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Opening the medicine cabinet, Namjoon was reminded of his journey to the person he was today. The bottle of suppressants still sat on the top shelf, half filled with small, unassuming pills. His name printed across the top of the prescription label; KIM NAMJOON staring back at him in bold print like a death sentence. 

A death sentence of who he truly was. A death sentence to the part of him he was ashamed of the most. A death sentence because of his insecurities, his fears, his prejudices. 

Kim Namjoon was an omega. And he was slowly coming to terms with that. Even before he presented, Namjoon knew he wasn’t going to let his subgender dictate his life. He wasn’t going to be Omega or Alpha or Beta . He was just going to be simply Namjoon. 

Somewhere along the way, things got a little skewed, but Namjoon was trying to rectify those past mistakes. He knew now that being an omega wasn’t the death sentence he’d always made it out to be. He still didn't want his subgender to control his life, but now he was trying to be healthy about it. 

Sighing, Namjoon closed the medicine cabinet and made eye-contact with himself in the mirror. While he was on the suppressants, everyone mistook him for an alpha. With his height and the way the rest of his body was built, it was the most natural conclusion for most people. And for a long time, Namjoon didn’t correct them. 

But now his scent gently filled the air around him everywhere he went, the smell of peaches and cream lingering on everything. Now he felt the hungry stares from other alphas who only saw him as something to be conquered. Namjoon chuckled, smirking slightly. If only they knew how things really were. 

“Namjoon! Are you almost done in there!” his roommate shouted through the bathroom door. “Or are you having an inner monologue in front of the mirror again!”

Opening the door, Namjoon found Seokjin with his hand poised to pound on the door, mouth half-opened. “Sorry, hyung.”

Seokjin stared hard at Namjoon, eyes squinted as he slowly crossed his arms over his chest. Namjoon felt like he was being scrutinized, and it would almost make his skin crawl if it were anyone but Seokjin looking at him.

“Were you looking at the pills again?” Seokjin eventually asked, his gaze softening.

At first, Namjoon didn’t want to be honest with Seokjin. His brain would sometimes still default back to all the years he spent denying he was an omega on suppressants. But if there’s one person Namjoon knew he could trust unconditionally, it was Kim Seokjin.

“Yeah, but not the way you’re probably thinking. I wasn’t thinking about taking them again, I was…” Namjoon paused, and Seokjin allowed him the moment he needed. “I was actually thinking of getting rid of them.”

Seokjin’s eyes widened before he was smiling brightly at Namjoon. “Oh, Joon-ah, I’m so proud of you,’” Seokjin said as he pulled Namjoon into a smothering hug. He nosed gently at Namjoon’s scent gland, the smell of strawberries almost immediately overtaking Namjoon’s senses. He instantly felt the tension melt out of his shoulders, relaxing into the older omega’s hold. 

Seokjin knew how big of a moment this was for Namjoon. Keeping the suppressants had become like a crutch for Namjoon, something for him to fall back on in case he relapsed back into all of his old habits. So for Namjoon to say he was finally ready to get rid of them was a huge step. 

But Namjoon knew that he wouldn't be where he was today without Seokjin's help. He had met the older omega when he had been in a bad spot mentally, and no one but Seokjin had been able to get him out of it. Namjoon would be forever indebted to Seokjin for that. 

Kim Seokjin was someone who was unabashedly themselves. He embraced the fact that he was an omega; he was proud of it. He wasn't ashamed of it, and he wasn't afraid to set someone straight if they accidentally mistook him for another subgender. 

He was everything Namjoon wasn't. He was everything Namjoon was working to be. 



"So are you hanging out with Jungkook today?" Seokjin asked once they moved to the kitchen where the older omega was cooking breakfast. 

Namjoon scrolled through Twitter on his phone absentmindedly, trying to ignore the way he got excited at the mention of the younger alpha's name. "Yeah, we're going to that new art museum that just opened on the other side of the city."

The sound of food sizzling on the skillet filled the space between them until Seokjin carefully asked, "So… when are you and Jungkook going to make it official?"

