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Summer of Smut Challenge 2020

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It was the middle of the afternoon as you marched through the halls of Hideyoshi's manor. Taking a sharp turn, you approached your destination and without preamble, slid the doors wide open. "Hideyoshi Toyotomi, put that brush down!"

Inside the room was your lover, his back facing you as he sat up straight from your voice. There was a sheepish smile on his face as he turned to look at you. "Oh, you're home early."

It was just as you suspected. He had been writing reports, hunched over his work desk even with his bandaged forearm. Normally it wouldn't have bothered you, but this time was different. Information from the western border revealed that bandits have been pillaging villages for food and supplies, and Hideyoshi had volunteered to stop them. It was a quick affair with minimal casualties, though he had been injured with a poisoned knife in the middle of the skirmish. Ieyasu was quick to see him upon his return, assuring you that he'll be fine with plenty of rest and some medicine.

You sat beside him, frowning when you pressed your hand on his forehead. "You still have a fever! Don't you remember what Ieyasu said?"

"Of course I do. But I was feeling up to it, so I thought I'd get a head start on some paperwork."

Though it's already been a few days since then, you were still worried. Knowing him, he was bound to push himself to catch up on, which would hamper with his recovery. "No. I'm banning you from working, not until you're completely well."

You thought he was going to argue but instead, he sighed and set the brush down. "Alright, no work then."

Satisfied, you moved the table away and helped him back into the futon. One of the maids had brought over a couple of pieces of cloth and a basin filled with ice and water, just as you requested. You closed the door after thanking her, a risqué idea coming to your mind when you returned to Hideyoshi's side. Lifting one of your legs, you moved to straddle his hips, making sure you were still appropriately covered up by your kimono. This earned you a curious look from your lover. "What's this about?"

"You're all sweaty from your fever, so I'm going to wash you."

"Is this position really necessary?"

"Yes, because you shouldn't be exerting yourself." You could see the growing spark of desire in his eyes as you slid your hands in his kimono, pushing them off his shoulders as you purred. "So you just relax and leave everything up to me."

Dipping the cloth in the water, you wrung out the excess and started around his neck, following the line of his right shoulder. He was more than happy to let you do what you wanted, following along when you motioned for him to lift his arm. When you moved on to the left, you were careful to not get the bandages wet and made a mental note to change it later.

You looked away to rinse the cloth, trying to ignore the tingling sensation running up your leg. His hand moved higher, finding purchase on your inner thigh as you continued. With slow circular movements, you made sure to wipe his chest thoroughly, biting your lip when he ran a finger along your slit. You bent down to place a kiss on his throat, gasping when he pushed two digits in your pussy.

"Are you sure you're not the one with a fever? You feel quite hot here." Hideyoshi punctuated his last words by stroking his fingers forward, curling them in search of that sweet spot.

"Mn, cheater. That's not fair."

Repeating his action, you let out a moan when he started to thrust his hand. His breath tickling your ear made you shiver. "I'm not doing anything strenuous."

The pleasure started to spread through your body, yet you had a different plan. Reigning your desires in, you stopped his hand with a firm grip and moved off him. Settling yourself between his legs, you pushed away the rest of his kimono to reveal his impressive erection. You tucked your hair behind your ear and gave the tip a tentative lick, smirking when you heard him take in a sharp breath.

"I think this needs some attention as well." You licked your lips and slowly took him in your mouth. Hideyoshi groaned as he clutched the sheets, throwing his head back when you sucked on him. As you started to bob your head, you wrapped your hand around the base of his cock and stroked, squeezing him every now and then.

When you pulled back enough to leave just the head in your mouth, you ran your tongue on the underside and sucked harder. You could only chuckle when he shouted, taking more of him in as you held his hips down with your other hand.

As much as you wanted to draw this out, the heat between your legs was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. You pulled away and used your hand to pump his entire length, feeling it throb under your touch as you moved to straddle him again. You shoved him back down on the futon when he tried to sit up, shaking your head at him as you loosened your obi with one tug and let your kimono fall open.

You watched as he drank in the sight of you, holding his gaze as you lift your hips. Using your hand to guide him to your waiting entrance, you sank down on his cock, moaning as he stretched you open. You shuddered with pleasure as you squeezed around him, his hands digging into your thigh as you rolled your hips.

"Fuck, you're so tight..." He grunted, bucking his hips up and making you gasp.

Leaning forward a bit, you held on to his shoulders and began to move, building up to a steady rhythm. He reached out and cupped your breasts, teasing your hardened nipples with his thumbs. Your walls clenched when he gave them both a pinch, driving you to move faster as one of his hands slid further down your body.

The sudden sensation of his thumb grinding against your clit caught you off guard, making your thighs tremble and lose strength. Hideyoshi used the opportunity to pull you to his chest, letting out a squeal as he rolled you on your back. "H-hey, no fair..!"

"I can't play fair any longer." His voice was taut with need, hands gripping your waist as he slammed into you. You cried out and dragged your nails down his back, trembling when he hit that sweet spot. Your wanton moans only made him thrust faster and deeper, his mouth latching and sucking on your neck to leave a mark. His thumb resumed its work on your sensitive nub, rubbing in circles with more pressure.


"That's right," He rasped out as he kept his pace, bringing you up higher to your peak. "come for me."

The pleasure crashed over you hard, clinging to him as you arched your back. You could feel him thrust harder into you, hitting your spot with each push. Hideyoshi groaned when you squeezed and clamped around him tight, the spasms coaxing his release and spilling his cum inside you. His warmth made you shudder, wrapping your legs around his waist to keep him flush against your body.

You tangled your fingers in his messy hair, whimpering in his ear. "Mhn, I want more..."

He chuckled and looked at you, noting the lust still evident in his amber eyes. "Greedy girl. You make it hard to say no, you know that?"

You clenched your walls around his cock to prove your point, feeling him throb in response. "Then don't refuse and make love to me again."

Claiming your lips in a demanding kiss, he nipped on your bottom lip before pulling away. The sparkle in his eyes told you that he was up to fulfilling you of your demands until the both of you were sated--for now.