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"Do you really think it's a suicide? Sir?"

A Malaysian Parliament member was found dead, presumably suicide by jumping from a tall building.

The exact same way as how Dirga died exact same place too, and he's right. Now I have another question for myself, Dirga was murdered, or was it really a suicide?

Talk about that later, maybe. This is a high-class case knowing who's the victim, it's not only a crime for Indonesian. They already call Malaysian detective to ask me as a witness yesterday.

Indonesian polices already here, since yesterday, only need to wait for the other country's. 

"Sir, they already arrived," Hasbi said, I thanked him before I meet them.
"Mr. Ridwan Bahri?" 

"Yes, that's me-"

Oh my god...

He looks like,

He looks like, Haidar? Pengkor? 

"Let me introduce myself first, I'm Megat Jamil from ICD Malaysia. We need to work together for this case."