Namjoon almost dropped his phone. "Excuse me?"

Setting the spatula down, Seokjin turned to face Namjoon. "Oh, come on! Don't tell me you haven't realized Jungkook has been trying to court you this entire time."

Namjoon's entire body flushed. "Jungkook is not courting me, hyung."

"Right, and the moon is purple."

" Hyung ."

"What? I thought we were coming up with stupid ideas," Seokjin shrugged before leveling a look at Namjoon. "Seriously, Joon. Did you really not know that Jungkook has been courting you? Remember that botany book you really wanted, and he got it for you? You accepted that, you accepted his courtship. Doesn't he pay whenever you hang out? That's him showing you he can provide for you. Namjoon, I'm sorry, but you're really fucking dense if you don't think Jungkook is serious about it. About you ."

Namjoon shifted uncomfortably in his seat. No, he hadn't realized he inadvertently accepted Jungkook's courtship. He remembered exactly which book Seokjin was talking about too, it's one of his personal favorites. And yes, now that Seokjin pointed it out, Jungkook did usually pay if they went out. Namjoon was mortified

"Why... why hasn't he ever said anything about it?" Namjoon asked around the lump in his throat. Good god, this has been going on for almost a year

Seokjin tsked, shaking his head. "You know how Jungkook is, Namjoon. He knows about... your past and would never want to make you uncomfortable. But maybe talk to him about it? If him courting you really isn't something you want, you can't keep stringing him along. That's unfair to him, and you know that."

"I..." Namjoon could feel his throat closing up. He could feel his hands beginning to shake and carefully set his phone down on the counter. Namjoon felt Seokjin at his side, guiding him from the bar stool he'd been sitting on to the couch in the living room. Seokjin pulled Namjoon's face close to his neck, letting his scent envelope Namjoon again.

"Hey, it's okay, Joonie. You didn't know," Seokjin said softly, running his fingers through Namjoon's hair. "Everyone makes mistakes, and no one's going to hold that against you, okay? No one's gonna be mad, especially not Jungkook. He likes you a lot, Joonie. That poor alpha is whipped for you."

Namjoon whimpered at the thought. He couldn't believe that Jungkook had been courting him for almost an entire year, but didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to make Namjoon uncomfortable. Namjoon didn't deserve Jungkook, not in the slightest. He was too good, too good to be an alpha. Too many alphas these days didn't care about the feelings of anybody else, especially not omegas. 

Namjoon didn't deserve Jungkook, but maybe he was just what Namjoon needed. 

Seokjin continued to run his fingers through Namjoon’s hair, keeping him close. Namjoon allowed the comforting scent of strawberries to evaporate his anxiety, feeling the way he finally began to relax against Seokjin. They sat on the couch like that for a while, Namjoon enjoying the way their scents mingled in their shared space. 

"Hey, Joon?" Namjoon hummed, pressing his face further into Seokjin's neck. "There's something else I want to say."

Tensing, Namjoon tried to pull away from Seokjin. He had an inkling of where the older omega was going next, and Namjoon did not want to have that conversation right now. But looks were deceiving, and Seokjin was able to wrangle Namjoon back down onto the couch. Seokjin kept his arms around Namjoon's shoulders, legs locked around his waist. 

"Please, don't—"

"Namjoon," Seokjin started, but Namjoon wouldn't stay still. " Namjoon ."

Going limp in Seokjin's hold, Namjoon tried to hide himself. He was already embarrassed from talking about Jungkook's courtship, and Seokjin was only going to make things worse. Not exactly how Namjoon wanted to feel before the alpha came over to pick him up later. 

"Namjoon, listen to me. You know there's nothing wrong with what I'm about to say, and there's no reason for you to be embarrassed by this. It's completely natural for an omega to—"

"I am not having this talk with you, hyung. I'm not some pup who hasn't presented yet, and still needs the talk ," Namjoon huffed. 

"And I didn't say you were. If you would just let me speak-"

"Sorry, hyung."

