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Pigheaded Borg, Infuriating Woman

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I  told her not to transport the poor creature off the ship. Now she`s condemned it to its untimely demise!  She`s the most PIGHEADED...PIGHEADED...ANNOYING...PIGHEADED...Borg i have ever seen! Captain Janeway was in her ready room, pacing the length of her office in obvious agitation and anger. She was clearly upset at the needless death of a member of the 8472 species creature. Seven had beamed the creature only moments before the Hirogen hunters fired on Voyager then withdrew before actually firing on the Federation star ship. Seven had once again saved Voyager, but the ship`s petite auburn haired commander was too furious to acknowledge this fact, let alone think objectively at all. 


Janeway`s pacing had slowed down considerably. Her left hand held a padd containing the report her security chief, Commander Tuvok, had brought her. It described the events which led to the beaming of 8472 from Voyager to the Hirogen hunting ship.


Janeway was raised to respect all life, whether they were bug-like, dodecahedron shaped, blob or even of a slimy consistency. They were all life and deserved the right to live their lives peacefully. This incident upset her more than usual though and she had no idea why this was the case? Her monthly cycle perhaps? Well, things did tend to get out of hand some months, but not today. That was out of the picture. She thought back to a few months before when a small alien ship piloted by a local trader said hello to the star ship. Janeway nearly blew the smirk off his face simply because he made a remark that he had never seen a female captain before. Her reaction then was the direct result of menstrual cramps which she was suffering from. Seven, who happened to be on the bridge working on the science station console, secretly summoned The Doctor to bring an analgesic hypospray for the captain. The Borg woman had conveniently neglected to inform anyone of her capability to detect hormonal levels in humans, scents and more intimate things to humans. She could easily shut this function if she wanted to be polite, but she quite enjoyed observing Janeway`s body clock as it ticked away. This, Seven knew, was a violation of the captain`s privacy, but she could not help herself. She justified her action as part of her duty in looking after her captain`s wellbeing. Seven asked to see Janeway in the ready room and left when the Doctor materialised in with the hypospray in his hand. Chakotay suspected nothing. Seven wondered whether the man was all wooden all the way to his brain. With her highly analytical mind, Janeway had quickly caught on what was going on between Seven and The Doctor, however, but she simply pulled down her grey shirt to reveal her neck. Wordlessly, the Doctor injected the contents of the hypospray in her jugular vein and silently left the Ready Room.


Back in the present, her right hand stroked her chin as if in contemplation. Tuvok, sat on the couch on the upper level of the ready room, watching her pace furiously then slow down. He silently calculated how many steps she made back and forth and the energy she produced while doing so. Thanks to his Vulcan heritage, Tuvok could be focused despite of the distraction around him. Now he was mentally drawing a graph in his head, of the time (in seconds), against the paces she made. He roughly calculated the amount of energy in joules she made. Tuvok was amazed at how much energy this human could produce. He figured the energy if stored in a power cell could power up Seven`s alcove for twenty minutes! Not bad for a human, he idly thought.


Tuvok was brought out of his scientific thinking when he noted that the captain had now gone to sit behind her desk, leaving him on the upper level. Janeway looked at him and their gazes locked.


Dismissed, Commander Tuvok!


...pardon me, captain. I was wondering if you could continue with your energy production. I was making progress in my calculation... Tuvok said with a straight face (not that anyone would notice the difference if he had a poker face on).


What the hell are you talking about, Old Friend?! Janeway exclaimed sharply.

When you were pacing, i calculated how much energy you could produce per second. By the time you stopped the amount of energy you made could power Seven of Nine`s alcove for at least twenty minutes. Tuvok said in a matter of fact tone. Janeway looked at him as if he had grown horns on the top of his head. She wanted to be angry with him, shout at him and kick him out of her office or pound her fist on her desk, but strangely she could not be angry anymore. She felt laughter bubbling up from within her and threaten to erupt. Finally she could not hold the laughter in any longer, so the captain laughed until tears streamed down her face.


