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In hindsight, it really shouldn’t have come as such a surprise. And yet, here they were anyway. 




Milo and Nessa agreed amongst themselves that they could be forgiven for missing this. Virtually nothing about the situation seemed to be incriminating at the time. 

The two alphas had just happened to be hanging out with Raihan down in Motostoke for the day. It was the middle of the season. Most trainers who were still in the competition had made their way past Kabu’s gym, but had not quite made it up anywhere near Raihan’s. As such the three alphas had some time in the middle of the season to hang out. 

The day had seemed fine, but as they left the small diner it seemed there was a bit of a commotion nearby, and also a bit widespread all over the city. Confused as to what was going on, Nessa staked out a young beta who seemed to be helping out an omega friend of hers. “I’m so sorry to bother, but do you know what’s going on?”

The beta nodded a bit as she adjusted the arm her friend had around her shoulder. “Yea, a big supplier of suppressors sent out a bad shipment. They recently sent out for a recall, because the bad batch is kicking a lot of people into early heat.” The beta looked anxious to be getting her friend home so Nessa thanked her and sent her off on her way. 

Milo frowned a bit as he looked after them and how many people in the city were trying to find the quickest way home. “What a disaster! How did they even mess up that bad?”

Nessa shakes her head in exasperation. “These things just happen sometimes..” She trails off as she notices Raihan behind them, subtly trying to take off on his Flygon. She raises an eyebrow at him as she calls out, “Raihan!” 

His head snaps up at her questioningly and she resists the urge to glower. “Why are you suddenly leaving?? And without even saying goodbye?” 

His eyes averted to the side for a bit before he huffed and gave her a challenging smirk as he climbed on the back of his Flygon. “Too many omega scents around. I think I can handle myself pretty well, but even this is a bit much for me.” He says in explanation.

As if supporting his point, Nessa can feel herself get a bit light headed as a group of flushed omegas run right past her, their sweet scents lingering a bit in the wind. Next to her, it seems Milo isn’t faring much better, flushed red as an Applin as he is. 

They both consider Raihan’s words for all of two seconds before nodding quickly. Nessa turns to Raihan again to wave him off. “Text me when you get to your flat. We’ll hang out some other time, yea?” She’s barely finished her question before Raihan takes off, leaving them. Huh. The scents must really be bothering him if he had to get out that fast. Before she can stop it, the thought comes unbidden to her that he must be close to his rut. She wrinkles her nose at the thought and quickly parts way with Milo before any of the scents around her can get to her head. 




For Melony and Gordie, there was a particular afternoon that now had some new light shed on it. 

They had been having a relaxing brunch with Melony, Aliie, her lovely  beta wife and all of their kids. The air between Melony and Gordie at a relative standstill instead of usual tenseness that accompanied it. Gordie and his younger siblings were engaged in heated discussions about the latest gym battles that happened earlier. After all it wasn’t everyday that trainers made it up to Hammerlocke gym, much less past it. This year's contestants were an interesting bunch for sure too. 

A nice, lovely afternoon-

Knock, knock, knock. Knock

-broken by the sound of nervous, if somewhat frantic knocks at the door. The family sitting at the table shot each other questioning and confused looks because nobody had mentioned inviting somebody over for any reason. After a few hushed gestures, Gabe, the second eldest male, went to go answer the door. 

Thinking it would be nothing he family turned to go back to dinner but were surprised when Gabe returned to the table rather quickly. 

And he wasn’t alone. 

Flanked behind him were two young trainers, decked out in the Hammerlocke gym uniform. 

“Um..Mum...Some people are here to see you..” Gabe said nervously. He glanced between the table and the jittery trainers. 

Melony couldn’t help, but raise a brow, internally of course. While she couldn’t help but be confused by the sudden appearance of the young trainers, their current state of apprehensiveness started to bring out some natural parenting instincts in her. Even though she was an alpha, her and Allie had split parenting duties as equally as they could back when all their pups were still rather young. 

(Also their nervous states were more than likely to eventually start spreading around and she’d rather take the brunt of that than have her family deal with it and ruin the relatively nice atmosphere.) 

She ushered them into another room and closed the door behind her before sitting in a loveseat, urging them to do the same. Young Sebastian and Aria if she could remember correctly. 

Sebastian looked hesitantly at the dating, before somewhat reluctantly taking a seat. Aria on the other hand had chosen to remain standing. Taking a couple nervous paces every now and then. Sebastian, bless him, even while sitting was only faring slightly better. While he seemed to be a picture of calmness, his jittering leg gave him away.

Goodness what could be up with them?

“How can I help you today loves?” She started off gently. Not gentle enough by how they both started slightly and exchanged nervous glances between each other. 

It must have been a solid minute of subtle exchanges before Sebastian turned to her and took a deep breath. “M..Miss Melony. You've dealt with family stuff before right?” 


A bit of an odd and rhetorical question. One glance back out in the kitchen would be enough to supplement that answer. But she played along nonetheless and nodded amiably. “Yes, many years of family stuff.” She teased lightly, hoping to somewhat alleviate the nervous tension blanketing the room to evidently no avail. 

“Um. What did you…” Sebastian flusters and Aria finally stops pacing to turn and look Melony dead in the eye. 

“How did you take care of your wife while she was pregnant?!” She half yells before she remembers herself. The young girl flushes before resuming pacing. Thankfully the walls of this house were quite thick so Melony doubts anybody outside heard that. She still can’t help, but being taken aback by the question. 

She sits back carefully and scrutinizes the two in front of her carefully. Both of the young trainers in front of her were alphas. Very young alphas. 

She bit her lip as she considered the possible situation- because she was sure if she asked they would remain pretty tight lipped about it. While you could look many things up online, getting advice and information from a real world source always felt better in the end. So she couldn’t fault them for coming to her. Especially as a pair. It was likely that one of them had just come along as moral support for the other. On the other hand it tugged something inside her knowing the one of the trainers in front of her was going to be a parent soon. 

