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Summer of Smut Challenge 2020

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The sun was high up in the sky as you sat underneath the umbrella's shade, determined to build a sandcastle. Today was a lovely day to spend at the beach, enjoying the clear waters and summer breeze. The only reason you were here was because of your lover and the company he worked for. Their latest project had been a huge success and the CEO had arranged this extravagant trip as a reward for their hard work. Fortunately, since they were allowed to invite one guest per member, you were able to tag along.

Though you've only met Ieyasu's co-workers a few times before, usually when the company conducted social events, everyone was quite friendly and welcoming. You were thankful that a few of them had also brought their girlfriends, which made it less awkward knowing that you weren't the only female in this group of men. Plus, you were always up to meeting new people.

"Ah, so this is where you were."

You looked up to find Masamune standing behind you. He was Ieyasu's second in command so to speak and also one of his long time friends since their college days. You've known him since the two of you started dating and eventually become one of your good friends as well.

"Where's Ieyasu? I would've thought that he was with you."

"He went off somewhere, but I'm sure he'll be back soon."

He sat down across from you and smiled. "And left such a pretty girl like you all alone? That's not very nice of him."

"Instead of flattering me, you should help me build this castle. I've always wanted to make one."

Together, the two of you worked to make the sandcastle of your dream. While you were trying to make it taller, you could feel your halter top sliding around a bit every time you extended your arms. Even though you tried to discreetly keep it in place, you were worried that the knot could have loosened from your movements. Looking around, you searched for the nearest changing area or bathroom you could use.

Masamune had immediately noticed your discomfort and paused. "Hm? Something wrong?"

"Yeah, just... Will you excuse me for a bit? I think I need to fix my top."

"I can tie it for you if you're okay with that." He offered, dusting the sand off his hands. "It'll be faster that way, plus we don't want you getting lost in the crowd like that. Or I can walk with you back to the hotel if you want."

You thought about it but you didn't want to just disappear on Ieyasu like that. "Do you mind fixing it for me?"

Nodding his head, he moved behind you as he undid the ribbon you made. You could barely feel his fingers, clutching your top close to your chest as he worked with the strings. Once he was done you slowly raised your arms as a test, happy to see that it wasn't shifting around anymore. "Thanks Masamune!"

"That should hold it throughout the rest of the day, as long as you don't get up to more exciting activities." He said with a suggestive tone.

"Oh shut up, will you." You were used to his antics by this point, laughing as you shook your head. "Come on, help me finish this before Ieyasu comes back."

"Alright, alright. You're quite bossy, aren't you."

By the time you were satisfied with how it looked, you spotted Ieyasu approaching the two of you. You stood up and brushed the sand off your legs, smiling at him as he studied the structure by your feet. "Ah, so this is what you were doing while I was away."

"Yup! I've always wanted to make one of these and Masamune came over to help me with it."

There was a strange expression you saw on Ieyasu's face, but it was so brief that you weren't really sure if it had been there. After taking a photo with it as a remembrance, the two of you headed back to your hotel room for a rest while Masamune went off on his own. You hadn't realized how much actual work it was until you were done, even if you did have some help. Plus the sun was getting too high in the sky, which also meant that it was getting too hot and you didn't want to get any sunburns.

He sat down on the bed and started to open his phone. "You go ahead and shower first. I can wait for you."

You grabbed your clothes and headed to the bathroom, shutting the door behind you as you reached behind your neck. After a few frustrating moments of fiddling around with the strings to no avail, you used the mirror sink to check what was going on. It was quite a dilemma--the top strings were tied to each other and so were the ones on your sides, but what you didn't expect was for the extra length from those two to be connected together with another knot. There was no way you could remove that on your own without needing to cut it, so you decided to ask for help. "Hey Ieyasu, can you help me with this? I can't remove the knot."

"What do you mean you can't?"

"Well... You'll understand when you see it.

"With a quizzical look on his face, he put his phone away and came close, turning you around so he could take a look. The surprise was evident in his voice. "Why did you haphazardly tie it like it? Or rather how did you even manage to do this?"

It had stumped you as well, recalling if anything strange had happened today until it came to you. "Oh! It's Masamune's fault!"

"How is this his fault?"

"Well when we were building the sandcastle together, he helped fix the knots because I said it felt loose. I didn't think that this was what he would do." You pouted, wishing that you had done it yourself instead. "I swear, his hobby is nothing but playing pranks on people."

Silence. You thought that maybe he was busy concentrating, feeling his hand caress your back every now and then. As much as you wanted to avoid cutting it, you would have no choice if it was too difficult to untangle. Waiting for a response, you stood there for a while before speaking. "Ieyasu? We can just snip it if it's too troublesome."

"That's careless of you to let another man do that for you."

The dismay in his tone confused you. "This is Masamune we're talking about here. Do you really think he'd try anything weird with me?"

