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(Vid) Conrad Veidt: It's A Sin

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Conrad Veidt/Sin (or just bad luck): OTP.

Conrad Veidt--It's A Sin from Snowgrouse on Vimeo.

Films featured in the clips, in order of appearance: Jew Süss (1934), A Woman's Face (1941), The Wandering Jew (1933), The Thief of Bagdad (1940), Der Student von Prag (1926), The Last Performance (1929), Rasputin: Dämon Der Frauen (1932), Lucrezia Borgia (1922), Anders Als Die Andern (1919) and Carlos und Elisabeth (1924).

Thanks massively to my beta viewers for their helpful ideas and suggestions: NinaMadou, Lonemagpie, MistyValleys and Thewanderingfire. (Let me know if I've missed anyone!) Dedicated to my dad, for having blasted this song ever since 1987 and having traumatised me with the original music video at the tender age of eight.

You can download the video as a HD .mp4 here: