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Sages soulution

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Ch. 1. The end of the beginning

After so many years of fear I find myself in this situation. I am in same cave as a four member squad I have been trying not to meet. My life sucks. I am not afraid of them but I am nonetheless afraid they will recognize me and then I will be unable to act freely. The atmosphere is so awkward, oh God why did it have to rain today, if it hadn't rained they would not need a shelter. Well now I am in the darkness of the cave while they are at front of the cave. Exactly where my bags and scrolls are. Well I must be thankful to the Sage of six paths for giving me abilities of the sensor. If I didn't have them I would be dead by now or if I was like recognized by these people, only because these abilities I have successfully escaped into the darkness before they could see me. I don't know why they are respecting my privacy but I am thankful for that. Shall I explain to you how I found myself in this situation. It all started: ...........................................................................
2 and half years before
I am a Boy who likes reading and writing, I like to watch everything even anime, some cartoons, dramas etc... Well all of that falls into the water after I die of extreme stress, which was caused by my final test, I was relieved that I didn't have to live anymore because I never liked real world hence why I liked to read and watch everything. I thought that would be a ending but it turned to be a bizarre beginning. I didn't know what I was. Who I was or where I was. All around me was black floor and white ceiling. It wasn't hot nor cold. It wasn't large place nor small. I felt lost, until I have seen something, a black ball soon after, I guess I do not know how much time have passed, I saw somebody. He had whased brown hair, three weird eyes which I recognized as a kind of sharingan and a pair of rinnegan eyes. Then it hit me he was the character of Naruto. The Sage of six paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki. His first words to me were :"You are recainated here because I wished that things wouldn't be same as how it ended last time." I could not express my anger, surely I was angry, but I couldn't feel any emotion. Then he said :"I am sorry but right now you can't feel anything nor can you do anything. To do anything you have to form a contract with me." I asked" Why me" surely there were other candidates ,he answered :" I had only one chance of doing this jutsu, I couldn't pick anybody, it is just coincidence that you have been picked. But I now know why your soul was picked " I asked "why" He answered :"Your soul fits this world. It kinda reminds me of some who had lived in this world." I asked : "What am I supposed to do. Can I refuse to make contract with you. " He answered :" I am afraid not, if you refuse you would be sent back to relive your life and then again you would be sent here. Do you wish that to happen,." I felt lost, well what can i lose, so I asked :" What do I need to do to form a contract with you."

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Sage of six paths looked at me and said :" Well you just need to say yes to all of my proposals. "
I interrupted him :" What kind of proposal."
Sage of six paths :"You need to agree with all of my plans. Well you will also need new body."
I asked : "What is wrong with my body."
Sage asnwerd:"Well how do I say it, I only summed your soul not your body."
I said : " I am fine with that, I don't care much about my looks."
Sage said:" There is one problem there, because your soul is so pure…"
I shouted : "What, it can't be, is it because that I am …."
Sage :"Well yes I said because you are pure."
I asked : "Well if it is like that, then it can't be helped. But if I said yes would I have to be born again and be baby."
Sage:"Well no you are going to be reborn as a eight year old."
I sighed:"That is more agreeable, that means I would only be 10 years older mentally than physically."
Sage :" Well yes, but you aren't just going to appear there now, we need to make plans, train you, make a believable back story. What is your name maybe we can use it here too. "
I said :" I am sorry but I wasn't japanese, so my name wouldn't match this world, but I agree to my stay here for now. "
Sage :" Oh I see, then what is your name. "
I said :" My name is Ante, it comes from names such as Antonio or Antun, I was named after my grandfather. "
Sage :" Well we can't use that name, but we can name you after one of your ancestors here. "
I said :" That is great idea but I don't know who I am, you didn't tell me that yet, remember? "
Sage :" Ah yes I kinda forgot that, well you will be a member of Uzumaki clan. "
I was surprised :" But I don't have Uzumaki temper, I am pretty calm. "
Sage :" Well yes, but your soul is most compatible with souls of Uzumaki clan. "
I :" Well then there is only one name that comes to mind. "
Sage:" Ah yes I think that we are thinking about the same name. So how about your back story. "
I said:" I thought It would be best if it was based on my previous life, after all I was an orphan, my mother and father have died when I was only four and I was raised by my strict grandparents who didn't like me, but they also died in fire soon after I was 8 then. After that incident I was placed in care of social care I lived in orphanage and some of the forms when I was older, well I didn't want to grow up and my finals were coming, I did them well but I was to afraid to grow up so I was under lot of pressure. What to do, should I go to college or should I work somewhere. But I was so emocionaly unstable that I couldn't eat well and I ended dead before I could understand where my life was going. "
Sage:" Such a sad story, but we can use
some parts of your story, like your parents death and why don't we say that your parents left you to their master who looked after you for 2 years before he died. "
I asked :" Should we make him bad parent figure because I kinda hate my grandparents, or at last I hated them. "
Sage asnwerd :" Well if it would be easier to make it more convincing that way then sure. "
I :" So how about this one: my parents were hunted down when I was barely 3 years, they fought bravely but they realized that they were going to die so they decided to use their summons to take me to their master. When I got there their master was very surprised that my mother and father would send their child to man who was their master but also man who betrayed them once. He took mercy on his students legacy and raised me as a true shinobi until he died when I was 5."
Sage:" Very good, shall we move on next topic. "
I asked :" Do you mean to where and when am supposed to appear in your world. "
Sage said :" Yes, I think it is best after the fall of Uzumaki clan but before Obito death. "
I said :" Well certainly before Obito dies but why not when Uzumaki clan is still trilling"
Sage :" Then your name will be already in use and you would be suspicious to the Uzumaki clan."
I realized :"Ah yes I forgot that Uzumaki have such long lifespans."
Sage:"Well as I said I would at least send you 4 to 5 years before his death, I will personally train you while you are here but once you aren't here our connection will be possible only in case you are in close death situations. But I have found solution even for that, expacialy because you are Uzumaki. "
I exclaimed :" Eh you mean to make me jinchuriki. "
Sage :" You catch up quickly. "
I felt embarrassed because it was my first praise in over 10 years :" Well thank you"i said really queit, but the with more confidence I asked :" Which biju would I hold? "
Sage :" You will hold Isobu or Sanbi."
I asked :" What has happened to it is jinchuriki, I don't remember anything about who was his jinchuriki before Rin or later Yagura."
Sage asnwerd :"His jinchuriki has already died and Kiri forces are trying to collect its Chakra in one place. After they collect and seal it they try to find suitable sacrifice for host."
I said :"You mean like they did with Rin."
Sage asnwerd :"Yes but I will be contact with both you and Isobu so you won't have many problems with him, well I doubt he would make problems but he may try to leave if he had a chance."
I said :"Well that is good, but I will still need to train to cooperate with him."
Sage : "Well yes, but before you will need to train yourself to become a jinchuriki, and you will also need train the gifts I am going to bestown upon you."
I asked :" What kind of gifts are you offering."
Sage asnwerd :" I was thinking of making you a sensor or tracker. "
I said:" Well It would be more beneficial if I became a sensor and tracker if Isobu will be willing to heal him once I obtain him, and obviously I will have huge chakra reserves, witch affinity would I have? "
Sage :" Well you are calm so probably water and earth. "
I exclaimed :" Oh you thought of that too. "

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Sage :" I shall start creating your new body in this plain place" as Sage said that around me light started to brighten, world started to spin and twist, compres and shook. I finally could touch, feel, taste. I saw a one particular color. Red, my hair was red. Well of course it was red I am Uzumaki, after all. My hands were so gentle, my skin so white, I was even paler than in my last life, than it hit me I was short, well I am 8 I will probably grow some. I had to check if what Sage said was true so my hand moved from my head to my lower abdomen I touched that place and I realized he didn't lie.
I was girl. And I remember our earlier conversation :
Sage said:" There is one problem there, because your soul is so pure you won't be boy anymore"
I shouted : "What, it can't be, is it because that I am virgin. "
Sage :"Well yes I said because you are pure."
Oh God what now, if I date a guy would that be gay, or if I date a girl would that be gay too. Well who am I kindling I didn't date anyone in my entire life in which I had time to do so, but in this life I won't have time for that. So in conclusion I am safe.
The next thing that caught my attention was how long my hair was, it was just above my hips, I had bangs which were just above my red eyebrows or I assumed that they were red too. One of the Sages orbs turned into the mirror and first thing that caught my attention was that I was naked in front of the Sage, I almost lost my control over my anger. For God sake I am Uzumaki only for minute and I almost acted like one. I cought and quickly said:"clothes" Sage understood immediately and provide some. He even turned away to let me change. I have found black miniskirt which was in my opinion a little bit short but, I can't help it. I didn't know anything about male fashion, and definitely didn't know girls x6tfashion either. Top was darhish brown t-shirt. I finally had better look at my reflection, I saw my chubby cheeks and my ears which weren't big nor small, I would say that we're perfect. Then I saw a mole under my left eye it wasn't big. Then I saw my eyes they were like my mothers in my previous life. While I only have saw her in pictures. I allways remember her greenish eyes with slightly blue coloring. The more sun raises hit them they looked more blue. I guess they will be reminder of my past life.
Sage interupeted my line of thoughts by saying :"Are you done checking out yourself."
I answered : " Yes I am. I most admit that you really did a good job, mister."
Sage :"Mister? Well are you ready for training."
I felt embarrassed :"It kinda fells weird to call you Sage, all the time so I decided to use code, well of course I am ready for training."
Sage warned :" Be ready it will be harsh, firstly I will explain what you will need to do daily. Understand?"
I:"Yes, mister."
Sage :"OK so first you will need a lot of training in chakra control, then you will need some training in ninjustu, plenty of training for only basics of genjutsu, some of training in taijustu, I will teach you some basics of fuinjutsu, and lastly meditation. Okay for chakra control you probably have heard for exercises such as tree walking and water walking. I will create here one tree and one pond so you can practice it here, you will also do harder versions of these exercises once you complite them. For ninjustu I will teach you some of your elemental jutsu. For genjutsu will firstly teach you how to break yourself from one, and than to create some easier ones, if you can't learn how to break genjutsu I will teach you to make a seal for them. I will teach you Uzumaki clans katas and some basics of taijustu. For fuinjutsu I will teach you how to make some basics seals such as paper bomb or other kinds of bombs and storage seal, henge seal and more. For meditation will be probably easiest for you. It is very important that when I transfer you this plain to real world that you keep practicing every single thing. Well except genjutsu you won't be able to make any kind of breakthrough on your own. "
I asked:" Than shall we start with meditation first, so that I can better understand chakra. "
Sage responded :" Definitely. If you close your eyes firmly follow my voice you will get it really fast than you just need to remember the feeling. "
I closed my eyes and followed Sages voice, in the beginning I felt calmnest. The deeper I followed the voice the hotter my surroundings become. I felt a spark, then I felt small flame and later I thought I was in the middle of forrest fire. Sage said that I have done. Than I began with chakra control first needed to climb the tree, I succeeded after 60 tries, than I had to water walk, I didn't count how many times have I had fallen in water, after I succeeded in that came heavy part. Sage explain than now will have to climb on the tree and from the highest branch I should hang, but my hair and clothes can't move from where they were. After that Sage :"Well now we are going to start with chakra suppression, you will need that because you have large resources." I had really hard time with this one, but after I am only here to learn how to do it and practice will make it easier. We soon started training to break genjutsu, Sage would set up genjutsu I would need to distrube my chakra, a by hurting myself, or b my eruption of my own chakra. The genjutsu with time were harder to notice. Thankfully I broke them all. Then he explained how to create low level genjutsu, by using small amounts of chakra to distrube nature chakra and persons chakra. I had really hard time practicing because Sage obliviously was immune to genjutsu, but he checked flow of chakra and helped me when I was stuck. Next thing he showed me two of water releases and earth releases techniques. Water releases were named Water Gun Tehniques(B-rank ninjustu, offensive, all ranges) and Water Gun : Quick Shot(used for attack, range to 10 meters) and for earth releases Earth Style: Mud Wall(defensive jutsu, range depends on the skill of the user) and Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu (Offensive, Short range (0-5m)). Sage first showed me hand seals. I tried I obliously couldn't make jutsu as big as his but I nonetheless succeeded. When I had done them all he said that I should try to break my Earth Style: Mud Wall with my other jutsus. I only succeeded with Water Gun Tehniques. He said I should try all off them equally. Next thing on list was taijustu he showed me 30 different katas of Uzumaki and said they usually incorporate fuinjutsu in them. Well I had really fun there I always loved to dance, and this style of fighting reminded me of dancing a lot. Still it was extremely hard and exhausting. So after we ended that segment we had a break Sage brought a meal, I do not know from where but it was delicious and I won't complain. The last thing we practiced was fuinjutsu, and as you guess it I was lot of reading, I kinda loved it at first but as time moved on it was hard to understand all the points. So Sage decided that I would need to brought close to the Uzushino, to try and find some books there. My lesson were fun, we practiced everything two more times before my departure.

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Nature was flourishing birds were singing, island was living with creatures but none of them were humans, animals walked freely, it was harmony, fishes were jumping from water, sky was clear, it was noon.
Suddenly the space around the sea distorted. The sky glowed with more light, everything turned quiet and the redhead girl appeared from nowhere, everything stopped only thing you could here was harsh breathing coming from a girl. The girl was small all sweaty and pale like she never saw sun. She stood there only for a minute, when her breath was a bit more calmed down she moved to the east and that's when all the animals went to west. Because animals can fell the uneasiness of that girl, they can feel her pain. The girl have felt pain for people she did not know, with people she didn't have many connections, only connection was genes she has in this body. But still she felt horrible, because she is going to steal from a dead people. She walked in the village , she stopped, she could still smell blood in the ground, the houses were destroyed, there was dried blood everywhere, thankfully there weren't any bodies, which raised a question in her head, where were the bodies, did Konoha buried them or were they taken by the enemy. When she finally adjusted she started moving again, she searched for any important looking building, but found none. However her search wasn't meaningless she found the map of the village on one of remaining walls. She studied it, and she found a pathway to the library. When she finally stepped into a library, she instantly vomited, it was humid with smell of blood and in front of her was large number of rats eating what it seemed to be shinobi. A Kiri shinobi,who probably failed to run away from the traps library was full off. She continued slowly, carefully, until whole library started to light up. And on the wall letters appeared : Don't be afraid little one, Uzumakis are safe here. It seemed that library was run with seals and that it could recognize an Uzumaki. The girl still continued carefully, searching for a books of sealing, when she would found one she would put them in her storage seals. By the end of her exploration she had found 5 thick books. While 2 were for beginners, 2 for intermidiate and 1 was for advanced seals.
She felt hungry, her stomach was growing, she seemed to be in pain. She sighed :"I should eat, let's go hunting."



     She hunted down 2 rabbits and made fire to cook them. She went to sea and took some water from it, when she came back rabbits were done so she putted water in pot and started cooking water. She ate one rabbit and she storaged the other one. She drank some of the water she cook and stored the rest. She knew that she needed to move, possibly closer to Land of Water if she wanted to catch their attention. Land of Water was to east, but the sea was probably too large for her to make it there, so she needed to to the south were borders were between Land of Water and Land of Fire, it even gave her reasons to be their she could say she was headed to Konoha if anybody asked which she doubted. She mused :"Sage did say that they just captured Sanbi, so there is still time for me to travel and train, they after all need to collect all of his chakra, which is going to take ages."



   So the girl continued her journey, with slow tempo, she would run for 4 hours a day, then hunt for 4 hours to get some food, and than train for 8 hours, 1 hour for meditation, 2 hours for chakra control which has significantly improved, 1 hour for taijustu, then she would have a break and eat what she caught, then she would proceed with ninjustu training which lasted for 2 hours, one hour for earth style and other hour for water style. To finish her day she would read the books from library, she usually spends 2 hours reading but sometimes she gets lost in books. She had her security system, all she had to do was to release chakra wawe and she could sense everything around her, all the animals, but she still need to learn how to control it, because of her lack control she suffered from slight headaches from overweight of information. While she was in Land of Whirepools, she could not fell any living person, so she concluded that the island was abandoned. The closer she came to the south shore of Land of Whirepools, she could pick up more and more chakra signals. She felt like they were fighting, so she assumed it was 3. Great Ninja War. Had war already started, she didn't know she never asked Sage, nor has she know Naruto storyline before 3. Great Ninja War, so she decided to have rest there and train, but to travel faster from here onwards, hers journey already lasted 3 months, she did feel stronger, but she did not have anybody to compare herself, and she also lacked combat experience.



     She estimated it would take her 3 months more to the border. However that would not be the end there, she doesn't know if there would be any kiri or konoha jonin, while if there was a konoha ninja stationed there she would need to avoid him under every circumstances, and if there is none she won't need to worry about it, but if there aren't any kiri ninja there she will need to wait, or if she doesn't fell safe on the border maybe she could walk into Land of Water, but the problem then would be they would think she is spy from Konoha. And among other thing she isn't sure in her suppression of chakra. So she is hoping for the best.

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4 months later. 


The journey to the border was more difficult than originally expected, because as soon as the girl approached the sea she could feel uneasiness in the air, wind started to pick up and the sky started to darken. It became clear that the storm was coming. The storms around Land of Whirepools were unavoidable, they were quite a lot of them. While she couldn't crops the sea at this time, she decided to train. She did not know how long the storm will last, so she firstly went to find a shelter. 


The storm lasted for whole 2 weeks. But the redhead did not waste any time, she trained extra hard, she gathered food and water worth of a whole month. She felt more ready to go now. She knew now that 3. Great Ninja War was ongoing, because she felt more and more chakra signals coming from southwest. 


The girl started her journey once again when the storm calmed down, she needed to cross the sea as quickly as possible. Luckily there were few of smaller islands on her way, she decided to have few of them as her pit stops. She started moving around 5 in the morning. 


She was exhausted when she landed on her first pit stop, she didn't expect the sea to be so restless after the storm, she arrived 5 hours later than she expected. She expected to come around noon to first pit stop but she obviously failed at that. Now she can't make it to the second pit stop before the early morning if she continued. So she decided to train and sleep at this island and than continue at early morning. 


The sea traveling lasted for 5 days longer than expected, things weren't going as planned, and with current luck she know it would only be worse from now. Indeed it was, she had to supress her chakra signals whole way, which made her move more slowly, she still used her sensor ability to find how close are shinobi forces. She didn't want to be in close aproximity. She decided that close proximity was 3 kilometers. Thankfully she was only once at the risk, she could feel 4 chakra signals, around 3 kilometers to the West, she was moving to South, while they were moving to East. She suspected that they were some of Konoha forces, because she could feel one larger and 3 smaller chakra signals. She had to stop to analize her situation, but she didn't feel threatened by their presence. 



So she continued. She felt that it was easier to hide in this forest but she still wasn't confident in her abilities, she was she could outrun a genin, but anything higher than that not likely. While she was getting closer to the border she felt more of that uneasiness. She had around 1 month of walk to there. But she could already feel how packed chakra signals there were. If her luck was good, only half of the shinobi there would be from Konoha, so around 20, she HAD to avoid what it seemed as 6 jonin and 2 chun in and rest were capable genin, "that was so planned" she sighed sarcastically. 



While she traveled closer and closer she knew her expectations were wrong again, it seemed of the forces on the border 65% were Konoha's and that they back up was arriving in few days, so if she wanted to successfully cross the border now was the time, however she observed Kiri force and it came clear they were planning something deadly, and if she crossed now she would become a casualty. So she really was in a pickle. She had to hide but all around her were caves which were occupied by Konoha shinobi. 



She had to go back 3 kilometers to the empty cave she saw last night. She decided to stay there until things calm down. She hoped they would calm down in few days. 



Oh silly girl how was she wrong, she was copped up in that cave for half a year, there were constant incomigs of new Konoha and Kiri shinobi on the border, fighting never stopped, but neither side had pushed much. She started to fear that her mission would fail. She had lots of time to train. In fear of coming across shinobi she closed her cave with Earth Style : Mud Wall. She by the end of six months was confident in her chakra control and she thought of herself as chunin in that aspect, she knew some ninjutsu so she was chunin there too, but she was extremely self conscious when it came to taijustu and all the other stuff. She had finished 2 beginners books about the seals and just started to read the intermidiate book. 




 Finnaly both Konoha and Kiri shinobi stooped attacking, probably for regruping process, she decided to make her move now, she strayed running as quickly as she could while suppressing her chakra, she now could run while doing so, she know when she would see a Kiri shinobi she should fight back a little. 



Only thing she didn't expect to came across Swordsmen of Seven Swords and his sword, by which she recognized him as one, she quietly said : "Samehada" 

The swordsman smirked :" So you know it's name, should I kill you for knowing it" 

She sqiked :". SHIT" 

The Swordsman :" Are you not going to call for a back up." 

Girl answered :" I have no allies."

The Swordsman asked :" Are you not from Konoha." 

Girl answered :" No. My village was destroyed." 

The Swordsman mocked : " An Uzumaki that isn't faithful to the Konoha scum." 

Girl answered :" I hate everything in this world equally. But mostly I hate my luck." as she said that she took out her kunai she had found in Uzushino, and took the Uzumaki stance. 

The Swordsman asked :" So you will fight me. Don't make me laugh. "

Girl yelled : "I don't have a choice, either Kiri shinobi or Konoha shinobi will catch me. I will be leashed of freedom either way. So I will fight for the death, my only solution." 

The Swordsman : " It seems you have found your resolve, a meaningless one."

The fight began





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I stared at him waiting for him to move first. But he didn't move. I was conflicted should I go all out, but me using all these paper bombs would alert Konoha shinobi , but than again I will lose anyway. But me proving that I could hold out against one of Swordsman, they will definitely want me. Then I heard him. 

The Swordsman : "Well fine i will fight you." he took he stance with Samehada at front. 



I know that I can't go close but I don't have many long rage attacks. Strated with ninjustu. I firstly used Water Gun : Quick Shot. He blocked it with Samehada and looked at smugly. He then started wawe some fast hand seals. I recognized that it would be water based jutsu, so I started gathering my chakra and using hands seals for Earth Style: Mud Wall. Because that is the only defense I have. As a water dragon come closer and closer. I did not move I only paid that mud wall would raise in time. 



Thankfully it did. But I wasn't out the danger. I lost the sight of the Swordsman, he could have move anywhere. I used my sensoring ability, and found him 5 meters to my left, I quickly formed hand seals and used Water Gun Tehniques. I hard how some of his flesh had been ripped but the thing I saw was Samehada that was going to make a contract with my abdomen. I hadn't have time to use any jutsu so I decided to kick myself from the sword. I did it. While I lost some chakra I definitely would have lost more if didn't do that, I fell on my butt. 




He managed to heal himself rather quickly, just as I stood up, he was fine. Then it was match of taijustu. But because I am not comfortable with I tried to avoid as much as possible. When I had a chance to attack, which was very rare, I knew he could predict every hit so to throw him of I used subtle genjutsu, like if I wanted to kick him with my left leg I would make a genjutsu about lifting my right leg, I managed to put few hits before he understood what I was doing. After that I had only avoided he was done playing with me in taijustu. 



I hoped to try my paper bombs and knew I could only last five more minutes because Samehada apperently didn't need to touch me to take my chakra, it only need to be very close to me. So I started throwing kunai at him five at the time and he had blocked most of them, others missed him. I smirked and ignited them. He susefuly summed water jutsu, but he still was injured. He looked mad and came at me with crushing speed and slammed me with Samehada. I felt the chakra leaving my body so quickly. I lost consciousness. 




I wake up at the plains and was greeted by the Sage. 

Sage spoked:" Don't be afraid you aren't dead, but this time came close to it. You are doing great. Your body right know is being carried to the Village Hideen in Mist. The first part of your mission is finished. Will you be able to tell them your back story if they asked. "

The girl answered :" I only afraid of using my new name. After all one asked me for a name for one whole year. "

Sage asnwerd :" Don't be after all almost everything from your previous life is change. So you are new person. I geuss it is time to let you go, remember even if only spoke for 5 minutes here, there has passed more time"




I woke up, the world was spining and it was upside down, I realized I am being carried as sack of potatoes, I have never felt this humiliated in my life,I felt nauses, I could barf at any moment. I don't know why I asked:"Can we stop for a second?" 

Shinobi body stiffed, and I geuss I wasn't supposed to wake up yet. He said :"I don't have anything against you but because you use those paper bombs now we are being chased, so I can't really stop." 



I said :"I am sorry, I was too into it and I had to test them on somebody that could survive." 

He asnwerd :" Well master certainly did survive it." 

I asked :"You didn't kill me, because my genes are too valuable, right?" 

The shinobi answered:"Miss I am only chunin so I don't know that, but is possible, and you fought so well for your age, how old are you." 

I answered :"9" well mentally I am 19

The shinobi : "You are younger than I thought you were." 





I asked :"if I may know who is the big one, who I fought ?" 

The shinobi :" So you really knew the name of the sword and not the name of person who weilds it? Well his name is Suikazan Fuguki." 

I thought to myself I kinda remember him, he was killed by Hoshigaki Kisame. But didn't he kinda control him. When I looked at him now he geuss he is big and looks a lot like a shark, how didn't I notice it sooner, maybe I was too focused on my mission. I stayed silent, but the longer I wasn't speaking the more nauseas I felt. I asked the shinobi :" What is your name." 

The shinobi laughed :"Miss should you not introduce yourself first." 







I answered :" While you can guess my surname, I kinda can't do that while in this position. But well I guess i will introduce myself. I am Uzumaki Mito. I was named after my great-aunt. Satisfied." 

The shinobi :" Well nice to meet you Mito-chan , I am Hoshigaki Kisame, have you heard of me from someone. Hahhaha I doubt it. "

I was so surprised I couldn't talk for few seconds and than I said next words without thinking :"Do you trust Suikazan Fuguki." 

Kisame almost shouted :" Of course I do." 

The next words came out by themself :"Even with price of your comrads." 

Kisame :"I don't know what are you trying to say." 

I kept quiet. I started to use minimum of my sensor abilities. And said :" I am only saying this so I can get better, understand, when you reach the next section of trees, turn left then go straight and again left, that way we will lose Konoha shinobi the fastest." 

Kisame :" Are you sensor, well if you are wrong, I will kill you before they kill me. "

I answered :" Yes, hurry up, I really need to throw up, like now. "





Finally we lost them. I felt so weak and could barely stand on my own. I sighed" So this is the feeling of chakra exhaustion. "

Kisame smiled at me and rudely asked:" What is it your first time baby girl. "

I deadpanned:" I am Uzumaki what do you think. "

Kisame shrughed :" Are you really Uzumaki, you are too chill. "

I answered :" You are lucky only things I inherited from my clan are looks and chakra reserves." 

Kisame said:" I guess so."






Chapter Text





After that break we continued to move to the location Kisame agreed to meet with his master Suikazan Fuguki. Even though I didn't at first imagined him as a bad person, I know how he betrayed Kisame and Kiri. So in short I don't like him. This time Kisame decided to give me a pigy ride. I tried to not stare at him, because he looked so much younger. I asked a few simple questions about him like how old is how strong is he. And he only asnwerd on the first one saying :"I am 15." my mouth blutered :"Eh, but you look older than that, you sure have lot of muscle mass for 15 year old." He ignored me. What does he think I am hitting on him. Oh my God, he is unbelievable. 







After that I didn't speak until we came at our destination. Kisame said:" Hop down we are here. " I did as I was told, my legs were still shaky, but it was manageable. 

I asked :" Do you know how long was I out." 

Kisame answered :"Well slightly more than an hour. While I don't get how you managed to wake up so quickly. " 

I answered :"I am trained in chakra control, so I can function on bare minimum, while I say function is basically I can stay awake and throw some kunai. But for my chakra to go back to normal it will be at least a week." 

Kisame laughed :"Uzumaki that has a good chakra control, you are really something." 

I answered :" Hey don't be rude, my clan and I have lot of trouble training to control our chakra, I blown myself from the tree like 60 times before I got it. Anyway where is your master, I didn't see him. "

Kisame answered :" My master stayed back to make sure we would escape, so he will come when he gets rid of the trouble you caused. "

I smirked :" So are you saying that I am Uzumaki, because Uzumaki only caused troubles for you. "

Kisame :" You know about demise of your clan but still you helped me get away. "

I answered :" Well I guess I have to repeat myself. I didn't have a choice, either Kiri shinobi or Konoha shinobi will catch me. I will be leashed of freedom either way. My master taught me to hate everybody the same. To hate Konoha for not helping, to hate others for attacking. To hate him for betraying my parents, to hate myself for being too weak to fight. "









Kisame stayed silent he watched the forest very carefully, but I couldn't stay still, he was making me nervous. So I checked surrounding area with my sensor skill, I felt one chakra signal that was stronger then others, it was coming directly at this place while others were moving carefully. I knew that chakra signal because I just fought them. I said :" He is coming, you don't need to worry he seems fine, he did manage to lose them, but they are searching carefully, so we will probably have to move out immediately as he comes here." 

Kisame asked :"Aren't you going to try to run away?"

I smirked :" Are you joking, I don't have much chakra even if managed to run away, I would be found by Konoha shinobi. But when my chakra comes to normal I as well try." 






Just as I finished my sentence, Suikazan Fuguki came out the bushes. He had surprised look on his face, he probably didn't expect me to be awake. He asked quickly Kisame :" Can you move out now. "

Kisame confirmed :" Yes Fuguki- sama,. "

I watched his eyes and saw the respect and the trust Kisame put on him. I felt bad because I knew he was going to be betrayed. 






I was so bored while we were traveling. I could easily die from it. Even though I could see how beautiful surroundings were. The problem was lack of communication between master and apprentice duo. I knew they couldn't talk about important things while I was awake but they didn't say a word. I thought I was going crazy. Certainly I had something to do but I didn't know if I was allowed to so I mustered my courage and asked:"Uh, can I read while you are carrying." both off them halted theirs movents and Fugaki looked at me weirdly, as if was processing if it was dangerous or not. And then said:" If you can read while being carried in that position than do so." it seemed like a he mocked me. But I ignored him and took the book from my storage seal on my left side of t-shirt. The book which was thick was pretty small. It sliglty larger than my hand, but It had over 4000 pages and I was only on 167 page. 






So I read and read and read, it was very interesting and informative, but after reading 250 pages I couldn't read anymore, so I sealed it away and I felt tired so naturally I put my head at Kisame's shoulder. I couldn't fell asleep immediately, so I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing, hoping to fall asleep quickly but I didn't. Finally Kisame and Fuguki started talking thinking I was asleep. 




Kisame :" Master is she worth leaving the frontlines? " 

Fuguki smiled :"You don't seem to understand how big of change will she bring to us." 

Kisame :"I am sorry Master, I don't." 

Fuguki asked :" Do you know the name of first jinchuriki that walked on earth." 

Kisame looked at him confused :" You mean the first hokages wife. " 

Fuguki urged him to continue :"Yes, go on, what else do you know." 

Kisame felt relieved that they were talking about same person, but he still was confused. He told everything that he knew which was not much, by the looks of his master. 








Fuguki then explained :"the wife of the first hogake was know as Uzumaki Mito, she wasn't a shinobi, but she was expert in fuinjutsu." 

Kisame then jumped into his words :"Then this girl is her grand niece." 

Fuguki asked :" Well I do not know what kinda relationship they have, did she tell you about herself." 

Kisame :"Well yes she asked for my and your name and I asked for her, she said that her name was Uzumaki Mito and that she was named after her great aunt." 

Fuguki :"That's good keep asking her questions, do you now understand why she is so important to us, to Kiri." 

Kisame :" Are you planning to make her jinchuriki." 

Fuguki : "She certainly is the best candidate." 

Kisame :"But she isn't loyal to use." 

Fuguki then said :" We are going to not only seal Sanbi in her but we will also put seal of obedience after the first one." 

Kisame looked taken aback but he only nodded, so he also agreed to the plan. While I had now learned some important information, and knew that I would need to escape as soon as they finished dealing Sanbi into me. 



Chapter Text



Our trip was supposed to last only two weeks but I managed to prolonge it by trying to escape. After I recovered from chakra exhaustion, which lasted for a whole week, I tried to run away every day, which was actually 3 days in a row. When they just decided to rope my wrists and pull me like a criminal. In my first attempt to escape, I started when they were sleeping and I run to the east, I didn't try to suppress my chakra and they had found me in 4 hours, so I managed to make us late for a eight hours.


The second attempt I used a slight genjutsu just before we went to sleep, so it looked that I was long asleep and I escaped to the north this time I suppressed my chakra and I hid waiting for them. This time they noticed my departure earlier than first time, but they only found me bacuse I didn't hide my trails good enough, we lost a whole day thanks to that.



The third and most serious attempt, even though I never planned to escape but to test my abilities, I knocked down the Kisame while he was night gourding and Fuguki was asleep, I tried my best to leave not much trails, I suppressed my chakra and went straight for the border with fire county, they chased my for two days and when Kisame found me immediately started fighting me, I was able to block and dodge more easily than against Fuguki, but he was clearly stronger than me, I decided to run but I run into Fuguki, I would say I surrendered but I was beaten to the pump, so that how the 2 week journey turned into 3 and half week journey to say those two were pissed was understatement.



To say that the Third Mizukage was pissed by me (his candidate for jinchuriki) coming in late and as a criminal, and he wanted to build strong relationships me, because he actually had a back up plan if seal of obedience did not worked out. He hoped that Kisame and Fuguki didn't cause my any problems. I kinda felt strong urge to kill myself how does someone act when they knew ultimate reason befind everything but is approached by somebody that makes you scream I know all your fucking plans, don't play nice. I just ignored. He than just moved on and asked why did they bring me looking like this, well I did look bad my injuries have healed but my clothes were ruined. They answered that I attempted to escape 3 times.



He scolded them for being stupid to even make my able to attempt second escape, which was truth they trusted me to easily when I said I would not try again. The Mizukage then ordered two of his shinobi to take to the room which was made especially for me. And gosh It was pink and fluffy with so many flowers. If the person with allergies would come in they would surely die. The bed was Queen side, and there were 2 dresses there the shinobi stood by the doors, I looked around the room, it had its own closet and bathroom. It was nice but I didn't know how long I would stay here so I decided to enjoy at the moment and jumped at the bed, the softness surprised me, and I wondered what would I do in my free time, I had to start training.



So I made myself schedule. In the morning I was doing light exercises and then would start to practice my katas, then I was practicing chakra control on the ceiling of the room. I ignored those weird stares from my guards, then I would go to the bed and to meditate, after that it was time for lunch which was served in my room after lunch I would study fuinjutsu, but they didn't know that these books were for that. The Mizukage would check me, when the night would fall down. Honestly it was kinda creepy because he was good looking but didn't have a wife, and obviously he had a thing for kids, I was always careful around him.



While one day I was bored and doing my chakra control I asked the guards:"Do you know where those two that have brought me here."
It looked like they weren't going to talk, but one answered :"Frontlines"
Thank goodness, I was realeved. That made my eventual escape much more easier. I didn't use my sensor skill for long time, maybe I should. When I did I felt some massive chakra at one end of the mansion, I thought maybe it was Mizukage, but then I tried harder and I felt that chakra was sucking smaller part of herself from our surroundings. I remember that Sage said it would take some time too collect it. So I made it here early. They probably still aren't under influence of Madara. They still aren't losing the war. I asked for some paper and ink, as I said for drawings. My guards who I learned were just chunin made by feild promotion, probably didn't know a thing about the seals and the fact that Mizukage was obviously pedophile and had told me to use anything I needed, made my request less suspicious.


After long time I started to draw some of the seals I firstly replenished my stocks then I was trying to experiment with few types of seals. I couldn't test them but it still counted as practicing my writing. After all this was only time I could get some stuff. I decided to play role of spoiled princess. Which was kinda dangerous because in someway the Mizukage took it as if I like him, what is wrong with Kiri forces first it is Kisame who thinks I like him now it is Mizukage who is next Terumī Mei. I had to admit I had never eaten such delicious food.

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I after few weeks of doing my schedule. I was bored, I didn't pay much attention to anything, I was feeling restless. The Mizukage got on my nerves every day, but I couldn't show it. I need him to think that I was trying to fit in Kiri forces, so I asked if I could train on one of the training feilds that were around with those 2 chunin guards. I saw his mood change he firstly looked against it, maybe he feard that someone would spill the beans (tell me that I am going to become a jinchuriki.), but then he cheered up like someone had just posed him and he agreed, while probably thinking that if I made a few friends I would become more loyal. But he doesn't know a lot about me. 











The first day we went to the training feild which was the closest to the mansion, I pretend to be shy and focused on my training, we had met just a few of genin in which I wasn't interested. The training was based on my regular schedule but I didn't have to repeat my kata but to have a spar with the chunin guard, they also decided to teach me one jutsu. While I expected the guard to be strong while I fought him I could keep up with his spread, but he was more experienced than me, we fought for over 40 minutes, and I have won, not because I managed to him more than he hited me, but because I had more stamina. The other chunin guard started praising, he said that even if I didn't have much experience I had fought one of best chunin in Kiri. I was surprised, that he was one of the best Kiri chunin. He then continued saying that my style of fighting is hard to understand. He said that I made wise choices by using genjutsu into my taijustu. They also started to teach me some famous Kiri jutsu like: Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. (I learned that it is B class jutsu.) but it was kinda pain in the ass to learn all the hand seals (Ox → Monkey → Hare → Rat → Boar → Bird → Ox → Horse → Bird → Rat → Tiger → Dog → Tiger → Snake → Ox → Ram → Snake → Boar → Ram → Rat → Yang Water → Monkey → Bird → Dragon → Bird → Ox → Horse → Ram → Tiger → Snake → Rat → Monkey → Hare → Boar → Dragon → Ram → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Bird → Yang Water → Rat → Boar → Bird). We were outside for 5 hours, and it was time for dinner so we had to go back. We obviously couldn't came to the training feild earlier because of my princess like behavior. After dinner I had continued my fuinjutsu studies and I had some written some seals. The Mizukage visited, I try really hard to ignore his expression while I was telling him my day. How does Mizukage have time to spend an hour every night to sit and chat with me. 









The second day I said that I would like to go further away from the mansion. And we did we had same schedule as yesterday, but today I had a chance to fight the other chunin. While he said he wasn't as good as the other one I had doubted it. And I was right this one was a bit faster, he didn't have accuracy, but he still in my opinion was harder opponent. I had lost this time, but the chunin had to take large brake afterwards to rest. I continued on with my training. I after few hours when it was getting closer to time we had to leave, I asked them to show how they usually spar. While they turned me down, they said they would show me tommorow. Then they asked me to show how my progress with Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu was coming along. I started the long series of the hand seals and started gathering my chakra in my stomach. In the end result was that one dragon flew from my mouth and hit the tree which was close by. They were amazed, and even I was. They said I had a lot of things to improve but that they did not see anybody learn so quickly the hand seals. 










As they were saying that someone had come from behind the tree, obliviously they came because they heard my jutsu hitting the tree. I saw that person, it was her, Terumi Mei, the fifth Mizukage, she said to chunin :" How many times have I told you not to use this training ground." 

While both of them pailed one answered :"Terumi - san we had permission from the Mizukage to use this training ground with our important guest.," he pointed at me. Great he was using me to avoid trouble. I looked at the girl she was wearing chunin vest, So she still didn't make a jonin. I said to her :" Aren't you going to interduce yourself after interrupting my training. " I love to act like a bitch just to pis her off. 

She yelled at me :" Who the hell do you think you are, to be so rude to your superior." 

I had decided to mess with her just a little bit more :" How unladylike, how do you want to live your whole life alone." 

She whishpered:"Alone for whole life, unladylike, no marige." 

So she was still fixated on that. I was going to walk away but she shouted :"Stop, I am Terumi Mei, what is your name." 

I answered :"Uzumaki Mito" 

I saw something click in her eyes, so she knew what will happen to me. 

I decided to continue :"You said that we shouldn't use this training gourd, why is that so." 

Terumi answered:" It belongs to Terumi clan." 

I said: "I see, well we won't use it anymore, I kinda like to change scenery every day." 

I turned to the guards and asked :" Are we late for dinner, I am hungry, hurry up if want you can say your goodbyes to your senior." 

They did and we left. I felt satisfied. I had so much fun today. I was starting to get into the character. 


Chapter Text






Time moved on quickly i was in the Mist for about 8 months. My days were very much the same, I would go to train sometimes I would met new shinobi. So by the end of eight month I knew almost every shinobi in village. Which was very positive at least for me. I knew how strong the Kiri forces were in Mist. That information was helpful in my planning of escape. While I trained for 6 months with my guards, they told me that I am at least chunin. I felt more confident, I had more experience in fighting. So all was going well. 






I checked regularly Sanbis chakra, and recently it was harder to find it in surrounding area. So it must be time for the sealing. I feared that seal masters would put both seals at the same time. But while I was reading fuinjutsu book I found out information that said that jinchuriki seal needs one day to stabilaze, and that no other seal should be placed for a day. Well I hoped that they thought of me as highly as a Mizukage did. 




Even though I have spent a lot of time here I didn't manage to make a single friend. All of the shinobi were my acquaintances, or my source of information, all of them liked to gossip. But most importantly while I was here I learned my weaknesses. One of them was fighting faster opponents. Only way for me to win against one was to tire them out. I started to train my spead. 





The sealing day had finally arrived. Two guys who looked like priests from my previous life, they wore long black dresses and were 2 times larger than me. Came into my room and said to follow the. 

I followed them, but I played dumb by asking:"why didn't you announce your coming, now you are ruining my plans." I scolding them the whole time. Until I was grabbed by one off them he cover my mouth and said:" quiet, there are some important people in this room. 





I was surprised that they thought of this scenario. They took me to very important lunch meting. I saw all the elders of Kiri and Mizukage, I was seated on the opposite side of the table from the Mizukage we were sitting like a heads of house, while the elders sat by our sides. They talked about the war. And nobody asked why I was here. I was restless and asked :"Excuse me Mizukage - dono for being rude but why am I exactly here." 

Mizukage answered :"we are welcoming you to the Village after all you have spent 8 months under our survailance and you are now ready to become a shinobi of Kiri." 

He then told the guards to give me drink. I saw something suspicious in his look. 





After I drank a sip I knew what it was. They drugged me with sleeping pill. I didn't show that I knew what they did. But also I was relieved that I wouldn't fell much of the pain in process of sealing. I drank nit more, and Mizukage asked:"You are going to our jinchuriki." even if didn't knew that I would not have time for any kind of reaction. It seems they had put 2 of sleeping pills.









The elders congratulated Mizukage for obtaining a jinchuriki, they continued to celebrate. Mizukage said he had to go and look at the sealing process. The guards took Mito and carried her to the sealing room which was on the other side of mansion. Mito previously had felt Sanbi presence in it. 







When they came everything was ready table was covered by white, room was dimly lit and there were 3 seal masters. Mizukage asked if everyone was ready. They nodded they heads. They undressed her belly, and started to draw seals. It took three of them some time to finnish the array. When they complied it they asked for help from Mizukage. They need him to bait out Sanbis chakra from scroll and direct it in Mito. 





He said it was fine. He managed to bait him out, but didn't know how chakra from the Sanbi just flow into Mito. He was surprised, he said something isn't right. The seal masters rushed to come see what was wrong, but they reassured Mizukage by saying :"it seems that Sanbi likes her already, Mizukage-donor your job is just to infuse your chakra into the scroll. That way chakra will flow into her by itself." 

Mizukage was tired after the seal was complied. He said to guards to take Mito to her room. And he went to his. 









In front of cage. 






Sage:"Well hello there, Mito, Isobu." 

Isobu:"father I did as I was told, Isobu is good boy." 

Sage answered :"Very good boy." 

I interupted:"aham, it is so nice to meet you Isobu-San. My name is Mito." 

Isobu :"it seems that you know my name already, but I will say it again. I am Isobu. I am also known as Sanbi. It is nice to meet you to." 

Sage :"Mito will need lot of your help in future so please help her." 

Isobu:"I will father, if she will do half of things you expect from her. Then she is worth my help and your trust." 

I :"I will need some help today to escape from here and to run as further from here as posible." 

Sage :"Yes this is why we are here right now, I can't make us communicate for long period of time, but I can contact one of you once every few months. While I will mostly talk with Isobu when you are in control of your body, or I will contact you when you meditate. "

I asked :" So I have to first escape and then plan what I would like to change. "

Sage :" things have already started changing, and after today they will continue to change even faster. "

Isobu :" You are both right. I will help her as much as I can. "

I asked Isobu:" Can I use your power and not cause any damage to myself. "

Isobu looked at me and said:" You can't for today. You will have to leave control of the body to me. You only need meditate inside this place to sensor what is happening outside. You will need to give me instructions for directions in which you want me to move. Because your body will be tired after using my power. "

I asked :" So you will do all the fighting for me. Will you kill all of them. "

Isobu:" Only those I have to. "

I :" I see, you are indeed very good boy. "



Chapter Text



I woke up feeling really tired. It was after midnight if the position of moon wasn't deceiving me. I started to meditate as soon as I packed all of my supplies. I had to find a way to the cage. It wasn't difficult at all because I was sensor. I was again in front of Isobu, he looked at me and said:"it's time. " i started meditating in my mindscape, Isobu took control. I felt my body being covered by Isobus chakra.




The first ones to notice a change were the guards outside the doors. But they were quickly and quietly knocked out, Isobu moved quickly he used only taijustu for now. In just 30 min all the guards were down, the most dangerous man now was Mizukage, both Isobu and Mito decided to live him alive but they needed him not able to move, so Isobu used his coral ability to make him stuck to the bed, while Mizukage wake up when they walked into his room he couldn't dodge all of attacks.



Then they left the mansion, somehow some of ninjas were waiting for them there. They weren't a challenge. They did managed to buy time for the best of Kiri forces to come. Terumi Mei took a charge at coordinating attacks. While Isobu did have trouble fighting these 5 shinobi he did not go all out. He had used hallucinogenic mist, which showed their insecurities and forced the victim to face them. He knocked them all while they were facing their fears.



But somehow the Mizukage was in front of Isobu. He was vivid and in his shinobi clothes. However Isobu and Mito weren't scared at all, while they knew he was strong but he was fighting a jinchuriki, alone. The fight was impressive the both used similar styles of ninjustu but Isobus were allways bigger and stronger than the Mizukages. When Mizukage seemed out of breath Isobu used hallucinogenic mist and then after that he used a coral ability leaving only his head not covered by corals.



I said to Isobu :"Great job, know we need to move quickly to the north west can you make the trip on water."
Isobu answered :" There is no need to travel on water, when I can breathe under it, Mito-Chan."
I said:"Eh I guess so, then we go to the northwest."
Isobu :"Agreed"





The Mizukage came quickly to control of his body, but still he was trapped again. There were only two things he could do one was try to summon his summon by bitting his lip and moving his fingers a bit. While the summon could not break this jutsu it could find somebody who could. And second thing was to wait.
Only five minutes had past and Terumi Mei came to his aid, she looked quite shaken herself. He asked her how others were. She responded by saying :" I took it the best, we have only 3 dead, but I would say it didn't try to kill anybody, how about you Mizukage - dono."
Mizukage answered :"only chakra exhaustion, nothing death treating."
Terumi asked:" Do you think that Mito - San let it take control. Or was it seal mistake."
Mizukage :" I don't think it matters now, we need to recapture Mito as soon as posible I will send a world to Fuguki and Kisame. "
Terumi :" Yes sir. "
Mizukage said quietly :"I am only telling this to you because I trust you, don't spread it around, the seal wasn't at fault, it seems that Mito played us like a fool she must have know why we were after her, and Sanbi was somehow involved too, after all I never heard a beast chakra to flow into human on his own. "
Terumi:"To think such thing happend, it is best to keep it secret."




Word from Mizukage came flying at the alarming speed, which meant something bad had happened. Kisame was nervous. He reached forward with his hand, the bird landed and left the scroll addressed for Fuguki - sama. He run to him and gave him scroll. He watched color drain from his masters face. It seemed to be extremely bad news. The only thing his master said to him was:"go pack our stuff we are going to leave frontlines to catch somebody. Kisame hurried to pack up. He wondered what had happened, it was probably something that would needed to kept quiet if his master couldn't tell him immediately. He knew that his master would tell him on the road.



While they were on the road, he learned everything, how Mito had made fools of him and his master, of whole Mist. He was angry, how could he trust her, but she didn't seemed to realize at any point in the journey that. Or maybe she didn't sleep as much as they thought she did. Shit.
However his internal struggle was interrupted by the messaging bird. This time it came slower, but it only meant the bird didn't knew their exact location.
The message said :"the jinchuriki movement stopped at the northwest shore of the main island, however we didn't noticed any water disturbance on the surface. We think the jinchuriki moved under water. Intercept it as soon as possible."
Fuguki said:"Well well she is trying to get back where we found her."
Kisame smiled :"it sucks for her that we know that terrain better than her."
Fuguki said :"indeed. But she seems to be in lead for a six hours at minimum, because we don't know her spead, she could have improved much in these 8 months and she now has some extra chakra. "
Kisame asked:"do you think she fought us seriously, previously or was she pretending."
Fuguki answered :"Maybe she didn't went all the way out, but she never hold at what she showed us. But I think if she wanted she could have escaped us."


Mito had finally took control of her body when they emerged from water, she immediately used her sensor ability to check out surrounding area of any possible threat, she was surprised when she could sense further away than usual. She felt Kiri shinobi at the other side of the sea. So it was only time they started to cross water or to send somebody after her. She moved into the forest and started tree jumping. She never had traveled so quickly.

Chapter Text





Isobu and I switched places every eight hours, I moved without rest, while my body felt tired I needed to push up all of my limits. I would have some small breaks for eating and hunting. I managed to make to shorten 2 weaks travel to one week. But that was planned for civilian pase. I found my old cave and made myself comfortable there. 












Fuguki and Kisame followed the trail left behind Mito. Fuguki cursed:"Danm it she is faster than I expected it looks she isn't really resting anywhere." Kisame to was frustrated by her. By the looks they did not gain any time on her, in fact they lost some. 

The next message came from Mizukage: and it said that back up was near them. So that both parties don't lose much time Kisame was to stay there while Fuguki would continue the mission. 




Fuguki had continued as he came closer to the border Samehada started acting up. He was amazed it remembered Mito chakra and could sense her in the area. He followed Samehada senses. The sudden rain stopped him. Samehada was stopped twitching, so he had to carefully search this area. 





But he wasn't only one surprised by sudden rain. A four man team from Konoha was to. The Sensei of the group was searching for any possible shelters. He had found one. 










Mito felt four chakra signals approach the cave, she saw that rain had suddenly started. She could feel that one of them had larger chakra reserves and three smaller ones. They were approaching fast, but it seemed they could not seense her. 

She had no time to pack all the things, she had barely any time to move herself from the front of cave to the back. 





She realized she was still suppressing her chakra, so she decided to see what happens. She used her sensor ability to check how it had improved. She was surprised when she felt theirs chakra nature's. The strongest chakra in group was moving fast inside the person's body and it felt like a wind. Someone had a fire affinity and another had lightning affinity. The last person, she realized was a girl with weak earth affinity, but her chakra moved by purpose, that one was a medic.




I remember only one team with such affinities. And I knew I was screwed. 






The yellow haired shinobi came first in cave, and he was followed by his three students, one had white hair, one had a black and the girl had a brown. My fears were right. Of all the time I had to be right now. The Sage must made this body unfortunate. When they discovered my stuff they were supprised, they even checked for genjutsu. I laughed at louad. And they heard it. Oh God why am I so stupid. The Sensei asked :"who are you" 

I answered :"You shouldn't be afraid I don't have any interest in you, I am only escaping from someone right now, I am sorry but my indetity must stay a secret." 

Sensei then aked:" Are you sure, we aren't enemies." 

I answered :"I am sure we are, because I am a enemy to all of the world it seems." 

Sensei :"how are we going to be sure that you won't attack us." 

I answered :" Oh for the Sage, I could have killed you if I wanted, when you first came here, I think you can't even sense my presance her, and I am only 10 meters away from you." 

Sensei said:"yes you are right, but that doesn't reassur us." 

I answered :"I don't have time to blow my cover up. Namekaze - san." 

The whole team felt silent. One of the students the obnoxious one had spoken :"How do you know his name." 

I answered :"While you can't fell my presence or chakra I still can." 

The smart one then said:" so you could sense us but you didn't have enough time to react." 

I didn't answer, because I felt embarrassed for sensing them so late. 

They kept silent too. U until the Namikaze decided I am not a threat and asked me nicely:" Are you by any chance sensor. "

I answered :"Yes, I am,." 

He then asked :" Can you guess just my name." 

I answered :"While I did feel your super fast wind chakra, I only knew by the color of your hair, after all Namikaze clan and some others clan have similarly chakra builds. I leatd that from my Sensei." 

He then said :"I see so you cannot recognize by chakra." 

I felt offended :"I didn't say so, I only couldn't make yours and that girls chakra signal. I had few guess for but for her, it made a sense that she is from civilian family." 

 The obnoxious boy asked :" How I am then." 

I answered :"An Uchiha, who is obnoxious. And then we have a Hataje with Uchiha attitude. And the girl most likely is a medic. Are they your students Namikaze - San." 

He asnwerd :"Yes they are. " 

I said :"they seem to be around my age, so I am asking if Konoha is so weak to send children on the front lines." 

Uchiha then yelled at me :" Who are calling weak, aren't you the same as us." 

I mocked :"Am i, I am not so stupid to fight in this meaningless war, but I assure you that my abilities go beyond hiding my presence." 

Then Namikaze stepped in :"don't provoke us, while we aren't at strongest right now we are winning the war." 

I mocked them again:"winning the war, you mean losing the lives of shinobi. You are even worse than Kiri shinobi, they did not hide theirs intentions, they just want to kill all of you, no winning or losing." 

Hatake said :" Are you from Kiri." 

I said :" Yes and no, while I just came from heart of Kiri forces, I don't belong to them. "

Uchiha then yelled:" So are you from Kiri, don't try to fool us. "

At that moment I felt something it was getting closer i cursed:" Shit, he is here, You four don't interfere with anything that is going to happen, it seems as many gifts Sage has blessed me with, he forgot to count luck in. "

I rushed forward from the dark, even though I was quick they could clearly see my red hair and my small form. 





3. Pov

As Mito rushed forward from the cave. Samehada started to twich again showing the direction of the Mito. 

He followed it again he know she could feel  him, but her plan was still mistery. After only 10 min he had found her, she was ready to fight him, probably expecting to make finish him here and then continue with her escape. While he understood that was the best kind of action she could use right now, he thought that he was stronger than her but this isn't fight to the death on his part, while for her probably was. It seemed they were equal. 







Chapter Text





They looked at each other. And Mito asked:"Diš Samehada managed to track me." 

He looked supresied:" Yes, You seem to known more about its abilities than me." 

I just stood there waiting for his first move, after all I knew most of his moves and had found how to deal with most of them. 




In the cave Namikaze watched in horror, it was first horror to see that Uzumaki child didn't see Konoha as a ally, then it became horror for what that child is facing. 

Hataje asked :"Is that one of Seven Swordsman of Kiri." 

He had to answer, so he informed them:" Yes that is Suikazan Fuguki, wilder of Samehada." 

All three of kids now looked more scared. 

Hatake asked:" Are we not going to help her, is she not our ally" but before he could finish Namikaze cuted him of:" She doesn't think of us as ally, she said to not interfere because she probably knows more than we do, she seems to have fought him before." 






Fuguki attacked with his water dragon jutsu, she countered with her mud wall, he then continued firing various types of water jutsu, she doged most of them and she blocked some with her mud wall. She didn't want to come closer him, so every time he moved forward she used Water Gun : Quick Shot. If he was 10 meters away from her. While she was using lot of chakra she had a lot more, while Fuguki had less. He was still planning to get closer, he had more of chance that way. 






He used large skale water jutsu. He did to distract Mito, and quickly closed some of the distance between them. He was surprised when she moved towards him while doing some hand seals. Earth started rising around her and it followed her at the end she shouted :"Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu." rocks were shot towards him, he couldn't dodge all of them at the speed they were coming for him. 










Namikaze face was full of surprise, he couldn't be mora amazed, the girl obliviously had known her weaknesses and had known when and where to attack. He did find it weird that her opponent never tried to kill her. It seemed that somebody else had noticed that to. 

Hatake :"Sensei who do you think will win, while the girl is avoiding any damage and avoiding close combat, he is clearly stronger." 

Namikaze answered to his student :" It is hard to say, because we know who is stronger we don't know the reason or motivation for this fight, to me it seems that the girl is more likely to win. "

Then they some the earth jutsu. 










Fuguki tried to cut one of the rocks, but Samehada wasn't made for cutting. He managed to change direction of that rock, but the next rock hited his left arm. He was still dodging the rocks, and he wasn't focusing on the Mito who was charging her next attack. She used the water style : water dragon jutsu. He was didn't manage to dodge it completely his left hand had been cutted of. He had to take last bits of chakra stored in Samehada to not feel any pain and stop the bleeding. But Mito wasn't satisfied at all, she now had to expand the distance while he was angrily chasing her. Only things she hadn't used were her seals. She never planned to use them this soon, but she didn't have a choice she took them out and threw them into the sky. They landed few centimeters to the left of Fuguki and exploded. He manage to block some of them. But he still stood. He then said :"Well it seems that won't be able to beat you, but I only need to buy some time, after all Kisame is bringing back up." 

Mito said:"And here I was asking myself where he was. That means I will just need to kill you and escape while the rain is still falling." 

