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Hermione leaned back in her chair and stretched her body out, grimacing at the crack in her spine as she did. Draco was always telling her she needed to stop spending countless hours at her desk with no breaks; he claimed he could hear the creaking of her bones when she got home every evening.

Hermione threw a glance at the clock in her office. Draco was due at the Ministry any moment now, to meet her from work so they could Apparate home together. With a wave of her wand the pieces of parchment on her desk rolled themselves neatly up and stacked themselves on her desk for the next morning. Standing from her chair and pulling on her cloak, she charmed off the lights and stowed her wand.     

She spotted Draco in the Atrium straight away, and not just because of the bond that existed between her and her mate. He was easily the most distinctive wizard in the hall. He stood well over six feet tall now, with a broader chest than any professional Quidditch beater, and a dangerous flash to his eyes that had most Ministry workers scurry past him with their shoulders hunched and their gazes turned downwards.            

Hermione thought absently how even prior to his transformation Draco's mere presence set off wary glances and hushed tones because of his role in the war.            

Hermione strode across the Atrium in his direction, seeing his guarded face light up when he caught sight of her.

Before she could reach him, however, a Ministry official stepped out in front of them. He wore an expression that reminded Hermione of Percy Weasley when given any scrap of authority. When he spoke, he thrust his nose high in the air, despite only barely reaching the top of Draco’s collarbone.

‘We don’t allow beasts into the Ministry, thank you very much,’ he said in a high-pitched, nasally voice.

Draco growled from deep within his chest, a habit he picked up ever since he’d been bitten. Hermione once found it frightening, but now it sent pleasant shivers down her spine. Hermione could see his muscles tense like ropes on his forearms, and knew from the way he quivered very slightly that the rest of his body would be just as tense.

The Ministry official seemed to finally realise his mistake, gulping and taking a hesitant step back. Draco followed him forward, his eyes glinting like granite. Hermione watched in horror as the official slowly reached for his wand when Draco’s hands curled into fists.            

‘No!’ she cried out, dashing towards them. The Ministry official’s eyes widened with shock and worry.       

‘Miss Granger, no! This man is a monster, he’ll kill you!’            

At those words, Draco leapt forward, his teeth bared. The official whipped out his wand and threw it up to aim directly at Draco’s face.            

Hermione got between them just in time, a hastily erected Protego easily deflecting the weak Stinging Jinx that would have done nothing to harm Draco anyway. She collided into Draco’s body, her hands raised to press against his chest, her face buried into the hollow of his collarbone. She could feel the rumbling deep within him, the beast inside growling in anger in defence of his mate.            

‘Draco,’ she crooned, making her voice sound as soothing as possible. She reached up to wrap her hands in his soft blond hair, tugging firmly to try and force him to look down at her. His hands were holding her tight around her waist, almost meeting around her middle, but he looked over her head to where the official was now lying sprawled on his back. ‘Look at me, Draco,’ she tried again, tugging his hair harder.            

Finally he tore his eyes away and looked down at her, still breathing heavily. Hermione gasped when she saw the usual silver of his irises had brightened to an ethereal blue, his pupils narrowed into elongated slits.            

‘Oh, Draco…’ she breathed, concern building in her as she reached up to stroke his cheek. Draco purred and rubbed his face against her palm. ‘We need to get you home.’            

Hermione grasped Draco’s hand in hers and pulled him away, leading them towards the Apparition point. The Ministry official squawked an undignified protest from his position on the floor.

Hermione whipped around, her wand raised, aiming it at the official while arching her eyebrow in the imperious way she’d picked up from Draco. The official’s words – some rubbish about werewolves in general, and Malfoy in particular, being an untrustworthy, crazy beast – died on his lips at the sight of the Golden Girl herself snarling down at him.            

‘I think you’ll find that under Article 79, subsection 3b of the Werewolf Equality Act of 2001 – a piece of legislation I know quite well considering I drafted it – werewolves are granted full and free access to any public property or meeting place as long as they are not under the influence of the full moon. Now, why don’t you take yourself back to whatever department you crawled from before I put a word in with your superior?’ Hermione gave him a severe stare that brokered no argument.            

The official mouthed wordlessly like a plimpy out of water and Hermione spun on her heel, dragging Draco behind her as she stormed off.            

She didn’t stop until they reached the Apparition point, and she turned around to see Draco’s eyes had darkened and his arms tightened around her as she Apparated them both away from the Ministry.

Draco and Hermione had been working closely for nearly five years now. She worked tirelessly on werewolf legislation, the crippling hours and rejected drafts stacking up on her desk, while Draco spent his days hunched over a bubbling cauldron in his personal laboratory working on an advanced form of the Wolfsbane Potion.

It was probably inevitable that the two of them had eventually started dating, but they took it slowly, aware of their coloured history and the raised eyebrows their relationship would cause if made public.

Then Draco had been bitten.

Two years ago he was visiting one of the wolf packs in Wales the day before the full moon when one had snapped and lunged for him, scratching him so deeply he was infected. Hermione remembered rushing to St Mungo’s and being barred from seeing him. The healers locked him in a warded room, leaving him to go through his first painful transformation completely alone.

When Hermione was finally allowed to visit Draco two days later, she was both relieved and flummoxed at the doorway when she saw him. Gone was the slender, lean, delicate beauty he had been. In his place stood a broad, muscled, towering hunk of a man with flashing eyes and an air of danger about him.

Draco had taken one look at her and swept her up in his arms, Apparating them away from St Mungo’s as the Healers cried out in alarm.

Draco’s new werewolf side had recognised his mate instantly. He went into rut, fucking Hermione for four days straight, before knotting into her on the final night.

It had been the best four days of Hermione’s life.

He had never gone into rut or knotted in her again, taking the Wolfsbane Potion ever since. As much as Hermione dreamed of him taking her like that one more time, she would never wish for the cruel transformation that was needed to make it possible.

Tonight, however, it looked like the decision was out of both their hands.           

Landing back at the Manor, Draco lifted Hermione in his arms before she’d had a chance to regain her footing. She hooked her legs around his waist, nuzzling against his face and dropping kisses along his cheekbones and temple as he carried her up the stairs and along the hallway to their bedroom, as if she weighed nothing at all.

The Manor had stood empty for several years when Draco and Hermione moved in. With Lucius indefinitely confined to Azkaban and Narcissa passing away three years prior, the manor had been in a sorry state when they’d taken over its care. It made more sense for them to live together than pay separate rents on London properties, and the Manor had the benefit of the dungeons: a must-have for a werewolf to keep himself and others safe during the full moons.            

This full moon wasn’t until tomorrow night, but judging by Draco’s eyes, his temper, and the heat that Hermione could feel rising from his body, his wolf side was already trying to break through.            

‘Draco,’ she murmured against his hair, swallowing a moan when his hands squeezed her ass, pulling her closer to him as he did. ‘Draco, you need to take your Wolfsbane -’            

‘It’s too late,’ he growled. ‘I’ve been taking it for nearly two years now, it’s not going to work this month. Tomorrow night I’ll change.’ Hermione nodded against him and he kissed her temple. ‘You’ll need to get the chains ready,’ Draco murmured against her ear.

This is why they needed to carry on working on an enhanced Wolfsbane Potion, Hermione thought to herself as she leaned into Draco’s comforting embrace. So werewolves like Draco could control their transformations month after month instead of risking breakthroughs after extended use of the potion. It was a challenge, but Draco was already making such good progress with brewing some alternatives to Wolfsbane, all they needed was a little bit more time and support from the –

As if sensing the running away of her internal thoughts, Draco threw her down onto their bed and climbed on top of her, his body covering hers. He leaned down and kissed her as if silencing spoken words.

A moment later he was tearing her clothes from her, leaving her naked before him and casting an appreciative look over her body. Hermione leaned back, propping herself up on her elbows, watching gratuitously as Draco waved an impatient hand and vanished what remained of his own clothes.

Being a werewolf had made Draco big. He shot up several inches after being bitten, his thighs and biceps bulked out, his chest and back broadened, tightening his muscles as they did.

The growth acceleration had also affected other parts of Draco Malfoy’s anatomy.

Draco growled now as he licked and kissed a path from her belly up to her neck, biting the soft skin of her breasts, sucking on her sensitive skin and grazing her nipples with his teeth.. She rolled her hips when she felt his hard cock drag against her thigh, and Draco caught her hands in his. He wrapped one hand around both of her wrists, easily holding her in place, and let his other one fall between her legs, gently stroking her.

There had been nothing for Hermione to complain about before Draco was bitten, but ever since he became a werewolf he was… very well-endowed. Hermione had never seen anything even close among the ordinary wizards she had dated before. She could barely wrap her own fist around his cock, and always had to use both her hands as well when going down on him.

