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No Strings Attached

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I'd Lie by Taylor Swift

I don't think that passenger seat
Has ever looked this good to me
He tells me about his night
And I count the colors in his eyes
He'll never fall in love he swears
As he runs his fingers through his hair
I'm laughing 'cause I hope he's wrong
And I don't think it ever crossed his mind
He tells a joke, I fake a smile
But I know all his favorite songs

I could tell you his favorite color's green
He loves to argue, born on the seventeenth
His sister's beautiful, he has his father's eyes
And if you asked me if I love him,
I'd lie

Beth opened the door, letting it swing all the way open as Daryl came through carrying a pizza just like he did every Friday night. This was their longstanding date for about as long as Beth could remember. They had been friends for ages. That's not to say they didn't have their ups and downs like any other friendship, like the two months they hadn't talked when Daryl had been dating Jenna, Maggie's friend from high school. Maggie was two years older than Beth and Daryl was five years older than Maggie. Daryl and Jenna dating in high school had been quite the scandal and Beth had been so disappointed in him for dating such a young girl. Jenna was 17 and anything but a virgin. She had hated Jenna with a passion ever since Maggie had brought her home from school and Jenna teased Beth about being so flat-chested. She was a generous B-cup now, but the memory was still a sharp barb in her ego.

"Got the pizza, Greene, what movie did you find?" Daryl said as he placed the pizza on the coffee table between the television and the sofa.

Beth tried to pull the tab of the box up, attempting to snag a piece of pepperoni. She had skipped lunch being so busy with her study group and breakfast had been a rushed affair of a breakfast bar and a Diet Coke. To say she was hungry would be a gross understatement.

Daryl tapped her hand lightly with two fingers. "Hands off Greene. Rules are rules."

Beth rolled her eyes at him. "Fine. But hurry up. I'm starvin'" she grumbled as she went to grab the moonshine and two shot glasses from under the sink.

"You forgot to eat again didn't ya?" Daryl said. He hated when she skipped meals. She was too damn skinny as it was.

"Yeah," Beth said as she walked back in the room, setting the moonshine and glasses on the table in front of the pizza. "Why? They had a tradition. One shot of moonshine and one fun fact that they didn't think the other would know about each other. They did that first and then they'd get their pizza and start the movie.

Beth had started it as a way of them getting their friendship started again after he had broken it off with Jenna. They had instituted Friday Night Friend night and ever since then they'd only missed it twice. Once when Daryl's old man had died and the other when Beth had the flu although it had ended up kind of being a friend night that night anyway since he had come over to take care of her.

"Ya get real crabby when you're hungry." He smirked at her as he sat down to the left of her just as he always did.

"I do not," She knew even as she denied it that he was telling the truth. She giggled a little then as she poured their shots.

Daryl waited for Beth to sit down before picking up his shot glass. Once she was seated and comfortable, after wiggling her rear all over the sofa until she found that one spot she liked, one leg tucked up under her body and the other knee drawn up to her chest, she reached over and grabbed her glass as he did his.

"Whose turn?" Beth asked him. They took turns going first and she couldn't remember for the life of her whose turn it was this time.

"Yours I think," Daryl replied. He thought about what Merle might think of him and Beth's confession game. He figured he'd probably laugh and call him a pussy.

Beth cleared her throat and held her shot glass out from her a little ways, a tiny smile playing across her features. She had been thinking about this one for days. She knew it was something that Daryl didn't know anything about and they had been one-upping each other every week. "I confess." She looked at him and she could barely keep the grin off her face and she knew without looking in a mirror that the corners of her eyes were crinkling up. "I kissed a girl." She giggled and turned her shot glass up, keeping eye contact with him, not wanting to miss his reaction. Predictably, his jaw dropped open and he was speechless for a full minute.

"Who?" The word was out of Daryl's mouth before he could even register thinking it. So sweet little innocent Beth Greene had dabbled in the fairer sex.

Beth giggled and threw his words back at him. "Nuh-uh. Rules are rule, Dixon." She smirked at him and his eyes flashed at her as he lifted his glass.

He hated when she was right, which was most of the time but he still hated being beaten at his own game. "Fine, but you can bet I'm gonna get it out of you later." Daryl hadn't been able to resist. They made the confession but they weren't allowed to talk about it until after the movie. It was the tradition after all and it was their own personal brand of torture. Some might think it was a sad way to spend a Friday night but to Daryl, it was everything. Sometimes he didn't know what he would do without her. She'd been there for him for about as long as he could remember. She'd helped him get over Jenna and then after her, Tiffany. After Tiffany, he'd sworn off dating, vowing that it was not worth the endless headache.

