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“Score!” Denki exclaimed when his text mate had replied to him ‘Yes, I’d definitely like to meet.’

Denki excitedly replied to the person on the other side, setting up the details of their sexy rendez-vous. A broad smile spread across his face as he texted when Eijirou asked him, “Oo who are you textin’ to get you smiling like that huh?”

“Bro, remember I told you I was gonna look for someone on Grindr with some experience?” 

“Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s your birthday gift to yourself.”

“Exactly! Well, I found someone! And they’re definitely interested.” 

“What’s he look like?”

“Ah, that’s the thing, we haven’t exactly traded photos. He said for security purposes that he doesn’t like sending photos of his face, he doesn’t want ‘em floating around the internet.”

“That’s...kinda weird? Did you send a selfie?” Eijirou asked.

“Well, define selfie?”


“Takes one to know one!” Denki stuck his tongue out, “But no, I didn’t send a selfie. He said it wouldn’t be fair if he received one and I didn’t. It’s kinda sweet.”

“Sweet? I dunno Denks, seems sketch. Are you sure you’re not being catfished or something? Whatever gets your rocks off I guess. Hopefully he’s a hottie.” 

“Mmm, I’m sure he is, I’ve seen body shots and, yes Daddy, me likey.” 

Eijirou snorts, “Have fun bro. But most importantly be safe.”

Denki rolls his eyes, “Alright Dad. Hurry up and pick a movie before the rest of the squad comes in would you?” 

He tried to concentrate on the movie Eijirou had put on for the squad, but he was too busy texting his potential fuck buddy more details. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t sporting a half-chub the entire time he was with his friends, but he shrugged, they were as thick as thieves, well at least Hanta and Eijirou and he had open communication about sex, Katsuki on the other hand; they weren’t allowed to talk about sex around him. They weren’t sure if he was uninterested because he was a virgin or if it was because he probably had the raunchiest sex with Izuku and they were boring. The trio usually bet on the latter because one time they saw them sparring and the three of them all looked at each other.

“They fuckin’,” Denki said.

“Oh, they fuckin’ . Look at them sparks.” Eijirou echoed. 

“No! No guys—,” Hanta had paused for dramatic effect, “They Fawwkin’.”

“They fawwkin’ ,” they had all said simultaneously. 

Denki giggles at the thought of ‘ fawwkin ’; hopefully that’s something he’ll be doing next weekend with his internet friend. 

Leading up to his elusive date, Denki did everything he could to prepare himself for it. He’s seen the heat his friend was packing, and he didn’t want to look like a total virgin. He’d recently received a butt plug set from Mina who winked and said, “Happy Birthday kiddo, don’t go too wild with these okay?” 

He used the glass plugs varying in size to get him accustomed to being fuller than he was used to. He bit down on his lower lip, eyebrows knitted, eyes shut as he fantasized about his ‘sext mate’ and the things they had talked about. 

When his imagination riled him up, the plug would be removed and he’d ride his favorite dildo until he came untouched. 

It had been one hell of a week preparing for his big ‘date’ , if you could call a hook-up that. 

He’d been lucky when his friend had been relatively close to UA based on his search criteria. He had been afraid he’d only see a bunch of horny teens pop up in his vicinity, but was happily surprised to see that there was quite a variation not too far from campus. 

The morning he was set to meet his hook-up, he had done a search on the address. It was a nice neighborhood, nice apartments. At least he knew he wasn’t venturing into the warehouse district or some sketchy side of town. Don’t get him wrong, meeting someone blind like this was a huge gamble, but it was worth a shot. 

Before he left, he went up to Eijirou’s dorm. 

“Hey, I’m leaving.”

“Are you ready for your big date,” Eijirou’s eyebrow had wiggled as he said it. 

“Ready as I’ll ever be, Mina’s gift should have helped me for today.” 

“True, true. Hey, Denks?”

“Mm?” Denki said as he checked his tote bag once more.

“Be safe okay? Text me, call me.” 

Denki stopped what he was doing and looked up with a small smile, “Wanna walk to me to the gate? Not gonna lie, I’m a bit nervous.” 

“Deal. But I’ll do ya one better. I’ll walk you up to the konbini, I could use a quick walk off campus.” 

“Thanks, Ei!” 

As they approached the convenience store, Denki turned around to say bye to Eijirou who reminded him, “Call me. Seriously.” 

