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Playing with Fire

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“Why do I have to go to that old fart’s company? Doesn’t he have anything better to do?”

“Mr. Jing is a well-respected architect in his field, he has worked hard to get where-”

“Cut the crap Mr. I-don’t-care-what-your-name-is. How long do I have to be there for?”

At these words the old chief of the police department’s thin lips purse in annoyance, but then his expression changes to that of wicked delight. All Hei Qi thinks is that look only looks good on himself.

“Whenever Mr. Jing deems it long enough.”

Hei Qi wants to break free from the power suppressing collar around his neck. He hates this development. No, he despises it.

Jing Ran knows about the man named Hei Qi. Committed a crime for the first time but has a history of not exactly obeying the law, nothing major which is why he isn’t in prison yet. It was mostly due to his powers being of use to society sometimes, not that anyone would admit it.

He doesn’t know why his old friend within the police force suggested he take him in to do community service. Jing Ran is a businessman who doesn’t have time for such trivialities. Nonetheless he agreed, if only to call in a long-held favour.

He rereads Hei Qi's file, seeing all the exploits he has undergone with no help but his own. It would be remarkable if it wasn’t so unbelievably criminal. His gaze keeps flitting back to the small square image of said man, a devilish grin and dark eyes under bangs long enough to run your hands through.

If Jing Ran has any hope of redeeming Hei Qi, he has his work cut out for him.

Hei Qi wasn’t expecting Jing Ran to this.

A dignified man was expected yes, but not one so young, nor as good looking as he so obviously is. Hei Qi stands there blinking for a moment. Wait, is that a ponytail? Hei Qi rolls his eyes. Looks like just another mindless pretty boy who probably got lucky with the elites. He’s seen it millions of times. Whatever.

“The old man says you’re my new superior now. Well,” he bows sarcastically, “I’m honoured, Your Highness.”

Jing Ran doesn’t rise to the bait and instead holds out a hand for him to shake, “Nice to meet you, Hei Qi.”

Hei Qi looks down at the outstretched hand and scoffs while stuffing his own hands in his pockets. He begins to look around at the building in front of him.

“This is nice. Your benefactors pay for this?” He glances sidelong at him, only to see his stoic expression. Hei Qi is disappointed for a moment until Jing Ran answers.

“No, I paid for it with my own money, and from loans I took out when I was still a student.” He forces a smile that doesn’t quite sit right on his otherwise perfect face.

Hei Qi smiles mockingly, “Bet you think you’re such a big shot in your little art club, drawing pretty pictures huh?”


Jing Ran’s eyes narrow slightly as a brief flash of annoyance makes itself known underneath the veil of indifference. Before Hei Qi can take another breath, the facade of masked politeness is back in place once more.

As Jing Ran motions for Hei Qi to follow him, he quirks a brow, moving his eyes from that stupidly sexy ponytail to shamelessly ogle that impossibly curved ass in those well-tailored silk trousers.

He might hate this situation, but that doesn’t mean he can't have some fun in the meantime.

One thing that Jing Ran has learned over the few days he has begun working with Hei Qi (using the term ‘working' very loosely in this case), is that he is absolutely insufferable.

Every time he sees him wandering around the company, not being at his designated station, his blood boils and he wants to drag him by the ear like a spoiled child.

But Hei Qi isn’t a child, which makes putting him in his place all the more difficult.

Making sure Hei Qi doesn’t act up feels like a full-time job more than the one he already has. He is constantly responding to Hei Qi's taunts with an icy demeanour he has never used towards someone before.

After leaving the office for a meeting one afternoon, Jing Ran spots Hei Qi at the window looking outside, seemingly lost in thought. His face reflects none of the mocking attitude he usually has. For some reason he looks... sad.

He doesn't pay it much mind in passing, but having thought it over that night, he supposes Hei Qi was akin to a kicked dog, just wanting to be loved again.

Now, every time he sees Hei Qi make a sarcastic comment, Jing Ran can’t help but think of the moment at the window. Is that the real Hei Qi?

The more Hei Qi tries to mess with him, the more he begins to wonder whether he is doing this just to garner attention he otherwise doesn’t have in his life, even if it makes him look bad.

That doesn’t make Hei Qi any less annoying though.

One thing that Hei Qi has learned during his time at the architectural company is that the CEO, Mr. Big Shot Jing Ran is the most attractive bore he’s ever met.

He never rises to Hei Qi's bait whenever he gibes at him for being a mindless corporate snob.

He can’t resist endlessly teasing Jing Ran to see what he would do. He tries to push his boundaries and instead of turning it into a brawl like Hei Qi wants, Jing Ran would push back, but be all cold and aloof, making Hei Qi more interested because he's never not had a reaction before.

Each time Hei Qi tries to rile him and the company up, Jing Ran always ends up using his corporate power and status over Hei Qi, despite knowing that Hei Qi could kill him with a flick of his wrist if he wanted.

“What are you going to do? Hurt me? Unless you really do want to go to prison?”

Each question only serves to make Hei Qi increasingly enraged. However, he forces himself to back down to avoid his sentence from extending, with Jing Ran giving him an almost smug stare that shouldn’t be attractive but is and Hei Qi grits his teeth because he hates, has never hated someone so much in his life.

Hei Qi comes home from sitting at his desk all day and flops down over the sofa, releasing a heavy sigh. Jing Ran was out today for a stupid business meeting, so he had no one to mess with, well no one fun anyways. He flips the switch for the television and shockingly, Jing Ran’s face pops up on screen. Wearing a beige three-piece suit and his hair tied into that goddamn ponytail. Hei Qi sits up and increases the volume to hear what he's saying.

Seems like a commercial for a new boring ass building he designed. But Hei Qi isn’t paying attention to the words, but rather his voice. The rhythmic, deep tone is mesmerizing and after the commercial ends with Jing Ran’s polite smile, Hei Qi blinks as though being released from a daze. Without thinking he grabs the remote and rewinds in order to listen to him again. This time as Jing Ran’s voice filters through his ears, Hei Qi finds himself palming himself through his pants.

Jing Ran’s stare through the camera lens is enough to almost bring him over the edge. He closes his eyes, listening to that gentle voice talk about his plans for interior design. It makes him wonder what he would sound like when concentrated on making Hei Qi come? Would it sound rough? Guttural? He palms himself harder and moans Jing Ran’s name loudly. His hips rise as he imagines Jing Ran’s hand on him, cupping him through the rough denim of his jeans.

He finds the remote and rewinds again, again, again listening to that hypnotic voice. He reaches under his pants to stroke himself, using the beads of precum gathering at the tip to make the strokes less harsh. The TV accidentally pauses and Hei Qi looks up to see Jing Ran’s ponytail in full view, his head tilted as he’s almost smiling at the camera, seemingly innocent yet flirtatious.

