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Pigheaded Borg, Infuriating Woman

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Janeway left for Voyager to freshen  up, leaving Seven to be reviewed by Doctors Timaren Silik and the EMH. The nurse, lieutenant LIndsay Brooks, was also present. Seven was against the idea of being left alone in an alien hospital without the captain. She expressed herself, not in her logical, typical fashion, rather she cried like a baby.

Kathryn, please do not leave alone here? I need you.

...but Seven, i`m only going away for a few minutes. Tell you what? I`ll go to my quarters for a quick shower then return and we can both have breakfast here. Once you`ve been checked by the doctors, hopefully you`ll be cleared, we can return to Voyager together.

...very well. Seven pouted. Janeway looked at the security guard, who was still facing the window, quickly placed a quick kiss on the young woman`s mouth and left. 


Seven sat up in bed. She felt weak because of muscle disuse but otherwise she felt well in herself. The security officer cleared the small table containing the half eaten cheese sandwich and the glass of water. There was a slight commotion in the corridor outside Seven`s room. Seven used her enhanced hearing to understand what was going on.



...Doctors Silik and Doctor, all i need is a moment alone with Seven of Nine for a short time. I need to tell her something very important. 

...but you can talk to her all you want after we`re done with our assessments, Madam Sharaz.

No, i have waited long enough and i can`t wait any longer! Then there was silence.

Very well, a few moments won`t do her any harm. Seven heard footsteps approach then the door was opened.


A tall handsome woman walked in. She had long raven hair tied up in a pony tail. Two fleshy flaps stood proudly on her forehead which reminded Seven of a woman`s...she shook her head to dispel the inappropriate thought. The woman wore a dark suit and carried herself with confidence. It reminded Seven of her own captain Janeway. The young woman, who was reading a padd, sat up in bed and watched the intimidating woman approach. Sharaz stood facing Seven of Nine and placed her hands behind her back.

Hello, Seven of Nine. Welcome to Unganut 3. We finally meet in person. My name is Mariel Sharaz, the chief executive officer of this hospital. You came here a few d...

...i am aware of the time index i have been in this facility and now i would like to get back to my ship! Are you responsible for treating my captain with disrespect? I will not tolerate you disrespecting her! Seven snapped.

Seven, please don`t say anything more? Ensign Thalia Thomas tried to stop Seven. She knew Tuvok was going to drag her over the hot coals if she did not at least make an attempt at controlling the situation before things get out of hand.

No, Ensign. This woman has been nothing but disrespectful to the captain and she knows it. Allow me to contact commander Tuvok. He will know what to do!

Oh, Lord and this had to be during my shift! Thalia thought dejectedly. It was clear that this was going to be diplomatic incident. Tuvok had hinted to his security team over and over again that the captain and Seven tended to somehow be prone to accidents and, well, he did not exactly say that but it was clearly implied.


Seven did not like this female at all. Every billion or so nanoprobe in her system agreed with her that mariel Sharaz had no honour and was potentially a dangerous individual. She tried hard to control herself but she seemed to have malfunctioned. Mariel looked at the feisty young woman sitting up in bed looking very composed and probably ready to strike. She could not believe that it was the same patient who was unconscious and helpless only a couple of days ago. She seemed to be the direct opposite of the reserved Kathryn Janeway. Mariel did not like Seven of Nine one bit. She could not believe Kathryn felt anything for this young woman.

Seven of Nine, i...apologize for my construed disrespect for your captain, but i believe the discussion you may have overheard is none of your business. You are merely a lowly crew man under her command. So listen to me and listen well. Stay away from Kathryn and i. Seven merely raised a metallic eye brow in challenge but she said nothing further, which caused a slight vexation to rise within the CEO.

This female must be the worst of her species, Mariel thought. She turned on her heels and walked out of the room.

This female must be the worst of her species, Seven of Nine thought to herself as she watched the CEO walk out of the room.


The doctors and nurse walked in the room and did some assessments on the patient and declared her fit for discharge. The EMH competed some electronic documents and placed his thumb print on a padd. He handed it over to doctor Timaren Silik, who did the same thing, and left. The EMH stayed in the room to talk to Seven and ensign Thomas.

Seven, good to see you awake. You look well for someone who was dead for a few hours. I guess stubborness has its advantages. Well done. He patted her on the shoulder.

Thank you, Doctor. Seven said politely, causing ensign Thomas to raise an eye brow at the supposed switch in personality. Thomas knew the truth, though. Seven loved the captain and did not like anyone say negative things about her. The ensign thought that was cute, though she dared not say anything about the captain`s personal life.