Fuguki laughed:" And how are you going to do that, when you aren't using full power, or should I say you can't use it so close to the Konoha camp. "

Mito stared at him and suddenly smirked:" Genjutsu art, you didn't think I would just stood there while talking to you." the voice was behind Fuguki, Mito was placing one of her new seals on him. He tried to reach her but couldn't move. She explained :" Fuinjutsu : paralyzing seal. You should have payed attention to the surroundings" they stood in front of cave, he could see 4 figures in cave, then next thing he saw was kunai slitting his throat. The fight was over. Mito took careful steps to Samehada and took out the scroll and quickly stored it. She looked quite paler after that. 






Namikaze rushed towards the girl, he knew she was going to faint, it seemed that was her first kill, it was brutal for young girl like her. He catched her before she touched the ground. His students came after him. He was still shocked that this girl had managed to pull it of. But it seemed as her only option. They managed to her all of the talk because it had been told in front of them. To think this girl is chased by bunch of Kiri forces, and managed to survive this far, shoved how strong her will to live was. He asked Kakashi to seal the body and decided that rain won't kill them but Kiri shinobi could, after all they were going back to the Village, they had finished their mission. They were on border duty ester from here. 










After several hours of search for his master. Kisame had found a large bloodstained pack of ground and further away there was large hand of his master. He couldn't just say his master is dead. But if the chance was maybe he was finished by Konoha shinobi. But the area indicated fight between water user and earth user. Mito was both. And his master was water user. He had to report, mission failure and lost of his master and the sword and jinchuriki. This was the worst. 




Chapter Text










Team 7 which consisted of the Jonin Sensei Namikaze Minato, genin Nohara Rin and Uchiha Obito, and surprisingly the youngest of the them was chunin Hatake Kakashi. Minato was carrying Mito. She was unconscious because she didn't sleep for whole week and her chakra was low. 

Rin had examined her and said to her sensei:" She doesn't have any life threatening injuries. However her chakra is low and that is one of reasons she is unconscious, she probably used too much chakra during the fight. Her body gives sings of lack of sleeping." 

Minato said:" Very good observation Rin, but her clan is well known for having huge chakra reserves. The poor girl, probably came to the cave to take some rest and she didn't know we would just walk into it. She was probably on the run for a few days, and she probably didn't want to fight here, she didn't have a choice, her state is worsen by her mental exhaustion. "

Kakashi asked :" Sensei are you sure she is from Uzu… "

Minato interrupted him before he could finish her surname :" No i am not but she does have the clans characteristics. "

Obito then said:" What are you talking, from which clan is she. "

Kakashi answered:" Are you that stupid it is plain obvious. "

Obito was pissed :"What did you say Bakashi." 

Rin interrupted them :"now isn't time for fighting, guys, and yes Obito if you paid any attention to the class you would know, Kakashi you shouldn't be so rude."

Obito was frustrated :" so will you guys tell me or not." 

Minato said :" Obito listen to me we doubt that she is from Uzumaki clan, but we aren't sure. "

Obito :" Then why aren't we sure. "

Kakashi answered :" In my opinion she is to calm to be one and second is that she didn't see us as allies. "

Obito :" I guess you are right, only Uzumaki I know is allways restless. "









After getting over the shock caused by the death of his master, Kisame had found a trail. He didn't expect to find so many footprints. The largest was just few meters away from the blood stain and just by one red hair. He couldn't feel much of that persons chakra in the air so he probably picked Mito when the fight was over. The other there footsteps belonged to children, but none had belonged to Mito. He knew that she was taken by Konoha scum. He hoped she didn't say anything about being jinchuriki, but they wouldn't let Uzumaki move around freely anyway. 







The journey to Konoha lasted five days and Mito hadn't woken up once. Team seven was concerned, even Minato feared that something was wrong. Her chakra reserves weren't restoring or they were but only a little each day. 

















Sage :"it wasn't that long ago, and here we met again." 

I snorted:" Yeah, yeah. I geuss we have lots of time to talk." 

Isobu :" if it will make it any better my chakra reserves are gone two." 

Sage:" Well your chakra is now important to Mito, Isobu, when your chakra gets back to normal then she will reachage faster." 

I said:" While we can't do anything about our chakra stores right now, shouldn't we focus what is next. "

Sage asnwerd :" You are right Mito, but both of us didn't expect to come across Team 7."

I :" Are you saying I should play along with everything that comes along. "

Isobu answeresd before Sage could:" Yes because we don't know how things are going to play out. What did you think we would do if we weren't captured. "

I :" I thought that we would try to catch black Zetsu or something. "

Sage asnwerd this time:" You would need to train more for that, and you really can't do anything to him without my sons souls. "

I :" so when I get stronger, will I need to wait for Naruto and Sasuke to be born, or are your sons souls in somebody else at the moment." 

Sage :" You will have to wait, because Madara is still alive. "

I exclaimed :" Oh right, but then if prevent him from using Obito, he will live longer, because he won't obliviously shorten his life if he doesn't have someone to take his place. "

Sage asnwerd :"Yes, you are right. But he doesn't have much time either way. He is really week right now. You just need to prevent Obito from happening and then you will need to wait for my son's souls. Well if the Black Zetsu doesn't do something else. But I will try to follow his movements and tell you what he is up to. "

Isobu :" we will have to train hard for that, I will teach you lots of things. "

I :" I appreciate that. "









When team 7 made it to the front gates of Konoha they were intercept by shinobi on the guard duty. The shinobi checked for genjutsu asked for a code, then they gave a paper to fill about their mission. And only then asked questions about the unconscious girl on Minatos back and extra bags of stuff. Team 7 explained that the bags were from girl and that they suspect that girl was an Uzumaki. The said to guards to keep it quiet about her existence until Hokage sees her and decides what will happen to her. They were allowed to enter village. So they hurried up to the roofs and made it to the Hokage tower without being seen by everyone. "










When they entered the Hokage tower, luckily it was mostly empty. They did send message about meeting this girl and coming here with her, so they asked a secertary for private meeting with Hokage. She said that Hokage was expected to come back from clans meeting in 20 minutes, and she said that it would be best to wait inside the Hokage office. 




Minato came inside the office and said to his genin to lay the girl on the couch. He knew Third Hokage was going to be late, but he was more nervous about girls situation, was today's clan meeting regular or was it especially for her case. He could see some of the decisions already like 6 months of monitoring and more. He was still concerned for girl because her chakra wasn't in any better condition than yesterday. 




Chapter Text









Hokage was late for only 40 minutes, he firstly talked about something with his secretary, when she said that team 7 was waiting for him. He then said few more words with her and rushed into his office, when he came in Minato was staying by the window clearly trying to calm his nerves, rest oh the team seven was seated by the cauch on which was laying girl, unconscious, she appeared to be fine, her red hair caught his attention he saw that tone of color only in main family of Uzumaki. It wasn't that different from the rest of Uzumaki but if you have seen member of main family and rest you could see it clearly. 







He cleared his throat to get everybody to pay attention to him. Those two genins were starlted, but so were Minato nad Kakashi they just didn't show it. The third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen then began closing the doors of the office and ordering his anbu to activate the privacy seals :" I have received your message Minato - San, but I would like to hear it from your mouth to. I expect that you didn't write everything there." 

Minato :"Yes you are right Hokage - sama, while it is true that girl killed Suikazan Fuguki, it seems she managed to do it while being under lot of pressure on her body, she didn't sleep for few days prior the fight, her chakra reserves were already low and she was also running from the enemy for long time. I took her here against her will, but I am sure the Kiri forces were coming there. She said herself that she is sensor. I would say that she is quite advanced. She used both water style and water style. She seems to have great teacher. I don't know how good she is with fuinjutsu, but I saw her use some. "

Hokage asked :" And her attitude. " Hokage hoped she wasn't brat or arogantan or trouble. 

Minato shake his head :" Not good. "

Hokage gasped which one of the three things was it. 

Minato continued :" While she was very calm and cautious of us when we met her. Unlike all the other Uzumaki we know. She didn't seemed to see us as alies, she did mocked whole village by saying that we are so week that we need genin on the frontlines." 

Hokage was shocked she wasn't anything he feard, she was to mature:" that is a problem. Did she say how she felt about Kiri. "

Minato :" Well not, but it seemed that wasn't her first fight against him. She knew most of his moves. She knew how to deal with Samehada, which is sealed in one of hers scrolls." 

Hokage asked :" Rin - San, can you guess when she will wake up. "

Rin answered :" If her recovery continues at this speed, she is going to out for whole month maybe more. "

Hokage then said:" I will put her on top medical care, she will be staying there until she wakes up. "

Minato asked Hokage :" Was todays clan meeting related with hers arrival. "

Hokage eyed Minato and said:" Well yes, but it seems I did acount two things, so the meeting is mostly unimportant right now. We did decide to monitor her for six months and even to give her one apartment. However we need to intorgate her before that. "

Kakashi was fascinated by the Hokage answer but he had to ask:" If I may know what facts you didn't account for. "

Minato wanted to scold him for asking too much. 

But Hokage gestured it was fine:" I didn't account for her attitude with our village, and the other thing is that she is different from other Uzumakis, her hair color indicates that she is from main family of Uzumaki." 

Minato choked and then cought few times. Nobody minded, after all that was mindblowing fact. 












Kisame sent another message to Mizukage stating he found some trails. Mizukage sent him his answer in which was stated that he had to go back to the frontliens they needed him there and only after situation on the frontliens calmed down could he follow the trails. Kisame knew that was bullshit, Mizukage didn't want to risk anything right now. He didn't know why, was Mito that strong. He had to follow Mizukages orders, he knew he couldn't make far into Land of Fire by himself so needed back up, and he only would get his back up if he proved his loyalty to Mizukage. After all everybody knew he was loyal only to his master. 








Minato and his team followed anbu who caries Mito to the hospital. They wanted to see where she would stay. Minato wanted to visit the girl every day, because he felt guilty, he couldn't tell Kushina about this kid nor could tell the kid about Kushina,at least he could know how was she. Kakashi and Obito started to bicker again in the middle of the hall. The head nurse came to them and shooed them out of hospital. So only Rin and Minato made it to the hospital room. Rin was focused more on what medical nin were doing and even asked some questions about the tehnique med-nin was using. In the end of tests the med-nin said:" The girl will most likely be out for a whole month, but Uzumaki often surprise us." 

Rin then left saying goodbye to Minato. Minato wanted to stay by the girls side little longer. But he was afraid of Kushina finding out he had came into Konoha 2 hours ago and didn't came to visit her. So he came closer to the girl and stroked her hair. It was indeed slightly different from Kushinas, he then left. 








The third Hokage had to talk with Nara Shikaru his Jonin Commander. When he opened the door of Nara office. 

The first response he got was :"Which trouble did it cause to you Hiruzen that you had to come to me." 

Hokage answeed:"Trouble indeed. It is about that Uzumaki girl Minato had found. It seems she will bring us a lot of trouble when she wakes up. I will need you keep things low, any rumors can be quite catastrophic for us." 

Shikaru asked :" why are you scared of Kushina that much"

Hokage nodded his head:" But it isn't only that, the girl is from main family of Uzumakis. And her attitude towards us is infavorable." 

Shikaru:"That does complicate things." 



Chapter Text







Kisame was pissed he still wasn't over his desire to revenge his master. But they were clearly outnumber here and frontline was going to break. If they lose here the Mizukage will try to peace out, even though he didn't like war, he still wanted to kill the Konoha forces who are hiding Mito. 








In Konoha there wasn't much going on, there weren't any new rumors. And shinobi knew that only meant there was something that had to be protected. When Minato had come to his home, he was lost in thought, Kushina crept behind him to scare him. She jumped on him giving him a back hug, Minato squeaked sounding like a girl. Kushina laughed :"What are you scared of me." 

Minato blushed :" why would I be scared, I didn't do anything wrong." 

Kushina looked at him :"Are you sure." 

What now, Minato didn't know if she knew or if he had done something while walking here. 

Kushina continued :"Mikoto told me you were at hospital?"

Minato felt relieved :"Ah that, nobody was injured it was just that.. Rin wanted to ask some questions to the med-nin there." 

Kushina asked :" And all of you had to come there, even Kakashi." 

Minato scratched his scalp:"Well, she used one of the techniques on them and she didn't knew if she used it correctly and they had to come with us so that med - nin could see what is wrong." 

Kushina creepy smiled :"Then why were they thrown out before you could at empty room." 

Minato sweated:" How much did Mikoto see actually, well she did tell they started to bicker in the hall right." Kakashi and Obito were dead tomorrow. 

Kushina :"Actually she only was at the end of corridor so she couldn't hear anything. Anyways what was wrong with Rin." 

Minato said :"If you want to know what happened then why don't you just invite them for a dinner." 

Kushina :"Are you avoiding my question." 

Minato :"No, Rin was fine, I only said that so you could see it for yourself " 

Kushina smiled :"Then that's is what I will do."Kushina walked out and headed to her boyfriend students houses. She knew he had lied, but didn't know about what. She will surely find out today. 








And that is how all of team 7 was seated in their senseis house. The atmosphere was very good while they were waiting for Kushina to bring food. But they actually were agreeing how screwed they were and they even tried to come with the story. But when Kushina did put the food on the table. She asked questions with creppy smiling face that had them scared :" Rin what did you have to ask the med-nine. I thought that something bad must have happened to make even Kakashi come there,." 

Rin answered :" Well wanted to ask them for a long time, but I didn't have enough confidence to do it. I asked about which method was the best for examining chakra exhaustion. "

Kushina was analyzing her answer. The second part seemed believable but first part wasn't so much. She asked Kakashi then:" Why did you come with them. "

Kakashi answered :" I didn't want to i was forced by Minato - Sensei. "

Minato choked :" Kakashi, what are you saying I only said that we were coming with her. You could just leave." 

Kushina look turned dark saying we will talk later. She asked Obito about mission and he answered by days leaving out one. Kushina was amazed, Obito didn't let anything slip, but he made one crucial mistake he lefted one day not knowing she counted days since she last saw Minato. 

She asked :"Minato you came today right." 

Minato didn't notice her intentions:"Yes we did." 

Kushina then asked:" Then how does happen that my calculations and your days on mission, don't add up." 

Oh shit they all thought. Atmosphere was awkward. Everyone was silent and under pressure. Obito could not make it anymore:"5 days ago we were returning home and rain suddenly started falling. We went to a cave." Minato and Rin even Kakashi tried to stop him from saying anything else. But they stopped when they received death glare. Which gave Obito some time: "when we were inside we could hear two shinobi fight. We couldn't move out because of the rain and didn't know if it was safe. Then suddenly the both fighters were in front of the cave the smaller and clearly weaker one had managed to kill this big guy, but soon he died to from chakra exhaustion. "

Minato was so proud of him, but he had to hide it.

Kushina :" is that the reason you were shaken about chakra exhaustion, Rin. "

Rin answered :" Yes, but I am still not ready to talk about it. "

Minato was so proud of his students, but still Kakashi and Obito were going to die tomorrow. "






Several days passed, the med - nin was satisfied with how Mito was recovering. When Minato had came in through the window, apparently the halls weren't safe anymore, he was glad she looked better. The med-nin who was in the room when he barged from window wasn't surprised by his entrance, she then said:"Welcome Minato - San, how are you today." 

Minato answered :"I am good, how is she." 

Med-nin:"She recovered today the most. Her recovery rate is getting faster and faster. It seems she will wake in few days." 

Minato asked :"Did Hokage came here today" 

Med-nin answered :"No he won't come today, he has more important things to do right now, he asked to send someone if she wakes up." 






Hokage was surprised by Mizukage request of cease fire. He never expected that Mizukage would reach for a peace. It seemed that lost which they had suffered was larger than one Konoha had inflected on them. Hokage wounded if the Uzumaki girl had her fingers there. He hoped she would wake up soon and when she does wake up that she will be cooperative. He did not wish to use Yamanaka for her introgations. 


Chapter Text









Two days later Mito woked up, she saw the white room and the bed, she was in hospital, she didn't know how long she was out. She decided to check it with Isobu, she stared at the ceiling and slowly track her chakra. She then came in her mindscape and greeted Isobu:" Hi Isobu." 

Isobu greeted back :"Hi Mito-Chan." 

Then Mito continued :"Do, you know how long I have been out." she told while making herself comfortable in front of the gates. 

Isobu answeresd :" While I woke up 5 days ago it seems I was uncouncious for a week." 

Mito concluded :"So 12 days, while I didn't expect to be uncouncious for this long, I geuss I have overused my chakra. Did you feel anybody coming to visit." 

Isobu answeresd :"Yes that Namikaze had been here every day." 

Mito sighed :"I see, troublesome blond. But nobody with huge chakra reserves like mine and yours." 

Isobu answeresd :"No." 

Mito said:"at least that is good news." 








She was just her mindscape when she heard windows open, she turned her head to the windows and saw that troublesome man. Her eyes looked more because it was noon. The man almost fell to the floor, he was surprised by her beauty. She felt awkward when he stared at her so she said:"Namikaze - San, you can enter the room I won't eat you." and she turned her head from him looking at the door. She didn't hear his response so she asked:"Why do you use windows when there are doors." 

Minato finally shook himself to reality and said :"You are awake. Well nobody is supposed to know that you are here." 

Mito :"Asked did you carry me here." 

Minato answered :"Yes, I did." 

Mito asked:" Have I done something while I was uncouncious." 

He didn't know what she could do at that state:"Eh, no" 

Mito absent-mindedly said:"that's good, too." 

Minato saw her focus was somewhere else so now was the best time to ask her important questions :"What is your name." 

Mito looked him dead in eyes and answered :"My name is Uzumaki Mito. " she then continued :"I was named after my great aunt, the first Hokage's wife." she then again lost focus. 

Minato had to ask:"What are you doing now." 

She didn't look at him this time:"I am counting the number of shinobi here." 

Minato asked:"At the hospital. Why" 

Mito shook her head and said :" No, at the whole village, because I was thinking about escaping." 

Minato was shocked :"And how many are there." 

Mito answered :"Around 200.More than I can handle." 

Well Minato didn't know how many shinobi were at the village currently, but he was satisfied with her statement. 

Mito then said:"Could you let them in, they seem to be quite important, and they have large chakra reserves.." pointing at the door. When he opened the door he was met with Third Hokage and Nara Shikaru. He bowed to them. But before he could great them Mito spoke:"Have you had any fun eavesdroping." 

Minato had awkward look on his face saying :"Hokage - sama, Nara - sama. I am sorry." 








Hokage said :"it's not your fault. Neither are you at fault Mito - San. Indeed we have eavesdroped on your conversation." 

Mito said :" How rude, I was thinking I was going to speak with gentleman. But I geuss I was wrong." 

Hokage wondered was she playing mind games with them. Then she was foolish one. But then next action threw him of gourd. 

Mito slowly smiled then started laughing. It was beautiful laugh, she had tears in her eyes and saying:" Sorry I was only kidding. But Namikaze - San has best reactions." 

All of them thought definitely Uzumaki. 

Hokage decided to be direct with her and asked "Were at the Mist and if you were what were doing there." 

She smiled like she had expected that question and answered :"I was there, I was only taking revenge there. 

Hokage asked :" Revenge for who or what. "

She looked at him, the look said as if you don't know, but she still answered :" for my parents, my clan, for my parents master. Because it was last wish from my parents master." 

Hokage asked :"And did you succeed in your revenge." 

Mito looked at him with one of the craziest smiling faces :"I did more than I expected to do." 

Minato asked :"Is your revenge done." 

Mito looked at him and then pondered :" Well I geuss first phase is done, the point of my revenge isn't to kill them, but to teach them how it feels to lose something precious that belongs to them."

Nara was alarmed at those words :" What did you steal from them." 

Mito looked at him and said :" Wow, chill out, I didn't actually steal anything from them I just run after they gave it to me."

Hokage ordered :" Stop playing around and answer what did you take from them." 

Minato was shooked, because he didn't see the Third lose his control so easily, and watching Mito reaction she wasn't surprised at all. 

Mito then became serious, you could now see how all of hers reactions were fake. She said:" I was given the Sanbi from them." 









Room was silent, the Nara was holding his head, Hokage didn't look fine. And Minato was walking closer to Mito. While Mito looked at him and knowing what he was going to do she lifted her shirt, showing of her lower abdomen and chaneling some of her chakra there, the seal had shown up. 

Minato looked at it for few minutes and said:"The seal is safe, but it could be stronger." 

Hokage nodded his head so was Nara, but Mito said:" You can't try to reseal it, because Sanbi will kill you." 

Minato said :"What are you saying, I am just going to add some arrays on seal, I won't let him out, obviously ." 

Mito :"I am sorry, I didn't explain it properly." then she pointed at him:"You move an inch and I will let Isobu kill you." 

Hokage was alarmed :"Minato step back, I am guessing Isobu is what it calls itself."

Minato took back some steps and said:"Are you speaking with it." 

Mito looked at him :"Isobu isn't filled with rage, like the Kyubi is. I geuss I got lucky." 

Minato almost choked on the mention of Kyubi but he managed to save it. 

Hokage asked :"Are you only against us touching the seal." 

Mito looked at him and answered :" My parents master said that you couldn't make it in time to save my clan, for longest time I didn't believe that, but I geuss you really are were to week to help. So yes, it is the only thing. "


Chapter Text




Hokage was baffled, the girl in front of him just insulted the village and said that she would forgive it for the weakness. He couldn't be glad. The girl was clearly smart and knew how to use her abilities. He had to ask about her master:" You said that you had a master, who is he."
Mito looked at him with grimase :" That old man wasn't my master. He was my parents master, before he betrayed the Uzushino. His name was Hagoromo no last name, but he died several years ago."
Nara knew this was going to be a pain in the ass but he asked either way. :"Can you tell us about that."





Mito stayed silent for few seconds, it looked like she was debating with herself should she tell or not:" Well I don't know all the details. I know that Hagoromo was taijustu and genjutsu master living in the Uzushino, he was teaching my parents from early age. It seems like a the fame he got in Uzushino wasn't enough so he decided to steal Uzushinos plan of defensive seal barrier. My mother and father were on the mission to bring him back alive or dead. It turned out that only few days after they left the village, attack began. Their master never sold that plan, but he could have. My parents were unsuccessful in hunting him they couldn't get any messages from Uzushino. They rushed back home forgetting their mission. They grieved, they swore on the revenge. I was born year later, they couldn't find their master anywhere, he was always few steps ahead. Just when I turned 3 years they were killed by Kiri shinobi. In last effort they summoned a summon which took me to their master. When he saw me felt simpaty, he couldn't kill his students last legacy. Over the years he trained my he told my the truth. I guess I only inherited his belief 'You should hate everyone the same.' "
Minato was heartbroken he knew she had to have bad childhood, but to be raised by person you can't trust. He wanted to know more about her. He wanted to shove that belief from her.
But Mito did not look sad at all, she seemed so mature, she obviously had anger problems and was fixated on revenge. But she wasn't a bad kid. She was saveable.
Mito stared at the three unmoving figures. While they were thinking about her possibly. She had to make a move now when they have mix feelings about her.:" While I still consider you weak village. I wish to join your forces if it is possible."
Minato didn't know what was going on in her head. He was surprised with her request, but he knew she would end in their forces etheir way.




Hokage chuckled :"You indeed are from main family of Uzumaki, you analyzed situation and you didn't like that we would make decision for you in this matter. You will have 6 months trails regardless of this."
Mito was surprised and looked at the Hokage, asking him with her eyes how do you know that.
Minato answered :" You color of hair gave it away. "
Nara asked :" Did you have any special training while you were young. "
Mito answered:" I did, I was trained in controling my temper and emotions for getting overboard."
Minato was glad, but he still didn't like how she thought of village as weak.:"So who said to you that village is weak."
Mito smiled :"While my parents master was obsessed by Kumo news and propaganda, where they said Konoha was weak because your softness. But I guess they are wrong in that regard, you are weak because you don't see bad apples among yourself."
Hokage wondered :" What do you mean by that. "
Mito answered :" While I understand none of you are sensors, you really need to check who you can trust. I can feel that not long ago Hokage - sama you were in contact with somebody with tainted chakra. And I can feel more than one slightly alerted chakra with that chakra. "




Hokage wasn't happy but he had to ask :" Can you locate that chakra right now. "
Mito answeresd :" That person is underground somewhere around 1.5 kilometers to the east right now. But I can't pinpoint it, exactly. "
Minato asked :" Does having tainted chakra, show our intentions."
Mito laughed :" No tainted chakra does not represent our thoughts, but I can feel emotions from them easier. As I myself now have tainted chakra. "
Nara was thinking who possibly could be that person only few persons were in contact with Hokage today and they all were highly regarded individuals. Hokage was in same situation.
But Mito decided change mood by asking :" So how long am I staying in this hospital room. I kinda don't like white color you see."



Hokage was pleased by her changing of the mood, they couldn't solve previous problem that easily anyway. :"You are moving when the Med-nin you can move out, you will use henge jutsu for coming out from hospital and Anbu will lead you to your new home. I hope you like it."
Mito asked :" Is it close to here. By the way I can actually sense all the anbus here, you know. "
Minato choked :" Of course you can. "
Mito glared at him:" What did you think that I knew who Hokage was just because he has huge chakra reserves, I felt Anbu around him. "
Hokage liked her. :" it is close to here but it is closer to the Hokage tower. "
Mito :"I see, you want me on tight leash. Should I allways use henge jutsu while going out. I am assuming that I can go out."
Hokage :" Yes, but we will try to arrange your lifestyle, so you don't need to go outside much."
Mito :" What about training, I possibly need an empty trading ground. "
Hokage was thinking, or better to say he was scheming :" I think traning ground 3 isn't at use. "
Minatos eyes lit UP. Nara softly glanced at the Hokage. And that was all hints she got, or she needed. She pretend she didn't notice it:" oh, then I will ask Anbu to show me the way once I will train."
They tried to put her under Minato. That wasn't going to happen so easily.

Chapter Text



Mito was soon left alone. She was waiting to be discharged. The med-nin was very kind and came soon even with all papers filed out only needing Mito hands signature. The Anbu appeared quickly after that. Mito used her henge jutsu she didn't change her appearance that much. She only changed color and length of her hair. She was now brunette with hair just over her shoulders and without her usual bangs. She followed the Anbu, she did pay attention to her surroundings, but her surroundings didn't pay any attention to her. While this was good, she felt nostalgic. She remembered her last life how nobody cared for her nobody noticed her.



When she came in her new apartment. It wasn't special in any way posible. The kitchen was normal size. Everything was normal. It was comfortable, but she knew that she wouldn't spend a lot of time here. It reminded her of everything she wanted but she moved on, right she couldn't just think about her past now. She checked the apartment it was well equipped, it had food in the fridge. She found her bed, while it wasn't like that one in Kiri, she could sleep on it better than on the forest floor. However she did need to buy new clothes. She asked Anbu :" Can you show me the way to Konoha market. I need some new clothes. Don't worry I have money." I did win few bets in Kiri after all. Bets were always who would win between Kiri genin. Thankfully I had a lot of Intel.
Anbu :"This way please. Did you plan on buying casual clothes or clothes for training." he asked when we exited my apartment. We both were using henges and looked as father and daughter, which was weird in my opinion.
I answered :"Well both, but I will buy more for training purposes."
Anbu then said:" We shall firstly buy you some casual clothes, because they will soon close, shinobi market works slightly longer."
Mito asked :" Why is that so, isn't it unfair to the civilians."
Anbu answered :" Well it is, but shinobi do have to buy things at unexpected times to prepare themselves for missions. "
Mito agreed.




When she came to the market she saw Rin, but she couldn't greet her. Rin did look at them like she knew something was wrong with dou. Mito then tried few outfits. She didn't have any sense for fashion. So her Anbu guard almost died trying not to laugh. That made them look more suspicious. Rin did glanced at their discretion to see who made those sounds, she regreted her decision immediately. The girl looked horrible, disgusting. She had to help poor girl. Rin came towards Mito and poked her saying:" Do you need any help with choosing outfits."
Mito answered honestly :"Yes, you see don't understand fashion, it isn't excuse, but since childhood I always wore boys clothes, because the person who was in charge of me only had those kind of clothes."
Rin was shocked and looked at the girls father, or she assumed he was.
Mito looked at direction of Rin eyes:" Ah you seem to misunderstan something, he isn't one that took care of me. "
Rin was confused, were those two family or were they friends.
Anbu said:" we need to choose it quickly before they close, after that we will go to the shinobi market." he said to Mito, who started moving.
Rin was surprised they were shinobi but they didn't carry themselves like one.
Rin found few of suitable outfits, in which Mito did look presentable. She was even more confused when the girl paid it with her own money. So they weren't family. She had to ask:" What is your name. I am Nohara Rin."
Mito panicked for few seconds in her mind and answered :" My name is Mito, nice to meet you Nohara - San" Rin was now even more confused even most of civilians have a surname. Were these two not from here. But the older guy was familiar with the market here. So she asked:" Mito-San are you new here."
Mito looked at her embarrassed :" Do I look that out of place." then she turned to the guy :"You should have told me, what is use of using…" she trailed of, she managed to stop herself.
Rin was now even more confused. And was going to ask more questions when Anko and Kurenai came from shinobi market and greeting Rin. Rins attention moved to them, and Mito with her Anbu guard successfully managed to get away.



When she was picking her outfits for training, she knew what she was doing because you couldn't get it wrong she picked a lot of black pieces of clothes. She didn't want to reveal a lot of her body. After all she still wasn't used to her knew body. She bought lots of tracksuits, they were all black, she bought few shorts and t- shirts. The tracksuits weren't special, but Mito decided to put on them Uzumaki symbols. At the end of her shopping she had her hands full of stuff, and her wallet was empty. She then asked Anbu to take her home it was getting dark. Well it was around 6 afternoon.



Rin was talking with Anko and Kurenai, they had a lot of catching up, when she realized that the Mito was gone. Rin asked:"Did you guys see that girl I talked to."
Anko:" the one with weird father, I geuss they left as soon as you started to talk with us."
Rin then said :"Those two are so strange."
Kurenai who liked all kind of stories asked:" How so."
Rin :" The girl is actually a shinobi but she and her escort were so relaxed, i know she was from outside of village but the person behind her wasn't. I don't know i felt like I meet her before. "
Kurenai asked for more information. Rin told them everything she knew.




Mito started organizing her clothes in the closet. She wanted to train so bad, but she knew Hokage wanted her to train on team 7 grounds. Thankfully they schemed and didn't say anything about training grounds. So she wasn't bond by time. She decided to rest now.

Chapter Text



Mito was sleeping from to midnight. She then wake up to train, she firstly prepared everything she needed and then she changed her clothes. She was wearing black tracksuit and black t-shirt, she wore black shoes she had taken in Uzushino. The Anbu appeared before her asking :"Where are you going?"
Mito replied :"Don't worry, I am not trying to escape," she pointed at him:"we are going to training ground 3. Hokage never said anything about me not being allowed to train in dark, and that training ground is abandoned either way, so it doesn't matter."
Anbu couldn't argue with her, because if he did she would know Hokage lied to her.



Both Anbu and Mito were using henge, looking like same as when they went to market. Anbu led the way, the village was peaceful, most of people outside were shinobi, the moon was full,the weather was very nice, it wasn't to cold, but you could feel cold breeze.




When Mito came to training ground three she examined which tree was the best. She started with chakra control. Even though she mastered it before she now had at least 15 times bigger resevers. She managed to climb to the top of the tree in her fifth attempt. She then proceeded to hang upside down on the highest branch. The Anbu was watching her from the other tree. He did look impressed by second part of exercise. Mito as she felt it easier to control, made it harder for herself by chanaling her chakra to her hair and controlling her hair to stick to her scalp.
She was done with chakra exercise by 2. am .



She then proceeded to train taijustu, she firstly stretched, and run 10 laps around the training grounds, then she trained her katas. The Anbu looked bored so she asked him to spar with her for 20 minutes. The Anbu didn't have anything to do, so he said yes. The Anbu was faster and stronger then her, but he wasn't as strong or as fast as Fuguki was. She managed to block 30 percent of the punches and she managed to dodge completely 40 percent of them. She still was hit a lot. But her attacks were more precise, she hit more than 50 percent of her punches. Her problem was her height and hers short hands. She did lose at the end but she was satisfied with her progress.



It was 3:30 when she was done with stretching after the spar. She then proceeded to train her ninjustu. She only had five of them, and three of them were water based. Luckily there were two rivers in this training ground. Mito and Anbu moved from the trees to the rivers. Mito firstly walked on water and then she started to focus her chakra, then using her hands she sighed all of the seals for Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. There was huge water dragon, Anbu was on high alert, but he soon calmed down, when he saw Mito use it to dance around her. Mito was testing her control over water dragons movement and testing how long could she hold it. Her control a fist was meesy, but in 3 minutes she managed to improve a lot. Her water dragon desapered after three minutes. She was painting hard, but she continued with her training. She walked to the ground and created three mud walls with her earth jutsu. The returned to water and used Water Gun Tehniques, from a far away more than 20 meters, she trained her precision and chakra control. She needed to know how much chakra would need to hit the target if she was far away. After making every hit from 20 meters she decided to go further away she was 25 meters away from mud walls, she wasn't as good from here some of the water bullets didn't make it there, and some missed the target. She still managed to hit 70 percent of the shots, so she decided to move on next jutsu, because she needed to know if she could improve that one two. She came closer she was at 10 meters away from muud walls and she used Water Gun : Quick Shot, Mito was satisfied with precision and dents she managed to make. But she was disappointed in this jutsu because she couldn't improve her shooting range. She still could make dents bigger if she used more chakra. The three mud walls crumbled. Which was perfect for her next jutsu Earth Style: Rising Rock. But first she needed to use her chakra to turn mud into the rocks. She then lifted rocks in the air did same thing she did with Water dragon. She wasn't as successful in this as in water dragon jutsu, because she had to move multiple objects. She tried 3 times every time she was making small progress.



Mito was done with training, it was 5 am. She was exhausted, she was doing her last stretch. She cleaned the area she used. She packed everything she used and puted on her henge again. Which came off on her last attempt of rising rock jutsu. The Anbu was by her side in his henge. Mito decided to head home, but on the way from training grounds she met Rin. Rin was surprised to see her here.
Rin greeted:" Hello Mito - San,"
Mito answered :"Nohara-san, nice to see you today." then Mito asked :"What are you doing here this early in the morning, getting some secret training." the Anbu behind her almost snorted. Mito stared at him with one eye.
Rin was embarrassed by that question :"um, no. This is training grounds of my team. I just came early to stretch."
Mito looked puzzled :" But I was told that this training ground was abandoned. And I was planning to train here,but I geuss I will need to find some other training grounds." she looked at the Anbu and asked :" You know some unused training grounds. "
Rin asked curiously:"who told you about our training grounds were abandoned."
Mito answered without missing a beat:"Hokage did." Mito continued :"Well I don't want to impose on your stretching time. It isn't Hokage's fault after all he has too much things to do."
Rin felt sorry for her :"You can stay, if you want."
Mito answered :" No it is ok, I only came here today to check out the nature, to see what I could use. You guys got lucky, this training grounds are awesome. But I most go now, I quite hungry you see, I didn't eat before coming here. "
Rin said :" see you around"
Mito wawed her hand and said "see you." After they were gone from Rin's hearing range, Anbu asked "did you have to acuse her of something you did."
Mito looked at him and answered :"Did I train secretly, no, because you were there and Hokage knew I would train he didn't know when, besides he played me, so I am yet to play him."
Anbu said :" You know I will report to him everything."
Mito answered :"Yes, I am awere, I am saying this so he can prepare himself, not like that will help him, I am still Uzumaki."

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Minato came to the training grounds around 5:30, as usually Rin was already there, but unlike other times she was still stretching, she was usually done by now. Minato thought she was little late today. Few steps behind him was Kakashi, he commented :" This is weird, she isn't focused at her stretching."
Minato noticed after Kakashi pointed it out. Minato didn't want to disturb her right now. He told Kakashi to streach, while he did the same. Minato still would glance at Rin direction. But something else caught his attention too. The nature chakra wasn't in order, while it wasn't wrong, he could tell someone was here and not long ago too.



When Rin finally finished her stretching she noticed Minato and Kakashi. She asked:"When did you come here, I didn't notice you."
Kakashi answered :"15 minutes ago."
Minato asked:" did something happen, you look unfocused today."
Rin answered :"Well it isn't that important, but I have met one girl yesterday, she was weird, and I couldn't put my finger in which way, but I have also met her today when I just arrived here she and her escort were leaving."
Minato planned to tell them all at the same time, that Mito was joining to train them. He didn't know if Rin was talking about Mito, so he asked :" How does she look. "
Rin :" Yesterday she looked like a civilian, her hair was just over her shoulders and her hair was brown. She did look beautiful, but was shorter than me. Today she was wearing black tracksuit, she looked quite fierce."
Kakashi asked :" that doesn't help much, did she tell you her name, age, rank. "
Rin answered :" She did say her name. Mito, but she didn't say her surname. "
Then it clicked in Minato's head Mito was using henge and so was the Anbu, she couldn't possibly reveal her surname, so he said:" ah, I know her, she was supposed to start training with us, but I didn't know she was here that early. "
Rin looked confused at him and answered :"But she was told that this training grounds were empty, so she came to check it out. She said that Hokage probably didn't know we used this training grounds."
Minato choked and asked :"Did you tell her that we use this training grounds. How did she react."
Rin was more confused now:"I did, she was casual about it she asked her escort if he knew any empty grounds, I think she wanted to train here, she complimented the training grounds for the nature chakra of it."
Minato started hitting himself, both Kakashi and Rin looked weirdy at him.
Obito came now to training grounds, but nobody noticed that he was late. He was freaked out by the mode of his sensei . Obito asked:" What is happening here. "
Minato finally came to himself :" Well it seems Hokage's scheme is going to bite him back and possibly us two."
Rin asked:" What do you mean sensei, did Hokage knew we were using this ground and still told her to use it."
Minato answered :" Well I was in the room when they spoke, so yes he did, he wanted us to train with Mito. You see Mito is very important to us and you already know her. She is just using henge to avoid any attention and so was her Anbu. "
Obito was confused :"Wait about who are we talking about."
Kakashi figured it out first :" About Uzumaki girl."
Minato confirmed :"Yes she is Uzumaki Mito."
Rin asked :"why didn't she interduce herself like that."
Minato answered :"Well she is on probation, nobody is allowed to know her, for few months."
Obito :"But we know"
Kakashi answered this :,"So we will keep it secret. What are you worried about sensei."
Minato answered :"Well I am worried about how she feels about being lied and how will she react. Will she be willing to train with us."



Minato concluded :" Well nothing we can do right now, so we will began today's training as usual."
Rin was practicing her precision, while boys had a spar. Kakashi obviously won that. They after that runes 50 lapes around the grounds. And they practiced teamwork. After that they went on D - rank mission. After the mission they agreed to meet at senseis house for the planning.



Minato managed to not involve Kushina into today's meeting, or as to say he didn't tell her that they were coming around When she is usually on the market. Minato knew she would go today, because yesterday she didn't manged to. Surprisingly all of his students came together. Obito was frustrated with Mito, because she had mocked him and she mocked the Village he wanted to become leader of. Kakashi was only intrestred in her because she was strong. And for Rin she obviously wanted to be close to this girl. Minato thought that Mito could become a rival to Rin, so Rin would get stronger.



Minato pleaded them to be kind to her and leave good impression on her. The only problem was that they didn't know how to meet her. Rin did tell them that she bought a lot of clothes yesterday, so that left out market. They couldn't just came to her apartment even if they knew where it was. They needed to meet her accidentally. But they didn't know where she would be. Only solution was to ask Anbu guarding Mito to tell them how Mito moved. Minato said that he knew who was Anbu guarding her. So they decided to go to his house. When Minato knocked on the door he could hear some loud banging, something had fallen on the floor. The man came at the door. Minato didn't expect him to wear his Anbu mask, so his indetity was still hidden. Minato asked friendly :" Old friend I need one small favor."
Anbu looked at him, titling his head slightly and said :"shoot"
Minato smiled brightly:"Can you tell me where was Mito around this time."
Anbu looked at him then at Rin and said:"She was shopping at this time still."
Rin asked :"What was she doing after that"
Anbu said :" Slept until midnight."
Minato didn't expect that answer :"and then what did she do at such late hour."
Anbu titled his head more and said :"training at the grounds of your team."
Rin asked :" Did she lie to me."
Anbu said :" the funny thing is that she accused you for what she was doing."
Team 7 looked at the Rin asking for what did she acuse her and she replied secret training. The Anbu said:" my shift is beginning soon so I need to hurry. " he closed the doors while team 7 was talking to themselves. Team 7 did learn where she was but they couldn't do anything about it now.

Chapter Text



Team 7 after meting with Anbu member, left to thier houses. Minato order them to sleep, to be ready to move out on midnight. This was their only chance to catch Mito.



Several hours earlier when Mito arrived at her house, she had her breakfast /lunch, the Anbu guard soon changed, but she didn't mind much after all today she wasn't planning to go out. She after showering changed into casual clothes and laid on the bed. She soon was bored so she started to meditate. She maditated until noon when she felt hunger. She ate some sweats. She decided that was enough of meditation, so she unsealed hers fuinjutsu books she was still on that intermediate book. She studied it for 3 hours, and then she had her dinner. After dinner she practiced her seals, she managed to draw over 50 seals in 2 hours. Her day was over then, she prepared for sleep.



She woke up 5 minutes after midnight, she changed her clothes and ate bowl of cereals. The Anbu guard who was guarding her now was the same who guarded her form beginning. She didn't want to change training grounds, because only this training grounds had two rivers and such harmony in nature chakra.



Team 7 searched for Mito, they started searching for her around midnight . They started to search on theirs training grounds. But they couldn't find her there, so they thought that she must changed training grounds. They searched every training grounds. They had split to search for her faster, team was equipped with radios for communication. Team 7 still needed one hour to search all of the training grounds. Obito asked his Sensei :"Sensei are you sure that Anbu didn't lie to us."
Minato answered :"He never lies, I don't know how he managed to get into Anbu forces, but that is truth, we must missed her."
Kakashi then said:" Maybe we misinterpreted his words, he did say she wake up around midnight, but she probably needs time to come to training grounds. We need to check out all of training grounds again and if we don't find anything we head to our training grounds."
And so they did, the whole search lasted for 2 hours and when they returned to training grounds 3, they saw henged Mito training her katas.




Mito stopped when they came 300 meters away from her. And asked the anbu:" Did you sold out my schedule. " she said it with straight face. Team 7 heard that. Anbu jumped down from tree and answered :"I had to they came to my house."
Mito looked at Minato and said:" Why are harassing this Anbu, if you wanted something from my, then come to me. Don't use others."
Minato :"Well we did came to you, we just didn't know where you are. We were just trying to find out where you would be."
Mito answered :"Was that supposed to comfront me, because it didn't. Kiri also wants to know where I will be. How can I believe your intentions are good."




Kakashi answered to that by saying :"In Konoha it is forbidden to attack anybody that village considers an ally. Those are rules."
Minato :"it is true, but we also wanted you to train with us, it isn't good for you be alone all the time. You need to interact with someone your age."
Mito answered to them :"that would be truth if I wasn't alone from the beginning. While I see how important is friendship. I am not ready for this."
Rin asked:"So you are going to be alone, training in this darkness, what exactly are you traning for."
Mito answered :"I was given two missions before my parents master died. One was to take revenge and other was to make things better."
Kakashi was intruged, he said:" Why don't you train with us you will become stronger faster then training alone."
Mito had enough :" Will you stop pressuring me to train with you guys. Why don't you try fighting me first. "
Obito was pissed :" Do you think that you are stronger than we are. "
Mito then asked :" Do you wanna bet. "
Obito :" of course, we aren't scared of you."
Minato said to Obito :" Obito don't rush, she has been playing games with us. "
Rin asked :" Are you saying she wanted this bet to happen from the beginning "
But before Minato could answer her question Kakashi asked :" What are terms about this bet. "
Mito :"Oh you seem eager, well how about this Team 7 against me and this Anbu here, if I win you will stop pressuring me, but if you guys win I will train with you."
Minato said:"Isn't it unfair 4 against 2."
Mito answered :"I killed a jonin with using only half of my strength. I need this Anbu only to fight you while I deal with them."
Minato said:" Are you so sure of yourself that you can beat them. I will say I am stronger than that Anbu."
Mito:" I am the one who is suggesting this bet, you can take it or leave it. "
Minato looked at his team they seemed confident, they wanted to take this bet. So he said:" we will take it. "
Mito then said:" I am glad, shall we start. "



Anbu and Mito were standing on one side of training grounds while team 7 was standing on the other side. Mito said to Anbu to only fight Namikaze - San,he agreed, she told him she wouldn't hold grudge against him if he won.


The fight began, Kakashi, Rin and Obito rushed forwards to close distance between them and Mito. But Mito decided to retreat to the rivers, Minato tried to warn them to not follow but Anbu jumped in front of him and started to attack Minato. Who now didn't have time for warning his students. Minato prayed to the Sage that they stay together, because he knew that was only way of fighting her. He assumed this bet was to test how strong they were and to see if Mito had any benefits training with them.

Chapter Text




Mito managed to lure them to water, only Kakashi noticed it, he shouted :" we need to change location quickly."
Rin seemed to understand, but obviously Obito didn't he had to ask:"why"
Before anybody could answer to him they faced water dragon rising from water.




Mito was running at them at full speed but nobody noticed her. She was using little knowledge about genjutsu she had. Before anybody noticed Rin was out. Kakashi managed to break genjutsu first and then he helped dispel it for Obito who was close to him, only did he then notice Rin on the ground and Mito standing next to her.



Kakashi cursed:" shit, did you bait use here just to use genjutsu."
Mito smirked :"You guys aren't worthy using too much chakra."
Kakashi said to Obito :"Don't listen to her, she is trying to piss us of, and then to knock us out. Remember the more angry we are we are more reckless."
Mito :" Hatake - San, why do you need to ruin my fun, well then I will fight you seriously."
Mito moved fast towards Obito she started a taijustu spar with him, she was both faster and stronger than him, he was saved by Kakashi interference. But stil Mito had an upper hand on both of them. She used slight genjutsu in middle of taijustu. Both Obito and Kakashi had a lot of trouble dodging and blocking. But Mito decided that it was enough of taijustu so she jumped back and started doing some hand seals. Earth around her started to rumble rocks were rising from the ground. She said :"this jutsu is named:' Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu'.I want to see how you manage to do against it"
Well to say the they didn't fair well with it was understatement. Obito was knocked by first rock coming for him, while Kakashi was better he still was hited few times. Mito slowly walked to him :"Do you wish to continue. All of your friends are down." Mito wanted to know in which phase was Kakashi.
Kakashi answered:"Shinobi don't abandon their mission."
Mito said :"so if i put some explosion tags with timer on your teammates and you knew I did that, you still would fight me. You would let your friends die. For a sake of me training with you."
Kakashi said:"You wouldn't"
Mito answered :"We didn't say anything about killing, we never said I wasn't allowed to kill you, after all I am not a Konoha ninja."



Kakashi could see something like a tag was close to Rin but he couldn't see Obito, he panicked :" How long is timer put on"
Mito mocked him:"Why would I tell you that."
Kakashi rushed towards Rin first while Mito walked leisurely towards him asking him :"Do you know to dismantle them."
Kakashi said:"I do" Kakashi then looked at the seal, he tried to concentrate on it but didn't get it.
Mito stopped just behind him:"It is good to put lives of your friends above the mission, but you need to learn to better judge people too. I would never try to kill innocent person." Mito then knocked him out and took the the paralyzing seal she had put by Rin.




Mito walked towards where she could hear Minato and Anbu fight. Minato stopped the fight when he saw her. She looked completely fine, only thing that was out the place was her hair from running and some of pieces of earth in her hair.
Minato panicked he didn't know what happened he was to occupied fighting Anbu. Mito said:"Your team is knocked out, you don't need to fight anymore. I am not pleased with their strength. I don't see how training with you could help me. "
Minato couldn't comprehend how she managed to beat them in 7 minutes.
Mito continued :" While they didn't show great teamwork, they did work together, so you aren't at fault their, one of them underestimated me, while one isn't made for combat and third was easily to fool. Hatake - San needs to learn how to judge people better, but I most say I was surprised by him the most, it seems he is willing to give up mission if he knows he can't complete it and his teammates are in death like situations. "
Minato raged for his students , but also he was glad that Kakashi tried to save his teammates,. :" What did you do to them. Did you try ro kill them. " he could judge Mito as good person, but she was unpredictable.
Mito smiled softly :" You don't need to worry I only bluffed to him. I left one of my seals when I knocked Rin by her side, I said I left one by Uchiha too, but that didn't matter he wasn't in our line of sight. I said that those were explosion seals with timer. He did try to learn how much time he had, I didn't want to tell. He ran towards Rin, probably thinking she had less time, he seems to have some knowledge in seals did you teach him, well either way I explained that I wasn't going to kill them and knocked him out. "



Minato was surprised how she dealt with Kakashi, he wanted to learn how she managed to beat other two :" I see how about the others. "
Mito said :" Rin is too weak she didn't mange to break the genjutsu in time so she was knocked without fight. Uchiha - San fought good but his evesion skills suck, he couldn't match me in taijustu until Kakashi joined, but still both of them have some heavy bruises. He couldn't dodge one of my jutsu he got knocked out by first rock. "
Minato saw that indeed Mito was telling him she was stronger than his students, she gave him some tips on how to train them or which direction to push them.



Minato wanted still have her train with his team and said :" The bet still isn't over. "
Mito looked at him and smirked :"I knew you are going to say that."Mito then said to anbu:" If he beats me you will have to finnish him for me. You got it. " Anbu felt scared at her smile. He only nodded his head.
Minato rushed towards Mito, he was surprised by her ability to dodge him, she managed to block few of his hits so he didn't do much damage as he expected. He didn't expect her to use genjutsu in her defensive taijustu two. He didn't see her do that before. Mito jumped from him and asked :"Why don't we make this more fun. Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu." the rocks flew towards Minato he used one of his signature move Rasegan too destroy the rocks he couldn't dodge.



While they were fighting for more than one hour, rest of the team 7 had woken up and came to see their Sensei fight Mito. They were surprised how equal they looked. Mito teased Minato :"Are you running out of fumes, what are you some old man."
The Anbu on tree laughed and teased Minato :" Don't be harsh on him, Mito, his bones are easy to break."
Minato didn't like it :"Stop teasing me, I am not an Uzumaki."
Mito said :"That doesn't excuse you from running out of chakra after only one hour."
Minato snapped :"I still didn't run out of it."
Mito laughed :"You don't even have fifth of reserves I have right now. And you are telling me you have enough chakra."
Anbu then asked Mito:" How about we take it easy on him, I will finnish him while you watch."
Minato wasn't satisfied with that:"How many times do you need me to say I am doing fine, I can still beat you."
Mito answered :"I know but Anbu - san then would have a boring fight, why don't you do him a favor and entertain him for little while."
Minato asked :"What will you do then, without his supervision."
Mito smirked :" I want to play with one of yours students I didn't have chance to."


In the end Minato was beaten to the pump by Anbu, he couldn't really do much with the chakra he had. And Mito asked Rin for spar. Rin was out in first five minutes again. It was 4 in the morning so Mito asked Anbu for the spar too. She won that too,but only because she had more stamina than anbu.

Chapter Text



It was 5 am. When Mito finished stretching. She was about to leave but was stopped by Rin :" Um, can I spar with you sometimes." while the rest of team 7 was surprised by sudden request, Mito wasn't or didn't show it she only said:" If you Wan it then come here around I am going to be here every day."
Rin was happy and said:"Thank you."
Mito had to go home :"I really need to go home, this guy's shift ends soon and I don't want to make his life more difficult."
Minato saw how kind Mito was, but she was hiding that, she seems to think that is her weakness.
Mito decided to be wicked and asked:"I wonder how your parents will react knowing you spent a night outside."
Minato tensed up on those words the most. And Anbu decided to tease him :"Mito it seems you struck unexpected nerve. Minato is one that is most afraid."
Mito :" If he is scared he shouldn't have done it. It isn't my problem. If it is anybody's fault then is yours."
Anbu shouted :"what I thought you had forgiven me."
In the eyes of team 7 those two looked like a brother and sister, trying to kill eachother with words.



But all those jokes aside, Minato was royaly scrued. He had some minor scratches on him,after Rin heald him, but most of his clothes were dirty and he had to make up story quickly or else he is going to die. Minato walked in his house, and wasn't surprised to see Kushina sitting on couch with tea in her hands slowly drinking it. She didn't react to him until he said :"I am home"
Kushina asked :"What did you do to come this late here, when I got back from market you were already asleep, so I thought that you were really tired. But when I decided to go to the bed you were gone."
Minato answered : "I decided to train my team at night, so they could use to fighting in dark."
Kushina then asked:"Then why do you have so much scratches."
Minato answered:"I had some help some certain individual was there too test our night readiness."
Kushina this time didn't buy it :" Then tell me name of that person."
Minato knew he scrued now because if he said Anbu name she could check with Mikoto if he was on mission, he had to lie :" Well that information is secret. "
Kushina was mad :" Even for me."
Minato decided to play it safe :" Hokage orders. "
Kushina didn't want to talk to him anymore, she wanted to go to Hokage but she knew he was busy. She then left to the bedroom and locked the doors. Minato didn't know if he did right thing, but he did follow Hokage's orders.



Mito continued her day like nothing had happened, she meditate and studied fuinjutsu, practiced fuinjutsu and ate. She thought that her dayly life was beginning to become boring, but she didn't want to change it yet. And just as she thought that Isobu contacted her.
Isobu :"You know we could always talk, it isn't any better here, but we have eachother."
Mito smiled so brightly and laughed sweatly :" You are right, I am sorry if I have forgotten about you. So any news from Sage."
Isobu answeresd :"No, there aren't. He won't contact us for sometime now, I think. He seems only to call when is really important. He wants us to integrate her the best we can on our own."
Mito nodded :"Yes you are right, that is so him."
Mito and Isobu talk for some time. When Mito decided to go sleep she was pushed out the mindscape.



Hokage was amused by anbu's report. He didn't think that Mito could be such great help in training their genin. He wanted to talk to her tommorow so he said to anbu:"Can you bring her here, when you she finishes training tomorrow. I would like to talk about something with her."
Anbu answered :"Yes sir."



In front Hokage later in day was an angry Uzumaki, but he wasn't glad to see this one as much as he wanted to see the other one. Kushina was pacing around his office until Hokage had enough. "Kushina can you tell me why did you come to my office."
Kushina answered :" Did you approve of night training for team 7."
Hokage wasn't prepared for it, so he looked shocked. But before Kushina could take it as no. He saved both Minato and himself and answered :" Well yes, but unofficial no. Yesterday was only trial we wanted to see if it worked. But from tommorow I was going to speak with ninja specialed in that field about his thoughts and if it would be beneficial for whole genin to start training under them."
Kushina had to ask:" And who is that expert. "
Hokage said:" that is secret. "
Kushina asked:" Why, it doesn't make sense to hide his identity. "
Hokage wondered if he could tell her:" that person is still under surveillance of Anbu. They came to village not long ago."
Kushina was now intruged, her anger long ago forgotten. :" And this person is loyal to us. "
Hokage:" Mostly, that person has enemies all around world."
Kushina wondered :" why"
Hokage answered:" Because that person is most important treasure right now. That person could change tides of war if they wanted to participate in it."



Kushina was pleased with everything she learned, but she still wanted to play mad around Minato. When she got to training grounds 3, Minato wasn't there but team 7 was. She had seen that earth in few places wasn't where it was supposed to be and Kakashi was trying to fix it.
She was spotted as soon as she arrived. But it seemed that both Rin and Obito still didn't know how to hide that they were nervous. Kakashi asked:"Kushina - nee what brings you here today."
As he walked towards her, she could see he was injured, his shirt was slightly torn and she could see bruises. She was mad again how could someone injur a child. She asked:"I want to learn everything about your night sensei."
All of the team 7 asked:"who."
Kushina was confused :"the person you trained last night with."
Team 7 face was now on the same page and they said :"ah, yeah"
Obito was first that talked, because clearly his mouth was faster than his brain :"I Wouldn't consider her a sensei she isn't even." then came a sound of smacking hands over Obito's mouth . Rin and Kakashi managed to stop him just in time.
Kushina glared at them:" why did you stop him."
Kakashi :"That person identy is secret, we aren't allowed about those things."

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Kushina from little she heard about this mysterious person could conclude 2 things, that person was obviously female and that she would need to talk with Obito when they are alone. Minato came with lunches to the training grounds, but was surprised to see Kushina there and redness around Obito's mouth. Minato said :"here is lunch, I would buy you some too Kushina if I knew you would come here."
But Kushina ignored him completely. But didn't expect Minato to just move on, usually he would whine to get her attention, he asked Kakashi and Rin what did Obito manage to spill out. They said gender. He then turned his attention twords Obito :" No wonder she criticised you the most, but she said that is a good thing because you can improve the most."
Then he turned his attention to Kushina :"I Heard you talked with Hokage." Kushina wondered what was wrong, why did he look so hurt so she answered :"He did tell me similar story. So you guys were just genuine pigs."
Obito this time didn't stop :" You had to go to the Hokage to learn that, but I thought you believed Sensei." that hited the nerve. She felt sorry. She inside fought inside herself. While she was mad with him, about not telling some major information, now it seems that she didn't believe a word he said to her, and she sees that it hurts him. She wanted to hug him, to kiss him to prove she believed to him.