He moans again, his gentle strokes now getting faster and less careful. He’s getting close and the last thing Hei Qi sees before his vision whites out is the playful smile and perfectly tailored suit, making him call out,

“Daddy!” as he comes in his pants, his spend dripping down his thighs.

He sits there breathing heavily, his gasps drowning out the silence in his tiny living room.

One thought flits through Hei Qi's head.

He really needs to get laid.

Now he sees Jing Ran in a completely different light, much to Hei Qi's increasing discontent. It’s enough jerking off to someone he hates, but the fact he’s his boss as well? It makes Hei Qi want to hit his head against the wall until he passes out.

It also makes Hei Qi all the more determined to mess with Jing Ran, if only to try and distance himself from the growing attraction he feels.

But, the more annoyed he makes Jing Ran, the more his mind fills with dirty thoughts, which turns him on even more. And he hates it.

It’s a regular office day and Hei Qi is up to the same old mischief, but Jing Ran has been stressed due to an upcoming international client who has been hounding him for updates on his recent business plan.

Today is really not the day to make Jing Ran angry.

Though Hei Qi, being himself, doesn’t heed any of the warning signs and proceeds to get right up in Jing Ran’s grill about wanting to leave because he’s 'bored'.

“I don’t have time for this right now Mr. Qi.”

“Mr. Qi? Mr. Big Shot doing formalities with the criminal? That’s new.”

Jing Ran gets up close and personal with Hei Qi, striding towards him in less than two steps.

His eyes blaze as he hisses, “I am not in the mood for your pathetic little games. Get out of my way or I will make sure you stay in prison for the rest of your sad life.”

That shuts Hei Qi up. Well fuck. Then Hei Qi bares his teeth in a feral snarl.

“You really hate me that much?” He doesn’t let Jing Ran answer. “Well the feeling’s mutual, what with your fancy fucking suits thinking you’re so great and important. Well fuck you. You don’t know anything about how shitty this world is and it’s time someone had to tell you.”

In the middle of his speech he’s grabbed hold of Jing Ran’s blazer; if Jing Ran wants a fight then he'll give him one. It’s what he’s good at.

“Just because you’re the boss of this place doesn’t mean you’re the boss of me. So, take your ego and shove it up your ass.” Hei Qi gives the lapel of the blazer a harsh tug and lets go, spinning on his heel and storming out.

The rest of the day they don’t speak to each other, Hei Qi keeping to himself for once, deep in his thoughts at what the fuck just happened. He leaves early that day.

Jing Ran thinks about what he said and feels both immense guilt and anger at Hei Qi's provocation. He’s mostly angry at himself for the way he reacted, so unlike himself.

He also can’t shake the feeling of Hei Qi's hand tightly fisted in his jacket; he couldn’t have escaped his clutches even if he wanted.

Jing Ran blinks as he realizes the thought he just had. This is new.

The night after their argument, Jing Ran dreams of Hei Qi.

He’s in his office like always, but he isn’t alone.

Jing Ran looks down to find Hei Qi kneeling under the desk, lips wrapped around Jing Ran's cock, cheeks hollowed as he sucks him, tongue sliding against his length. Jing Ran’s hand is resting at the back of Hei Qi's head, moving down to brush against the coolness of the metal collar around his neck. A long chain runs down his back and stops at his wrists, which joins to two bands of the same metal, binding his hands behind him tightly. They clink every time he moves.

Hei Qi pulls his lips away from the shaft with a smack and looks up at him through his bangs, utterly debauched.

“CEO Jing, I didn’t realize this was part of the job description.”

“You’re the one who suggested it,” Jing Ran clips out, hips thrusting at the lack of contact from Hei Qi's heated mouth.

“Point taken.” Hei Qi chuckles, returning his attention to Jing Ran’s curved length, licking along the shaft in the most obscene manner Jing Ran has ever seen. Then he swallows him down again, cock hitting the back of his throat.

Jing Ran cries out and tightens his hold in Hei Qi's hair as he comes without any warning. Hei Qi's cheeks hollow out again as he swallows the come that flows down, hot and fast.

“Hei Qi.” Jing Ran calls after he catches his breath, his voice scratchy.

“Yes, daddy?”

Jing Ran's teeth clench at the way he addresses him.

“Consider your community service over.”

Hei Qi gives him a slow smirk, his disheveled hair making him look like he just rolled out of bed.

“What? Want me to serve you instead?” he says, wiping his lips with his tongue, giving them a wet sheen.

“You really need to be disciplined. You don’t know how to speak properly.” He shakes his head in disappointment.

Hei Qi lifts himself up, coming dangerously close to Jing Ran’s face, a challenge in his eyes, “Do it then, unless you’re scared.”

Jing Ran grabs Hei Qi's head and crashes his lips against Hei Qi's, delving his tongue past his slick lips punishingly.

Jing Ran jolts awake on his bed covered in sweat, aching and hard. He takes an hour-long shower that morning, and is late for work for the first time since he started running his business.

Jing Ran makes many mistakes that day, one of them being giving his assistant director the wrong designs for one of his clients’ companies. So now he has to meet up with said client to apologize for the mix-up.

Whenever Hei Qi is near, instead of ignoring his presence, he simply excuses himself from the vicinity surprising those around him as Jing Ran is rarely ever rude to anyone.

The next time Hei Qi sees him, he is walking towards him in the hallway.

“Hey! Long-time no see, Mr. Big Shot,” he stands in front of Jing Ran to prevent him from running away this time.

Jing Ran looks uncomfortable and diverts his eyes from Hei Qi’s teasing expression, “Yes, I've been busy. Running a company isn’t a joke.”

Hey Qi lifts his hands up in mock surrender, “I wasn’t trying to fight, I just wanted to say hi.”

As he rambles on, Jing Ran can only focus on Hei Qi's mouth. The way his plump lips form each word takes him back to his dream, those same lips stretched around Jing Ran's dick, wet with spit and cum.

Jing Ran needs to get out of here now.

“Excuse me please, I have a meeting to get to. I hope you finish your itinerary for today.”

Jing Ran shoves past him and walks brusquely away, leaving a confused Hei Qi standing there alone. He watches Jing Ran’s retreating form and has a strange feeling that something’s up. And he intends to find out what.

Later that week, after seeing Jing Ran snap at another intern, he decides to confront him, following him into his office much to Jing Ran’s annoyance. "Hey what's wrong with you lately? You're so..." He waves a hand, "not you."

Jing Ran's face is blank, "I'm not sure what you mean."

"Oh, come on, you’re irritating sure, but I saw the way you were talking to them and you don't usually snap like that. Your girlfriend forget to suck your dick this morning or something?"

At this Jing Ran grabs Hei Qi by the collar and slams him against the wall. He's hyper aware he’s only able to do so as it takes Hei Qi by surprise.

Instead of fighting back like usual, Hei Qi is curious about what enraged the calm, collected corporate businessman so much, so he lays his head back on the wall and smirks up at him from under his lashes.