The security chief continued to sit on the couch with his hands neatly clasped in his lap. He silently watched the laughing captain while wondering at the human condition. Too conflicting. He has known this woman for twenty years, they had served together on three staships before Voyager. She had even attended his daughter`s kolihnar ceremony. He truly considered Janeway a very close friend, family even. He now felt free to talk to her when necessary.


Janeway`s second in command cleared his throat and wondered whether he should risk his friendship by talking about the real issue Janeway was angry at Seven. The chief of security officer had been observing Janeway and Seven arguing over different subjects over a long period of time. This last one made him wonder whether this charade or lover`s spat the two had been engaging in had gone long enough? They seemed to circle each other yet none of them wanted to address the real subject clear to everyone, but themselves. As a security chief, Tuvok was trained to sense danger before things happened. He had watched Janeway and Seven separately and together. He had collected enough data, had analysed it and reached conclusions. One of them was that the two really hated each other. His favourite was that the two were very much attracted to each other, but Janeway was reluctant to do anything about it because of Starfleet protocols which prohibit captains from fraternising with their crew. Tuvok, thanks to his Vulcan heritage, had a high auditory acuity. He has heard things the crew thought their captain and her astrometrics officer did when they were together. He would have blushed, but he left the blushing to emotional humans. He was Vulcan after all. When he was sometimes forced to think of those things, for security reasons, of course, particularly one story, the security chief was thankful that he was Vulcan with the ability to suppress his emotions.


Tuvok was sitting in the mess hall, in his usual corner table, sipping from a cup of Vulcan spiced tea, while reading a report. He saw Jennifer Delaney, Harry Kim, Meghan Delaney, Tom Paris and B`elanna Torres walk into the mess hall and sat at a table opposite his. The famous five, as he called them, were whispering conspiratorially and laughing. He simply focused his attention on their quiet chatter while pretending to read and drink, just in case it was a security matter. He soon regretted eavesdropping on the officers` idle conversation. Apparently the captain`s nightly walks on the lower decks was just a ruse. What she really did was only walk on one deck and head to deck eight where the astrometrics lab was. there she would ambush Seven who was working late and have her way with the ex drone right there on the lab floor in front of a beautiful nebula. She would then take her back to her quarters on deck three and pretended to have a late night philosophical discussion with the young woman. What Janeway really did was to have her way with Seven some more then send her back to her alcove to regenerate...then repeat the whole process again. That when they argue it is really Seven`s protest about Janeway dominating her yet again after clearly agreeing to sub.


Back in the present, the Vulcan spoke. Captain, you are being unreasonable to the young woman. She does not know any better. Loosen your restriction on her. It is not easy to suddenly reason as a human after being a Borg drone for eighteen years of one`s life. He pleaded. 


Janeway looked up at her security chief with an unreadable expression on her face. I guess that`s one way to summarize Seven`s insolent behaviour. Why does everyone want me to cut her some slack? Even Chakotay and B`Elanna want me to go easy on her. Don`t you know that she won`t learn anything if i keep forgiving her for everything transgression she commits? The captain said, quite unbelieving what she had just heard from the security chief`s mouth. He did not sound at all like the Tuvok she knew, he rather sounded more like her Old Friend. This realization made her want to know talk to him on this level, as a friend.


Tuvok, Janeway said as she got up from her computer and walked to the replicator to get herself a hot cup of black coffee. Do you really think i`m too harsh? Am i acting inappropriate towards her? Janeway sat on the couch next to Tuvok on the upper level of her ready room. She continued to drink her coffee while waiting for Tuvok to say something, anything at all. When she looked at him she saw a raised eye brow and a slight tilt of his head in affirmation to what she had just said.


I recommend you court the woman. It is more efficient than dancing around each other. The Vulcan said in a matter of fact tone. Janeway`s mouth opened as if she wanted to say something, thought better of it then closed it again. 


Janeway had confined her astrometrics officer to quarters and had a small dose of argument with her while doing so, then she left for the night. The captain coud feel Seven`s eyes on her retreating back and felt tittilated. She wondered why that was so? She was furious with this woman and all she felt was some sort of sickening sexual arousal. Janeway chastised herself as she walked down the corridor towards the turbo lift which will take her home to her quarters. She was clearly more tired than she thought.