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Summer of Smut Challenge 2020

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"Did you manage to contact them?"

"Kind of." Theo sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "There was someone there, but not the one I was looking for."

"So I guess that means we're left to wait here, then."

You frowned as you looked out the nearby window. Today was supposed to be the start of a relaxing trip meant to help your lover unwind from all the stress of the past few months. He was a talented auctioneer who had an eye for new talent, helping them create a foundation for their career with his art gallery in the city. It wasn't a surprise when he was invited to a grand art auction, one that was notoriously known to be the best ground for artists and businessmen to create connections and a name for themselves.

And of course, it was a huge success. You didn't expect any less from Theo, knowing how hard he and the rest of his team worked to ensure its success. With the weight of yesterday's event off their shoulders, there was finally time for a well-earned break and enjoy some recreational activities until the next big project.

Taking his favorite boat out for a ride was your idea. It seemed like a good idea then, thinking that he'd enjoy himself more with this hobby of his. There was also the fact that it would give him some personal time for himself. What you didn't anticipate was him asking you to come with him--or rather, him telling you to come with him--, though you were more than happy to oblige. Everything had been fine until a few moments ago, which led to some troubleshooting that ended up calling for someone to help. You were starting to second guess if he was having any actual fun with you like this.

You were caught up in your thoughts that you didn't notice Theo until he pinched your cheek. "O-Ow! Theo!"

"What's with that frown on your face?" He chuckled. "Are you scared to be out here alone with me?"

"Of course not." You pouted, massaging the sore spot as you tried to sound nonchalant. "I just thought about how boring this must be for you and how you could've been spending your time on something more enjoyable if I didn't suggest this boat trip."

There was a contemplative look on his face for a second before he held your wrist, guiding you to the chair in front of the control panel. He took a seat and tugged on your hand, the sudden action making you fall on his lap without much resistance. "If you're worried about that," he said, resting a hand on your knee and played with the hem of your sundress. "then maybe you should keep me entertained."

The smirk he wore already told you what he meant. Holding onto his shoulder, you shifted around to straddle him and asked with faux innocence. "How should I do that?"

"Shouldn't you be the one to come up with something?"

"I could tell you a joke."

"You have a terrible poker face. You'd be giggling before you even get through the punch line." His fingers were back to fiddling with your dress before sliding over your inner thigh, caressing you as he held your gaze. "Maybe I should punish you instead, for stranding us out here."

The thought of it sent a shiver up your back. There hadn't been much time for the two of you to spend together intimately until now, which made you a little more eager than usual. "Maybe you should."

His hand started to slip higher, fingertips running along your clothed slit with a light touch. Leaning forward, you rested your forehead on his shoulder and started to rock your hips, holding on to the armrest for some leverage.

"Look at me." His voice was firm and commanding. "Let me see your face."

You pulled away to look at him. The intense desire in his blue eyes captivated you as he nudged your panties to the side, moaning lowly when he pushed a finger in you. He pumped it with relative ease, pulling out almost completely before thrusting back inside.

"Willem. Over."

The obnoxiously loud voice from the radio made you jerk in surprise. Theo didn't take his eyes off you and reached for the transceiver with his free hand, your eyes widening as he replied without stopping his finger. "This is Willem. Over."

"Theo!" The man over the radio exclaimed with recognition. "You called earlier. Did something happen? Over."

"I'm in the waters and it seems Willem has run out of fuel." You tugged hard on his shirt, hoping he would at least stop his ministrations to keep you from moaning out loud. This only prompted him to add another finger and push them in deeper. "Might need to be towed back to the dock. Over."

"I'll get the ropes ready. I take it you're already anchored? Over."

"Anchored and the engines are off. Over."

"Good. How long and speed? Over."

His voice was calm and steady, while your breathing was the complete opposite. You quickly hid your face in the crook of his neck when he rubbed his thumb against your clit, digging your nails into his shoulder as he continued to answer several questions and give out precise information. The conversation faded from your hearing, shifting your focus on keeping your voice down despite the tiny whimpers that slipped from your lips. Your body shuddered with pleasure when he hit your sweet spot, tightening around him as he curled his fingertips. Even as you raised your hips to deter him, he would only follow higher.

"Alright, I'll head to your location right away. Over and out."

When the exchange was over, Theo gripped your waist and pulled you back down on his lap. He removed the pressure on your nub and stilled his hand. "I thought I told you to look at me, hondje. If you keep disobeying me, I'm not going to let you cum."

Based on your previous experiences, you knew better than to challenge that statement. Sometimes you did, but the need for him far outweighed your whim to play with his patience. You managed to pull away and look at him. "Please," you squirmed in his lap, trying to generate some friction. "I'll be good."

He added a third digit in, stretching you just a bit more with each shallow thrust. When you lowered your hips to take him deeper, he pulled them back just enough to keep you from getting what you wanted. You'd have thought that he'd wrap this little game up by now due to the incoming company, but the lack of urgency in his actions told you otherwise.

The pent-up frustration combined with the time pressure made you all the more impatient as you craved for something a bit more...filling. "Theo, please... I want you."

"You want me to what?" He raised an eyebrow in question despite knowing full well what you meant.

"I want your cock in me."