Janeway arrived shortly after Sharaz then the doctors left the room. Ensign Thomas had freshened up in the en suite bathroom and had a light breakfast while Seven refused to have anything to eat before the captain arrived. Janeway smiled broadly at seeing her astrometrics officer still sitting up and very much awake.

So, what did i miss? Have the doctors cleared you for discharge? Are you ready to go home?

Yes, captain. Seven smiled shyly at Janeway. Ensign Thomas packed the few personal items in the room, including the flowers and beamed them back to the ship, into Janeway`s quarters.


Janeway and Thomas helped Seven to the bathroom to freshen up but once there Seven refused to let Thalia help her, she only allowed Janeway to assist her with personal care. Thomas was relieved to let the two be together as it seemed natural to her. 



Captain, i am unable to perform this activity alone, my arms feels like boneless conduits. Could you please assist me? 

Do conduits have bones? Uh, never mind...Janeway laughed at her friend`s joke. It was as dry as her other friend`s. At that point Kathryn realised that she liked surrounding herself with logical people with dry humour, bordering on sarcasm.

What do you need me to do, Seven? Janeway watched Seven raise an eye brow.

Okay, turn around so i can undo the ties of your gown. Janeway advised. Seven did and Janeway was treated to a pleasant sight of a smooth back, nice round arse and legs which went on forever. Janeway`s breath caught at the sight. She fought the urge to pinch the enticing globes. So she quickly helped Seven finish undress herself and handed her a soaped face cloth so she could wash herself.


Seven stood before the captain, naked as the day she was born, with a face cloth in her hand. She looked expectantly at the captain probably expecting her to do something with it. Janeway sighed and took it from the young woman. She started rubbing the cloth over the young woman`s shoulders and back while mumbling something under her breath, something about being a star ship captain and not a personal care provider to her crew. In reality, she was overjoyed to see how Seven reacted naturally in her presence, even in this very intimate setting.

Kathryn, i am not just any crew member. I am your friend. I am not going to let you deny me anything as you did before. Doing so almost cost me my life. Even the CEO of this facility wants to take you away from me. She came here and stated that you and she have something going on.

I know, Love, but everything seems to be going too fast for me to grasp. Let`s finish up here then we`ll have breakfast. We`ll have to talk about everything when we get back to Voyager.



Seven was officially discharged from hospital. Janeway took her back to Voyager. As they materialised on the familiar transporter pads Tuvok was at the controls. He bowed his head at the women.

I am pleased you are well, Seven of Nine. Welcome back.

Thank you, Commander.


The women proceeded to the captain`s cabin where Janeway led her companion to the couch. She proceeded to the replicator to get a hot cup of coffee and a glass of water for her friend. Seven looked at Janeway`s cup then at the glass in front of her.

Captain, you get yourself a cup of hot beverage and a cold one for me?

Uh, if i remember correctly, you don`t drink coffee.

Perhaps! Seven said mysteriously and went to the replicator. A few moments later she returned with a cup of white coffee, causing Janeway to raise an eyebrow but she said nothing.


They sat in companionable silence sipping their drinks. Janeway snorted when she noted that for every few sips of coffee Seven drank, she would "wash it down" with a few sips of water.

So tomorrow is the party on Unganut 3. The foreign minister informed me that it will start early evening until the following morning. We should make an appearance then return here. I want to show you something. Something i have been meaning to show you for a long time.


Seven felt anticipation course through her as she happily sat on the couch with Janeway`s back to her, held closely in her arms. It felt so natural, as if they had done this before. She squeezed Kathryn in her arms as she remembered the alien woman at the hospital wanting her Kathryn. Her Kathryn. Seven sighed happily.


Kathryn thought about the strange situation involving Mariel Sharaz`s controlling nature. She also thought of Seven of Nine`s possessive character. Did the two have something in common? She seemed to have enjoyed being possessed by the alien woman. The burden of command was a heavy one to carry sometimes. She supposed that every once in a while she would love to be relieved of this burden. She would let another take care of her for a change. That was where a lover would come into the equation. Yes, it was possible to have a lover and command a star ship. Kathryn wiggled in Seven`s arms and snuggled closer than it was possible.


The evening of the party Sharaz sneaked into the great hall of Alfriston Prefecture. She had a padd in her hand and checked the rows of seats. She ticked off the seats on her padd against the seats in the hall. Then she went to a chair reserved for Captain Kathryn Janeway. Mariel placed a small portable transporter unit under the seat then quickly sneaked out of the hall again. The alien woman smiled to herself and went home to get ready for the party. If all goes well she will have Kathryn Janeway all to herself.