So she said :"Minato you and I need to talk, privately." when they were in the nearby forest, Kushina said :"I am sorry that I didn't believe you, I wanted to know everything. I geuss I always knew what was going on in your life and I just felt pushed out suddenly." Minato still looked hurt :"I know you are sorry, but I thought you would leave it alone until I can tell you. Because as you know secrets cannot stay secrets forever." Kushina rushed towards him hugging him desperatly saying:"I am sorry, I did wrong."
Minato listed up and said:"I will forgive you if you aren't mad at me anymore." he told her with his cute face. She wanted to kiss him so badly right there and then, but team 7 was watching them. Kushina was mad at them :" Do you kids not understand word privately."
Rin answered :" we are sorry Kushina - San, but you are unpredictable, we thought you were going to interrogate him for information. We must say if anybody is to learn that person identity there would be several consequences for people who told, right Sensei."
Kushina said :" You guys don't believe in me, I wouldn't never do that. "
Kakashi then said :" I don't know if thought that we didn't hear you say, I will need to talk to Obito alone, and then started laughing. "
Kushina was embarrassed :" I said that out loud."
Rin said :" yes you did. "
Kushina runned home.
Soon after team 7 was eating and doing last part of training. They did some d-rank mission and went home. Tired.



Midnight Mito waked up and did her routine, she went to training grounds. She trained her chakra control. Taijustu and ninjustu. She could feel that she was improving, but not as fast as she liked it to be. But she had plenty of time and it wasn't like she was weak. She was strong as any higher chunin. But she wanted to be strong as jonin. Well if she was in any kind of danger she could count on help from Isobu.



Around Rin had come. Mito greeted her :"You really came, I am glad. If you stretch now I will be able to have a spar with you in half hour."
Rin answered :"Yes that sounds good." she seemed sleepy, but Mito didn't comment. After all in her last life she got used staying late and not sleeping because she had to study so hard. Ironically she died before knowing the results.



When they spared Mito remember every mistake Rin had made. So when they were finished she gave Rin tons of pieces of advice. Such as "never close your eyes when you are about to be hitted. Because when your opponent lands a hit he is most defenseless, you have to counterattack when he still feels like he is winning."
Around Minato had came to the training grounds. He wasn't surprised for seeing those two, but he was surprised how close they seemed. They were laying on the ground under one of trees. Mito was mostly talking and Rin would here and there nood her head in understanding. He thought Mito was happy by her smile, but once he had seen her eyes they were said, longing for someone. He wonder for who.


Mito stood up around 5:30 and said to the Minato and Rin :"I am sorry, but I have meeting with Hokage - sama at So I have to go. I hope your training today is progressive."
Rin said :" Good luck."
The look of Mito eyes was so sad :"Thank you." she seemed to thinking about somebody else. Minato asked :"Did she mention somebody today she mises."
Rin answered :"No, why."
Minato answered :"While she was happy, her eyes were sad, she seemed to think about them today."
Kakashi then said:"I don't think she thought about somebody, she was reminded of somebody."
Both Rin and Minato were surprised, they didn't expect him to be here.
Kakashi continued :" I had asked her if she remembered somebody, she said that Rin's kindness was reminding her of her best friend. " he concluded :" We really need to train our sensory skills."
Minato and Rin both agreed :"Yes, you surprised us."


Mito and Anbu after they stopped to answer the question Kakashi asked, continued straight towards Hokage tower. When they came in Hokage wasn't there yet, so Mito decided to sit on sofa. Thinking about what was going to be said today, she after all didn't have a clue, maybe they needed a help to find that person or maybe something else.

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Mito waited for Hokage, and waited, it seemed he was on some important meeting. Maybe it was realeted to her somehow. She wondered and wondered, until she was utterly bored and decided to use her sensory abilities. After few seconds of searching for Hokage's chakra signal she had found it. Th room Hokage was very close to her, there were more than 20 chakra signatures in that room. She could regocnize that there were clan heads, so she knew it was clan meeting. But that person was still there, she didn't feel good when she felt his chakra signature. She quickly stopped using that ability. She then asked :" Do you know how often Hokage has meetings with clans."
Anbu answered:" Usually every 2 weaks, but since we are at a war it doesn't have such schedules because they meet when something important happens. Why do you ask."
Mito answered :" He is at one now, so I was wondering if it was connected with my coming here."
Anbu answered :" I wouldn't know what they are talking about there, but I may know what he wants to talk with you. "
Mito looked at him and said :" But you won't tell me."
Anbu answered :" Correct "


So Mito waited for 10 minutes more, when the doors of office finally opened. Hokage entered and behind him was Nara Shikaru. Mito stood up from the sofa and showed respect to them. Hokage spoke first :" Mito - San, I am sorry that you had to wait such long time."
Mito answered :"Hokage - sama it is fine, I know that I am not as important as Konoha's clans."
Nara smiled :"Did you spied on us"
Mito answered :"kinda, I was so bored that I went to locate you with sensor ability."
Nara and Hokage nooded.
Mito then continued :" if I may know, why am I here today. I know you didn't deal with the person I felt last time around you Hokage - sama."
Hokage answered :" Indeed we didn't dealt with him but we made a list of possible candidates. But that wasn't why we called you here."
Mito asked :" Then how can I help you. "
Nara answered:" Well you see Mito - San, we were thinking about shortening your surveillance. So for that to happen you will do us one favor. "
Mito asked :" How long would my surveillance lasted, if I did you that favor."
This time was Hokage who answered :"3 months, that is the best we can do."
Mito :"Well it is better than six months, certainly. So what is that favor."
Hokage answered :" Well you see, we want you to train some of our forces."
Mito :"But I am too weak to train someone else. And I don't have time for it."
But Hokage wasn't finished :" I will consider your opinion when I finnish explaying. As I said you would train some of our forces, they would be ranked genin and chunin, since it seems you can take them on. Your training is night training so it will be like what you did with team 7. But please refrain from fighting jonins and using Anbu. "
Mito stayed silent, she could benefit from it, but she needed to be certain that she would learn something new. So she said:" I will accept if in return for teaching I will learn two ninjutaus, one earth style and one water style. "
Now was the time for Hokage to be silent while he considered that. :"Fine."
Mito said :"And it would be best if I would train those teams every second night."
Nara answered :"of course we were planning it like that. We also heard that you spar with Rin-San."
Mito confirmed and then asked :"Yes. If I may know which training grounds I would use."
Hokage answered :"training grounds 3."


The meeting was coming closer to the end and Mito accepted the offer and said :" To show that I am your ally I will tell you that the person with tainted chakra was on the clans meeting, but he wasn't from any of the major clans in Konoha. "
Before Hokage could react Mito opened the doors and left. Both Nara were bombed by that fact, because now they had just one suspect and that was the only one of suspects Hokage believed in. Hokage didn't speak for few minutes and then said:" we are going to investigate Danzo undercover, only me and you are allowed to know about it, we will need to see what he is hiding."
Nara nooded they needed to move fast.



Just as Hokage was about to stand up from his chair he could feel that his butt was stuck on it. And that there was one paper on the floor. He managed to pick it up and read it. :" If you think that I will forgive you for lieing to me about the training grounds should now this prank is oy the beginning. And next time don't give me so much time to plant it. This one was easy peasy."
Hokage then took off his cloak, which didn't went u noticed by Nara.
Hokage mumored :" stupid Uzumaki's and their pranks"
Nara knew he shouldn't laugh but he couldn't help it.


Mito was home she decided to eat and continue her schedule, she knew that for tomorrow training she was free so she could be at ease. She did wonder who she would train. Probably teams like team 7. But she didn't really know any other team besides them.


Her progress at the seals was finally showing she had her stores full of deals and she manged to make so many new seals that worked. She was almost finished with first of intermideum books.
She talked to Isobu more often and he told her that he would teach her some better way to activate her sensor ability. They worked on that in her mindscape. She knew that Nara and Hokage now suspected Danzo, she hoped he would have dealt with soon. She still need to save Obito and then she would save what she can save. She was excited for shortening her surveillance, because she did not like the henge jutsu and it is weakness. She had to be careful with chakra points. Because if they were closed her henge would fall. Which still didn't happen.

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The normal day of training for Mito was boring expecly because she will fight new opponents tommorow. Nothing really stood out this day. Only one information she would train Team Choza. She didn't know anyone there at the mention. So she had decided to ask Rin, she left her house around and headed towards the market, she knew that Rin was usually there at this time. She had found her, thankfully Rin was alone. Rin was surprised to see her. Mito asked her for help:"Do you know anybody from team Choza."
Rin smiled :"I do, but I only really know their names I never fought them, while Kakashi and Obito did."
Mito was satisfied with that:"that is fine too, I only need their names."
Rin :"Well then, you have Might Guy, then Ebisu and Shiranui Genma."
Mito recognized all the names but she didn't let it show, she thanked Rin for information. And went home. She knew that Guy will become strong taijustu user, Ebisu she didn't know much about but she knew he was okay fighter in future, and Genma while she didn't know his abilities she knew he was really strong in future, not like Guy and Kakashi but he was still one of the strongest shinobi in Konoha.
She had quite good students to fight.




She was ready at midnight and was excited, she came to training grounds 3 the fastest she could and decided that she would wait for team Choza she didn't want to leave wrong impression on them by being late. While she waited she streached. Soon the team Choza came to the training grounds. She recognized who was who. Even though they looked different then she knew them. She waited for them to come closer. She stood up and said :" Are you team Choza."
Akimichi Choza answered:"Yes we are, I am team leader Choza."
Mito said :"I am glad to meet you Choza sama, I am Mito, the person who is in charge of night training."
The boys mumored something, but she couldn't catch it.
Choza said:"I was informed that, you are quite adapted in fighting in the dark. But I haven't seen you in village."
Mito answered :"I am from outside of the village, I didn't come here by my free will. You see after I suffered chakra exhaustion, was taken by Team 7 to the Konoha. But enough about me I want to train your genin."
Ebisu then said:"I don't believe we can learn anything from you."
Mito answered :"Then wait and see, Ebisu - San."
The boys were confused she knew his name. Choza asked :" Did you search for information about them."
Mito answered :"I only asked for their names. I wished to be surprised, after all team 7 was disappointing."
The boys now gasped, they always believed that team 7 was strongest in village.
Guy shouted :"Did you defeat my eternal rival Kakashi."
Mito answered :"Yes. Defeated them all. Even Namikaze - San had troubles fighting me. But Hokage - sama forbidden me fighting with jonin or Anbu."
Anbu reminded her from trees :" Mito-San we should begin soon."



Mito then said :" Choza - San, if you could move to and sit on one of trees that would be great. You guys can come to me whenever you are ready. "
The fight started, by Genma using one of his senbons, Mito dodged, then Guy rushed forward engaging her in taijustu. While Mito was slightly stronger than Guy at taijustu, there were moving at the same speed. Mito was in constant disadvantage, she had to dodge both senbons and kunai from Ebisu and kicks from Guy. She decided to tactically retreat. She jumped back and runned towards one of the rivers. Anbu commented to Choza :"She is water user." Choza now knew she wasn't afraid as he thought at first when she started retreating. Mito decided to jump on the water waiting for them to jump and walk on it too. She was surprised when Ebisu stayed back.
Mito asked :" Ebisu - San, can you walk on water."
Ebisu who looked extremely embarrassed quietly said :" no"
Even if she couldn't hear him she knew the answer. She smirked :"it seems that because you can't walk on water my plan for taking all three out at the same time won't work."
Guy and Genma who were on water became alert. From underneath them came a water dragon. Mito managed catch Guy but not Genma. Guy was hit by water dragon and kicked by Mito towards Ebisu. Who catched him. She chased Genma with water dragon.



Choza commented :"impressive control, did she win with that against team 7."
Anbu answered :" No, she managed to beat them by splitting them, firstly she took out Rin while she created genjutsu. She used her genjutsu in taijustu too and she finnesh Obito with earth style and she fooled Kakashi with one threat. "
Choza was impressed.




Mito had enough of chasing Genma with water dragon he was gone in the forest, now was the chance for he too finish Guy and Ebisu. Without Genma, there were easier two fight against. She managed to knock down Ebisu while she was fighting both of them in taijustu. She used her genjutsu style taijustu, and took both of them by surprise. Guy did managed to resist her attacks for long enough for Genma to attack. One of his senbons hit Mito on hand she didn't screamed in pain like many before her did. She only looked angry at both of them. She used her chakra the earth rumbled around her. She used Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu. She focused it more on Guy, because Genma was barely in range. By the end of the jutsu Guy was barely standing. Mito picked out senbo from her arm and thrown it at Guy who was hited in leg he screamed, and then fell unconscious. Mito looked at Genma who just pulled new set of senbons. She wanted to play with him.



He teased :" Hey beautiful wanna play."
She smirked how could she forget this one was titled as most charming Konoha Shinobi. She answered :" if you think you are on my level then come at me."
Sebons flew towards her she used
Mud wall to defend herself. She could hear him running away in forest obliviously trying to have advantage. She followed she knew he couldn't win against her. She managed to fire some Water Gun : Quick Shot. But he wasn't hit by any of them. He suddenly stopped while Mito was in midair and jumped in her direction throwing senbons at on side and aiming kick to her other side. Mito knew she couldn't escape senbons either way, because genma was planning to kick he into them. So she just dodged his kick and was hit with 6 senbons. She felt so much of pain that she didn't notice her henge fall.



But Genma did he saw her red hair, her hair was longer then it was before he hited her with senbons, he realized she was using henge the whole time. But he didn't understand why she looked gorgeous like this. Her hair was beautiful, her small face looked so cute. He felt something in his stomach.



Mito turned around and saw Genma with wide eyes looking at her. She firstly thought he was afraid that he killed her, but soon her eyes caught color red. Mito said:" Shit. Genma - San, I must congratulate you, you managed to piss me of. If you speak about me with anybody I will kill you on our next training."
Mito then jumped forward knocking out stunned Genma.
She took out all of the senbons. And Isobu healed her. She put up her henge again and took Genma with her twords the lake.



Anbu managed to jump in front Choza, just in time. So Choza didn't see anything of Mito without henge. But Choza asked :"So it was true, she is somebody important."
Anbu said:"yes she is, But I can't let you know her identity. I think Gemna - San didn't figure it out. But everybody will know it soon."
Choza asked:" Are you saying that Hokage is planning to reveal her to public soon."
Anbu answered:"Hokage does have plans, but it will take few months for that."

Chapter Text



Mito brought all unconscious genin to Choza. She then said :" Your team is heavily based on the teamwork, which is a good thing, but in this teamwork Ebisu is weakness, he isn't confident in attacking, he is very good support but not attacker. If i had fought him alone he wouldn't be able to last much. He needs to work on his skills, he can chose speed or strength. But I recommend speed. While he is definitely weakest, he has a lot of room to improve. Might Guy is basicly taijustu master, but he can be predictable and doesn't know how to react to unexpected things. If he trains hard he will become one of strongest taijustu users. But I feel uneasi when i realized he doesn't know any ninjustu, I am not saying he should focus on ninjustu, but he should have o e or two ninjustu that he can count on. Genma - San is pretty good, but he still needs more speed and stamina. His senbons throw is very precise but it can also be predictable. He seems to know where to hit so that opponent could feel most pain, but he doesn't know where to hit to cause most damage, he should learn human anatomy and chakra pathways. He too reacts badly to unexpected things, unlike Guy who tries to do something, Genma just froze he couldn't move. I must say when I saw those three I thought that Guy was the strongest, but now I know those two are of same strength. As I said they are good together but once one of them is missing the system fails. Unlike team 7 they need to work more on themselves. As a team they are stronger than team 7, but as individuals I wouldn't say. "



Choza spoke :" I see, I will try to train them on your prices of advice. I must ask thought are you a jonin. "
Mito smiled at him :" I don't officially have a rank. "
Anbu asked Mito :" What are you going to do now when they are down. You still have 3 and half hours until Rin comes. "
Choza asked :" Rin is coming. Why. "
Mito answered firstly to Choza:" I spar with Rin." and then to Anbu :" What do you mean they are down. I just need to wake them up, and I just happen to be water user. Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. "



The water dragon wasn't big but it was enough to wet all three of genin. Those three had schoked looks on their faces. Genma face was readish. But Mito wondered if water was maybe to cold. Choza looked at Genma's reaction and he was confused he didn't see this reaction on Genma before. His face was red for his usual color of face, was Genma having a crush on this girl. While he didn't know Genma perfernce, nobody knew because Genma flerted with many girls, mostly for fun. And Choza didn't know how Mito looked under henge.



When everyone was ready Mito attacked. This time team Choza had to stay ready to fight the whole time. Mito disappeared into the forest removing every bit of her chakra and presence from training grounds 3. Mito would throw kunai from one position and then next from the other. She tested how team reacted to this kind of situation. After she got satisfying results, she attacked head on she ran faster than before and she attacked the weakest point. Ebisu, the team had again lost.
So Mito decided to say :"Your teamwork is good, but until Ebisu gets stronger you will need to protect him more. But that isn't a reason to open a opening on yourself. Let's try this again."


And they trayed and trayed. But results were mostly the same, they would overprotective Ebisu and not protect themselves or there wouldn't protect Ebisu enough. Soon Rin came and she greeted everyone she asked Mito:" Did I come at the wrong time."
Mito answered :"No, it seems we aren't making any significant progress. Maybe you need to think about everything I said. You guys work hard until our next lection."
Choza :"Thank you for your time. We will come next week again."
Rin was watching team Choza leave. The one person that looked most uncomfortable with leaving was Genma, Rin didn't know if his face was red or was bruised.


After a spar with Mito in which she lasted 10 minutes, which was her record, she knew Mito was holding back. But even Mito said she was getting better and that soon she would need to hold less.
Rin asked :" How were they, are they strong."
Mito answered looking at the sky:" As a team they are strong, stronger than you guys, but individualy i can't compete you guys. Team 7 strongest card is definitely Kakashi, but Team Choza doesn't have a strongest person, both Genma and Guy are at same stage and Ebisu would be too, if he only decided to train in some specific way, he is too basic at everything. "
Rin asked :" So you are saying that if we fought each other as a team they would win."
Mito answered :" I think they have a higher chance of that, but if Kakashi grows stronger, he could distract them and you and Obito would need to finish them off. "


Kakashi had secretly listened to their conversation. Mito then said :" it seems that your whole team is here. You guys don't have a much time you should start training because soon your place as my favorite team will belong to other team. "


Minato chuckled :" so you do admit we are your favorite team."
Mito mumored but Rin still could hear her :" is he stupid team 7 was the only team I have known. "
Rin didn't know how to answer but she said :" He probably didn't think about that. "
Obito had to ask:" about what. "
Kakashi seemed interested too. Rin answered :" we were only team she had met here. "
Minato flushed. He didn't think before teasing the poor girl and now she probably hated him.
Mito asked :" I heard from Hokage yesterday that Namikaze-San has girlfriend. So when are you planning to marry her."
Minato didn't know how to react what gave impression that his relationship was that serious. But Mito answered to that question without him asking :" I mean even the most busiesst person knows about it, that means you are in serious relationships."


Minato changed the topic saying :" lets go training. See you Mito, I think Hokage wants to see you."

Chapter Text



Two days after training with team Choza, Mito trained one other team, team 6 . The genin were Sarutobi Asuma, Yuhi Kurenai and Namiashi Raido. Mito didn't know theirs Sensei. It seems that their sensei wasn't important in storyline and she didn't know anything about them.


Mito didn't talk to much to their sensei, because it seemed that person didn't approve of this training. Even genin noticed it. But Kurenai was the first who spoke to Mito.


Kurenai :"Are you the girl, Rin helped buy clothes on market a week ago."
Mito answered :"Yes I am, I hope I didn't leave any bad impressions. If my information are right you must be Yuhi Kurenai."
Kurenai nodded her head. Mito continued pointing to the guy who wore a white short-sleeved shirt with a blue and black collar over chain-mail armour, along with a simple white vest, a pair of black pants, and a white belt. :" You must be Sarutobi Asuma."
Asuma said :"what gave it away."
Mito answered :"Your chakra feels similar to Hokage, hence you are Sarutobi. And you must be Namiashi Raido. It is nice to meet you. I hope you slept well and that you have energy."
Sensei stopped me for a second asking:"Mito san are you a Sensor."
Mito nodded her head and continued :"Firstly we will have a spar. I expect you to last 10 minutes any less and I will be disappointed."
Raido said :" Then we will make it."


Their sensei jumped on the tree watching everything. Mito stood in middle of training grounds waiting for oponent to make a first move. Raido looked most restless ready to attack at any moment. But he didn't make a first move. Kurenai did. She created a genjutsu, a middle range of with strong effects. It took few seconds and Mito realized. She broke it but continued to pretend that she was under genjutsu. In genjutsu both Asuma and Raido had attacked her. Mito acted as she was dodging kicks. Then real Raido had striked. He wasn't careful to notice Mito smirk, but Asuma did he yelled :"Raido, retreat."
Raido stopped his advances and barely dodged a fist coming for his head.
Kurenai yelled:"She seemes to have knowledge about genjutsu, she is using it in her taijustu."


Mito taunted:"Come on guys fight me."
Kurenai answered :" without a plan, we don't stand a chance. But we also researched you. So we are stil in advantage."
Mito asked throwing a kunai with a seal:" Are you."
The kunai exploded just behind them. And Mito rushed to fight. Raido was the person who stopped her and fought her in taijustu he was fast but not as fast as Guy. He did managed to last long enough for Asuma to do wind style attack Dust cloud Tehnique. Mito was surprised she didn't have a defense for this one she had to dodge but Raido had blocked her escaping rute. She thought for a second and decided to try creating a mud wall all around her. She gathered chakra quickly and formed seals. The cloud was coming closer and closer. She managed to defend herself from the attack however some of it still made it to inside. Because Raido had hited the mud wall while it was still creating and it cracked.


She now was in advatege she could stay inside of it until it broke and then use it for her next jutsu Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu. She gathered her chakra she could hear that they were throwing kunais on Mud wall. She knew they planned too explode it.



It did and once it did all the rocks were in the air. Mito hair was in the air two she never had to use this much chakra for this jutsu. The pieces of stone were small but numerous. She controlled them good but wasn't as precise as usual. Still the team didn't fare well with this jutsu. They sucked at evasion. However once Mito was out of rocks they decided to attack. Such foolish mistake. They were met with another jutsu this time it was water gun :Quick Shot. Mito taesed:"I had to wash all the dirt from your faces, you guys look ugly even without it."


Raido rushed, and suddenly he was met with a high kick which had knocked him out. Kurenai created another genjutsu using it to retreat. Mito broke it out quickly. Asuma and Kurenai didn't manage to make it far. So Asuma took out his trench knives and attacked.


Mito dodged every single one of attempts to cut her. She managed to take out kunai and sometimes she blocked him. Mito asked:"Have you ever tried to Chanel your chakra into them?"
Asuma answered :"No, should I."
Mito said :"Yes if you think you can handle it."
He did so he struggled to make it work but soon both of trench knives were clocked by his wind chakra. He noticed that Mito now didn't try to block it she tried to stay away as far as possible in her dodging. She was so focused on him. Kurenai managed to lay a hit on her she came from behind and hited her to knock her out. But Mito was falling down only for a second she looked like for second she was knocked out, but her eyes became red for a slight second and then she was up. She puted a paralyzing seal on Kurenai. When she was falling she took it out and she suddenly twisted her whole body surprising both Asuma and Kurenai. And Kurenai was out. Asuma alone was a fighting a good match, but as soon his trench knives were hited away by kikcs on his hands he was done for.


Mito let them sleep for few moments. She had to thank Isobu for help.


Mito woke them up by using Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. And explained that they were going now for some other kind of training.



They trained more teamwork. Well it didn't go well but they definitely learned some things. Their sensei didn't want to talk with Mito so Mito had to talk to each individual on their own.

Chapter Text



Mito firstly talked to Raido:" You are too restless, while you didn't make any mistakes you made your teamwork lack. Because they needed to count for what you will do. As you are rash they need to be always aware of your situation. When I knocked you down, both Asuma and Kurenai functioned better as a team. You have to calm down and you will be great shinobi. Your other skills are good, but you can do better. "
Raido took everything to his heart at first he looked sad, but as she praised him, he had a small smile by the end.


Kurenai was next :" Your genjutsu skills, far outrank my own. You are definitely a genius in that respect, but you should try to master other elements too. I didn't see you join taijustu or using ninjustu much. I think you aren't comfortable with them. So you have to train that. You are very good teammate to have. "
Kurenai nodded her head and thanked Mito for prices of advice.


And finally there stood Asuma looking proud of himself. :" Asuma - San, are you proud of yourself. Well I wanted you to be proud of your team. But your attitude outside of fighting maybe a reason for Raidos rashes. Because you are laid back, so he has to take actions first. As Kurenai is support. I had seen that at the beginning of the spar. You didn't move, you planned on your own, you signaled Kurenai to use genjutsu. But you didn't explain to Raido which plan you were using. He reacted on his instinct which you considered a good choice. But should you use that time for better assessment of situation. You could have planned more and attack as a group and take me down. However you are strong, you developed in many areas and you aren't focusing on one of them, yet. "


Asuma said :" I think you are wrong in your critics. "' She is same as father' Asuma thought.
Mito said :" if you say so. "


Soon Rin had come she could feel tension between Asuma and Mito and between Mito and one of Senseis.
Mito greeted her :" Rin you are right on time. You can stretch now I am finished with them."
Rin greeted back :" i will. Bye Kurenai, Asuma, Raido. " she spoked them while they were leaving.


Rin and Mito spared as usual. Mito didn't have to hold back as much as she used to but she still wasn't satisfied with the strength of Rin. But only time can fix that.
As usual after the spar they laid down on the grass to cool down and Mito stared at the sky. Rin spoke to her :" Mito - San, do you think you fit in here."
Mito answered :" I don't think about that, I don't need to think about that right now. I will need once I won't be under surveillance. I haven't experienced much of Konoha."
Rin asked :" Do you think you could settle here. "
Mito answered :" I can adjust anywhere, because I don't have a place where I belong. To me this never will become home. But I could become place where I could rest myself, forget all my worries. "
Rin then said:" Did you know that Genma - San was asking me questions about you. "
Mito looked at her, and shake her head:" I didn't, what kinds of questions did he ask. "
Rin answered :" He asked what you liked, and what weapons you used, and questions like that."
Mito said :" So he indirectly asked about my fighting style. And how did you answer."
Rin wanted to facepalm herself, this genius girl is dense as a brick. She had to answer because Mito stared at her :" I didn't know, so I said kunai and shuriken are your favorites. "
Mito said:" You aren't wrong, but I like swords too. "


Team 7 came quickly after the end of this conversation. Mito had greeted them she didn't comment on her training, which Minato understood as that it didn't went well. Mito had to go to give mission report to Hokage. She didn't like to wait in Hokage's office because she feard Danzo's man would be there looking at her creppy. She decided to be with Rin as long as possible so she wouldn't need to wait for Hokage.



Hokage today was very intrestred in her report expecialy about Asuma. Mito played like she didn't know about Asuma being Hokage's son. Hokage wondered at the end of her report :"How Did Asuma react."
Mito answered :"He was to proud to admit it."
Hokage said:"indeed my son is very proud of himself. And I myself am partly at fault there too."
Mito then exclaimed :"Your son. I did notice that your chakra are similar but I didn't know he was your son."
Hokage seemed uncomfortable :"Would knowing that change anything."
Mito answered while looking Hokage dead in the eyes:"No, but I could explain to him that your pressure on his back isn't a schakle but a reson to prove himself. If I may know which team will come to train next. "
Hokage answered :"the next team is team 4. their sensei isn't at the Village at the moment. There are Gekko Hayate, Morino Ibiki and Tokara."

Mito said :"understood"



She wondered if she had heard a person named Tokara before, but couldn't remember. She obviously knew Ibiki and Hayate. She wanted to know if Hayate was sick at this time. She didn't like how he died in anime.



Mito had finally had a contact with Sage who came and pulled her while she was in her in middle of meditation.
Sage great her saying :" Hello there young sensei - San"
Mito laughed dryly:" is that the best joke you made In your life. Because it sucks. What's up Sage why did you bring me here."
Sage said:" I spy on the black Zetsu and I couldn't find anything. It seems their plans were foiled by our interveince and that they are planning on something else with Kiri. But the plans with Iwa are still the same. Madara still wants Obito. "
Mito asked :"How much time is still left before that mission."
Sage answered :" almost a year."
Mito asked :" But it could also be moved forward because our interveince."
Sage asnwerd :"Yes it could be connected with when Kakashi becomes jonin and Obito chunin. You must know I can see everything but I can't prevent anything."

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Mito trained as usual on her free days, she was satisfied with her progress in ninjustu. Her taijustu skills didn't improve much.
Mito was excited to meet the last team she would teach. Her schedule was now set. She would Train team 7 on Mondays, Team Choza on Tuesday, team 6 on Thursday ,team 4 on Saturday. For now she was mostly excited for training with team 7. Because they seemed to be kindest to her, but Team Choza wasn't far away.



Mito went to training grounds 3 waiting for Team 4. Team 4 was late, but she didn't mind, however when they got there they looked scared. Mito was confused, why were they scared. Did someone mess with them. They didn't seem to notice her, she was sitting in trees.
Mito asked:" Are you Team 4."
Tokara answered:" Yes, we are. If we may know who are you." the whole team took notice of her, they seemed to be on high alert.
Mito answered :" I am Mito, your night sensei. Are you guys scared of something " this time it was Ibiki who answered :" it is obvious that we are scared of you. You could be a spy. "
Mito looked at Ibiki and smirked :"Do you think it was smart decision to say that one out loud, I like how you guys are careful, but you should learn to watch your mouth Ibiki - San, I am not a spy, but you can believe in anything you want."
Tokara said :"You are well informed about us. Who told you our names."
Mito answered :"Hokage - sama did. Did you think that I wasn't checked by Hokage. How did you think I was given this task. It doesn't matter if you need to streach do it now."
Mito observed them all it seemed that Hayate wasn't sick just yet. But he had those bags under his eyes, which worried Mito, maybe his illness wasn't manifested yet. It was weird to see Ibiki without scars.


Hayate was kenjutsu user, Ibiki seemed to be taijustu user and Tokara who didn't seem to fit any category. Mito jumped down on the ground she was pleased with their guard. She as usual waited for them to start.


Tokara seemed to be least experienced one as he rushed for attack. He was fast for their age, but still slightly slower than her and Guy. She dodged all of his attempts and then she knocked him out with one hit on the neck. Hayate was close to saving Tokara but he was fooled by genjutsu Mito used in taijustu. Ibiki wasn't as fast as these two and even though he saw through genjutsu he couldn't save Tokara. Mito was surprised by how Hayate was fast. He never let her a chance to reach for a kunai inside her pocket. Hayate and Ibiki were obviously used to working together. While Hayate wasn't letting Mito any space for counterattack, Ibiki was getting in his position behind her. Soon Mito was facing them both she, had some light cuts but they never got close to more than that.


Mito knew she had to escape, to get away but how. She couldn't reach for any seals or kunai, she couldn't wawe any hand seals. She was royalty scrued. Until she remembered, she could chanal her chakra to earth without the seals. And just like that suddenly in front both Ibiki and Hayate appeared two bumps. Both of them didn't see them and tripped. Mito jumped away from them. She was out of breath, which was caused by combination of dodging and chanaling chakra to ground. She calmed down she took out kunai and some seals. She was ready for fight now.



Both Ibiki and Hayate were confused by their sudden tripping. Until Mito said:" You don't have a time to be confused." rushing to them she had thrown seals towards Ibiki he had to jump back, and she fought Hayate with her kunai. This way she managed to block some of his attacks which gave her opportunity to counterattack, but that was shortly lived as Ibiki rushed towards her. She jumped out the way, and unsealed one of the swords she had found in Uzushino, the one which laid by the poor Kiri shinobi in library. She didn't use it much. But while she was in Kiri she did train with it for a month. She knew basics with it.


This way it was easier. The sword helped a lot. Because of it she managed to throw kunai at Ibiki at regular time. He couldn't come to close. They were fighting for 20 Mims already and Hayate was getting tired. Ah she was going to knock him out Ibiki jumped unexpectedly infont of her and she managed to block his kick with the sword, which gave Hayate enough time to attack again. Her sword broke while she was blocking the strong attack from Hayate, but in exchange Mito managed to move quickly and knock Hayate out. Ibiki still seemed to be fine. They continued their taijustu spar. In which after 3 minutes Ibiki was down. Mito had broke down a sweat. She didn't expect Hayate to be that strong, but she was even more concerned for him now. His stamina was low, he was obviously sick, she needed to tell him to visit a doctor.



When they woke up, Mito explained the next phase of training. Which was a lot similar like team Choza. She wanted them to work better with Tokara.



At first they hadn't succeeded in it. But both Hayate and Ibiki managed to defend Tokara just fine after second attempt. Then Mito decided to train them in evasion she used Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu with as many rocks as she did against Team 6.
Hayate managed to cut half of ones that were directed towards him, and he dodged most of the rest. Tokara used his speed to avoid them, but he was still hited. Ibiki wasn't fast enough to avoid much, so he had many bruises after this part of training.

Chapter Text



Mito said to Tokara :" If I am being honest with you, you are the weak link in the team, you are rash, you lack some chakra control, but that doesn't mean that you are weak, you are fast and good at avoiding things from hitting you. You need to train some chakra control, then you need to get better at teamwork so that your teammate don't need to protect you. With battle experience you will become less rash and more patient. "


Then she came to Ibiki and said:" While it is good thing to be always on guard, you need to get faster so you can react on time. You should learn some ninjustu because you lack something in your fighting style. Also you should be the most supportive person in team, you should support both of your teammates so that they don't see you as a cold person and stop believing in you. "


And finally the hardest one Hayate :" I highly respect you, in fact I am jealous of your skills with sword, your taijustu is a bit lacking but we will improve it with time, your evesion skills are above average. But your stamina lacks, I maybe know the reason for that."

Hayate was surprised not only by her compliments, but by also her noticing his stamina issues he had for few months now.

Mito then continued :" I would like you to go see a doctor, I think you are sick, but even if you are that sickness if we found her this early we can cure it." she really hoped so.


In the next three months Mito trained these 4 teams. Each team got significantly stronger. Mito had with teams over 50 sensions. She got along with almost everyone. She didn't get along with Obito and Asuma. She got along the best with Rin, Hayate, Genma and surprisingly Kakashi. Genma was always red when he would talk with her, well he was trying to flert with her. Mito as dense as she was didn't notice it.
Mito turned 11 last month while Genma was 12 all of the rest were too except Kakashi who was 9 and half years old. Thankfully things with Hayate were good. It turned he was indeed sick but that illness was easy to cure at early stages. But also hard to notice. She managed to read the second intermidiate level book on seals and now she had only one to read. She had trouble with understanding much of it and her progress was slow.


On last day of her three months period she was called into the Hokage's tower. She was bit nervous but she didn't show it.
She expected a lot person in Hokage 's office but she was surprised when she was alone with Hokage.


Hokage started the conversation :" How are you feeling Mito - Chan, today we will talk about some serious stuff."
Mito answered :"I am feeling fine Hokage-sama, but you look tired is something wrong."
Hokage answered :" No nothing is wrong I am just overworked."
Mito felt guilty :" Is it because I pointed out that person."
Hokage shake his head:"No you told us the truth, we have found some evidence but we still need more. But we won't talk about that here."
Mito asked :" Then you must have planned something about my position in village"
Hokage answered :"Well yes, but we aren't sure if you will accept it."
Mito looked questionly at him and said :"Do I have a choice in this matter."
Hokage answered :"Actually yes you do, we wanted to ask you which ninja level would you be"
Mito thought for a minute and then answered :" it would be best if I was genin. I would be under your direct control and it wouldn't be suspicious to people that newcomer is ranked high in society. But I wish to have some privileges."
Hokage seemed to consider that and asked :"Which privileges do you want."
Mito answered :" I want to choose which missions outside of Konoha I will take."
Hokage asked :" you know that genin are supposed to be on a team."
Mito looked at Hokage :" Yes I know, nut I have heard that one of your students is teaching only one person, if you could do that for him, you can just say that you were teaching me as your student. Of you do that I will help you with paperwork. "



Hokage knew he couldn't refuse that :" Very well then, if I may ask did you think about entering chunin exams which are starting next week. "
Mito answered :" No, while my identity will be reviled I want to hide my abilities.. "
Hokage wondered if she was hiding knowing that Danzo sees every jinchuriki as a weapon.
Mito asked Hokage :" How do you plan on revealing my identity. And how much will you tell them. "
Hokage answered :" we will be speaking from upstairs. We'll we call it roof of Hokage tower. We announce every important thing such as war and other things there. You will be staying besides me and I will only tell that you were found and identified as Uzumaki princess on one of our mission. You were brought back by that team and you healed in hospital and that you were clean. You didn't have any contact with enemy. We won't say anything about you being jinchuriki. "
Mito was happy but still asked:" You are willing to lie to your people for me. "
Mito asked :" will you say that I was under your wing and you managed to train me. "
Hokage answered :" if you insist on it then yes. "
Mito asked Hokage :" I think you forgot something so I will remind you. I promised to teach me two new ninjustu. Did you find any good ones. "
Hokage answered :" Yes we found something that may be useful to you and we will teach you one extra for your good work." Hokage gave away three scrolls two with earth simbol and one with water simbol.
Mito then gratefully accepted them and asked if she could read them now.
Hokage nodded his head.
One of the jutsu was Earth Style Shadow Clone. The second was Earth Style: Stone Column Spears. And third was Water Clone Jutsu. Mito was overjoyed she didn't expect to get two Clone jutsu. She expressed her gratitude again with bow and smiling brightly. Hokage didn't see that smile for a three months at first he thought that was illusion but now he know this girl is so pure that she looks like an angel when she smiles.

Chapter Text



Mito was so excited she will finally be free to move around during the day, the only problem was that she didn't know what to wear. She could dress up like princess, but she could also dress up as a shinobi. Well she didn't want attention from shinobi so she would need to dress up like princess. But knowing her sense of fashion she needed to accidentally pick up Rin from market. It was around time when team 7 would be finnished with their training. Mito sneaked trying to follow Rin's chakra signal. Which wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. Mito managed to catch up with Rin and almost bumped into her, when Rin had stopped. Rin had seen Genma and stopped to say hello.



Well Mito didn't expect to run at Genma, she couldn't ask Rin for help in front of him. And besides Rin still didn't notice her. Mito tryed to turn around but was stopped.
Genma said :" Hello Rin - Chan, Mito -chan, it is nice day today. Where were you going. May I join."
Rin then then turned her head and saw Mito who looked caught red-handed. Mito didn't know what to do.
Rin said :" Mito - Chan, I didn't see you, did you just finnished your meeting with Hokage. "
Mito was scruved now all attention was on her. Genma had confused look on his face.
Mito had to answer :" Ah, yes I just finished it, I have to buy something from market. I just wandered around since my Anbu guard Is of duty today, while other is just following from far away."
Genma asked then :" where are you going then I have some free time today and I am bored. "
Mito looked embarrassed :" I need to get some clothes for something important. "
Rin was surprised what was so important that it could make Mito embarrassed. Rin then asked :" were you looking for me because that. "
Mito looked more embarrassed now:" Yes I did."



Genma had to ask :" why. "
Rin answered before Mito could shut her up. :"You see this miss has terrible sense of fashion, and that is the ones that do make some sense, others I wouldn't comment."
Genma's eyes widen, he didn't expect that she always looked good when he would meet her on training grounds.
Mito said :" hey, at least I can dress my self for training pretty good. I am not good with colors you see. "


Rin then said :" Genma - San if you would like you can come with us. I think your opinion will be beneficial to have."
Genma face blushed so much that it would be the same color as Mito's under her henge.
Mito asked him :" Are you okay Genma - San, you look red."
Genma panicked he didn't know what to say, Mito was so close, he answered :" Y-yes I am fine, I would l-like to go with you."
Rin covered her mouth,so they wouldn't hear her laugh. But still Genma caught her motion with his eyes. Rin was teasing him. Did Rin know about his crush on Mito, but he only realized it last week.


Mito asked Rin if she knew where she could buy something very similar to princess clothing. Rin caught up immediately, but Genma didn't. Poor Genma had to follow them from one stand to another one, they did find anything Rin liked until they came before one of most expensive stores in Konoha. Genma wasn't so sure if they could enter, he honestly didn't want to, he wasn't surprised when he saw Rin hesitate, but he was surprised when Mito just walked into it.


The prices were so high that, Rin thought she won't be able to buy here ever. Genma was looking everywhere, hoping to find something he could afford, but it was all in vain. While they were distracted by prices Mito had found the types of clothing she was looking for. Mito called for them saying :"here, this type, now choose colors."
Rin was amezed it really was similar to princess clothing :"Well if considered your colors then it would be best to try this dark purple one."
Genma nodded his head.
Rin looked confused at him. Genma nor Mito had told her anything about the incident when Mito henge had fallen down.


When Mito was finished with trying the clothes she walked to Rin and Genma asking for opinion. She wore a dark purple dress with an obi just below her chest.
Rin was happy she complimented Mito for looking great. Genma was again blushing he said :" Yeah it looks great, I like it."
That part was supposed to be unsaid. Genma was even more embarrassed and red than before.
Mito blushed slightly asking :" do you think I will need some accessories with it."
Rin answered :"something simple, like earrings."
Genma said :" How about this ones"
He picked the first he saw he didn't even look at the price, they were shaped like heart and were golden.
Mito asked them to put them in, thankfully her ears were priced well when Sage created her body her ears were pierced. Rin took one and put in her right ear while Genma had to put one on the left ear.


Genma though he would have a heart attack. His heart wouldn't calm down, even when he distanced himself from her she looked absolutely stunning, his words couldn't describe how pretty she looked, he could only imagine her without henge using this dress and accessory he picked up. Mito soon changed back and took the dress and earrings to cashier.


The cashier said the price:" Miss this will be ten thousand Ryo. Can you afford it."
Rin and Genma almost passed on the spot. But Mito only nodded with her head she took out 10 thousands Ryo from her seal. And both Rin and Genma gasped.
Mito asked :"What. Did you guys think I was poor. I have been pampered by Hokage he was happy with how you guys all progresses and he would pay me for my services."
Rin asked :" How much is left."
Mito looked at her and answered honestly :" not much, around 700 Ryo. "
Genma was shocked he couldn't earn that much money.

Rin and Genma were abandoned, because apparently Mito had something else to do. Rin teased Genma after Mito left. Genma wanted to run and never to appear before Rin again. The girl didn't now when to stop. He had to ask her to keep it secret, but her answer destroyed him :" Why almost everyone knows, you didn't actually think that we wouldn't notice, you would blush every time we spoke about her."
Genma had to ask:" Really everybody knows"
Rin said:" Well not everyone, only those who aren't dense as Mito is."

Chapter Text









It was finally the day she would be free Hokage announced that he will have something important to say to village at the noon. Village was restless while they hoped for good news, they knew that the ones they allways wanted to hear wouldn't be announced today. The war was stil going on and it didn't seem likely that it would end soon. The Village was curious about what is happening, what Hokage would say. Even shinobi forces that were stationed inside village didn't know what was going on. Only select few did. 

Mito had to come to the Hokage office early in the morning. She was to stay and change her clothes there. 

Hokage asked her for some help with papers she agreed. She was doing the most boring stuff that Hokage didn't want to do. 








She was almost done with it. She was so angry at the Hokage she almost screamed 'Why don't you use shadow clones.' but she regained her control. She had her revenge because every time Hokage would glance at her she would put on the sweetest smile on her face, while her red hair would slightly move upwards. Mito reminded him of Kushina and how scary she was. 






As time was closing to noon, the crowd was getting bigger. Mito was already dressed and only waited for Hokage to go to top of the tower. She would come after him after he would announce her. The only reason nobody had came in the office was because nobody was allowed inside. Hokage finally had time to finish all the paperwork which had piled up over past week. 






Mito was nervous she didn't know what to do. She still had time so she asked :" How are things going with that man." 

Hokage was surprised with sudden question:" We are getting closer, You don't need to worry about him." 

Mito had a sceptic look on her face:" Are you saying that I shouldn't worry about the person that sees ne as a weapon and he would do anything to get me under his wing. How comforting."

Hokage wondered if she knew more than she said to him :" Why are you afraid of him. Did you feel something new in his tainted chakra. "

Mito was startled she didn't expect him to ask her:" He seems to have to plans now, one is getting me and the other is with someone who has snakeish tainted chakra, he seems to be trying to persuade that person to join him as I can feel for now he isn't successful at it." 

Hokage gasped did Danzo wanted to control Orochimaru. Hokage knew that Orochimaru was fascinated with power and knowledge, and the evidence about Danzo proved he had knowledge, by doing some experiments, both illegal and legal ones. Hokage had decided to speak with Orochimaru as soon as he could. He hoped Mito would be there too. 









Hokage slowly walked upstairs, Mito following behind both of them were surrounded by anbu forces. The top of the tower was designed as a balcony. Mito stayed at the entrance while Hokage continued towards the edge of balcony. The big group of anbu had spliten up so they could defend both. The crowd which was gossiping about reasons they were here quickly became quiet. 









Hokage begun his speech :" For a few months we have been actively looking into one of information we had. It seems that information was correct we were extra careful with it so it wouldn't bring any harm to the Village. Today I will introduce you to that person we investigated throughoutly. "

Hokage signaled Mito to come forwards. While it took Mito almost a minute to come to the edge. Crowd was restless, even if they knew this person was safe, there never was announcement about some ordinary person from Hokage. 

As soon as the civilians could see her, they were amazed by her beautiful looks and how young she was. While shinobi Gasped recognizing the red hair, somewhere in the crowd Minato and team 7 held onto Kushina, she firstly almost collapsed and then she tried to go towards them, but both of those things were prevented by mostly Minato :"Listen to what Hokage has to say, you can't make a scene right now, he will talk to you." 

Kushina had used all of her willpower to calm down she was curious about the no reaction from her boyfriend students. She thought 'they knew '. Some of the shinobi also came closer to Kushina. Those were her friends. 








Hokage countied slowly :" This young girl here is Uzumaki Mito, the last princess of Uzumaki clan." 

The whole crowd gasped. 

Hokage countied :" She was here for over 3 months and she proved that she doesn't have any malicious thoughts about our village. She is also shinobi, her rank will be genin here. "

Only did then team 7 gasped, divereting Kushina's attention to them. 

Hokage countied :" I watched her train myself when I could, and when I couldn't she was watched by anbus. Mito is still getting used to the village, because she never before had lived in such a big village. Her life wasn't easy her parents were killed before her eyes but she was rescued and raised by her parents master. 







The shinobi forces were confused the Hokage didn't mention anything about which team she would belong to. They knew that if they didn't decide that they wouldn't announce her identity. 






Hokage countied :" on Mito request she won't be joining any genin teams, she will be going on the missions mostly in the Village and only if the need for her to go out the village will she be working with team." 

The shinobi forces were even more confused. Was Hokage limiting her movements even though he trusted her, was she in such danger outside of the walls of the village. The civilan didn't get all those confused looks on shinobi forces for them Hokage was obviously trying to make Uzumaki girl to get familiar with village and to stay out of danger of war as last Uzumaki princess. "



Chapter Text






Hokage and Mito soon went back to the office and the crowd slowly went to their homes. Only shinobi did stay on the streets. Kushina being one of them. She didn't know should she talk to her cousin or her boyfriend first. Team 7 obviously knew about her cousin. She stood there for few seconds before saying:" I want you all present on dinner tonight. We will discuss this then." 

Team 7 got the chills even though they didn't do anything wrong. Kushina walked towards Hokage tower. The guards didn't stop her, which meant she was expected. As soon as she walked in Hokage's tower, Hokage's secretary was waiting for her and guided her to the room next to Hokage's office. Kushina entered it and immediately saw Hokage and her cousin drinking tea. 




Kushina bowed:" Hokage - sama, you seem to know why I am here. Do you also know how I feel about this." 

Hokage answered :" I do, but I still don't regret it." 

Kushina asked Mito next :" Did you know I was here and still didn't want to meet me." 

Mito smiled :" I wasn't really told that there was an Uzumaki inside the Village. But I knew you were here because I was told what is our mission in Konoha."

Kushina was surprised this girl was calmly answering her questions. Not a trait of Uzumaki. 

Mito continued :" There wasn't any need for Hokage to tell me about your existence, I could feel your chakra signal from miles away. That also confirms that you are indeed carrying on this important mission." Don't you think that if I was seen around you that I would look suspicious. So even if I wanted to meet you. I couldn't. " 







Kushina never thought that far. After all like most Uzumaki she was ruled by emotions. This girl however wasn't she wanted to learn why, was she a full Uzumaki, while she didn't know previous princess of Uzumaki clan she knew they weren't allowed to marry outside the clan, well they usually would fall in love with someone inside the clan anyway.

Kushina asked :" Are you a illegal child of Uzumaki clan." 

Mito answered without looking at Kushina :" No my father too was from Uzumaki clan, but I don't know their names was too little then and the person who looked after me didn't ever tell me. Are you asking because of my personality. I was very loud and rash when I was a kid but my parents master taught me how to control my emotions, how to think. "

Kushina was surprised, was that training that affecting, did this girl even know emotions. She was worried. Kushina asked :" You are sensor is that how you surrived. "

Mito answered :" Among other things it did help me. "






Kushina wanted to learn everything about Mito so she asked :" Do you know Team 7."

Mito answered :" Yes they are the ones who had transported me here." 

Kushina realized this person was the reason they went straight for hospital 3 months ago. She asked :"Were you injured then at that time." 

 Mito sipped her teas slowly and answered :" I only had chakra exhaustion, without any injuries." 

Kushina was furious this girl didn't realize how dangerous it was to have a chakra exhaustion, it was dangerous because it meant she was fighting someone stronger than her. She remembered then Rin's excuses. Rin did say they saw someone getting killed. Kushina was pissed :" Tell me did you already had your first kill." 

Mito answered :" I guess I did." 

Kushina was alarmed at her answer :" I geuss so. How old are you. You obviously fought stronger shinobi and killed him. And you still aren't scared of life." 

Mito answered :" Kushina - San, can you please calm down. I have only one purpose in this life. I had to fight that person because he would make me unable to live for that purpose. "






Kushina was pissed this child wanted her to calm down, this child didn't use her emotions while she talked to her. Kushina asked :" Then tell me what is your purpose. "

Mito smiled bitterly :" Revenge. "

Kushina didn't like that at all she could see the darkness inside of Mito, but she could see that there was something else. She had to know what was that. :"To whom." 

Mito answered :" Kiri, iwa and Kumo. They took everything from me before I could experience anything." 

Kushina saw that Mito wasn't bluffing. She was serious. Kushina asked :"How do you think you will manage to do that. You are obviously week." 

It was then that she heard angelic laugh coming from the girl followed by :"I already took revenge upon Kiri, I will just continue to torture them, I have my plans for both Kumo and Iwa too." 

Kushina was alarmed at how Hokage didn't react at those words :"Hokage - sama, you knew about this and didn't persuaded her to not do it. Revenge isn't worth of life. What did you do to Kiri." 

Mito looked at Kushina her eyes and face lit up :" I decided to become just like you, a jinchuriki." 

Kushina was confused :"how did you managed that. They wouldn't put a biju in person they were sure where her loyalty laid." 

Mito answered :"You are right, but I could just pretend to hate Konoha as much as I hated them. Konoha after all didn't help us. I waited paintently for more then half year to them to trust me. And finally when they made me jinchuriki I escaped. I had to kill Suikazan Fuguki to escape. Team 7 was in the way but I was simply to exhausted from the fight so they picked me up. "

Mito tooked out Samehada from one of the seals. It didn't react at first but it soon glowed with Mitos chakra.

Kushina was surprised did this girl kill such dangerous man. :" Why are you genin then. "

This time Hokage asnwerd so that Mito wouldn't make herself look like a bad guy again. She had speciality in that. :"Mito - San, was concerned that village wouldn't trust her if she was ranked higher this way she will be in village most of the time and would only go outside it when she will be needed." 



Kushina asked :"Mito-san, i know you are hiding something from me, you aren't using your emotions when you are telling the truth but you are using them when you try to hide something. You hide the truth in darkness. Why. Why won't you tell me." 

Kushina saw that Hokage was shocked. So he didn't see right through this one. 

Mito answered :" You really are Uzumaki. You can feel my emotions without being a sensor. It seems I let my guard down. I am indeed hiding something but that I can't tell. I geuss I will tell you that I am not all about revenge. Revenge is a mean to my goal." Mito then stood up from a chair her tea was drinked and she pasted by Kushina slowly looking at her eyes. Kushina saw hope in those eyes. Did this girl know how to react to older people she acted not her age. Hokage and Kushina were left alone in the room. 


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Hokage 's first words that came were :" I didn't expect she would be like this with you around. She did the same with us." 

That brought Kushina from her thinking :" What do you mean by that Hokage- sama" 

Hokage answered :" Mito has a trust issues. They are uncurable. The person that raised her taught her to not trust anybody, to hate everybody the same. That person she said was named Hagoromo, he was taijustu expert training the Uzumaki royalty in Uzushino. He was master for both of her parents. Unfortunately he betrayed them. "

He looked at Kushina with a look saying I will explain :" He tooked the Uzushino map with seals barrier, because he was greedy for money. He wanted to sell this information to Kumo. But he didn't. Mito parents were trying to hunt him down, but they couldn't, he always was few steps ahead of them. They chased him for few months. Not knowing that village had already fallen. After few years when they learned that information they had Mito. This time they were hunted by Kiri and after few years they were ambushed so they summoned their masters summon and gave it Mito who was then taken to Hagoromo. That was their end. Hagoromo couldn't kill Mito because she was last legacy from his students. He told her the truth over the time, but never spoke about her parents. Mito said he wanted her to hate him. So that is her story. The Hagoromo died soon. And Mito wandered around waiting for a chance of revenge. "










Kushina was shocked that this girl was cold because of that. She saw through her, Mito was still hopeful she was still pure but she always wanted to be trusted, that's why she would tell the most terrible things about herself and then over time you would see her true form and trust her regardless of the first impression. 

She saw that Mito wanted to firm strong relationship with her. She allways answered her questions. She only avoided one. And that was because she was distracted. Kushina asked Hokage :" How old is she." 

Hokage answered :" she just turned 11 three weeks ago." 








Kushina was troubled by the her age and behavior. She still had to cook dinner for her boyfriend team. She did learn something about Mito but it was obvious that team 7 would speak for themselves. They knew Mito probably for 3 months. She still didn't know who would beat them every week or who trained Rin her taijustu. Rin had built her muscles a lot. She decided to cook Ramen she didn't want to make any of theirs favorite foods because she was pissed about not telling her about it. She did understand reasons. She still was mad she after all was a emotional person. 







Meanwhile Mito was at her apartment she was thinking what was going to happen next. She will have to wait for Kannabi bridge mission. She had to talk with Isobu about her using some of his jutsu. They could train those skills in her mindscape. She now would train during the day. Mito was happy because now she could just walk around the village and besides she had a lot of time for everything. Still she would need to go once a week to Hokage to help him with paperwork. Hopefully he won't just stack them all for that day. 








The whole team 7 was going towards the Minato's house when they came across Genma who greeted them and asked Rin for few minutes of her time. Obito was pissed he was jealous, did Genma have crush on Mito and Rin. Was that possible. Kakashi did not pay much attention to it.










Rin and Genma spoke quietly. Genma was trying to find out what Mito liked the most. He wanted to give her a present so he could show Mito his affection. Rin did have a few suggestions but both of them said that they would meet tommorow because Rin obviously had something to do right now. 







Rin cached up with rest of team as they walked into the house. Obito was sulking through the whole dinner. He was ignored by everyone. He wasn't listening to corvensation. That was also the reason he was glared at because Kushina asked him something and he didn't respond. 








After falling to get any information from Obito she moved onto Rin :" What do you think about Mito" 

Rin answered :" She is someone who is extraordinary, she is nice as friend, she is scarry when she doesn't trust you, she is good person i think. She would sacrifice herself for somebody she finds worthy of that. I am very grateful for her training me in taijustu. While she feels like she is far away she is allways good at hearing your feelings and problems. "

Kushina smiled and asked :" So you trust each other."

Rin answered :" I believe so, she doesn't seem to be scared about taking to me about anything. "








Kushina was satisfied with her answer she didn't know that Mito trained Rin in taijustu. She then asked Kakashi the same question. 

Kakashi answered :" I believe she is strongest person I fought besides Minato - sensei. She fights with everything she has, she is the only reason we saw the importance of teamwork, while sensei try he never pushed as she did. At first I didn't, I couldn't trust her, but over time I could recognize when she said something she meant and she would say to piss us up. I consider her a friend, an excellent shinobi and nice person. "

Kushina was surprised by his answers. While in last months he did speak more she never heard him talk this much. She thought that he maybe had a crush on Mito. It would explain. 






Then Obito exploded asking Rin :" What did Genma want. "

Kushina was intrigued she didn't expect that Obito was jealous and wasn't ignoring her questions she now knew he was thinking torturing himself inside. 

Rin calmly answered :" He asked me to meet up with him tomorrow." 

Kushina could see color drain from Obito face, while she enjoyed drams she didn't want Obito to be hurt. 

Obito asked :" Why. What will you guys do.." 

Rin again answered :"We are going to buy a gift for Mito, she did become a genin."

Obito was revealed :" For a second there I thought he was crushing on both you and Mito." 

Kushina smiled she now knew how to tease Mito. But she also saw how surprised Kakashi looked. Which only comfird her theory. 

Kushina asked:" Is Genma - kun really crushing on Mito, I mean did he ever seen her without henge, because I was told she wore it every day." 

Rin answered :" I don't know about that, but he was there with me and Mito when we bought the dress she wore today. So he probably knows. "

Minato nodded his head :" Well almost all of the genin teams know he likes her. They probably knew before Genma even realized." 

Rin then added :" only really dense people didn't notice, like Mito or Genma himself until recently. "





The look on the Kakashi face said that he didn't know either. He looked troubled. Like he couldn't accept this fact, but he also couldn't go against it. Kushina was aware he had a crush on Mito too. And now Kakashi - kun was involved in two love triangles. 