Jing Ran is seething in anger at this man, who is so disobedient and alluring at the same time. He's never wanted to spank someone in his life before, but he suddenly wants to do it to Hei Qi, wondering how it would feel, thinking Hei Qi would probably even like it, and the thought almost draws a shudder from him.

"Cat got your tongue?" Hei Qi's infuriating voice filters through his thoughts. He's still smirking and his eyes are filled with the same hate as before but something else lingers too, his pupils have darkened with what can only described as unadulterated lust. There's only an inch of space between them now., neither of them making a move. They're suspended in time like this, with Hei Qi caged between the wall and Jing Ran.

Finally, after what feels like days, Jing Ran grounds out,

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Then he pulls Hei Qi towards him and crashes their mouths together. It’s not soft or polite like the Jing Ran everyone knows, but brutal and unyielding. Hei Qi stands still for a second before he springs into action, shocking Jing Ran because he actually begins kissing back. Suddenly Hei Qi flips them both around so Jing Ran is leaning back against the wall and Hei Qi is pushing into him, the outlines of their dicks both rubbing against each other. That, added with the lack of air, is making Jing Ran lightheaded and he is filled with the desire to fuck this man until he begs for mercy.

They wrestle against each other for a few moments as their tongues stay intertwined. Hei Qi bites down on Jing Ran's soft lip until Jing Ran snatches him by the hair, pulling his head back to bare his throat and Hei Qi lets him, loving the thrill of making Jing Ran lose control like this.

Jing Ran leaves angry hickeys running down his neck to make it clear that he is running this show, not the other way around. The possessive action makes Hei Qi shiver, a jolt running through him at every sharp tug of his strands. He has never submitted to anyone before, not even to himself. But in this moment, for Jing Ran, he feels as though getting on his knees and sucking the man’s leaking cock would be a service. And god he wants to so badly. But seemingly not right now, as Jing Ran takes Hei Qi by either leg and hoists him up around his waist, turning him against the wall again. Hei Qi bares his teeth at being manhandled and fights against Jing Ran's tight clutch on his thighs. Since when was he so strong?

"Unzip me.” The low words stop Hei Qi in his tracks.

It’s an order, not a request. Hei Qi looks at Jing Ran's hooded eyelids, sees how his long lashes cast shadows across his porcelain cheeks.

At Hei Qi’s silence, his hands move further down to grasp the curve of Hei Qi's ass. He squeezes. "I won't ask again."

Hei Qi's hand trembles with lust as it slides slowly down Jing Ran’s broad chest, reaching further to pull down his zipper and unbuckle his belt, maintaining eye contact the entire time. Jing Ran pushes in suddenly and Hei Qi locks his legs together behind his back. His arms loop around Jing Ran’s neck and he plays with the bottom of his ponytail, flicking it ever so slightly.

Jing Ran takes one of his hands off from Hei Qi's ass to pull down Hei Qi's zipper and roughly lower his pants as best he can.

The cool air hits Hei Qi’s throbbing cock and he sighs at the sensation.

Of course, he isn’t wearing underwear much to Jing Ran’s displeasure. Does this man really walk around his company like this? He will have to be taught a lesson, but for now, at least it’s of some use given their position. Jing Ran knows he’s being impulsive, but he just can’t stop himself anymore. His restraint has broken into pieces and that’s all because of the man in front of him.

Jing Ran does the same to his own silky cashmere underwear which was soaked through, cock springing free from its confines. Hei Qi's mouth waters as he thinks about running his tongue across its length.

Hei Qi swallows and decides to bite the bullet.

“So, are you really gonna fuck me right here in your office, as if I’m your dirty little mistress?”

This elicits the tiniest quirk of lips from Jing Ran, which is by the way, the hottest thing he’s ever seen. “You’re no mistress.”

Hei Qi harrumphs, “You’re right, at least my sugar daddy would be buying me pretty things to keep me happy.”

Jing Ran’s eyes blaze with unrestrained anger, “Your mouth. It’s filthy.”

Hei Qi chuckles and moves his head close to Jing Ran’s ear, “What are you gonna do about it...” Hei Qi pauses and licks his lips, taking a stab in the dark, “daddy?”

A choked sound escapes Jing Ran, almost immediately reaching a hand out along the desk to grab a bottle.

Hei Qi snorts as he notes what it is, “You keep lube on your desk?”

“Only because of a certain someone.” Jing Ran glares back at him.

Hei Qi almost comes there untouched just from the image of Jing Ran jerking off to Hei Qi just a few feet from the door. Fuck.

After Jing Ran smears some lube onto his cock, Hei Qi reaches out to touch it when Jing Ran grabs his wrist.


“You don’t want me to jerk you off?”

Jing Ran leans in to crush a bruising kiss onto Hei Qi’s lips, “I’m going to fuck you so hard my come will stay inside you for weeks.” He says when he pulls away staring intently into Hei Qi's wide eyes, who’s rendered speechless that Jing Ran, the well renowned architect is saying the dirtiest things he’s ever heard someone say.

Jing Ran finishes slicking himself up, moving onto preparing Hei Qi's hole to take him in.

As the first wet finger enters him, Hei Qi loses all inhibition, head banging against the wall and he rolls his hips to take in more. The second finger enters a few moments after, stretching and moving in and out at a glacial pace. Hei Qi rocks his hips again to make him take the fingers in faster but Jing Ran is going so fucking slow.

A whine escapes him and his eyes shoot open in shock as this isn’t a sound he’s ever made before, with anyone. He doesn’t have much time to think about it when Jing Ran enters a third finger, still moving so slowly Hei Qi thinks he will actually lose his mind.

“Daddy hurry, please.” He begs, he’s never begged before either.

The fingers are removed and before Hei Qi can make any more embarrassing sounds, he feels Jing Ran's cock lining up with his puckered hole and he sighs at the sensation of him entering. He slides in so easily, but Hei Qi still clutches his shoulders at the feeling of his length filling him up so fast.

Jing Ran stops moving until his balls meet the bottom of Hei Qi's ass. He grits his teeth and spits out hastily, “Don’t touch yourself until I say so.”

“Hng.” Hei Qi gasps looking down into Jing Ran's burning gaze. Then the slow rocking rhythm starts, each thrust knocking him back into the wall. Jing Ran’s nails dig into his ass and Hei Qi moans loudly but he stifles the sound with his hand pressed against his mouth.

Jing Ran mouths at the edge of Hei Qi's collarbone, licking a stray bead of sweat away.

“Let me hear you scream Hei Qi.” His voice is so low with desire and it reminds him of the commercial, when he jerked off and came to that beautiful voice of his.

“A-ah!” He almost blacks out for a moment when Jing Ran enters all the way to the hilt again in one swoop, hitting his prostate.

“Daddy.” He whispers biting his lips so hard he might draw blood.