"-then you'd know that I'm just trying to help you. You're allowed to be comfortable with your body and your natural instincts. Just because you don't want your subgender to rule you, doesn't mean you have to completely ignore everything about it," Seokjin said gently, pushing some hair out of Namjoon's face. 

"Hyung, please don't say it," Namjoon mumbled into Seokjin's chest. 

Namjoon could feel the way Seokjin fidgeted beneath him. The air was probably spiked with Namjoon's anxious scent, making Seokjin feel antsy. Namjoon tried to mellow his scent back out; he'd have to take a shower before Jungkook came to wash it all off. 

"Namjoon, you can't hide from this. I can literally hear you during your heats. You're not exactly the quietest ."

" Hyuuung !"

"No, Namjoon, you need to hear this. Especially if you're going to take Jungkook's courtship seriously," Seokjin said, tone stern. "Every omega wants an alpha to help them through their heat, that's just basic biology. So it'd be one thing to hear you calling out for just any alpha during your heat. You might not realize it, but you only ever want one specific alpha. I know you prefer to spend your heats alone because you're 'empowered' or whatever bullshit you like to tell yourself, but you want Jungkook . And that's okay. That's just your body reacting to your growing attachment to him. It's natural to want him to take care of you, Namjoon. And it's not going to make you any less of a person if you let him."

Namjoon felt a sudden burst of emotion, angry with Seokjin. He pulled away from the older omega, tucking himself into the opposite corner of the couch. "I don't need anyone to take care of me. I can take care of myself."

Seokjin sighed, scooting over to Namjoon. "I know you can, sweetheart. But there comes a time when everyone, alpha, omega, or beta, needs to find a mate and settle down."

"I won't let anybody make me into an omega," Namjoon muttered, wrapping his arms tighter around himself. "Not even Jungkook."

Standing from the couch, Seokjin stared at Namjoon, hands balled into fists at his sides. Namjoon could smell the anger and frustration radiating off of the older omega in waves. He hated knowing that was his fault. Seokjin has been putting up with Namjoon for years; he was kind of surprised Seokjin hasn't given up on him yet. 

"I know you're still working through some stuff, Namjoon. I get it, but being another omega and hearing you talk like that is really fucking hurtful. I know you don't mean anything personally by it, but it's hard not to take it like that when you keep shitting on omegas," Seokjin said, and Namjoon felt even more like shit. 

"I'm really sorry, hyung," Namjoon said, trying not to tear up. He tried to keep his face hidden from Seokjin, but the older omega knew him too well. 

Kneeling down in front of Namjoon, Seokjin placed a gentle hand on Namjoon's knee. "I forgive you, but you can't keep this up, Namjoon. Understand?"

Namjoon nodded. "Yes, hyung."

"Good," Seokjin said, standing back up. "Now go take a shower. I don't need Jungkook going into Super Alpha Mode once he gets here because he can smell your distress. Breakfast will be ready when you're done."



If Jungkook stared at him any harder, Namjoon was sure he'd have two holes in the side of his head. They were currently pressed together in a crowded subway car, and Namjoon thought his scent would get lost with everyone else's. He guessed wrong. 

"Take a picture, Kook."

That seemed to finally startle Jungkook out of his staring, eyes wide as they refocused on Namjoon's face. "What-? Oh, I'm sorry, hyung. You just, um, smell different."

Namjoon debated how truthful he should be with Jungkook. "Seokjin and I just had a tough conversation earlier today."

Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed, his chest puffing up a bit. "What did he say to you?"

Patting Jungkook's shoulder, Namjoon chuckled. Maybe Seokjin was right. Maybe Jungkook was more whipped for Namjoon than he ever realized. "No need to get all huffy. It was all things I needed to hear."

Pouting, Jungkook hooked his chin over Namjoon's shoulder. "Are you sure? You still kinda smell distressed. I don't like that. I want you to smell happy, hyung."

Namjoon smiled, leaning back into Jungkook's chest without really thinking about it. An arm tentatively wrapped around Namjoon's waist, and when he didn't say anything about it, Jungkook pulled him a little closer. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Maybe being an omega really wasn't as bad as he'd always thought. 