Denki nodded, pulling out his phone to start the navigation app.

“Will do,” he said with a salute, “Promise! I’ll text ya when I get to his apartment!” 

It was another ten minute walk from where they had parted ways, which made Denki’s stomach flutter with nervousness.

Holy shit, this is happening! He kept telling himself. Half wanting to run, half wanting to stay cool. 

He reached the white apartment building he’d seen on the internet when he had looked it up using ‘street view’ on the browser. 

He turned off navigation and pulled up Eijirou’s messages, sending him a quick, “I’m here. Text ya when I’m on my way home!” 

Eijriou replied with a thumbs up, and Denki pocketed his phone as he marched up to the second floor looking for the apartment number he’d been given. 

It was a really nice building, modern and sleek. He walked to the end of the hall, a corner apartment. 

Nice , he thought. 

He took a deep breath and exhaled, loosening his shoulders with a few shrugs and shaking his arms to rid himself of the jitters.  

He held his breath as he knocked on the door. The sounds of footsteps coming to the door to meet him followed shortly after. 

The lock turned, the doorknob twisted. The door opened and the moment Denki saw his face, his eyes grew comically wide and he looked at the apartment number one more time. 

An equally shocked but very tired expression met his gaze. 

“So,” Shouta fucking Aizawa said as he rubbed his templed with an exasperated sigh, “You’re Twinkie269 .”

Denki chuckled nervously, “Well, this is awkward, BindingDaddy420. I was looking for someone to explore Shibari with.” 

Shouta looked at him with his signature deadpan expression, “And? Let’s get started.”

He stepped back and opened the door wider, inviting Denki to come into his home. Denki started at him like he’d grown a second head, “Sen...sei?”

“You wanna do this or not? I don’t have all day, Kaminari.”

“Oh, I uh—yeah. I just didn't think—cuz uh…this?” He gestures to himself.

“I told you in our messages, I needed discretion. I expect you to have the same level of discretion when I am your teacher in school. But right now, we are both consenting adults off-campus.” 

Denki followed him into his apartment, removing his shoes quickly and depositing his tote by the door. 

Holy shit, Aizawa-sensei. This, could this get any better!? 

“I’m going to grab us a few bottles of water, and then we can start.”

Denki swallowed thickly, the butterflies were starting to bubble up. Yeah, okay, this is exactly what he wanted for his birthday, getting tied up by someone older, someone experienced. But never would he have thought he would have the privilege of that person being Shouta Aizawa, arguably one of the hottest teachers at UA, despite his broody personality. 

When Shouta returned, he handed a bottle of water to Denki, “You should sip a little bit before we start.” 

Denki followed his order obediently, snapping the seal open with a twist and sipping on it. 

“Follow me,” Aizawa said as he moved deeper into his apartment and down the hall to a room with a door ajar. 

They stepped into it and Denki’s jaw dropped, the bottle in his hand almost slipping from his grip. Just how many surprises was he going to encounter today? 

This wasn’t just your ordinary bedroom, this was a room specifically designed for what Denki had been asking. There was rigging on the ceiling for suspension, above a queen size bed and mirrors on the walls.  

“Holy shit, you don’t play around.” 

Shouta was pulling his hair back into a ponytail, “This isn’t child’s play Kaminari. I hope this session teaches you that much. Now, you said you wanted Shibari, but I have to correct you, you’re interested in Kinbaku. Now, you’re a total novice so we’re gonna start off light okay? And if you enjoy it then we can talk. Your choice, clothes or no clothes.”

“Uh, no clothes.”

“Then strip, and get on the bed.” 

Shouta moved to a corner of the room, a dresser. Denki watched him gingerly rifle through his drawers as he removed his shirt and pants. He had opted to wear a black lace thong for today’s event and quickly got onto bed awaiting new instructions. Shouta glanced his way, eyes catching the black lace before he turned back, closing the drawer and quickly opening the bottom one. 

Grabbing what he needed, he shut the drawer and made his way to Denki. 

Gold eyes eyed the shiny red satin laid across Shouta’s palms. He could feel himself already getting aroused at the idea of being tied up in something luxurious. 

Laying the fabric along the edge of the bed, his gaze caught Denki’s, “I changed my mind. I’m going to need you to stand for this. There’s three parts to this.” 