They were so young. 

Despite that she couldn’t help, but appreciate how they were already ready to take responsibility for what they sow. So many would have turned tail and ran, especially at their age. 

“Well…” She started as she tapped her chin in thought. She had to think a bit, because it had been quite some time since Allie’s last pregnancy. And while she was sure if they were to have another child she’d dropped right back into the caring alpha mindset easily, as she was not currently in it right now, she had to take a bit of time to think. 

She listed off to them a lot of the duties, responsibilities and things of the sort she had to do while Allie was pregnant. They were taking notes very avidly, as if their very life depended on it. It was good to see young people so ready to take on responsibility. 

“Of course at the end of the day, Allie is a beta. If the one pregnant is an omega they will likely be a bit fussier than this.” She tacked on, because you could never be too sure. And sure enough, Sebastian’s vigorous writing faltered for a bit before he diligently continued. 

He stopped for a bit and seemed to struggle to find his next words. “And...And what if you’re not that person’s Alpha?” His voice almost seemed to give out towards the end of his question. 

Melony jumped a bit at that. She couldn’t help the frown that began to tug at the corner of her lips. 

Aria must have realized how that sounded because she suddenly stopped and turned with her arms held out placatingly. “It’s not what you think!” Melony’s posture remained a bit stiff. Aria deflated a little at that. “Please, it’’s really not.” 

She let some of the tension go out of her shoulders at the weak plea. These were Raihan’s kids. And if they were Raihan’s kids they had to be good kids. They could probably get busy at the gym and were probably afraid of leaving their pregnant other alone all the time. And while it was nearing the end of the current gym season, she couldn’t fault them for thinking about the possibility. 

She smiled at them again, soft and kind as she could as a sort of apology. “I haven’t had much personal experience with that, but I will say you should probably just know when to back off.” She brushed a lock of her hair behind her shoulder. “I’m sure that it won’t be a problem most of the time if they know you're not a threat, but sometimes only their mate can really calm them down. Don’t take too much offense if you’re ever given the boot, yea?” She asked with a gentle smile.

Aria nodded shyly. “Yea….Yea okay. Thank you Miss Melony.” 

She waved it off. “Please it’s really no problem. I won’t pry to much, but I can only wish you both the best of luck,” she said softly, and finally, finally, the tension seemed to drain out of them. So they were worried that she was gonna ask around. A bit strange, but not the strangest thing in the world. She could let it go. “Would you loves like anything to drink or eat before you go?” That’s if her own family hadn’t devoured everything already, but it was always polite to ask.

Sebastian shot off the couch, ramrod straight as anything and shook his head. “No thank you. We should really be on our way.” And with that Melony escorted them out, as they didn’t seem very inclined to stay. Probably very worried about whoever they were asking about. For a second she couldn’t help but think why wouldn’t they go to Raihan. But the thought quickly left because while the young alpha exuded a certain persona, he was far from being a parent to anybody besides his Pokémon.

Joining her family back at the table, Allie gave her a worried glance over a glass of iced tea. Melonly shook her head and signaled to her they could chat about it later. Allie relaxed, realizing it must have been nothing too serious and they returned to their meals.

Most of Gordie’s younger siblings had finished and scampered off to play games, but Gordie was still at the table frowning at his phone. 

Allie spoke up first. “Something wrong my dearest?” Her voice showed concern, but with no force behind it if he didn’t want to talk. 

The alpha looked up from his phone briefly and bit his lip. He shot off a quick reply to whomever he was texting before picking his phone back. “Ah it’s…” Both Melony and Allie stayed silent, knowing that sometimes he needed just a bit of time to get his racing thoughts together. 

“Raihan just replied back to me.”

Allie raised an eyebrow, evidently not seeing a problem, but Melony started a bit. “Were you texting him earlier?”

Gordie nodded immediately. “We were texting back and forth after his last match for the day ended and then he just stopped!” He exclaimed with an upwards movement of his arms. “He just got back to me. And to tell me sorry for the late reply, he just passed out!”

Now that got Allie to start a bit. “Is he alright?”

Gordie sighed. “He said it was just because he went a bit overboard with his training lately and didn’t get much of a break between that and the matches. So no food and he just was barely holding it together by the end of the matches.”

Allie clicked her tongue a bit at that. “Invite him over for dinner again one of these days. The dears love him anyway!”

Melony nodded in agreement. “He hides it under his baggy clothes, but he’s much too skinny anyway!”

Gordie rolled his eyes, but re opened up his messenger to shoot off to Raihan about coming over regardless. “I just hope he takes it easy. He needs to be in shape if he wants to take Leon’s title this year!”




For Sonia, the end of the championships had made so much more bloody sense than they did at the time. 

She was nervous for Leon. 

She was able to catch a few of some of the challenger battles on the telly between her research when she could. And Arceus the kids this year were packing a punch. Especially Hop and Gloria. 

Bede and Marnie were pretty good too, but she had a feeling they wouldn’t be making it to the finals. 

(She was proven right about Bede when the Chairman had taken away his endorsement right in front of her.) 

Victor was a good battler as well, but she could tell his heart wasn’t in it and was wholly unsurprised when he dropped the challenge not too soon after getting past Opal. 

His sister by contrast has been absolutely decimating the finals competition. Her match with Marnie was intense, but in the end she had prevailed. That’s to speak nothing of how she utterly trumped over Hop and Bede, much to everyone’s surprise. 

She was astounded the kid Leon had endorsed had made it so far. Sonia could feel that history was happening all over again in Galar when she managed to make it past not only Nessa, but Raihan. 

When Duraludon fell behind him, the whole stadium was silent for a solid 10 seconds before ravenous cheers broke out. It was unprecedented, for the region who had become so used to being revved up for what new stops and twists Raihan and Leon would pull out against each other. 

Then the disaster with Rose had happened and Sonia was glad to let her brain fizz out a little at the thought of that because Arceus what a disaster. 

