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When you’re a mum, a lot of things over time stop becoming so surprising. Especially when you’re a mother of two boys. 

The first time a son knocks over the vase, it is screaming, panicking and yelling. When his younger brother manages to do the same thing years later, it is simply followed up with a resolute sigh and calmly checking over for any injuries. 

Dahlia loved her sons dearly. Hop and Leon were her everything. She knew them like the back of her hand. (Maybe even more so as she still caught her blinking at the sight of new wrinkles every now and then.) With the two of them, things stopped being surprising very long ago. 

Yet now, Leon has managed to surprise her not once, not twice, but three times in a month. 

The first surprise had come a little bit over a few weeks ago when Leon had been dethroned as champion. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Dahlia knew it would happen eventually. But she didn’t think it would be to anybody, but Raihan. And yet...

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting today, but it certainly wasn’t Leon, Raihan, and Hop standing at her door, two of them buzzing with somewhat nervous energy while the other looked nearly ready to jump out of his skin from excitement. 

What on Galar.

They were now sitting around the table, quietly sipping tea, or at least she was anyway. 

Hop, probably deciding it for the best with how much he was literally shaking, has not touched his tea.

Raihan was staring his down with unaccounted for intensity, wringing his hands in front of him and resolutely also not touching it.

Leon has taken a sip every now and then, but it was between drumming his fingers on the table and running them through his hair. Almost like he just needed to be doing something, anything. 


“So,” She starts off, putting her cup down, since evidently nobody else would. “It’s not often I get all three of you boys down here. It’s actually been quite a while since your last visit Raihan.”

He finally looks up at her with a nervous smile. “Ah sorry ‘bout that ma’am. You  know how it gets, being a gym leader and all.” 

As she is not a gym leader, she most definitely does not know how it gets , but she can get an idea. “Of course! Especially with this season I imagine. Something to remember for sure.” 

Leon joins in then, smile as bright as the afternoon sun. “Yes, we all had such a champion time!” 

If possible, Hop seems to get even more excited. It seems that his brother no longer being champion did nothing to diminish his hero worship of the man. Raihan, on the other hand, rolls his eyes, and looks like he’s resisting the urge to playfully shove Leon. 

“You don’t think t-” “Ah, mum-”

Both Dahlia and Leon start a bit as they catch each other talking at the same time. Dahlia relaxes back and gives an encouraging smile to her son, assuming he is ready to open up about whatever the reason for them being here was. 

He lets out a deep breath through his nose and Dahlia does her absolute damndest not to break out into a brilliant grin when she catches Raihan lightly thumbing his hand in comfort. 

Leon looks her in the eye and she finds herself staring into molten gold that resembles her own. “Mum. Me and Raihan are. We’re in a relationship” He says somewhat haltingly. 

Dahlia had always suspected there was something a little deeper than rivalry between the two alphas. This is not one of the surprises that she gets from Leon, and both he and Raihan balk at her when she says as much. 

Hop rolls his eyes from where he’s seated next to her. “Why do you think mum always tried to corral you home near Valentine’s day to get you to learn how to make some chocolate.” 

Leon’s face goes a bit splotchy at that. “I-I just thought you missed having me at home..” 

Dahlia tuts because, “Of course we did, but it is a mother’s job to her son when he finally gets a clue about how daft he is for a charming alpha.” 

She figured she must have said something wrong, because Leon’s hands start to go about with nervous jittering again. 

“You haven’t been paying much attention to the telly then mum?” Leon asks her. 

She tuts again. “Of course not, you know I’m not much of a fan for gossip.” And she can only assume this is gossip related because while he was not the champion anymore, Leon still was quite a star to the people of Galar. Raihan also boasted the biggest social media presence of any of the gym leaders so this could just as easily be about him. 

Then Raihan speaks up. 

“Actually, ma’am. We’re in a relationship, but...not two alphas. I’m-” He steels himself before looking her in the eye. “Your son is dating an omega.” 

Now that makes her startle a bit because this does come as a surprise. It takes her a moment to process Raihan’s choice of words, almost thinking that her son was dating Raihan and some other omega. But it’s very clear he meant himself. 

She can’t help but linger on how he phrased it. Almost like he was trying to distance himself from being an omega. She hoped that she, or someone if not herself, would get to talk about them. 

The bouncing of Raihan’s leg catches on the catches and startles them all a bit. Ah right. They were still waiting on a response. 

“Oh...okay.” She says amiably, because really what else was there to say. Her smile still comes easily to her face because honestly, why should she have any reaction to Raihan being an omega, Leon’s omega no less, than to be happy. The two men were the Applin of each other's eyes and as long as they were happy. Their frames hadn’t lost all of their nervousness completely despite her acceptance of the revelation. 

