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Summer of Smut Challenge 2020

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The afternoon was unbearably hot as you sat on your boyfriend's bed, waiting for him to come back. You had visited the Black Army headquarters, hoping that he had a bit of free time to spare for you. Unfortunately he was decked to stay behind today while the rest of the officers were out on patrol. Though the two of you had promised to spend his next day off together, the promise of a cool and delicious treat made you reconsider leaving right away.

Seth entered the room and shut the door behind him. Taking a seat next to you, he opened the packet in his hands, careful to not disturb its contents. To your pleasant surprise, it was a frozen strawberry popsicle.

You gladly accepted it as he handed it to you, making sure to hold on to the stick firmly. "Where did you get this?"

"Luka likes to make them during summer. It's a real life saver, especially when we've been training under the sun." He replied, tossing the plastic in the trash. "There were extras from yesterday's batch, so consider yourself lucky!"

Being mindful to not make a mess, you hummed with delight as you took your first taste. The sweetness level was just right, while the slight sourness from the yogurt was a great contrast and balance. There were also bits of the fresh fruit mixed into it, giving you a nice burst of flavor with every bite. It didn't take long for you to eat most of it, enjoying the cold relief that spread through your body.

You noticed that Seth was staring at you, chin resting on his hand with a smile on his face. "Hm? What is it?"

"Is it really that good?"

Nodding, you offered him the last portion. "Mhn. Did you want some?"

He held your hand, fully expecting him to eat the rest of it in a single bite. Instead he moved closer, wrapping his free arm around your waist and pulled you in for a kiss. Your surprised gasp prompted him to slip his tongue inside and playing with yours. It was as if he was chasing the taste of it on you, keeping you flush against him as you kissed him back. The coolness you felt from the popsicle was brief, replaced by a growing warmth in your core.

There wasn't much resistance from you as he guided you down on the bed. "It was quite good. But I know something sweeter than that."

Seth kissed down your neck, his hand leaving your waist to slide up your skirt. It was instinct for you to part them, urging him to go higher as he caressed your inner thigh. You moaned softly when he touched you through the fabric of your underwear, the light strokes making you buck your hips up for more.

The small pool of cool liquid on your palm made you remember. "S-Seth, the popsicle..."He was quick to notice your concern. Positioning himself between your legs, he started to clean your fingers with his tongue. Watching him lick your fingers sent a thrill through your back, biting your lip when he finally ate up the last of the melted treat. The sight was more than enough to turn you on.

You felt his fingers slide along your folds, your arousal making it easy for him to push his fingers inside you. He moved them slowly at first, his thumb pressing against your clit as he sped up. Lifting your shirt with his other hand, he planted kisses on your chest while reaching to unclasp your bra. He hadn't bothered to properly take it off you, pushing it up just a bit to expose your breasts before taking a nipple in his mouth. You moaned as he played with it using his tongue, teasing it until it perked up for him.

Another digit easily slipped inside you, your walls stretching around them as he thrust in deep. You grabbed on his shirt and pushed your hips up as he angled his hand, trembling when he found that sweet spot. It wasn't long until the peak of your orgasm hit, gasping his name wantonly as you squeezed around him from the rush of your release."Fuck, that was..." Breathless, you let go of your grip as you waited for your heart to calm down. When he pulled away, you looked up to catch him removing his fingers from his mouth.

Running his hands down your legs, he placed a kiss on your knee before returning your gaze. The desire you saw in his eyes made you shiver in anticipation. "I haven't had my fill of you just yet."Seth knelt down on the floor, pulling you to the edge of the bed. Your panties were gone with a tug as he pushed your thighs apart and closer to your torso. A blush spread on your cheeks, realizing just how open you were to him like this. With a smirk, he lazily licked along your folds, keeping his tongue flat with each swipe. He would push the tip in your pussy every now and then, lapping up more of your wetness before continuing his ministrations.

It was maddening how his pace was slow and thorough, yet purposefully avoiding the spot where you wanted him most. Even as you tangled your fingers in his hair, he refused to notice until you tugged on it hard. He moved higher, taking your aching nub in his mouth and alternated between sucking and licking.

A frustrated sound fell from your lips when he stopped too soon to your liking, only to feel his tongue slip inside you. "Mhhnn..! S-Seth..!!"

He ate you out eagerly, thrusting faster while his thumb rubbed you with just as much enthusiasm. Your hips jerked when he increased the pressure on your clit, drawing smaller and tighter circles. Tension coiled in your core as you gripped his silvery locks for some purchase, your voice raspy with need. There was nothing more you could focus on besides him and you were close, oh so so close, just a bit more--fuck--

Moans were reduced to hitched breaths as your back arches off the bed. Seth didn't pause as the pleasure overwhelmed you again, drawing it out for as long as he could before helping you ease down from the high.

Soft kisses tickled the back of your thighs. With a winded chuckle, you rest your tired legs on his shoulders. "Well.. Now you've made me all sweaty."

"You're free to take a shower here before leaving." He grinned, unapologetic of what he just did. "I didn't think I could wait until our date to have my favorite treat."

Your cheeks were red as you pushed off the bed, giving his cheek a light pinch. "Are you going to let me bathe alone?"


The tone of his voice highly suggested otherwise. Sliding your legs off him, you grabbed your panties from the bed and headed to the bathroom to fix your disheveled clothes. Leaving his room looking like a hot mess would definitely give away what the two of you had just been doing and you'd rather keep that to yourself.

The next time you saw him was a few days later, patrolling around Central Quarter with Luka. The Jack was quite concerned when you blushed red after offering you some popsicles to eat, to which Seth just laughed at and managed to convince him that it wasn't something he should be worrying about anymore.