Now she could barely hold back from falling in the childish habit of biting her nails as Leon battled against Gloria. Nessa next to her, seemed to be as equally drawn in. All of their fellow gym leaders were. Except for Raihan who was conspicuously missing. 

(She suspected he was probably watching the battle from the tunnel, where he could be closest to Leon. Despite being rivals, the two alphas had remained the best of friends through thick and thin.)

Sonia blinked and the next thing the beta knew, Leon’s Charizard was falling behind him.

She blinked again.


She blinked.

The world seemed to have come to a standstill. 

Right up until Leon threw his cap off in the air, and suddenly there was deafening noise for Galar’s newest champion. 

Sonia still couldn’t help but worry. Because someone like Leon, she didn’t think he would take the grace of losing very well. But as the monitor showed a close up of his face and the new Champion rode on his shoulders just before they got swarmed with interviewers, she couldn’t think of time she had ever seen him happier.

And it was oh so very confusing. 




They should have seen it coming. They really should have.

And yet, nothing could prepare anybody for the headline of an article coming out a month post the end of the season, that was rapidly becoming all of the latest talk. 


 The Crowned Dragon of Hammerlocke, An Omega Hiding Right Before Our Eyes



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 The Crowned Dragon of Hammerlocke, An Omega Hiding Right Before Our Eyes 


Raihan felt strangely numb, teal eyes staring blankly into his phone as the headline of the article glared back at him. It felt like the whole world had come to a grinding halt. 

Leon shifted a bit against his back and suddenly the world went into motion again. Releasing a shuddering breath, he felt himself tense up as he clicked on the article he had been trying to get out of existence since he first saw it, which hadn’t been that long ago. 

One of the first things he did when he got up was check his social media if Leon wasn’t awake yet. He had hardly been on for a minute before seeing pretty much everybody ever, tagging him in tweets with or about the aforementioned article. 

Scrolling through it now, it still didn’t feel quite real. 

The article itself was not written in any sort of definitive way, but it had some damning evidence. 

Some quotes from fans that had been able to get close to him for pictures commenting about how his scent had seemed a bit off . People noted that he was pretty strict with scheduling matches for challengers that actually made it up to his gym, probably to work around his heat. How there were certain times you really only could find his trainers and never the man himself, again heat related incidents they theorized. How many of his selfies past a certain point were very careful to not show off his neck. 

It was all speculative, but people were eating it up. 

The absolute worst part was how they even noticed how around the same time Raihan had stopped showing off his neck, Leon had his outfit subtly changed to have a bit more of a turtleneck. 

Raihan and Leon had talked about it before, if and when they were going to come out to the public. 

The speculation about their relationship was nothing new. Even when people thought they were both alphas, there was a lot of talk of how close they were to each other. 

It wasn’t terrible by any strict sense. Same biology pairings were not a new thing. While some people still got a bit weirded out for the most part talking about two alphas or two omegas being together, nobody was outright against it. 

But this, this was different. Because while Raihan may have shared a lot with the internet, he was very careful to keep many personal details of his life from being out in the open.

And yet here were two of his biggest secrets, just out there for anyone to see. 

Arceus and there was no way their friends weren’t seeing this too. 

He’s pretty much out of the morning sickness phase, yet he still feels bile rise up in the back of his throat and before he knows it he’s shooting out of bed to dry heave over white porcelain. 

It isn’t long before he feels strong yet gentle arms pulling his locs out of his face. Nothing may actually be coming up, but he still feels grateful nonetheless. “S-Sorry..” He heaves, having to take a deep breath to ease the panic that’s settling into his system. “Didn’t mean to wake you.” He mumbles as he leans down and takes comfort in the coolness of the porcelain. 

Leon uses his free hand to rub gentle circles at the base of his back. “Don’t apologize love.” He croons gently into Raihan’s neck. 

Raihan lets himself relax into his mate, taking in nutmegandginger because it just soothes him right down to his soul. Even before he and Leon officially bonded, Leon’s scent had always done it for him. There was just something light and airy to it compared to so many of the overwhelming scents Alphas usually tended to have. Or it could be just him. 

If anything, it was no secret that he’d always been a bit of a sucker for everything Leon. 

After a few minutes Raihan pulls up off the toilet seat and leans back. Without needing to be told, Leon sits back on his haunches and pulls Raihan in between his legs, idly rubbing his stomach in small circles.

Ah. Right. 

“Leon..” He received a still somewhat sleepy grunt from the purple haired alpha. “Did you happen to check the news before you came in here.” Raihan is hardly surprised when Leon shakes his head against his neck, but sighs regardless. He had been really hoping to not have to give any preamble. 

The gym leader tiredly calls out for his Rotom phone and it’s not long before the ghost is buzzing around in the bathroom with them. He opens up Rotom to the article he was looking at and prompts Leon to take a look. It doesn’t take Leon long to read through it, not if the way he tenses not long after Rotom drops in his hands is anything to go by. 

It’s a few minutes before Leon actually speaks up, nonetheless. “Rai…” Whatever he’s going to say is quickly cut off by his own Rotom phone buzzing in the room. 

“Bzzt! Incoming message from Sonia! Bzzt” 

Leon, it’s been a while since we’ve met up. Do you want to meet up any time soon?

Had Leon not seen the article that came out recently, he would’ve accepted immediately, all too happy with seeing his friend whenever he could now that he was not busy. But now…

Raihan spoke up before Leon could deny Sonia’s request. “We should go.” He felt the ex-Champion shift uneasily at his back and let out a sigh. “Leon…” 

“It’s not that I’m not fine with going, it's just.” Leon paused to grip Raihan a little closer to him, but not too tight, all to mindful of his midsection. “I thought it about it-”

Raihan snorts. “You thinking? That’s new.” He gets a light whap on the arm from Leon for that. 

“Hush you.” There is of course, no bite to this. Raihan can even feel the smile of Leon’s voice from where his face is half buried in his neck. “But I’m not naive enough to think it’s only going to be Sonia there. I don’t want to overwhelm you.” 