Well, Namjoon thought too soon. 

"Hey, pretty baby."

Namjoon and Jungkook were almost to the museum, walking down the sidewalk close enough that their shoulders would brush together every few steps. They hadn't said anything since the subway, but it was a comfortable silence. He could physically feel how close Jungkook's hand was, close enough to reach out and grab if he wanted, and Namjoon was trying to get himself to stop nervously sweating.

"I said, hey baby ." 

A hand wrapped around Namjoon's arm, roughly pulling him backwards. The smell of an unfamiliar alpha filled his senses, pressed into the side of a body that felt much bigger than him. Where was Jungkook? Namjoon needed him, needed his alpha—

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jungkook growled. It wasn't very often that Namjoon got to see Jungkook truly pissed. The pure rage behind Jungkook's eyes was something Namjoon hadn't seen before. His fists were clenched so tight Namjoon could see veins popping out on Jungkook's arms. 

The strange alpha dragged a finger down Namjoon's cheek. "Just wanted to say hello to the pretty omega. Don't see very many omegas that look like you, baby."

"He's not your omega to say hello to."

"Oh, is there some new law now saying that I'm not allowed to say hello to omegas anymore?" the alpha mused, "Hm, I must've missed that one."

"No, you're just not allowed to talk to my omega."

Namjoon stilled. Jungkook had never said that before. But maybe Namjoon wouldn't mind hearing Jungkook say that again. 

The alpha pulled down the collar of Namjoon's shirt, inspecting both sides of his neck. "Doesn't look like he's yours. Maybe you're mistaken, maybe you've got the wrong omega. And that's okay! I can take him off your hands-"

If the other alpha had anything else in mind to say, Jungkook didn't give him the opportunity to do so. Because then the alpha was on his ass, rubbing the spot on his chin where Jungkook's fist had connected. Jungkook got between Namjoon and the other alpha, making himself appear bigger. 

"You little—"

"Keep going, I'm not afraid to kick your ass," Jungkook interrupted, pushing up the sleeves of his hoodie. 

Shaking his head, the alpha picked himself back up off the ground. "Little bitch."

The alpha didn't get very far when Jungkook was yanking him back by his hair, leaning down to whisper something into the alpha's ear. Namjoon wasn't close enough to hear exactly what Jungkook said, but as soon as he let go, the alpha took off down the sidewalk. Jungkook was back at Namjoon's side in an instant, checking Namjoon for any signs of being hurt. 

"Are you okay? Did he hurt you when he grabbed you? I'm so sorry that happened, hyung. Oh my god, I—"

"Jungkook, hey," Namjoon said softly, reaching up to cup Jungkook's cheek. "You did good, thank you."

Jungkook leaned into Namjoon's hand, pouting again. "Don't like when they talk to you like that."

"I know, Kook. I don't like it either, but not all alphas are as sweet as you," Namjoon said, trying to keep himself calm. Adrenaline and anxiety still mixed together inside of him, and Jungkook must have smelled it. 

Carefully, Jungkook pulled Namjoon into his arms, lifting his chin up and offering his scent gland to Namjoon. It wasn't very often when they scented each other, but Namjoon knew that it would help calm his nerves. So he nosed gently at Jungkook's neck, trying to ignore the way Jungkook gasped softly. A woodsy smell filled Namjoon's nose, mixed with something a little lighter that was uncharacteristic for alphas.

"Do you still wanna go to the museum?" Jungkook asked quietly.

Namjoon had honestly almost completely forgotten about going to the museum. So he shook his head, pressing in a little closer to Jungkook. He felt small in Jungkook's arms, and that wasn't an easy feat. Namjoon was taller than Jungkook, but the alpha definitely had him beat in the muscles department.

"My apartment isn't too far away, and I know Jimin-hyung won't be home…" Jungkook let the invitation hang in the air, not wanting to pressure Namjoon into something he didn't want to do.