Chapter Text









Genma and Rin came to the market and searched for anything that Mito could like. Rin knew that while Mito liked many stuff she would be happiest with something realeted to training. Rin and Genma were on shinobi side of market for long time. Rin bought some simple supplies for Mito like new set of kunai and shuriken. While Genma didn't want to have simple gift he wanted to express how she was important to him. They searched for hours but didn't find anything. Then Genma remembered that when Mito fought Hayate first time her sword broke and she didn't use one since. 






Genma and Rin went to weaponry shop, this time looking for special kinds of swords. Genma wanted to give her something only he could think of. So he brought a sword in which you could put your chakra and Inhence it. He thought that was the best because Mito had two styles she used. It would definitely be handy. 





On the other side Kakashi took Obito with him to buy a gift for Mito too. Well when we say took. Obito was standing in front of the store Kakashi wanted to come and buy gift so as Kakashi was supposed to do he invited Obito to join him. Obito apparently was bad at buying gifts and didn't know what to buy, but Kakashi had know since Rin said about buying gift yesterday. The shop they were in front was a bookstore, and a shinobi one at that. Obito obviously didn't know what Kakashi wanted to buy here. So he just looked around after asking Kakashi to help him buy a gift too. 

Kakashi finally found what he was looking for a whole selection of books. They were sorted by the level. He didn't actually know which to buy. Well beginners was definitely of because she proved that she did know something. But his budget didn't allow him to buy a master level book. And that how Kakashi bought intermediate level fuinjustu book. 






Obito understood why Kakashi bought that so he wanted Kakashi to help him even more. Kakashi and Obito spent a hour trying to find something fitting for Mito. Obito almost lost his hope but then he found t-shirt shop with engravings of all the clans from Konoha and her aliens. Obito at first didn't see any Uzumaki simbol. But Kakashi asked before he could :" I am sorry, but do you have any Uzumaki simbola. Our friend might need one." 

The shop owner replied :" ah yes, they are on the way here. They are supposed to arrive in half an hour. You can pay it now and send me adress and I will deliver it to you." 

Obito answered:" No I will wait for it. Kakashi you can go home, I don't want to trouble you anymore." 

Kakashi nodded and Obito went to close by dango shop to eat waiting for t-shirts to arrive. 







Soon Anko was next to him eating dango. Anko asked :" What are you doing here. "

Obito didn't speak much with her so he was surprised she talked to him:" I am waiting for some clothes to come. They will be my gift." 

Anko asked again :" who is for and what is occasion." 

Obito asnwerd :" Mito - San became a genin. "

Anko who didn't actually hear a lot of things which happened in Konoha in 3 months, because she was on and of missions and training with Orochimaru, only knew Mito as the girl which picked Rin's interest :" I thought she was already shinobi. "

Obito nodded his head:"She was, but now she is officially ranked as a genin. But still I don't get it why she is one." 

Anko was confused :"is she that weak." 

Obito shook his head:" No she is even stronger than Kakashi." 

Anko was now even more confused, she was confused about her rank yes but she was confused how calmly Obito spoke about Kakashi. She needs to catch up with Kurenai when she finds her. Usually things didn't change this much in 3 months. Obito left when his gift was ready. 





Kushina was actually too searching for a gift. She wanted Mito to feel a love of family so she planned to invite Mito to a dinner. She didn't know what to buy for gift, she did decide what to cook. Of course it was ramen which Uzumaki didn't like ramen. She unlike all the others went to civilian market and was looking for bunch of cute clothes. She found so many she bought every type of clothes because she didn't know which she perfered. 





Mito day went fast she was meeting with all the clans heads of Konoha on clan meeting. She actually didn't put any resistance to this decision. Hokage led her from one clan head introduced her and to other clan head. She meet every clan head and spoke some simple words with them. 





As Kushina was ready to head home she until she bumped with Rin and Genma. She was surprised with the gifts they choose. She knew that it would be rude if she only invited Rin for dinner so she asked them both. Genma was hesitant at first but when Kushina said that she will invite Mito too he agreed quickly. Kushina on her way towards home bumped with Kakashi and later with Obito she invited them both. She knew Minato was at the Hokage office so she bought so many clothes. She would say that they were from both of them. Only person who wasn't invited yet was Mito. Kushina didn't know where she was. So she decided to go home leave the things at her home and go to Hokage tower for information. She would ask Hokage if she needs just to learn that information. But that actually didn't need to happen. Because as soon as came to the Hokage tower. Mito walked out it. Mito looked like she was done with the day. 

Kushina said :"Hello Mito--Chan I was just looking for you." 

Mito turedly asked:" Do I want to know."

Kushina laughed :" I was going to invite you to dinner tonight." 

Mito looked at her, she wanted to come, but she also didn't want to become to attached:"I can come, but only if you insist." 

Kushina said:"of course I insist." 

Mito asked :" when do you want me to come and where." 

Kushina was prepared with adress she had it written on note. And said:" come at"

Mito nodded her head moumbling:" I hope it would be more interesting than that pet talk with clans and council. Uh I hate council. Why do they even have any power at military village in middle of the war." 

That did make Kushina wonder what their job actually was. 

Soon Mito was gone from her sight. Kushina went home to prepare dinner she had 3 more hours to do it. 






Chapter Text










Mito laid down on her bed she wanted to rest her body she went into meditation mode and met Sage as usual he didn't bring any concrete information. But still he was useful. She asked Sage what did he think about politics in Konoha. He said he didn't like it, but they needed to be dealt with after Danzo. Mito knew now how close they were on his tail. After Mito said that Orochimaru was speaking with him Hokage doubled his efforts. Fearing to lose another student. Tsunade was long gone from village. Jiraya was here and there but almost never in village. 





After talking to Sage she trained with Isobu. They training slowly progressed but they knew what they were doing. They knew Mito had to learn first to control all of the Isobu moves and then try to make their partnership. They were long away from that after all she needs to be stronger to use more of his chakra. She will be minimaly 15 when she reaches all 3 of his tails. 




Soon it was time for the dinner she followed the streets towards the address she asked few times for directions, the civilians were happy to help her. She putted some soft smiles on her face. She wore the simple dress she bought with Rin on her first day. 

Mito could hear voices coming through the doors and she could feel 6 chakra signals. She did expect 5 but Genma was surprise. She politely knocked on the doors. And she heard rustle and she swore someone was in panic. What did they expect her to be late. Minato opened the doors smoothly and smiling brightly. He blocked the scene behind him with his body. He spoke:" Welcome Mito-San, I hope you didn't have any difficulty trying to find the house." he moved out the way showing her to come in. Whatever the scene behind was it was gone. Mito probably didn't want to know. She answered to Minato concern :" I had to ask for directions several times. Why does Konoha have so many similar streets. "

Minato laughed. Mito came inside and Minato put his arms on her shoulder leading her towards a kitchen. Where everyone was sitting. She wondered if they invited Genma so she wouldn't feel out of place. 




She grated them all and was sitted between Kakashi and Genma. Kushina definitely did that.

Mito was curious and whisper to Genma when all of the others except Kakashi were helping to bring dinner. :" I must say I didn't expect you to be here. How did Kushina - San manage to involve you." 

Genma panicked but he was glad she spoke to him :" I was with Rin when she came to invite her to dinner she invited me to but I didn't want to come until she said you would come too. Does it bother you. "

Mito smiled:" No not at all, you see I expect them to know how to behave and interact in between themselves, I am happy that I can be out the loop with somebody. "

Kakashi looked at them weirdly trying to figure about what they were talking or whispering. 






Soon everyone was sitted and everyone ate. Kushina was happy to see everyone dig in. She Mada a huge pot of Ramen. And when I say huge then I mean like almost 20 liters of ramen. Minato wonder if she went overboard. But he also knew Kushina alone could eat 7 liters. Team 7 ate so fast that it looked like both Mito and Genma were royals slowly enjoying their meal. While Kushina like to see her so elegant. She couldn't help but notice that if this continued Genma would have more points by the end of today's dinner. Kakashi probably felt that too since he slowed down his eating. Quickly grabbing attention from rest of team 7. They looked at him questionably. Kushina then realized that team 7 was definitely dense towards Kakashi feelings, probably because they didn't see him show any so far, he did become better but he was still far from normal child. And Mito was too dense to notice it. 



Surprisingly it turned out that Mito didn't have as big of apettit as Kushina expected. She ate almost the same amount of ramen as everyone besides Kushina. Mito did eat one bowl more than rest but Kushina wasn't satisfied. 

Kushina asked :"Are you full Mito - Chan, you know you should eat more." 

Mito answered confused :"ah i was full 3 bowls ago actually in only I the last three because I thought they were compiting against each other." she pointed to whole team 7.

Genma said :" You thought so too. I mean I don't get why you would do that, because you will have problems with digestion. "

Team 7 was shooked nobody told them that before. It isn't like they had any visitors before. 

Mito added to Genma analysis :" doesn't it taste better when you save it longer in mouth. "

Kushina didn't know how to react both Genma and Mito were right, but she wanted to defend team 7.







Thankfully Rin read situation and whispered to Kushina :"The gifts, i think it is time." 

Kushina smiled :"Well it seems everyone is done. I will need some help in kitchen. Mito - Chan do you mind." 

Mito didn't mind:"No." 

Mito and Kushina walked towards kitchen Rin helped bring them some bowls. Kushina washed the dishes while Mito dryed them. Others went to Minato room and took their gifts. 








Mito didn't expect the gifts she almost refused them :"I don't know if I deserve them." 

Kushina spoke first she saw that Genma was ready to say something while Kakashi was confused by her words. :"This gifts are for joining shinobi ranks as official Konoha shinobi." Mito then carefully looked at each gift the first one was Rin's she commented :"thanks Rin I needed new ones." 

Then it was Genma he pulled out the sword and Mito eyes litted up. She asked many questions about the sword and at the end she thanked him too:"Thank you, honestly I didn't think about buying one of these but I am glad you bought it for me." 

Team 7 did not know what to do with atmosphere around those two. Kakashi was the one who interrupted it by showing his gift. Mito looked confused at him the book looked ordinary until she read the title she scream :" Kakashi what the hell, this one cost almost 3000 Ryo. You didn't need to spend so much money on the gift." 

Kushina almost facepalmed. She didn't think Kakashi would try to impress Mito this way. 

Kakashi asked with pupy eyes:"You don't like it." 

But it didn't work on Mito :" I didn't say I didn't like it, it is just to expensive. I will read it." 

Kushina was next with 10 different outfits saying those were from Minato and her. Mito thanked them both:"thank you very much, but you didn't need to buy so much of outfits I am usually in my training clothes." 

Obito moved next:"I know it isn't much but here." 

Mito at first saw plain white t-shirt but she soon saw an Uzumaki crest in the middle. She almost cried at the simbol. :"thank you for buying it for me I will wear it every day." 

Kushina was surprised at her reaction but was interrupted by Minato :"You know there is something else you are going to wear every day." Minato picked Konoha headband from his pocket and gave it to Mito saying:" This one is from Hokage himself." 

Mito stared at for few seconds before she putted it around her right biceps. 



Chapter Text






After long day Mito and Genma finally left Minato's house. It was late so Genma being gentlemen insisted on taking Mito to her apartment. Mito didn't see anything wrong with it and let him follow her. Genma obviously wanted to say something but Mito could see he still didn't have enough courage to do it. She debate if she would push him to say it or not. She decided not to because she didn't want to seen like forceful girl. The walk home was quiet. Mito would glance at Genma to check if he was okay. The closer they come to her apartment, Genma looked more red. She was concerned because she didn't know what was wrong, this never happened in anime so she doesn't want to get involved too quickly. 





Mito finally was in front of her apartment, she said her goodbyes to Genma, who still looked like he wanted to say something, he said goodbye too. And Mito entered her apartment. Genma kicked a close by rock on the ground and signed. Genma knew he didn't have courage to say it, but he soon will. He will confess to her, when he becomes a chunin.







Mito had spent next few days following her schedule. She trained the hardest in her life. She actually trained during the day this time her training grounds were the closest one to Sarutobi clan. Because she needed to show who her teacher was. She could feel Asuma spying on her almost every day for few minutes. Asuma and she didn't get along well, but that was mostly on Asuma, she never did him any wrong. While she was once with Hokage doing his paperwork she noticed that chunin exam were only 3 weeks from now, so she wondered if genin knew that information. She obviously won't participate in them but she surely will watch them, to teacher the most amazing feeling is seeing her students grow up. 







She wondered if any of sensei had told his genin about chunin exams. She also wondered who would be third member of team 7, Kakashi was obviously a chunin so he can't participate. Well they will probably end up with same teammate as last time. She still wondered if Obito will make it to Chunin this time. In anime he did it on the next chunin exam 6 months later. If he does make it, that would mean her training was good and that probably is closer to jonin level at this time. So she decided to watch for information on the Iwa battlefield. She needed to know if Konoha had informations about Iwas supplie routes. If she remembered correctly that was Jiraya task to find. So maybe they will still need to wait for them. 






Mito was glad that Kakashi bought that fuinjustu book because she learned a lot of it. And she still hasn't finished it but everything made a lot more sense. Mito did try to avoid every one of genin who still didn't connect her two identities. Well there were a few of them who knew her immediately like of course team 7 and Genma, Asuma followed quickly with realization. While the rest did not know. But she knew some of them were suspecting something like Ibiki and Hayate. She had to confort Asuma who was just in her renge of her new sensor ability she trained with Isobu. 







Mito said so suddenly that Asuma had fallen from the tree he was hiding on. :"Asuma-San, what are you doing here, shouldn't you be training." 

Asuma was embarrassed but still answered :" I am looking at my rivals for chunin exam." 

Mito nodded her head:" At least you know they are coming, but I am not participating in them." 

Asuma was shocked he had to ask:" Why not,, you are obviously almost a jonin." 

Mito answered :" Well that is probably the truth, but ranks don't matter as much when you are on battlefield, you can be stronger then some jonin and kill them and you could allways create a chaos when they think you are weak. But that isn't the only reason you see if I wanted to be chunin, Hokage and Nara Shikaru would promote me, but I still don't think that village would accept that, and besides like this I am still under enemies radar. "

Asuma said :" I see, then I must go watch some of my real rivals. "

Mito said:" I would like if you don't tell anyone about me being their teacher of possible, I want them to recognize me themselves, and do not speak to anyone about me not participating in chunin exam. "



Asuma was gone. He did made that excuse because he did though she would participate but now it seems he wasted time on spying her, but he also wanted to see how she trained. He did learn that she trained so fierce that theirs spar looked like warm ups for her. He also noticed that Mito was playing some kind of political game and he hated those. He decided to train harder so he could show how he was right and both Mito and his father wrong. 





Mito went home after training where she trained some more but in different fields like meditation and seals and she also trained with Isobu. They think Mito could handle one tail transformation but they also thought she still shouldn't use it. 





On Saturday, that day was saved for dealing with paperwork, she would do some research like who was going to participate in chunin exam and to see if she changed too many things already. She also needed to see if she could see any information about Iwa frontline. 

Mito wondered if she could use a henge when she would watch her teams fight in chunin. But her idea was crushed when Hokage asked her if she would be sitting with him in lodge during chunin exam finals. She couldn't refuse him really and that would be a great chance to show how close her relationship with Hokage and village was. That would probably ease some of problems with her not being born here. 


Chapter Text







Did find some informations about possible genin who could participate in chunin exam. She wasn't surprised that she could only recognize the names of her students. She after all didn't really know much of person in this time. The information on the Iwa battlefield were more interesting they as far as she know weren't as detailed as those she read in manga, but it mattered to her it gave her some insight on how long is left before Kannabi bridge mission. 





Mito was trying her best to act polite every time Danzo would come in Hokage's office. It seemed like he would come on Saturday just to see her few times. Hokage and him would spoke some words but to Mito those words weren't that important that Danzo had to come here every 4 to 5 hours. 





Hokage suspected that Danzo was after Mito, Hokage was setting the trap around Danzo, so he thought that it would be faster if Mito was bait. So he asked :"Mito-Chan, Do you wish to get rid of Danzo quickly." 

Mito responded:" As quickly as possible. Danzo is too dangerous." 

Hokage asked :" Then how about you help us." 

Mito eyes buldged:" You want to use me as a bait, right. I can do it if you make sure nothing happens to me. "

Hokage was glad they were on same page and same side. He only needs to worry about Orochimaru, who looks like he gets want Hokage is doing but isn't supporting neither of them. Maybe Hokage should introduce Orochimaru to Mito. He may find her more interesting. But how to do that. 







Mito as usual followed her schedule but this time she wasn't spyed by Asuma no she was spyed by Kushina who was obviously pissed at her for not seeing her over a week. While Mito knew that she had all rights to be angry at her she decided to be little kid and get most of Kushina spying on her. 

Mito said:"Kushina - San, your chakra control really sucks, I could feel you from miles away." 

Kushina creepy smiled:" is that how you avoided me for a week." 

Mito answered :"Not really I was here for whole week." 

Kushina was pissed :"You are lying, I was here yesterday, after asking Asuma if he knew where you trained." 

Mito answered :" and I told him not to talk about me, but who cares. I am helping Hokage - sama with his paperwork on Saturdays, so that's why I wasn't here." 

Kushina was even more pissed she wanted to make it clear that Mito was wrong for not meeting her only family in Konoha :" That doesn't mean that you can just ignore me for a week. "

Mito didn't look offended and said :" I was training, and I didn't forget about you, I just like you have a life." 

Kushina said:"You are coming for dinner tonight." 

Mito :" I must refuse." 

Kushina was confused :"What, why."

Mito answered :" I don't feel like it." 

Kushina exploded at that moment she wanted to beat this girl. Her hair was rising a looked like nine tails. Mito responded by rising her hair in three tails. 






Mito spoke first :" How about a bet, if you knock me down in 10 hits and I don't manage to land five hits, I will eat with you every 4 days. But if I win then I don't need to eat with you." 

Kushina was startled by this proposal. But she couldn't agree with it :" 3" 

Mito asked :"What" 

Kushina smiled and answered :" every 3 days, no actually 3 times a week." 

Mito answered :"fine." 





Kushina jumped down and stretched. While Mito just stared at her watching how flexible Kushina was, and looking for any advantage. Kushina was soon ready but they couldn't start just yet. It looked like Minato found her too. So Mito lifted her hand in signal to stop Kushina for saying anything. 




Mito said :" Minato - San could you jump down here." and there he was jumping down. But before he could say anything. Mito asked him :" Could you do us a favor, and be a judge in this little bet." 

Minato was alarmed he knew Kushina was up to no good when she went towards Sarutobi clan training grounds. He didn't expect her to be with Mito though. He thought that she would do a prank but this may be worse. 

Minato asked:" What do I need to do. "

Mito answered :"it will easy, you will announce Victor, you see if Kushina - San manages to knock me down with 10 hits she is winner and if I manage to hit her five times I win." 

Minato asked :"Is everything allowed." 

Both said at the same time with heat :"Yes" 

Minato nodded his head this will be problem for sure. 







Minato announced the start. Both of Uzumaki on the field raised their hair trying to intimidate opponent. They managed to intimidate Minato. Kushina was more frustrated and more eager to fight a teach Mito a lecture so she moved first. Minato thought that was mistake on her part and it was. Mito managed to land a hit before avoiding her attack completely. Kushina realized this isn't going to work so she retreated to her previous position. She knew that she was now in disadvantage so she had to knock Mito as soon as possible it would be best if she knocked her out in first hit. 






Mito knew what was going on Kushina mind so she decided to play long distance fight. She used her Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu. And made herself almost unapproachable, she gave Kushina a path but both of them knew that was a trap. Kushina didn't have a choice she needed to fight long distance too, but she was close combat specialist. She had only one jutsu that worked from distance, her genkai kenkai, chakra chains they did drain her a lot but she didn't have any choice. 





As soon as Mito saw chakra chains appearing from Kushina, she panicked she knew those things costed a lot of chakra so she needed to block most of them, thankfully she had all the rocks in the air so she only asked Isobu to help her of need saying that this will be a good test. 

8 chakra chain shoot towards Mito. Mito launched rocks the best she could while concentrating on gathering Isobu chakra. 

She managed to block 5 of chakra chains with the rocks and they disappeared. Then she shocked both Kushina and Minato her hands were covered with red chakra. Biju chakra. She blocked two of remaining chakra chains but couldn't block the third because unexpectedly a fourth chain shot from beneath her and she got two scratches. She healed quickly and destroyed rest of chakra chains. 





Both Minato and Kushina were surprised did Mito just use biju chakra to defend herself. But Kushina regained her fight sense and dodged water bullet which was shot from far away. She had to dodge a lot she didn't have any chance to attack. When it seemed like Mito stopped using this tactic she rushed forward and saw that Mito again used Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu. Kushina though if Mito goal was to tire out her. If it was then she wouldn't do it. 






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Kushina knew she shouldn't use chakra chains anymore. She only could use fuinjutsu now. But she knew Mito wouldn't let her. Kushina had to throw paper bombs at rocks that were in the air. Mito smiled and said:" You are making your situation harder." and indeed it was harder now. All of the tiny blocks of rocks were still in air and there now were 3 times more of them. 

Kushina had to do something, she jumped backwards and started running in the woods, while she run she made some gravity seals, Mito slowly walked so that her rocks could follow her. Kushina was finally done and puted the seal on the ground waiting to activate it when Mito was in range. Kushina waited for few seconds to make sure Mito was in range she hid seal with her foot so Mito wouldn't suspect anything. 





Kushina activated it and all of the rocks had fell down, but Mito didn't. Mito said:" I must say I didn't expect you to write it so fast, but I have antigravity seals on my clothes." 

Kushina was surprised :" Did you write them yourself" 

Mito answered :"Yes, I did" 

Kushina exclaimed :" But that is intermediate level of fuinjutsu, and you are only 11. How are you this good at that age." 

Mito answered :" I don't know I didn't have anyone to compere with." 

Kushina was saddened by those words that she almost didn't dodge water gun quick shot jutsu. She had to move quickly because Mito had thrown some kunai and shuriken in between the shots. 







Kushina now had more of chance because she was now in close combat. Mito tried to make as much of distance as she could. That didn't last long. Kushina managed to three more hits before Mito managed to do Mud wall and block some of the heavy hits from Kushina. While Kushina tried to break the wall down. Mito gathered enough chakra for Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. And just when Kushina broke the wall down water dragon shot through the gap and hit Kushina. So Kushina was thrown backwards and quite far at that. Minato counted the hits Kushina had made 5 and Mito had done didn't look good for Kushina. But it seemed like Mito had lost a lot chakra. Minato could hear her mumble :" I am on half of reserves, then I should use minimal of chakra from now." 





This time Mito shot forwards and started taijutsu spar. Kushina wasn't ready for it she was trying to stand up but now she had to dodge Mito kicks. She unexpectedly was kick from the left when she clearly saw Mito hand coming from the right. Kushina knew she couldn't defend herself as good as she could attack. So she took initiative in attacking most of her attacks were blocked, but at least she could predict Mitos moves. In this exchange of hits. Mito managed to hit Kushina once more and Kushina managed to hit Mito three times. So result was 8 against 4. Kushina had attack agresivly and knock Mito. So she used her maximum of speed and attacked with no holding back. She hit once but Mito was still in game she made her final move this attack was so precise and fast that Mito didn't even react. Howere this Kushina was too focused on attack that she didn't notice where Mito was aiming with her hand. 





Mito was knocked out, but Kushina was on the ground two, holding her stomach. In last seconds as Mito was passing out. Mitos fists hit her stomach with full force. 

Minato waited for both Uzumakis to stood up. Kushina weazing from the ground :" She is uncouncious." 

Minato checked it and Mito really was out. That only meant one thing. After few minutes Mito comeback finally expecting that she lost but Minato had announced a draw. He explained how she managed to hit Kushina as she was passing out. 




Mito then said:" Well honestly I didn't see this coming, I thought I would lose quickly." 

Kushina was surprised at those words:" Are you saying that you made this bet just to have dinner with me, how sweet." 

Mito looked at her and said with no fealings :"I am sorry but no, that wasn't the reason, I just wanted to see how strong you are." 

Kushina :" is that so but I want to have dinner with us, and we didn't decide what happens if it is a draw." 

Mito wonder for few seconds :" fine. Once a week. Choose a day carefully. No Saturdays. "

Minato and Kushina smiled and thought, which day, which day, Minato said:"How about Monday." 

Mito answered :"Fine with me." 





Mito said goodbye to Kushina and Minato and continued her training she had left few katas and to stretch. Minato and Kushina went home. Kushina praised Mito all the way towards the home. While Minato only nodded his head. Minato was happy seeing both Uzumaki interact, he too was surprised how advanced Mito was in fuinjutsu, even for a Uzumaki. Uzumaki were usually at beginners level until age of 12, and genius in fuinjutsu would reach master level at the age of 16, but Mito was very close to that level already, maybe they could teach her some fuinjutsu stuff. 









While Mito went to her apartment she was surprised by Genma who was just in front of her doors. He looked hesitant about knocking so she decided to slowly and sneakily approach him from behind and say in his ear whispering :" What are you doing here." 

Genma got goosebumps all over his body, his face was as red as her hair he mumble so fast she didn't understand half of it :" I um,,, i wasn't going to knock, I mean I was but I couldn't, I didn't have courage, I am sorry," and then he exclaimed :" woah, Mito-can, how long were you here. Hahaha" 

Mito titled her head and asked:"since when did you." 

Genma panicked :" no way I would notice you if you were here for half a hour." 

Mito answered :" I didn't say I was here since you came, I asked when you were here, I only came now few seconds ago. But I most ask did you need something. "

Genma panicked and said :" Well no, I mean yes, I wanted to ask you something. "

Mito then said :" do you want to come in and ask inside. "

Genma wonder for few seconds and nodded his head. They entered. Mito lead them into living room and said she would make some tea. 




Chapter Text








Genma was so nervous waiting for a tea, his hands could not stop moving his hands were sweaty. He heard Mito voice from the kitchen :"Is everything okay, you seem to be on edge." 

Genma panicked and nodded :" I just have something to ask, but I don't know how you will react." 

Mito was confused and curious about the Genma saying this :" I don't know, I don't think you can surprise me with anything. "

She brought the tea it had calming smell and Genma drank it as soon as Mito had left it on the table in front of him, Mito even gesture to drink it slowly. It didn't seem like it worked so she gave Genma her own tea too, while she went for another cup. 

Genma wasn't ready yet he knew, but if he was here already he had to say something, if he didn't it would be weird and Mito would probably avoid him. But he wasn't ready he had went to her apartment on a whim. He didn't even realize he was standing in front of it. So he only assumed he was there for a half hour, but I could be even more. Mito was back she didn't ask anything she could see that Genma was lost in his thoughts. She could wait after all she was interested. 







Genma finally spoke :" I know this is probably out the blue for you, but I most say it now. I think I like you. In fact I know I like you, but I don't like as a friend, I like you for your beauty for your personality. I think it was a love on first sight." 

When he stopped talking and finally looked up from his second cup of tea he could see a red Mito, she was so red, he almost thought she turned her back towards him. She looked so cute, he wanted to squeeze her cheeks. She didn't respond, she only took her coup of tea and slowly drank it. Genma knew that she was still processing it. Mito finally said something :" it seems I was wrong, you really surprised me there. It kinda makes sense your behavior around me, I just didn't notice it I geuss. But I can't say I like you as lover though, but I can see your potential as one. I think that I will need some time to properly process everything and to understand this situation we are in. But I am not against it at all. I just need some time. It might be long period because I never was in this situation before you see. "




Genma face was bright, he wasn't rejected, he wasn't rejected, that was all that mattered. He couldn't stop smiling he was so happy. Mito also smiled. He then said :" I will give you as much as time as you need. I just wanted to lift this stone from my heart." 

Mito nodded :"I don't want anybody knowing about this though, because they might pressure us. So please keep it secret. Okay."

Genma nodded his head and said:"okay." 

Genma finished his tea and was ready to go home. Mito walked him to the front of house she had a apartment in and they said their goodbyes. 





Later that night Mito couldn't sleep well she was wondering if it was okay, wonder if everything would be fine, wonder if this are supposed to move this way, she didn't know answers to these questions, she knew she will never knew too. While she in her (his) previous life, didn't experience love, she(he) did have a crush on somebody. She dreamt that day about her. That person had a brown hair, her kind brown eyes that could heal any broken heart, her smooth skin, her rare smiles, her soft voice, her determination in everything she did. That was everything the person Mito was before wanted from her(his) parent. But the person Mito was before wasn't anything like Mito. He was shy he didn't believe that anything good could happen to him. He never tried new things, he wasn't ambitious. He was always a friend to his crush, and he was always satisfied with their relationship. One of the reasons why he never conffeses to that girl was that actually one of his bullies from his class always made comments about them being too close like a couple. He knew she didn't like him like that, he wasn't her type at all, so he had to allways denied that. After some times he started to talk less with that girl. She didn't ask why. Inside he was scared that his bullies would go after her. The boy who didn't know love, who loved, cared too much, he knew he shouldn't be friends with anyone anymore. He could see the girls crying face… 






Mito woke up screaming all sweaty. She never expected to have dreams about her past life, she knew that she wasn't that person anymore, she tried so hard to change herself. She didn't want to go back to being unloved, to being useless. She still wasn't sure what to do, but she couldn't go back. 









Genma also couldn't sleep well. But he only thought about Mito, he still feared her rejection, but he mostly wondered how long would it take Mito to say her answer. He also didn't want to be rejected before chunin exams. He also wondered if he could keep it secret. He wondered if he could take her on dates. He barely slept but he was super motivated the next morning. His training seemed to easy now.






Kakashi also barely slept, but he didn't know the reason for it, he was feeling annoxoius and he couldn't help but to feel like he missed something. He felt that he didn't know something, something he should know. He felt it was somehow realeted to Mito. He was always confused about Mito, because every time he thought about her he could feel his heart speed up, he could also something every time he saw her with Genma even before he learned Genma was having crush on her. Then it hited him, he was jealous on Genma, he realized that he also had a crush on Mito. He was terrified of that. He didn't want to become fangirl. He was restless. He did not want to chase Mito but he also didn't want to let Genma have her. He was selfish, but he knew Mito made him better, he now fitted everywhere better. He had to confess soon. But he didn't know when he would have a chance. 





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Mito trained as usual she didn't let confession bother her, she still had some thinking to do. And it looked like she could think only at night. She still was terrified by last night dream, she didn't want dreamt it again, she couldn't handle it. She concreted on her training which showed some progress. 





Later in the day she went to have dinner with Kushina. Well it was supposed to be just them, but the whole team 7 joined. Mito knew this was planned. Team 7 without their sensei acted like they were surprised by Mito coming, so she just played along. 






Dinner was delicious and atmosphere was good enough so she didn't have time to think about Genma. She felt somehow closer to Kushina and Minato by the end, she always wondered what family feels like, but she also knew that even in this life she shouldn't get to close to anybody until she deals with Mađara and Black Zetsu. 




At the end of the dinner while Mito was lost in her thoughts, everyone was cleaning the table, and Kushina took Kakashi by his hand. Kushina was about to say something to make Kakashi realize that he had crush on Mito. But Kakashi managed to speak first:" Kushina - nesan, I have crush on Mito." Kushina was surprised by Kakashi realizing that, but Kakashi continued :" I don't know what to do, I don't want to be like fangrils chasing her everyday, everywhere, I am afraid that she will not like me back, but I also afraid that if I don't do anything she will fall for Genma." 

Kushina didn't think that Kakashi had thought so much about it :" Well I know you won't become a fangrils, because you know how it feels to be chased around, and I think you are right to think you should make a move, why not today. "




Kakashi was considering this idea:" I don't think I am ready Kushina - nesan." 

Kushina :" do you think that you have time, you just realized you have crush on her, while Genma had known longer he maybe already made a move. "

Kakashi said :" You are saying I should hurry." 

Kushina and Kakashi then planed everything. 








Mito was finally out of her thoughts when Kushina and Kakashi walked from upstairs, she didn't even notice them going up, so she searched for a clock to see how long she was in her thoughts and if she needed to go. She realized she overstayed. And was about to head home when Kakashi came closer to her and said:" Do you mind if I take you home." 

Mito answered :" I don't mind, but I don't think it is necessary." 

Kakashi thought he was defeated but Kushina saved him:" Well that is true Mito - Chan, you don't need protection but it is improper for royals of Uzumaki clan to move alone at night. "

Kakashi nodded his head, while rest of team 7 wondered what was going on. 







Mito felt persure on her coming from Kushina. So she had to accept. She didn't get what Kushina wanted. But she had to play along. 

Kakashi had slight blush but Mito couldn't see it because the mask. They walked home. Mito wondered if Kushina wanted to know where she lived, but was afraid to ask. 






The rest of Team 7 wondered what was going on. They asked Kushina :" why did you send Kakashi with her." 

Kushina faked her answer :"Well you see I wanted to learn where she lived, but also didn't want her walking home alone, and best way to both is to make Kakashi take her home, she after all trust him more than me." 







Meanwhile Genma felt suddenly anxious, he was just getting ready for sleep, his day went well, he was extremely happy all day, and didn't know what was happening. 







Kakashi gathered all the courage he could and said while they talked:" I wanted to say something to you." 

Mito humed and said:" go ahead" 

Kakashi :" I don't know how to say it, it will definitely surprise you as it surprised me. But I realized something." Kakashi stopped saying anything gathering more courage. 

Mito hummed as encouragment. Kakashi felt revealed and said:" I think I have crush on you, I only realized it yesterday, but I don't want anybody to steal you from me. "

Mito now notice redness on Kakashi ears. She also felt blood rush to her face. She stopped in the middle of road

She didn't move for few seconds, neither did Kakashi. Mito slowly breathed out and spoke slowly :" I don't know how to express myself, I know that you aren't good at expressing your emotions, but I think that we are same at that, it kinda surprised me and I will have to think about it. Right now I have a lots of stuff to think about and I can't say when I will be able to respond to your confession. "

Kakashi was startled at first by her honest reaction but he smiled under his mask and said:" that is fine I can wait fot it. "





Kakashi walked her to apartment. They walked there in awkward silence luckily he confessed close to her apartment. Mito said goodbye first and entered the apartment. When she closed the door she leaned on them and slowly sat down on the ground. Her mind was going to places she never knew existed, she was so confused with this situation she found herself in. She didn't know what to do she didn't know who to ask advice from. She still didn't have many friends, only friend she had was Rin, but she could not talk about this with her. That left only two options. Isobu and Sage. She doubted that they could help her, but for now she better ask Isobu. 






She sat on her bed and started to meditate, soon she was in front Isobu who didn't look disturbed by her sudden visit. In fact it seemed to Mito that Isobu already knew what was troubling her. Well of course he did he could feel what she feels, he could hear what she thinks, because she doesn't restrict him in any kind or forms. 






Isobu spoke first:"Mito-Chan, did you come for a piece of advice." 

Mito answered :"Yes I did, I believe you know what situation looks like." 

Isobu spoke:"indeed I do, I personally think that best thing for now is to focus on training and waiting for Sage and his new informations, besides you can't be happy with neither of them before you make everything all right. You still can think about it, but don't overthink it. You asked for a time and they gave it to you. "

Mito was thankful :" I agree with you, and I thank you for advice. I will try not to burden you with this kinds of thoughts from now on. "

Isobu said:" You didn't do anything wrong, you know, you can always ask me for anything. "

Mito laughed :" First time I meet you were acting like lost young boy, and now you are acting like fatherly figure. "

Isobu seemed embarrassed :" if you want to i can act like this more often. "



Mito laughed like an angel, she seemed so pure at that moment, she felt her burden vanish. She now knew hoe to behave. 



Chapter Text










Saturday morning, Mito was slowly and carefully walking towards Hokage Tower, she did not meet with anybody since Kakashi confession, she didn't really hide she just didn't go to market place, basically she would just go from her apartment to Sarutobi clan training grounds and back to her apartment. She hoped that everybody would understand. She now was walking to Hokage tower only because she promised to help Hokage with his paperwork. Everything was ready for her, every person in Hokage tower knew she was coming in they even prepared a chair just for her in Hokage office. 




She greeted Hokage and Hokage greeted her back. She went to sit down and was pissed off, Hokage had neglected paperwork this whole week. She wanted to scream, but that wouldn't do her anything good. She looked murderously at Hokage, he for second shivered, he wanted to run away when he saw Mito put up the fakest smile. Hokage made a note to never let paperwork pile up again and to never piss of Mito again. Mito mumbled something like:"This old man, does he not know that chunin exam are around the corner, they are in 10 days, does he not no how much of work will he have then, he should do everything on time before someone kills him." 

Hokage already knew she talked like this when she wanted to threat him, but this time the threat seemed more serious. Hokage was scared. Around noon Hokage had to go somewhere. 






Mito opened the door and puted on them sign which said don't disturb. She continued her work, unfortunately she stil couldn't see doors from the papers that were piled on Hokage's desk. She knew that Hokage had something important to do but she was angry at him so she decided she will prank him. But not now, she will prank him on chunin exams, yeah that will be great she has a lot of time for planning. 







Her musing were interrupted by someone suddenly entering Hokage office. She thought it was Hokage, but her senses said otherwise. She slowly spoke to the visitor :"I am sorry but Hokage - sama, isn't here right now you are free to leave a message." then second person who entered made her tremble. She recognized that snakish chakra. 

Anko who came first was taken back and bursted:" Who do you think you are to be so rude to Sensei. "

Orochimaru stepped when he realized that the person in office did not react to Anko, only persons with control over their emotions could do that. And she sounded quite young. He couldn't see her from this angle, but he could feel her chakra was huge. Orochimaru said:" I must apologize on my student behalf, I had arranged meeting with him at this time." 

Mito said:"I see, he didn't mention anything like that, he did leave around noon and said that he wouldn't take more than an hour." Mito looked at the watch and it said 1.15 pm. She then continued :"He must have been held longer. You can always wait for him here. " she said that as she picked another paper from the top. 




Anko was about to say something but Orochimaru stopped her, he answered :" we will wait here." 

Mito wonder if she will have to leave the office for this conversation. Anko tryed to see to whom she spoke, she gestured to Orochimaru to pick her up. He at first didn't do anything, but he too was curious so he did it. When he lifted Anko and brought her down. He whishper to say what she saw. He was surprised when Anko said she saw only red hair. Apparently the person was quite small an was on high chair similar to Hokage's, her hair was long. 





Orochimaru wonder if this girl was the rumored Uzumaki princess of the village. Anko did say that this rumor was indeed truth. He also wonder if his sensei wanted him to meet this girl. Soon his wondering was interrupted with Hokage entering office. Hokage stiffed only for second, before greeting both Orochimaru and Anko he apologized to all off them for waiting. Hokage asked Mito :"Mito - Chan did I interduced you with my students before." 

Mito answered with:"Hokage - sama, last time I asked about them you said that they had important missions." 

Hokage then said:"Come then, I will introduce you now." 

Mito jumped down from her chair, everyone heard that. She slowly walked towards Hokage, the first thing that Orochimaru saw was red hair, then it was her legs which were shorter than Anko's, her hands were also shorter. She wore what it seemed as training outfit, which was all black. Mito made eye contact with Orochimaru. Her greenish blue eyes met those golden ones. She didn't seem scared of him, but she definitely was cautious. 

Mito spoke first with confidence :"I am Uzumaki Mito, the last princess of Uzumaki clan also genin of Konoha. It is pleasure to meet you." Anko was surprised by her introduction. 

Orochimaru then said :" I am Orochimaru, one of the three Sanin and student of current Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. And this is Anko, she is my student she is a chunin right now. It is my pleasure to meet you. "

Anko protested :" I could introduce myself. You also didn't say how great you are Sensei. "

Orochimaru wanted to punch himself. Mito quietly looked at Hokage waiting for his orders. Orochimaru wonder if Mito was waiting to be thrown outside because she obviously thought they were going to talk about something important. Which was indeed correct they needed to speak about something important. He too waited what would be said. 






Hokage finally spoke:" Anko - Chan, did you have something to report." 

Anko nodded her head and gave Hokage some kind of document, which Hokage gave to Mito, who obviously was displeased by that action. Hokage then said:"Anko - Chan you may leave now." 

Anko was about to protests again, but one look from Orochimaru shut her up. She walked out. Hokage said:" Take a seat." 

Mito wondered to whom he spoke those words but she returned to her previous position. Orochimaru wonder if Mito was as trustworthy as Hokage thought. Orochimaru waited for Hokage to begin. 






Hokage asked:" Did you complite your mission. "

Orochimaru asnwerd :" Yes without any problems." 

Hokage asked :"Did you consider my offer." 

Orochimaru :" Are you talking about that offer which would give me more research capacity." 

Orochimaru could hear something that sounded like a curse, and by look on Hokage face it was definitely directed to him. 

Orochimaru continued :" I will accept this offer and I will cooperate with you. I will tell you everything about my and Danzo relationship. I will tell you everything that he tried to make me do."

Mito stood up and activated set of seals. And said:"just in case i felt some new Anbu coming in. He posebly was Root he had tainted chakra pathways." 

Orochimaru was alarmed did this girl just said that, he asked :" Mito-san, are you chakra sensor." 

Mito smiled and answered :" I sense more than that, you know, I sense the darkness itself. "

Orochimaru asked Hokage :" Was she the reason he was found out. I must say I am impressed." 

Mito smiled creaply:"If I was Hokage, you wouldn't have this chance to redeem yourself. You almost followed Danzo, you only became cautious when you realized he was under investigation." 

Hokage wondered what kind of reaction was Mito after. Orochimaru didn't seem fazed at all he answered :" I only searched for knowledge and Danzo promised me that. "

Mito then smiled:" do you think that I am naive, if I said that I have more knowledge than him would you follow me." Orochimaru was taken by surprised, he didn't think that this girl could argue back. Orochimaru said :" I don't see a point in lying, indeed I wanted to follow him because it would benefit me in more than one way. "

Mito asked:" Did he promise to help you reach immortalty. I can promise you that. I after all had crazy master and he thought me the process. He died because only Uzumaki can become immortal. But you could always modify your body. "






Hokage wanted her to stop she never spoke about this. He looked surprised at her hoping she was bluffing. Orochimaru then said:" You seem to know all about my desires, but can I trust you, can I know you aren't bluffing. "

Mito asked :" How did you know he wasn't bluffing."

But before Orochimaru answered, Mito said :"I will give you some of my blood. As first step. Then when your body reacts positivly I will teach you how to do it." 

Orochimaru asked then :" why don't you show me how it is done by becoming immortal."

Mito answered :" That can't happen I want to peacefully die someday. "

Orochimaru shouted:" bullshit, there isn't a person who wants to die. "

Mito was pissed :" What do you know about what other want, unlike you i fear living, I fear loving, I fear everything. But you only fear death and not knowing things. You are more basic than anyone in this village. "





Orochimaru then asked :" what is name of this jutsu you will teach me. "

Mito answered :" it is Uzumaki clan secret. "

Orochimaru said :" if that is so, then be it, I will tell you know what I know. "





Hokage asked Mito if she bluffed by writing it on paper while she writes down everything Orochimaru said against Danzo. She noted down' Partly. I can teach him how to become immortal but he does not need Uzumaki blood for it.' 


Chapter Text









Mito managed to ask Kushina about dinner plans. Mito convinced Kushina that they two should eat alone in Akimichi restaurant. Kushina did wonder why. And Mito answered :" I know you know about Kakashi, but you are asking why I am avoiding Kakashi, it is simple I still don't know what I am feeling for him and there are other things I need to worry about. I don't think I will have answer for years honestly." 

Kushina knew how difficult it was for someone that doesn't belong to fit in, so she thought Mito felt like that. They had peaceful conversations, in which Kushina could see how mature Mito was, and how much she pretend to be okay. 





Meanwhile every genin in generation was getting ready for chunin exam, Genma progressed so much in last few weeks. Choza wonder if Genma confessed to that girl. Choza could see know how much that girl contributed to this team. Ebisu got stronger, while he wasn't as strong as chunin should be he wasn't far behind. Guy was getting better at other elements, but his main focus still was taijutsu. 







Kakashi and Anko were in charge of doing chunin exams so they had a lot of job. Usually this job would be given to jonin, but most of them were on Iwa front. And Hokage had to do it this way. The closer the chunin exams came those two had less time, but also they had less things to do. The hardest part was that they had to secure everything. 







Mito trained as usual and was blessed by peace. Even Saturday was peaceful probably because Hokage was scared of her. She still had a lot of paperwork to do but it was manageable. Hokage spent less time in his office checking everything with Kakashi and Anko one last time. The last task was to keep everything for 3 days same. 








In this chunin unlike the ones Naruto participated, wasn't allowed to kill your opponent, and they didn't have written exams, it was designed basically to see who was ready for war, but also to protect any possible future forces. As it was a war time only Konoha genin participated. The first part of chunin exams was similar to ones Naruto took. The were held in Forrest of death, but the didn't need to take scrolls but to halfed genin teams by knocking out the whole team. From 16 teams that took part only 8 could participate in premils. The time limit was also shorter, they had 2 two days to complete it. To pass this test they also needed to take a badge from the team they knocked out. Only teams with their one badge and one extra badge could make it. And then only 12 genin could get in finals. While everyone had chance to get promotion, if you ranked in top 12 your chances were huge. At least that was what Mito read in one of the reports Anko presented. 








Most of teams which entered were ones that failed the previous ones. Some of them found it weird that 9 year old was chunin examinitor. But those who knew Kakashi didn't asked themselves that question. 










The first half of test Mito found boring, the genin teams that were here were weak, and others were unparticed in teamwork, like team 7 because they did not have Kakashi but some nameless kid who barely knew how to hold kunai. Mito watched it with Hokage on his crystal ball. She was at first excited and couldn't wait to see them fight, but soon her exicetment was replaced with disappointment. Of the teams in exam, there stood out team 4, team 6 and team Choza, team 7 was doing good but they lacked teamwork. 






She had left before a hour passed. She said that she could already see who would pass. She decided to train. She hoped that prelims would be more fun. Hokage asked her yesterday if she would go watch them live tommorow in his place. She accepted glady, but now she started to regret it. Mito also wondered if some teams would go for more than one badge and eliminating more than one team. The only team that could think about that was team 6 with Asuma being the brains, but also Genma could think about that too. Mito hoped they wouldn't do that it would make it more boring. 





Tuesday, Mito slowly walked through village smiling beautifuly she wore her best training outfit. It had golden engraving with Uzumaki simbol, it was black. Her shirt was long sleaved and she had gloves black ones she also had beautiful make up,. She went to training grounds 44 or Forrest of death, where some anbus were waiting for her to take her to tower in the middle of forest. It was reported that 8 teams managed to complete the test. So moving now in forrest wouldn't be considered interfince. Mito could feel the amount of chakra that was used in forrest, which was more than she expected but nowhere near her fight with Fuguki or Kushina. She confidatly walked in tower and had received many looks from participants. But she did ignored everyone and headed towards gallery, anbu follwing every steps she made. 




Genins were confused by her entrance. The knew she was princess but still she was genin like them, was she using her status to participate. While 11 of 24 genin know she wouldn't do that they also were confused. After being completely ignored and seeing her moving towards gallery. Those 11 looked at Kakashi and Anko to see them also confused. Genin thought that this wasn't planned. 





Until both Kakashi and Anko facepalmed. Kakashi started yelling at Anko :" When you said you misplaced one paper from Hokage, was it one with informations about who would represent Hokage today." 

Anko nervously smiled :"I geuss so." 

Kakashi was about to explode. When he heard Mito speak :" As a representative of Hokage I will read his message to you. It says:" fight well, for the future, for the past, for the present, you are generation filled with will of fire, so let it burn." Anko - san and Kakashi - San, you have premision to explain the rules and to start prelims. "




While Kakashi and Anko read the rules, Mito looked at the genins to see who passed. It didn't surprise her about team 4, 6,team Choza and team 7. But the rest she did not know. There were some of noble clans but she could not recognize anyone. She honestly didn't know why she even tried to recognize them, she knew that in this time period she didn't know anybody. As she expected the rules were the same you had to knock somebody out for pass or they needed to surrender. Mito didn't expect much from other participants. But she also didn't know who would hight who first. It was very unlikely that her students wouldn't face each other. Kakashi looked at her, she just nodded him to continue she didn't know what he had said, but she played along. It turned out that he asked for permission to use the prelims computer which would reveal who would fight who. 

The first name caught her attention. 




Chapter Text










The first name caught her attention. She knew that name it was very important but she couldn't recognize him in the crowed. Shisui had short, unkempt, dark-coloured hair, black eyes and a relatively broad nose and well-defined eyelashesIt. Uchiha Shisui and his opponent was the guy from team 7. Mito was relieved that it wasn't Obito. While she did not know how strong Shisui was she thought he strongest opponent to the rest of her team's. The fight did not last long. Shisui was too fast and too strong for this guy. He knocked him in less than minute. So Mito did not have time to see how strong he actually was. But she geused he was at least around Obito level. 




And obito was ranked at least in her opinion 8 out eleven. Ebisu was still the weakest then it was Rin and then Kurenai. Well it now seemed like she will have to look forward to finals. Mito smiled at the direction of Shisui who for moment was stunned. He thought she saw right through him, she seemed at first surprised to see his name and now she seems satisfied with him. He also followed the gazes from Kakashi and Genma who kept watching Mito and him. He was so confused. When Anko surprised him by saying :" You can move out, so we can continue." apparently he wasn't supposed to stare back for so long. 





The next match was Ebisu against Rin. And both of them before their fight started bowed before Mito showing respect. Shisui looked confused did that person deserve such respect she was only genin. Soon the fight started. Both Rin and Ebisu stood there waiting for other to make first move. Mito was impressed for how long Ebisu waited, he still moved first. They started taijutsu battle in which surprising for most genin Rin had advantage. Her kicks were more precise, her moves were faster than his. But he did have strength over her, but unfortunately he couldn't land a critical hit. Rin fineshed it by unexpectedly using slight genjutsu. She knocked him out in 5 minutes of time. She again bowed to Mito who smiled back. Even if Shisui didn't know how strong Ebisu was he knew that Rin was fangril of Kakashi, but both of these guys showed that they were strong than his teammates. He also wondered if Mito and team 7 had special relationship. 






The next fight was between Kurenai and some other girl. Kurenai also showed her respect to Mito. The fight ended quickly, the opponent of Kurenai did not know how to break a simple genjutsu. She did put a good fight before faling into it. But Mito could see that Kurenai wasn't fighting full force, she planned every attack so she knew when exactly to put genjutsu in use. Mito smiled back. 




The next match was between Guy and girl from Shisui team. Mito deducted by hearing the boys chears. While Guy showed respect to Mito. The rest of genin were already weirded by this kind behavior. Well at least it seemed that way. Guy said that he is sorry but he can't go easy on her even if she is girl. Shisui knew that these two were mismatch. The girl from his team was medic and she could fight only from distance and he know that Guy was close range combat type just by looking at his body type. However he did not expect to see him move so fast only few could follow his movements. His teammate wasn't one of them she jumped to get as much distance as possible. She couldn't last long because Guy would always shorten the distance and she was heading towards a corner. This fight seemed boring for everyone else but it seemed Mito was watching with so much interest. Girl was by the knocked with first hit. She did managed to run for whole 2 minutes. 




Next fight was Hayate and some Hyuga boy. Mito wondered if this was going to be a problem for Hayate. He bowed she smiled. And again Shisui could feel tension raise just slightly it seemed to be coming firm his left and only team seated there was team Choza. And it came from Genma, he could also see that Kakashi had similar expression on his face. He wondered if they were jealous. The fight was interesting because Hayate and Hyuga boy both fought in close range, however Hayate had his sword and he wasn't in range of any attacks of Hyuga. Hyuga could see better where Hayate tried to attack him. They were fighting for over 10 minutes only hits were done by Hayate but they were only scratches. Hyuga was slowly getting weaker and weaker his blood lost was minimal but him using byakugan for whole fight was exhausting. It costed him so much chakra. So he couldn't keep with Hayate anymore and was knocked by quick kick in stomach. The match was over and Hayate bowed so deaply that Mito had smiled so brightly the whole room looked like it was greated by first sun's rayes . 






The next match was between some kid from Nara clan and Obito. Mito could hear Shisui cheer for Obito. But she wondered if he could win this. He was obviously stronger but Nara obliviously had some kind of plan unlike Obito who loved to fight with instincts. Obito bow wasn't as deep like the participants that came before him, he still got small smile from her. Shisui wonder if they weren't at good relationships. The whole obliviously knew Mito so it couldn't be that Obito didn't know her. And it seemed that Mito was most concerned about this fight. Shisui also wondered if Obito could win. The fight started very boringly both Obito and Nara kid were trying to hit each other with kunai. They seemed to stayed at same distance it seemed that Obito was careful about the range of Nara clan jutsu. He avoided getting near at all cost. He tried with one of his improved kunai bombs to distract Nara. But Nara saw it coming and dodged just in time, however he wasn't as fast as Obito was and didn't see Obito expecting to jump in this direction and he was meet with one of Obito fists before he could do anything. Obito continued hitting him until he collapse. It was most match with most broken bones. Obito broke Nara's nose. Obito bowed again and rushed to take his seat quickly he was too happy that he didn't notice a smile on Kakashi face. Kakashi felt proud now rest of team 7 was most likely to get promoted. 






Mito was satisfied with how things went for now. Out 6 finalist she had 5, and she got to see one young genius. It seemed like it everything was going to be fine today. 

Next match was Tokaru against what seemed a 13 year old Yamanaka. She seemed like feirce fighter, Mito also wondered if she was somehow realeted to Ino, like aunt or something, because she seemed to look a lot like her. Tokaru almost fell down the stairs while he was walking down to stage. He was so nervous that he almost bowed to the ground. Mito gesture to calm himself by breathing. It seemed like it worked. 



Chapter Text








Mito was surprised to see Yamanaka girl have auburn coloured hair and amber eyes. She couldn't pinpoint where she saw this, she thought she knew who this was. While battle just started Mito didn't follow it, she had a bad feeling about it, this was fishy. She looked at board, trying to recognize her name:"Yamanaka Fu." she signed she couldn't remember any girl named Fu besides that jinchuriki. 






The fight between Fu and Tokara was getting intense, both of them were good at taijutsu, while Tokara had slight advantage in speed, Fu was stronger and more precise. In the middle of the battle Yamanaka said:" I won't be playing around from now on." 

Mito was surprised again she assumed Yamanaka was girl, but it was a boy and the way he spoke was emotionless. Mito realized who this was, she was afraid for Tokaru, she knew he didn't have a chance. 







Fu had speed up and absolutely destroyed Tokaru in taijutsu, he didn't want to knock him out but to make as much damage as he could. Mito gestured to Anko to stop the boy. Anko at first seemed surprised but she made the same gesture to Kakashi who did it without thinking much. Mito spoke when Kakashi had a hold of Fu. :" Fu-san, congration on winning, but I must say that you should have just knock your opponent out, you seem to be enjoing this, but you could endanger Tokaru-San future in shinobi field, this will not be torelated. This is last warning to everyone." 





While Tokaru team was fussing about Tokaru injuries. The rest of genin were now scared of Yamanaka Fu. He obviously didn't care about what Mito said. Mito sat down and gestured to proceed. While both Anko and Kakashi were shocked they didn't notice what was going on, they could see that Fu was obviously stronger than Tokaru, but they didn't think about his injuries at all, but both of them knew that a behind kindness was interest of the Village. 






The next match was some Inzunaka VS Asuma. The Inzunaka seemed confident he and partner dog were loud. Asuma didn't let it bother him. He simply stared at Mito for few seconds, and then completely ignored her. While Mito didn't react to him at all. Inzunaka attacked at soon as fight began. Asuma dodge both of them, he seemed just trying to avoid them, and planing his attacks, the more he dodged the more furious Inzunaka boy was, Asuma knew that he had to attack when Inzunaka loses all of his control of emotions. So he decided to attack the dog first, he kicked him in stomach and the poor dog flew in one direction knocked out, then Inzunaka was pissed he kicked everywhere. Asuma had trouble with dodging every kick, but he could see every opening in stance. He decided to attack now. Asuma hit every of his attacks, and by the 6 hit Inzunaka was completely out. 





The next fight was between two low genin, they didn't stand out at all. Mito lost all the interest in them after few hits. Zhe fight was overly boring and Mito paid attention to one's that had to yet fight. Like Raido, Ibiki and Genma. She stopped at that thought. She still would remember the reaction after his confession. She wanted to move on but it seemed she couldn't yet. The fight was over and it didn't seem like the end was interesting at all. The older of two accidentally knocked the younger with his elbow. He too was surprised. 






The next fight was Ibiki VS some dude who was acting so arogantanly. Ibiki bowed to Mito, and Mito smiled to him, Ibiki opponent was mocking Ibiki but Ibiki did not react at all waiting for the start of the battle. Which made the dude more angry. The fight was over quickly Ibiki took him out with his first hit, he just aimed where it would hurt the most and that was it. Mito thought that Ibiki seemed to enjoy it, she thought he was taking the same way as it should be. 