Raihan shrugs because, “It’s not like we weren’t planning on telling everyone else anyway.” He reasons. And yea, being around all those alphas might be a bit stressful, at the end of the day those were his friends and colleagues whom he respected the hell out of. He already felt bad that they inadvertently are finding out about this through the media before the couple got to tell them themselves. There’s no way he can avoid them now to add onto that guilt. 

Leon, sighs heavily, tiredly . “Are you sure? We really don’t have to go anywhere.” 

Now Raihan rolls his eyes even though he knows Leon can’t see him. “You sure you’re not just trying to get some extra sleep in Dandelion?” He asks pointedly. 

The silence accompanied by how Leon just presses him more into the crook of Raihan’s neck gives him all the answers he needs. 

Let it never not be said that the ex-Champion was not using all of his new free time as efficiently as possible. It was very productive to be catching up on years worth of missed sleep. 

(And also sex, but who can really blame him for that.)

Leon still was busy, working on some new project in the Rose Tower, but with Raihan in the state that he was, he wasn’t drowning in work like he probably would have been otherwise. 

“We’re going to have to do this at some point Leon, might as well be now.” 

Leon still seems to be a bit reluctant, but ultimately agrees. “Alright, love.” 

Sure, do you have any place in mind?

The reply is almost instant. 

The lab is free today.

Because of course it is. 

With that they both quickly get ready and by noon they’re ready to go. 

Raihan is wholly unsurprised to look at the window to the front of his flat, and sees what seems to be people milling about, but he knows better. His trained eye can see people hanging out, trying to seem inconspicuous that reek with reporters eager to get the latest scoop in an attempt to be stealthy. Arceus. 

“We’re going to have to go out the back. Load of blokes waiting us out front.” He tells Leon just as the other man pulls a sweater on. 

Leon goes to the window, just to confirm for himself if nothing else, and frowns, evidently seeing the same thing Raihan did. He runs a hand through purple hair in a bit of frustration. 

They both go to the back of the flat and open up a window, and Leon doesn’t waste any time in releasing Charizard. 

The overgrown lizard looks irritated to be released outside the window with an anxious glance at Raihan. The taller male is quick to placate Charizard with some head pats as he uses his wings to stay level with their window. “Hey bud, I’m doing fine.” Charizard lets out a low rumble in acknowledgement. 

While Pokémon themselves didn’t have secondary sexes, they tended to emulate a lot of behaviors form their trainer. As such Leon’s team was overly protective of Raihan and doted on him like hell outside of smashing his team on the battlefield. Charizard must have been a bit aggravated to be unable to do that, but if they released him inside the apartment, there’s no way he'd be able to squeeze out of the window. 

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Leon quickly climbs onto his partner and helps Raihan with climbing on behind him and they’re off before anybody can notice. 


Both men are eager to find that they can land at the lab without much of a problem. It was nearly two by now, but nobody seemed to really be milling about. It was perfect for Leon to return Charizard, with minimal fussing from the lizard over Raihan, before they could get inside. 

One knock on the door, and it was immediately flung open by Sonia, who nearly bowled them both over. She let her eyes rove over both of them and her frantic demeanor seemed to calm somewhat as she apparently found whatever she was looking for. Raihan had not a clue. 

Raihan looks around when they get inside and bits the inside of his cheek when they see everybody there. Melony, Gordie, Nessa, Milo, Piers and- 

Leon blinks in surprise at the sight of his brother. It was hard not to miss the younger boy with how he looked ready to just jump out of his skin with excitement. He turned to look at Sonia questioningly. 

She waved her arms loosely in apology. “I couldn’t get him to go home.” She says weakly in lieu of giving a full explanation. Probably too embarrassed to admit she just couldn’t say no to her adorable lab assistant. 

(As for the absence of Kabu, Raihan would later remind him that the man was on vacation in Hoenn.

Opal was busy training Bede, and was quite old regardless. She hardly had the energy to come all the way out here just for this. 

Bea and Allister could be filled in later. They didn’t need to be privy for this actual conversation. They were literal kids. And by that right Leon was grateful the new Champion and her brother weren’t here as well.) 

Leon nodded easily despite internally freezing up, because the mention of home made a flash of gentle hands and light laughs go through his head. 

Arceus, he still had to tell his mother. 

It wasn’t like he felt entirely bad that the other gym leaders were not finding out from the source first. He was mainly friends with Sonia, and somewhat knew Nessa by proxy. He had been too busy to get acquainted with the other leaders and only really had been getting to know them now that he wasn’t as busy as he used to be. 

But realizing that his mum was probably going to find out about this on a news headline on the bloody telly before hearing it from her own son, it felt like someone had shot an Ice Beam straight at his spine. 

It goes silent after Sonia’s half-hearted explanation and Leon swears he could hear people at the small market in Wedgehurst from here. 

Melony’s eyes flit between them and the rest of the group anxiously, like she wants to start, but she’s not sure it’s her place. 

Leon shudders a bit, because he knows they all didn’t know that Raihan was an omega, or that they were together. But Melony seems like she’s skipped straight past those two truths and onto the biggest one. But how, how could she even guess Raihan was pregnant.

While omegas scents usually did become sweeter, Raihan had never dropped the habit of over using scent blockers, even after he and Leon had gotten together. 

Piers sighed tiredly and ran a hair through his hair, apparently done with the thick silence permeating the room. “So I assume ya didn’t come all the way out here to tell us those articles were hogwash eh?” 

Raihan lets out a low, if weak chuckle at that. “No. No I suppose we didn’t” He confirms with a hand running through his pulled up dreads. 

Gordie looks just about ready to snap from the tension set in his body. “Does that include the part about you two being daft for each other?” Leon can't exactly read the emotion in his voice with that question. 

Raihan nods apprehensively, apparently also not being able to read Gordie. “Yea…” 

Gordie’s grip on the chair he’s sitting on tightens. “How long?” 