Soon everyone arrived and the party started. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Unganut 3, Markon Tresvan, made a long speech about the history of the planet`s civilisation and scientific progress and exploits they have made so far. Captain Janeway talked about the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet. She wanted to make her speech brief, but Unganut 3 politicians kept asking her questions about The Federation and how they managed to be spread out yet remained strongly united. Janeway did her best and even handed out padds containing the important facts and fun facts about the UFP and Starfleet. At the end of her hour long speech, she found herself in a diplomatic situation where Unganut 3 politicians considered joining the UFP.


Mariel Sharaz sat quietly opposite Janeway, watching the captain appreciatively and longingly. She half listened to whatever was going on around her, waiting for the right moment to act. She had already checked with the pilot of a shuttle craft currently in orbit above the Alfriston prefecture great hall. He was ready. Now Mariel looked at her personal transporter unit disguised as a wrist watch. To anyone watching her, Mariel seemed like an ordinary guest checking time on her wrist watch. She saw finish her speech and sit down. She and Markon Tresvan shookhands. Sharaz supposed she should wait until meals and drinks were served and preferably when they started dancing. She will dance with Janeway then transport her away, or she could use the transporter under the captain`s chair. She will act on whichever plan was suitable.


Earlier in the evening, the Voyager crew began to arrive. Sharaz, who was already seated at her designated table, watched as Janeway and Seven, accopanied by Tuvok, Chakotay, Harry Kim, Tom Paris, B`Elanna Torres and the Doctor walk in. Other Voyager crew Sharaz did not know also arrived and sat at different tables. She followed Janeway`s progress and was glad that she sat at the seat reserved for her. Seven proceeded to the adjacent table. Mariel smiled at the Intrepid captain seductively. Janeway was wearing a black lowcut v neck sleeveless dress with healed strapped sandals. Her shoulder length auburn hair looked ethereal as it caught and reflected light in different shades of red, giving the illusion of a halo. The CEO wanted nothing more than to relax on a paradise island on the neighbouring planet, Unganut 4, with a delectable Kathryn Janeway in her arms. Her loins twitched with arousal as she remembered how Kathryn felt as she made love to her. Oh, how responsive was Kathryn! 


Tuvok sat two seats away from Janeway. He had a good view of Sharaz, whom he had come to dislike because of her possessive nature and forceful character. The Vulcan had a good idea of what happened in the CEO`s house after he left for Voyager a few days ago. He knew that the alien female had spiked his captain`s drinks and used her body to satisfy her own selfish needs. Tuvok felt very protective of Janeway who was his friend and captain. Now he watched Seven of Nine seated at the adjacent table. He saw an interesting exchange between Mariel Sharaz, Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine. He used his enhanced hearing and telepathic abilities to pick anything which may help him interpret the exchange among the three women. He soon found out that their "conversation" was interesting, to say the least. He felt that he was not paid enough credits for this job!


Janeway looked at Seven who raised an eye brow at her. Seven looked back at the captain then tilted her head towards Sharaz`s direction. Janeway looked at Seven, then at Sharaz. Finally she looked back at Seven again. She raised an eyebrow then shook her head slightly. Seven nodded and sighed. Sharaz looked at Janeway and smiled at the captain. Janeway nodded politely at her then made a disgusted expression on her face. Sharaz leaned back in her chair. 




Janeway: Seven, what are you looking at? 

Seven: HER! I don`t trust her for a minute. She is looking at you as if you are a delicious strawberry!

Janeway: Oh, really? Or are you just jealous!

Seven: I am not jealous, just looking out for you. I do not wish to share you with another!

Janeway: I am flattered. I will show you something when this is all over!

Seven: Your birthmark? I know where all of them are located on your body!

Janeway: Wait! What?

Seven: Eyebrow raise

Mariel Sharaz: Kathryn, you look so delectable, i can`t wait to ravage you!

Janeway: Thank you, Madam but it`s impolite to talk to me like that!

Sharaz: Oh, my Kathryn. I can`t wait to show you something. You`ll like it!

Janeway: I do not want to see your surprise! Leave me alone, please.

Seven: Kathryn, do not look at her. Dessist! She is irrelevant.

Janeway: I know, Darling. I love you.


Tuvok shut himself out of the little conversation going on and drank from his cup of Vulcan spiced tea. Servers went around serving and removing plates. The Voyager crew seemed to enjoy themselves while eating both familiar and unfamiliar Unganutan food. Finally it was time for dancing. Soft piano and jazz music began to play. Markon Tresvan stood up and extended his hand towards captain Janeway. They went to the open area where they danced together for a while. Then other Unganutan officials danced with the Intrepid captain. Soon Voyager crew and Unganutans danced together.