But not once has Namjoon ever felt scared or pressured because of Jungkook. Not once has Namjoon ever felt threatened or objectified or belittled by Jungkook like so many other alphas have made him feel. Jungkook was good . Jungkook was the alpha Namjoon wanted. 

“Wanna go, need to get this smell off,” Namjoon said. He could still smell the strange alpha’s scent on him, and he needed it off of him. Namjoon needed to smell different; he needed to smell like Jungkook



It didn't take long for them to reach Jungkook's apartment, it thankfully being empty. Jimin was out with Taehyung, and Namjoon wasn't the slightest bit surprised. In fact, he was silently grateful for them being attached at the hip twenty-four/seven.

But that didn't mean Namjoon couldn't still smell Jimin. Namjoon's body was telling him to smell Jungkook and only Jungkook, and sitting on the couch wasn't cutting it. He fidgeted next to Jungkook until the alpha asked what was wrong.

"Just. I can still smell Jimin. Don't wanna smell him," Namjoon muttered, twisting the hem of his flannel in his hands. 

Namjoon wasn't satisfied until he was wearing a hoodie and sweatpants that Jungkook was more than happy to let him borrow. Namjoon could still smell Jimin's scent lingering on everything, but that was quickly fixed by moving to Jungkook's room. Namjoon eagerly tucked himself into Jungkook's bed like he belonged there; the alpha shifted back and forth on his feet at the edge of the bed.

Namjoon could sense Jungkook's hesitation, so he pulled back the blankets and motioned for Jungkook to join him. Jungkook didn't need to be told twice. He climbed into bed, making sure to give Namjoon all the space he needed. But Namjoon didn't really want space right now, he wanted Jungkook to be in his space.

Curling a hand into Jungkook's hoodie, Namjoon pulled the alpha closer. Jungkook came easily, allowing Namjoon to position him whichever way he wanted. Once Namjoon was comfortable - tucked into Jungkook's side with his head on his chest, Jungkook wrapped an arm around Namjoon's waist.

"Is this okay?" Jungkook asked softly, his fingers tracing circles on Namjoon's back.

Namjoon nodded. He could easily fall asleep like this if he let himself. He couldn't remember a time where he felt so calm and relaxed, aside from when he was cuddling with Seokjin. His body and mind finally felt at peace; maybe Namjoon should've been doing this sooner.

"Hey, Jungkook?" The alpha hummed. "Can I ask you something?"

Shifting a little so Jungkook could see Namjoon's face, he said, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, I just," Namjoon fumbled for the right words to say. There were so many thoughts crowding his mind, all the things Seokjin said earlier resurfacing. Namjoon settled on, "You called me your omega."

Namjoon felt Jungkook stiffen underneath him, grabbing onto Jungkook's hoodie so he couldn't move away. "Hyung, I'm so sorry if I crossed a line. I just wanted him to leave you alone. I—"

"Jungkook, calm down," Namjoon said, sitting up before admitting softly, "I just… I liked it."

Jungkook was staring at Namjoon like he'd grown two heads. "You… liked it?" Namjoon nodded. "You want me to call you.. my omega?"

Taking a deep breath, Namjoon thought of the speech he had rehearsed in his head after his conversation with Seokjin. Fuck it. "Jungkook, I owe you an apology."

"What? No, I'm the one who should-"

"No, I do . I… What Seokjin-hyung and I were talking about earlier… We were talking about you, Jungkook."

"... me ?"

"As I'm sure you already know by now, I'm very oblivious. To a lot of things. Including when someone is trying to court me," Namjoon said, unable to look at Jungkook. He was too afraid to see what was hiding in Jungkook's eyes. 


Namjoon hated the way Jungkook sounded so dejected, so hurt. He wanted to reach out and comfort Jungkook, to take care of him like he knew the alpha could (and always has) taken care of him. Namjoon wanted to make his alpha feel better. The thought terrified him, wanting someone to be his alpha, but there's no one he trusted more than Jungkook. Sans Seokjin. 

"I'm sorry it took Seokjin calling me out for being a dumbass for me to realize."