Denki nodded and slid off the bed, suddenly feeling small and short as Shouta stood before him. He felt vulnerable in just his thong, but this was what he wanted. Shouta seemed to study his face and saw the bit of hesitation that flitted through Denki’s expressions. 

“You can trust me Denki.” 

The blond nodded and Shouta set to work. Unwinding the silk fabric he loosely took a measurement of Denki’s body. He watched deft fingers make three knots from the midsection of satin, resulting with a loop. 

“Let’s begin,” was what Shouta said as he split the silk over his shoulders, the three knots hanging down his torso, the loop just above his pubic bone. Denki felt the silk being laid over his shoulderscoming back together at his upper back as more knots were produced.

His breath hitched when Shouta moved to his knees, his hands feeding the rest of the silk between his thin thighs as another hand reached for the loop and fed it through. Denki wasn’t sure what Shouta had done, but the moment he pulled the two ends of the silk it tightened up against his body, creating a window that framed his crotch perfectly. Shouta’s fingers grazed his member as he adjusted the bindings around his dick before pulling the ends up and wrapping each end around his waist, and re-connecting them at the back with another loop.

“You okay?” he had asked

Denki only nodded in response, and Shouta went back to work. 

Shouta’s hands glide around his sides, the silk following in his wake. With one hand and a swift move and a tug, he turned Denki around quickly by the bindings alone. He barely saw how quickly Shouta’s hands deftly secured another stretch of silk around his body using the central vertical line as the core.

With each pull at the middle, the silk split across him creating a diamond pattern that climbed up his torso, with the last diamond pattern framing his pecs like a bra. Once the final knot was secure in the back, Shouta stepped back admiring his work. 

“Give yourself a look,” he instructed as Denki finally looked up from where he had been staring hard from when they started. 

He froze as he saw the beautifully tied red silk hugging his body expertly, framing pieces of him erotically, putting him on display. He could see his growing hardness straining slightly against the black lace, but chose to ignore it as he turned his body to look at the back. 

The back had mirrored the front, beautiful crisscrosses adorned his body, a perfect triangular frame started at the base of his lower back as the silk dug into his round cheeks, disappearing below just as his thong did. 

“Wow,” Denki exhaled, “This is. I can’t even. I love this. What is this!?”

“It’s a full body harness. Serves as a base for other ties, are you ready to continue?” 

“Yes, yes please!”

He let out a small moan as he looked at himself, fuck he looked really good. Denki was excited, staring at his reflection in the mirror. God, he looked so fuckin’ hot tied up like that. The red was a perfect contrast on his skin, the silk the perfect counterpart to his lacy thong. 

Shouta took both his arms, and pulled them behind him, stacking his forearms together and bound them together before securing them in place by tying it to the body harness. 

“Comfortable? Tell me if it’s too tight.”

Denki shook his head, “So far so good. No complaints here.” He tugged against the bindings, only to find himself unable to move his arms at all. He twisted around in the mirror again, watching his back muscles constrict at the forced immobilization. 

He fucking loved where this was going. Seeing his upper body immobilized had his dick standing at attention, he looked down, seeing his pre-come collecting at the tip as it pushed against the lace. He tilted his head back with another quiet moan. 

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Yes! Thank you.” 

“We’re not done. One more tie, and then I can reward you.” 

Denki’s dick twitched in interest at the term, ‘ reward?’

“Lie down on your stomach.”

It was hard to maneuver himself onto the bed without his hands, essentially face planting into the comforter’s pillowy softness. 

He heard a snort before a pair of hands grabbed the binding of his hands and easily pulled him further up the bed. 

Next, he felt those warm, callused hands bending his leg, thigh to calf and the coolness of the satin as his leg was bound. He couldn’t see what was being done, but he didn’t mind, he was feeling really good, his body vibrated against the silk that wrapped him. 

He was fully immobile, fully vulnerable to Shouta’s whims now. Just as he tried to crane his head, he was hauled up to his knees. Looking down, he saw the beautiful diamond pattern that kept his legs constricted.

“It’s called a ‘frog tie’,” Shouta had said watching Denki’s expression, “You’re curious about the names right?” 

Denki nodded, taking in the crisscrosses against his pale skin, “Damn, that’s pretty.”

“Actually, you look pretty,” he said nonchalantly, “How are you feeling?” 

“To be honest? Really fucking good, my body’s just vibrating, tingling even.” 

“Good. I can really see how much you’re enjoying this. Try to hang on a little bit longer.” 