He didn't get girls, never had, but Beth was hardly like any of the other girls he had known in his lifetime. She was Beth. Daryl put his glass out in front of him and took a deep breath. He'd been trying to get the nerve up to tell her this one for a while but hadn't done it because it was too damn embarrassing. But he took a deep breath and let the words come tumbling out, half hoping she couldn't hear him. "I confess, I sang karaoke. Drunk." He tossed the shot of moonshine back and suddenly wished for another, but it wasn't part of the game. Beth didn't ever drink much on account of her Daddy being an alcoholic. Daryl didn't either but his father's booze-laden violence was way worse than Hershel's self-imposed exile when he drank.

Beth spit her Diet Coke everywhere. "You? Sang karaoke?" her voice got higher pitched at the end just before she erupted into a fit of giggles. Beth tried to imagine Daryl singing and she got one image in her mind but the picture of him being drunk and singing in front of strangers was more than her ribs could take.

She was dying to ask but she had just spouted the rules to him so she brought one finger up making a zipping motion with her finger across her lips. She'd ask him later after the movie was over. He smirked at her again. "So the movie Greene?" He picked up the remote and pushed play, then reached over and opened the pizza box. It was greasy pepperoni but it was just what she needed after a long week of hitting the books. She was a second year medical student and she knew it was going to be a tough few years when she started but she hadn't bargained for the incessant sleepless nights and the cut into her already non-existent social life.

Beth looked at him blankly for a moment as she reached for a slice of pizza. "Some chick flick, I don't remember." She heard him groan out loud and she turned to look at him. "Oh come on, you know I have no hope of having a love life. Let me live through fake people on my T.V. screen." She looked at him, imploring him with her eyes, even batting her insanely long lashes for effect. She picked up the DVD box on the sofa from behind her. "It's supposed to be good. 27 Dresses."

Daryl looked at her and groaned again. "Come on Greene, not the puppy eyes. I'm immune remember?" He said and she continued to bat her eyelashes at him. He sighed, finally relenting. There was no use, he knew this. She was persuasive and very good at getting her way. He'd be better off giving in than try and argue with her. "Fine. But don't expect me to like it. In fact, I'll probably be makin' fun of it." He grumbled and she giggled again. What could he say? He had a weak spot where Beth was concerned. She had a rough time of it lately with all the douchebags she had been dating. If letting her watch this movie would keep her from one more crash and burn relationship in a revolving door of never-ending assholes, then he was all for it. He was tired of seeing her get her heart broken again and again.

Beth put down her pizza and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him loudly and sloppily on the cheek, then pulled back looking at him saucily. "Thank you, Mr. Dixon." She said, mildly teasing him. He hated it when she called him that. It stemmed from the first time they had ever drank moonshine together. He had told her she was being a spoiled brat insisting that he give her more since she was nursing yet another broken heart. She had called him an asshole and to stop trying to be her chaperone. "I'm 17 years old and I can take care of myself, Mr. Dixon." Ever since then, when she really wanted to get under his skin, all she had to do was utter those words with just the right amount of sarcasm dripping from them.

He rolled his eyes and waved a hand at the screen. "Yeah, yeah, let's just play the damn thing." He grumbled grabbing another slice of pizza as the movie began playing.

Beth settled herself back on the sofa pouring just one more shot glass full of moonshine for them both. She tossed hers back and Daryl drank his a few seconds later. They sat in silence, Beth interjecting comments every now and then and Daryl going along with her.

The movie reached a rather steamy scene where the couple were going at it in a car. Daryl always hated watching scenes like this because there were grossly unrealistic. Like who really did it in a car anymore. He glanced over at Beth, smirking at her.

"I know you hate it, but this is the closest to sex I will likely get in the next year." Beth sighed and sat back losing total interest in the movie.

Daryl reached over for the remote and clicked the pause button. "Spill it Greene." He looked at her pointedly. She had been all sighs and exasperated groans for the last five minutes. This was precisely why he didn't like watching movies like this.

Beth pulled both her knees into her chest. "It's just so unfair. I gave my all to that relationship and he just up and decides he wants to see other people." Beth sighed. "I'm over him. Honestly, I just miss the sex. It's been 8 months, Daryl. 8 months!" She threw the head against the back of the sofa, clearly frustrated.

Daryl groaned inwardly. He guessed he'd never get used to talking about shit like this with her but this was what their friendship was. They told each other everything, even stuff like this. "What about that other guy? Thought you were gonna just see him once in a while." That was the most he was willing to say. She had been planning on keeping him around just for the sex.

Beth rolled her eyes and groaned. "Don't remind me. Andrew was great. But he wanted to 'take things slow and see where our relationship was headed'. Like I really have time for that. How long has it been for you? Gina?" Gina had been his last girlfriend but they had broken up over a year ago. She had wanted way more than what Daryl was capable of giving. Their relationship had been volatile at best. She hated to think that Daryl had gone without sex for over a year. There was no way she was going to make it much longer and definitely not a year.

Daryl nodded his head. "Yeah, it was."

"Ugh how are you even living? I need an outlet and I don't think I'd be able to wait as long as you have. You're a damn saint, Dixon." She remarked looking at him.