“What was that?” How does Jing Ran sound so goddamn calm? He thrusts in again, harder this time, hitting that sweet spot that makes Hei Qi's eyes roll to the back of his head. He manages to utter out some words.

“Daddy I-I'm, I can’t- please.” He’s so hard his entire body is aching.

“Touch yourself, now.”

Immediately he grabs his cock and starts pumping up and down along with each thrust.

He’s so close, he wants to drag it out longer but he's waited so long to touch himself that a few quick strokes have rendered him incapacitated.

“Come for me Xiao Qi.”

At these words Hei Qi almost sobs and spills all over himself and Jing Ran's shirt.

Jing Ran is thrusting in shorter, faster bursts. He must be close too and Hei Qi rides out his own high along with him, clenching down on Jing Ran’s cock. Jing Ran’s hips stutter and he bottoms out again, filling him up completely whilst letting out a low moan. Hei Qi can’t resist chasing that sound with his own mouth, leaning down to encase him with a scorching kiss, all heat and tongue.

They break apart with a wet smack and take a few moments to catch their breaths, looking at each other with clear eyes and a deeper understanding they never thought would be possible.

“You sure I'm not your mistress?” Hei Qi grins at him.

Jing Ran’s eyes wrinkle at the corners as he smiles, the first genuine smile he’s seen up close on him, loose strands of hair framing his face in the most perfect way. Hei Qi almost can’t breathe at the sight, feeling full of Jing Ran softening inside of him.

“You could never be my mistress.”

After the time in his office, Jing Ran becomes busier with designing the new community center and assigns jobs to Hei Qi via email, which is the most boring thing ever.

They haven’t been in contact since then, and Hei Qi misses it, unable to stop remembering the feel of Jing Ran’s tight grip on his thighs. Later that night before Hei Qi took a shower, he glanced in the mirror to see the almost purplish fingerprint indents on his thighs and the bottom of his ass. He then proceeded to have the longest shower he’s ever taken.

Whilst Hei Qi is taking a day off of his own volition, there’s a knock on the door. It’s a delivery for him, a standard sized box. Hei Qi shuts the door without thanking the delivery man and sits at the coffee table, unwrapping the paper to reveal a smooth, glossy surface. Even the box itself seems expensive. Who sent him this?

As he shakes open the box, he finds it filled to the brim with clothing. A suit to be more specific.

Hei Qi removes the clothes to inspect them closer before he spots a note falling to the ground, using his power to float it to himself.

Hei Qi,

I need to speak with you, in person is preferred. Please arrive later this evening at the designated time.

His address is listed below, and Hei Qi looks twice to make sure he isn't misreading.

What’s this? A booty call? No, Jing Ran is definitely not the type for that; if he wanted to fuck, he’d tell him straight out.

Has this guy ever heard of a phone? This makes him wonder if he missed seeing Hei Qi as much as he missed seeing Jing Ran.

He looks over at the suit thrown haphazardly over the couch and a wicked thought enters his mind. If Jing Ran wants to see him, he might as well give him a show, right?

Hei Qi arrives at Jing Ran’s home later that night, absolutely not at the designated time. He stares up at his house in wonder. Well he says house, but it’s more like a five-star hotel, or what he thinks one looks like. He’s never actually been in one before.

He stands in front of the gate, thinking of just climbing over it but decides to be a gentleman and uses the buzzer instead.

As the gate opens, so does the front door revealing Jing Ran in a black button-down shirt, tucked into matching trousers that hug his calves delightfully.

Before greeting him, Jing Ran’s eyes widen and he sputters,

“You’re wearing it.”

Hei Qi spreads his hands on either side of him with another one of his signature smirks, he turns around in a circle to give Jing Ran a full view of his behind.

“Nice huh? You know my taste pretty well.” He looks down at the suit he’s wearing, the tie hangs loosely at his collar, the buttons of the shirt undone at the top.

He shoves past Jing Ran and over the threshold without so much as an invitation to enter.

The interior matches Jing Ran perfectly, clean surfaces and fancy rugs adorn the floor. A grand piano sits in the corner, looking shiny and new.

Hei Qi whistles, “You actually live here? Wow, talk about pretentious.”

Jing Ran simply clenches his jaw and regards him coolly. Hei Qi grins.

A fancy floor length mirror greets him in the spacious living room, a golden frame and everything.

Suddenly a vivid image of them fucking against the mirror pops into his head, making a shudder run down his spine. He looks back to see Jing Ran staring at him with a heated gaze, as if he just had the same thought too. Well. That’s on the list then.

Hei Qi raises both brows and becomes curious as to what Jing Ran's deal is right now.

“So, what did you call me here for? And what’s with this suit you sent me? You really becoming my sugar daddy or something?”

“I heard you didn’t go into work today.” He answers none of his questions.

Hei Qi shrugs, “Didn’t feel like it.”

“You can’t just decide when or not to go into work,” Jing Ran says pinching the bridge of his nose, “that’s not how it works.”

“Why not? I was bored.”

“I gave you things to do.”

“Yeah, boring things.”

“You didn’t do them?”

“Don’t worry hard-ass I did them, probably even better than your little mice running around the place, but then I left because what’s the point staying there if I can’t see you?”

The words escape his lips before he can stop them.

Jing Ran is stunned into silence.

“I mean,” he backpedals, “I mean I couldn’t make fun of you. You’re so easy to tease it was getting boring having to actually work for a change.”

“Well that’s the nature of work. You have to do it even if you don’t want to.”

“Now that’s just peak capitalism.”

“You work for the government itself.” Jing Ran says dryly.

“Not willingly!” and before Jing Ran can question him on this Hei Qi continues on.

“Anyway, you don’t need to get me things just because you think you can charm me into being your bitch.”

“That was not my intention.” Jing Ran says earnestly.

Hei Qi folds his arms, noting at how Jing Ran follows the movement with his eyes.

“Then what was it?”

Jing Ran purses his lips and looks away from Hei Qi's body.

“Your previous supervisor told me about your situation, and I thought a new suit might be helpful in case you want a new job after this.”

“What did he tell you?”

“That you haven’t had... the best time in your line of work.”

“That’s it?”

A nod. He doesn’t believe him, but whatever, he's not in the mood for a pity party right now, or ever.

“I have plenty of things to wear, I don’t need your help.”

“I’m sure you do, that’s why you don’t wear underwear in a business environment.”

Hei Qi's face burns, not in embarrassment, but in desire as he recalls how Jing Ran found that out.

“Hey, I don’t need to wear fancy suits to feel validated alright? I'm perfectly fine the way I dress already.”

“Why did you come wearing it then?”

He has him there. But he doesn’t want to let Jing Ran win so he shrugs again,

“Seemed like a shame to let it go to waste, since I’m only going to wear it this once anyway.”

“You don’t even have to wear it at all.” The underlying connotation of that sentence, heats Hei Qi up all over. The unchanged expression in Jing Ran’s face makes him seem so innocent to Hei Qi.