There was a rustle of clothing behind him, Denki felt a rush of nerves at the charged atmosphere.  

Shouta’s hands rested at his hips, thumbs dipping into the dimples of his lower back and massaging him. Denki clenched at the pressure, he let out a small groan and bit on his lip. He could feel his dick throbbing, needing to be touched. 

Denki was pushed forward, landing on his cheek, his ass presented to Shouta. Fingers ran across the lace thong before they hooked into the thin strip of fabric that covered his hole. The fabric snapped back against his butt cheek, making him cry out, “Ah!” 

Warm hands palmed his ass, squeezing and pulling them apart, an amused hum was heard before Shouta spoke, “Have you been prepping yourself for today?” Fingers traced the yellow gem of the butt plug, he tugged on it, Denki squirmed. 

“Yes,” Denki moaned out, “Yes, yes. Your photos—I had to.” 

Shouta pulled the plug, Denki gasped as the widest part of it slipped through. The movement stopped and slowly it was pushed back in. 

“Hnng, fuck,” Denki cried, “Please, I—”

“Shh, it’s okay. I told you, bear with it for a little longer, I’ll make it worth your while.” 

Denki bit his lip and nodded in obedience. 

Shouta continued to prep with Denki’s plug, pulling it in and out at the widest part, Denki moaned, trying to arch his back more into it, begging for more. With a loud pop and a loud moan the plug was removed.

A drawer opened, shuffling was heard before it was closed again. 

The sound of a cap popping open was heard, and in seconds Denki was clenching as he felt cold liquid drip down his crack. Thick fingers ran up and down smearing the lube around barely touching his hole. A single finger slid in easily, Denki choked on a moan.

“Damn, you’ve been working hard on loosening yourself. Looking forward to today were you?”

“Mm hmm,” Denki nodded against the comforter, biting his lip harder when a second finger slipped in.

“Why can’t you be this prepared for exams?” Shouta dryly laughed, his fingers spreading and dragging along his walls. 

Denki cried, “Sensei! Please!” 

“Are you begging me now?” 

“Yes! Please, please fuck me!” 

Fingers withdrew, and Denki attempted to look over his shoulder, catching a glimpse of a nude Shouta behind him, stroking himself as he ripped open a condom wrapper with his teeth. 

Denki whimpered, his tongue licking his lips as he saw how thick and long his dick was. 

Shouta’s raised an eyebrow at the gesture, “Oh? Is there something else you want fucked first?” 

Denki’s mind short circuited, the world going upside down as he was flipped with his head hanging off the bed. Wide golden eyes almost went cross-eyed as he was eye-level with Shouta’s massive cock dangling inches from his face.

He opened his mouth instinctively as his eyes glanced up at Shouta’s face who smirked approvingly, “So willing.” 

Shota slipped the tip into Denki’s waiting mouth, trying to relax his jaw as his lips stretched around the thick member. He could barely breathe as Shouta slid deeper. He was only halfway when he started to thrust slowly into Denki’s mouth. He felt fingers on his throat, pressing down against the shaft. Spit slid down his face; Denki moaned, the vibrations rattling Shouta into thrusting forward. 

Denki choked out a cry as his jaw went impossibly wide.

“Fuck, sorry.” Shouta said as he withdrew. 

Denki coughed, “‘s’fine.” 

Denki was flipped back to his original position: face down ass up with Shouta joining him on the bed. His hands steadying his hips as he lined himself up and started to push. 

“OH fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Denki repeated as each inch slid deeper and deeper.

He caught his breath when Shouta bottomed out, getting a breather to adjust to his thick cock. Looking back, he nodded, giving him the okay to move. 

Shouta started slowly, carefully, letting Denki get used to it. When his moans opened up and his body relaxed he thrusted faster, curving against Denki’s back, lips latching onto the column of his neck and licking and biting. 

Denki’s mind started to empty as he was fucked into the bed, eyes rolling back into his head as his ass was pounded. Shouta uprighted himself, holding Denki’s hips with an iron grip.

He felt Shouta grab the column of silk running down his back, yanking him back to a kneeling position, his cock sliding deeper. Denki threw his head back against Shouta’s shoulder, head turning and burrowing into Shouta’s neck. His body bowed in this position as Shouta’s hands drifted down his silk laden body, pulling his cock out from his lacy underwear. 