Leon raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

How long?” Gordie stresses. This seems to be very important to him. 

Raihan, evidently, doesn’t really seem to have a problem with answering him. “For how long we’ve officially been together...I’d say just about two years.” He shrugs. They were both twenty-two and while they had been crushing on each other for way longer, they finally got their heads together when they were twenty. 

Neither of the couple expects Gordie to jump out of his seat with an excited shout. “YEA!! NESSA, MILO, PIERS, SONIA,  YOU GUYS TOTALLY OWE ME!” He screams in joy. 

Leon blinks before his brain catches up with what exactly Gordie says. “Wait, you lot were betting on us?” 

Sonia gives him a side eye from where she is ruefully taking cash out to fork over. “Let’s just say that you two bloks being together wasn’t the most surprising part to us.” 

Leon wants to be offended, but he ends up letting out a laugh. Raihan beside him drags his hand over his face with a tired groan, but Leon can see the hint of a smile under his long fingers. 

Milo shakes his head from where he is also handing money over to a still celebrating Gordie. “I kind of thought it’d be another year before you guys finally got it. You two dance around each other betweer than any Bellossom or Maractus I know. Ain’t that right Nessa?” He laughs good naturedly. 

“Yea.” Her answer is a bit clipped, and it doesn’t fail to garner a worried glance from Sonia, a pointed one from Leon, and a slightly anxious one from Raihan. 

Finally it seems that Hop is also no longer able to contain his excitement in wake of the good energy that is currently going around the room. “Does this mean I get to be an uncle in the future!” There are stars in his eyes and Leon can’t help but laugh at just how excited his brother seems to be by the prospect. 

He exchanges a side glance with Raihan and the other man nods almost imperceptibly. He turns back into golden eyes so similar to his own and offers him a blinding grin. “Maybe sooner than you think.” Is what he offers as he takes Raihan’s hand in it and squeezes, feeling a shot of warmth go through him at the hard squeeze he gets right back. 

Hop stares at him excitedly before he freezes up, probably actually registering what Leon actually says. His gaze turns to Raihan and he raises a shake finger at him. “Y-you’…” He can’t seem to get words out but he seizes up again as he looks at Raihan. Really looks at him. 

Because it’s hard to notice under the baggy sweatshirt, but Raihan is showing. Despite the article of clothing being baggy, the beginnings of where he is showing is ever so slightly taking form around the clothing. 

At the same time Hop lets out an ear piercing shout, the rest of the room seems to catch up on the other revelation. This one has most of their jaws dropping. Most of the room. 

Melony, as Leon suspected, only looks like her suspicions have been confirmed. Nessa, on the other hand, has her jaw clenched and her posture is tense.. 

Leon barely holds himself back from scowling at her. He can only hope Raihan doesn’t notice her irritation, the man hardly needs that right now. 

It’s almost forgotten because in the next second, almost everyone is crowding around them. On instinct he gets up to shield Raihan even though he knows there’s no real threat. 

Melony somehow makes her way to the front of the group, which is a miracle considering Hop looks like he’s trying to get as close as possible, and puts a hand on both Raihan and Leon’s shoulders. 

He’s struck by the tenderness in his gaze and feels that chord inside him strikes as he’s once again reminded of his own mother. “Please know that you boys don’t have to hesitate to come to me about anything you need help with.” She looks like she has more to say, but it might be conversation for another time as she does not continue. 

They both nod and she smiles and she suddenly turns around, face stern as she regards the rest of the group. 

“You lot need to back up!” The temperate in the room seems to drop a bit and the other alphas and Sonia shiver a bit as they back up. Heeled by not only her alpha tone but her frosty demeanor. Only a mother could ever rally people up so quickly. “Don’t crowd around Raihan, he needs space. Why would you crowd a pregnant omega anyway? Who raised you?!” She asked with a particularly pointed glance at Gordie, who looked properly cowed, not having the same voice to fight his mother as he usually does. 

Raihan smiles at her gratefully and is much happier to deal with the group one at the time as they hover around him excitedly. 

Leon observes all of this with a smile, barely even noticing the lone figure leaving the lab without a word.

Chapter Text

When you’re a mum, a lot of things over time stop becoming so surprising. Especially when you’re a mother of two boys. 

The first time a son knocks over the vase, it is screaming, panicking and yelling. When his younger brother manages to do the same thing years later, it is simply followed up with a resolute sigh and calmly checking over for any injuries. 

Dahlia loved her sons dearly. Hop and Leon were her everything. She knew them like the back of her hand. (Maybe even more so as she still caught her blinking at the sight of new wrinkles every now and then.) With the two of them, things stopped being surprising very long ago. 

Yet now, Leon has managed to surprise her not once, not twice, but three times in a month. 

The first surprise had come a little bit over a few weeks ago when Leon had been dethroned as champion. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Dahlia knew it would happen eventually. But she didn’t think it would be to anybody, but Raihan. And yet...

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting today, but it certainly wasn’t Leon, Raihan, and Hop standing at her door, two of them buzzing with somewhat nervous energy while the other looked nearly ready to jump out of his skin from excitement. 

What on Galar.

They were now sitting around the table, quietly sipping tea, or at least she was anyway. 

Hop, probably deciding it for the best with how much he was literally shaking, has not touched his tea.

Raihan was staring his down with unaccounted for intensity, wringing his hands in front of him and resolutely also not touching it.

Leon has taken a sip every now and then, but it was between drumming his fingers on the table and running them through his hair. Almost like he just needed to be doing something, anything. 


“So,” She starts off, putting her cup down, since evidently nobody else would. “It’s not often I get all three of you boys down here. It’s actually been quite a while since your last visit Raihan.”

He finally looks up at her with a nervous smile. “Ah sorry ‘bout that ma’am. You  know how it gets, being a gym leader and all.” 

As she is not a gym leader, she most definitely does not know how it gets , but she can get an idea. “Of course! Especially with this season I imagine. Something to remember for sure.” 