The next fight was Raido against Akimichi boy. Mito wondered if Raido would have trouble with this one. He bowed to her and she responded with smile. Akimichi boy didn't move much from his position when the fight started, and Raido had trouble finding any openings in his stance. While it was obvious that Akimichi didn't have a chance against Raido. He could make Raido run and show everything he has. Raido was getting more frustrated and couldn't think clearly so he jumped backwards. Akimichi couldn't let him have any time for thinking, he used one of his family jutsu and rushed Raido, Raido dodged everything. Akimichi was fighting his best and it didn't seem like he would slow down anytime soon. Raido could see more openings when he was this big, so he decided to attack now. It seemed that Akimichi still had upper hand but after 3 minutes of using his family jutsu and being hit at his sides repeatedly he seemed exhausted. He lost control of jutsu and became smaller again. Raido took this as a chance to knock him out. But Akimichi managed to dodge the most dangerous attacks. He still was hit but he could fight. Akimichi ate some pill when he manage to get away from Raido, he used his family jutsu again and was now starting throw kunai sometimes 5 at the time. Raido had to dodge, he knew he couldn't dodge every one so he had to choose wisely to where he would go and which ones was safe to be hit by. He rushed suddenly forward forcing his way through kunai that flew towards him. He had 3 cuts when he reached surprised Akimichi. Two on his left hand and one at right leg. He had slowed down because the one on his right leg but he was still a lot faster than Akimichi boy. He knocked him by going behind him and hitting his neck. 



Everybody was impressed with that fight. The next match was Genma VS Aburame kid. Genma leasurly walked down the stairs. He bowed deeply and looked Mito in her eyes, his face was slightly blushed. Mito stared at him for few seconds and then smiled with slight blush. That didn't go unnoticed by both Kakashi and Shisui who watched everything suspiciously. The fight had began. Aburame kid used his insects to fight Genma. But Genma was careful and avoided every single one of bugs trying to land on him. Occasionally he would throw senbons. Aiming for places he learned would knock opponents down the fastest. Aburame was able to dodge quite well but,he couldn't complitly dodge some of the attacks. After 20 senbons that Genma had thrown, Aburame was bleeding a lot his insects were forming a shield around him. It seemed he only had so much chakra. Genma was smart and waited for Aburame to exhaust himself or to attack. It didn't seem like it would happen soon, but he had a lot of time. After 3 minutes he decided to throw 2 more senbons because he could see two of Aburame weak spots. He landed those shots with amazing accuracy. The matches were over now. Genma smiled brightly at Mito who shyly nodded her head in acknowledgment. 




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Kakashi was so jealous he wanted to be one of genin, he wanted to get those smiles. He couldn't talk to her without being formal. He was on duty. He had to say final words of prelims :" All of you who passed can stay on the stage, rest you can go if you want. The finals are taking place in 2 days, please have some rest." 





Mito finally stood up and walked towards exit. She didn't want to be here any longer she had training to. While she wanted to leave first she could not. By rules she was to exit last. She slowly walked toward exit and was surprised that one of genin was staying there. She recognized him as Uchiha Shisui. She wondered what he was wating for. She could see that Anko and Kakashi were thinking the same question while they walked from another direction. 





Mito asked Shisui :" Uchiha - San, Do you need something." 

Shisui was surprised she talked to him first. 

Mito then continued :" You see we can't exit until all genins are out." 

Shisui didn't know about this rule. :" I wanted to ask you something." 

Mito said:" Don't you think this isn't appropriate time for that. You could be suspected of cheating." 

Shisui :" I won't ask you anything about finals. "

Kakashi was the first who reacted:" Then what are you going to ask. "his glare could kill, he didn't want anymore rivals he was losing to Genma already. 

Anko seemed out of place she wanted to go home. But Mito couldn't leave until all of participants left and chunin couldn't leave until all genin left and Mito was one too. 

Shisui said:" I wanted to ask her alone, but this audience will do to I geuss. How do you know some of participants and why do the respect you so much." 

Kakashi signed a relief sound. 





Mito only glanced at him for a second, it was enough to speed up his heartbeat, and answered :" I trained with them. "

Shisui was confused :" Only that. "

Kakashi then said, correcting Mito :" She trained them. "

Shisui was confused was Mito stronger than participants. He was surprised when he saw Kakashi tense up after being glared for only one second. And after one extra second Kakashi was laying on the ground holding his stomach. Shisui couldn't see her movement. And by looks at Anko face neither could she. Kakashi barely spoke:" Stop using that move, please i can't walk afterwards." 

Mito teased :" How about for apologie I give you a piggyback ride, huh." 

Kakashi was so red at face and he was considering it. When Mito said:" Wait, why would I feel sorry for something you did wrong. Didn't Hokage said not to reveal anything about me training you guys. You are lucky I only used 10 % of my strength "





Shisui didn't want to know what was happening there. He was about to leave when Mito stopped him by saying in creepy voice:" Where are you going, I have something to ask you. "

Shisui was so scared:" w-what i-is it. "

Mito smiled :" don't tell anyone about this, and I won't tell anyone how cute you look right now." she took camera from one of her pockets and took few shots. 

Shisui was a blushed mess he didn't know to what respond so he said:" don't take, who is cute, pictures, I won't, of me"





Mito mocked him you mean :" Don't take pictures of me, who did you call cute, and I won't, right." she took few pictures while she said that. 

Anko seemed to enjoy that. She laughed she couldn't stand. She was hitting the ground for with her legs she couldn't stop. Shisui run from her. Mito sighing :" Finally, I am free. "

Kakashi asked :" Was it tiring for you Mito" 

Mito shake her head :" No, not at all, you guys did a great job with organizing things I just had to watch. I kinda feel bad about not knowing all of the participants." 

Anko then said:" You don't have to feel bad about that, I also didn't know few of them." 

Mito asked :" I guess you didn't know Fu, right. "

Both Kakashi and Anko seemed surprised by her words and both nodded head. 

Mito said:" that one could cause some trouble, be extra aware of him. "

Anko asked:" why. Is he someone dangerous. "

Mito answered :"I don't know how dangerous he is but even your sensei is somewhat afraid of the man he is working for." 

Kakashi nodded his head and asked :"Do you think they have some motives to sabotage the exams." 






Mito answered :" No they won't do that, they wanted to send a message to Hokage." 

Anko was impressed this girl saw everything :" What was message about." 

Mito said :" they want Hokage to stop the investigation. Which I would say isn't possible anymore. Even Orochimaru - sama, joined and we were waiting just to finish the exams to comence final part of operation." 

Kakashi asked :" Is it fine to say that to us." 

Mito said:" the persons who are loyal to him, have chakra systems tainted in similar ways as he does so I know to whom I can say things, thankfully. "









Hokage got the message and whole analysis of chunin exams from Mito. She suggested that they stopped the investigation for now and get ready for attacking the base of Danzo. Hokage was considering that option even Shikaru approved. Mito asked what would they do with Danzo. But she didn't get any answer. So she said :" I want him dead." 

Which surprised both of them. Hokage asked :" why, sure he is threat to you, but he can't do anything from prison." 

Mito answered :" He stole something from Uzumaki clan and used it improperly. It can only be reversed by killing him and don't you have a law about Royal clans secrets and theft of those. "

Nara said:" indeed we do but can you prove it. "

Mito said:" I saw it today, his Root have a seal on their tongue and are probably unable to say anything about him. "





Mito left Hokage's tower, Hokage had some important things to discuss with clan heads without Danzo. 






Mito walked slowly to training grounds she didn't have as much energy as usual so she was going to do some light training today. She could feel two gazes on her back the whole time but she stayed silent for long time. She wonder if those two were on this together but she didn't believe it. So she said when she was leaving :" Did you guys have fun watching." 

Both Fu and Shisui jumped down from the tree only surprised one was Shisui. Mito asked Shisui :" what do you want." 

Shisui was confused why did she only ask him, did she have something to do with Fu. 

Mito :" You don't think that you need to train for finals." 

Shisui said :" I do, but i was couruis about you. You seemed to have quite a routine." 

Mito deadpaned :" this isn't what I usually do, this is easier than usual." and the she said to Fu:"Fu - San, I send out your message to Hokage he said there won't be any further investigation." 

Fu was surprised how blunt she was but answered :" My master didn't send me there for that, I only sent that message as a warning." 

Mito brushed his words:" is that so, then as a warning I am going to tell you don't mess with Hokage's plans from this point." Shisui felt so out of place he didn't know if he should run from here or run from here. He decided to run as fast as he could. 



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The finals were held in arena in center of Konoha. A lot of civilians had come to watch it, there wasn't many shinobi in the crowd only senseis of genin who passed and some of genin who participated earlier. Everyone was waiting for arrive of Hokage. Some of the participants were already there. 




Hokage arrived a five minutes early and was followed by Mito, Anko, Kakashi and Orochimaru. And of course Anbu. While Anko and Kakashi had to go to stage, Hokage and rest of the group had to go to gallery. Hokage seemed satisfied by the crowd and eagerness of genin participants. Hokage began his speech :" Genin of Konoha, you are hope of this village, you will the next weilders of great will of fire, be proud of yourself, show us what you got." many genin were inspired by those words, while civilians were awed. 

Some of the civilians saw Mito and started spreading rumors like Hokage - sama and his pupil seemed to be very close and he even brought his favorite student. 





Hokage gave signal and the genin started to draw a number. 1 would fight 2 and so on. After drawing it was decided that Hayate would fight Fu, Shisui would fight the other genin, Rin would fight Kurenai, Genma would fight Asuma, Ibiki would fight Raido, and Obito would fight Guy. Mito was satisfied she could see that everyone was matched equally except Shisui. 



The first fight was the one Mito was most afraid of. She whispered to Hokage :" Fu - San, has a Uzumaki seal on his tongue." 

Hokage looked at her and tried to keep his face as stoic as possible. The first match started. Both Hayate and Fu stood there, Fu was first who took his blade out, Hayate then took his out. They both rushed forward meeting in the middle of the arena, the clash was loud but it seemed it was a stale. Hayate was faster than Fu but Fu managed to block all of the strikes. Fu still looked like he had something up his sleeve he didn't show any emotion on his face. Well that is because Danzo training. However when Hayate started using his technique with illusionary swords he got advantage over him. The battle seemed to be one sided but Fu wasn't going down. In fact it looked like he was waiting Hayate to tire himself out. But Mito knew that wasn't going to happen. After getting cured, Hayate worked so hard on his stamina that he could last over a hour fighting. In the middle of the fight Fu sword broke down, just like Mito when she fought Hayate. He started throwing kunai which had paper bombs on them. The explosion was strong but Hayate managed to dodge all of them. Fu was out of options he had to use his family jutsu. He started forming seals but was stopped when a hand with blade was on his neck. Apparently Hayate wasn't using his full speed until the end. Fu had to surrender. 




Everybody was impressed by the show, except Hokage and Mito. Hokage tried his best to stay calm apparently Danzo knew how to train clans secret jutsu, which wasn't allowed outside of the clan that jutsu belong to. The next match wasn't as interesting. Shisui had a easy job. He didn't even used any chakra he just run straight at his opponent and knocked him out. The crowd wasn't as pleased with this fight. 





The next fight was between Rin and Kurenai. Civilians weren't excited about this one, because they thought that Rin and Kurenai were weak. After all they were woman. Mito was happy that those two would fight each other. Because they were perfect opponents for each other. Or they were worst opponents by everyone else standards. Rin stood confidently and didn't look unsecur. She was ready, Kurenai too looked confident. The match started by genjutsu, which Rin broke in few seconds and Kurenai didn't manage to decrease distance between them too much, she still wasn't in range. Rin reaction was to jump backwards and increase the distance because Kurenai had a momentum. Rin managed to make enough distance and rushed forward and now she had same amount of momentum as Kurenai did. They made a contact. They were blocking each other hits, Kurenai was at disadvantage she could barely keep up with Rin. So she took out kunai first and Rin followed. Rin managed to have advantage even in this kind of combat. It looked like Rin would win until Kurenai got her with kunai. Kurenai was going to take her down now, nut Rin secretly healed herself with chakra. She used almost all of her reserves and surprised unguarded Kurenai. The match was over with Kurenai surrendering.





Thr next fight was between Genma and Asuma. Mito smiled softly at Genma and totally ignored Asuma. She got glance from both Hokage and Orochimaru. She dared them to say anything with her eyes. Hokage obviously favored Asuma while both Orochimaru and Mito favored Genma. Mito didn't know why Orochimaru favored Genma but it seemed like he didn't get along with Asuma. The fight was at beginning stalemate. Both Genma and Asuma were very good at taijutsu and neither had a advantage. However once Genma created a distance between them, the balance was of, Asuma obviously tried his ninjutsu but his attacks were easy to dodge because he was reserving chakra, so it turned that Genma with his senbons had advantage, he was extra precise he could predict were Asuma would be every one of his senbons left some kind of mark on Asuma body, some were just minor scratches and some were more serious but not deathly. Asuma was still standing even though he had so many injuries he was standing on his willpower. Genma seemed to respect that and decided to finish him with knocking him with senbons. Asuma was down he fell like a sack of potatoes. Hokage seemed surprised by events, he still seemed proud of his son he could see how he tried his best, but maybe he still wasn't ready to become a chunin. The crowd was surprised the Hokage son lost. 





The next match was Ibiki VS Raido. The fight was equal the whole time. While Raido had advantage in speed, Ibiki had advantage at strength, Raido attacked first trying to surprise Ibiki, but Ibiki managed to block most of the attacks. Ibiki tried using ninjutsu but every time Raido would attack him before he could finish his seals. Ibiki however managed to scratch Raido few times with his kunai. 

The fight was intense but Mito knew that Raido would manage to win because she knew he wasn't using his full speed not even half of it. Even though he didn't wear anything that slowed him down he could move faster like he did when he would spar against her. As the battle progressed, Ibiki seemed to slow down more and Raido speed up. The fight suddenly was in Raido favor. Raido moved so fast that some of civilians couldn't keep up with him, Ibiki had surrendered when he felt like Raido was still holding back a lot. He wasn't satisfied with himself but wasn't as nearly disappointed as he thought he would be, he know he was lot stronger then he used to be. 


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 Mito watched as last two participants of round one move to stage. Guy and Obito. While it looked like Obito wouldn't have a chance against Guy, or so most of people thought so, Mito knew that he would be a difficult opponent to Guy, Guy would still definitely win, but he can hold his ground. The match started with chase Guy was chasing Obito, Obito was desperatly trying to keep distance between them. He would throw kunai and shuriken to distract and to make it impossible for Guy to use fastest routes towards him. Guy was patient and followed every turn he didn't get angry at Obito for running because he run from Mito too. Obito was fusing ninjutsu against him. His great fireball was blocked with small water wall,and when water wall couldn't stop fireball. Guy couldn't be seen. The crowed gasped thinking he died. However Guy came from under ground but Obito managed to jump out the way just in time. But now they were in close combat. Obito was at disadvantage,he could block but couldn't attack. He was under constant pressure he had to use it. Mito also saw what Obito will do. She after all gave him that as a gift. Obito activated his sharingan. The crowd and Guy gasped they didn't expect him to have one. Now Obito could predict and even attack Guy. However he couldn't keep up with Guy for two long, because Guy decided to throw out the weights on his arms. He now was much faster with his arms and he could change were his hand would go more easily. While Obito could predict it he couldn't react in time he wasn't used to this speed. He also was constantly losing chakra. Soon he was knocked out. 



Hokage announced that there would be pause for 2 hours. He, Orochimaru and Mito went towards Hokage tower to discuss about who has earned to be chunin out of the people that didn't pass. 







The fights in the semi finals were. Hayate VS Shisui, Genma VS Rin, Raido VS Guy. The finals would be 1 VS 1 VS 1. Shisui was still thinking about something. He didn't know his cousin had unlocked his sharingan. He didn't know what triggered it. He hope it wasn't a death or anything like that. He only saw him once during these 3 months looking distressed, and that wasn't that long ago. He had to ask after today, what happened to him. 





It seemed like Hokage wasn't happiest when he came back, however Mito and Orochimaru both had that neutral look. The crowd didn't mind them they just wanted to see fights. 







The first fight started strong. Both Shisui and Hayate ran at full speed towards each other. Hayate took out his sword while shisui used his tanto to block it. Shisui was pushed back. He wasn't as strong as Hayate was, but still he could held himself quite well against him. Hayate decided not to hold back and used all of his favorite kenjutsu moves like Dance of the Crescent Moon. Shisui had trouble dodging everything that came his way. He was surprised by the speed and accuracy of Hayate. The boy before him was stronger than most chunin he fought. He couldn't attack anymore he only could block or dodge as fight progressed Hayate started to move more and more quickly. Leaving shisui gasping for air. Shisui couldn't keep up he had to make some distance but as he did so. It made enough time for Hayate to do one of his special attacks called Secret Sword: Moonlight. He moved so fast that sword looked like it doubled he managed to take Shisui down with this attack. 






Genma VS Rin was the next fight and Rin didn't have a chance against Genma, she didn't even try to attack until the last second of match when she attacked. Genma was rushing her with senbons, she had to dodge them, she didn't have much chakra so she had to use it wisely. She was running most of the fight, when she realized she could never outrun his aiming. She rushed towards him using a technique she learned from Mito she applied all of her chakra into her fists and jumped towards Genma. Genma didn't know what was she doing so he aimed his senbons at her legs he hit however in the middle of the jump Rin put her fist and head down so she seemed like she soared towards him. Genma didn't manage to dodge the impact that came from Rin making a contact with ground. He didn't get any serious injuries he only had few scratches from flying rocks. He knew that Rin obviously had done this as her last resort. So he rushed towards her. She barely stood up she seemed fine only exhausted, so he quickly knocked her out. 






The last semi final match was between Raido and Guy. Mito wonder how long would Raido last she knew he had some chance of winning but he seemed to lose some of his chakra against Ibiki and Guy also lost some of his chakra against Obito,but he usually doesn't use it very much, only when it is necessary. The start of the fight was boring for audience because they just stared at each other for 2 minutes, and then then Guy launched himself forward while Raido jumped backwards throwing kunais at Guy. Guy deflected those with his own kunai and moved without losing any time. Raido seemed corcerned because Guy still had weights on his legs and was able to be just as fast as him. Raido had to decide if he wanted to run like Rin or fight like Shisui did. He knew he would end up like them. So he decided to fight head on, he used all of his momentum to push himself from wall of the arena toward Guy who caught on immediately he too rushed forwards. Raido for a moment was faster than him and it was enough for Guy to be hit. Guy flew he barely managed to stop himself before the wall of arena. He angrily threw his weight from his legs the ground shook. And in that vibration Guy desapered completely. He was so fast only shinobi who were over chunin level. Mito saw that Guy was probably faster than her now. She could see that this was the end for Raido. Raido stood still completely confused by the speed of Guy who seemed to play with him. Guy had run laps around him lightly hitting Raido on exposed parts. Raido tried to break the Guys lines but was just in front o Guy who smiled victoriusly and jumped him. Raido couldn't move he only could try to kick him,but even those moves could be blocked easily. Guy strengthen his hold of Raido who was now struggling to breath. Raido had to surrender. Orochimaru looked amazed at Guy speed he asked Mito :" Do you know how much are those weights are heavy." 

Mito nodded her head:" the ones on his hands were 5 kilograms each and ones on his legs were 10 each. At least I think they are, he could change them since I saw him last time 2 weeks ago" 


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The final match was between Genma, Guy and Hayate. While Guy and Genma came from the same team they decided not to team up. Hayate on the other side was ready to fight them both at the same time. As the match was about to start tension was building up. Genma was thinking who to attack first, he doubted that Guy would go for him, Hayate seemed to always firstly defeat the strongest enemy so he would attack Guy probably. So he too decided to attack Hayate. 





However his predictions were of as soon as match started Hayate jumped back and kept a maximal distance. Guy was following Hayate and Genma didn't even managed to move in that short amount of time. Genma decided to cut Hayate route. Genma started to run in oposite direction of Hayate. Hayate didn't have a time to dodge so he used his sword he hoped Genma would try to dodge, because he could be hurt a lot by this move. Genma was surprised by sudden action, he had to dodge because he could see what would happen if that landed. He know he wouldn't win in close combat against either of those and he was low on the senbons. Guy was getting closer to Hayate after all he was quicker than him, he eveb got some time when Genma attacked and dodged Hayate. Hayate finally started to fight. Guy even though he was close renge specialist couldn't break Hayate defenses and was under constant pressure from Hayate attacks. Genma was following the fight decided who should he attack. When suddenly Hayate managed to scratch Guys leg, it wouldn't leave a scar but the scratch was long from hip to knee. Guy was obviously in pain. And Genma knew if he wanted to win Hayate would need to completely tired out, so he throw his senbons stopping Hayate from knocking Guy out. Hayate had to deflect senbons with his sword, and had to dodge upcoming fist attack from Guy. Hayate knew that Guy couldn't possibly keep running after him with that much pain so he ran towards Genma, he only needed to be careful of Guy managing to follow him, which wasn't happening so far. Genma was ready he throw his senbons while Hayate rushed towards him. Hayate blocked most of them easily, one had hit in the left arm but he was still using his right one, and it didn't completely cut of his sensation from hand. Genma had to take his kunai and block upcoming sword attack. He know that he couldn't possibly hold Hayate for a long period of time, so he hoped Guy would reach them rather quickly. 






However that did not happen, Guy was coming but his speed was majorly reduced. Genma in the meantime was using everything he had to buy time. He was out of senbons he only had a kunai to block attacks. Hayate then used one of his favorite moves Secret Sword: Moonlight.

Genma was knocked out just as Guy had come to help him. Guy immediately knew he was screwed he just lost ally and he came in close distance of enemy. Guy did not last long, but he did managed to land a few hits on Hayate left side because the senbon in Hayate left hand but he didn't have a solution for Hayates attacks. The match was over with Hayate as only standing left. The crowd was loud they were chearing for him. Mito smiled happily at him, she knew that he deserved this, she never wanted him to be sick and to weaken with his sickness he was the best Swordsman of Konoha in her opinion. 






As the finals were over Hokage, Orochimaru and Mito had to have a talk about who made it to chunin. Tha announcement would be tommorow in the Hokage office but they still had to discuss everything. So they left after saying congratulations to Hayate. 





In the hospital where laid all of unconscious genin. Group of Anbu took one genin to investigation. Fu was that genin. He could not report to Danzo, because he did not have means to do it. Anbu were throughout, they took everything that looked suspicious. 







Shisui wake up first, he had only one thing on his mind, and he was going to find out everything about that. He opened up his doors of hospital room and headed to informations. He asked where Obito was staying. He got directions and was now in front of the door, he wonder if he really wanted to know. He comfired it with himself he had to know, he slowly entered the room, Obito was still unconscious. Shisui wondered if it was because he overused his sharingan. But Shisui could wait. He wouldn't leave until he knew what he wanted to knew. 









On the other side of village somebody had come back to village, he seemed relaxed and happy to be here. He headed straight to Hokage tower, because he just finished his long mission. He just wanted to relax as soon as possible so he would report first. He was surprised by the fact he missed the chunin exams, but he doubted anything would interest him there. He was leasurly walking towards Hokage Tower, he could hear civilians whisper something about how will he react and such frases. He knew that Tsunade had left, he felt regret but he couldn't just follow her, not right now, when the war is over, for sure. 





He came in front of Hokage office and was surprised to see don't distribute sign on it. He could hear three voices arguing. Orochimaru, senseis and young girl. He was confused he never heard this young girls voice before. He leaned on the doors to hear the girl say:"Asuma, isn't ready to become chunin, all of us know that, you are worried for his selfestime, I get it, but if you gave him that chunin vest he will become more arogantan, overconfident and even more proud of himself while he didn't learn the best way to protect his team. " she suddenly stopped and said:" we are being eavesdroped. "

Both Hokage and Orochimaru were instantly on high alert, but Mito walked slowly toward the door, stopped right in front of them asking :" Who are you. ". 

Jiraya was confused he was asked who he was through closed doors. He was supposed to answer the question without seeing the person who asked. Mito asked again :"Who are you, you didn't alert my seals, there are only two seals master in village and you don't fit neither of theirs chakra signals" Orochimaru stepped in closer to Mito and said:"it is fine, there is only one fool who could do that." Mito concluded this was Jiraya. But played like she didn't. She stepped back and towards Hokage, while Orochimaru lifted up remaking seals that Jiraya didn't break, and opened the doors. He looked younger than she espected. Mito was sitting behind the bunch of papers so he couldn't see her. But he could feel another presence in the office. Jiraya couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. Jiraya spoke first :"I heard you were arguing so I just wanted to listen I didn't think I would be found out so quickly." 




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Jiraya was waiting for response from the girl, but Hokage was the one that responded :"Jiraya, didn't you see the sign on the doors."

Jiraya decided to play dumb :"What sign I didn't see any sign." 

Orochimaru was getting annoyed by their antics, so he asked:" Why did you come here. Did you finished your mission in Iwa." 

Jiraya wasn't pleased by that question, he still did not trust or knew that presence in the room. He could hear someone write, when he heard drop of ink fall on the table. He knew that was the fastest way of writing the seals with security purposes. He was wondering who was behind those stacks of papers. He did not want to answer any questions until he found out. Mito then soon stood up and walked towards the window stacking seal on it and activating it. Jiraya saw a redhead, he didn't want to pinpoint that, the texture of the color seemed familiar like he saw it somewhere. Mito asked then Jiraya :" would you please stop staring at me.". Jiraya was surprised she could feel him staring at her even though she was faced toward window. Hokage said then :" I believe I didn't tell you about my student Jiraya." Mito shake her head :" I heard something from Minato-San and Kushina - San. Well I can't say that I only got to hear good stuff about you, Jiraya - sama." 

Jiraya was now even more curious about the girl. She continued while turning to face him:" I am Uzumaki Mito, nice to meet you Jiraya - sama. "

Jiraya was confused at her name he raised one of his eyebrows in question. 

Mito then said :" I was given this name after my great aunt. The one you are thinking about." 






Jiraya still could not trust her, she did not seem to lie but he did not know where her loyalty laid. So he asked:" Are you of royal blood." 

Mito answered :"I am, or at least I have been told so. I didn't know my parents." Hokage interuped them:" Jiraya we have a lot of work to do so could you report please, we will fill you up tomorrow after we decide who will become chunin." 

Jiraya had to let it go, it really seemed they had a lot of work to do. So he reported, Mito written down everything he said with incredible speed. She knew this was version that Konoha would use and decided to blow up Kanabi Bridge. While Konoha wasn't in war against Kiri anymore they had to garrison the borders, so they didn't advance to much against Iwa. But it seemed like Konoha had advantage already it was slight but it was there. Jiraya reported was quick and precise. He only detailed the important things. Mito wonder how long would it take to get this mission approved. She knew that Nara wouldn't rush things and with everything going inside of village she knew it would be approved after Danzo will be dealt with. 








She also wondered if Jiraya coming here would speed things up. But she didn't know that. Soon Jiraya left the room, and the argument started again. While Orochimaru and Mito agreed to most things, Hokage had few issues with their ideas. Especially about Asuma. But he had to have at least 3 of 5 votes to promote somebody and two votes would come from Kakashi and Anko. Who were going to be here any minute. Hokage didn't expect Jiraya to come this day he didn't receive any new messages from him in week saying that his mission was finnished. He thought that Jiraya would at least spend few days at hot springs. Well it seemed Jiraya was headed to one right now. 










Obito finally woke up, he was still tired and his eyesight was cloudy he could see somebody sitting next to him. Looking at him with worry. That person seemed to be deep in his thoughts and didn't notice him waking up. He was thirsty he said :"Water." 

The person seemed to hear it and handed him a glass full of water saying:" How are you feeling, cousin." 

Obito recognized the voice :"I feel tired, Shisui, I think I need to clean my face, my sight is foogy." 

Shisui took him to bathroom and helped him wash his face. Obito looked himself in the mirror and asked :"How long was I out." 

Shisui said :" for 7 hours. I have been here with you last 4 hours." 

Obito asked:" Did you win." 

Shisui shook his head :" I lost to Hayate, who later on won against Genma and Guy in finals." 

Obito was quiet he waited for Shisui to speak he know what he wanted to ask. 

Shisui asked:" How did you activated sharingan. "

Obito said:" it wasn't as traumatic as you think, Mito managed to forcefully activate it. Making me believe in her lies. "







Flashback few weeks ago. Obito arrived early to the training grounds because Rin asked him to be there, and when he came Rin was sparing against Mito, however Mito wasn't holding back as usual. She seemed furious, he couldn't recognize the look in her eyes, she seemed so mad full of hatred. Mito didn't seem to notice him she was so pissed of. She said :"Today is your last day here." Rin squked:"Mito, don't, I won't tell anyone." Mito took Rin by her throat and lifted her up, saying :"I will make you unable to say anything just to be safe." 

Obito suddenly felt his vision be clearer he jumped to attack Mito he still could not win against her but he stood so much chance. He could feel his burning anger, but when he saw Mito smile he was confused was she actually crazy, he then saw Rin smile too. Mito said:" Did you like our acting Obito." 

Obito was pissed of:" what do you mean. I obviously hate you. I won't talk to you again." 

Mito then said to Rin :" I told you he wouldn't be grateful for our help." 

Obito barked:" Help, how did this help me, I lost all the trust in you. "

Rin then said:" Obito didn't you realize, that you actived sharingan. Mito explained to me that you were ready for it and that she only needed me to act like she would kill me, after all she said if you saw someone that was close to you getting hurt it would trigger it. "

While Obito was happy he activated it he said to Mito :" Never do something similar to this again and leave Rin out of your crazy ideas. But regardless I have to thank you for help. "







Flashback end. 

Obito explained it short what happened. He said to be careful around Mito, if she seemed interested in you she would do anything to help you out with your problem. 

Shisui asked :" Can you tell me more about her. "

Obito looked confused at him and said:" Well I guess say somethings. Like she is super strong, stronger than Kakashi, that is probably the reson Genma had fallen for her, she usually acts distanced at first but when you got to know her she is super nice unless you got on her wrong side. You saw how she and Asuma are towards each other. He seems to pissed her off first time they trained with her. "

Shisui asked :" trained with her, did all of you train with her, and that is the reason she knew all of you. But I thought she was trained by Hokage. "

Obito answered without thinking :" Well she trained us more than anything, she would meet with Hokage every day to know her schedule. Hokage after all was always busy. Yes she trained with every team for 3 months, well she was under henge all the time, but I geuss their sensei told them who she was before chunin exam. "Rin just entered the room and said creeply:" what are you talking about. " Obito shivered. And stopped. 



Chapter Text









Both Obito and Shisui stopped talking, Shisui had to leave the room so Rin could scold Obito. Obito was apologizing to Rin. But Rin wasn't listening she said he needed to apologize to Mito not her. 







Kakashi and Anko mostly agreed with Mito and Orochimaru. So they have chosen chunin just when genin participants were coming in Hokage tower. They had a long night debate. And Mito was pissed with Hokage. 




When Genins entered the Hokage office, Hokage held one speach which wasn't impressive enough to hold all of the genins attention. Most of the genins knew they wouldn't be promoted so they were staying close to the doors, ready to leave. Hokage then announced chunin. The firs chunin was Hayate, then he said Guy and Genma, Raido, Obito. That was all. 





After the announcement the genins(ones Mito interacted previously) newly chunin plus Mito, Kakashi and Anko. Went to have celebration party. Mito was constantly between Kakashi and Genma they didn't leave her side. Mito insisted for Shisui to come with them, and he couldn't decline it he had to go. Shisui did feel something strange when he was glared by Kakashi and Genma, something like satisfaction. 






Obito asked why did he got promoted. Mito was brutally honest:" Well you did lack in few criteria but your sharingan comepesated for your lacks. While Shisui would become Chunin too if he had actived it." Shisui looked embarrassed he thought that was compliment. Kurenai was next who asked :"So I heard you guys had a rough night."

Mito Anko and Kakashi, paled and said in same time:"You don't wanna know." 

But Obito was as usual bad at reading atmosphere :" I want to know." 

Rin had to pick up:" what was disscausion about." 

Kakashi said :" Hokage wanted to promote somebody but we didn't want to, so we had a really long debate about that, and why that person wouldn't be promoted."

Obito didn't like how misteryous they are so he asked:" who." 

Anko couldn't hold it any longer :"Asuma." 

The whole table was silent until Asuma said:" Mito - San, were against my promotion why. Do you hate me that much." 

The atmosphere was awkward but Mito answered :" I absolutely don't hate you, I think that you can grow faster as a genin for now, until you are ready to soar the ranks. Besides I only hate one thing about you."

Asuma was confused :" What do you hate about me, my arrogance or my dreams." he was mocking her. 

She replied coldly:" I hate how you act towards your father, nothing else. "

That seemed to hit a spot, Asuma didn't speak after that. 

The awkward atmosphere was gone with new topics and that sort of things. Mito was constantly having troubles paying attention to Genma and Kakashi because they would interrupt each other in sentences. She couldn't keep with them, so she asked Rin to change seats when the were on toaliet. And now she was sitting between Obito and Shisui. Shisui had smug face and slowly talked about his training to Mito, which Mito appreciated, she asked to see it one day so that she could help him, but Shisui said that he doesn't want a sharingan not yet. Mito shaked her head and said you aren't ready for it anyways. Genma and Kakashi were firstly glaring at Shisui until they had to to bathroom. Both of them at the same time stood up and hurried to bathroom. After they were done they washed their hands. Genma said :"You know I have confessed so why don't you give up." 

 Kakashi smirked under his mask :" Well I know you aren't dating and besides I confessed to, just that you know." 

Genma panicked :" How about we made a deal, we won't get in each other way. Because it seems that will drive her away from both of us. "

Kakashi asked :" and How are we going to that. "

Genma said :" it is simple, you let me talk to her and I let you talk with her, and possibly we have to keep her away from Shisui. "

Kakashi said :" agreed, but once she decides which one she will date other has to give up. "

Genma said:" Deal. "







Meanwhile in Hokage's office. Jiraya had come to hear the story about Mito and possibly more about inside of politics in Konoha. However when he arrived nobody was inside, so he walked toward Hokage's desk on which there was Hokage schedul and it looked he was at meeting right now. He decided to wait. The first one that came in was Mito she smelled like BBQ and she softly smiled at Jiraya:" You are early today too, you seem to be trying to impress me. Because Kushina said you were usually late." 

Jiraya said :"She does that. She doesn't like me much. But I geuss you are right too." 

Mito said:" I don't think she doesn't like you but she has a kinda love hate relationship with you, or to better put it like - hate." 

Jiraya asked :"Are you saying she is bipolar." 

Mito answered :"Don't put your words in my mouth. I could obviously die because of that." 






Jiraya laughed he didn't see anything wrong with Mito she did seem to be extra careful around him but not because she didn't trust him but because she had to wait for something. Mito asked him:" Do you believe that Uzumaki will be savior of the world."

Jiraya said:" I don't know, I have heard prophecy recently and it said about blonde haired boy and blue eyes." 

Mito smiled and said:" I believe it will be an Uzumaki, do you wanna bet." 

Jiraya said :" I will pass that, I am not the one who bets in our team." 

Mito said :" I see, should I look for that teammate of yours. She is after all my distant cousin. "

Jiraya laughed :" You are a such fool, to think that you could change her mind." 

Mito laughed :" I didn't say anything about changing her mind, I was only thinking about making a bet with her. "

Jiraya stayed silent for few seconds but as he was about to speak, Hokage entered. 



Hokage :" Mito are you okay with him knowing. "

Jiraya was confused why did he ask her. 

Mito answered :" this way things will be over quickly. "

Hokage nodded and activated all of the seals in the room. He then began to tell Mito story. Firstly he began the story about her parents, then story about her master and finally her story. To say that Jiraya was surprised to find out she was jinchuriki and that she did it for revenge. He smelled something fishy about the revenge part. Jiraya wanted to check it and Mito only allowed him to look at it. Jiraya said it was enough to keep beast inside and that they probably could communicate. And Mito said we do usually speak 2 to 3 times a week when I meditate. Jiraya asked her:" Do you think you can trust it." 

Mito answered :"Absolutely, he even traines me in my mindscape. We are getting ready for cooperation. He and I decided to become partners." 

Jiraya nodded his head he was satisfied with this girl, she seemed so pure but she was also very mature. 


Chapter Text







After the story of Mito, Hokage begun to speak about current political affairs in village. He revealed that they were gathering evidence about Danzo treasons. Jiraya was surprised, he knew that man was doing something fishy but never to this degree. He was also surprised that Hokage decided to investigate him. 

Hokage explained :" He would have probably continued to work behind my back for years if it weren't for Mito and her sensor abilities. She could feel his tainted chakra and his intentions she warned us in time." Jiraya now could see how useful Mito really was so he had to ask:" Mito - Chan, why don't I train you while I am here. "

Mito said :" I am fine with that, after all the Village thinks that I am training under Hokage. "

Hokage said :" I don't know, you may be surprised by how little you can teach her." 

Jiraya said:" what do you think that i am bad teacher, she is still genin she could use training. "

Mito wondered if some informations just flew over his head like she defied one of the seven Swordsman. But she only need to beat him up, maybe she could even get a summoning contract. But she knew she couldn't take a frong one, she knew the elder would see right through her. So she decided to ask something to Sage when they meet again. 






Jiraya asked some basic questions about when the operation would begin if they knew what they were going against and rest. He didn't think that Hokage was so ready, the operation was in few days and Mito was like radar for Danzo so she had to come to office every day. Jiraya also noticed that she was the one arranging the files or the paperwork. He learned that she was almost done with the mess the reports were. She seemed to also know how to handle Hokage's crazy requests. She would say I won't tell you how to deal with paperwork. 






Jiraya decided to train Mito for few days on the training grounds closest Hokage tower. But starting tomorrow saying he had something to do right now. Both Mito and Hokage read through lines and let him go. 

Mito was bored so she was doing the paperwork. She knew she had a ton of things to do and she still had time so she decided to finish one of six sections she had today and when she goes home she will try to mediate and if possible today to speak with Sage, he was supposed to report soon anyway. If she couldn't she could just talk with Isobu, and if she would be bored she could read those books. 






Finally she was done with section and was going home, she could feel three boys chakra all coming from other directions, she recognized them all. From the North Kakashi was coming, from the East Genma and from the West Shisui was coming. She was confused about this but she wanted to head straight to her home which was south so she countied without stopping if they could follow she didn't care she was tired, while the best for her would be if she avoids them, she didn't know if something important was going on, or if something else was happening she knew that they would tell her tomorrow. But she also wondered if it could wait for tomorrow and as she thought that she was in front of her apartment. She was unlocking the doors when she heard three people jump down behind her. She signed great :" what do you need." 

Shisui was about to speak first but his face was covered by both Kakashi and Genma hands, so it was Genma who spoke first:" I heard some old pervert was in the Village and wanted you to be careful." Mito laughed :" I geuss Jiraya already caused commotion there." 

Kakashi asked:" Did you meet him." 

Shisui spoke next:," under what circumstances." 

Mito said:" You guys don't need to worry I have meet him both yesterday and today when her went to report to Hokage. Also he will train me for few days he is in village. Anything else." 

Shisui was the one who spoke before Genma and Kakashi had time to put their hands on his mouth :" could you come tomorrow watch my training. "

Mito pondered for few seconds :" I geuss I could, you just need to tell me where you are training and what time I should be there." 

Shisui was about to speak but Kakashi jumped in:" why don't you meet on training grounds 3, Mito already knows where it is and besides it it is empty the whole afternoon."

Genma nodded hi shead and said:" Mito said that she has some free time in afternoon." 

Mito was still facing the doors and said:" yes I will be training in the morning and around will be in Hokage's office to do paperwork. "





Shisui wasn't pleased with Kakashi and Genma interference but he still had surely made some progress. He did fell something every time she spoke to him, like something floating inside him.




Mito finally entered her room and started to meditate. She soon was in front of Sage who looked like he was waiting for her. 

Sage said:" it seems your boyfriend candidates has increased." 

Mito laughed :" I geuss, but that isn't the reason you came here, right." 

Sage said :" yes, I did see that Zetsu was spying a lot on Kiri but they still haven't made a move on them. You are dealing well against Danzo he is certainly done for. "

Mito said:" I am glad, so do you think that Madara is waiting for Kanabi mission. Do you think they know about me at all. "

Sage asnwerd :" it is possible that they are waiting, they don't know much about you fortunately. "

Mito said:" i have two more things to ask they are related to Sanin. "

Sage nodded his head 

And Mito continued :" First do you think that you could speak with Toad Sage about my identity if I have summoning contact with him. "

Sage :" I can, but I think you will need at least 2 summoning contacts. "

Mito asked :" who do you think would be best for my second summon." 

Sage asnwerd :" Because your purpose is to try save everything, I think slugs are the best choice. "

Mito said:" You want me to go after Tsunade. "

Sage asnwerd :" Yes but not immediately." 

Mito said :" okay the next thing was, could teach me how to make Orochimaru immortal, I did promise him that. "

Sage asnwerd :" I heard, you also said something about your blood. I guess we can just create one here. I think we could use some things from previous world. Like him posesing other body which will be modified and last more than a decade. "

Mito asked :" How about those Zetsu bodies. They needed to be upgraded but I think they used him well in Boruto. "

Sage said:" I think that is fine too. But we will have a long period for that. But I also geuss we will need to make the jutsu work. "

Mito nodded her head in understanding. 



Chapter Text








Mito was going to the training grounds Jiraya and Hokage decided yesterday. She didn't know exactly where they were, but she decided to follow Jiraya's chakra signal. She found him really close to bathouse, which did not surprise her at all. However she surprised Jiraya by taping him on shoulder, he screamed and every woman in hot springs immediately knew where he was he had to run, so he just picked Mito and carried her like sack of potatoes. Mito wondered how many times was she carried like this. It was really embarrassing because it meant, at least to her, that she isn't strong enough. Jiraya run faster and they came to training grounds where Jiraya used henge jutsu to avoid horde of woman. The horde after looking throughout the area came back to bathouse. Mito said:" Ah so this is where training grounds are." 

Jiraya seemed to have a tick mark on his forehead :" Don't tell me you didn't know it was here." 

Mito said :" Actually I didn't, I just followed your chakra signal." 






Jiraya wanted to be done as fast as he could so he asked:" How is your chakra control." expecting negative answer. 

Mito answered :" I can almost use healing jutsu. But it is really hard if I have all of my chakra, when I reach about 50 % of my reserves I can use basic ones." 

Jiraya's month reached the ground. This girl who is a Uzumaki to have such chakra control. He then asked :" How about your katas for taijustu. "

Mito answered :" I usually use Uzumaki style with genjutsu in it. "

Jiraya was confused why would she use genjutsu in taijutsu. :" Can you show me." 

Mito nodded her head and showed her kata and then she showed genjutsu usage. Jiraya was impressed by her skills, she did not seem like a genin so he had to ask:" how about a spar, i will hold back, just to see how strong you really are and in which area you should get better." 

Mito smirked and it looked almost evil. She is going to go all out on this fool. 






Jiraya didn't expect to much, but he geuss she wasn't a genin level by what she had shown. However he was surprised when she attacked him. She was so fast he thought he was fighting jonin. He still had enough time to dodge everything. Mito didn't let him have any time for attacking. Her taijustu skills were good enough for chunin. Mito led him in false sense of security because she didn't use any genjutsu. When she used it for first time she made a hit which shocked Jiraya. Jiraya did not think he would be hit and her hit was strong. But the next genjutsu infused kick was blocked. Mito leg was held in air, she wasn't scared she just smiled at him and pointed gun like fingers at him:"Water Gun Tehniques". Jiraya was surprised that she managed to use the jutsu. She thankfully had her hands free and enough time to wawe signs. Jiraya let go of her leg hoping to mess her aim. 





She didn't miss, he was hit however the hit only made a scratch on his left hand. The scratch was long but it didn't bother Jiraya much. He had to get ready for next attack. Mito seemed satisfied with herself, she wawed her signs earth started rising Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu. Jiraya was surprised he didn't expect her to have two affinity. He did not know what she was going to do with this jutsu he never saw this jutsu just float in air usually his enemies would used rocks as soon as they lifted them from the ground. Mito walked closer to him and rocks followed. Jiraya did not see that anywhere was it because her chakra control and massive amounts chakra. 





He managed to avoid most of the rocks flying at him, he was surprised by her acurrency, he had to destroy some of the rocks. However he did not see one rock miss him complitly. That rock turned to be henge Mito clone,who attacked him from the behind. Jiraya turned around just in time to kick it strongly. Because his reflex. The Rock Clone was destroyed but Jiraya was in pain he did not expect to hit a rock with his leg. 





Jiraya decided to attack her for first time he could see she was good at attacking but how did she defend herself. He rushed forward with unbelievable speed and when he was about to make a hit, a mud wall rose in front of Mito, it did not last long but Mito managed to dodge the hit. She jumped back and unsealed the sword Genma gave her. Jiraya saw slight blush on her face emerge when she noticed that she had brought this one. Jiraya thought she wasn't paying attention so he rushed forwards however she dodge his attack again using the sword as distance measure. She held it in front of herself so Jiraiya had to slow down. Jiraya saw that she was expecting something from him. She asked:" Don't you have a sword." 

Jiraya was thinking : " I don't usually use one." 

Mito was disappointed :"Then at least, use kunai or should I give you this one." 

Jiraiya smirked:" are you giving me advantage of choosing. I geuss you have some better sword if you are giving that away." 

Mito said :" You are right. But please don't break this one it was a gift. "

Jiraiya nodded his head and held out his hand. Mito threw him the sword. And she unsealed Samehada. Jiraiya was blown away. Mito said:" What did you forget already I killed the great Suikazan Fuguki. " Jiraiya jolted out his stupper. 




Jiraiya wasn't bad with sword however Mito was better. She didn't even try to make it look she wasn't holding back. Jiraiya had a lot of trouble coming close to her and dodging her attacks. Jiraiya had to say:" Why don't we stop this, I don't want to you to have chakra exhaustion." 

Mito smirked at him:" You are just scared I guess, but I guess it is fine." Jiraiya throw her sword and she sealed them both. Jiraiya decided to go all out. Mito too didn't hold back. The taijutsu spar was moving fast it was definitely in Jiraiya favor. Mito looked like she was having fun and tons of it. Jiraiya was concerned about who she didn't seem to realize how strong she was. 





Mito jumped back and asked:" why don't you use a Sage chakra or mode." Jiraiya laughed :"You couldn't do anything about me then, I said I would go easy on you." 

Mito laughed :" You are confident, didn't you say you would go easy on me and yet you used strongest taijutsu." 

Jiraiya asked :" Do you know what a Sage can do." 

Mito answered :" I guess it is similar to what jinchuriki could do. "

Jiraiya asnwerd :" Well yes jinchuriki who can control themselves and biju. "

Mito smirked :" Then why don't we have a quick spar. "

Jiraiya laughed :" and I am the confident one. "

The air around Mito slowly change becoming more hot and disturbed. 



Chapter Text








Jiraiya could see change in her chakra he immediately started to gather natural chakra. Mito said:" I am giving you time, just say when you are ready. I could just get full clock immediately of course with one tail worth of chakra, but I am experiencing it for the first time." 

Jiraiya was thankful she was careful with that kind of power. When he finally gathered enough natural chakra he entered the Sage mode. 

Mito was completely cloaked by biju chakra. Jiraiya was surprised to see that none of her skin was damaged or her eye color changed, and obviously all the chakra around her. 



Mito asked :" Shall we dance."

Jiraiya could only hear those words and was already prepared for her attack. She was 3 times faster than before Jiraiya had just enough time to block on of her kicks. However the other one hited him. Mito used the tail of the clock to stay in the air without failing. Jiraiya had a lot of trouble dodging attacks at first however he soon could find a solution to her attacks. He used his increased strength to kick her. He was as fast as she was so he could continue to beat her in taijutsu. But soon he was running out of Sage mode. He had to summon Fukasu and Shima. The two old toads. Who were surprised to be summoned and see Jiraiya in his Sage mode. Fukasu asked:"Jiraiya, my boy what is dire situation." 

Jiraiya shook his head and said:" I am having a spar against a jinchuriki, she wants to test her control over it and I am running out the natural chakra so could you two help." 

Toads nodded their heads and jumped on his shoulders. Mito was up she didn't see exact moment when Jiraiya had summoned them up but she could see what they were doing. :" Jiraiya - San, i guess you run out the natural chakra. And know you are too strong for me." 

Jiraiya laughed :" I was always to strong for you, brat, come and get beaten." 







Mito rushed pulling kunai from her pounch. After throwing it with incredible speed she took out the sword out. Jiraiya had just enough time to dodge the kunai and then too only slightly be sliced by the sword. The toads used combination attack of ninjutsu Sage Art: Bath of Boiling Oil. Mito didn't have a time to dodge that and took direct hit. She managed to throw sword to keep it safe. Luckily the chakra around her guarded her from oil, but she still did take damage. 

Her clock was smaller when she managed to stand up. It barely covered her. She was breathing heavily. Jiraiya and toads were surprised she took it head on and still could stand. Mito knew she couldn't attack anymore she would be just beaten badly. And it seemed that Jiraiya didn't even try that hard. She took out some of the last kunai she had and started throwing them aiming for toads, she knew that Jiraiya could block them easily but she had to take the sword she only thought about it when she was hit. She finally managed to come to it and her cloack was gone nothing was left of it, her pupils were still red though. She said:"I used all of it. It is fineshed." 

Jiraiya said :" your eyes didn't change back." 

Mito answered :" I am using last drops of chakra for sensing something far away." 

Jiraiya concerted on sensing too but he couldn't pinpoint anything. 

Mito said:" it seems like Danzo was changing locations of his headquarters. "

Jiraiya asked:" How far away." 

Mito answered :" 6 kilometars out the Village to the northeast. "

Jiraiya was surprised that place didn't have anything important. Mito said:" he seems to have underground base there. " the pupils came back to normal. Jiraiya let his Sage mode fall. Mito finally cometed:" Are you really a toad sage. Is that why you almost become a toad in sage mode."

Jiraiya ignored the remark. He was thinking about what he could possibly teach the girl but she interuped his thoughts saying :" I want a summoning contract." 

Jiraiya said:" summoning contract, sure. Wait a summon, which one would you prefer. "

Mito looked confused at him:" I am asking you about summing contract, because I surely want a contact with snakes." 

Jiraiya :" ah okay, then go to Orochimaru. "

Mito then asked the toads :" Is he usually this dumb. "

The toads sweatdroped. Jiraiya finally got it. He thought if it was going to work or not.

If he would regret it he would regret it later he summoned the scroll toad. 





Mito was overjoyed she made summoning contract with toads. She wanted to keep it secret. She helped to heal Jiraiya appearantly her sword did more damage than he could heal. The training was done because they didn't have time, Mito had to go to see how Shisui would train . She still had one hour time until they would meet. But she had to eat something. She was sure Jiraiya would report everything to Hokage so she didn't have anything to worry about. She went to have some BBQ. It was closest to her location so she didn't mind that she had it two days in a row. 

She could feel that she was around 40 % of her chakra reserves. She wondered how much she would gain from eating. She couldn't find any research on this subject. She knew that sleep and eating would help recover it. 






Kakashi had done the mission with his team extra fast. And when he was asked what's the hurry he said he had something important to do. So when he left he headed straight to training grounds 3 on the way there he run at Genma who also was headed there. They didn't notice that they were followed by whole team 7. When they arrived at training grounds 3 they surpresed their chakra and team 7 who was behind them did the same. Team 7 was so confused with this combination and their movement. Was something important happening here. 





Soon Shisui walked in the training grounds, Kakashi and Genma didn't seem to be surprised, but team 7 was. They knew that Uchiha compand training grounds were the best so he didn't have a reason to go here and train. Sonn after that Mito came from other direction. Again Kakashi and Genma did not react. Team 7 was guessing that they knew about this and that Kakashi was helping Genma to spy on them. Probably because Genma was jealous. 





Mito said:" I am late."

Shisui smiled at her and answered :" No you are on time I just came earlier." 

Mito said:" Then it is fine i guess." 

Shisui was stretching and asked :" could you have a spar with me." 

Mito nodded her head and said:" But first, you will show me your training routine." 

Team 7 could see the reaction of Genma and Kakashi. The reaction were very negative. Team 7 thought those two were ready to kill Shisui. Mito sat next to Shisui who pulled out a paper with his routine. Kakashi and Genma held each other from jumping down. Mito was removing hair from her face and Shisui was blushing madly. 


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Shisui stared for a second, his face heated up. Mito was speaking something but he couldn't keep attention to her words. His attention was on her soft lips, her beautiful long hair, her beautiful smile and eyes. Mito was an angel. 

Mito asked him :"Are you listening." 

Shisui was brought back to his senses, his face was blushed up and he said:"um, Sorry did you say something." 

Mito almost told her eyes but she said:"Even though I see your schedule, which is so- so, I don't know how you train. I mean you could possibly be doing something wrong." 

Shisui nodded his head and said:" You know, I didn't actually invited you to train me, I had something to say to you." 

Mito asked :" What is it that you wanted to say to me. I mean it most be very important for you. "

Shisui nodded his head and said :" I like you."

Mito didn't answer for few seconds. 





Meanwhile in the trees Genma was ready to jump down he tooked out his senbons. Kakashi had his kunai in hand. Team 7 tried to close distance between two groups and to actually stop Kakashi and Genma from doing something stupid. They came close and Obito covered Genma while Minato covered Kakashi and Rin jumped in front of them with finger on her lips. 




Mito asked :" it isn't like I doubt you, but are you sure that you like me only after 5 days of knowing me." 

Shisui said :" does it matter how long time I spent with you and felt that I like you." 

Mito answered :" it does, because you can like me only as a friend in few days, that is how human brain works, somebody confessed to me after 3 months and aperently everyone around that person could see that he liked me. When he confessed I really felt like he meant it.,but with you I don't know if you mean it, I think you rushed out too much. I guess you were jealous of that person, but I will give you same chance as him, I need some time to think about it properly. " Mito stood up and said:" Show me what you got. "





Team 7 wasn't actually needed, both Kakashi and Genma relaxed when they heard what Mito said. Both of them picked up from her words that he did not have as much of chance. Team 7 stayed and wondered had Kakashi actually come here for Genma. 





Shisui showed his usual training routine in work. Team 7 was impressed by it. It had a lot of elements and it was hard. However Mito did not seem pleased. She pointed every mistake and said that he should reschedule something. Like Taijutsu should be first and then Ninjutsu and then genjutsu. At first it looked like something small but soon she fixed some of his stances. 






Finally they spared Mito wasn't going easy. She used her maximum speed and best kicks. Shisui was agile and flexible however he lacked something, something only sharingan could help him with, he couldn't predict where Mito next kick would be. When he noticed his lack of skill he tried to stop her with genjutsu. Mito brushed it with ease and with kick she knocked down Shisui, who landed on the dirt he was feeling pain. He couldn't get up. Mito crouched down and said:" You lack a lot more than I thought, but you seem to be a genius type. I am sure that you will become someday stronger than me." 

Shisui firstly felt disappointed and then when she said the last part he felt hopeful and happy. 



Shisui soon left the training grounds while Mito stayed to stretch. She stretched and said :" I must say you five have gotten better at hiding your chakra signal. Jump down now." 

Team 7 and Genma jumped down and Mito continued :" while I can guess why Genma and Kakashi were here, what reason do you guys have to come here." 

Minato answered :" Well Kakashi was acting weird so we just followed him. "

Genma laughed and Kakashi elbowed him. Minato continued :" Can you tell us the reason why you were acting weird. "

Kakashi didn't want to answer so he just stayed quiet. Atmosphere was getting awkward pretty quickly. Mito answered for him :" the same reason Genma had." 

Team 7 was shocked. Kakashi was red, his ears were blushed and Genma snickered. Team 7 didn't know how to react. Obito was glad at one moment and was worried at the next. Rin didn't know if she should be happy for her friends or sad because her crush obliviously had a crush on someone else. Minato was worried for teams mechanics. But Mito said :" You guys don't need to worry I am not dating anyone right now and it will probably stayed that way." 



Mito had to go to the Hokage office now, she had to organize papers there and help Hokage with everything she could. 







Team 7 had a dinner with Kushina who was excited because it tommorow she was day when she has a date(she has a lunch plans) with Mito, team 7 seemed somehow awkward. Kushina had to break the ice :" so what happened to you guys, why are you moody." 

Obito blutered out first :" Kakashi has a crush on Mito."

Kushina said :"I know, I helped him confess. I just didn't get how you guys didn't notice it was pretty obvious to me." 

Team 7 without Kakashi had a huge eyes. They didn't notice but how they spent 7 times more time with Kakashi than she did. 

Kushina asked :" Is there any particular problem with Kakashi having a crush. I mean Obito has one, Rin has one, why shouldn't Kakashi have one." 

Team 7 stayed silent. 

Kushina then said :" Should I tell who has a crush on who." 

Minato, Obito and Rin yelled at the same time:" No. " and Rin and Obito said:" I will tell that person myself when I am ready. "

Kakashi was confused he didn't get that reaction he looked at Kushina who just smiled at him. He was dense, so dense that he didn't know that he was in two love triangles, well he knew he was in one. 

Kakashi then said:" Shisui, Obito cousin conffeses today to Mito." 

Kushina faced palmed:" How many guys will fall for her. I mean she already has 3 and she is here only three months. At this rate she will have 12 guys running after her in December." "

Kakashi face was full of fear, he couldn't manage his jealously for Genma and Shisui. 

Kushina laughed :" I was just kidding Kakashi." 

Kakashi pouted. Team 7 was glad he puted more emotion in his behavior. Rin was thinking if she conffess to him. Should she actually do it while he had somebody else she knew he would reject her but she knew he would reject her for over a year now, at least now she would get explanation, he was colder before, maybe they could stay close after her rejection and maybe she would become stronger after she could find somebody else. Obito was thinking about similar things but he knew that he should leave Rin alone for now she had to conffess to Kakashi first and then she had to get over him. And only then he would have a chance, if she rejected him then he would move on. 