"But you… you accepted the book. I just thought… I just thought you wanted to take things slow. I know you don't like… I didn't want to push you, I'm sorry I made you do something you didn't want to," Jungkook said, and Namjoon could hear the tears in his voice.

Reaching out, Namjoon took one of Jungkook's hands in both of his. "I never said I didn't want this, Jungkook-ah. You're so good, you've always been so good to me. I know I'm not exactly the easiest omega to be around sometimes, but—"

Now Jungkook was sitting up, putting his hands on Namjoon's shoulders. "Don't you ever apologize for who you are, hyung. You've gone through a lot to get where you are today. And I'm so proud of you. I know you don't really like alphas, or the social implications of being an omega, but I just… I just want to take care of you, hyung."

Namjoon wondered what that would look like, finally allowing an alpha to take care of him like he should be. Namjoon wanted to know what that would look like with Jungkook. 

"Please let me take care of you, Namjoon. Let me be your alpha."

"I… okay," Namjoon nodded and let Jungkook pull him into his arms. "My alpha."

That earned a growl from Jungkook, pulling Namjoon into his lap so he could properly wrap himself around Namjoon. Pressing his nose against Namjoon's neck, Jungkook shuddered out a sigh. It seemed like now that Namjoon had given his permission, Jungkook didn’t want to hold back. His hands never stayed in one spot for too long, mapping out the lines of Namjoon’s body. 

“Say it again,” Jungkook said, pressing an open mouthed kiss to Namjoon’s throat. 

Readjusting himself so he was straddling Jungkook’s lap, Namjoon leaned forward and whispered, “Jungkook… my alpha .”

It felt strange, being so intimate and open with an alpha he knew and trusted. Namjoon was no stranger to sex with alphas, but he was always the dominant one. He was always on top and in control because that’s what made him feel the safest. And sure, he’s fucked a couple of omegas along the way too, but… letting an alpha have complete control? That still scared Namjoon a little bit. 

“Joon-ah?” Jungkook called softly, “Are you still here with me?”

"Yeah, just…"

"You tell me what you want. You tell me what you're comfortable with. We won't do anything you don't want to, okay?" Jungkook said, rubbing his hands up and down Namjoon's arms. "Do you trust me, Joon-ah?"

Yes. Yes , Namjoon trusted Jungkook so much, so much that it almost scared him as much as being vulnerable in front of another alpha. 

"Yes," Namjoon breathed out, and Jungkook's grip tightened slightly. "I want you…"

Namjoon knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted Jungkook to fuck him, to take care of him . But he couldn't bring himself to say it out loud. He could feel himself flushing at the idea; he could feel himself getting slick. Namjoon was almost embarrassed. 

"Want me to…?" Jungkook said, smirking slightly. Namjoon knew Jungkook could smell his growing arousal; Namjoon could feel Jungkook getting hard beneath him. 

Huffing, Namjoon pouted. Why couldn't Jungkook just read his mind? He could smell Namjoon, that should be enough. Jungkook cooed softly at Namjoon, trying to pinch his cheek, but Namjoon swatted his hand away. 

"Come on, hyung. You can tell me," Jungkook said.

"Want your knot," Namjoon mumbled. 

"What was that? I couldn't hear you," Jungkook teased, drawing Namjoon a little closer. 

Pushing Jungkook back so he hit the mattress, Namjoon said, "I want your knot. Alpha ."

Jungkook moaned, and Namjoon felt more slick gush out of him. His underwear was starting to stick to him, getting uncomfortable. His skin was starting to feel hot, and Jungkook felt so cool underneath him. Namjoon really wanted Jungkook to fuck him. 

"Please, alpha," Namjoon whispered, leaning down over Jungkook to kiss his jaw. "Please fuck me."

Before Namjoon could say anything else, Jungkook had them flipped over, pressing Namjoon into the mattress. Jungkook's weight on top of him felt delicious, automatically wrapping his legs around Jungkook's waist. 

"Are you sure? Do you really want this?" Do you want me hung unsaid in the air between them. 