(On another note, as an omega herself she can’t really be all that upset. That’d make her quite the hypocrite.) 

“Is that all?” She couldn’t help but ask. Especially because it more than likely wasn’t all. 

Raihan and Leon share a look before they nod and turn back to her. She can’t help how her heart squeezes at that, reminiscing of days of old with Leon and Hop’s father when he was still around. 

She’s snapped out of her reminiscing when Hop suddenly jumps up from his chair. “I’m going to be an uncle!” 

And that s the last of her surprises. 

“Hop!” Leon reprimands. It wasn’t very often that Leon got strict with his brother, but her eldest son’s expression is a bit tight as he looks at Hop. 

The younger sibling shrunk back in his seat a bit shyly as he scratched at his cheek. “I know, but you guys were just taking soooo longggg.” He complains with a sulk. 

She holds back a sigh as she knows she’ll need to have a conversation with her youngest about sensitivity apparently. For now she takes out her wallet and hands him some cash. 

Hop looks up at her questionably. “Mum?”

“I didn’t realize I was going to be making dinner for four so I’m a bit short on some ingredients.” Leon begins to make a halting sound and with just a look she hears his jaw click shut. “Go fetch me some from the market in Wedgehurst, please my dear.” 

Hop nods and calls out to his Dubwool, to accompany him for a short trip and he’s out the door. 

She takes a breath as she sees him out and turns back around to Leon and Raihan. Nobody speaks for a moment before she starts again. “ two are having a child..” Dahlia doesn’t mean to, but she can’t help but sound a bit apprehensive. 

Leon nods stiffly, but it is Raihan who speaks up again. “I’m just about to go into my fourth month..” He tells her. 

Fourth month already? Arceus. She nods as she takes a moment to process this. “Y-You’re both so young. ” She laments because while she’s sure they must have been together for a while already, they weren’t even in their mid twenties yet. 

Although...four months...That means Raihan must have gotten pregnant in the middle of the gym season. That doesn’t sound right. Even if Raihan and Leon decided they were ready to settle down so early in their life, they both had good heads on their shoulders. Surely they wouldn’t conceive right in the middle of a challenge when they were both so busy. It almost made her think…

She looks up suddenly. “Raihan, Leon! Did you tw-” 

Leon’s body draws impossibly tighter. “We didn’t plan this...This-” He swallows. “This was an accident.” 

She was coming to around the same conclusion, but she couldn’t help the small rush of air that left her nonetheless. 

Dahlia was a woman of delicate sensibilities. As such she didn’t really need to ask further than that. While some omegas could go through with it, most didn’t fancy getting rid of children, even if unplanned. 

She gives Raihan a sad, but understanding look. “Oh sweetheart..” 

“We didn’t plan this.” Raihan’s grip on his teacup becomes tight. “We didn’t plan for this at all, but...We’re going to go into this headfirst. We’ll be good for this kid. Real good.” He promises, eyes full of fight, ready for if she were to turn them away. And that-

Oh that almost makes her heart break. 

She rushes around the table and pulls the expecting omega into a hug. She runs a hand gently through his dreads. “Of course, of course dear.” She soothes gently. She barely flinches when his hands come up around her and grip. “I’m sorry for how I sounded, I know you two will be ace .” 

Leon smiles brilliantly, happy to see she was so accepting. “Of course! We’ll be sure to show them an absolutely champion time!” 

And if nothing else, his corny catchphrase startles a laugh out of her and Raihan both and before she knows it Dahlia is drawing her son into the hug as well. “I’m sure my love. Of course, their lovely grandmother will also be here to help with anything you two need.” Raihan lets out a shaky laugh and draws them both impossibly closer. 

They stay like that for a few before something occurs to her and she pulls away from them to look them both in the face. “You know, it’s not too soon to see what your child might look like.” 

That earns a confused look from both of them. “...I’m pretty sure I still have a few weeks before we can even go in for the gender..” He says unsurely. 

Dahlia’s grin turns absolutely devilish and she sees Leon’s face start to pale a bit as he starts to get a clue. 

“Maybe so, buttt our genes do run a bit strong on my side of the family. You can see it perfectly well in Leon and Hop’s baby pictures.” 

Leon starts. “Mum!” 

Raihan smirks a bit as he leans back fully. “Oh really?” Because in all of the time he has visited, he has never seen their baby album. Unfortunate really. 

Dahlia smiles impishly. “I think we have a few before Hop gets back from the market. Oh, I can go fetch the book right now!” 

“Mum!” She hears Leon call out in embarrassment as she rushes upstairs to find the album. 

She can’t help but smile gently as she eyes amongst many of Leon and Hop’s belongings from a childhood long gone. 

She never imagined she’d be a grandmother quite this young, but she was excited for it nonetheless!