Mariel Sharaz and Seven of Nine remained seated at their respective seats. This is going to be interesting! Tuvok thought to himself. He saw Sharaz rise gracefully. She wore her skintight revealing outfit from the evening she visited Janeway at the hospital. The alien woman walked towards captain Janeway and extended her hand, just like the foreign minister had done a few moments before. Janeway took the hand and immediately Mariel pulled Janeway close to her. They danced to the slow music, Mariel gyrated against the captain, causing Janeway`s face to warm up in embarrassment. Kathryn knew Seven was watching and that she must find a reason to leave the dance floor. Sharaz seemed to have predicted Janeway`s next move. so she held the captain tightly against her body. Most people were dancing so the drama unfolding was not obvious except to Tuvok, Thalia Thomas, Seven, Janeway and Mariel Sharaz.

Uh, Ms Sharaz? I don`t feel well. I would like to sit down for a while.

No, you just want to get away from me. I will not harm you, Kathryn. All i want is to provide you pleasure, never pain.

I`ve told you before i don`t want your attention.

You`re just playing hard to get. I know you want me too.

No, i don`t. I already have someone i love. Mariel felt that Kathryn was being difficult so she knew that this was the appropriate time to act. Sharaz pushed a button on her "wrist watch." Kathryn Janeway and Mariel Sharaz vanished.



Mr Tresvan, the captain has vanished. Tuvok said in an impassive voice.


She is gone.


Unganut elite force appeared as if out of thin air to surround the building and search inside. Seven of Nine leaped towards the dance floor where the captain and Sharaz were dancing, catching thin air. She was too late. Chaos ensued as guns were fired. People were ordered out of the building causing them to scatter in all directions in panic. Chakotay ordered all Voyager crew back to the ship. Voyager duty officers beamed everyone in the great hall. 


Chakotay left Tuvok and Seven of Nine in the hall at their request. He proceeded to the bridge to conduct space searches for the captain. Three Unganutan ships made sensor sweeps and compared notes with Voyager. They did not pick up anything out of the ordinary. Harry Kim searched again and saw a faint ion trail above the great hall.

Commander, i think i`ve found something. There is a faint ion trail, it`s fading, but it`s there.

Follow the ion trail, Harry.


Voyager went to warp following the ion trail which led them to the next planet, Unganut 4. Seven of Nine, Tuvok and Thalia Thomas along with five Unganutan investigators jumped on one of the patrollers` shuttles. They followed Voyager into warp as they headed for Unganut 4. Seven sat quietly at the science station of the shuttle. She watched the scanners as they led them towards her love. She knew that she had to have an objective mind if she was to rescue her woman before she was...Seven did not want to think of what Sharaz might do to Janeway. Seven took a deep, calming breath. Tuvok stole glances at the young woman. He appreciated her calm, outward appearance. he knew that the woman was hurting inside. Thalia looked as calm as Tuvok did. She was only twenty three years old with a calm demeaanor



Seven of Nine, Thalia Thomas, Tuvok and twenty Unganutan security officers searched the building for clues. Tuvok waved his tricorder in the hall while Seven went to Kathryn`s seat. She turned it over and found a small device. She waved at the Unganutan chief investigator who came to see the device. He identified it as a personal transporter. Now Tuvok and Seven had a good idea of what happened. Of course, they suspected some sort of friction between janeway and the woman, but nobody really suspected that Mariel would go to such an extent as to kidnap a guest of such a calibre




I`ve finally got you all to myself, Kathryn. I promise to show you a good time.

No, thank you. I don`t want to be shown any good time, and certainly not by you!

Oh come on baby, give us a chance? Sharaz said pleadingly. Janeway sighed but said nothing.


The shuttle went to warp as soon as Sharaz and Janeway materialised on its transporter pads. Janeway knew this when she saw long streaks of stars go past them. She could not believe the audacity of this woman. Was she that beautiful to warrant such attention? Janeway did not know what to think anymore. She was taken to a seat and Sharaz gave an order, in Unganutan. Ceiros! Janeway`s comm badge interpret this as "Let`s go!"

Where are you taking me, Mariel?

You`ll see.