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Few days later. Operation removing old hawk began. Mito stayed close to Hokage the whole way. There were a lot of Konoha important people there like Orochimaru, Jiraiya, some of the clans heads. There were Nara clan head, Yamanaka head and Akimichi head and Uchiha head. There was over 50 anbus and 50 Uchiha forces from Uchiha military police. The Village was left with only genin and their senseis and few chunin in those genin teams. The large group of shinobi left after midnight diveded in smaller groups of shinobi each group would have a tracker or a sensor. The first group arrived in on the spot where they knew entrance was to Danzo hideout. 





The whole hole group was there in 15 minutes some teams had to check surroundings. Plan was simple go inside there knock all of the Root Anbu if possible and kill only when it is necessary. Danzo has to die. Mito and sensors would each be connected with Yamanaka force from Anbu. There were 15 teams with 5 members that were going inside and 5 teams were backup. They brought radio too,just in case. They wanted to have advantage from surprise attack. And for that Mito was here. 






Mito started using her sensor abilities concentrating only on forces under ground she slowly counted how many were down. Then how many of them were asleep. She soon counted every one. The count wasn't as high as she feared and that meant some of forces were out of on mission and could be back anytime. Mito said:" I could sense 86 person there, various levels of chakra, 43 are asleep, out of 86 - 30 are chunin level chakra vise. I suspect that around 20 Roots are on mission right now so we should be careful outside too, I tried to feel around our surroundings but it seems that it is calm. "

Hokage nodded and said :" Good job Mito, did you hear that. We will now comence this operation. Be careful and follow instructions from sensors. We previously learned that this base is built like a maze, so don't rush. "

Shinobi nodded in understanding. They slowly entered the base team after team lucky the base splited up in the beginning. There were only two gourds at the entrance which were knocked early on. 





The operation was moving rather smoothly at the beginning. They managed not to wake the sleeping shinobi. Mito first task was to find where the forces were sleeping she found it easily it was in the middle part of maze, second task was to find Danzo and lead Hokage towards him. She had some trouble there she couldn't feel him but she knew he was here, and the she could feel a room but she couldn't feel inside of room. The closer they got to middle part of maze, Mito knew it wasn't going as smoothly as she firstly thought. 





They managed only to knock 10 shinobi and encounter 10 more, and she could feel that rest of 23 shinobi were mostly in front of sleeping chambers. They were here for more than 30 minutes and they only were done with 20 to 30 % of the maze. 

Mito asked Hokage:" I think we should combine our forces, we should combine groups 2, 4 and 9 in group 1, groups 5, 1 and 3 in group 2, groups 6,8 and 4 into group 3, while rest of groups should move as planed. This three groups will clean the middle, because I can feel that there is most of enemy forces. Do I have permission to send messages"

Hokage though for few seconds :" will they be able to handle that." 

Mito answered :" Yes I did count on that, I selected teams which were best suited for close range fights and also I arranged them by how close to each other they were." 

Hokage answered :" Then you have a premision."

Mito walked to Yamanaka head which moved with the Hokage and rest of heads. She asked to connect the with Yamanaka on the teams. She got everybody's approval. Mito spoke to Yamanaka as she said to Hokage. Each team understood the orders and moved. They merged and moved slowly from then. Team 1 was moving from north side of middle, team 2 was moving from the west and team 3 was moving from the east, on the south side 

was the room Mito couldn't sense into.






One of teams that didn't merge had a bit troubles with Root Anbu. They weren't close combat. So they were fighting at disadvantage. The 2 root Anbu were strong and managed to knock one of the members of the team. Lucly for a team they had a genjutsu user who was very skilled at the art and managed to knock those two before they could sound a alarm. Unfortunately now they had to slow down a lot. Mito picked that immediately and said two Hokage :" team 15 defeated 2 Root anbu, however they have a knocked member, it is a sensor, they began to move slowly." 

Hokage was satisfied :" so now we have only 31 wake one too fight." 

Mito nodded however she felt that uneasiness again. The one that always signaled something wasn't going as planned. 



The rest of teams soon managed to fight of the Root Anbu who weren't in the middle, with only 5 more knocked of their own. Mito reported that too. She was concerned for one team. Team 12 was left with only one member and it was a Uchiha Fugaku, the leader of team 12, rest were knocked down. Mito stopped the Yamanaka clan head and asked him to connect her with Uchiha Fugaku directly. she said :" Fugaku- san, we need you to stay there and wait for a back up, okay they will be coming in now, you will got a team out of 3 and continue." 




Hokage approved and Mito spoke with radio to the back up on surface :" Team 17, 19 and 20 enter please, team 19 will split up when you reach with team 20 team 12 location. Team 20 will bring back knocked alies and team 17 will head north and pick knocked alies. I will send you locations when you get down here." 



Team 17,19 and 20 moved in and headed to where locations showed. They had a lot easier time moving through corridors and were much faster, they reached their locations in half of time. It was when every single one of knocked alies was draged out of underground base. Mito was satisfied with the result. 




However as she was to report finish of that. The alarm ringed through whole underground. They were found out, mostly because of the number of shinobi in the middle of the base. Mito expected but she didn't expect it so soon. She could feel that in the middle of the maze was a huge fight. Hopefully Orochimaru and Jiraiya could handle that front. She was surprised by how quickly at the beginning the enemy forces were knocked out until she checked that those were only chunin. It didn't look so good in the middle apparently Root Anbu had 43 jonin there and 7 chunin while Konoha had 45 jonin. Well among them were Jiraiya and Orochimaru but it seemed like it would be death on both sides. 


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Mito could feel that Orochimaru and Jiraiya summoned a lot of summons. Most Root Anbu were attacking them, hoping to eliminate the biggest threat. That made it easier for rest of the Konoha shinobi to fight Root. Mito could relax it seemed everything there was under control. She led Hokage team toward the sealed room, hoping that Danzo doesn't have escape route from the room. The best option was now to meet up with those 6 teams that didn't go to the middle of the maze. But that would make a chance for Danzo escape. Mito spoke with Hokage while she ran:" Hokage - sama, do you wish to pursue Danzo with just one group." 

Hokage looked at Mito wondering if she didn't believe he could handle Danzo :" Yes, I will handle him." 

Mito then asked :" You then don't mind sending the rest of teams in the maze towards the middle. "

Hokage asked :" Is everything alright there. "

Mito answered :" for now yes, but Orochimaru and Jiraiya are losing a lot of chakra. Soon they will have to fight with bare hands. "

Hokage understood :" Then send them. "

Mito said:" Yes Hokage - sama. " Mito jumped next to Yamanaka clan head who waited for orders, Mito said :" contact with teams 10 to 15. "

Once they made a contact she explained the plan. Teams were 20 to 30 minutes distance from the middle but it was better than nothing. 







Soon they reached the sealed room, and just as they reached Danzo and best six of his root Anbu walked out the room. Danzo looked pissed, he was staring at Mito with hateful glare. Danzo asked :" Hiruzen what is the meaning of this" 

Hokage answered :" You are charged for treason, you stole many of clan secret jutsu." 

Hokage team was outnumbered 6 VS 7. That meant if Hokage was going to fight Danzo somebody had to fight against 2 root Anbu. Mito suddenly regretet her earlier decision. Mito was about to volunteer to take 2 guys but Uchiha clan head was faster and honestly Mito was glad. Mito wasn't going to hold back so she unsealed Samehada. 

Danzo ordered :" Kill them all, but leave the girl alive." 

Hokage nodded his head and attacked Danzo. Danzo avoided his first attack and fled in the sealed room, Hokage followed him and that is when Mito lost contact with Hokage. She was extremely worried but she could not follow the. She had to fight here and hope Hokage beats him. 





Mito fought some root Anbu who was huge, he was 3 times her size. However he lacked speed because of that, well he was fast but not as fast as Mito. She mercilessly attacked him with Samehada which took both her and his chakra. However Mito chakra reserves were huge and Samehada did seem to like her, so it gave her some of chakra here and there back. She was having problems closed space, every two swings Samehada would hit the walls of the maze. Root Anbu looked tired out after 4 minutes obliviously because he did not have enough space to avoid Samehada. Mito decided to use paralysis seals to finish him. She jumped in the air and threw herself to hug the root who was ordered not kill her so he decided to attack her in non fatal place. Mito hand with Samehada was kicked however she managed to land few centimetars next to root Anbu. She fell down face first and puted the seal on his leg. Mito regretted this attack but it seemed successful. Meanwhile Uchiha head had a lot trouble fighting two opponents. He wasn't losing they were in stalemate. And rest of the heads were wining as it seemed. Mito was thinking if she would help them or follow the Hokage. She decided on later. But as she was lifting Samehada and preparing to go in the sealed room one of the root anbu who fought Uchiha head jumped to stop her from going in. So it seemed she had to help them. 







In the middle of the maze was a chaos. Firstly Orochimaru and Jiraiya summoned tons of summons. Orochimaru 's were more effective. His small snakes knocked out 10 of the enemy shinobi however when Root noticed them, Orochimaru started losing a lot of chakra trying to summon enough of summons. Soon both Orochimaru and Jiraiya did not have enough chakra for summons. And they had to fight taijutsu against 5 Anbu each. So the rest of Konoha teams (around 43) had to fight 30 root anbu. Even though they had a number advantage Root knew the area the best some of them spreaded out and managed to knock some forces out but didn't have enough time for finishing blow thanks to numbers of the teams. Root members mostly aimed for sensors at first and then for trackers. And they defeated most of those easily with only few loses here and there. Orochimaru managed to knock down his enemies however he was tired and bruised everywhere he had to stop to rest for a few minutes. Jiraiya however was still fighting and seemed to have more energy. Jiraiya had knocked 3 shinobi out, but these two last were pretty strong and he couldn't relax for a moment. Orochimaru was getting ready to help Jiraiya when he noticed that group 11 come in. That meant Hokage sended them here believing he could beat Danzo, Orochimaru wonder if that was true. 








Jiraiya with help of group 11 managed to defeat those two. Orochimaru jumped to them he was still tired, but now he looked like he was on the same level of tiredness as Jiraiya. They began to clean the rest of the Root Anbu. They managed to clean everyone in 15 minutes. The Root Anbu started to run at the first when they realized that Konoha forces received back up but they did not have anywhere to run to. From the middle there were more than 20 injured and knocked out Konoha shinobi. Jiraiya decided to split the big group when he couldn't reach anyone from high command. He did not panic because he heard Mito mentioning sealed room and that they need to go there. Almost everyone was to go back on surface and help injured to get there. Jiraiya, Orochimaru and on Fugaku request, Fugaku would go towards where the Hokage was expected to be.



On the way outside groups were moving slowly and could rather loud bangs of swords hitting the walls. It didn't seem to send any kind of message so they just continued to move towards the surface. There the rest of companies helped them up. Med nin rushed to help injured. There were only 2 of them and they just had finished patching up those that came earlier. It was around and the sun was slowly rising up. The team on surface was worried because the last message from the Hokage team was over half an hour ago and it seemed that they couldn't reach them neither with radio or with Yamanaka. Sensors tried to calm them by saying that could be because they entered the sealed room. But soon that wasn't their only worry. 


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Clan heads and Mito managed to break through the those root anbu. They slowly entered the sealed room witch was dark Mito could feel 5 persons there but none were Hokage or Danzo. So that meant Danzo though he could beat Hokage himself but he needed time. Mito made a warning to clan heads saying :" each one has one to fight." 

Uchiha clan head helped others with seeing their opponents, while he could see his with his sharingan. He used great fireball technique to light up the room. However soon it was puted out by water user. Mito could fight in the dark without trouble however whenever she would swing her sword it would hit wall the room was smaller than previous one. It seemed like Mito choose the Root who specializes in kenjutsu so she had a sword fight. However rest of the team was met with Root Anbu with oposite affinity in Uchiha case, or in other cases the worst opponents for their clan jutsus. Mito also had a trouble fighting kenjutsu user he was faster and taller than her. However he had to be extra careful around that sword. He avoided as much as he could he knew more about it than previous fighters Mito fought he stayed out the range mostly. 

Mito knew they were holding them back and buying time for Danzo but she couldn't get rid of this one with just Samehada. So she created Water Clone from the water the fighter which fought Uchiha head. The Clone fought for few seconds the kenjutsu user moving head on. While Mito wawed the seals for Water Gun Tehnique. Once she was ready, the clone poped up and she hited the kenjutsu user in his quadriceps he had to kneel from the pain and she rushed straight toward him using paralysis seal on him. She moved towards the door which led to then next room. Clan heads saw that move and tried their best not let anyone touch her. Now they didn't have to worry about her. At first they didn't believe she would be able to fight anybody here but they were proven wrong. 







When Hokage entered the first room he could feel hidden presence, however Danzo ran straight to the next room where he couldn't fell anyone this room unlike the other one had light. Hokage seemed like he was hesitant about attacking first and Danzo knew why. They didn't spar for years now. Hokage didn't know how Danzo fought. Danzo used his crane as a sword and attacked. Hokage easily dodge that. Hokage soon noticed that they were equal at taijutsu. However Danzo seemed to hide so much more. 








On the surface Konoha group was attacked by 10 Roots Anbu. They had to divide themselves. One group would gaurd the injured and 3 would fight them off. Both sides seemed already tired out. However it seemed like Root Anbu managed to fight equally even though they were outnumbered. Konoha shinobi managed to move the battle from the injured alies as far as they could and then they focused on knocking down the root. As more time passed the bigger advantage was for Konoha shinobi. Around 5.30 a.m the battle was over. Teams were exhausted they barely reached to where they left the injured. Only 4 of them needed the medical attention. However med nin still had to heal the ones that came earlier they managed to patch up half of those. The forces were even more worried now. However they were relived when Fugaku used the radio saying :" we reached the sealed room, it seemes like they firstly fought in front of it and then entered. We are entering now." it meant a lot that at least they had a back up. 








Jiraiya and Orochimaru nodded their heads while Fugaku used radio. The three of them entered the room and saw fight between what seemed like exhausted clan heads and 4 root anbu. Jiraiya and Orochimaru rushed towards those ones that Nara, Yamanaka and Akimichi clan head fought, while Fugaku run to help his uncle. It seemed they entered few minutes after Mito left. Fugaku was surprised by the seal on the body outside of the room and how quickly Jiraiya said it was Mitos, she efficiently tooked out 3 out of 11 enemies while they were obviously weeker than those Clan heads fought, but that made him respect her. They soon took care of the Root here and moved on to the next room. 






Hokage fought bravely, he summoned his monkey summon, however he didn't expect Danzo to summon a giant tapir-like creature, he called Baku. The fight continued, both of the finally landed some heavy hits on each other. Danzo had advantage. His summon was stronger than Hokage's. He was winning until Mito entered the room. When he realized that he was out of time. He wasn't worried about Mito, he did not believe she could touch him. He know she wasn't a genin but she wasn't nowhere near Hokage level to fight him. His summon made Hokage summon puff. And Mito jumped in front of Hokage saying :" I will take it from here." Hokage was about to protest but Mito was already cloaked with biju chakra even Samehada was cloaked. Hokage however did not completely backed out the fight he decided to be her support. Mito rushed forward, Baku jumped in front of Danzo too block her attack. However combined attacks from Hokage and Mito had killed it. Danzo managed to dodge her first attack he wasn't expecting her to be able to use biju chakra at all and even that she has control over it, he had to stay away as far as he could. One reason was because Samehada and, other was because he knew how biju chakra was corresive. Danzo managed to run around the room until the doors opened once again now entering were clan heads with Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Fugaku. Danzo knew he was screwed, so he knew he had to use one of fuinjutsu he developed for extreme casuse. Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu. 

He only needed to be fit with one fatal hit and he could activate it. 





Luckily for him Mito was coming with full speed at him, he was ready to use it. However the fatal blow never came. She taped his shoulder and he was thrown into the wall. He couldn't feel his body. Mito unactivated the clock and said:" I puted the paralysis seal on you. I know about the seal on your chest. I wonder if it will activate if you die from drowning." 

Hokage asked :" What seal." 

Mito tore some of Danzo clothes and said:"Reverse Tetragram Sealing Jutsu, he planned to seal us inside himself once he died. But I knew he had it when I entered here. I saw it briefly when I entered." 

Clan heads were glad the fight was over, however they saw something Mito didn't. Hokage was bleading from his back they did not want to point that out so they said. :" Mito - San, why don't you finnish him now. He did steal from your clan. "

Mito answered :" he did not just steal from my clan" she ripped the bandeges on his head which revealed a Sharingan, luckily he had only one and couldn't use it for Izanagi because he lacked the Hashirama cells. But she nodded her head and followed everyone out the room using Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu with all of her remaining chakra she filled the room with water and closed the doors. When they were sure he was dead because his chakra faded they came and got the body. 





Every clan was pissed by the knowledge somebody was able to steal from them. However they were satisfied with punishment. 



Chapter Text







Mito could barely stand on her own. She obviously forced herself to her limits. Hokage told her to get on his back. She at first refused but his glare was enough to scare her. They sealed Danzo body in scroll. And as they left the sealed room they used radio contacting the forces on the surface. Hokage said:" Mission successful, now comence picking up Root. They will be brought to I&T." 

The shinobi forces splited again in two groups. One group would stay on surface for protection of wounded and rest would go down and bring Root up. Hokage made sure everyone was carrying at least two persons. Mito showed quickest routes to surface. When they finally reached surface it was clearly morning around Mito knew there was a lot of work to do, but she couldn't help anymore. When she was on the surface she decided to have a simple breakfast enough to retrieve some chakra. 








Medics fussed for a whole group. Mito said she didn't need medical attention. Clan heads knew why so they pushed Hokage in med-nin care. Mito obliviously notice that he was injured while she was carried on his back, that is way she found the quickest route to surface. After eating Mito dozed off for an hour. She was feeling a lot better. She was just around 20%. Of her usual chakra. But that wasn't threatening. The first group that headed down to pick up Root Anbu just returned. Mito could see that at this pace they weren't going to be finnished until She then decided she would rather help med-nin heal people than carry someone twice her weight, even though she had chakra she didn't want to experience something like that. 







So she walked to the medical tent asking :" Do you need help." 

The two med-nin turned towards her at the same time they looked tired out but they weren't that bad. Med-nin asked:" How much do you know." 

Mito answered :" honestly I don't know much, but my chakra is compatible with healing, it is special in that way." 

Med-nin looked confused at her. And Mito showed on the person who was laying down on the next bed of the one two med-nin worked on. The shinobi was still uncouncious and had a large gash on his left leg. She used minimal of her chakra, her hands were cloaked not with usual green or blue, but with orange, actually she used some of her chakra infused with biju chakra, and the gash slowly closed up, without any mark. Med-nin never saw something similar but nodded their heads asking one more question :" Do you know if it works on internal bleeding and internal damage." 

Mito answered :" I can't stop internal bleeding, because I don't actually know how blood vessel are builted, but I can heal any other type of tissue. My ability is based on the knowledge about how the body works and I have limited knowledge and experience with internal bleeding. " 







Med-nin were satisfied with her answer and made her do every shinobi they knew that didn't have any internal bleeding. Mito healed 10 person by the end of first hour. Med-nin were just as fast as she was. There were only 5 more shinobi left to heal and they were all with slow internal bleeding. Med-nin were kind and asked Mito to watch the procedure. They even explained everything they could and when they were almost finished with everyone they asked her to try herself. Of course they guided her and checked how she was doing. They were surprised by how quickly she got the hang of it. However once Mito finished she immediately passed out. The med-nin paniced because just then Hokage entered the tent. 







Hokage coughed :" Did you chech her chakra reserves." 

Both med-nin just stared at Hokage in panic, until Hokage coughed again. When one of them finally registered what he said, she said :" she had normal amount of chakra half hour ago. But now she has less, but still anybody could work with this much. "

Hokage :" Well not Uzumaki, when you said she had normal amount of chakra she was probably on about verge of chakra exhaustion already. She is the kind of person who puts everything above herself. So don't leave her out of sight. "

Med-nin were grateful for experiences and information they usually didn't know how much Uzumaki clan had chakra because it was unmeresuable they only knew that they had lot. 







Hokage seemed rather satisfied with everything. The shinobi forces were almost done with bringing up the Root Anbu on the surface. Med-nin healed them all after eating several chakra pills. Hokage wondered what was happening in the village he hoped nothing major happened and that many people wouldn't notice them being gone for whole day. While they were almost finished here they couldn't move until night falls they didn't need attention. 






Hokage didn't plan to tell truth about Danzo treasons because it would harm the moral of the civilians and shinobi. So he decided to lie about his death. So they didn't need anyone suspecting anything. Some of the Root walked out by themselves already knowing they lost. It made retrival mission easier. Hokage now wasn't thinking about politics inside of Konoha he now only had to end the war with Iwa quickly and Konoha could have its peace. 




Jiraiya walked to Hokage slowly and asked him:" Sensei what are you thinking about." 

Hokage answered :" I was thinking how to use your informations. Which team should I send and to where." 

Jiraiya said:" I think that you should send a team with at least 2 jonin and rest could be genin, the best place to attack I honestly don't know. "

Hokage asked:" why 2 jonin. "

Jiraiya answered :" one jonin would help on the battlefield while other one would do the mission in secret. "

Hokage gasped :" Ah, a diversion. Very good, but we don't have a team with 2 jonin. "

Jiraiya nodded his head:" You don't, but if you put Mito on any team you will basically have. "

Hokage glared at him:" I don't like this idea of yours. I was thinking of promoting some promising candidates. But Mito must stay in the village for now and we don't know which location to attack there are many options still left. "

Jiraiya was surprised by how Hokage didn't agree with this. Maybe he had rushed, but he knew Mito could handle herself. 

Hokage saw a hurt expression on Jiraiya face and said:" intitaly Mito and I agree on doing missions inside of Konoha which she only complied 30 D ranks in 3 months. She said we couldn't send her on battlefield unless she wanted to go." 





Orochimaru looked for Hokage and finally found he talking with Jiraiya he didn't hear a word of their conversation but could see they were talking about Mito by looks on their faces. He interuped them by informing that everyone was out of the underground maze. Hokage nodded his head and said:" in few days we will announce Danzo's death in meanwhile I want you to try find someone who is trustworthy to replace him in coincil. I will need to console with you while you are here." 


Chapter Text






The day in Konoha was peaceful it was quiet. Civilans were confused by how city looked empty. Uchiha military police which was on patrol usually would have teams of two or three people but today you could see only one member of the elite forces on very large grounds patroling. Teams of genin were also confused and so were their Sensei. They trained as usual but they could feel something was unusual and it bugged everyone. Thankfully nothing major happened. Minato was the first one to notice that Hokage wasn't in his office he asked the secretary about that and she answered :" it is confidential information, I know that he won't be in Konoha today and that is all." 





Minato could feel lack of shinobi everywhere he went that day and it was unusual because he didn't know that he could recognize shinobi on the streets. What was more concerning was that Mito wasn't anywhere that Kakashi, Genma and Shisui looked. But they couldn't find anything or anybody who knew.



Minato decided to use his last option when it was around when his team was finished with all of d-ranked missions he tooked for them yesterday. Hokage was generous yesterday and gave a five d-rank missions. Minato did find it weird that he did that but now Minato thought it like Hokage wanted to divert their attention elsewhere. Minato summoned a frog summon. The frog who was annoyed with being summoned two times in the day begun to yell before the smoke cleared :" I thought we had a deal Jiraiya, only once a day. It is already the second time you did this." as the smoke cleaned the frog shouted up as it saw team 7 staring at him, it nervously smiled. Minato asked sweatly knowing that this frog was battle type :" What do you mean second time. "

The frog gulped down and said:" don't mind me. Yesterday Mito managed to summon me two time and I didn't notice that that was yesterday." 

Minato glared at the frog sayimg:" You are laying to me. Tell me where sensei is." 

 The frog was ready to dissappear. However Minato puted paralysis seal on him which allowed him to speak. 

The frog answered:" Jiraiya is northeast of here. "

Minato frowned the frog wasn't cooperating meaning something was there he wasn't allowed to know. He had to ask :" what is he doing there." 

Frog confidently lied :" they are training Mito in special way." 

Minato stopped for second wondering if that could be true. But were so many shinobi needed for special kind of training weren't those kept a secret and besides he knew Kushina never got any. Minato couldn't dissmis it completely but he knew there was something hidden. The frog after that didn't spoke a word when Kakashi asked what kind of training. Minato wondered if the frog was keeping the secret about Mito being the jinchuriki or he didn't think that much ahead when he lied. Minato was merciful and leted frog go. 





The Hokage and rest of the forces entered the Konoha from to Some teams which carried the injured moved out earlier and traveled longer so they came to Konoha around While some of the forces waited for root anbu to wake up and move out because they weren't enough people to carry root members. Hokage team was one of the last that headed towards Konoha. Mito was still sleeping but this time she was carried by Jiraiya. The forces were going to enter Konoha in different time so that it would look less suspicious. 







When Hokage finally entered the village he was glad nothing changed. They headed straight to Hokage office. We're Mito was laid on the cauch and mission final report was read. Hokage was surprised by how many shinobi were injured over 70% had mild injuries however it the situation on dead was lot better besides Danzo only two root were killed. Hokage knew he had to organize this force now he also knew he had to organize the attack on Iwa forces he really needed one extra right hand. Mito was one solution but she didn't have experience he could also look for someone capable but most of the people were on the front line. He was getting to old for Hokage hat. He knew he could lean on Orochimaru and Jiraiya but they couldn't be all the time inside of village. Jiraiya was leaving in few days to see what kind is going on outside of Konoha. 





Mito slowly lifted her head when the report was finished and everyone in the room stopped talking seeing that Hokage was in deep thought. Nobody noticed her walking up. So she didn't want to startle anyone so he didn't made any kind of noise. She could feel how troubled Hokage was, but she didn't know everything that went through his head. She could guess some things but not all. She reached slowly for water on the table next to the couch. Only did then Uchiha clan head noticed she was awake. He looked at her carefully he noticed she was trying to keep silent and not disturb Hokage thoughts. She looked too mature in that moment. He heard that Shisui liked this girl, he immediately knew why, she was obviously different from everyone else she was special in every kind of way. He smiled at her and she almost choked on the water she drank.




That caught attention of the everyone except Hokage who was still in deep thought. Fugaku was still there and looked at the shocked face of Mito and then to his uncle. He immediately knew what was going on his uncle mind. He heard too about Shisui confession from Mikoto who learned that from Kushina who learned that from team 7. He also knew that she had two others running after her. Well everyone knew from the upper clan part Kushina being social butterfly she told everyone about her cousin and her life she was gossip queen. 



Hokage had finally had enough of thinking and he was finally awere of his surroundings. He felt like he didn't know something like he was left out of something. He coughed and gathered everybody attention. Mito walked towards Hokage. He was confused by her movement however she didn't stop. She only said:" have you found solution or do you need advice." 

Hokage was shocked by bluntness he had to answer directly too:" Advice would be helpful." 

Mito said :" I have only one question. Is civilian council as important as shinobi council. Does it need to have so much power. As I saw sometimes your decision were stopped by them but they decisions weren't anyhow realeted to them. " Mito was looking outside of the window. 

Hokage was wondering if Mito knew what troubled him. 

Jiraiya and Orochimaru were confused by how she bluntly said civilan council wasn't as important as shinobi council. They didn't think she was cool blooded. Jiraiya didn't like that while Orochimaru was impressed by that. Uchiha clan said :" indeed we are military village Hokage as military leader should have absolutely rule over the village." 

The clan heads all nodded. Hokage wondered how they would manage to do that. But Mito said:" we won't need to change anything about them, we will just make a new law where it would be stated that civilan wouldn't be allowed in shinobi materes unless it was directly connected with honor of village." 



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Hokage asked :" when you say honor of village what do you mean." 

Mito answered :" they honor of our village is a royal clans, they cannot die off, they will choose a candidate that would help produce a hair to clan." 

Fugaku cought:" and what do you mean with die off clans. "

Mito responded :" The clans that have one member that is of age to have a child. "

Fugaku wasn't satisfied with her answer and asked:" Then how about Uzumaki clan. "

Mito answered :" While Uzumaki clan indeed has one member of age, there are some rumors about few running Uzumaki, and besides Minato and Kushina are doing their best to provide a child." 

The room felt silent they didn't want to know. 




Hokage asked for her opinion :" How would you end the war with Iwa. "

Mito was surprised that they still didn't have answer to this, well she guess it was few months early still. She answered :" we should cut off their supplies. The best is to block their supply lines from Kusa." 

Jiraiya nodded his head that was one of best options. Hokage asked :" And how do you think that can be completed.".

Mito answered :" by destroying Kannabi bridge." 

Hokage wondered :" Do you know how big that bridge is. "

Mito shake her head and simply answered:" if it is big just send a seal master to take it down." 

Jiraiya facepalmed it was an easy solution but he couldn't think of it. 

Mito continued :" if you want i can go and destroyed it myself. "

The clan heads were strongly against it. 

Mito tried to calm them down by saying she could go with a team. Which worked to some degree. Hokage asked then:" Do you think that Kakashi is ready to become Jonin. "

The clan heads didn't know where this was going. Mito answered :" he is strong enough for jonin promotion, he has a mentality of own, but I don't think he is 100% ready. But I think you should promote him. "







After coming out of Hokage office Mito runs at team 7 and Genma and Shisui who waited in front of the doors. Mito stayed all night here so it was morning when she came out of the office. 

Mito asked :" can I help you. "

Mito did look tired out, but she didn't seem like she would collapse at any moment. 

Minato was first to notice that and asked:" if you are tired we will talk to you later." 

Mito answered :" I am fine just shoot your questions." 

Minato asked :" where were you yesterday." 

Mito answered :"outside of the Village." 

Minato asked :" what were you doing there." 

Mito answered :" we were searching for something and then we spared and then we came back." 

Genma asked then:" could you please answer us honestly,, we were worried for you." 

Mito looked at him she couldn't help but to sigh:" I can't, it is secret and it shouldn't be said to anyone."

Minato asked:" Is it connected with Hokage leaving the Village." 

Mito nodded her head but didn't say a thing. Which meant she wasn't allowed to talk about it. Mito then apologized :" I am sorry but I must go now. I am also sorry but I will be busy these next few days. "

She left slowly. Team 7 was called in the Hokage office so both Genma and Shisui followed Mito. 








Aparently Kakashi was going to be tested for jonin promotion. Minato was firstly against it but Kakashi made decision to take a test on his own. Minato wasn't satisfied but he could see that Kakashi wanted it, he had to allow it. However Hokage wanted to say something else too :" if Kakashi makes a jonin, I will send you to battlefield for one extremely important mission." 

Minato was professional and nodded his head to Hokage orders. While he was worried for his team he knew they could handle it, they had to. 







Few days later announcement was announced that great elder of Konoha Danzo has died from a heart attack. His death was mourned however the clan heads lefted his funeral shortly after it begun and even Hokage did so. Mito stayed as representative of both Hokage and clan heads. While the civilians wondered what was so important that those higher ups couldn't attend this funeral or maybe there was something else there. Mito began her speech about everything that Danzo has done for village, she didn't say anything about his crimes. She explained that the village needed somebody great like Danzo and they needed to find that somebody quickly. 







The Village mourned his death for few days. However everything was going on. Kakashi managed to pass jonin test and was promoted to jonin. Soon the team 7 was again summoned to Hokage office and there they got mission details they were going to be leaving in 3 days. There will be additional member on the team. Minato was worried because he had to split with his team for part of the mission to help Konoha forces which were outnumbered. However Hokage insured that additional member would make sure nothing happened to them while he was gone. He was also surprised by the mission of destroying Kannabi bridge so he geussed somebody strong enough to collapse it would added to the team. 






Mito meanwhile was busy doing paperwork for Hokage, doing advanced seals for destroying Kannabi bridge and even researching some new seals. She didn't know what would happen so she should be ready for everything. She didn't want anything going wrong with this mission so she needed to make sure Rin won't be kidnapped. So they won't end up in the cave. She had a lot plans to do. She couldn't let anything surprise her she had to be ready for everything. 






Mito had a dinner with Kushina like usual this time Kushina was worried about team 7 safety. Kushina said :" I can't stop worrying about them, I don't know who will be going with them. Do you know." 

Mito answered :" I know, that person will be making sure everything goes right, don't worry." 

Kushina asked:" can't you tell me." 

Mito said:" I can but you have to keep it secret at least until the mission begins. "

Kushina nodded her head with curiosity leaking from her eyes. 

Mito pointed to herself and said:" I will go with them. "

Kushina was surprised :" What. What do you mean." 

Mito had to calm her down there after all they were in restaurant. Kushina faces were going from worried to super worried and then it looked like she saw something good in that decision. Well at least Mito would spend some time with Kakashi. She will pray for him to make a successful move on Mito.

Mito then said :" I still need to buy a gift for Kakashi promotion." 

Kushina had already brought and gave her gift to Kakashi to congratulate Kakashi so she asked :" Should I go with you." 

Mito considered the offer and nodded her head. 

Kushina and Mito walked through shinobi market because it was obvious that Kakashi only used shinobi stuff. Mito searched for anything that screamed Kakashi. She was very careful not to give to much or too useless things to him. 



Chapter Text





Mito and Kushina were looking and looking but they couldn't find anything for Kakashi. Mito didn't know what to do. Kushina wasn't as big help as she thought she would be. Mito thought about giving him a sword, but she knew he used his father's last memento, she couldn't replace that. She thought about buying him some books but she knew he wasn't interested in those and hopefully he would never be. She slowly walked through market and stopped in front of weaponry shop Kushina was just behind her. She was lost in thoughts too she wonder if Mito was thinking about buying something special. 







Meanwhile team 7 had final briefing before the mission start tomorrow. Rin asked Kakashi to stay after the briefing because she wanted to say something. Kakashi stayed. Both Minato and Obito leavening knowing what the talk was about. 

Rin started slowly :" I didn't have courage to tell you for the longest time. But after seeing you gather your courage for confession i gathered mine." 

Kakashi nodded his head. 

Rin continued :" I like you, Kakashi I am saying it now because I am ready to be rejected." her eyes were watery but she didn't cry. 

Kakashi seemed shoocked but said:" I am sorry, but you know I like Mito, I always thought as friend, just the thing is that I at first didn't want friends." 

Rin nodded her head covering her eyes:" I know, I am ready to let go. "

Kakashi huged Rin because he also feared of the rejection too, so at least he wanted to comfort Rin. 






The same night Obito waited in front of the Rin house however he went home before she returned. He still wasn't confident in himself and he did not want to make it hard for Rin. Rin managed to not cry too much she decided to become someone who doesn't cry for silly crush. 






Mito was searching for any kind of gift in the weaponry shop. She found some cool stuff but those fitted more her than Kakashi. She wondered if she actually knew Kakashi at all. Mito saw a sword which looked a lot like hers but she noticed it would react with lightning affinity. She knew she said about the swords but he could always make this his secondary weapon. Mito decided to add some seals on it when she returned home. Kushina was satisfied with the gift. 





Mito lastly puted some seals on the handle of the sword the sword now was almost unbreakable like what she did with the one Genma gave her. The weakness was still the heat but otherwise it was fine. Mito slowly. Briefed herself about tomorrow and went to sleep. She dreamt about her past life again. This time it was nightmare. The girl she / he once had a crush on, was being bullied because of him, because she was nice to him. She was so brave she handled the insult well. She didn't respond to any kind of provocation. But these bullies never stopped. Ante knew that the best. One time they beated her in front of him. The next time they beated him in front of her. They only got tears as reactions. The girl still was the kind of person Ante had met. However he didn't want her to suffer so he distanced himself. She always tried to reach him. The bullies thankfully stopped harrasing her for a few moments. But she decided to report them to teachers. However teachers were friends with bullies parents and didn't report it to principal. Bullies wanted to get rid of her, she was troublesome. But they also wanted to continue playing with those two. They came with sickest plan. They did that to this poor girl. They broke both of them. Mito didn't want to remember those moments but something was blocking her from waking up. 




She could hear screams, she could feel the disgusting heat of that room. She could see them move up and down. Ante struggled to get free he was tied up for heater and it was turned on. He was getting burned but he didn't have a time to worry about himself. His crush was in front of him she was drugged, the two guys were slowly taking her clothes off, the girls were having fun drinking and smoking weed. Her eyes were glassy. One of the guys started to rub her c cups breaths. She started to moan, the other guy was licking her legs he was moving his mouth closer and closer to her vagina. The girls soon undressed the boys. And continued to watch. The guy who massaged her breaths now used them to rub his dick in between them. Meanwhile the other one played with her vagina. His tongue entered them slowly at first but soon it looked disgusting his tongue moved up and down, left and right at incredible speed. The girl moaned a lot. The guys then said:" the real fun begins now. One of them sat on the bed while the other puted her on his lap facing Ante. 




He closed his eyes however the girls jumped on that action and their fingers help it opened for him. They said:" we reserved the best place for, you can't just close your eyes on the best part." 

The boy put his coack inside the girl and at first slowly moved the girl moaned but the other guy put his dick in her mouth. Her brest were at first slowly moving up and down. But as the guy under went faster so did those. The guy from under her grabbed her brests and squized them. The other guy used that opportunity to use his hand and pushed his dick all the way inside of her mouth. Both cummed in few seconds. However they weren't finished yet. They continued to fuck her until she was uncouncious. Both of them loaded three times at her. And Ante finally thought his torture was done he was broken. however the guys slowly moved toward him saying :" do you wanna taste her too, we know you do." 

The girls whisper to their ears asking what they planned. They ordered to undress him. One of the guys unchained him and picked him up putting him next to her. Ante didn't move, he couldn't but the next words were that shocked him:" Don't worry we didn't think you would fuck her. We taste like her you see." one of them grabbed Ante's hand while other sat behind and pulled Ante backwards.. Saying in his ears:" You are hard too. We will take good care of you don't worry." he was rubbing his nipple while other was touching his dick. Soon he had a dick in his mouth and dick in his anus. The girls laughed :" You guys are so similar, you both took same dicks in same position you guys are made for each other. " even though it hurtled a lot Ante didn't make a noise which they interpret as he didn't mind so they fucked him harder and faster until they could hear his voice begging. But Ante wasn't going to satisfy them. At the end of the night Ante was covered by their cum. He was bitter, he had their marks all over his body. They tooked his crush out the room. He wanted to know what they were going to do to her but he could not move. Everything hurt he was both physically, emotionally and mentally hurt. He could still feel those sensations. He felt dirty again. He was dirty form his birth but he never felt this dirty. One of the guys returned and removed his pants again he puted his dick inside Ante again and mad few thrust and peied in Ante. He moved his hands all over Ante body and said:" I will take you out, because there is something you have to see." 





When they were outside Ante was freezing he wasn't wearing any clothes and it was night time. He saw his crush with the gun pointed to he face she was crying. The guy who was holding the gun said:" do you want me to kill you or will you do it yourself." 

The girl reached for a gun saying :" I will kill myself." 

The boy smirked fully believing her. She pointed the gun at herself first. The boy moved back, however as soon as he did that the girl shooted him, then those two girls behind him and lastly she shouted the guy that brought Ante, saying to him :" please live, now nobody will ever hurt you." as she killed herself, she fell in the river behind her and her body was floating moving away from Ante. Ante was pissed he dragged others to river he kicked there body's one of the girls was still alive but he did not care she ended in the river too. 



Ante was moving on instinct he took his clothes and headed home by foot he was far away from it. 



Chapter Text





Mito woke up screaming, all sweaty, out of breath. She was having a panic attack. She slowly walked out the bed following the walls to get into the bathroom she threw up. She couldn't hold it in, she cried. She didn't want to remember that. She never once wanted to see that. She was shaking. However once she saw her reflection in the mirror she could finally see that she isn't in her past life anymore. She decided to wash her mouth. But she still felt dirty so she took a shower and a hot one. Which managed to calm her down. She was still insecure but she had to focus on mission which was ahead of her. Mito walked out the bathroom, she removed all the sheates of the bed and decided to put them in washroom. She apperently woke up 3 hours early. Mito didn't feel tired she was under a lot of adrenaline. Mito finished preparing for mission. And headed out of her house. She knew that she was 2 hours early however she hoped nature would calm her some more. She was looking for longest route to gates. She walked slowly calming everything inside herself, she wondered what triggered her memories. The first time was obviously a confession. This time it didn't have a trigger that Mito could think of. She reached gates an hour early looking completely calm on the outside, she managed to calm herself enough to not think about it. She was thinking about what she had to do on this mission how careful she should be and what to do in certain situations. 








Half a hour later Minato came to the gates. Mito said :" Minato - San you are early today. 

Minato replied :" so you are Mito-Chan. "

Mito raised her brows and Minato continued :" honestly I was surprised when Kushina this morning said to take care of you. She looked really weird. "

Mito asked :" Did she have foggy looking eyes like yesterday."

Minato nodded his head. Mito shivered saying :" She is imagine something I don't want to participate in. "

Minato laughed thinking she was making a joke but the glare he received was giveaway that she was serious. Minato asked:" why did you come so early." 

Mito answered :" I had trouble sleeping." 

Minato nodded and smiled saying :" You are still child, you can get excited for big missions." 

Mito replied :" the bigger the mission the more worriesome it is. I am not excited at all unfortunately. "

Minato raised his eyebrows asking:" Then why couldn't you sleep." 

Mito answered honestly :" I had a dream about past. A nightmare. "

Minato carefully asked:" How often do you have those. "

Mito stayed silent for a short time and answered :" Actually this was the second time. The first time I knew what trigger was, but this time it was more detailed, and I don't know what caused it. "

Minato said:" Then don't worry about it too much, stay focused on mission and once we are back you will search for reasons. "

Mito nodded her head and stayed silent. 







Soon Kakashi came, he calmly walked towards Minato, while Mito was just next to Minato, she couldn't be seen by Kakashi. However Kakashi noticed that Minato was talking to someone. As he gotten closer he could hear his sensei lists everything he brought for mission. He heard humming agreement coming from next of his sensei. As he was getting closer Rin was just behind him, she was moving faster than him and was looking for the person sensei talked to. The sudden wind had blown from their behind and he could see long red hair carried by the wind. He stopped on the spot. Rin finally pasted him she saw it too but she was happy to see it. Rin rushed towards them saying :" good morning, Mito - Chan will you be joining us on mission." 

Mito answered :" good morning to you too, I am going to join you on this mission Rin-Chan, Kakashi."

Kakashi started moving again after those words he walked coolly which made Mito almost laughed. 

They still had 10 minutes and Obito still didn't come. 

Mito could feel Obito coming closer so she decided to take out her gift to Kakashi. saying :" Kakashi come here I have something for you." 

Kakashi walked to her with super speed both Minato and Rin though he looked like a dog wawing his tail in front of his master. Mito took out the sword saying :" honestly I didn't know what to buy for you but I geuss you will have to be satisfied. Congratulations on becoming jonin Kakashi." 

The look in his eyes was priceless he looked so exicted. Obito just walked on it and didn't know what to say he didn't see Kakashi looking so alive. Mito laughed her beautiful laugh and Kakashi was red he didn't look like Kakashi he knew. Even Rin smiled more than before more honestly. Then why did he feel burden still. He had to confess soon. 







Minato was the one who said:" alright now all of us are here we should move." 

Obito said:" wait I still didn't give Kakashi a gift for promotion." 

The rest of team 7 looked weirdly at him but Mito said :" Hey guys don't be mean to Obito. He may not get along with Kakashi but still he thinks about him more than rest of us. "

Obito asked :" what do you mean by that. "

Mito said:" I just said that you are secretly in love with him." 

Kakashi eyes widden and Rin laughed. Obito exploded:" I don't love him, I just respect his strength. "

Minato said:" she is just teasing you, you can give him your gift. "

Obito gave him gloves which didn't cover his fingers. Kakashi smiled softly and thanked him. 









They began to move Mito was surprised by how slow they were going jumping from tree to tree she wondered if Minato was thinking she couldn't keep up with them. So she asked :" Is this regular speed Konoha shinobi move on missions." 

However Kakashi answered:" Yes, teams with at least one genin moved this speed." 

Mito asked :" I think both Rin and I could move faster." 

Rin nodded her head. Kakashi looked at Minato watching what he would do in this situation. Minato said :" Then let's move faster, the more time we save the war will end sooner or at least be more at our advantage. "






They significantly speed up. The journey which was 2 days long was shorten. Mito while she jumped on the trees was actually talking to Isobu. 

Isobu was listening to Mito concerns and gave some advice on how to act.






Chapter Text






Mito after walking two days finally could feel a human with her sensor abilities. She could feel him waiting for something. She immediately knew that this shinobi will attack them. He was obliviously a scout of enemy team. Mito didn't alert anyone she wanted to handle this one. If she remembered correctly this shinobi was named Mahiru, but that wasn't important she had to avoid Obito freezing and Kakashi using chidori. So she waited and waited for him to attack. Minato was looking at her for a moment and saw that she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings but only to one certain point. 

Mahiru finally jumped out to attack however before he could even attack them directly his head was cutted of by Mito using her speed and sword. Unfortunately Mahiru activated his traps beforehand and some sharp Bambi had started to fall down on team 7. They managed to avoid them. Minato looked angry at her saying :" You could worn us." 

Mito answered :" I could but then he would know I knew that he was there. Besides it was easier this way." 

Minato said:" we could use some information from him." 

Mito answered :" his information could be lies, and we could be trapped by them. "

Mito went to body and searched it she didn't find anything. So she said:" He was just a scout so let's just go. Minato', your part of mission is just as important as our. You need to create a chaos there so they don't think about watching over Kannabi bridge." 

Minato nodded his head. Soon Minato went his way he had one day of walk to battlefield while they had just the same in other direction,but they had to move slowly and carefully for a day. And he could just rush to battle. 





Even though Kakashi was team leader, he followed Mito everywhere. Mito could feel a shinobi force moving towards them. While she was expecting only two shinobi, she should know that wouldn't happen, this mission was taking place a lot earlier. She slowly counted them there were 5 chunin and 6 jonin. She stopped team Kakashi by raising her hand saying :" Rin stay close to me all the time, there are 11 of them. So be extra careful used this time to prepare your weapon and attack as soon as you see them." 






Mito took out both of her swords and she gave Rin the one Genma gave her saying :" You will defend yourself easier with this one.. "She turned to Obito and said:" use your sharingan. I have chakra pills if you will need them." Obito nodded as he activated them, he took kunai and got in stance. Kakashi took out his father's tanto. 

Mito threw few seals which she attached to her chakra strings she learned from Jiraiya. She hoped that this would be enough. The enemy was getting closer at fast speed but they didn't know where exactly team Kakashi was so when they came in range were surprised by how ready the team looked. However they were cocky knowing they both outnumbered them and were individually stronger. The chunin rushed forward and one of jonin did too. Mito activated the seals as soon as they were in range. But because how fast they moved the explosion did so much damage that it killed 4 chunins on the spot fifth was heavyly wounded and couldn't move. The jonin actually managed to dodge most of the explosion but still his left arm was burned a lot. Obito threw a kunai at him and killed him. Mito knew this wasn't over now the jonins were extra careful and they didn't want to get closer. So only thing Mito could do was use Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu. Water dragon was huge and it headed straight for team of jonins 2 of them managed dodge it completely and both Kakashi and Obito attacked one of them. While three jonins didn't dodge completely they did not receive much damage. Both Kakashi and Obito had a upper hand at fighting their opponents. The jonins were obliviously trained for long range battle and didn't have much experience in close combat. Well maybe Kakashi opponent was good at taijutsu but he wasn't good at kenjutsu. 




Mito protected Rin the best she could. She could see 2 guys but felt 3 guys. She was extra careful for that one. Mito was keeping a distance from them she would sometimes throw kunai, sometimes use Water Gun Tehniques and sometimes swing Samehada. The jonin were capable to dodge both of bullets of water and kunai, however they were unable to completely avoid Samehadas range. Rin tried her best to guard Mitos back. Mito would told her from where camouflaged shinobi would attack. 







Minato finally arrived at battlefield where he found Konoha forces severely outnumbered it seemed like Iwas forces decided to attack today with full force. He couldn't even meet with captain of batilion. He decided to use his trump card Flying Raijin Jutsu (Hiraishin no Jutsu) he managed to kill more than half of Iwa shinobi in 15 minutes. Which was enough for Konoha shinobi to start attacking and winning this battle. He knew that the bridge was still in use and he was getting worried for them. However he focused on the enemy in front of him. Iwa forces started to panic as soon as he appeared calling him Yellow Flash. The more he fought and the more there Konoha won. He was getting restless. He didn't know what was happening he actually didn't know when they should reach the bridge. Even if they assumed the distance was a lot shorter for them, they had to move slow and careful. He was so close to Iwa captain that he heard everything the main said. He heard one report of missing 6 jonin and 5 chunin that were supposed to come and help 3 hours ago. However he didn't have enough time to process that. 






Kakashi was getting closer and closer to seriously injuring his enemy. The jonin however adapted to situations very quickly and manage to dodge every dangerous swing. Kakashi was getting frustrated he knew that Mito and Rin were in difucult situation. Kakashi was getting faster with every swing. He was getting tired but he knew he had to push harder. He finally made a opening with his tanto. He threw some kunai and they landed on jonin legs unabeling him from moving. Kakashi moved forward his tanto moving quickly he sliced two times his opponent and killed him. 

He ran towards Rin and Mito as fast as he could. 





On the other side of battle Obito struggled with how good his opponent was at jumping back and keeping his distance. Obito however wasn't discouraged at all, he knew for what his sharingan was best for: 1 for prediction moves, 2 for genjutsu and 3 for special ability of Uchiha. While he didn't know what his special ability what he could use were first two in his advantage. He carefully layed down a genjutsu. When he was sure his opponent was under the spell he attacked. He finished him with kunai ro his throat. 

He started to move towards Mito and Rin he could see that Kakashi also was moving towards them. 


Chapter Text







Mito tried her best to protect Rin however her enemies attacked with combo she didn't have time to help Rin. She could hear Rin struggle. She looked in her direction. The camouflaged shinobi got her. He managed to kindnap Rin. Mito didn't pay attention and was kicked with two strong hits she flew towards the tree. However now she was angry she felt two chakra signals dissappear. She now had to act reckless. She didn't have a choice. She rushed towards those shinobi and aculumated a lot chakra while she signed her hand seals. She wasn't going to hold back. Mito used :"Earth Style: Stone Column Spears." she had a long rock like spear in her hand and she threw it as soon as it appeared in her hand while she jumped on the other shinobi allowing Samehada to dry him of chakra. She turned towards camouflaged shinobi who was running. Mito yelled to Kakashi and Obito :" follow me." Kakashi was hesitant for few seconds and Obito took the lead. Kakashi didn't want to abandon the mission. He couldn't move but the next thing he heard made him move:" Come on Kakashi, you have to save your teammate. If you don't then what good are you as team leader. " Mito spoke from some distance. Kakashi finally moved, he sprinted. Mito managed to catch with camouflaged guy first. She tried her best to make him leave Rin but the ninja knew if he let her go he was dead. 






Mito used Water Gun Tehniques aiming for his leg he wasn't capable of running anymore. Kakashi finally caught them and he took Rin and handed her to Obito. Mito asked the man:" Where were you going with her." 

The man didn't answer he only smiled smugly, everyone could hear you would like to know. But Mito let Samehada have his second meal. Rin was unconscious, Kakashi decided that team should take a break. Mito however did not rest she was looking for the sword she gave Rin apparently it fell when Rin was knocked out. Obito was looking at Rin while Kakashi was guarding the place. Mito soon returned with sword in her hand and sealed both of them. Mito started to count everything she had and by reading her face both Kakashi and Obito knew she didn't use many things, and mission was still possible to be done. After checking her things she gave both Kakashi and Obito food to eat while she examined Rin's condition. She used a little bit of her chakra and Rin instantly woke up. Mito slowly whispered that everything was OK. Mito explained that they were taking a break and asked if she was hungry. Rin nodded her head in response. Mito took food out her bag and gave some to Rin and she ate some too. Mito asked Obito:" How are your chakra reserves. Do you need chakra pill." Obito hesitated and answered :" I don't know. I think it is better to take one now right, we do not know what will happen from now on." 

Mito nodded her head and gave him one pill. 





Once everyone was ready to head out, they continued their mission. Mito couldn't feel any shinobi in surrounding so they moved faster to make up the lost time. After 3 hours of moving they finally could see the bridge. The bridge was huge and it had two chunin guards. Once Mito told Kakashi informations, he decided to leave putting seals on bridge to Mito and Rin while he and Obito would deal with chunin guards. Mito and Rin sneakily moved to under the bridge while Kakashi and Obito took their attention. The fight wasn't difficult. The chunin were obviously surprised and unready. Kakashi and Obito stayed on the bridge to guard the area and see if anyone was getting close to it. Luckily nobody was. Mito and Rin worked well down there. Mito puted a lot of seals just to be sure this thing exploded completely. Once they were done the came to Kakashi and Obito and started running from direction they came from. 







Mito explained that they needed to make a large distance just to be safely out of range. Once they were more than a 400 meters away Mito activated the seals with chakra strings she put. The explosion was big. So big that it reached area 50 meters away from the bridge. Team Kakashi looked at her and Mito felt embarrassed :" I had to be sure it would blow up everything." 

Kakashi said:" it sure did blow up everything." 







Minato saw that huge explosion which gathered attention of everyone on the battlefield. And gave Konoha even more advantage. Minato wondered how much seals Mito puted. But this was signal for him to meet them on the spot they splited. Minato helped finish the clean up here. And then moved towards meeting point. He now knew he was going to arrive there before they would. Minato still felt a bit worried like something wasn't right. 







Team Kakashi headed towards meeting point they moved slower through this way back, they needed to be careful of any shinobi who were coming her because of the explosion. Luckily they hadn't run at anybody for 4 hours and they were on place where they rested before. Kakashi seeing this place again decided to take a break again. The team didn't complain. Mito took the food out, she finished her meal first and went to meaditate. She explained that while meditating she could sense father away. Mito could sense to meeting point with Minato. She couldn't feel him there yet. But it was still to early. However while she was meditating she could feel strange presence, she couldn't identify as a shinobi and that is when Sage interuped her meditation. She appeared in front both him and Isobu. 





Sage said :" that presence did you feel it." 

Mito nodded her head :" yes I couldn't pinpoint what it was." 

Sage asnwerd :" that is Black Zetsu, remember that presence." 

Mito nodded and asked :" Do you know what is it doing here." 

Sage asnwerd :" he was here last time to get Obito. This time it think he took interest in you. "

Mito cursed:" Well, shit. What do I do. Do I fight even when I don't stand a chance against it." 

Sage asnwerd :" You will have to fight it, we don't know if he will just attack you or maybe he will attack others too. So you will have to fight him long enough for them to reach Minato. "

Mito nodded her head :" does Minato already know Hiraishin. "

Sage asnwerd :" Yes I counted on that too. You will take Minato kunai he gave to Kakashi and he will reach you when the they reach him. "

Mito nodded her head and asked Isobu :" do you think you could help with this one. I will need a lot of chakra to buy that much time. "

Isobu answered :" as long as you can control it. "

Mito was back into her meditation mode she could feel that presence it would pop up here and there which annoyed her. It was coming towards her so she stopped her meditation and walked to rest of team Kakashi. 


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Mito walked towards team Kakashi she looked a bit pale. And she said:" I have bad news." 

The breathing stopped. Team Kakashi was ready to hear anything. Mito continued :" we need to split up now. I will explain." 

Kakashi stood up before she finnished :" No. We are staying together." 

Mito said :" You do not understand, something so strong is coming to get me,, that even Hokage wouldn't have a chance of winning against. I can't fight it with you guys around. And besides I need you to get to Minato as quickly as possible. "

Kakashi was again ready to protest but Mito turned toward him and aaid:" Give me kunai Minato gave you. "

Kakashi asked:" why" 

Mito said:" It has a Hiraishin seal on it. When you guys get there tell him to come and pick me up. Don't worry this thing doesn't have any use of me if I die so it will only try to capture me." 

Kakashi was still against it. However Rin was the first who asked:" Are you sure about this, there isn't any other way we can help. "

Mito nodded her hand :" unfortunately yes. Even Minato won't have a chance, so please tell him to use Hiraishin to get me and immediately take me to you guys." 





As they were speaking Black Zetsu aperead on the tree directly in front of them. And it said:" Well, well, who do we have here. "Mito grabbed the kunai Kakashi was giving her and said:" Go. "

Team 7 immediately started running withouth looking back at Mito.

Mito looked at the Black Zetsu he seamed harmless but still creepy. She asked:" what are you. "

Black Zetsu chuckled:" I am who I am, but better question is who are you. "

Mito answered :" Both of us know that." 

Black Zetsu said:"indeed, Uzumaki Mito, apparently last princess of Uzumaki. I must say I was surprised by your actions. Firstly you stole Sanbi, then you killed one of the Swordsman then you joined Konoha, then killed Danzo. I must say you have a lot of achievements for such young girl. "

Mito didn't say anything she wanted him to speak as much as he could it bought her a lot of time. 

Black Zetsu continued :" however you ruined my fun, what are going to do about it. "

Mito answered :" I don't know, I don't know what I can do for you if I don't know who you are." 

Black Zetsu said:" I am Zetsu." 

Mito answered :" I can't do anything for you then." 

Black Zetsu jumped down on the ground and said:" is that so, I geuss I will need to take you down. Maybe then you will change your mind. "

Mito said :" maybe, but maybe not." 





Black Zetsu attacked with his wood style the wood shot from the ground. Mito managed to avoid it by jumping just in time however Black Zetsu wasn't going easy on her the wood followed her everywhere. Mito yelled at him:" hey can I call you plant because we are going to fight for long time and I like to give things nicknames." 

Black Zetsu didn't react however white part did :" I like this one." 