Leon joins in then, smile as bright as the afternoon sun. “Yes, we all had such a champion time!” 

If possible, Hop seems to get even more excited. It seems that his brother no longer being champion did nothing to diminish his hero worship of the man. Raihan, on the other hand, rolls his eyes, and looks like he’s resisting the urge to playfully shove Leon. 

“You don’t think t-” “Ah, mum-”

Both Dahlia and Leon start a bit as they catch each other talking at the same time. Dahlia relaxes back and gives an encouraging smile to her son, assuming he is ready to open up about whatever the reason for them being here was. 

He lets out a deep breath through his nose and Dahlia does her absolute damndest not to break out into a brilliant grin when she catches Raihan lightly thumbing his hand in comfort. 

Leon looks her in the eye and she finds herself staring into molten gold that resembles her own. “Mum. Me and Raihan are. We’re in a relationship” He says somewhat haltingly. 

Dahlia had always suspected there was something a little deeper than rivalry between the two alphas. This is not one of the surprises that she gets from Leon, and both he and Raihan balk at her when she says as much. 

Hop rolls his eyes from where he’s seated next to her. “Why do you think mum always tried to corral you home near Valentine’s day to get you to learn how to make some chocolate.” 

Leon’s face goes a bit splotchy at that. “I-I just thought you missed having me at home..” 

Dahlia tuts because, “Of course we did, but it is a mother’s job to her son when he finally gets a clue about how daft he is for a charming alpha.” 

She figured she must have said something wrong, because Leon’s hands start to go about with nervous jittering again. 

“You haven’t been paying much attention to the telly then mum?” Leon asks her. 

She tuts again. “Of course not, you know I’m not much of a fan for gossip.” And she can only assume this is gossip related because while he was not the champion anymore, Leon still was quite a star to the people of Galar. Raihan also boasted the biggest social media presence of any of the gym leaders so this could just as easily be about him. 

Then Raihan speaks up. 

“Actually, ma’am. We’re in a relationship, but...not two alphas. I’m-” He steels himself before looking her in the eye. “Your son is dating an omega.” 

Now that makes her startle a bit because this does come as a surprise. It takes her a moment to process Raihan’s choice of words, almost thinking that her son was dating Raihan and some other omega. But it’s very clear he meant himself. 

She can’t help but linger on how he phrased it. Almost like he was trying to distance himself from being an omega. She hoped that she, or someone if not herself, would get to talk about them. 

The bouncing of Raihan’s leg catches on the catches and startles them all a bit. Ah right. They were still waiting on a response. 

“Oh...okay.” She says amiably, because really what else was there to say. Her smile still comes easily to her face because honestly, why should she have any reaction to Raihan being an omega, Leon’s omega no less, than to be happy. The two men were the Applin of each other's eyes and as long as they were happy. Their frames hadn’t lost all of their nervousness completely despite her acceptance of the revelation. 

(On another note, as an omega herself she can’t really be all that upset. That’d make her quite the hypocrite.) 

“Is that all?” She couldn’t help but ask. Especially because it more than likely wasn’t all. 

Raihan and Leon share a look before they nod and turn back to her. She can’t help how her heart squeezes at that, reminiscing of days of old with Leon and Hop’s father when he was still around. 

She’s snapped out of her reminiscing when Hop suddenly jumps up from his chair. “I’m going to be an uncle!” 

And that s the last of her surprises. 

“Hop!” Leon reprimands. It wasn’t very often that Leon got strict with his brother, but her eldest son’s expression is a bit tight as he looks at Hop. 

The younger sibling shrunk back in his seat a bit shyly as he scratched at his cheek. “I know, but you guys were just taking soooo longggg.” He complains with a sulk. 

She holds back a sigh as she knows she’ll need to have a conversation with her youngest about sensitivity apparently. For now she takes out her wallet and hands him some cash. 

Hop looks up at her questionably. “Mum?”

“I didn’t realize I was going to be making dinner for four so I’m a bit short on some ingredients.” Leon begins to make a halting sound and with just a look she hears his jaw click shut. “Go fetch me some from the market in Wedgehurst, please my dear.” 

Hop nods and calls out to his Dubwool, to accompany him for a short trip and he’s out the door. 

She takes a breath as she sees him out and turns back around to Leon and Raihan. Nobody speaks for a moment before she starts again. “ two are having a child..” Dahlia doesn’t mean to, but she can’t help but sound a bit apprehensive. 

Leon nods stiffly, but it is Raihan who speaks up again. “I’m just about to go into my fourth month..” He tells her. 

Fourth month already? Arceus. She nods as she takes a moment to process this. “Y-You’re both so young. ” She laments because while she’s sure they must have been together for a while already, they weren’t even in their mid twenties yet. 

Although...four months...That means Raihan must have gotten pregnant in the middle of the gym season. That doesn’t sound right. Even if Raihan and Leon decided they were ready to settle down so early in their life, they both had good heads on their shoulders. Surely they wouldn’t conceive right in the middle of a challenge when they were both so busy. It almost made her think…

She looks up suddenly. “Raihan, Leon! Did you tw-” 

Leon’s body draws impossibly tighter. “We didn’t plan this...This-” He swallows. “This was an accident.” 

She was coming to around the same conclusion, but she couldn’t help the small rush of air that left her nonetheless. 

Dahlia was a woman of delicate sensibilities. As such she didn’t really need to ask further than that. While some omegas could go through with it, most didn’t fancy getting rid of children, even if unplanned. 

She gives Raihan a sad, but understanding look. “Oh sweetheart..” 

“We didn’t plan this.” Raihan’s grip on his teacup becomes tight. “We didn’t plan for this at all, but...We’re going to go into this headfirst. We’ll be good for this kid. Real good.” He promises, eyes full of fight, ready for if she were to turn them away. And that-

Oh that almost makes her heart break. 

She rushes around the table and pulls the expecting omega into a hug. She runs a hand gently through his dreads. “Of course, of course dear.” She soothes gently. She barely flinches when his hands come up around her and grip. “I’m sorry for how I sounded, I know you two will be ace .” 

