips tighter to suck him harder. The thought of him filling your pussy like this made you gush, squeezing your thighs together to relieve some of the ache.

Jerking his hips again, you clenched your hands and moaned loudly. Noticing the telltale signs of his orgasm, you kept licking and sucking to bring him over the edge. You glanced up just in time to see him toss his head back, hissing your name and thrusting all the way in your throat as he came hard. You were more than eager to swallow it all up, drawing out his pleasure while enjoying the way he twitched and throbbed in your mouth.

When Theo started to pull out, you felt your body lean forward as if chasing after him, only to be stopped short with a hand on your shoulder. He let out a throaty laugh and looked back at you. "Greedy little thing, aren't you?"

You licked your lips and squirmed, rubbing your thighs together. "Theo, please... I want to cum..."

"Not yet." His thumb caressed your cheek in a gentle touch as the sway of your surroundings reminded you of where you were. You were about to protest some more until he continued. "If you can hold off until we get back to the villa, I'll make your reward even better."

"How better?"

He grinned, tracing a finger down your neck. "You get to cum anytime you want without needing my permission. And I won't stop with one orgasm."

The thought made your body tremble. Even though he loved to tease you like this, you knew that he always kept his promises to you. "Okay."

"Hm. Looks like you can be good after all."

There was a series of knocks on the door just as Theo finished fixing his clothes. He ran a hand through his hair and headed for the door, looking back at you with a heated gaze before leaving. This time you were much more determined to keep your hands and imagination in control, waiting for him to come back and make good on his word.