“So, I can just throw it away?”

Jing Ran nods, not really thinking of what he’s saying, “If that’s what you want.”

Then Hei Qi begins to unbutton the shirt, muscles flexing as he takes it off and drops it to the ground.

Jing Ran has his hand on the back of the couch, clutching it until his knuckles turn white.

“What are you doing?”

“You said I could throw it away. That’s what I’m doing.”

Jing Ran stays silent as Hei Qi unzips his trousers, watching as his fingertips skim across the silk. He’s never worn something so soft in his life.

Jing Ran still stays silent as the fabric falls, his breath catches at seeing Hei Qi's underwear, the dark material contrasting against his thighs. It’s so tight that it’s impossible to not see the outline of Hei Qi’s erection, a wet spot already forming at the front.

He stalks closer towards Jing Ran who is still frozen to the marble floor, watching as Hei Qi runs a finger across the waistband of the cashmere panties. It looks like a sluttier version of something Jing Ran would wear.

“Want me to put my clothes back on again?”

A pause as Jing Ran looks him up and down, drinking him in.

“Whatever you want Hei Qi.” His voice has lowered to an almost guttural sound. It makes Hei Qi want to pounce on him right there and then.

Instead, he reaches up to unbutton Jing Ran’s shirt, revealing more and more of that smooth marble skin. He stops when he finishes unbuttoning and marvels at Jing Ran’s perfectly sculpted chest. His nipples are hardening against the coolness of the room and Hei Qi wants to roll them between his teeth.

He wants to feel Jing Ran’s shirt fluttering across his skin as he fucks him.

“Keep it on.”

Jing Ran raises a brow.

“Keep the shirt on or no dick for you.” He waves a finger in front of Jing Ran’s face.

Before Jing Ran can respond, he points the same finger into the middle of Jing Ran’s chest pushing him backwards until he settles into the leather chair behind him. Jing Ran is staring up at him with wonder, breath caught in his throat because he can never predict Hei Qi's next move. Hei Qi is like a fire that burns him inside and out. But he never wants the fire to stop.

Jing Ran leans back, his arm on the hand rest as though he doesn’t have a care in the world. He sits there transfixed on Hei Qi's movements as he bends over to take off the panties, sliding it down his legs is one smooth motion. Hei Qi’s cock curves against his stomach and Jing Ran clenches his jaw, fists tightening over the armrest as he tries to curb back his desire, giving Hei Qi full reign over what happens next.

“You know you’re going to ruin another one of my shirts.”

Hei Qi snorts. Of course, he’s worried about his stupid shirt right now.

“Can’t your pay check cover them or something? I mean it’s a fucking shirt.” He says rolling his eyes. Come on what’s the big deal? Yeah, he likes looking good too but could Jing Ran be more pretentious if he tried?

“The one you already so kindly spoiled was part of a three-piece set costing over twenty-five hundred dollars.” Jing Ran explains calmly, as if he’s talking about the weather.

Hei Qi says nothing and swallows nervously. He doesn’t even spend that much on food in a whole year.

He shakes himself off, and narrows his eyes, “It’s not my fault you decided to rut against me on the wall is it?”

Jing Ran's face contorts with anger, “How are you so insufferable every time you speak?”

At this response, Hei Qi lights up gleefully.

"Aw is daddy getting upset?" Hei Qi leans down to stroke the side of Jing Ran's face, who is now sat frozen in the seat, the angry expression fading into shock.

"Is there nothing lil ol' me can do to make daddy... feel better?" He says this as he lowers even further onto the chair to straddle Jing Ran's lap, hands coming to rest at his shoulders, digging into the skin through the fabric of his shirt.

Jing Ran’s voice lowers, “My shirt is getting wrinkled again, will you compensate me for it?”

“I’ll iron it myself like your personal handmaid if you’ll fuck me into next week.”

“Hmm I'm not convinced; this shirt is more expensive than all of your clothes combined.”

Hei Qi's face twists with impatience, “If you love it so much then why don’t you fuck your shirt instead?" Hei Qi goes to slide off his lap but Jing Ran snatches him by the waist dragging him close to his body until their chests and noses brush, "You're not going anywhere.”

That’s more like it. He loosens his hands, smoothing out the creases he made across Jing Ran’s crisp shirt.

“I asked earlier if there was anything you want me to do to make you feel better.”

Jing Ran’s breathing releases in short gasps, clutching at Hei Qi's naked hips.

“What do you want to do?” Jing Ran swallows and stares at Hei Qi's cock smearing wetness across his belly as he moves.

“I want,” Hei Qi moves his lower half in a slow, teasing, circular grind against Jing Ran's tented pants, “to ride you. Is that okay?”

Jing Ran nods minutely, his own dick twitching under the thin layers as if the very thought is enough to get him off.

As Jing Ran undoes his pants and lifts his hips to slide them down his legs along with his underwear, Hei Qi licks his lips and tilts his head. Seeing that pulsing cock-head for the second time, already dripping precum makes him want to drop down and swallow him whole.

Instead Hei Qi teases him again.

“Wanna be inside me that badly?”

Jing Ran sighs with disapproval and leans back on the chair, “With that I’m going to have you prepare yourself.”

Hei Qi temper rises but instead of lashing out he sneers, fine. He'll show Jing Ran just what he’s missing by not having his long fingers stretch him open.

“Where’s the lube?”

“In the bedroom, maybe we should-”

Hei Qi reaches a hand out to summon the lube and it appears in his hand in less than a second, rendering Jing Ran into shocked silence once again. Yes, Hei Qi is a powerful being and could kill Jing Ran if he wanted, but he’s here now wanting to ride him into oblivion. Jing Ran’s cock twitches again.

Hei Qi flashes him a wicked grin and pours the lube onto his hand, moistening his fingers.

After applying the lube, he reaches behind him, leaning close to Jing Ran’s face. His surprised look changes to that of mild amusement at making Hei Qi prepare himself with no help. It angers him but also spurns him on to prepare himself faster, so he enters two fingers this time instead of one and gasps at the tight, burning feeling. He makes his hips roll over his fingers, and moves them in and out to soothe the pain, just like he would on Jing Ran's-

“Bet you wish that was my cock, don’t you?” Jing Ran murmurs in his ear, hands sliding over Hei Qi's thighs, digging into the sensitive skin. Hei Qi can barely breathe, the scent of sex already permeating the air around them.

“I want it. So bad Jing Ran.” He whispers across Jing Ran’s lips.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to fill me up with your big cock.”

“Get me ready then.” He arches an arrogant brow. Hei Qi’s first instinct is to disobey, but he wants to be fucked even more, so he reaches towards Jing Ran to stroke his length once, twice. Nail skimming the slit and Jing Ran throws his head back with a groan, deliciously revealing that elegant neck of his, luscious hair splayed over the headrest like a halo. But Jing Ran is definitely no angel, despite how much he pretends.