Daryl snorted derisively. "Ain't no saint. It's just too much fuckin' trouble. Always wantin' something more." They always did too. They wanted more. As he had gotten older, it had just gotten worse. Girls wanting to dig deeper, get to know him, change him, but he had sidestepped them all. For him, there was just Beth. She was the only one who got him, didn't try to change him. And for whatever reason, he pretty much told her everything. He didn't feel the need to hold back around her.

"Why haven't we ever dated, Dixon?" Daryl rolled his eyes again. This was a frequent topic of conversation. He didn't bother answering. She sat up suddenly. "I got it." She looked at him, her face lighting up with that smile that could brighten any dark spot in the world. It often brightened his but he wasn't about to tell her that, knowing she'd take full advantage of the admission not in a bad way, but just in the way that Beth Greene thought she knew everything there was to know about stuff. It drove him crazy at the same time it endeared him to her. He looked at her sideways as she sat up even straighter and turning herself on the sofa to face him. He turned slightly so he was facing her too, watching her face as whatever idea it was danced around in that crazy head of hers.

"We've known each other a long time right?" Beth asked him.

"Well, yeah sure." Daryl responded warily and eyeing her carefully.

"And you don't want a relationship because it's too complicated?" Daryl wasn't sure he followed but he nodded in agreement.

"Then let's be friends with benefits. It's perfect." She said, looking at him like she had just discovered the cure for cancer.

Daryl nearly spit his soda all over the place. "You mean like fuck buddies?" He looked at her sharply, searching her eyes. Oh yeah, she was serious alright. She had that look in her eyes as she nodded resolutely at him. He started shaking his head. "No way, Greene. What the fuck is wrong with you? We can't do that."

"Why not?" Beth asked, holding her hands out waiting for him to argue with her.

For the life of him, he couldn't think of one reason except the most obvious. "We're friends." He shook his head again, dismissing the idea. "You must have lost your mind."

"Nope for the first time, I feel perfectly sane. Why haven't we thought of this before. We are friends. All the more reason. Just a simple arrangement. It's perfect, we both know what we want. Know that the other doesn't want anything more than just sex." She beamed at him again.

"What if the other starts to want somethin' more?" He knew it wouldn't be him, but the last thing he would want to do is hurt her. He couldn't even believe he was entertaining the thought of this ridiculous arrangement he was suggesting. "No Greene, it would just be weird. We ain't even ever kissed." Daryl said, shaking his head again.

Beth grinned. "Let's start there then." She was so enthusiastic and convincing, he didn't know why he bothered. She was going to get her way one way or another. Maybe she wouldn't like kissing him and they could laugh at this and forget about the whole thing.

"Fine." He resigned himself to his fate, putting his beer can down.

"You'll do it?" She was practically giddy, bouncing on the seat as she readjusted herself on the sofa so she faced him more fully.

"I'll kiss you. If it's weird, then no deal. Got it?" He looked at her, letting his eyes bore into hers.

Beth looked at him, his eyes sinking into hers, seeing into her soul like he usually did. "Deal." She said as he turned to face her. She was suddenly fiercely glad for the second shot of moonshine. Liquid courage was just what she needed. She was getting ready to kiss her best friend.

Beth figured the only way to do this was to just go for it. Kind of like ripping off a Band-aid except hopefully this wouldn't be quite as painful. Hopefully it was good. She had never kissed him before but in looking at his lips, she was willing to bet he was good at it. The thought of kissing him, really kissing him, had butterflies fluttering in her stomach all the sudden. Before she could lose her nerve, she leaned forward and closed her eyes, her lips meeting his. They were soft and pliant and slightly cool from the soda he had just drank. At first when their lips met, just barely, a hint of a kiss and then Beth tentatively placed her hand behind his neck and threaded her fingers lightly into the hair at the back of his head as she darted her tongue out just slightly sliding the tip along his lower lip. She could swear she heard him sigh as he opened his mouth finally and accepted her tongue into his mouth, his tongue now warring with hers for control. She leaned closer into him and he brought his hands up beside her face, cupping one cheek in each hand as if to hold her still so his tongue could properly plunder her mouth.

Finally Beth broke off the kiss, leaning her forehead against his. "Well that was- good," she finished, holding her hand up to her lips and staring at him, her baby blues having gone a little wide in surprise. "Great actually," she admitted, looking at him for a second that felt like a thousand.

Kissing Beth was nothing like he expected it to be. He had expected it to be fumbling, awkward, and fleeting. Just a brief chaste kiss and this whole mess could be forgotten and swept away. He hadn't expected this feeling deep within. He hadn't expected it would turn him on like it was. And he sure as hell hadn't expected that he would want to do it again, but as he looked at her trying to figure out what the hell had just happened, it's exactly what he did. And the second time was way better than the first. Oh yeah, he was in deep shit now.