" Please , Jungkook. I'm sorry for making you wait."

Jungkook dropped his forehead down to Namjoon's shoulder, letting out a shaky sigh. "I'd have waited forever for you, hyung."

"Now you don't have to," Namjoon said, tangling his fingers in the hair at Jungkook's nape. 

"Is this real? I'm not dreaming?" Jungkook lifted his head, doe-eyed and hopeful. 

Namjoon chuckled. "Yes, baby, this is real."



" Shit ."

"You're cute," Namjoon smiled. 

Jungkook gasped, looking affronted. "I am not cute! I'm your sexy, confident alpha."

"Whatever you say, Jungkook-ah."

Pouting, Jungkook sat back on his heels, resting his hands on the top of Namjoon's thighs. Namjoon automatically opened his legs further, and he could see the moment Jungkook smelled Namjoon's arousal. Jungkook's eyes rolled back a little, hands gripping Namjoon's legs a little harder. 

"Fuck, you smell so good," Jungkook groaned, leaning forward a little bit. 

"Why don't you find out if I taste just as good?"

"Holy shit," Jungkook said, easily flipping Namjoon onto his stomach. "I have to be dreaming."

Jungkook ran his hands over the back of Namjoon's thighs and over the curve of Namjoon's ass. Namjoon pushed back without thinking about it, wanting nothing more than to feel Jungkook inside of him. His clothes felt suffocating, his skin burning. 

" Please ," Namjoon moaned into Jungkook's bedsheets. 

"Okay, yeah, okay," Jungkook said, shifting around behind Namjoon. "I'm gonna take your clothes off, okay hyung?"

Without bothering to reply, Namjoon pulled the hoodie over his head, throwing it onto the floor next to the bed. He heard Jungkook curse again before hooking his fingers into Namjoon's sweatpants and pulling them down with his underwear. Namjoon sighed, relieved to finally be out of his clothes. 

"Now you—"

"I'm going, hyung, don't worry," Jungkook rushed out. 

The bed shifted, and Namjoon couldn't feel Jungkook behind him anymore. He was about to complain when the bed dipped once more, Jungkook pressing up behind him. Namjoon could feel Jungkook's thick cock against his ass, moaning and pushing back against him. 

"I got you, hyung," Jungkook said, and Namjoon could feel Jungkook's hot breath fan across his ass. 

Holding his breath in anticipation, Namjoon fisted the bedsheets in his hands. Namjoon couldn't help himself from pushing back whenever he felt Jungkook timidly lick against his slick hole. 

" Shit ," Namjoon hissed, relishing in the way Jungkook spread his cheeks open. Gaining more confidence, Jungkook pressed his tongue flat against Namjoon. "Fuck, alpha!"

That seemed to break something in Jungkook because then he was eating Namjoon out like a man starved. Jungkook pressed against Namjoon so hard he pushed them up the bed slightly. Namjoon pushed back, moaning when Jungkook slid a finger inside of him. 

Making quick work of it, Jungkook soon had three fingers deep inside of Namjoon. The slide made it easy, Namjoon gushing slick. Namjoon didn't even bother trying to be quiet anymore, instead losing himself in the way Jungkook was making him feel. 

"Please fuck me, alpha, please ," Namjoon whined. 

"Okay, I got you, hyung. I'll take care of you," Jungkook said, positioning himself behind Namjoon. "Do I need a-" 

"Just fucking fuck me!"

Jungkook giggled for a second before he remembered what he was about to do. He rubbed his cock through Namjoon's asscheeks, coating himself in Namjoon's slick. Namjoon moaned, pushing back against Jungkook. 

"Inside, inside ."

And then Jungkook was pushing inside, and Namjoon never felt more full. No other alpha cock or dildo has filled Namjoon up the way Jungkook did. They both moaned together, Jungkook leaning forward to rest his head against Namjoon's back. 

"I could come just like this," Jungkook laughed breathlessly. 

" No ," Namjoon said, feeling like he was beginning to lose control of himself. "Need your knot, alpha."