Mito smirked:" I knew, that you had a humorous side, but I didn't think it was literally a side. "

Black Zetsu used more chakra and flowers started to bloom. Mito quickly covered her mouth and nose. Asking :" Are you trying to kill me. "






Zetsu was finally going for it he used one of his most deadly wood release jutsu. The branches started to grow sharper and started to move towards Mito. Mito used biju chakra and unsealed Samehada at the same time. She used it to cut the wood and eat some of chakra. Zetsu was obviously planning to tire her out, but once she used biju chakra he seemed to hesitate. He now had to capture her, and to that he had to go all out. They were fighting for an hour already and Mito wasn't tired at all.







Team Kakashi was moving the fastest they could, they didn't look back for a second. They trusted in everything Mito said. They could hear strange noise and vibrations coming from the place where they left her. 





Of course the noises and vibration was caused by Mito she had to throw every kind of seal at him. The explosion seals seemed to do some damage but Black Zetsu would regenated quickly. Mito managed to get out of the Zetsu created jungle. And now she was chased by Zetsu while she would throw seals at him. She knew that her current form had weaknesses for wood release however Zetsu wasn't strong enough to use it in his advantage. Zetsu continued to use his extremely large resevrse and to try to catch her. Mito still had some seals to throw at Zetsu. She wondered if paralysis seals would actually work. If they did she would have a chance. She had to make them stick to his body. She jumped for the first time toward him. He didn't react at all he only moved his finger slightly and branches began to change directions he now closed the space behind her however Mito didn't mind if he thought he had her. 

Mito slowly lifted her hand upward, she was close and just as she was to reach him. Her leg was wrapped by branch. Zetsu whisper into her ear:" I got you." 

However one he came close Mito put the seal on him and activated it. Zetsu could not move a inch. 





She managed to cut the branch with Samehada and run she unsealed other sword and started to cut through the branches. Zetsu was mumbling something. She finally broke out. She looked back and saw that black part of Zetsu was parting ways with white part she started to run again. However Zetsu didn't immediately run after her. He simply removed the seal from the white side and combined their bodies back. However it was enough for Mito to make a large distance between them. Black Zetsu had to catch her quickly. It was already 2 hours of this boorish fight, because neither of them had clear advantage. Mito was stronger but couldn't kill him and he couldn't capture her, luckily for him he had infiniteve resevrse of chakra, while Mito still being both Uzumaki and jinchuriki had a limit. 








Team Kakashi was getting close to meeting place. They had a full hour to go and they had to hope that Minato would be already there. Obito and Rin couldn't keep up with Kakashi and were left behind, but not to far back. Mito finally had sometime to check her surroundings with the help of Isobu. She could feel to the same distance like when she meditated. She could feel Kakashi getting closer to the meeting point and not to far behind Obito and Rin. She could feel Minato being at the meeting point. She knew she had to fight just little bit longer. However she also knew that biju mode would run out in next half of hour. She also could feel Zetsu getting closer and closer. He seemed to be furious and fast too. Mito wondered if she will manage to fight him of. 


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Mito tried to attack as much as possible while she had biju chakra. She wondered what would happen if the chakra touched white part of Zetsu. Maybe it would turn into a tree who knows. However she never managed to get that close to Zetsu. Zetsu was attacking firecly with wood release. The wood seemed to become faster and faster, but that wasn't true, in fact it was Mito who was getting slower. She decided to seal Samehada and possibly prolong the time she had with biju chakra. It seemed to work. However it only prolonged it for 15 minutes. Mito was left without biju chakra, Zetsu smirked with half of his face and said :" it was nice to play with you, but now I will be finishing the game." 

Mito stood her ground and said:" Are you sure that you can take me." 

Zetsu smirked :" definitely, you are weeker now and I stayed just as strong as I was." 

Mito knew that but she needed to buy as much time as she could, she couldn't allow him to catch her. She spoke:" if I may know, are you after me because Isobu. "

Zetsu grinned :" No, i am after you because you are trouble, but I can't kill you because you hold Isobu." 

Mito said :" I see, that is good for me too. I just need to stay alive and your plans will be difficult to achieve. "

Zetsu lunged at her his wood style following him. Mito dodge it with minimal scratches. Mito carefully counted time she still had until Minato would arrive . 






Minato could hear someone coming and at high speed, he was on high alert. But relaxed when Kakashi jumped in front of him. However he was worried by frantic look on Kakashi face. He didn't know where rest of team was. 

Kakashi spoke quickly :" Sensei don't worry about Rin and Obito, they are coming, but Mito needs you to come and pick her up, please listen, she said to use Hiraishin to get her and use it to get here as quickly as possible, she said to not engage in fight with that thing. Do you understand. "

Minato didn't understand but he nodded his head, he could see Rin and Obito jump down next to Kakashi. Minato couldn't overthink this he will just follow what Mito said. He stabbed one of his special kunai at the ground and stopped :" does she have a kunai." 

Kakashi said :" She took mine." and with that Minato was gone. 







Mito was on the ground hevaly bruised and with almost all of her body covered with scratches, cuts. She still stood up, she was barely able to stand up, but she knew that Minato was coming for her she could sense somebodys chakra traveling at high speed. She felt relief. However Zetsu too could feel Minato so he used his attack one last time hoping to kill Minato as soon as he appeared. However Mito saw that and she unsealed the sword Genma gave her she poured earth chakra into it and the sword become harder and sharper she cuted half of the roots and branches that had sprung to kill Minato as soon as he appeared. Minato appeared behind Mito he could see how weak she looked. However he was more surprised by the site he saw the trees were everywhere and branches were moving in the middle of the wildness was a plant like thing with one black and one white side it smirked when he saw it. 

Zetsu said :" Did you like the gift I gave you few days ago, Mito. To think I could reach you when you were sleeping was quite surprise, I wonder why I could do that. " 

Mito paled she looked like she was going to throw out. 

Zetsu continued :" However it is unpleasant that I couldn't see your ultimate fear. " one of the branches shot from the behind of both Mito and Minato. And it hit Minato. luckly it was on the right shoulder. However it was enough for Mito to wake up from her previous stupor and she yelled at Minato :" Hurry up and use it again before he kills you." 

Minato painfully used last of his control over his chakra and used Hiraishin. 







They appeared in front of team Kakashi. Mito immediately throwed up, she couldn't handle dizziness from using Hiraishin. Rin was already checking the state of wound on Minato. The branch was still in his shoulder. Mito quickly became aware of it and pulled it out. Minato cursed from the pain and Rin yelled at Mito :" why did you take it out, he will now have much more damage and he will lose more blood." 

 Mito said :" I know that, but the enemy could use it against us, he could track us with it or he could possibly use it for killing Minato." 

Minato nodded and asked :" Did you know that thing. Before. "

Mito answered :" personally no, Hagoromo told me about how dangerous he was, Hagoromo research everything about Zetsu. However now isn't time to talk about it. I need you to be able to make Hiraishin to Konoha. I saw you put Hiraishin kunai at the gate. Can you do it." 

Minato shaked his head:" I am sorry, I can't the pain make it harder. And besides I need to have full concentration for traveling of 5 people "

Mito sighed and came closer her hands started to glow orange. She poured it directly in his wound. He could feel his pain go away and he could feel his skin reattach. Mito said:" this is the best I can do for now. " she fell uncouncious, but Kakashi caughed her before she hited the ground. Rin check her. She immediately knew what it was. :" Chakra exhaustion. However she seems to be fine, her chakra is all ready replenishing itself. "

Minato nodded his head and started to gather enough chakra to take all of them to Konoha. He said to his students :" form a circle and hold your hands. Kakashi put Mito in the middle and all of you flow your chakra towards her. "





Zetsu was pissed he was following that branch. He could not let them escape. He moved as fast as he could he was going to reach them no matter what. He suddenly felt that branch being pouled out completely from Minato. He immediately know that he should have killed Minato. However he could feel from that branch that they still didn't move from that position. He could feel Mito chakra rapidly going down like she was using very tiring technique. He soon felt her chakra drop in uncouncious state, and he could feel that Minato chakra pathway was unblocked of the pain. In the next few seconds he didn't feel anything new. He was getting closer to them and quickly he could taste them, he could smell them. He could see them, they were done for, he smirked., however only one second later he couldn't neither see, smell nor feel them. They were gone he cursed, he failed and now he possibly exposed himself. Luckily nobody knew who he was. He returned to the ground and went to report to Madara. 








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In front of gates of Konoha a sudden change happened. The guards on the walls of the village were alerted by it. Soon it looked like five people just appeared by the tree next to gates. Guards could not mistake those shinobi. The flah of yellow mixed with red, black silver and brown. 





Soon they saw Minato and his team, they instantly relaxed, but they didn't expect team 7 to start throwing up and to Minato fall down unconscious next to unconscious Mito. One of the guards rushed towards them while other rushed to inform med-nin and Hokage. Guard 1 looked at team 7 which just recovered from nausea and noticed their senseis on ground. Kakashi took charge and said:" they have chakra exhaustion. Could you help us by bringing Minato to hospital." 

Guard answered:" there isn't any need for that. Med - nins are on the way right now." 

Kakashi nodded and asked :" Do you know if Kushina is still in village." 

Guard answered :" She is. "

 Team 7 immediately knew they would be interogated. 

Med-nins were there in five minutes they carefully carried Mito and Minato to hospital. Unfortunately for team 7 the whole village had seen that. 





Hokage soon learned the news of their return. He went straight to hospital. He found Team 7 there. He followed them to the room with both Mito and Minato. He was surprised by amount of injuries on Mito. She had a lot of cuts, scratches and brusies. Her ninja wear was destroyed. Minato however did not have a single scratch on him, but his clothes indicated he was injured. 

Hokage finally asked :" What happened." 

Kakashi answered :" we successfully completed the mission, and on our way back. Mito sensed something, she send us to meeting point to catch with Minato sensei. She explained that it was stronger than even you so she decided to hold it back until we reached Minato, Minato was supposed to come get her and return. He had a branch stuck in his shoulder. Mito hinted that their opponent used wood release. We only saw a glimpse of it. "

Hokage asked :" what did it look like. "

Kakashi slowly spoke:" it had two halfs which were fused together. One was completely black while other was white with green hair. It had only one eye on the black part, the eye was brownish yellow. The white part seemed like a plant. "




Hokage didn't speak he only thought, he never heard about this creature. He hoped somebody knew. Minato soon was awake. He seemed a little drowsy and dizzy. Hokage noticed how Mito lost some of her bruises. He knew once all of them were gone Mito would wake up. He waited for Minato to get ready to speak. Once he settled. Hokage asked :" Are you ready to report.?"

Minato answered :" My mission was successful. The Iwa battlefield is now in our advantage." 

Hokage nodded his head and asked again :" how about rescuing Mito." 

Minato said :" I can only say few things about its appearance and some abilities. "

Hokage nodded his head and gestured go ahead. Minato continued :" he had two half one black and one white, he could change white part in wood and reverse it back. He seems to have a wood release abilities and he is definitely a sensor, he could feel me before I came there. He also seems to have some special ability to cause nightmares, however he stated himself that he couldn't see what nightmare would look like. He also claimed to be connected to Mito, but didn't know how. He wore only pants which were unevan in both color and design. "





 Hokage watched more Mito than Minato while Minato spoke. He watched her injuries slowly heal, luckily everyone else was focusing on Minato. By the end of Minato's report, her injuries were mostly gone, and Hokage hoped she would provide more information. Hokage nodded his head at least they had appearance of that thing. Minato coughed and catches Hokage's attention. Minato said:" I knew that Mito had a nightmare before we began mission, she said it was about her past. So we can assume he has power to provoke memories and possibly make them worse." 






Mito soon opened her eyes to sound and smell of hospital. She immediately relaxed, her exhale draw attention from everyone. Her hands reached her hair and she ruffled it her mouth forming silent fuck. Her eyes landed on Hokage how she saw first. Mito was watching and watching and then sighed again. Hokage spoke to her :" How are you Mito." 

Mito didn't respond she seemed to be deeply in thoughts. She eventually responded :" Fine I guess." 

Everybody was surprised by her emphatic answer. 

Hokage asked her :" Is something troubling you." 

Mito nodded her head:" I suppose I have to tell you. "

Hokage wondered :" Tell me what." 

Mito said:" That thing, I knew about its existence for several years now. However I have not actually crossed paths with it before. Hagoromo was investigating something weird. He would always come to the point where there weren't any clues. However he finally found out who was behind those things. The creatures name was Zetsu, however there were more than one body, however the one today is special. He has a will. He is actually very old thing. He is older than both Uchiha and Senju clans. He Can actually transfer bodies, he is called Black Zetsu, he is known for black mater on his body. Actually that black mater is alive on it is own he can possess any body and use its abilities. He is right now using body made of First Hokage cells so that is why he can use wood release. "

Hokage gasped :" How has he managed to get Hashirama cells. "

Mito answered :" he didn't actually do it himself, he is very manipulative, that is why he is so dangerous. "

Hokage asked again :" from who did he get them. "

Mito answered :" from Madara Uchiha." 

Hokage gasped at that name:" How. "

Mito shaked her head :" here, sit, this will be quite shocking for you. I will tell you everything I know. First I will drop bomb on you. Madara Uchiha is still alive. You see when he fought Hashirama he bit him fusing two sacred bloodlines he could activate his Izanagi and later on rinnengan. He is now old, weak and blind, he actually gave his rinnengan to some baby, I don't know who yet but it had to be Uzumaki. Anyhow he was and still is manipulated by Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu has modified the Uchiha tablet before warning era. I don't know how but black Zetsu has an ultimate plan of bringing back his mother. That will be end of this world. If we want to learn more about the plan it is written in Uchiha tablet. However I know they need all of biju for the plan, and rinnengan. But I don't think they will start hunting us down anytime soon. I managed somehow to screw their plans. "





Hokage and the rest of room were silent. Mito then said:" Right now we should focus on ending the war, then we will carefully try to learn what it is said in the tablet. But we should keep them in our mind. We won't see Madara anytime soon, he can even die from old age, but we can't let Black Zetsu control any more of Uchiha. " Hokage spoke:" Are you sure about your informations. "

Mito confidently answered:" Yes. "she gestured with her eyes down on her abdomen. Both Minato and Hokage understood immediately. 



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Soon team 7 had to go. Minato and Mito were to stay in hospital for the night. Hokage went to his office. Mito mostly stayed silent and Minato didn't know if he had to push conversantion. Mito was clearly in no mood for it. Her sighs could be heard every once in while. She was getting frustrated her hands were reaching for her hair every few moments she would pull it, then stop pulling, return her hands and then she would repeat. Minato was finally about to ask her some questions however he saw she no longer was awake. He couldn't determine if she was sleeping or meditating. He let her be decided to sleep himself he knew Kushina would be here soon. 






Kushina was at market when she heard rumors about Mito and Minato being taken to hospital. She panicked at first. She stood there frozen trying to reassure herself that nothing serious happened. If they reach Konoha. However to reach Konoha in such short period of time meant they didn't succeed in missions or that they were at such danger that Minato had to use Hiraishin, which meant he was in hospital due chakra exhaustion. 






Kushina finally moved, she move towards hospital luckily when she was getting closer she saw team 7 exiting the hospital, they looked fine which meant at least they didn't sustain any dangerous injuries. She could see that they had some injuries but she saw worse. They didn't even need bandages. Rin was first one to notice her, she softly smiled waiting for Kushina to come near. Rin asnwerd Kushinas questions without hearing them :" both sensei and Mito are fine, they are awake right now with mild chakra exhaustion. Minato was caused because he had to use Hiraishin with 5 persons and for long travel. Mito however was caused by fighting enemy." 

Kushina was corcned foe Mito :" How did that happen. "

Kakashi answered :" apparently we were followed by plant like thing on our way back after completing mission. She asked us to meet Minato and for him to take her with his Hiraishin. Apparently that thing was too strong for us all and she wanted us all safe. She didn't have any major injuries herself. " 

Kushina didn't know how to respond to that, Mito obliviously puted them above herself, but she was glad Mito had at least plan. She didn't know if she should be angry or happy. She asked:" Which room are they in. "

Obito answered :" Room 22."

However before she could go in Kakashi spoke again :" Mito seems extremely difficult to talk to right now." 

Kushina almost stopped at those words but her concerns made her move she reached their room realitivlie quickly. 





Kushina entered the room and was surprised by the sight. Minato was laying down sleeping while Mito was was holding his hand, however her eyes were closed and tears were falling down. Mito didn't notice her entering in the room. Kushina softly called :" Mito, are you okay." 

However she didn't hear or react at all to her words. Mito next words were slowly and quietly spoken :" I won't let anything happen, after all that is reason I still exist. I will wait and prepare this world for it's true savior. The only true savior Naruto. My sunshine, I will wait for your bright smile, for your ocean blue eyes, for your blonde locks. " 

Mito then leted go of the hand and returned to her bed. She fell in deep sleep immediately. However Minato would when he felt the heat from his hand leave. He opened his eyes surprised to se Mito laying down he was certain a child held his hand. He turned to other side of the room and saw Kushina rooted in front of the doors. Kushina asked :" Did you hear her words." Minato shakes his head. He did hear something but he couldn't register it. 






Kushina slowly spoke:" I think she was sleep taking and sleep walking. She went on about her reason for existing, which is apparently waiting for this world's savior, she called him Naruto, like that character from Jiraya's book Gusty Ninja." 

Minato face morfed in surprise and confusion :" Could she be prophet. I didn't see her as one, but with her knowledge she could easily be. "





Kushina knew they wouldn't have any progress without Mito explaining it herself. She asked Minato :" what exactly happened to you two. I could sense the team was hiding something. "

Minato :" Well I think you can keep quiet about this. Apparently the thing we fought today is a long enemy of humans. It has a certain goal which mustn't happen. Mito knew about it because her parents master told her about it. He apparently was reaching some weird things that happened and everything led to this thing named Zetsu. However Zetsu himself isn't a real threat. The threat is Black Zetsu which is slightly different Zetsu apperently black mater has mind of his own and is is very manipulative. She said that Zetsu are made from Hashirama body cells, which is the reason he they can use wood style. Apperently Madara is still alive…… "

Minato explained everything. Kushina obliviously had a lot to process. Her attention however was on Mito. She started to sweat. Her messy hair was now even messier. Her sleeping face wasn't peaceful at all. She was making grimase. 

Which indicated that her sleep wasn't peaceful. Her dreams were probably nightmares. 






Mito's nightmare :

Mito could see her last few days in her /his previous life. The first day memories of the night before were horrific, he couldn't eat, he couldn't give, he again felt like he wasn't worth grieving for her. He felt responsible for her death. He felt responsible for the rape which took place yesterday. He spent whole day in bathroom, he firstly threw up, and then decided to clean himself from everything. However the more he scrubbed the more dirty he felt. The he washing up meant that he was trying to forget what happened. He slowly had to scrub around his anus. It pained him in more than one way. Once the cum which was deeply inside his anus started leaking he threw up again. He had to wash himself again. 




The scene changed to 2 days later, he didn't eat much in that time, he wasn't trying to forget what happened. He decided to try to move forward. Today was the day that collage lists for entrance would be announced. However world did not want him to move on. The headlines of many newspapers were horrible tragedy in which five kids were killed and thrown into the river. The articles were saying that the girl who committed suicide and killed the rest of the kids was in fact known for showing aggressive behavior. The media even reported that there was one case of bullying she was involved. It said that it was found that boys seemed to be raped by her before she killed them. Ante could not believe that his hero, his crush was framed for everything they done to him and her. He couldn't stand it. He had to do something. He suddenly stood up. However from his sudden raising he felt dizzy he lost balance and fell hitting his head against wooden table. He was still conicous however he was bleading a lot. His last thoughts were :"I am sorry, I guess I wasn't worthy of even defending your name." 



Chapter Text







Mito woke up. Her eyes were glassy, she slowly reached her hair and as she could see its color she felt relieved, her sigh quiet but so was the room around her. She could feel Kushina in the room. But she was not ready to talk yet. She had to calm down and stop thinking about past. She immediately started to think if Black Zetsu caused this too. Mito countied to lay down she was thinking more about that possibility. She wondered if from now she would have nightmares everyday. She will need to talk with Sage about this. Then it hit her, she almost threw up, Black Zetsu was her uncle. He was like a will of Kaguya and he called himself her son, while she was kinda Hagoromo will, he even created her body, so she could call herself Hagoromos daughter. Her head was swimming in those thoughts. She thought about her family tree right now. She was becoming more and more shocked with herself. 







After almost 10 minutes since they noticed that Mito woked up, Kushina finally started to seek to her asking :" Mito - Chan did you read a book called Gusty Ninja." 

Mito turned toward Kushina her and said:" I have heard about that book, I believe Jiraiya wrote it, however I didn't read it."

Minato and Kushina looked at each other. Minato asked :" Then do you usually speak when you sleep. "

Mito was confused :" I don't usually do that, but there were few cases of me sleep walking and talking, however those stopped, I or at least I think they did, you see I didn't have anybody to tell me I was sleep talking or walking. Why did I do it here. "

Both of them nodded their heads. This time Mito asked:" What exactly did I say. "

Kushina was careful saying:" You mentioned Naruto so I thought you meant the one from book Gusty Ninja. "

Mito shocked face was telling them enough. Mito knew she must not mess up with his birth. Well she won't allow anything to happen to Kushina and Minato but his birth was more important. 

Minato who was confused by her facial expressions, asked:" Mito are you by chance a prophet." 

Mito was confused now:" a what." 

Kushina spoke then:" he is asking if you can see future." 

Mito didn't answer because she was thinking, well yes she knew how future was originally going to happen but she also changed things and couldn't be certain about anything. Mito decided after a while to stay silent. They could think that but she knew she shouldn't confirm. 







Kushina was surprised by her silence, her face again was easy to read at first it looked should I tell them and then it was if I say what would consequences be. Or so she thought. 

Mito after while asked:" in which context did I say his name." 

Kushina looked in Mito eyes she could see a fear in them and worry, she responded :" You said that you would prepare world for him, the savior Naruto." 

She could see Mito's eyes buldge, Mito probably thought she was only thinking but she was actually speaking aloud:" Shit, how could I mention him right now, and in front of these two, well he won't be born for few years so I think they will forget about my slip up, hopefully." her eyes were closed as she massaged her head and she couldn't see Minato and Kushina's faces. She was thinking about how long actually it was left before that. She counted on her fingers, her left hand represented years and right hand months. Luckily it enough for both hands. It was left 2 years and 5 months. Minato and Kushina wondered what that meant. Kushina guess was 7 years or months. However Minato noticed how she counted she would firstly lift fingers on left hand and then lift fingers on right hand. Meaning she counted two different things. Because nobody would count to 7 by firstly lifting 2 fingers on left and then all 5 on the right. 

Mito sighed:"that long, huh." 

Minato caught that he immediately got it two years and 5 months. That meant it would be in October in 2 years time. 






Mito was tired after that and she went to sleep. Kushina had to leave because visiting hours had passed. Minato stayed silent and went to sleep. The day after Minato was discharge from hospital because he recovered enough to continue his duties without them being to hard. While Mito wasn't she apperently didn't reach half of her reserves which was limit for discharge. However Hokage made sure she wasn't bored. Which annoyed Mito because he thought his paperwork was fun for her. Hokage was done for when she was discharged. 




At Minato's home in his reasch room. Minato had a board in which he writed down everything he heard from Mito about Naruto and what was she doing while she slept. He could hear her when she slept last night saying :" Naruto you troublesome blonde, you will death of me before you even are born." 

His board looked like this in middle was name Naruto from which arrows were pointed out. One said blonde, blue eyes sunshine . One was said October and 2 years from now. One was " in front of these two" question mark, another was drawning of Mito holding his hand and question mark. Kushina walked inside of room to see on what he was working on. She was surprised by what he was reaching. She was also confused by half of things written on board. Minato had to explain to her. Soon Jiraiya came to visit them. He was surprised by sudden reasch of Minato. Jiraiya wondered what caused this or who caused it. As soon as Minato noticed him he started to ask about what he saw when he wrote Gusty Ninja. Did toads have prophecy when he write about the story. 

Jiraiya was surprised by those questions and he answered :" Yes, they did have a prophecy it was about hope in darkness of the world. The child would have blue eyes and blond hair. I honestly thought it was you when I saw you and I still think that is true." 

Minato said:" I don't think I am actually. Mito seems to be prophet too. She unintentionally spoke about a child which was yet to be born, with blond hair and named Naruto, she said something like she would prepare world for its savior. This is what she did when she slept and thought we couldn't hear her. "

Jiraiya followed the story and everything Minato wrote down on board. Jiraiya first question was:" do you think the child will be born in Konoha or somewhere else. If it will be born in Konoha, I think she meant by 'these two ' as your are its parents or somone very close to this child, however if it is born outside of this village then it would mean that you two are child enemies. "

Minato nodded his head:" Well then our mission would be to spy on her when she sleeps. " Kushina exclaimed. And both Jiraiya and Minato thought at same moment' is she a child '



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Mito was bored, she had done all the paperwork and she still couldn't be discharged. She was trying to entertain herself and Isobu but that was only shortly successful. Then she heard door of he room open. She immediately turned to see who it was. At first she thought she would be disappointed by nurse coming in to check, however to her joy, Genma walked with buqet of roses, the roses were pink white in the middle of buqet was a note saying :" Get well soon." Mito immediately blushed her face was color of her hair. However she managed to laughed and say:" Come in, I need company." gesturing him to sit next to her. 

Genma blushed slightly and sat down, he put buqet in the vase. Genma then asked :" How are you." 

Mito laughed:" I am not seriously injured, I only have chakra exhaustion, the only reason they won't discharge me is because my chakra reserves didn't reach 50% of usual chakra I have. This sucks." 

Genma nodded his head :" but it is alright, it means that you are strong enough to only lose to yourself. "

Mito said :" I am not complaining, I am just bored, you see you are my first visitor besides Hokage who just came to drop paperwork. "

Genma eyes shined brightly at those words. He definitely received some extra points. Genma then started to tell what Mito has missed these few days. Mito laughed at everything he said, she felt confident with him, she felt safe, he was funny, the more she thought about him the reder she was. 







Meanwhile team 7 was training extremely hard. Even though Kakashi became a jonin he wasn't as motivated with that as he was motivated by his wish to be stronger so he could protect Mito. He knew he lacked a lot right now, so he decided to ask Minato to apply harder training for them. The team now instead of training in morning and then having a lunch break and then doing missions, they trained from morning to afternoon then having lunch break and after that would come some more training. Neither had Obito or Rin protested at new schedule. However Rin would leave 2 hours early to go to hospital. Where she would treat Ninja for 4 hours. So she had the most difficult time. She would visit Mito at the end of her long day. Obito however was slowly gathereding confidence. He could see that Rin was moving quickly over her crush on Kakashi. It probably helped that she already knew who he liked. 





Mito talked with Isobu after Rin had left she wondered why her chakra was so low these days. Until Isobu got idea:" I think it is because of your cycle." 

Mito asked confused :" which cycle." 

Isobu :" the one when you bleed." 

Mito said :"oh,.... Wait what, am I of that age already." 

Isobu answered :" Actually most girls get it earlier that this, at least in shinobi word." 

Mito was so shocked she fell unconscious. 







Mito when she waked up noticed blood flowing from her. She cursed Isobu for being right and immediately apologized to him to. She asked nurse :" Do you think it is possible for you to call Kushina-san to come here. " 

Nurse asked:" Is something wrong." 

Mito was very nervous while saying she didn't even finnished her sentence :" I just had my first……" the nurse didn't get what Mito meant until she saw a blood stain on sheets. She said:" ah right away. "

Mito didn't knew anything about this stuff. While she did already went through puberty, she went through one as a boy, and boys did learn about everything but it wasn't important for them because they didn't experience this stuff. She didn't have anyone in her youth to prepare her for this and obliviously Sage wasn't going to tell her about it. Mito had two choices ask Kushina or ask Isobu. But it would be suspicious if she suddenly knew what to do. 






Kushina was so worried when hospital nurse called her to come. She was in middle of making lunch. She knew that it was related to Mito. Others would try to hide even going to the hospital from her. However Mito is already on hospital so she could call from there. Kushina rushed to hospital, then she immediately rushed to Mito's room, where she found Mito scared for her life, Mito held her knees so close to her body that she seemed like a staue. As soon as Mito spotted Kushina she smiled and then immediately started to cry. Kushina was confused by sudden outbreak of emotions coming from Mito. The child would always try to hide them. Kushina slowly approached Mito softly asking :"what is wrong honey" 

Mito talked through her hiccups :" I had,..., my first,...., period." 

Kushina was surprised, she remembered how she felt first time, it was awful but she wasn't this much of mess. Mito continued :" I am…. Not ready…. I-I d-don't know anything,... About it. If isobu… Did-Didn't tell me beforehand I would think something was wrong. I don't know what to do. I-i didn't want to learn from someone who doesn't understand me, so I called for you, I - I hope it i-is alright with you. "

Kushina smiled brightly :" of course it is alright. I will try to explain it to you as easy as possible. "

Mito face immediately went red:" I am not that cuelless, I know why it happens, but that is all. "

Kushina smiled but said:" I will still explain it one more time just to be safe, ok. And besides you were bored, right. "

Mito nodded her head at her question and in understanding. 






Genma was wondering if he should visit Mito today to. He know he was probably making pressure on Mito but Genma just wanted to spend as much time as he could with her. Even if she later on rejected him. He decided to go, it was already afternoon. He heard from Rin when he saw her yesterday that Kakashi was busy training and couldn't make it to visiting hours. Genma also knew that Shisui had a lot clan matters to attend to. Shisui probably didn't even know that Mito went on mission, he would go tell him however non-Uchihas were not allowed into Uchiha district for few days. Because they celebrated Uchiha festival in which they worship their gods. Genma suspected that the gods looked like cats so Uchiha didn't allow anyone inside because they didn't want to be seen as softies. 






Genma finally reached Mito's room as he was going to grab the handle the door opened and Kushina exited she eyed him for few seconds and said :" good luck." 

Genma was confused he could swear she rooted for Kakashi so why wish him luck. He entered the room and was confused yet again, he saw a odd sight he actually saw Mito eating a chocolate, which was odd because she always avoided sweats. Mito was blushing mess when she saw him enter. Genma was satisfied by her reaction. Mito didn't know where to look as she said:" You came again. I wasn't expecting you as you can see." 

Genma nodded and asked :" chocolate, don't tell me you are secretly in love with it." 

Mito laughed:" no, Kushina said that when girls have their periods they eat chocolate to feel better." 

Genma blushed and stuttered:" You are o-on a P-period. "

Mito nodded her head emberessed. 



Chapter Text






Genma panicked he didn't know what to say to girls on period. Mito laughed at how he seemed more embarrassed than she is :" Silly you can just be yourself all the time around me." 

Genma smiled and stared to act more natural. Mito spent the time with Genma relaxing in his presence she already knew that if she would date anyone, it would have to be Genma. However she still wondered if she was ready to date anybody. Well Genma was a year older than her. Well she didn't know anybody with exactly her age. Both Kakashi and Shisui were younger than her, rest of the generation was older than her. 





She was visited only by Kushina, Rin and Genma while she was in hospital, Mito was discharge few days later and she was happy to finally move out. However she didn't expect to be sent on another mission as soon as she left hospital. 









While Mito was still in hospital. Hokage received two official letters from Iwa and Kiri. The one from Iwa was about the peace and cease of fire. However Onoki was still stubborn about some things. Hokage knew he had to meet personally with Onoki. He planned to take Minato with him because he knew how much Iwa soldiers feared him.

However letter from Kiri was more worrisome. The third Mizukage apperently heard that Mito became a genin in Konoha and want from Hokage to return Mito to Kiri. Or the peace they established 5 months ago would break. However that letter did come before the one from Iwa. The time Konoha had to decide was a month. But there were already reports of increased number of Kiri shinobi on border. 







Hokage decided to wait as long as possible to reply to Kiri letter, he hoped that negotiations with Iwa would be going well and hopefully quickly. He knew that negotiations would take a long period of time. But he also know if he showed with many important shinobi Iwa would be pressured.







Hokage was finally done sorting where root anbu would be assigned. Most of them were still trying to fit in society. So the only solution was to get them inside I&T. However some of more capable ones were immediately sent to borders with Kiri. The new law was finally set in Konoha which lowered importance of civilan council. At first civilians were against it, but when Hokage explained that only thing the civilans lost was a right to involve in business of shinobi. The anger slowly resigned. The ones who still did not agree were quickly trying to influence the civilan council to rebel. However Hokage 's advisors were smarter than that. They only had one problem which they hoped Mito would solve for them. 








Even though civilian council only threatened for the sake of keeping Konoha stronger they would do it if necessary. The threat was to be sent by Mito. The shinobi council wasn't against it because they knew that Hokage was too soft with this in past. However they were against the idea. But idea still passed. 










So when Mito finally came to see Hokage. She didn't expect to be greated by whole civilian and shinobi council. She greated them politely back. She was going to sit next to Hokage, however Hokage stopped her saying:"Today you will sit in front of us, because we need you for important mission. Which was brought because the council thinks that my attitude and actions was to light on this matter." 

Mito eyes perked she moumbled:" You didn't actually narrow it down by much. " while civilian council couldn't hear it, the shinobi could and actually nodded their heads exceptionally Uchiha head. 





Hokage prentend that he hadn't heard that and continued :" the council decided that if Senju Tsunade does not return to village not only will she be become a missing Ninja but also Konoha will produce a Senju hair by the genes of Hashirama we found. It seems that Danzo was going tu suggest this once we were done with war. Orochimaru agreed on making a child with wood release. "

Mito eyes mometrly widened but only because she didn't really know if Tenzo or Captin Yamato was already found. She knew he was younger that Kakashi and that Orochimaru was gone without knowing that this experiment had succeeded. She wondered if Hokage knew about this but she wouldn't ask in front so many people. She needed to keep Orochimaru inside of village and if she asked about this she knew it would reveal ugly side of Orochimaru. She was against Orochimaru in that aspect but she had to use that to her advantage. 

Hokage continued :" your mission Mito is to find Tsunade and possibly bring her back to Konoha. However you need to send her a warning if she won't be coming to Konoha." 

Mito nodded her head and asked :" only one question." 

Hokage gestured go on. 

Mito asked:" if she refuses, may I immediately attack her as a missing nin, she probably will have a few valuable information about our village, so to prveant her from selling information. Am I allowed to take her back forcefully to Konoha . "







Civilian council was pleased with question. They wanted to say yes immediately. But Hokage answered, after all the questions was directed to him. :" Tsunade is strong, you can't underestimate her strength. If you are in situation were you have to fight her please be extra careful. But I am not against it."

Shinobi side of council was surprised by his answer. They didn't expect him to agree. The thought he would fear more for Mito. 




Hokage continued :" come to Hokage office tomorrow in early morning. You will receive Jiraya's reports of Tsunade being seen. Also you will be traveling with one of Anbu team which will part their ways when you meet with Tsunade. They will send us a message of her whereabouts and wait for your mission to end. If it becomes necessary they will kill her after you fail this mission. You have as much time as you need to find her but once you find her she will have 3 days to decide "

Mito hard face was slightly off but she nodded and said:" I understand. "






Civilans council was surprised by the last sentence of Hokage. The didn't expect Hokage to tell Mito, one of his students, how she will possibly decide a destiny of another of his students. Mito soon left the room. 






Mito already knew that she would have to fight Tsunade. After all she wasn't Naruto. Well she would use a thing that Naruto used. She planned how she would make her go home. Mito packed everything she thought she would need for her mission. She still had time to write the notes for everyone. Saying she was sent to mission outside of village. She then started to write seals to replenish her supplies from her last mission. Luckily she didn't have those nightmares anymore, she learned that those weren't made by Black Zetsu from Sage, actually only thing Black Zetsu managed to do was that she couldn't wake up. She then remembered that moment. Sage apparently only had time to answer that one question. 


Chapter Text






The next morning Mito walked from one friends house to another, she would leave note in their mailbox. Well she only left one in Minato's, Genma's and Hayate's. She knew that team 7 would learn from Minato and rest of genins would learn from Genma and Hayate. She then headed to Hokage tower and as soon as she entered, Hokage 's secretary let her inside of Hokage office. As soon as she entered the office she could see Jiraiya standing behind Hokage and three Anbu standing still. She could geuss that those were previously a root operatives. She came in middle of the and bowed in respect saying :" I will be in your care." 

The root anbu returned bow and said:" Same" 

Mito could clearly see that they didn't have any more of social skills. She smiled and asked Jiraiya :"may I seen the report." 

Jiraiya hesitantly gave her a map with marks. It was oblivious that he was against everything that council decided this time. After all he was in love with Tsunade, no matter how hurt she was, or how she hurtled him, that would never change. Hokage watched carefully Jiraya's face. He know he had to say something before to Jiraiya but he did not find strength. 






Finally Mito headed outside of village. The Anbu were in shadows. Mito firstly headed to place that was mark and closest to Konoha. She needed only 8 hours to reach it. When she came there it was a quiet village. She used her sensory ability and found that there wasn't any shinobi in village. She then headed to the next mark, which was close, only 2 hours of run. She used it again, and she couldn't feel any shinobi here either. She knew that there were relativity small number of shinobi on one civilian, but too find two villages with over 200 people in it without shinobi was surprise. She then decided to go to third marked area

She finally could sense a shinobi but she knew immediately it wasn't Tsunade. She decided to rest in this village. She wondered how many days she would search for Tsunade. Maybe 8 or 9. It depends how effective she will be. She still had 20 marked points on map. Ones of those were far away, but some she could feel from one two others and see if Tsunade was there. Continued her journey in morning. 







Meanwhile in Konoha, Genma was surprised by letter in his mailbox. He usually didn't have any and when he saw that it was from Mito he was super surprised. However when he finally read what it said he was worried for Mito. He couldn't see her off. He didn't like how she was going on solo mission so soon of her being discharged. However he felt happy because she thought about him before going on it. 





Kushina had reacted differently. She was mad and Minato didn't manage to stop her from going to Hokage. So both Kushina and bloodly Minato stood in front of Hokage. Hokage immediately started to explain to Kushina why it had to be Mito. Kushina after explanation was still angry. However she calmed down. 





Team 7 reactions were actually worse than Kushina. Kakashi paled so quickly and almost had a panic attack. His head was filled with thoughts. Well how I am going to protect her now. She is on fricking solo mission. Rin was worried and Obito was too. However when they heard Kakashi say:" Do you think that Hokage would allow us to be her back up." 

Minato honestly answered :" I don't think so, because it seems that this mission is secret, even I do not know what is about. But we could ask Hokage. " 

However in that moment Hayate and Genma walked on training ground 3 and said:" Actually we tried that, but Hokage strongly refused. Saying she has already a whole team following her. And besides she was sent to search for something, and she will constantly move her position so we won't be able to reach her in time either way." Hayate said. 

Kakashi was surprised to see those two with letters from Mito. He wasn't questioning the ones in Genma's hand but those in Hayate's did bother him. 






Mito didn't want to waste her time with searching for Tsunade so when she would reach one of the marked points. She would meditate and sense a large part of her surroundings. She sometimes could feel to 3 marks on map. Sometimes she could feel less. She actually could feel a lot of shinobi but those mostly didn't fit description of Tsunade 's chakra, she learned from Sage. 

She was done with half of marks on her second day and was now resting in inn. She was finally able to talk with Sage. 

Sage finally managed to spot Black Zetsu trying to make contact with Kiri. It seemed like black Zetsu was using subtle things that surrounded Mizukage to control his thoughts. Sage learned about the letter Kiri sent to Hokage. Mito already knew what Hokage decided by sending her on this mission . 






The third day she made significant progress but she didn't manage to sense her until her last mark of day. She still had 3 marks to check however she already knew that Tsunade wouldn't be there. Tsunade was surprisingly to the north of village Mito was in. However when Mito checked where Tsunade was located, she knew Tsunade wouldn't leave it until morning. So Mito decided to have a nice sleep and wake when sun rises. After all Tsunade was in casino, Mito could feel Shizune too, but her chakra signal was a lot weaker. 







In the morning Mito confidently walked to casino. And stopped in front of it. She leaned on the wall of house across the casino waiting for Tsunade to exit. She didn't want to get any closer because she could throw up just by the smell of that place. She waited for half of hour when she could hear yelling. It sounded like Tsunade was loosing and the owner of casino was going to throw her out. 

Shizune was the first one to exit the casino. Mito was surprised, Shizune wasn't much older than her. Shizune was probably 1 or 2 years older than her. The pig was present in her arms but Mito couldn't remember how was it called, Pinpon? Well it didn't mater because just few seconds later Tsunade furiously exited the casino, still arguing. 




Tsunade suddenly halted when she realized she was watched closely. She immediately tried to pinpoint from where she was being watched. Mito raised her hand. Tsunade took notice of her but decided to ignore her, searching for the that owener of that stare. Shizune however immediately noticed the headband on Mito's left hand and the hair color. She tugged Tsunade and pointed to Mito. Tsunade looked again and said:" what is it brat . What do you want. You want money too." 

Mito answered :" Well that would be nice of you, Tsunade - sama, but I am here to send you a message from Konoha." 

Tsunade now seemed to change her attitude :" and what would Sensei want from me. "

Mito answered :" Hokage - sama, sent me as your last warning, he isn't in position to have any questionable decisions, so you have to chose either to return to Konoha or to become missing ninja. You have 3 days to decide. But that isn't only message I was sent to deliver. The other will surely frustrate you. "

Tsunade laughed :" When did Konoha stopped frustrating me. "

Mito didn't respond to that she after all knew what it meant to be coward, she was one for entire life. 






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Mito said :" Civilian council and shinobi council want to revive Senju clan. So they are ready to begin with experiments infusing your grandfathers cells in orphans that are older than 1 year. Orochimaru - sama will leading this project. Hokage asked for your premision but you need to come directly to village to have a right to speak with Hokage. "

Mito was ready to go just as she finished, she was no longer leaning on the wall, she made her first step saying :" I will see you in 3 days time. "

However when she made the next step, Shizune shouted :" Wait, who are you. "

While Tsunade was obliviously fuming over the second message. How dare they use her grandparents cells to revive her clan. 

Mito looked at Shizune and answered :" I am Uzumaki Mito, the last princess of Uzumaki clan. It is nice to meet you Shizune - San." Mito was gone in next three steps she took. She was picked by Root Anbu. And they immediately headed to inn they were staying. 

Shizune was processing Mito's last words. If this one was really Uzumaki then that meant Konoha probably was serious this time. Tsunade was fuming still about that message and didn't hear who Mito was. So Shizune knew she had to tell her. 

When Tsunade claimed down after destroying a feild outside of village, Shizune and Tsunade came back to their inn. Tsunade was moving up and down in room. Shizune was getting dizzy. Tsunade was mumbling something, Shizune didn't understand. Shizune spoke slowly :" I asked that girl who she was. I am sure you didn't hear." 

Tsunade suddenly stopped saying :" Should I care." angryly, she continued walking. 

Shizune flinched but still calmly continued:" She said her name was Uzumaki Mito, the last princess of Uzumaki clan." This time Tsunade stopped again however she didn't immediately talked, her anger was rising again she angryly said:" How dare she take my grandmothers name, that fake one. I am going to kill her myself, even if that makes me a missing nin. "

Shizune panicked :" Tsunade - sama, what are you talking about, that girl is definitely a Uzumaki." 

Tsunade said:" No, she is just bad example of henge jutsu, Uzumaki clan was never that calm, they are reckless and will jump into every fight immediately, if they are combat type. "

Shizune then said:" so that must be it, she isn't combat type. "

Tsunade answered:" there is no way sensei would send a non-combat after me. "

Mito was going to train in nearby forrest, to see if she got t0o rusty. She began with chakra control, she was satisfied how quickly she got hang of it. She noticed that her resevrse were steadly getting larger day by day. She soon would reach amount of chakra grow up Uzumaki would have. That was without Isobu chakra. She could feel Tsunade from here and she could sense her anger. She wondered if she would actually need to fight Tsunade. She was absolutely ready. 

Mito trained until late. She sent a message through one of toads to Jiraiya and Hokage, about her finding Tsunade. 

Mito was slowly getting used to summoning. She could summon now a medium sized toad. However if she really tried hard she could call all of them. She decided to train for Sage after She turned 15 when she will probably have full control of Isobu, chakra at least. 

Mito could feel pain in her breasts, but she learned that that meant they were growing. Well she wasn't expecting them to grow much, she would feel comfortable with a - cups or b- cups. She did feel uneasiness when she thought about that. Mito finally managed to fall asleep. 

Tsunade was thorn between two sides. One side was angry because Hokage asked her to return and other was because he didn't reject proposal of her clan revival. Tsunade didn't know if she wanted to return or to possibly destroy Konoha altogether. However she knew she wouldn't destroy it. She was doubting everything. However if it turned to be lie like that person representing herself as a Uzumaki, as a last princess of Uzumaki clan then would it be worth it. Tsunade decided to test that imposter. She after all knew how to dispel henge jutsu easily. 

Shizune was getting worried for Tsunade, because Tsunade was walking up and down for 4 hours now, she didn't go to casino like usual and even more her smirk at end was worrisome. 

Mito slowly walked to forrest, and suddenly stopped saying :" Tsunade - sama, Shizune - San, did you decide. Honestly I didn't expect you here." Mito then continued to walk, Tsunade and Shizune jumped down from tree, Tsunade had a thick mark on her forehead, she was saying to Shizune :" Didn't I say to hide well." 

However before Shizune could defend herself, Mito spoke:" if anyone was at fault it was you Tsunade - sama, your chakra reserves rival my, besides I am sensor I could feel you from my inn. 

Tsunade was pissed at attitude Mito was giving her. Tsunade asked then:" Who are you really. "

Mito answered :" as I said before I am Uzumaki Mito, the last princess of Uzumaki clan." 

Tsunade :"I don't believe you are." 

Mito answered :" that is fine with me, I don't believe you are one of great saninn either. However I was assigned to sent you message. Then when you refuse I am supposed to beat you and if possible return with you in village, however if that isn't possible the Anbu would kill you. "

Tsunade looked at her surroundings and could see three figures, however she didn't recognize any of those masks. That only meant that Mito was imposter. 

Mito could see in her eyes that Tsunade was against coming back. 

Mito then resorted to plan b:" How about this Tsunade - sama, we make a bet." 

Tsunade face was split by sudden grin:" A bet you say, you sure had done a lot research on me. I am on." 

Mito then said :" if I manage to last more than hour against you, you will have to go back with me." 

Tsunade then said:" if you lose, I get to kill you." 

Mito nodded her head, she was almost scared, but she knew she could last full hour easily. Mito asked :" since I don't want to have any advantages, how about you choose fighting place. I can guarantee that Anbus won't interfere, however can you guarantee that Shizune - San won't do that. She could get seriously injured." 

Tsunade :" Shizune will stay out of it too. I am fine with every place. "

Mito said :" please refrain from doing damage to surrounding village. "

Tsunade then only had one place in her mind. A feild not far from this forest. She simply said:" Then follow me." she jumped on tree branch she was previously and continued jumping. Mito was immediately behind her. Tsunade was surprised how her reaction was fast and how she managed to keep pace. Shizune had a lot of trouble with keeping up. Soon they all reached feild Mito jumped down only few seconds after Tsunade, meanwhile Anbus were still behind and Shizune was behind them. Mito was only meter to the left of Tsunade. 

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Tsunade immediately attacked Mito with kick to her left collarbone, however Mito was ready she jumped back almost hitting tree, she was surprised however she smirked:" For a royal, you fight dirty. But I geuss you are acting more on Uzumaki blood. After all my great aunt was your grandmother. If someone was describing what Uzumaki was, it would be your personality and my appearance."

Tsunade said:" for imposter you are pretty knowledgeable, so why didn't you learn how to act like Uzumaki I would instantly believe you. "

Mito answered :" But I am not usual Uzumaki. I am one of the last Uzumakis in world, we have to adapt to survive. Just like Kushina adapted, she will soon become a very important person in village. "

Tsunade looked at her weirdly :" What do you mean. "

Mito answered :" come to Konoha and you will see. "





Tsunade jumped to strangle Mito, However Mito was faster and she avoided Tsunade, Tsunade then hited ground with her fist. Breaking it many places, Mito was struggling to hold her balance however her face had a smirk the whole time. She was quickly forming seals for Earth Style: Rising Rock Jutsu. Tsunade saw her form hand seals, but couldn't recognize them, so she rushed to knock down Mito as she was 3 meters away from Mito she could feel that the ground was shaking and some smaller rocks started to lift upwards. Tsunade knew by the face her opponent was making that she was late. She had enough time to stop her advances, she only concertrated on that and when she stopped, she could see a hundred rocks from small to large being lifted in air. Mito slowly rises her hand and with 2 fingers controlled the left side of rocks while she controled the right side with the 2 other fingers and middle finger was controlling middle part of rocks. She firstly attacked from the right side. Tsunade could clearly see what Mito was doing. Tsunade used this as another argument against Mito being Uzumaki. Because no Uzumaki had such chakra control. Tsunade managed to dodge the first attack however the second coming from the left was much was faster and she had to destroy almost every single one of rocks with her fists, however that attack wasn't over the middle finger raised. It looked improper, but it had its purpose. While Tsunade was destroyed left wing of rocks middle part of rocks was going upwards and when Tsunade had dealt with the left wing they started to fall from sky to hit her. Tsunade was alarmed by the sound the rocks were making however she didn't manage to dodge or destroy all of the rocks. She was hit by 6 or 7 of smaller rocks but that was enough to make her blead from her left biceps. Tsunade could also feel a pain in her right arm under elbow. She suspected she had broken a bone and radius was she the bone she suspected to be broken. . Because she couldn't move her thumb. 






Mito was already making seals for another jutsu this time to get ride of awful smell coming from Tsunade. She was done with seals when Tsunade was done checking herself, Mito yelled: "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu" as she jumped in the air. Water was coming from her mouth and dragon was medium size it flew straight for Tsunade, who tried to dodge it, however it followed her every move and it was coming towards her with full speed. After 45 long seconds she managed to break free from jutsu. However she could not find Mito in clearing. 





Tsunade was surprised by the strength of this girl, but by no means she would let her beat her. However now that little brat was hiding from her. It was already 5 minutes since they started the match. Tsunade thought it would be over by now, however she was beaten instead. She now knew that she broke radius so she decided to heal herself while she was searching for Mito. She slowly healed herself while slowly walking to only place Mito could hide herself in, there was a little bush forest 3 hundred meters away from cleaning. Tsunade was done healing herself, she began to move quickly she reached the first Bush and immediately could see Mito standing behind bush two meters away facing other direction and it looked like she was placing a seal. Small seal. Tsunade smirked and rushed to take Mito out however when she hit Mito, Mito turned into stone. Tsunade held her left arm even infused chakra didn't stop he from hurting herself. The seal immediately started to glow. Tsunade realized that the seal was a explosion tag. She jumped back immediately. However explosion was small only rocks were in range of it. Tsunade while she was in the air moving backwards could see a certain redhead smiling at her. As soon as Tsunade landed she rushed towards her however this time she was more careful. When she reached Mito. Mito immediately attacked her in taijutsu spar. Mito started with agresive Uzumaki style and she infused some genjutsu into her taijutsu so she managed to land few hits, however Tsunade was obviously better at close range attacks so she decided to finish this apsurd. She planed to hit one of nerves that directly caused the most pain and that would immediately break henge jutsu when she finally hit Mito. Mito dissolved into water. Tsunade realized that Mito was now just buying time. The clones were pretty strong. Tsunade could now see why this girl was confident in hour time she gave. 




However Tsunade was done warming up, she would now fight for real. She hited the ground again. The whole bush area collapsed and Mito was just outside of it. Smirking saying :" Are you ready now. I must say you needed a lot of time to warm up, but I myself didn't fight at my full capacity." 







Tsunade wasn't surprised by her words but was slightly pissed. Did this young imposter call her old. She was dead, so dead. Tsunade jumped towards Mito, the speed she used was incredible. At one moment she was just jumping and in other she was in front of Mito. Attempting to kick her straight in left side of abdomen. Mito managed to block that attack with her hands however she was thrown by the strength of the kick. Mito couldn't feel her left hand when she landed. She cursed in pain:" shit. It friking hurts." Tsunade smiled at that, however her smile flattened when she realized that the henge wasn't broken. The hit was obliviously strong enough. Maybe this girl was Uzumaki. But she still didn't believe it. It can't be. 






Mito was pissed her fricking hand was almost broken completely. She didn't have options. She made seals with both hands slowly. Tsunade immediately recognized those. It was after all summoning jutsu. Tsunade started to summon her own summons. Tsunade managed to call hers first. Slug was there waiting for orders. However Tsunade was waiting to see what will the girl summon. She was surprised when she saw a large toad. Jiraiya often used. Mito said to him:" Keep them busy while I think what to do. Okay." 

Toad was hesitant :" Do you wish to hurt them. Jiraiya is against it you know." 

Mito said :"I know, but I will hurt her if necessary, you just buy some time. 5 minutes." 

Toad nodded and unsealed his sword. 




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The toad was mostly on defense. It didn't allow Tsunade or Katsuya to get close to Mito how was meditating few meters away. Tsunade was pissed by that action and was heavily hitting the toad. However toad would manage to block every kick with his sword. Katsuya was getting ready to release poisonous gas. The toad was far outmatched. Until Mito oppened her eyes unsealing Samehada. Surprising Tsunade. 







Mito jumped straight for Tsunade. The toad left Tsunade to Mito and attacked Katsuya. Mito was swinging Samehada left and right Tsunade did not have choice she had to dodge. Mito was leading her away from Katsuya. However Katsuya previously splited up and now one part of her was on Tsunade's shoulder. Both Tsunade and Mito knew that Katsuya didn't have fighting chance against toad. However Tsunade also knew that Katsuya would buy her time to finish Mito. 






The toad was hesitant to attack Katsuya. But it had to stop her from releasing gas. Katsuya had made it impossible for the toad to reach Mito. The fight here was stalemate. 





On the other side Tsunade could feel lose of chakra even though Samehada never touched her. Mito was only getting faster and closer to hitting her. Tsunade finally used maximum of her strength punching the ground. Mito didn't expect such force and she fell down. Samehada slipping from her hand. Tsunade continued to attack now vounurable Mito. Tsunade hited her few times strongly in abdomen. She was expecting henge to drop. When it didn't. 







Tsunade stopped for a second. Mito finally had time to cough the blood. She slowly rose from the ground. Mito looked angry at Tsunade saying :" what is it, are you surprised that I am really Uzumaki." Mito whipped her mouth. Grinning :" look at this, even though you are afraid of blood you made me bleed." 

Tsunade was shocked, she did not tell anyone of her fear, not even Jiraiya had known. So how did this girl know. 





Mito took out the sword Genma gave her and attack stunned Tsunade. However Tsunade dodge on reflex. But it was enough for Mito to take Samehada back. Mito spoke again :" Come on coward, fight me, that way at least I can have some fun before I take you to Konoha." 

Tsunade's mood quickly change. She was pissed. Tsunade was destroying everything in her range and still could hear Mito laugh and words:" that's it, keep going. "






Soon the Kaguya disappeared. Tsunade was running low on her chakra, most of it was sucked by Samehada. Mito was betean heavily and barely stood still. Tsunade wasn't in any better condition. And toad reached them both. Mito signaled it to return to summoning World. Tsunade was surprised by that. She laughed and said :" Do you really think that you can beat me in that state. I know Samehada eats a lot of your chakra too. And your wound are life threatening." 

Mito nodded at her words and said :" That is all true, but I only need to endure 15 more minutes, and I still have two hidden cards. I was thinking that I would need to use this one soon but, you were easily angered and you lost you sharpness. "

As Mito said that she sealed both of her swords. Her hair began to rise and reddish - orange chakra began to appear from her seal. Slowly covering Mito. Tsunade watched stunned yet again. Tsunade knew immediately that this meant trouble. If she couldn't control, and Tsunade didn't know any jinchuriki who could, Tsunade had to stop her before Mito made a huge scene. 







Mito's eyes color changed to the red eyes and yellow pupils. Her body was cowered with cloack of chakra and behind her aperead one tail. Mito slowly started to heal. Tsunade was already in her stance. Mito spoke :" Oh it seems you are no longer a coward." 

Tsunade smiled when she heard those words. Indeed she wasn't. Tsunade asked :" Just what are you. Do you have a complete control over your biju." 

Mito answered :" I don't have yet, but I can use this much chakra from him. And this is enough to finish this fight." 





Just as she finished those words she appeared right next to Tsunade. Tsunade tried to kick her with left leg. However Mito appeared behind her, blowing hot wind from her mouth. Tsunade did not have time to react. The next thing she felt was strong kick. Hitting her right leg on which she was standing. Tsunade was down. Mito kicked her once she was on the ground. Tsunade was sliding on the ground until the tree stopped her. Tsunade slowly raised. She coughed blood and she did not flinch this time. She did not have time. Mito rushed forward. Tsunade dodge, Mito ended destroying the tree, which gave Tsunade enough time to kick Mito into abdominal region. 





Mito was getting tired of this fight and the time she gave was almost over. So she decided stay on defense to see if Tsunade would willingly accept defeat. Tsunade could barely run after Mito. Mito was obviously running slowly. Tsunade however after only 600 meters was out of breath. Tsunade knew she was heavily injured however she couldn't allow some brat to beat her. Now it didn't matter that she would have to go to Konoha or that decision about her clan revival. This girl in front of her just made her forget about her fear, she couldn't be coward anymore. Tsunade fell down drained. 








The time had runned out. Mito slowly came closer with each step the amount of chakra around Mito was smaller. Shizune and anbus finally came closer too. Mito kneeled besides Tsunade. Shizune was surprised by position. Tsunade watched Mito questionably. Mito didn't speak as her hands were covered with orange chakra. She slowly moved her hands closer to Tsunade. Shizune 's eyes widden she almost yelled Mito to stop. However Tsunade' s face after Mito's chakra touched her, looked more comfortable. Tsunade 's wounds on the outside healed very slowly. However Tsunade knew that Mito was focusing on internal damage. She could feel that Mito was inexperienced, but that her chakra helped her a lot in healing. Tsunade immediately saw the potential of Mito as a med-nin. 