Hei Qi gives no warning as he sinks down on Jing Ran’s thick cock, filling himself up all in one go which is enough to knock the breath out of the both of them. He wishes he had more time to prep himself but he wanted Jing Ran inside of him as soon as possible. When Hei Qi is fully seated, Jing Ran gasps out a laugh, giving him a smug look.

“Are you that eager? So desperate for my cock to fuck your tight hole, you really are a dirty whore, aren’t you?” His eyes have darkened fully and Hei Qi almost chokes at the amount of desire held there.

Then his eyes threaten to pop out from his sockets as he becomes aware of what Jing Ran has just said, “Fucking hell Jing Ran, where did you learn to say these things?” he rolls his hips , trying to find a comfortable position and Jing Ran mutters out quickly, fighting another groan.

“Only you bring it out of me, being as slutty as you are.”

Hei Qi is losing his mind. He lifts himself up slightly to sink back down again, biting his lip all the while. “Oh my god yes, only the biggest slut for you daddy.”

“Good.” Jing Ran leans forward to sink his teeth into the spot between Hei Qi’s neck and shoulder, eliciting a dark moan from him.

The sound of slapping flesh gets louder and more rushed, Jing Ran all but lifting Hei Qi up and slamming him down on his cock each time, meeting him halfway as he thrusts into him greedily.

At some point Jing Ran’s hand moves to stroke Hei Qi's aching cock in irregular pumps and then they both come in unison, smashing their mouths together to stifle their hitched gasps. Hei Qi spills across his own chest, Jing Ran's hips jerk as he empties inside of him, moving his hands around Hei Qi's waist to kneed the soft curves of his ass.

Jing Ran breaks away from devouring Hei Qi’s mouth, moving his head down to lick the come from Hei Qi's stomach, leaving bite marks as he does so making Hei Qi moan again, who sinks his hand into Jing Ran’s soft waves and clutches tightly.

Jing Ran leans his head back on the headrest breathing heavily, Hei Qi's hand brushing the now sweaty bangs from Jing Ran's lovely face.

Hei Qi realizes how much he loves the feeling of being spent and having Jing Ran’s cock softening inside him. He hums in contentment, “Is daddy feeling better now?”

Hei Qi wakes up the next morning, blinking against the light coming in through the curtains.

Before they had slept, they cleaned up in the shower, which also inevitably lead to another round. And another. And then another. Hei Qi smirks thinking about it, Jing Ran’s stamina is higher than anyone he’s ever known.

Hei Qi glances around him at the enormous bed to find it empty, the other side still warm. He lifts himself up from the bed, his muscles aching slightly as he stretches, but it’s a pleasurable type of pain, and it won’t stop him from wanting to fuck Jing Ran a thousand more times if he wants to. If Jing Ran would let him.

After cleaning himself up in the bathroom (Jing Ran placed another toothbrush in the holder, ever the gentleman), he goes in search for some clothes to wear, realising he left them strewn across the floor the night before.

As he searches around for Jing Ran’s wardrobe, he spies the door to his closet and a wide grin spreads across his face. Bingo.

He waltzes into his closet and runs his hand across the numerous items of clothing filling up the large space. He stops at a random expensive looking shirt and picks it out, the buttery feeling of the material sliding through his fingers. He shrugs it on, buttoning up the shirt halfway, the clothing not long enough to cover his lower half.

An array of garters lays in one of the drawers and Hei Qi picks a pair out, sliding it on and clicking it into place. He lifts the strap to test the elasticity and it slaps onto his thigh with a sharp sting. A rush of heat flows to his already half hard cock as he imagines Jing Ran putting these over his firm thighs every. Single. Day.

With this thought he strolls into the kitchen, seeing Jing Ran cooking breakfast and it’s the most domestic thing he’s ever seen. Jing Ran looks up as he hears him enter and does a double take, forgetting how to breathe.

What in the fuck is Hei Qi wearing? The black straps dig into his thighs and Jing Ran is about to lose his mind. Hei Qi is so beautiful it physically pains him.

Jing Ran drops the spoon he’s holding and it clatters against the plate.

“What?” Hei Qi asks innocently as if he isn’t wearing Jing Ran’s fucking garters along with his shirt.

He strides further into the kitchen and leans against the counter-top, shirt brushing against his curving shaft. Jing Ran doesn’t know what to think. He can barely breathe.

The food on the plate is forgotten as Jing Ran reaches out to twist Hei Qi around bending him over the table in two seconds flat, like he’s an even tastier feast. Before Hei Qi can push back, Jing Ran slaps his hand against Hei Qi's thigh near the garter strap.

“Dirty slut, wearing my clothes without my permission, who do you think you are?”

He whispers against his ear, his teeth nipping at Hei Qi's lobe and he throws his head back against Jing Ran’s shoulder, mouth open in bliss.

“I’m yours Jing Ran.” As soon as he says the words, he realizes how true they are.

Jing Ran pauses and looks into Hei Qi's eyes as if searching for something. Hei Qi is in such a vulnerable position, but he feels safer than he ever has before. He knows Jing Ran would never hurt him, unless Hei Qi wanted him to.

He stares back at Jing Ran, unblinking as he waits for Jing Ran to find the answer he’s looking for. He seems to find it as he lowers his lashes and leans down to crash his mouth against Hei Qi’s. Hei Qi lifts his arm back to pull at Jing Ran’s ponytail, loosening the tie so his hair flows freely over his hands.

They stay like this for a while, Jing Ran’s hand slides underneath the garter strap, lifting it up and slapping it onto Hei Qi's thigh every so often, Hei Qi gasping into Jing Ran’s fiery mouth.

Hei Qi then pulls away to whisper against his lips, “Isn’t the food getting cold?”

“I’m only hungry for you.”

Hei Qi inhales at the immediate response.

“Summon the lube.”

Before Jing Ran finishes his sentence, the bottle materializes in Hei Qi's hand.

“Good boy.” He takes it, brushing his fingers against Hei Qi's as he does so.

Hei Qi hears the sound of a zipper being undone and trousers dropping to the floor.

Jing Ran enters with no warning, sending Hei Qi forward over the table top, Hei Qi’s mouth opening in pleasure and soreness at having his hole stretched open so fast. Jing Ran slides his thick arm around Hei Qi's waist and pulls him up again so his back is flush against Jing Ran’s chest.

As Jing Ran fucks into him, Hei Qi looks up to see his reflection in that ridiculously extravagant mirror, the image of Jing Ran behind him, eyes closed and sucking vigorously at the side of his neck, red marks running down Hei Qi’s throat and chest, a hand wrapped around his cock pumping at the same rhythm as Jing Ran's thrusts.

Jing Ran opens his eyes to catch Hei Qi’s heated stare and smirks in satisfaction at seeing his little Hei Qi looking so fucked out, knowing it was him who did this. No one else can touch him, no one can dare. He squeezes the tip of Hei Qi's cock possessively, thumb pressing over the slit to stop Hei Qi from coming.