"I'll give you my knot, baby," Jungkook said, pulling back before slowly pushing back in. 

"More, more ."

Namjoon knew he could be whiny and needy during sex, but never this badly. Jungkook seemed to be taking it in stride, one hand on Namjoon's waist while the other was planted on the bed next to Namjoon's head. Jungkook started thrusting harder, deeper, faster, and Namjoon's head was spinning. 

Pinned against the bed, Namjoon's cock was aching to be touched. The friction of the slide against the bedsheets wasn't doing anything for him, he needed more. So he reached underneath him only to have Jungkook grab his arm. 

"I got you, baby," Jungkook said, closing his hand around Namjoon's leaking cock. "You're doing so good for alpha. You feel so good, sound so good. You're my good omega."

"Your good omega," Namjoon repeated back, feeling drool collect on the bed under his face. Or maybe it was tears because Jungkook was just fucking him too good that he could barely remember his own name. 

Namjoon cried out when Jungkook hit his prostate, clenching tightly around Jungkook. The alpha's hips briefly stuttered before he was right back at his brutal pace. Jungkook's hand on Namjoon's cock was relentless too. Perfectly tight around him, Namjoon couldn't help fucking forward into Jungkook's hand before fucking back onto his cock. 

"Gonna c-come," Namjoon said, his orgasm rising out of nowhere. 

"Let go, baby. Come for alpha."

That all Namjoon needed before he was letting go, ropes of warm seed landing on his stomach and on the bed. It was completely overwhelming, unlike any other orgasm he'd ever had in the past. Jungkook's cock hit all the right places, and Namjoon thought he blacked out for a minute. 

The next thing he knew, Jungkook's knot was starting to catch on his rim. Namjoon spread his legs open further, body ready, begging , for Jungkook's knot. He wanted to be locked together with Jungkook, for his alpha to claim him. To make Namjoon his

"Can I… can I still knot you, baby?" Jungkook panted in Namjoon's ear, kissing down the side of his neck. 

"Please, alpha, please !"

Jungkook pushed himself back inside Namjoon, knot fully popping and locking them together. Jungkook filled Namjoon up, and just kept coming. If Namjoon thought he was full before, that was nothing compared to this. He was vaguely aware that he was coming again, his release weakly landing on the bed, dick spent. 

Carefully rolling them onto their sides, Jungkook tried his best not to jostle them. Namjoon couldn't stop himself from moaning, Jungkook's cock putting pressure against his prostate, watching dumbly as more come dribbled out of his cock. Namjoon didn't think he'd ever come so much in his life. And definitely has never so much of it up his ass before. 

Jungkook was pressing little kisses all over Namjoon, everywhere he could reach. He was muttering nonsense as he went, praising Namjoon, calling him his good little omega. Telling him he did such a good job, that he took his knot so well. Namjoon thought he could get used to this. 



Later on after Jungkook's knot had gone down and he'd cleaned Namjoon up and changed the sheets, they were cuddling together in bed. Jungkook couldn't seem to go a few seconds without touching some new part of Namjoon, and Namjoon was basking in all the attention. 

Before, Namjoon had thought that he'd hate letting an alpha dominate him. That all of the hard work he'd put in over the years would go to waste. Namjoon was pleasantly surprised that he felt none of that. None of that shame and embarrassment he had carried around for years. Jungkook made him feel safe, loved, taken care of. That it was okay that Namjoon was an omega, and Jungkook still loved him regardless. 

Namjoon has never felt like that before. 

"Thank you," Namjoon whispered, turning his head to kiss Jungkook's bare chest. 

"For what?" 

"For taking care of me."

Jungkook's arms tightened around Namjoon, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. "You don't need to thank me for that, hyung. You deserve to be taken care of."

Namjoon let the silence lapse again, tracing his fingers over Jungkook's skin. He giggled at the way Jungkook would jump when he thumbed at Jungkook's nipples. So sensitive. 

"Hey, Jungkook?"

"Yeah, hyung?"

"Next time, I want you to bite me."