Theo withdrew his fingers completely, bringing them up to his mouth and licking them clean. He let out a satisfied hum as he finished before picking you up in his arms, moving to stand and sit you down on the chair. You lifted your hips while he yanked your panties off you, stuffing it in one of his pockets as you watched him reach for his belt.

The crackling sound from the console stole both of your attention. "Willem, I'm within range. Permission to board. Over."

You weren't sure if you wanted to laugh or whine over the impeccable timing. He chucked as you pursed your lips in disappointment, turning to answer the radio. "This is Willem. Go ahead, I'll meet you on the deck in a bit. Over and out."

When he looked back at you, he cupped your cheek and traced his thumb over your lower lip. "You better not do anything naughty while I'm away."

The words 'or else' was heavily implied with his eyes. You nodded, the word spilling from you before you even thought about it. "Yes."

Satisfied, he made his way out of the room and closed the door behind him. You listened to his footsteps as he made his way downstairs, hearing the man from the radio talk animatedly with him as their voices faded from the distance.

It would be trouble if you tried to do anything cheeky in Theo's absence, but you were free to daydream, right?

Closing your eyes, you ran a hand along your inner thigh, over the spot where his hands were earlier. A soft sigh escaped you as you remembered the heat of his touch, fueling the throbbing you felt inside. With your panties gone, you were much more aware of just how wet you already were. After his belt was gone, what then? Would he give in to your pleas or keep teasing you until you were begging for him? Your fingers moved on their own accord, drawing circles around your swollen clit as you covered your mouth with the other. It made you clench just imagining him taking you right here, his cock thrusting in you hard and fast--

"What do you think you're doing, hondje?"


You opened your eyes to find the object of your fantasy standing in front of you, blue eyes watching you with interest as you stopped your fingers. "I--"

He pushed your hand away from you, not bothering to wait for your reply. Hooking his arms under your knees and upper back, Theo hoisted you up in his arms. You smoothed your skirt down as he pulled you closer, bringing your face to his chest before making his way down to the cabin for some privacy. You heard him talk briefly to someone else before giving the excuse to take care of you, who was nauseous with seasickness. That wasn't true at all but you didn't attempt to correct him.

He dropped you unceremoniously on the plush mattress, instructing you to kneel close to the edge. You kept still while he undressed, pushing his underwear down his thighs along with the dark-colored pants. The sight of his hard-on made you swallow, the anticipation sending a shiver up your back. He cupped your cheek and teased your bottom lip, taking his thumb in your mouth to suck on it.

"You've been really naughty, making me deal with other people with my cock like this." He said as you watched him stroke himself with his other hand. "And I think you need a punishment."

Taking his thumb out, he tangled his fingers through your hair and positioned the tip of his cock in front of you. Without another word, you opened your mouth as he pushed the head inside, licking it as he thrust at a slow pace. Your hands started to slide up your thighs, swiping your fingers between your folds to play with your clit.

He was quick to notice this and pulled out, leaning down to your ear. "Stop that and put your hands on your back. Now."

You managed to follow despite your reluctance, clasping your hands together behind you. The low growl in his voice made you shiver as he reached down to push two fingers inside you, pumping them fast. "Absolutely soaked, aren't you? Just ready to cum for me when I say so."

It wouldn't take much more for you to cum, not after the constant teasing he's done with you. When you bucked your hips up to ride his fingers, he took them away and stood back up, ignoring the frustrated sound you made. He tilted your head up and took him in your mouth again, relaxing your jaw as he pushed more inside. "But you've been a bad hondje and I don't think you deserve a reward." He continued, tightening his grip on your hair. "You're going to sit there and let me take what I want."

He began to pick up some pace while you kept your tongue flat and pressed up on the underside. His cock was slick with your saliva, making it easier for him to thrust faster and deeper. He slid his length in and held you there, grunting when you swallowed and pursed your lips tighter to suck him harder. The thought of him filling your pussy like this made you gush, squeezing your thighs together to relieve some of the ache.

Jerking his hips again, you clenched your hands and moaned loudly. Noticing the telltale signs of his orgasm, you kept licking and sucking to bring him over the edge. You glanced up just in time to see him toss his head back, hissing your name and thrusting all the way in your throat as he came hard. You were more than eager to swallow it all up, drawing out his pleasure while enjoying the way he twitched and throbbed in your mouth.

When Theo started to pull out, you felt your body lean forward as if chasing after him, only to be stopped short with a hand on your shoulder. He let out a throaty laugh and looked back at you. "Greedy little thing, aren't you?"

You licked your lips and squirmed, rubbing your thighs together. "Theo, please... I want to cum..."

"Not yet." His thumb caressed your cheek in a gentle touch as the sway of your surroundings reminded you of where you were. You were about to protest some more until he continued. "If you can hold off until we get back to the villa, I'll make your reward even better."

"How better?"

He grinned, tracing a finger down your neck. "You get to cum anytime you want without needing my permission. And I won't stop with one orgasm."

The thought made your body tremble. Even though he loved to tease you like this, you knew that he always kept his promises to you. "Okay."

"Hm. Looks like you can be good after all."

There was a series of knocks on the door just as Theo finished fixing his clothes. He ran a hand through his hair and headed for the door, looking back at you with a heated gaze before leaving. This time you were much more determined to keep your hands and imagination in control, waiting for him to come back and make good on his word.