Of course, Draco wasn’t just a werewolf.

He was also a gentleman.

He spent hours with his fingers and tongue between her legs, always carefully preparing her, making her dizzy with desire and whimpering by the time he slid his cock in her wet cunt. 

Hermione was brought back again as Draco buried his face between her thighs, his hands pushing her legs wide open so he could devour her the way he wanted. Hermione reached down for him, her hands running over his soft hair and down to his muscled shoulders, digging her fingernails into the tight flesh until Draco hissed against her cunt.

Draco’s nose pressed harder against her and his tongue lapped at her clit until she was gasping and crying out and clasping her thighs around him. Hermione could feel him smirking without looking at him before he crawled back up her body, his dick brushing against her entrance as he leaned down to gently bite her nipples again.

Draco looked up and stared at Hermione, causing her to bite her lip and squirm underneath him. Draco’s pupils expanded but the shards of blue in his grey irises were charged. When he opened his mouth to mutter a lubrication spell she could see his pearly white canines had elongated.

‘Draco…’ she breathed as her heart started to beat wildly. The last time she had seen his eyes and his teeth like this had been the first night he went into rut and claimed her as his mate.

‘I… I can stop. If you want,’ Draco said through clenched teeth that let Hermione know his wolf was fighting hard against the very words he spoke. She reached for him and licked a long stripe up his neck.

‘Never,’ she whispered, her voice husky, and with an approving growl he slowly began to push himself into her, inch by glorious inch.

Draco took his time, renewing the lubrication charm halfway through, before he seated himself fully inside her and Hermione felt deliciously stretched to the hilt. He held himself still for a few moments, letting her adjust to his length, and nuzzled against her curls. She felt him breathing her in, and she tightened her thighs around him.

‘I love you,’ he murmured, the softness in his voice making her heart ache for him.

‘I love you too,’ she whispered, her hands reaching up to run through his hair and cradle his jaw. He started to slowly move against her, pulling himself out and sliding back in with a careful tenderness.

Hermione appreciated it, but she wasn’t as fragile as Draco sometimes acted like she was. She pulled him down over her, relishing the feel of his broad body and strong arms caging her in, and sank her teeth into the flesh between his neck and shoulder. She bit until she tasted blood, pulling a rumbling growl from Draco who finally got the hint and pinned her shoulders down so he could fuck her properly.

Hermione wrapped her legs tighter around his hips as he fucked her, tossing her head back and letting him nuzzle and bite the soft flesh of her neck. It wasn’t long before he pulled her close to him and in one smooth move flipped them both, so Draco was on his back and Hermione was straddled over him, her thighs forced wide apart by his hips.

‘I want you to come on my cock again,’ he said, letting his hands rest on her legs, fingers spread wide so they wrapped around her thighs. ‘Then I’m going to bend you over and fuck you until I knot inside you.’

Hermione turned to liquid at his words. She braced her hands against his stomach, fingers tracing the ridges of his abs, and started to rock herself against him. She tilted her hips slightly, delighting in the hiss of pleasure from Draco as she took him in even deeper, and moved against him so her clit was rubbing against his body.

As she felt her orgasm build within her, Hermione opened her eyes and looked down at Draco. He was gazing up at her with a mixture of desire and adoration in his eyes, and that look was enough to push her over the edge of the wave she was cresting. She dug her nails into his stomach, letting herself fall apart as the tremors flowed through her, never breaking eye contact with Draco.

Still shaking with the aftershocks of her orgasm, Hermione was in a haze when Draco lifted her easily off him and flipped her onto her stomach, grabbing hold of her hips and easing her backwards so her cunt was exposed to him. She whimpered and clenched her fingers into the bedcovers as Draco traced her entrance with his dick and then eased himself back into her.

Hermione had only a moment to appreciate how full of him she was, how tight, before Draco wrapped a hand in her hair and splayed another on the small of her back and started thrusting into her with a fast rhythm that had him panting her name and pulling her hair tight within minutes.

‘Fuck, Hermione,’ he said, his voice desperate. He released her hair and reached around to find her clit instead, another lubrication spell already in place, and started playing with her as he fucked her. ‘I want you to come for me one more time, love.’