Leon smiles brilliantly, happy to see she was so accepting. “Of course! We’ll be sure to show them an absolutely champion time!” 

And if nothing else, his corny catchphrase startles a laugh out of her and Raihan both and before she knows it Dahlia is drawing her son into the hug as well. “I’m sure my love. Of course, their lovely grandmother will also be here to help with anything you two need.” Raihan lets out a shaky laugh and draws them both impossibly closer. 

They stay like that for a few before something occurs to her and she pulls away from them to look them both in the face. “You know, it’s not too soon to see what your child might look like.” 

That earns a confused look from both of them. “...I’m pretty sure I still have a few weeks before we can even go in for the gender..” He says unsurely. 

Dahlia’s grin turns absolutely devilish and she sees Leon’s face start to pale a bit as he starts to get a clue. 

“Maybe so, buttt our genes do run a bit strong on my side of the family. You can see it perfectly well in Leon and Hop’s baby pictures.” 

Leon starts. “Mum!” 

Raihan smirks a bit as he leans back fully. “Oh really?” Because in all of the time he has visited, he has never seen their baby album. Unfortunate really. 

Dahlia smiles impishly. “I think we have a few before Hop gets back from the market. Oh, I can go fetch the book right now!” 

“Mum!” She hears Leon call out in embarrassment as she rushes upstairs to find the album. 

She can’t help but smile gently as she eyes amongst many of Leon and Hop’s belongings from a childhood long gone. 

She never imagined she’d be a grandmother quite this young, but she was excited for it nonetheless!

Chapter Text

While a bit reluctant at first, dinner at Leon’s mum was exactly what Raihan needed.

A nice dinner around the table with his mate and family was enough to take his mind off of the stress of everything happening. Hop’s excitement especially had made him giddy. It kind of helped solidify that this was all real; that it was really happening. In a good way of course.

(That and looking through old baby albums while Leon steadily flushed beside him wasn’t bad either.)

Raihan didn’t know a lot of other omegas. Most of the omegas he knew were just fans. He didn’t personally know any. He hadn’t realized how much he missed out on having another omega scent to soothe him and make him feel comfortable. 

He had made sure to take in as much of it as he could subtly for the day. He was sure Leon’s mum had better things to do than comfort him whenever he came running. He had too much pride to even ask for such a thing regardless. Raihan was fine letting their interaction for the day end on some advice; advice for him to stop taking his scent blockers.

It was something that their baby would need whenever they came into the world. Raihan knew that, he had simply been planning on dropping it close to his due date, but Leon’s mum had advised him to drop the habit now as to not chance anything.

Hard advice. But good advice nonetheless. 

Him and Leon were currently riding on Charizard back to their flat. It was proper late so thankfully nobody was out. They didn’t have to bother much with staying on the low. It helped Raihan not think about how people were still gossiping about him online. He’d definitely have to address that sooner or later.

It was weird. He was used to being the center of attention. He relished in it even. But not with this. Not with something like this. 

This was too much.

It’s not like Raihan thought being an omega was inherently bad. But-

Remember your place.

Words from the past come to him unbidden, and he barely holds back from clenching his fist from the recollections. Leon has stepped out of the room to freshen up, but Raihan hardly notices. Being back home, there is nothing, but his thoughts to occupy him for the moment, and he can’t help but entertain them.

For so long, he had been the alpha of Galar. Second only to Leon. That was fine, it was what he wanted. It was what he had to make people believe.

Every comment, every fantasy, that people wrote under his photos- he remembers once upon a time when Nessa would roll her eyes as he read the comments back to her. Saying how they were boosting his already too big ego; saying how he shouldn’t let those comments get to his head.

But he did. He wholly welcomed them. 

Sometimes, just for the briefest of moments, he could believe that he was an alpha. More than what he was raised to believe he was. 

Leon has been there countless times to tell him that he’s fine just the way he is- absolutely perfect in Leon’s exact words. But with his thoughts spiralling to a bad place Raihan couldn’t help the doubt that starts to creep up on him again.

The scent blockers he usually took at this time were lying untouched. It was still faint, but nonetheless his scent had already started leaking out. No doubt coming faster than it normally would because of the pregnancy. 

And as on board as he was with Leon’s mum’s advice, the sweet scent of himself around him right now is the last thing he needs. 

Wasn’t a good alpha. Barely a good omega. But I think I can have a baby? Me? The world will get a proper laugh out of this one? Would they even let me still be a gym leader after this?

He scarcely noticed when Leon stepped back into the room, entirely deaf to the call of his name. Too lost to see the other man step up and kneel in front of him from where he was seated at the edge of their bed. 


The firmness of Leon’s tone makes Raihan blink at the alpha in front of him. That doubt from before only grows at the sight of the concerned look reflected in golden eyes.

Now he’s gone and made Leon upset as well.

“Lee-” He pauses to swallow when his breath catches a bit. “I-” He stops again when the words don’t come to the forefront immediately. Too many thoughts swirling around.

But Leon, ever perfect Leon, already has an idea of what’s up. “Are you worried about how everybody will react?”

Raihan nods, but does not offer anything else. It’s more than that, but this is fine.

Leon’s expression goes impossibly soft as he reaches up to gently stroke his cheek. Raihan lets out a soft sigh as he leans into him and none to subtly scents him a bit. Nutmegandginger soothe his senses and already he can feel himself calming down a bit.

“Rai. Galar loves you. For everything that you are. Them finding out you’re an omega won’t change that.” Leon pauses to let a small smirk steal over his face. “Especially not when you can send most people running off anyway. You are one of the most powerful omegas in Galar, anywhere really.” 

And neither of them can know that for sure. Raihan hasn’t battled many trainers outside of Galar. But the certainty of Leon’s voice has him reassured of it as if it’s a proven fact. 

