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Summer of Smut Challenge 2020

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It had been a while since you and Leo took a proper vacation after your marriage ceremony. There was still a lot that needed to be done for Wysteria and you both agreed to hold off the honeymoon until things quieted down. This also meant less time to spend with each other as you resumed your duties right after. Nevertheless, you did your best to concentrate on your tasks at hand, waiting for the right opportunity to talk to Giles about it.

To your surprise, it was him who brought it up with you one day when you were writing letters in the study. Even the king was worried about your health and had arranged a trip to a western town, hoping that the two of you can use the time to relax. Because it was quite a distance from the city, no one would recognize them and they would be free to move around. He mentioned to treat it like a honeymoon if you wished, the implication it carried making you blush. A few days later, the two of you arrived safely at the lodge.

You woke up early the next morning, stretching your arms as you glanced out the window. The suite had a wonderful view of the beach below, which was what they were most known for. Slowly you crawled out of bed, hoping that you wouldn't wake your sleeping husband beside you. It was a good thing, knowing that he couldn't get much decent sleep in the past due to his nightmares. You decided to go for a quick stroll, heading to the bathroom to change clothes.

When you returned, Leo was already awake. "Hm? Why are you all dressed up?"

"I was thinking of taking a walk by the beach."

"And you didn't even wake me?" He asked, pouting a bit.

"I wasn't going to take long! You looked so comfortable there sleeping and I didn't want to bother you."

"You know you're never a bother to me." Standing up, he came closer to give you a look over. "Your dress is really pretty, just like you."

You laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Oh, wait here. I have something for you before you go out."

Curious, you waited while he rummaged through his things. He came back with a bottle of sun screen, opening the lid as he sat back on the bed. "You should put this on even if the sun isn't that high yet. We wouldn't want you getting any sun burns."

The concern he had for you made you feel warm and giddy. "Okay, sure. Thank you."

You sat and faced away from him, tying your hair up to keep it out of the way. He started on your lower back, caressing upward and being thorough, making sure not to miss any spots. The brush of his fingers on your lower back made you shiver as he continued, now working on your arms and elbows.

A tingle of pleasure spread through your body when he started to apply some on your upper chest. "Leo, I can put it there myself."

"Let me do it for you anyway since I already have the sun screen on my hands."

You bit your lip as he smoothed the lotion all over your exposed skin, the sensation sparking a warmth in your core. It was much too early for thoughts like that, but you couldn't help the way your body was reacting to his touches. The dull throb between your legs grew stronger when Leo moved closer, pressing up to you as he proceeded to apply some on your thighs as well.

A soft moan escaped your lips as he moved higher, your arousal rising with each stroke of his hand. He nudged them farther apart and caressed your inner thighs, planting kisses on the back of your neck. When his fingers brushed against your panties, you were pretty certain that he knew just how wet you already were.

"Leo, maybe it would be better to take my walk at another time."

"Is that so?" His voice was full of mischief as he nipped on your ear. "Then I guess we should wash all of this off you for now."

It was difficult to maneuver to the bathroom without stumbling when the two of you were simultaneously kissing and undressing each other. Your fingers deftly dealt with his shirt, pushing them off his shoulders before working on his pants. The dress you wore slid down your body, with the rest of your clothes quickly following to the floor. The only time you pulled apart was to step into the shower, which didn't last long as Leo pinned you against the tiled wall and kissed you again.

Water streamed down your bodies as you touched him, making him buck up into your hand. You stroked along the length of his cock, swiping your thumb on the head as he leaned down to suck on your neck. His fingers teased you, rubbing your clit a few times before sliding two digits inside you with ease. You gently squeezed your hand, making him groan as he thrust faster.

You didn't feel the need to complain when he withdrew his fingers, positioning him at your entrance before slowly pushing in and filling you up. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he held you close as he waited for you to adjust, drawing circles around your clit to help distract you.

"We should...mmhnn...stop the water... Don't wanna slip..."

He laughed and reached to turn the faucet off, still playing with your sensitive nub. It made you twitch around him as he licked up the water on your shoulder. "Done. Anything else?"

"You." Whispering in his ear, you jerked your hips towards him. "I need you so bad right now..."

It was all it took for him to grip your waist and start thrusting in you. Your fingers dug into his hair, moaning loudly as he stretched you with each push. Neither of you had to worry about being interrupted here, using the built up frustration to fuel your desires. He tilted your chin up to meet his hungry eyes, claiming your lips as he nipped on your lower lip.

Lifting one of your legs to wrap around him, he started to speed up. Pleasure coursed through your body as his new angle rubbed right against your sweet spot. His mouth latched on your neck, sucking hard enough to leave a hickey before making another one below it.

You could barely contain the pleasure anymore as your walls squeezed around his cock, clinging to him as your orgasm came over you in intense waves. His thrusts became increasingly erratic before he let out a guttural groan, pumping his hips a few more times before releasing inside you.

Leo didn't let you go as the two of you paused to catch your breaths. Still, the fire in your core persisted as you deliberately tightened your walls, feeling him twitch inside you from the stimulus. You raked your fingernails up his back, purring into his ear. "Leo, I want more.."

"Mhn, that's a dangerous game you're playing." He raised his head to look at you, the lust still evident in his eyes. "But when you beg for me like that, I just can't say no."

It was a while before the both of you managed to leave your room to explore the lodge. Needless to say that you woke up quite sore the next morning, though that didn't deter either of you from satisfying each other's passions through the rest of your stay. It was a much needed release of pent up frustration and longing to just be with each other.

Upon your return, the two of you headed to the King's chambers first to express your gratitude. He was happy that the two of you thoroughly enjoyed the trip and encouraged you to visit there again for your next vacation. You wondered why he was all too eager to arrange another one for you but didn't ask any further.