Shouta’s hand wrapped around his painfully throbbing cock, pumping him in tandem with each thrust. He turned his head for their lips to meet in an open mouth tangle of tongues. 

“Cl—close,” he cried out breathlessly, earning a grunt of acknowledgment. Shouta continued to pump his cock, his other arm wrapping around Denki’s waist, keeping him in place as he brought them both closer to their peak. 

Denki’s body bowed again as he came, a wordless scream as his jaw dropped, his body going taut and freezing. His come spurting out over Shouta’s hand. He slumped against Shouta’s broad chest as his body started to give out from the exertion. His brain went fuzzy as Shouta came with a final thrust, peppering kisses across Denki’s face as he came down from his high. 

Shouta pulled out gingerly, careful not to jostle Denki too much in his state of bliss. He cleaned up Denki quickly. 

“You okay?” his raspy voice asked.

“Mm,” Denki hummed. 

“I’m going to unbind you now.” 

Denki yawed and nodded, a huff of laughter barely heard as he felt those deft fingers undoing the bindings of his arms first. They hung loosely at his sides once they had been freed, his head hung forward. He felt the silk unravel from his body next, his body feeling completely boneless as Shouta worked the ties and knots. 

He was laid onto his back when Shouta removed the bindings from his legs, moaning quietly when his legs were stretched out straight, his muscles were given a slight massage from being constrained. 

His eyelids fluttered shut when a blanket was drawn over him, and a hand carded through his hair.

He awoke a couple hours later, feeling completely relaxed, groggy to his surroundings. He sat up rubbing his eyes, and winced at the slight pain in his lower back. The door opened revealing a freshly dressed wide-eyed Shouta.

“You’re awake already? I figured you’d be out for a bit longer. The first time takes a lot of you.” 

“Mmm, yeah. I’m exhausted,” he replied plopping back onto the bed. 

“Here, have some tea.” 

Denki sat up again to take the cup, sipping it with a sigh, feeling the warmth in his bones. 

“Thank you.” 

“No problem.” 

His fingers drummed along the curved porcelain, his other hand tucking a strand of hair behind his ear, “Soo, you do this often?”

“Small talk really isn’t your strong suit is it?”


A rare smile and a laugh spread across Shouta’s face, “I’m on the app aren’t I?”

“You, uh, have you…?”

Shouta raised an eyebrow at the question, “Do you mean ‘Have you gotten other students’ before?’ because you’re not the first student.”


“At this age, you’re all curious. Not that surprising.”

Denki’s brow furrowed, “ our class?” 

“I don’t kiss and tell Kaminari. Discretion. ” 

“Boo. Can I guess?”

“No. And since you’ve gotten your strength back, you should probably get dressed now, before I have to get there and do the nightly check-in for curfew.” 

“Oh shoot, what time is it!?”


“Oh my God. I only have thirty minutes,” he panicked as he threw the blanket back and hopped out of bed. Shouta gestured to his nicely folded clothes at the foot of the bed and excused himself to let Denki change. 

Denki rushed as he dressed, bursting out of the door and hustling into the living room. 

“Kaminari, relax, I’ll show up a bit later to give you some time. You don’t want your classmates asking you why you’re so flustered, do you?”

“No, not at all!”

“Then calm down. The walk isn’t even that far. Take a deep breath, I’ll see you out.” 

Denki inhaled deeply and then exhaled, following Shouta to the front door. He slipped on his shoes and grabbed his tote, fishing for his cellphone. 

“Be safe walking back. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Bye Sensei! Um, thanks! We should uh,” he faltered. 

“Yeah, let’s do this again. I’ll text you later,” Shouta leaned against his doorway arms crossed over his chest. 

“Bye!” Denki turned with a wave. 

He pulled out his cellphone once he was out of Shouta’s line of sight; dialing the one person he couldn’t wait to tell.

“Yooo, Denks! Bro how was it?” 

“Oh my GOD Ei, you would not believe!” 

“Like in a good way? Bad way? Oh shit, were you catfished??”

Denki laughed, “CATfished, more like I was CAT-fishing.”


“Oh it's a jo—you know what nevermind. Anyways, I’ll tell you when I get back, see you in twenty.” 

The walk home Denki couldn’t stop smiling, he got two things for his birthday. His wish had been granted and given by the person he least expected. He couldn't wait for the next time. 

Who knew being Catfished could be a blessing in disguise?