“..Okay..” The thoughts recede to the back of his mind for now. There will never be a way of knowing until he actually comes out, but Leon’s assurances have quelled down that worry for now. “Lee, come up here. I-”

It’s barely a second before Leon raises himself so that his face is level with Raihan’s. 

Even now, sometimes, Raihan has to really wonder who the alpha in their relationship is. Because Leon is always so eager, right at his hell whenever he needs or asks for something. Just thinking about it makes Raihan’s heart swells. 

Reaching forward, he idly runs his hand up and down Leon’s arm. (Arceus his alpha was bulked .) Leon makes a curious noise before he leans forward to bury his face in Raihan’s neck. “You feeling tired too tonight, Lee?”

“Hmm, not particularly.”

“I want you Lee. I really really need you tonight.”

Of course. ” And Arceus, such a simple sentence shouldn’t make Raihan melt, but it’s so filled with want, adoration and love that he can’t help it. 

Leon pulls away from his neck and gathers him up for a sweet kiss. Tender and languid. Until it became more and more heated. Raihan could feel himself get light-headed the more Leon took, the more he continued to give. 

When he pulls back for air, Leon lips follow for a chaste kiss. “Lee.” He breathes against his alpha’s lips. “Your mouth. I need it on me. Now .” 

“Of course, love.” 

The little clothes they have on are quickly abandoned. Leon whines when Raihan’s shorts are pulled away, absolutely soaked with slick. Raihan scoots further up on their bed to give Leon better access and once Leon is up, he wastes no time before diving headfirst to Raihan’s arse.

He can feel his head loll back and his arms scrambling for purchase and Leon goes to town, doing most of the stretching out with just his tongue. 

“Arceus Rai. Your scent. It’s already coming out.” Leon’s full statement takes a while to get out with him diving back for more every time he pulls away. Almost as if, there’s some magnetic pull leading him back. Like he absolutely can’t stand to be away from Raihan’s delicious heat for more than a few scant seconds. “So delicious.” He croons. 

Raihan throws an arm over his surely flushed face, mouth open and shamelessly releasing an array of moans as he is eaten out for all he is worth. “ Lee,” he whines pitifully. 

“So sweet. So good. So wet. ” At some point fingers join in on Leon’s ministrations and Raihan almost completely loses it. “And it’s for me. All for me. ” 

“Yes yours all yours.” Raihan feels like he’s near the edge of the world, just close, so close to letting g-

He reaches down and tugs Leon hair in a way that signals he wants the other man to let up. Leon pulls back with the same attitude of a starving man being pulled away from a banquet. He pulls up and looks at Raihan inquistevely and the sight of the bottom half of Leon’s face absolutely gleaming and wet almost pushes Raihan over the edge.

“Lee. I need you. I want you to be inside when…” 

The growl that Leon releases makes him whimper with anticipation. Leon quickly situates himself into laying down on his back. Raihan crawls over, thighs shaky, as he straddles his alpha. 

It isn’t long before he feels the searing heat of Leon’s cock rubbing at his arse and he mewls at the teasing; glaring down at Leon, who only has burning eyes and a small smile. Raihan grits his teeth at a particular sharp thrust against his backside, “ Lee .”

But Leon, the bastard, only continues to look at him and takes no other action. “C’mon Rai, just ask.”

“Please, Lee, I need you. I want you so bad, it hurts. ” And it sure wasn’t the hardest he’s ever begged, but his brain is absolute mush right now, his body still shaking a bit from Leon’s earlier ministrations. 

It’s enough for Leon though, who takes a hold on his cock and angles it at Raihan’s hole, pushing in slowly. The initial breach makes both of them let out suddery breaths. 

When Raihan sees Leon’s hand move away from his cock, he brings himself down the rest of the way his one fell swoop; preening internally at how Leon comes up to grasp the juncture between his hips and thighs for purchase, careful of his stomach. 

Raihan’s hands find purchase on Leon’s chest as he moves his hips to get some of that sweet friction . Leon isn’t too far behind him. It doesn’t take the other man too long to follow his lead and begin to thrust up into Raihan. Soon enough Raihan lets Leon drive, fully content on his alpha making him bounce on his cock through sheer strength alone.

“Arceus Raihan. You always look good, look so good, ” Leon starts to babble. “You have no idea how nice you always look, your arse eating up my cock.” Raihan whimpers as he grips Leon’s shoulders. “You take it so well, like you were made for this. Like your arse just can’t get enough. Arceus, you’re fucking perfect.” 

It never fails to knock Raihan off-kilter, how absolutely filthy Leon’s mouth becomes during sex. It’s always hard to reconcile the picture perfect ex-Champion, who has had years of press and PR training drilled into his head, with the incoherent babbling mess of vulgarities that comes out in the bedroom. 

The squeaking of the bed and the slapping of skin and skin is drowned out by Raihan’s wails when Leon hits his prostrate dead on, over and over and over. 

“My knot, do you want my knot omega?” Raihan could feel it building, pushing in. 

“Yes! Please! Always. ” Raihan’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and white flashed before his eyes as he felt it push into him. “ Ah! Lee!” He was back on the edge again; more than that he was tipping over the edge this time. 

Pearly strings of cum escaped from his cock onto Leon’s abs and he could feel himself positively gush all over Leon’s cock. 

The growl that left Leon’s throat was otherworldly. The man gave a few more deep thrusts before spilling hot and deep in Raihan, chest heaving from exertion.

They are both silent, reeling in the aftermath, as they wait for Leon's knot to deflate. 

When it’s half down, Raihan pulls up a bit and with a combined effort from Leon the knot pops out of his hole. Raihan lets out a groan and maneuvers so he’s laying pressed up against Leon, his back to him. 

Leon obediently turns on his own side and moves his arm to carefully hold Raihan, tugging him closer. “I love you.” 

The alpha buries his face into Raihan’s neck, warm breath teasing around his scent glands. “I love you,” he says once more. 

Raihan lets a leg get tangled in Leon’s as he feels sleep take over. “I love you too.”