“A-ah Jing Ran,” he gasps out, "let me come.”

“What do you say?”

“Please, please, please,” Hei Qi begs, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Jing Ran thrusts in hard again and takes his thumb from the tip at the same time, allowing Hei Qi to spill across the table, a long drawn out moan escaping him, and Jing Ran’s mind blanks as he comes along with him, his fingers digging into Hei Qi's smooth hips.

The shirt clings to Hei Qi's skin, sweat dripping from his forehead.  As Jing Ran pulls out carefully, Hei Qi clenches his hole to keep as much of him in as possible, but it still drips down his legs despite his effort.

“Look at you. You’re a fucking mess Hei Qi.”

Hei Qi turns sharply around to see Jing Ran’s bangs flopping across his forehead and Hei Qi runs his hand through it once, relishing the way Jing Ran closes his eyes, leaning into the touch, “Speak for yourself.” He lets go and rests his elbows on the counter-top.

“What’s for breakfast?” He asks perkily. Jing Ran sighs.

“You and Hei Qi are a thing now, it’s all anyone can talk about around the company.”

Jing Ran looks up to see his assistant, Cheng Zhen Zhen, give him a knowing look. Her hands clutch the files she’s holding nervously.

“Is it true?”

Jing Ran closes the book of designs he gathered for separate clients.

“It’s not right for me to engage with company gossip, I’d appreciate it if you stopped it from spreading any further Zhen Zhen.”

She nods, looking at Jing Ran strangely and turns to walk out of the door.

As Zhen Zhen leaves, Jing Ran puts his head in his hands. How did this get so out of control? At first, he only wanted to put Hei Qi in his place, and teach him how to be a civil human.

Though as he got to know Hei Qi more, he began to understand that despite having a nonchalant attitude, despite being as much of a brat as he is, he also feels deeply about the things that he cares about.

Jing Ran's heart aches as he thinks of Hei Qi in pain at the hands of others, his powers making him feel demeaning and useless, making him lash out. Lashing out and then being punished for it.

They wouldn’t dare to put him in prison, not knowing when he’d gather his power and kill them all. But Hei Qi isn’t like that, he would wallow in self-pity for the rest of his life and do what they said, even if he pretended it didn’t matter to him.

His breath stutters in his chest as another understanding dawns on him.

He’s falling in love with Hei Qi.

With Jing Ran’s newfound realization, he begins treating Hei Qi differently. Not drastically, but things like giving Hei Qi rides to his apartment, cooking him food, fucking him until he forgets everything but Jing Ran’s name.

He notices how Hei Qi always waits until he's done for the day. Today is no different as he gives him another one of his smiles and they walk side by side out the entrance.

“Hey, let’s go back to yours today.”

Jing Ran raises a brow, “Oh?”

Hei Qi looks away as if speaking is difficult for him.

“I, I want to spend time with you. Is that cool?”

A rise of tenderness flows through Jing Ran at the uncertainty in his tone.

“Of course it is Hei Qi, you don’t even need to ask me.”

“Yeah well I’ve been wrong about these things before and boy has that bitten me in the ass.”

“I’d never hurt you like that, if that’s what you think.”

Hei Qi gulps. Then he laughs with a shake of his head, restlessly shifting from one foot to another. Jing Ran looks so serious, he always does but, this time it’s different. It makes Hei Qi's heart swell but also fills him with bewilderment.

“Whatever you say boss, let’s go.” He turns and stalks towards the car, Jing Ran following him with fond exasperation.

They’re both languidly spread on the bed, no clothes on and looking out at the window, watching the sun settle into the horizon.

Hei Qi breaks the silence.

“So, when did you first realize you wanted to fuck me?”

A pause.

“I had a dream about you.”

Hei Qi glances towards him sharply. That’s interesting.

Jing Ran can’t look at him as he tells him the contents of the dream. The way Jing Ran sat in his chair whilst Hei Qi was on his knees wearing those handcuffs, Jing Ran fucking into his mouth.

“Handcuffs?” Hei Qi interrupts in awe, “I knew you were kinky but wow.”

“It was a dream Hei Qi.”

“Hey I'm not judging, we all like to be tied down now and then.”

Hei Qi looks at Jing Ran’s serious face and bursts into laughter, his eyes forming endearing crescents, “So all that time you were pissed off, you were actually thinking about my lips around your cock.” He shakes his head, snickering all the while, “The brilliant CEO reduced to nothing but a caveman as soon as he has a wet dream.”

“Oh Hei Qi, when will you learn to shut that pretty mouth of yours?” His thumb strokes across Hei Qi's lips, feeling the soft texture and Hei Qi flicks his tongue out to lick the tip of the finger.

“I’ll shut it when you can make me.” His eyes brighten in provocation.

Jing Ran’s brows furrow as he thinks for a moment, before sitting up abruptly.

“Wait here.” He orders and Hei Qi's dick hardens at the tone. He waits patiently, staring at Jing Ran’s behind as he leaves the room, blood turning hot under his skin.

He returns, something jangling in his hands. As Hei Qi takes a closer look he recognizes them at once. They’re chains, a power suppressing collar to be specific.

"I was given these to restrain you in case you start to go off the rails. Do you need to be restrained?"

Hei Qi narrows his eyes, “You wouldn’t.”

Jing Ran raises his brows and puts on a thoughtful expression, “Are you sure you want to test that?” he leans in close, hovering over Hei Qi, holding the chains in one hand.

“How does it feel having a regular human have this much power over you?”

Hei Qi snarls back, but Jing Ran gives him a reprimanding look, leaning in close, a finger under his chin to tilt his head up, "Now that's not the way to treat daddy is it you little slut?"

“Fuck you.” Hei Qi spits out.

“Ah ah.” He tuts, “It seems to me like you don’t want to keep going.” The grip on his chin tightens.

“Don’t you?”

Hei Qi tries something, “No.”

As soon as the word escapes his mouth Jing Ran pulls his hand away, and Hei Qi misses the touch immediately. A clang on the floor as he drops the collar, agreeing to Hei Qi's demand to stop. Hei Qi's eyes widen in response, usually people pushed back when he said he had enough. Made him cry and beg in the worst ways. That’s all he knew, all he had ever experienced, and then he learned to take it, especially when the government hired him to do their dirty work for them. He always had moments where it was too much which is why he had such a reputation, but he didn’t care, it helped him forget.

Now he stares up at Jing Ran, who is giving him the most concerned look he has ever seen directed towards him. The gaze is almost shameful, as if Jing Ran feels guilty at pushing him too far, despite what they’ve done together in the past.

He hates that look on him.

“No, I mean yes. I-I don’t want to stop Jing Ran, if we stop, I will actually die.”

Jing Ran still doesn’t look convinced and it’s everything Hei Qi can do not to pull him towards himself now and show him how serious he is being.