"You're so clueless. Do you ever stop to think about how your actions look like to other men?" He wrapped his arms around your waist, trapping your arms to your sides. One of his hands cupped your breast, massaging it as he nipped on your neck. You bit your lip when his fingers teased your nipple, making you shudder when he gave it a gentle tug.

"They can get the wrong impression from you if you're not careful." His voice was gruff, lips pressing warm kisses on the back of your neck. You felt your top slide down as it fell to the floor, gasping when his warm hand caressed your bare chest. "When something catches their interest, they'll relentlessly chase after it until it's theirs and won't let go of it."

Though his words were rough, his actions were the complete opposite. You tilted your head and called his name softly, knowing full well that he would look at you--and he did. His emerald eyes told you what you already knew. "Even so, that doesn't matter to me. Because you're the only one I want, Ieyasu."

As soon as you finished your words, he maneuvered you down on the bed, laying on your back as he hovered over you. Discarding his shirt, he claimed your lips in a hungry kiss, nipping and tugging on your lower lip for permission. You parted them to let his tongue sip inside, deepening the kiss as he made quick work of your bottoms. The last of his clothes soon followed, tossing it away somewhere on the floor.

Fingers stroked your clit in circles, making you jerk up for more. Sliding them further down to tease at your entrance, he slipped inside you and began to thrust. You moaned into his mouth as you moved your hips in time with his hand, trembling when he curled them and found your sweet spot. Pulling away a bit, you noticed his cheeks were a pretty shade of red while his eyes watched you with intense longing.

You reached to wrap your arms around his neck, holding his gaze as you spoke with unabashed desire. "I'm completely yours, so take me."

His eyes widened in surprise as his fingers slowed down. It had looked like he wanted to say something but instead kissed you tenderly, communicating the gentle affection he has for you. You responded back with just as much love you had for him, hoping to chase away the doubts he had.

Easing his fingers out, he rubbed himself along your slick entrance before pushing inside of you, groaning against your skin as your walls squeezed around him. You crossed your legs behind him and rolled your hips up, letting out a sharp gasp when he filled you. With his thumb languidly stroking your clit, he began to thrust at a steady pace. Your body trembled with need as he took his time loving you, sucking on your neck to leave his mark.

It was so much but you wanted more of him, digging your heel into his back as you whimpered. "Ieyasu... please..."

The increased pressure on your sensitive nub made you clamp around his cock, crying out when he moved faster. His free hand slipped behind your waist and hoisted you up, giving him the leverage to reach deeper. With each push you were closer to coming undone, moaning his name with urgency as you gave yourself over to the pleasure, unraveling in his arms. He held you as his movements became unsteady, groaning as he pumped inside you after a few more thrusts.

Ieyasu didn't let go as the two of you took the time to catch your breaths. He slowly lied down on his side, bringing you with him as well before gently easing himself out of you. Lifting his head to look at you, he reached his hand up and caressed your cheek. Even if he didn't say anything, the look on his face had told you everything.

The weekend passed by quickly and before you knew it, it was time to leave. As everyone waited for the van to come around, Masamune came over and hooked his arm on Ieyasu's shoulder. "Man, this trip was real fun wasn't it?"

You nodded. "Mhn. It was a nice break from all the bustle in the city too."

"The huge slide by the water park was the best though. Did you guys try that?"

"No. We had no time to." Ieyasu retorted before his phone rang, taking it out of his pocket to see who it was. He swatted the older man's arm off him before walking off to answer the call. "Nobunaga's calling me. I'll be right back."

"Sure, take your time."

When he left, you noticed that Masamune was looking at you curiously. You tilted your head. "Hm? Is something wrong?"

"No time, huh.." He rubbed his chin before casting his gaze away. "I suppose the two of you were too busy with some other exciting activities in the hotel, weren't you?"

You looked away in hopes that he didn't notice your blush, but the proof was in your silence. Laughing, he reached out to playfully mess with your hair, mentioning the nearby mirror for your hair before walking away. Although you could easily fix it without needing one, you decided to approach it.

When you looked at yourself in it, Masamune's stare now made sense. Your shirt was certainly enough to cover the hickeys that were below your neck as long as you didn't lean over. The ones on the side of your throat, however, were definitely visible with your current hairstyle. You quickly combed your hair down, hoping that no one else had noticed.

Soon enough, you were on your way back home with everyone else. Ieyasu sat beside you, typing something on his phone before asking. "Hm? Why did you put your hair down?"

"Oh. Well, I think it looks better this way, don't you think?"

"Hm. You look fine either way." Reaching his hand out, he trailed a finger down your throat, gently tracing over the marks he made. The simple gesture made you shiver as he leaned in closer, whispering in your ear. "Although, you look best when you're smiling.."

You smiled, tilting your head to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. He blushed and looked away to hide his face, turning his attention to the window. You giggled and rested your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and savoring the warmth of his sweet words.