Sharaz smiled and came to stand close to the sitting captain. She leaned down and kissed Janeway on the mouth, slowly, seductively. She let her tongue trace the captain`s wine coloured lips. She then knelt before the captain and reached her hands inside the captain`s v neck dress. Hands cupped warm breasts. Sharaz squeezed them gently as she now pushed her tongue into the woman`s mouth. She gently pushed Kathryn back until she was reclined in it. Kathryn moaned as her body reacted strongly to the caresses. She could not believe why she reacted strongly to caresses by someone she did not even like. Come to think about it, she has not been given any drink by Sharaz. Then Janeway remembered a strong, appealing scent from the woman. She was sure it was some sort of pheromone or aphrodisiac of some sort. Unfortunately now she was too far gone to act in any sort of logical manner. All she could do was moan helplessly in appreciation. Janeway found herself disrobing for the imposing woman now lying on top of her. Janeway felt her nipples being touched and rolled deliciously. Then a warm wet mouth surrounded one and sucked on it roughly, causing Kathryn to arch her back towards the suction. Her other nipple was rolled between fingers, causing her nether lips to get engorged. A pleasant throb was felt between her legs, causing her to spread her legs wide apart. She started to kiss the other woman in earnest. Perhaps she liked this individual. What was her name? Janeway tried to remember but everything was a blur. All she could concentrate on was the pleasurable feelings she now felt. A hand moved down between her legs and parted her nether lips. Soon her clit was manipulated deliciously. Kathryn cried as she came strongly, squirting her juices on the shuttle craft seat. Sharaz continued to kiss her, not giving the captain time to recover. Janeway felt another orgasm approach. She pulled Mariel`s head down between her legs. Suddenly something snapped in her, as if it were a switch. Janeway pushed the woman on top of her with all the stregth she could muster. 


Sharaz was taken by surprise. She fell off Kathryn and tumbled to the deck. Kathryn quickly looked around but there was nothing to use as a rope. She thought quickly and used her bra to tie up Sharaz`s hands by the elbows at the back. She made her sit where she had just been raped a moment ago by the imposing Mariel Sharaz. She reached down and searched Mariel`s trouser pockets and found a small phaser. Janeway put on her black dress and proceeded to the front of the shuttle where she found a man at the controls. She assumed that he was the pilot. She set the phaser to heavy stun and shot the pilot. Kathryn then dragged the unconscious body to the other seat and sat at the controls to study them. 


Janeway checked the time the shuttle had traveled. Six hours. Six freaking hours of being raped! Janeway thought as she looked back to where Sharaz sat looking at her. She seemed to be surprised at the turn of events. The captive has become the captor. Tha rapist has become the what exactly? Sharaz wondered. Janeway gave her captor, now captive, a poisonous look and continued her study of the shuttle controls. Luckily it was similar to Starfleet shuttle crafts. She sent a distress call and coordinates of her whereabouts the best she could. That task completed, Kathryn went about looking for her knickers. She found them under the seat where Sharaz now occupied. She went to the back of the shuttle to put them on at the protest of Mariel.

Oh, Kathryn, please allow me the pleasure of watching you wearing your undergarment?

Not in a million years, now shut up or i`ll stun you!

No, you will not. You are not a violent individual.

You`re right, i`m not. So i won`t stun you if you behave and sit there quietly.



A few moments later a green light was seen at the corner of a screen. Janeway activated the screen which read: Captain, we have received your message. We are two hours from your location. Shut down your engines. Chakotay.


Janeway was so happy to read her first officer`s message.

Roger! She sent a message back and sat back in the seat. In the corner of her eye, Kathryn saw Mariel testing the strength of her restraints. Janeway was forced to act against her better judgment. She stunned Mariel Sharaz and went to check on her to make sure her airway was clear. Mariel Sharaz was right. Janeway was not a violent individual, but when it was needed, she was perfectly capable of defending herself.


A few hours later Kathryn Janeway was reunited with Seven of Nine on Voyager. They proceeded to the captain`s quarters. They stood in each others` embrace and simply appreciated the fact that they were together and free to love each other. Sharaz was arrested and taken into custody. Janeway was invited to testify against her but she refused claiming that Sharaz`s failure to do what she wanted was punishment enough. It did not make sense to Seven and the senior officers, but Janeway knew the type of person Sharaz was: Arrogant, controlling and manipulative. Being arrested was humbling enough for her, restricting her powers and ability to manipulate anyone with Mariel Sharaz`s character. Seven wanted her new girlfriend to see the EMH because she was certain that Kathryn was suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Janeway laughed and hugged her girlfriend.

I`m fine, Seven. I know myself. I don`t have Stockholm syndrome. Sharaz is exactly like me. The evil side of me.


Seven raised an eyebrow then proceeded to erase all the filthy memories to replace them with new ones.