“Then why did you say no?” His bangs curl against his temple making him seem soft, and Hei Qi's heart aches at his question.

“I,” Hei Qi breathes in deeply and exhales his next words, “I wanted to see what you would do.”

Jing Ran eyes close as he feels a deep well of emotion surfacing. How much has this man been hurt throughout his life, that the word ‘no’ was not enough to get people to stop? He feels sick at thinking of these people who are still roaming the earth, and then a sudden protectiveness over Hei Qi, to keep him safe from anyone who would dare to cause him such pain again.

He places a hand on Hei Qi's cheek, different from before, more reverently and gentle, the soft touch makes Hei Qi's eyes sting. He thought playing with fire would burn him to the point of no return, but instead he feels warmth and security that he’s never had the opportunity to feel with someone before. Knowing that Jing Ran holds a position of power, but acknowledges Hei Qi's immense strength to push back if he wanted, is something he never knew he needed.

“If you don’t want to keep going, I will never force you Xiao Qi. I promise you.”

Suddenly Hei Qi loops an arm around Jing Ran’s neck and flips them over, palm open across Jing Ran’s chest. Jing Ran silently looks up at him, surrounded by pillows.

“I want to suck you. Will you let me?”

Jing Ran eyes widen in shock but then soften, he stares at Hei Qi as if he holds all the answers to the universe, “I would let you do anything Xiao Qi.”

Hei Qi rolls his eyes, “Now I know that’s a lie. What about all the shit I did? I'm a shitty person Jing Ran you know this. Everyone does.”

“That’s not true,” Jing Ran retorts instantly, “When we first met, I didn’t take the time to understand you and thought you were some petty criminal. I never knew what they put you through. How hard it was for you and knowing now what I didn’t know then kills me. Because I could have helped you a long time ago.”

The speech renders Hei Qi frozen on top of him before words come pouring past his lips.

“If I wasn’t gonna suck your dick before, I definitely would now, because fuck who says that? How can you say that to me with a straight face and mean it?”

“I will say it for the rest of my life, if that’s what it takes for you to believe me.”

Hei Qi’s breathing shakes as he exhales, not knowing what to say at this blatant confession from the greatest man he has ever known. So instead of saying anything at all, he captures Jing Ran’s lips with his own, pouring all of his feelings into this one kiss. He plants quick pecks down the side of Jing Ran’s neck, moving lower and lower, dragging his teeth over his collarbone until he reaches his nipples. His tongue darts out to lick and he takes the nub in between his teeth to gently play with. Jing Ran gasps and fists his hand in Hei Qi's hair, fingernails scraping against his scalp.

After paying attention to one of his nipples he moves to the other, giving it the same treatment. Swirling his tongue and tugging until Jing Ran is a writhing mess underneath him. Perfect.

He reaches across the bed towards the collar that Jing Ran dropped to the floor. He holds it out to Jing Ran, who's gazing at him heatedly.

Hei Qi only grins his usual, wicked grin, "I told you I didn't want to stop."

Jing Ran tentatively takes them from him, undoing the latch and sliding it around his neck. It locks with a click. The cool sensation paired with Jing Ran's burning touch draws a shudder from him.

He then feels his powers drain from him in less than a second and he closes his eyes. He is with the person he feels the most safe with, and there's no reason to be afraid.

When he opens his eyes again, Jing Ran smiles with a loving expression and Hei Qi gives Jing Ran a soft, reassuring kiss. Just a brush of lips.

Hei Qi now bends low to leave wet kisses over Jing Ran's solid stomach. Moving lower until he meets the object of his desire. He takes hold of Jing Ran’s long dick firmly at the base, blowing softly over the tip and Jing Ran sighs at the cooling sensation, hips reaching up slightly, almost pushing past Hei Qi's lips, who pulls back and chuckles.

“Now look who’s the eager one.” Hei Qi grins wickedly looking up at him through his lashes. This image will be forever etched into his mind. Seeing Jing Ran so undone, his hair plastered across his forehead and the side of his neck. Expression brimming with hunger.

“Stop talking and get on with it.” He wrings out, breath stuttering whenever Hei Qi squeezes his hand slightly.

Hei Qi pouts, “That’s not very nice. Maybe I’ll just leave and you can sort yourself out.”

Jing Ran lets out a low sound at the back of his throat and before he can drag Hei Qi's head onto his cock, Hei Qi's mouth closes over the tip and swallows him down. Jing Ran's fierce growl melts into a moan as he smacks his head against the pillows, legs splayed on either side of Hei Qi's head like the most exquisite offering.

Hei Qi has a pretty good gag reflex, but the length of Jing Ran is enough to make his eyes water and he hasn't even deep throated him yet. Suddenly Jing Ran thrusts his hips, shoving the entirety of his cock down his throat and Hei Qi clutches onto Jing Ran’s firm thighs, bobbing his head down further, trying to take in even more of him until he's at the hilt, his nose tickling the hairs at Jing Ran's balls.

Then he settles into a rhythm and swallows Jing Ran every single time, eliciting the loudest moans he's ever heard and fuck, Jing Jan is so stunning like this, hair in disarray, red blush covering his face and chest. Hei Qi has tears streaming down his own face from the strain, but he keeps going, Jing Ran fucking Hei Qi's mouth as though he'll die if he doesn't come in the next five seconds. And then he does. It spills down the side of Hei Qi's mouth, warm at the back of his throat and Hei Qi struggles to swallow as much of him as he can. Jing Ran’s head is thrown back on the pillow, his hips jerking as he still rides the high and Hei Qi pulls away with a filthy slurp, a line of saliva trailing between his lips and the tip. He uses his fingers to chase the drips of cum around the edge of his swollen lips and lick them with a subdued grin. "That worth your while?"

A breathy laugh, "Shut up and come here."

He crawls up Jing Ran’s perfect body and gives him a long, languorous kiss. Jing Ran tastes himself on Hei Qi's tongue, a satisfying thrill runs through him knowing only he will have the ability to make his mark on Hei Qi like this. He reaches down and begins to stroke Hei Qi, squeezing the cock-head until Hei Qi inevitably comes too, gasping into his mouth as he spends over Jing Ran's hand. Jing Ran reaches his hand between both of their mouths and he licks his palm clean, with Hei Qi sucking on his fingertips.

Hei Qi drops his body next to him in satiated exhaustion, resting his head on Jing Ran’s chest. Jing Ran removes the collar from Hei Qi who almost whines at him to leave it on, but he knows Jing Ran is doing this for Hei Qi's comfort. Jing Ran's fingers stroke through his locks and Hei Qi hums in pleasure, his own finger coming up to rub lazy circles around Jing Ran’s hardened nipple.

They have a lot to talk about, a lot to sort through, but right now Hei Qi thinks of how much he never wants to leave this place, and damn anyone who wants to take Jing Ran away from him. They fall asleep with limbs entangled, dreaming of holding each other until the end of time.