Hermione’s legs were already shaking, weak from being fucked so hard and the orgasms she’d already had. Draco’s fingers touched her in the magical way only he knew how, and the feel of him burying his dick in her over and over again, whispering praise to her as he did, made her feel dizzy with desire. It didn’t take long before the tightened coil deep inside her snapped. She came once more, her cunt clenching as she cried out Draco’s name and collapsed onto the bed, only Draco’s hands holding her up. He stiffened and pulsed and groaned her name as he started to come, her cunt still clenching weakly around him as the knot on his dick started to swell.

It was just as good as she remembered from the first – and only – time they’d done this.

Draco collapsed on top of her, his chest pressed to her shoulder blades, face buried in her curls as he wrapped his arms around her. He breathed heavily as his orgasm continued, his dick still pulsing as it pumped his seed into her. And slowly, deliciously, the knot on his cock grew bigger and bigger. Hermione was stretched from the inside, filling her until she was sure she couldn’t take anymore, her thighs spread wide and her cunt clenching helplessly around Draco.

With a groan as he finished coming inside of her, Draco rolled them both gently onto their sides, his knot locking them together. Hermione remembered how last time it had taken nearly an hour for the knot to go down enough for them to separate. Lying safe and sated in Draco’s arms, Hermione didn’t think that was a bad thing at all.

He curled around her protectively, pulling her body so it was flush against his, shifting them so he knew she was comfortable while impaled on him. His arms were secure around her waist, and he dropped a kiss on the top of her head.

Hermione sighed happily and pushed back against him, relishing the feel of him still so deep and swollen inside her. Draco’s arms tightened around her and he kissed her hair again.

‘You’re mine,’ Draco murmured lazily, his breath hot against her ear. ‘You’re mine. And I will never stop loving you.’

The next evening, with the full moon imminent, Hermione and Draco were in the Manor dungeons. Draco was already stripped in anticipation of the change, shackled at both wrists and ankles, heavy silver chains sunk into the stone of the floor and walls to secure him. They hadn’t bothered to use the chains for many months now: with the Wolfsbane Potion, usually being locked in the dungeons was enough.

Tonight, however, they were taking no chances.

Hermione locked the final chain in place, the one fastened to the heavy metal collar secured around Draco’s neck, and gave it an experimental tug. It felt secure to her, but then she didn’t have the supernatural strength of a werewolf on the full moon.

Draco stood silently as she tested the chains, naked and towering over her. When she was fully satisfied, she placed her hands on his stomach and pressed a kiss on the centre of his chest.

‘Cast the strongest wards you know,’ Draco said quietly as she wrapped her arms around his middle and rest her head against his chest. She could hear his heartbeat, strong and healthy, beneath her ear. ‘Physically lock the dungeons as well. We can’t be too careful.’

Hermione pulled away and found Draco’s ethereal blue eyes trained on her.

‘I don’t think you’d really hurt me if you managed to get out,’ she said confidently. ‘I am your mate, after all.’

Draco’s gaze turned appraising.

‘I wouldn’t hurt you,’ he said with a firm ring of certainty in his voice. His eyes darkened and he licked his lips. ‘But I would hunt you down and fuck you over and over until I got my pups on you.’        

Hermione’s breath caught in her throat as a treacherous coil of lust started to twist in her core.

Draco stiffened and winced, and Hermione let out the breath she’d been holding as he snarled in pain and she could see his canine teeth were elongating even more than usual. The moon must have started to rise, in the dark night sky beyond the dingy dungeons of Malfoy Manor.

‘Go, Hermione,’ Draco panted, his muscles flexing under his pale skin as the transformation started to take hold. Instead, Hermione reached forward with her wand and with a tap of the vinewood, dissolved the shackle on his left wrist. Draco looked up, his expression a mix of confusion and alarm.

‘I’ll have a head start,’ she said, her heart fluttering nervously regardless.

Draco’s eyes darkened further until they were almost completely black. He pulled against the other chains and Hermione knew they wouldn’t hold him for long, not with his left arm free and no magical wards placed on him. ‘Hermione.’ His voice was dark and stern, a warning to her. The fluttering in her heart shifted from nerves to excitement and anticipation. She smiled, reaching up to stroke Draco’s cheek even as he gasped again and she heard his bones start to crack and crunch with the change. She stood up on her tiptoes, brushing a kiss against his jawline, before speaking again.

‘Come and claim me, mate.’ 

And with that, Hermione turned and ran, ready for the hunt.