The anbus were standing still few meters away writing a report to Hokage and Jiraiya. Shizune was carefully watching every single of Mito's moves. She could see that Mito was threading carefully, but she could see that she had more experience than Mito, maybe she wasn't better but she was for sure more confident in her ability to heal. Mito soon stopped her healing saying :" that's is all I can do. Shizune you can take over." 

Shizune nodded her head and immediately started to heal. Mito headed towards Anbu. The Anbu stopped everything they were doing and gave Mito all of their attention. Mito slowly spoke with them about when they would head back to Konoha. They decided it would be the best in the morning. Mito said that that would need to be mentioned in report. The Anbu nodded and quickly finnished the report. Sending them with hawks. Tsunade spoked to Shizune :" I guess we are going to Konoha." 

Shizune smiled brightly saying:"yes, we are." 


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Hokage read the reports he received from hawks. He was surprised by how quickly Mito firstly found Tsunade. Then when he received the next report he was troubled. Mito managed to convince Tsunade , literally beat some sense in Tsunade, and they would head out tomorrow back. Meanwhile Hokage didn't manage to do anything about situation here. Hokage was wondering if he was indeed getting to old for this. Mito said few times that he needed to find replacement soon. Hokage firstly thought she was joking or that she wanted to get rid of paperwork. But now it seemed like she thought it seriously. 








The journey back to Konoha was peaceful. It lasted for three days. Mito and anbus were mostly quiet and Tsunade and Shizune would talk between themselves. Shizune would occasionally asked a question directed to Mito. Mito would answer it honestly, but those answers were always short. Like when Shizune asked if she had medical training, Mito replied with, no i have special chakra so I only spent some time with Konoha med-nin to learn how to stop internal bleeding, but I only learned from them one day. Both Shizune and Tsunade were surprised by her answer. The usual time to learn those skills was around 3 months. 






However Tsunade was wondering what biju Mito was jinchuriki for, also she wondered how long this girl was in Konoha, she obviously trained under Jiraiya for some time, if she managed to summon a medium sized toad and that toad seemed to respect her. Tsunade also wondered how she managed to get ahold of Samehada, but she could not ask those questions without raising suspicion of having interest in Mito. Tsunade hoped that Mito would ask to be trained under her. 










Hokage was waiting for their arrival in front of Konoha gates, signaling that someone important was going to come. Minato was going to training grounds 3, and suddenly stopped to see Hokage exiting the village. Hokage turned in time to see him pass by. Hok called for Minato and Minato rushed towards him asking :"Is something wrong." 

The third shake his head and answered :" I am waiting for Mito to…" 

However he didn't even get to Finnish. Minato reacted :" Mito is coming back. That is great. If I may I would like to spread those news to her friends, they didn't get to see her departure so they are very anxious." 

Hokage nodded his head. He knew that warm welcome would be the best for both Mito, Shizune and Tsunade. 







Minato rushed to training grounds 3, saying :" I have good news. You see somebody Is returning from mission. "

Rin eyes sparked :" is it Mito - Chan." 

Minato nodded his head. Kakashi immediately lighted up. Obito was first to suggest :" should we inform the rest of teams." 

Rin was also for it, however Kakashi was already gone. Minato saw him exiting training grounds. Meanwhile both Rin and Obito headed to training grounds of team 6, team 4 and team Choza. Hayate reacted similar to Kakashi however not for same reason. Genma was surprised and excited, however he went to get Shisui, which he saw earlier strolling towards Uchiha clan district. Once he explained that Mito was coming both of them rushed to the gates. When they reached a crowd was huge. There were many shinobi and civilans, and surprisingly Hokage was there too. The civilians were spreading rumors about who was coming. And teams of genin once they managed to squeeze through crowd and be in front also started to wonder how important Mito's mission really was. And if it was dangerous. 







Hokage chuckled at most insane rumors like Hokage's lost child was returning or pregnant princess. Something in those lines. However none of rumors spoke about two princess coming. The first thing that was seen were 6 figures at least four of them wore all black outfits. One had green cloack and grey underdress, the last wore black cloack and grey underdress. The civilan started to chear when they recognized red hair. Mito stayed to wawe her hand as soon as she did the Anbu dissappeared and reappeared on gates. Hokage eyed them thinking that they still had long way to go to fit in society. But Tsunade could help with that. 








Genins tried to recognize the two persons behind her but they still had some distance and they could not recognize them from such distance. As they were walking closer. Orochimaru and Jiraiya appeared next to Hokage. Jiraiya mumbled :" it is really her. I didn't believe that this would work." Orochimaru just nodded. As the girls were getting closer more people were gathering around gates. 







Soon both Rins and Minato 's eyes bulged. They recognized Tsunade, Rin because Tsunade was obviously her role model and Minato personaly was introduced to Tsunade before she left Konoha. Soon the crowd started to cheer even louder. Mito spoke to Tsunade :" it seems you are very popular in Konoha." 

Tsunade replied :" so are you." 

Mito said :" Well I would probably be forgeten about if I stayed out of village like you did." 

Tsunade could see the look in Mito's eyes that said she didn't belong here. Tsunade wondered what was that about. 






They finally reached gates. Mito unsealed a scroll and carefully gave it to Hokage. That was her report. Hokage nodded his head and spoke to Tsunade :" Welcome home, dear Tsunade. I hope you can quickly fit back in." 

The crowd cheered loudly. Tsunade was impressed she could feel those feelings she had for this village from long ago, when she was genin, however she also could feel the feelings she had after growing up. She smiled and replied :" it is nice to be back." 

Hokage then gestured for her to follow him. However Tsunade watched Mito, who was quickly pulled in group of genins. Then Tsunade realized Mito was genin. She didn't have a chunin flak. Well she had lots things to talk with Hokage anyway. However something else caught her attention. One of boys looked like he worshiped her and there were three other boys standing around her. One she could recognize as Sakumoto son and one as Uchiha, the third one she couldn't recognize. However Mito reacted the most with that one. It was obvious how those boys felt about Mito. Hokage caught her gaze and hummed. It seemed like Mito impressed Tsunade too. 






Mito was pulled by Obito he was the only one brave enough to act. The others were trying to get her attention and to make her come to them. After Obito did this he was scolded by Rin. She said something among the line of how he was rude, and didn't you know who was that. Obito obliviously didn't know. Rin just held her head with arms and gave attention to Mito. 

Who was speaking to Hayate. Hayate said something among the lines, you should at least wake us up if you were going to leave early, you gave us a fright. Mito smiled saying :" Were you worried for me, you are such good friend, I should call you big brother." 

Hayate flushed red:" I don't deserve that title, you helped me more so I should call you big sister." 

Genma said :" but Hayate you are older." 

Mito smiled at Genma and then smirked toward Hayate :" You see, big brother fits more, even though you act more like a mom." 

Genma laughed and Hayate quickly hited him. While Mito said :" bad big brother, you do not hit innocent. "

Genma smiled at her. Hayate was looking between those two and decided to play along :" I won't allow Mito to date the guy who likes to mess up with me." 

Mito laughed :"oh, oh. Genma now you are in trouble." 

Genma started to beg Hayate for forgiveness. Meanwhile Kakashi and Shisui finally had time to talk with Mito. The teams were laughing so hard at skit in front of them that civilans wonder if they were normal. 


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Tsunade followed Hokage to his office. On her way she was greated by both civilians and shinobi alike. She could feel like she belonged here. Jiraiya and Orochimaru were walking slightly behind her. She could feel them exchanging looks. Shizune was extremely excited, however she didn't show it. Tonton was gleaming. Soon they reached office. 






Hokage slowly sat down on his chair. Orochimaru and Jiraiya immediately stood behind him to his right and left. Which left three chairs empty. One was just next to Hokage's and two were in front of table. Tsunade wondered for who that chair was meant for. 




Hokage cleared his throat saying :" I am sorry, but things aren't that positive." 

Tsunade snorted :" I know, even though I am against of using my grandfathers genes for reviving my clan, that wasn't only reason for my return ." 

Both Orochimaru and Jiraiya asked :" Mito" 

Tsunade nodded her head. 

Hokage said :" that is fine, but I want to talk about Senju revival first." 

Tsunade nodded her head and said:" well I guess we can talk about it." 

Hokage started :" Did you think about starting family. If you did then we can immediately stop with this discussion." 

Tsunade nodded and said:" As a medic I know that having child at this age is risky, however it is possible, I am still 37 and extremely healthy." 

Hokage eyes softend :" so you can have children. And did you think about the possible partner. "

Jiraiya face was uncomfortable pained. He loved Tsunade, and hated the situation she was in, however he also hoped to hear his name said. 







Tsunade frowned :"I didn't think about that." 

Jiraiya face was again calm. Orochimaru was the next one to speak :" I must ask Tsunade, if you are ready for a child." 

Tsunade was confused and said:" I don't know, if won't be ready I will leave him to sensei." 

Jiraiya was immediately angry :" just like that, you would leave your child. Sensei is busy with things too. " 

Tsunade argued back:" he let this happen he can sacrifice his hat for that." 

Hokage cleared his throat again and asked:" Tsunade, would you let council choose a partner for you. "

Jiraiya was facing Hokage now :" Sensei you can't be serious. "

However Tsunade was louder:" Absolutely no. I won't be involved in any of their schemes." 











Mito could feel someone watching her from far away. She could feel that person hiding his chakra. Because it seemed like it was natural. She could feel something like earth and Water but they were combined. Meanwhile while her thoughts were there. Her body was in front of her apartment after finally being left alone to rest. Mito decided to follow her curiosity. She did find it suspicious that there was someone who could track her from such far place. She entered the forest. Ready for attack to come at her any moment even though she could feel that other person was only curious. 







Tsunade frowned :" Sensei, is there something different in village. It feels lighter. I don't know what to make out of it. 

Hokage gasped and smiled :" excellent way to change mood. However we still did not clear everything about Senju matter." 

Tsunade snorted :"we can talk about that later, you knew that I still need to think about everything." 

Hokage nodded his head and said:" Fine, but I will be expecting you with decision in few days time. Now we will move on lighter matters." 

Tsunade relaxed. And finally smiled for the first time since entering the office. 

Jiraiya relaxed too. Orochimaru seemed to be bored and he sat on couch. 

Hokage eyed him but, his attention was on Tsunade :" What do you want to hear, Tsunade. "







Tsunade wondered for a second :" everything about Mito and changes in Konoha since I left, well most important ones." 

Hokage smiled briefly and started to talk about Mito his smile was getting bigger and bigger the more he talked about Mito. He talked about her parents , about her sensei, about her life before Konoha and lastly what she was doing while in Konoha. 

Tsunade could clearly see that Hokage was fond of Mito. His expression would be full of simpaty when he talked about her past. 

Tsunade was shocked with Mito past, and her revenge, because she could not feel anything like that in Mito. 

However she could feel that Hokage was letting some things out. 

Shizune was staying still in her chair. Her eyes wide open. She seemed to conflicted. She obviously liked Mito but she felt like she was prying into Mitos life to much. 






Hokage then started explaining how he found out about Danzo treasons. Tsunade could see that Hiruzen had still felt regret, however she could feel it was for something she couldn't get. The room was silent for few moments. Tsunade always hated that man. However she did not expect such thing to happen. She was extremely surprised by Mitos involvement. 

She was silent and Hokage finally started to speak again :" I was wondering if you would be able to lead Konoha hospital, and The T & I needs help in treating Root Anbu. You as a medic should know how to best recuperate them."

Tsunade eyes widden and she finally saw through facade of reviving her clan. The Village obliviously need her skills and her strength to appear strong. She learned about peace negotiation with Iwa. And immediately could see that while Hokage wasn't putting to much pressure on Senju matter, she could feel that he wanted to that she thinks about it. 







Mito eyes widdened. She saw a small boy. He looked to be around five or six years old. She could feel him staring at her. She seemed to recognize some of his features but couldn't put a name on him. The boy spoke slowly :" You feel like a home." 

Mito was surprised by those words, she wondered what that meant. The boy slowly approached her, clearly cautious but not afraid. Mito regained herself and asked softly:" can I know your name." 

The boys eyes widden only for a second and he quitely said:" name, i wasn't named, but I was called by many names, one of them was Tenzo, that one was used most often." 

Mito's eyes widden again as she proccesed information. Mito slowly came in close to the boy slowly reaching for him asking:" where have you been for last few weeks. "

The boy only answered when he felt Mito's hands reach his head :" I was on mission, in middle of it I felt that the seal was gone. I immediately was headed back. However I was far away and exhausted. I only reached headquarters yesterday. I didn't feel anybody there. I felt your chakra there, which calmed me." 

Mito nodded her head and asked :" why did it calm you. "

Tenzo only said:" feels like mine, but still slightly different. "

Mito nodded her head remembering that she too had water and earth affinity. Mito asked again :" I know that you are special. Your chakra tells it, but can you show it to me. "

The boy nodded and slowly around the two the grass and flowers started to bloom. Mito smiled at Tenzo and said :" I am Uzumaki Mito. I am going to take care of you for few days. Do you agree. "

The boy beamed but hesitantly asked :" will you tell Hokage about me." 

Mito smiled down to him and said :" I have to, but it doesn't mean that we will go there immediately. Tomorrow Hokage will be less busy and will have time. I still don't know everything about you and want to learn. I think that will be able to take care of you." 

Tenzo said:" thank you Uzumaki-San. "

Mito responded:" just Mito for now. Later on you can add whatever suffix you want. "


The two headed to Mito apartman. 



Chapter Text






Tsunade frowned when she saw the civilan council come in office. It seemed they were egar to see her. However she was unpleased by their entering. She was about to leave the office. And suddenly they appeared. Hokage asked them what they want. Saying that the meeting was canceled and would be held in few days. 



Tsunade was pleased how Hokage reacted and she swiftly moved them out her way heading with Shizune to Senju clan compand. She got a message soon. Saying she would need to come to meeting too. 





Meanwhile Mito was carefully bathing Tenzo. She was having fun taking care of him

The boy was clearly comfortable with her. She absolutely didn't know what to think. She knew that Tenzo was experiment of Orochimaru. However she also knew that he did not know about him. Tenzo did say that he was six years old. And that he only recently wake up in the water. He obliviously was found by Danzo and Danzo took him in. However this also meant that Orochimaru was working against Konoha laws. And as such could be seen as a treason. While Mito didn't like Orochimaru as a person too much. She would rather have him as an ally then as an enemy. Mito didn't know if she should involve herself in this situation, but she was obviously already involved. 

The boy was obviously tired and he fell asleep as soon as he had finished his bath. Mito laid him on her bed and smiled. She wondered if Tenzo would need a rehabilitation. But she knew even if he did it would last shorter than rest of them. 

Mito carefully left her apartment and started to walk through village. She was in deep thoughts. However she reached where she planned to go. One of few places she kept avoiding. Orochimaru's main lab. It was almost midnight and this place was creapy. She knocked on the doors knowing that Orochimaru was in here. 

She could feel Orochimaru going towards the door. When he opened the door his expression was one of surprise. He clearly didn't expect her to come. 







Mito entered as soon as the door opened. She didn't wait for Orochimaru to ask her to enter. Mito headed inside quickly followed by Orochimaru, who calmly asked her:" what brings you here." 

Mito said :" Senju experiment" 

Orochimaru asked :" Are you interested" 

Mito nodded her head and spoke clearly :" But it seems you don't need my help. I wonder how do you have so much information already." she was going through the papers on table of Orochimaru table, she was watching for his expression. 

Orochimaru flinched at first but regained his calmness :"I was doing research for long time." 

Mito nodded her head saying :"for exactly

6 years, am I correct." 

Orochimaru eyes widden saying :" How do you know." 

Mito slowly said :" I am not accusing you of anything, I just want to say that I am against what you did, but I can't change that. I know it simply. A wood release child had come to me. "

Orochimaru eyes were huge his face was clearly saying that he didn't believe it. 

However Mito spoke before him:" the child is 6 years old. Was taken by Danzo after waking in tank full of water. He only waked up a half year ago. I presume you were on mission outside of village then." 

Orochimaru nodded his head :" I was, but even if I wasn't I had left that lab long ago. I thought of it as failed attempt. "

Mito nodded her head saying :" I know, but what do you think Hokage will say tomorrow when I bring Tenzo to him. I am not going to lose you as a ally. So I am warning you. After all I decided to teach you that jutsu. "

Orochimaru smirked :" you want me to create a backstory on the kid. "

Mito nodded her head :" I will bring Tenzo tomorrow to you. And we will hear what you will tell us. Hokage doesn't need to learn the whole truth. "

Orochimaru liked this girl even more now. While she was bright and pure, she clearly knew about darkness too. She even could work in it. 

Mito spoke then :" however you will do me a favor too. "

Orochimaru gaze at her eyes and asked :" what is it. "

Mito answered :" I know you won't like it. But you will support me when I recommend that Hokage resigns and that Minato takes his place." 

Orochimaru face slightly twisted :" and if I don't. "

Mito answered :" I won't actually do anything, but Hokage will still chose him over you. And then I will tell Minato everything you did. "

Orochimaru nodded his head at the threat. Hokage clearly trusted Mito more, and Orochimaru was still under slight suspicion because his contact with Danzo. He didn't have a choice he accepted. 






Mito left soon after leaving Orochimaru to think about back up story. And an idea plopped in his mind. A perfect plan. 








Mito entered her apartment and slowly reached the bed room. She slowly walked to the bed. She could see that Tenzo was having a nightmare. However the closer she got the the calmer the boy looked. Suddenly his eyes opened on verge of tears. Mito didn't know what to do. The boy however answered that with simple taping the bed. He wanted to sleep next to her. Mito sighed softly and laid down next to him. The boy was still stiff next to her. But over time his hands slowly reached her. Mito huged him and Tenzo returned. He felt immediately in deep slumber. Mito followed shortly. 



Hokage was still in his office. He knew that Mito would come tomorrow and he had a lot of things to discuss. And with few looks she gave to him he could see she had too. Hokage almost forgot about the paperwork in few days Mito was gone and now he had to clean it as much as he could. This way Mito wouldn't be to mad at him. 





He knew that Mito could probably help him think through a solution for Iwa negotiations. However he feared to tell her about Kiri one. He finally quited the paperwork saying :"I am to old for this." 





Meanwhile Minato and Kushina were still doing their research. Well, they only went to every single word Mito said to them to see if she spoke in codes other times. 

Kushina after not finding anything went to sleep leaving Minato alone. He could that he was getting closer and closer to hint but he too was to tired. He didn't speak with Mito for days which decreased his chances of gathering information or clues. 




Mito had a dream, which was weird, she usually didn't have those, either she wouldn't have dreams at all or they would be nightmares about her past. However this time it was a dream, and funny enough it a dream in which she was surrounded by children. Tenzo was there too but the rest of kids were unrecognizable. One child had a red hair Meanwhile rest had a brown. Hayate was watching them from tree. The three children were happily playing on the grass. Then suddenly a older blond boy jumped. The kids immediately running to hug him. The child name was Naruto. His face was the one Mito wanted to see the most. The next thing she saw was Minato and Kushina following Naruto. The red head girl shouted Aunt Kushina, uncle Minato. And two brown haired boys followed. 

Mito dream was nice, she didn't notice she was smiling through whole thing. Only Tenzo voice woke her up :" Did you dream a good dream too." 

Mito answered :" I did, but I didn't get it to much." 

Tenzo nodded his head slowly saying :" me ether." 

Mito wonder if they had the same dream only to shake her head at ridiculous thought. 


Chapter Text






Mito took Tenzo by his small hand. It was almost dawn. Not many shinobi were out right now, so it was perfect time for her to head to Orochimarus labs. She slowly spoke to Tenzo :" Tenzo - kun, do you know Orochimaru - sama." 

Tenzo stiffed :" I know, he is the one who created me. He is someone I can't trust." 

Mito nodded her head :" Well, yes. But I and you know that having him as a enemy is worse than having him as ally. So we are going to him right now, he will help you while he helps himself. So you don't need to worry about betrayel. "

Tenzo only nodded his head, gripping harder Mito's hand. He was obliviously scared. But Mito knew that this was the best action she could pull right now. 







Soon they were in front of the lab. Tenzo was hiding himself behind Mito while she knocked on the door. This time Orochimaru was faster, he immediately said :" come in." and while Mito and Tenzo entered, he watched the streets, luckily nobody was there. Orochimaru noticed Tenzo. The boy looked like he was underdeveloped. It seemed like he didn't eat enough. Orochimaru had to ask Mito and Tenzo :" Do you mind if I check your health Tenzo - kun." firstly looking at Tenzo then at Mito. Tenzo was startled with question and looked at Mito. Mito only nodded her head and Tenzo hesitantly said :" yes." with quiet voice. 

Orochimaru then gestured Tenzo to climb the table which was filled with instruments. Mito saw hesitantion in Tenzo's eyes and lifted him up. The boy only glared at her saying :"I could do that myself." however he stopped moving once Orochimaru came closer. Orochimaru was in his science mode, when he would look at everything carefully. The few minutes passed and Orochimaru smiled at Tenzo saying :" You are fine, it seemes like the only problem your body has is that is malnutritioned. Otherwise you are fine." he then left some space that Tenzo could climb down the table. The boy immediately headed to Mito, but this time he didn't hide behind her, seeing that Orochimaru didn't do anything wrong right now and Mito did trust the man to some extent. 




The atmosphere in lab changed from wary to almost comfortable. Mito finally breaking the silence :"Did you came with the background for Tenzo - kun." 

Orochimaru said :" yes I did. I think it is the best if fault would go to Danzo, the bastard is dead and cannot defend himself." 

Mito nodded her head. 

Orochimaru continued :" we will say that Danzo experimented on orphans. And that he had a man who was excellent at science. We did not find who he was, but we are sure the man isn't alive anymore. I will say that I was given those papers and researched them. That Danzo gave them to me. However I didn't take at look at them knowing that I wouldn't betray sensei. I only found about them yesterday and then you and I found the boy, who just returned from a mission outside of Konoha. "

Mito nodded her head, saying :" I guess that is fine by me. How about you Tenzo-kun. Do you have any problems or questions. "

Tenzo stiffed and asked :" what if Hokage asks me about my missions. "

Mito answered :" Then tell him the truth. "

Tenzo nodded his head. 

Meanwhile while the young boy asked the girl those questions. Orochimaru was in his science mode and writed a list of meals Tenzo should follow because of his malnutrition. The young boy was confused at first glace but he said :" thank you." 






The trio headed to Hokage office,knowing he had just entered the tower. It was still early in the morning, but the village started to wake up. Soon they reached the office. Mito politely knocked on the doors. Hokage voice could be heard :" come in." 

His face lites up when he saw Mito opening the doors, then his eyes saw Orochimaru, he wondered why did these two come together, but he also could hear third footsteps, probably of young child, however he couldn't see the child, but could see that Mito's clothes were to tight around her legs indicating that the child was holding himself for her pants from the behind. 




Mito slowly took Tenzo's hand and made him stood in front of her. Hokage didn't recognize the child. While he didn't know civilians children he knew every shinobi. And this child was dressed like one. His first thought was a spy. However Mito spoke first :" it seems like we found one more Root." 

Hokage gasped :" But he seems to be at least showing emotions." both Orochimaru and Mito nodded their heads. Mito mumbled :" no wonder, his genes were taken from one of most dramatic persons." however Hokage didn't question that. 

Mito spoke :" Orochimaru - sama and I found him yesterday in the evening. I felt his special chakra signal and he seemed to found my signal as interesting too. Orochimaru-sama was helping me with some research. I felt Tenzo-kun staring at me from forrest, and I was curious about his presence so I and Orochimaru headed towards him. When the boy saw us he referred to my chakra as a home explaining he could feel it in root headquarters from our battle with Danzo. "

Hokage seemed confused but lisented, only asking when Mito finnished :" You said a special chakra signal. Can you describe it. "

Mito nodded her head :" Tenzo has water and earth affinity, just like me, however his affinity are more combined and that the reason they gave special feeling but they isn't the only thing. Tenzo - kun has a kekkei genkai, a wood release one."







Hokage tensed, the silence filled the room for few minutes. He wondered a lot of this only managing to ask:" How. "

This time Orochimaru answered pulling out the papers of his research and said:" Danzo gave me this when he tried to invite me in Root. I didn't even read it because I at that moment was already working with you." Orochimaru started to explain what he found, about that scientist, and that the boy was obliviously only successful attempt. 

Hokage had angry expression at his face. He was angry because even when he get rid of Danzo, Danzo proved to be unloyal to him, and his trust was obliviously misplaced. However Hokage quickly realized that he frightened the young boy, Mito called him Tenzo, and he calmed down. His expression softend asking the boy:" Tenzo - kun, right." 

The boy only nodded behind Mito. 

Hokage continued :" could you please confirm everything and what kind of missions did you take." 

Tenzo slowly let go of Mito and said:" everything is true, I usually was sent on to spy missions, I would spy the candidates for root. Danzo wanted only special people in, the last mission was at the orphanage outside of Konoha. Danzo was interested in two people there Yakushi Nono and Kabuto. They are talented in medical jutsu. Danzo noticed that those two would most likely join Konoha forces and he wanted them for himself. "

Hokage nodded in his understanding. However he still wondered if he should tell Tsunade about the boy. This complicated many things. 






Hokage though Mito would solve most of his troubles, but didn't expect that she would bring him such huge problem. 

Mito saw that Hokage was deaply lost in his thoughts so she cought to get his attention, which worked Mito said:" Since Tenzo seems to like my chakra, I wish to take care for him for few days, that will give you enough time to think about this." 

Hokage saw that Tenzo relaxed. So Hokage approved, at least she bought him some time think and talk about this with Tsunade. But he also knew that civilan council wouldn't be pleased with one child. 





Mito then took one of chairs in front of the desk and put it next to hers, she sit one hers and patted the other one for Tenzo to sit on. Hokage was surprised. But Mito spoke before he could say anything :" i belive you lazed around while I was gone. And I know you want my advices." 

Orochimaru sat down on the couch, carefully watching Tenzo. He couldn't believe that the boy was successful attempt. He liked the boy, because he obliviously knew the darkness and was clinging onto the brightest person in village. He also liked Mito, but he liked her differently, she was a puzzle and Tenzo was his creation. Only person he liked more than these two would be Anko, but that's because she at first was puzzle than she became something similar to his creations. 


Chapter Text






Hokage cleared his throat and began to talk about how the negotiations with Iwa weren't going smoothly as he wished. 

Mito answered :" Well, that is because you aren't pressuring them, you left them too much space to breathe. I may have solution, and you will like it." 

Hokage gasped at how quickly she responded, he herd something similar from Nara clan head. 

Mito continued:" Did you think that your image as Profesor is still respected outside of Konoha. I will say that Kiri isn't afraid of you at all and neither is Iwa. Iwa has that stubborn Onoki who is only afraid of 2 people right now." Mito stopped to see if Hokage was following her. He was but his face had a confused expression. 

Orochimaru then said:" I always thought that he feared only Raikage. "

Mito nodded her head and said:" that is true, however after Kannabi bridge he fears one person from Konoha and that is Yellow Flash or Minato." 

Hokage eyes sparkled with intrest:" And what do you suggest Mito. "

Mito slowly smirked:" leave the negotiations to Minato, and make him Hokage candidate. "

Hokage quickly glanced at Orochimaru to see his expression. However he was surprised to see Orochimaru calm. Orochimaru spoke when he caught the glance :" Mito-San is right, we need to make them fearful, Minato is the best solution. But for that you need to call Daimyo and make a new council." 

Hokage nodded his head. Mito cut him off in his musings :" Orochimaru - sama would you like to be there. I think that council should have sanins in them. Or at least a representative of them. "

Hokage wondered what would that contribute. Then it hit him the council would be strong unity of Konoha preventing from another shinobi like Danzo. 

Orochimaru spoke next :" if sensei agrees, I wouldn't mind. "





Mito then asked :" Hokage - sama, why do I have a feeling you are hiding something from me." 

Hokage stiffed and the whole room got awkward. 

Mito slowly spoke:" I saw a letter from Kiri." 

Hokage gasped :"How I am sure I hid it." 

Mito smirked :" a little bird told me where you hide things." 

Hokage was confused and then realized that he hidden it in a seal Mito placed in desk. 

Mito spoke:" I couldn't read it but I know it is there." 

Hokage finally answered :" they are threatening, they want you to come back to Kiri. "

Mito smirked :" and how many days do you have to reply." 

Hokage answered :" still 2 weeks." 

Mito nodded her head :" if you immediately change Minato to lead negotiations, you could have a treaty just in time. And besides you are already sending shinobi on border." 

Hokage nodded asking :" Do you think that they will back down because we will be at peace with Iwa." 

Mito nodded her head :" it is possible, because Iwa is still at war with them so to them it would seem like we alied with Iwa to destroy them and they know that there are week right now, even if they before didn't have Sanbi jinchuriki now they now Konoha has two. Once they realize that they will probably ask for return of Samehada, and will let me go. "  

Hokage wondered :" Are you sure that would happen. "

Mito shake her head :" not really this is only speculation, but is logical to some extent. Kiri would sigh the peace and request Samehada, they will probably ask me join but Minato would not allow that so I would return the Samehada in our request of peace." 

Hokage nodded his head:" Well if you say so. Did you wish to speak about anything else. "

Mito stopped for a minute wondering if there was anything. She couldn't remember if there was. :" maybe I did but I kinda forgot about it. I will probably remember in few days. So how did it go with Tsunade - sama. "

Hokage eyes softend :" I went as well as it could. She said that she would think about possible partners. And refused that council would be involved in that. "

Mito nodded her head :" I am surprised that she reacted that way, but I am not surprised that she shunned civilian council. But is it possible that she isn't considering Jiraiya - sama.,"





Both Orochimaru and Hokage coughed, surprised at the question. 

Mito asked:" What, did you really think that I didn't know he was in love for her. Especially because every one of main charactera is somehow based on her, well expected the one on his first book." 

Hokage whised :" Did you read his books, Mito-Chan." 

Mito shake her head:" no, I didn't, I saw them in library and some shinobi talked about it. Even they mentioned Tsunade and Jiraiya himself spoke about her when we trained. Well he thought I wasn't listening." 







Hokage spoke :" that is for Tsunade to decide." 

Mito let it go and continued her work. Finally she could hear Tenzo's stomach growing. And she decided to take a pause. Orochimaru had already went home. Tenzo gave her a list. And she wondered what would be best to eat right now. And decided they would go to the restaurant in which she occasionally visited with Kushina. 

Hokage let them go, he had home packed bento from his lovely wife. 





Mito and Tenzo walked through village hand in hand. The villagers greated the two with kindness. On the way to restaurant, or just in front of the restaurant Mito and Tenzo ran at Kushina and Minato. It was already passed noon. So Minato team was already done with training, or with first half of it. 

Tenzo hid behind Mito again coming in contact with strangers even if he knew the persons from Danzo, he still wasn't comfortable with anyone besides Mito. Kushina obliviously wonder whose child was that but she noticed that boy wasn't coming at of his shelf. Mito asked :" would you like to have lunch with us, Minato - San, Kushina - San." Minato eyes sparked, he could finally get something out of Mito. 

Tenzo was still hiding even when they entered the restaurant. Mito let Kushina and Minato to choose the table. They seated themselves first. Mito slowly came with Tenzo in front of her. Tenzo managed to sit himself. And when Mito sat next to him he wanted to hide again. Mito interduced :" this is Tenzo, he will stay with me for few days." she then waited for Minato and Kushina to interduce themselves. The dou did it carefully and Tenzo stopped hiding. 





Kushina wondered how was it possible that Mito was so good with children. But Minato took a notice that she was reading a list. She pointed to Tenzo saying:" what do you think." the boy only nodded his head. 

When she ordered the food for herself and Tenzo. Minato noticed that she ordered the same to probably comfort Tenzo. And he noticed that the meal was balanced for malnutrition. The boy did seem to be on the skinny side. 

Mito ate at slow pace allowing Tenzo to eat at same speed. She suddenly spoke to Minato probably sensing his gaze :" oh, right you will probably have to go to Hokage office with me after the meal. You will be super busy in next few days. I won't mind training with team 7."

That came from nowhere, so he asked :"Is something wrong." 

Mito shake her head:" no not really, it is just that Hokage wants to speed something and you are best option for that." 

Kushina exclaimed :" is it something dangerous." 

Mito stilled :" Well it isn't supposed to be dangerous, but anything can happen in shinobi world." 

Kushina nodded her head:" I geuss so. "

Tenzo then spoke :" but wouldn't it be better if Kushina - San took care of team 7, Mito - Chan has a lot of things to do." 

Mito 's face was red:" I really did say that you could pick suffix, but to take one that Hokage uses." 

Kushina was laughing hard at mito' s expression. Minato then saw that boy was obliviously a shinobi and smart kid. Minato then turned to Kushina and said :" if you could it would be awesome. I am sure Mito and you will arrange your time tables. "

Kushina immediately stopped laughing :" You are doing it on purpose now. You know they won't listen to me." 

Minato said:" don't make an excuse for your laziness." 

Kushina shirked:" who is lazy. I train every day for 6 hours. "

Tenzo spoke quietly :" impressive, to think she is so strong with only that much of training daily. "

Mito nodded her head. Kushina was boiling :" and how much time do you train daily. "

Mito tried to stop Tenzo from speaking, however he dodged her hand which was supposed to cover his mouth, he answered :" usually around 10 to 12 hours, but that was because my chakra coils aren't that advanced yet. "

Mito laughed :" he is joking, right Tenzo." 

And Tenzo only look at her seriously. 

Minato eyes were huge. Kushina was gaping like a fish in the air. Mito facepalmed. Mumbling :" there goes your cover as a normal child. " then she spoke to Tenzo :" I will show you training grounds I usually use. You will get bored at Hokage office again. But only for 4 hours, okay, when that time passes come to me for light meal and then you can continue and then wait for me there, okay. " the boy smiled brightly and saying :" okay. "





Chapter Text







Minato saw that Mito was getting ready to leave with Tenzo, but he didn't gather any new information about Naruto. So he asked :" Are you getting ready for babysitting." 

Mito looked confused at him and said :" huh, I don't want any d-rank missions if you are talking about that." she took Tenzo hand and headed to Sarutobi training grounds after saying goodbye to both Kushina and Minato. 





Minato was disappointed he didn't learn anything from Mito and he stood confused at restaurant. Then after thinking for about five minutes. Mito walked in restaurant again saying :" oh, I forgot to take you to Hokage office." she pulled Minato hand with smile. Minato was still confused, but his heart was calm, if Mito believed and trusted him, he probably wasn't an enemy of that child. 

Kushina followed them to Hokage office and then she was sent to train team 7.






Hokage was finally done with his pause and he could hear silence. Mito usually returned before him. But he geussed she was taking care of young boy. He heard a knock. And he said come in. He wasn't surprise to see Mito, but to think she would bring Minato with her, her reason was obviously, Hokage realized that Tenzo wasn't with her so he had to ask. "Mito-Chan, where is Tenzo-kun." 

Mito answered :" ah, he is training at the training grounds you left for me. He said that he trained a lot so he was bored in office." 

Hokage chuckled :" who isn't to be honest." 

Mito shake her head :" You aren't supposed to say that. Oh, I brought Minato - San here, as I said it would the best if he starts now. "

Seeing that attention was diverted on him, he finally spoke:" Hokage - sama, if I may know what kind of missions are we talking about." 

Hokage nodded his head :" let me get straight to the point here, I want you to handle Iwa negotiations. That won't be the only important thing to happen to you. I consider you highly qualified for Hokage position. So to prove to myself and daimyo, you will use this negotiation as a stepping stone. As I am sure you will handle it well. Am I willing to announce you as my possible successor. "

Minato was so surprised, he almost fainted on the spot. He was frozen on the spot. Mito wawed her hands in front of him, made some goofy faces but Minato didn't react at all. Mito then said:" he is broken, should we ask Kushina to take this mission, oh wait then we would have two broken powerhouses." 

Hokage was clearly amused by Mito. But Mito was soon bored so she kicked Minato in the leg saying:" Get it together. Hokage is waiting." 

Minato finally blinked, and gasped :" that was for real, of course I will try my best to complete these negotiations." 

Mito then nodded her head and said:" that is the spirit, work hard because the village needs this negotiation over as soon as possible." 

Minato asked :" do I have a set time to finish. "

Hokage shakes his head:" no, you see we wish to be over with this in two weeks but we only need to sign peace keeping document and then we would talk about everything else. You must noticed tensions that are coming from Kiri. "

Minato nodded his head:" I see you want to frighten them. But if I may know why do they wish to attack us. "

Mito answered that:" because they found out I am here, they claim me as Kiri jinchuriki. "

Minato looked close at Mito :" does that mean we have a spy." 

Mito answered :" probably not, it is most likely doing of Black Zetsu, but that doesn't mean that Kiri is allied with him , he must manipulated them. "

Minato then saw that Hokage was shocked she didn't say anything about this to Hokage obliviously. So Minato asked her :" do you realize what that means. Black Zetsu is declaring war on you and you don't seem to care. "

Mito nodded her head and said:" I realize, but Black Zetsu isn't ready to start the war himself and knowing third Mizukage I know he will stop when he realizes that he doesn't have a chance. I geuss I will have to return Samehada to them as peace offering." 








The room then was filled with sounds of Hokage explaining to Minato what is expected of him in negotiations. Mito was doing" her" paperwork. When the door was knocked on and Tenzo head came first from the door. Mito was surprised how quickly the time flew. Her shift was done and she decided to quietly exit the room. Mito took Tenzo to nearby restaurant and had light dinner and this time went with Tenzo to train. She first was watching him train. Then she too trained and later on she asked him if she could learn wood release. Tenzo was surprised by that question and said:" Well, since you have both affinities and are realeted to Senju clan it is quite possible to learn it, but it will be hard, even for me it was hard." 

Mito nodded her head:" I see. But you can show me the beginners steps, right." 

Tenzo slowly nodded and started to explain the simplest jutsu it was e - rank, which caused flowers to bloom and grow. It was mostly used to trap people. Tenzo demsotrated the hand seals it was only a snake sign and he described that chakra inside body should be fused together, but not 50-50, water should be less than earth chakra, because obviously tree grows from earth filled with enough water. 

Mito was confused at first but when she tried she could make some sense of it. Obliviously nothing had happened. But Tenzo nodded his head saying she was doing everything right and that soon she could grow some flowers. And by saying soon he meant a month from now. Mito smiled at him. It was time for dinner and then later for sleep. 








Meanwhile team 7 was training hard under Kushina. They didn't know why sensei was called to Hokage office and they also knew that Kushina didn't know either. She did seem concerned but she did keep repeating Mito words:" nothing dangerous." Kushina could see that team 7 had improved a lot in few weeks. Rin was obliviously training the hardest. She was getting some muscles and she looked to becoming more confident with herself and her team. She was obliviously moving from her crush on Kakashi. And those two were becoming good friends. Mostly talking about training and Mito. Obito was doing his best too. However he was more hesitant to talk with Rin. He still bickered with Kakashi, but now you could hear fondnest in their voices, sometimes they would fight but Rin would stop them before the fight would get serious. Obito at the end of training had a troubled look on his face and he headed straight to Kushina. 




Kushina had to ask :" what is wrong Obito - kun." 

Obito looked hesitant to speak:" I, I don't know what to do, I don't think I could hold it any longer." 

Kushina looked confused :" hold what any longer." 

Obito :" Kushina - San, I am thinking about confessing to Rin, but I always freak out and don't say anything. I want to get this fear of being rejected. Even if I know she will reject me I don't want to wait any longer." 

Kushina understood:" Then do you want me to help you. "

Uchiha boy looked at her and asked :" How. "

Kushina said :" Well how about this, tommorow I will buy you some time alone with her alone, you just need to confess and say that you would wait for her response." 

Obito wasn't all in:" I don't know Kushina - San." 

Kushina had a spark lit in her eyes :" if you don't do it tomorrow, I will make you run with Guy - kun for three weeks. "

Obito exclaimed :" what I was asking for help and now you are threatening me. That isn't fair." 

The rest of team 7 heard that a looked at direction of Obito and Kushina. Asking is evething arlight. 

Obito then said :" Fine I will do it. "

Kushina then said that she would send a message to Obito about the changes about who would train them. Saying that Mito maybe come few days. 


Chapter Text








Kushina was tired when she returned to her home. She could feel that Minato wasn't back, so she was worried but she decided to think about Obito. She knew that Minato would tell her if something bad was going on. She wondered how Rin would react. She knew that she wouldn't just accept the conffesion, but she wondered if Rin would straight of rejected him or would she think about it over time. Kushina hoped for later one. She knew that Obito had problems with himself because he thought nobody liked him. Well those did lessened since Mito came in. But they were still present, most probably because Uchiha clan was looking down on him for being half bread. 






Minato finally came home before her thoughts became too dark. He looked extremely happy and excited,, every bit of worry was gone from Kushina seeing that expression. He looked super cute right now at least in her eyes. She rushed to great him, however before she could hug him, he grabbed her waist and started to spin around the room. Kushina laughed, because she never felt him this exectided, well she could remember him being this excited when they move together in this house, Minato slowly kissed her on lips. She could feel his grin. While she loved this kind of attention she still didn't know what was going on. She did not want to let go of him so she carefully and quietly asked:" what was this, is something good happening." Minato relaxed his hold on her ready to start explaining. However Kushina didn't let go and saying :" can you explain while holding me like this." 

Minato chuckled:" I can do more than that if you want to." as he grabbed her ass. Kushina flushed red, she came closer to him, pressing herself against him. She could hear Minato breath speed up. He picked her up saying :" I got very important mission, luckily I will be staying in village but I won't have time to train my team the whole time." he puted Kushina on kitchen table, and they started to kiss passionately. Kushina managed to speak in between kisses :" what kind mission makes you this excited. "

Minato looked her straight in eyes and answered :" it is not the mission but what comes after I am done with it." he let Kushina to process that as he started to remove his jonin vest. Kushina could feel the heat radiating from him. Kushina asked :" and what is that." 

Minato stopped undressing and smirked :" if I everything goes well, then I will be next Hokage and you will become first Lady." Kushina stopped working. Litterly but only for few seconds exclaiming:" what." she then finally realized that Minato was shirtless in front of her. He looked perfect, no longer cute but rather handsome. She could feel his fingers on her lower abdomen. She helped him with removing her shirt. As soon as shirt was gone, Minato one hand reached her breast while the other back of her head. They began to kiss again. This time they weren't stopping to talk. Minato was squzing her left breast making her moan. In blink of the eye, her bra was gone, moments later she could feel Minato hand returned to back of her head. She had her hand on Minato shoulders. Minato slowly moved from her lips kissing her neck and lowering his head. He finally was kissing her nipples, the left one first meanwhile he squeezed her right now. Kushina hands were now in his hair,she would pulled them when she would moan loudly. Soon she could feel Minato hand going lower and lower stopping on her pants. She looked down and saw Minato with puppy eyes looking at her, pleading for her to help him move them. And they were gone, just like that. His fingers traced her underwear while his mouth were on her right nipple. She was getting impatient. So she pulled him closer Minato stopped sucking and looked confused at her. Kushina lowered her hands reaching for Minato pants, or the belt on them. She was kissing him as she undid it. His pant were gone now too. His eraction could be seen. 

Just like he was teasing her before now she was doing the same, and the look In Minato eyes was getting her pleased too. However Minato soon had enough of it as he leaned forwards making Kushina lay on the table. He was teasing both of them by rubbing his boxers over her underwear. 








Kushina managed to speak:" bedroom." 

And just with those words Minato picked her up passiontly kissing her on the way to bedroom and just as they came in bedroom both of them were complitly naked. Minato laid Kushina on her back her hair was all over the bed making everything look more beautiful. Kushina was beautiful, the night was beautiful. He moved, stepping carefully on the bed Kushina welcomed him, while this wasn't their first doing it never has it felt like this ultimate bliss. Minato was carefully coming closer, Kushina was spreading her legs for him, only him, future Hokage. He entered carefully lisenting to Kushina moans and calling his name, saying things like forth Hokage. He would occasionally kiss her, their tounges battling in Kushina mouth. Minato started to move slowly taking advantage of Kushina moans, he entered her mouth with his tongue exploring it. Kushina was moaning loudly making his tongue vibrate. He finally let her breathe. She had glasy look in her eyes which made her look even more attractive. 







Minato started to move faster over the time, after few minutes Kushina started to shout :"Yellow Flash" to encourage him to speed up. Minato smirked evily and started to thurst into her fast and deep, her moans were super loud that Minato thought privacy seals couldn't contain them. However he didn't stop he continued, moving faster and faster. And he suddenly stopped. Kushina took that as he chance she pulled herself up she was sitting on Minato's lap, his dick still inside her, her legs surrounded him, her hands on his neck they eyse meeting each other. She kissed him and started to move her hips. Taking control. Minato let her have some fun for few minutes and then he put his large and soft hands on her hips, moving them dowards making his dick reach unbelievable far in Kushina. Kushina obliviously had lost it on those movements. Her moans were driving Minato crazy. He was getting fired up again. Kushina suddenly pushed his upper body down. Having a wide smirk cross her face, licking her lips. And she started to ride Minato in this position. Minato firstly looked at her face but the moved to her large breasts, he played with them again. And when he finally stopped and lowered his eyes he could see that not all of his dick was inside of Kushina so he again puted his hands on her hips and moved her dowards with force. Kushina was again screaming in pleasure. 




However she was done she quickly pulled Minato hand from her hips, she stopped moving her hips Minato's dick deep in her and she puted his hands behind his head leaning on him, her breasts on his muscular chest. She was laying down on him his dick in her twitching. Minato was close. He never had cummed in her so this was surprised she was obviously trying to stop him from cumming outside. She slowly squeezing her pussy making it harder for him to hold in. 

Minato cummed, Kushina pussy over flowed, however she didn't look like she cared all that much. He was hugging her. They didn't move for few minutes. Staying quiet until suddenly Kushina said:" Well since I will be first Lady I geuss I will have to train you in enduring high pressure." as she said that she started to move again on his dick. Minato was surprised he couldn't respond only moans reached his lips. Kushina was obviously taking most of the situation and both of them enjoined it. After round two Kushina had taken a shower then she brought dinner to bedroom, while Minato cleaed the room and had taken his shower. While they ate they talked more about the mission Minato was taking. Kushina understood, he was going to be in basement most of time. 


Chapter Text


Kushina was getting ready for a morning training with team 7. Minato had explained what they were doing and what he wanted to see from them. Kushina had a sent a message to Obito. Making him ready for a plan. Or at least she hoped so. 

Uchiha compand

The message came in early morning at least to Obito. He still had tendency to be late, but it was getting better. However today he didn't even sleep waiting for message. He at first didn't know how to react. He was glad that it would be done for, but he still was freaking out. He headed out of his home in hurry. 

When he was on the streets of compand he came a cross Uchiha Fugaku and Itachi. He had to stop and great the next clan head and his son. Obito was trying to be polite as much as possible. While he didn't believe that Fugaku hated him, the whole clan had attitude towards half bread Uchiha. However he was surprised by sudden acceptance and kindness coming from Fugaku who even introduced Itachi to him. Fugaku asked mostly about Mito and team 7. Seeming more interested in Mito. Itachi, the five old boy asked :"Is Mito, the one Shisui talked about." Obito hesitated but answered :" Shisui confessed to her." 

Seeing that both Uchiha were interested in that he wondered if he should have told them. Fugaku asked :" and what did she tell him." 

Obito answered honestly :" she said to give her time. "

Fugaku nodded his head expecting something similar. Fugaku then said his goodbye clearly he was in a hurry. 

Obito wonder if something happened during the Uchiha clan festival. He had come to celebrate but as a half bred he wasn't allowed to come too close to main family, he knew that traditionaly the Uchiha festival was held so that the clan head could show of his heir and slowly let him take control of clan. He wondered if Fugaku would soon become a clan head, the current one was getting old, he also wondered if there would be changes in Uchiha clan during this time. 

However he soon realized that he was wasting time. He was still early but if he doesn't move for few more minutes he would be late. He started running to his training grounds, happy because he clearly his day has begun good.

Obito came first at training grounds, and behind him was Kushina. The Kakashi and Rin came at same moment talking about taijutsu stance. Kushina started talking while they were stretching. She explained that Minato was on very important diplomatic mission and that while he was in village he didn't have much time to train them so instead she and Mito sometimes would train them. 

When they finnished stretching Kushina called Kakashi to talk about his new training method Minato picked for him. Leaving Rin and Obito alone. Obito looked at Rin, he knew he couldn't hesitate no more. However Rin seemed clueless and was eagerly waiting for her new training method. 

Obito finally broke silence after minutes of watching Kakashi and Kushina talk. :" Rin-Chan, can i ask you for a minute of your time." 

Rin looked at him confused, she never heard him speak like that so she said:" yes," 

Obito slowly begun :" I don't know if you have noticed, but everybody else did, that I liked you since academy, so I finally gathered courage to say it, I don't expect you to answer me immediately, even if you are sure that you don't like me, just answer me after some time. Okay. "

Rin was surprised, she didn't really know how to respond :" I didn't know, I honestly don't think that I am ready for anything that is connected with dating but I will have your confession in mind when I will be ready."

Kushina then called Rin to explain to her her training method and then it was time for Obito. Kushina relaxed after hearing that Obito conffesed and Rin's reaction. Kushina wondered how would this affect their teamwork. 

Meanwhile in Hokage office stood Mito, Tsunade, Shizune and little Tenzo who had clinged to Mito when he felt two chakra signals entered the Hokage office. To say that Tsunade was speechless seeing that Mito and young boy were sitting so close to Hokage and helping him work. They didn't knock so that was what scared the young boy. Tsunade could catch one of the last words Hokage spoke to Mito :"...., yes the letter was sent to Daimyo, he will meet us in month when the council will be ready." 

And after that Hokage's attention turned to Tsunade, saying :" Tsunade - Chan, at least I thought you would knock." 

Mito mumbled:" at least she is better than Jiraiya. "

The boy seemed to be calm down after listening Mito's whispers. Mito then picked the boy in her and sitted him in her chair. Giving his chair to Shizune to sit. Only did she then notice that Tenzo was walking behind her obliviously still shy. So she had to interduce him to medic dou. 

She pulled him in front of herself saying :" This is Tenzo - kun." 

Tenzo looked at two newcomers with curiosity. Shizune barely kept the sequel saying :" nice to meet you i am Shizune." the boy nodded his head slowly and then his eyes landed on Tsunade, who was surprised to see his eyes, she remembered something about those eyes, she thought she saw them before, but ignored it. Interducing herself :" I am Senju Tsunade, it is nice to meet you." the boy seemed to recognize her name his eyes sparkled for a moment and he finally looked at Mito how just nodded her head at him. Tsunade was confused she could clearly see that those two did not need a words to communicate and she knew that Mito never spoke about this boyy before so she wondered who exactly this Tenzo was. However she did not come here for that

Tommorow was a council meeting where there would be discussion about Senju matter. 

Mito took Tenzo and sitted him down in her lap. Tenzo was carefully playing with her hair trying not to cause pain. Hokage finally spoke :" Tsunade did you decide about the Senju matter. If you aren't then there isn't much I can do for you." 

Tsunade nodded her head :" I couldn't find anybody suitable enough. However I was going to ask for your opinion on few people." 

Mito looked at Hokage in wonder if he wouldn't tell Tsunade about Tenzo so she asked Tsunade :" Tsunade - sama, did you think about how many children will be needed for revival of your clan. "

Tsunade snorted :" what are you implying. "Mito answered :" it probably won't be one, so how many did you think would have. "

Tsunade answered :" I was think of one actually. "

Mito answered :" that won't do, if it was one I would gave you advice to have whit some council decides but since it will be more i would advise you to find somebody that you know well and that person knows you well too." 

Tsunade looked in wonder, her eyes landing on Hokage and his grim face, he spoke before Tsunade could ask:" it is true, the clan has two at least have two children and one adult, it I same reason the Uzumaki do not have a compound here and aren't clan. "

Tsunade then snorted :" Then are you saying that I have only two options. To sleep with my teammates or to let make grandfathers genes be used in experiments that are going to probably fail. "

The looks between the trio that sat next each other were awkward. Hokage was getting stared by Tenzo and Mito. The stares meant only one thing 'tell her' 

Seeing that the Hokage was hesitant to answer her question Tsunade asked again :" Are you saying that." 

Mito then couldn't contain it any longer, she slowly raised up with Tenzo and stood to the windows face backwards to everyone in room Tenzo was looking at wonder through the glass, Mito spoke:" The experiments aren't going to fail, Orochimaru-sama and I found something that can make sure they don't kill a single child." 

Tsunade asked :" and how did you find that." 

Mito spoke :" somebody was doing the research with first Hokage cells and we found his notes and…. " she didn't get to finnish Tsunade asked :" who did such a thing. "

Mito answered :" one of Danzo's men. But let me finnish, we have a… "

This time Hokage cutted her:" Mito-Chan enough. " Mito turned around her eyes wide open looking Hokage in shock. 

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Tsunade frowned seeing that Hokage was stopping Mito from telling her something. The boy in Mito's hands was tense too he was staring down the Hokage. Mito leted him down and spoke :" do you wish to tell her Hokage - sama, i am sorry I thought your silence was a sigh for me to speak about it." 

Tsunade was impressed the girl backed down but clearly shown that she was hurt by those words and blamed Hokage, while she still showed loyalty to him. Tsunade saw that Mito was letting her some space to ask :" know what exactly sensei. "

Hokage stared Mito for a second, but he didn't speak. Tenzo was getting restless in the room. The silence was killing both Tsunade and Shizune, meanwhile Tenzo started to sweat, before he slowly spoke:" i Will tell you." Tsunade wondered who spoke for moment but when she saw that Tenzo was trembling and sweating, she noticed his mouth move without making too much sound. Hokage couldn't stop the boy. While the boy respected him, he was clearly on the Mito side and this involved him personally. 







Mito was surprised to hear him speak those words she offered him her hand to give him comfort. Tenzo then continued :" I am the successful experiment that Mito-Chan and Orochimaru - sama found in forrest. I am the only surviving one out of 60 children that were experimented on. I am the first Hokage Clone." 

Tsunade was frozen on the spot. She couldn't react. What does this mean did Hokage want to keep silent about this. She now saw where she saw those eyes. The eyes that had some much emotions. She loved those eyes when she was young. Her grandfathers eyes. The boy was again in Mito's arms, silently crying in her shoulder. He was again scared, first of rejection from Tsunade and second from Hokage because he didn't follow the order. Mito was hughing the boy. 







Tsunade finally managed to react, while she was mad at Hokage, she couldn't freak the kid. She couldn't abandon those eyes. Saying softly :" How old are you, Tenzo-kun." 

Tenzo didn't reply still crying, however Mito answered for him :" he is five years old, soon he will be six. In few weeks." 

Tsunade then asked :" if Tenzo-kun agrees I will take him in Senju clan compand. And later on he will be a member of Senju clan." Tenzo stopped crying at those words and said :" if Mito-Chan goes then I am not against it. " Tsunade could see how attached the boy was. Mito surprisingly answered :" Then we will take the offer. I will live in Senju clan compand, however I can not become a member of it." 

Tenzo quietly asked :" why can't you. "

Mito answered :" I am a princess of my clan it would show disrespect to my clan. But I am still in some way your cousin. "

The boy nodded his head. Hokage cleared his throat, returning attention to him. Mito quickly reacted seeing the change of Tsunade face. Mito spoke:" How about Shizune - Chan, Tenzo-kun and I go to early lunch. " as she quickly took their hands and headed for a doors without giving glance to Hokage who was begging her to stay. 





The loud noise was heard from Hokage tower. The trio wondered if it would stand when they returned from Hokage tower. Mito took them to the restaurant at the end of village. She carefully picked the food for Tenzo and ordered something similar for herself letting Shizune choose for herself. They ate and talked mostly about Shizune's traveling stories from her travels with Tsunade. Tenzo enjoyed those. After Shizune couldn't remember any more. Mito started to ask her about medical ninjutsu. The topic seemed interesting to both Mito and Tenzo so they listened carefully. Tenzo finnished his food and was waiting for Mito to finnish hers. Shizune was in bathroom. The loud noise stopped about five minutes ago, even though here it was heard. However only shinobi could hear it. Shizune wanted to split the bill however Mito was against it :" I get payed for doing the paperwork, and I have a lot of income from Konoha. While you just came here few days ago, I am sure you will start working in hospital soon so you will return the favor then. Okay" 

Shizune had to nod her head in understanding. 

When they returned the Hokage office was barely standing. Hokage was bruised and Anbu were knocked at least those who stood to protect the Hokage. Mito couldn't believe what happened here. She asked Tenzo :" could you prevent the room from falling down." 

Tenzo nodded, forming the snake hand seal and pouring lots of his chakra. After almost 30 seconds the three wooden structures formed and stabilazed the room. 





Tsunade was surprised to see that jutsu. While she knew he referred himself as Hashirama Clone she didn't think he would have a wood release. Mito slowly walked to Hokage helping him to sit on the couch. And ask Tsunade :" would you mind if Shizune - Chan healed them, we are in middle of negotiations and Iwa shinobi will be here in two days and he has a council meeting tomorrow, he should at least look presentable." Hokage was glad she at least respected him even though she sided with Tsunade for this situation. Tsunade mumbled fine, still looking at Tenzo. Shizune hurried herself to Hokage quickly healing his wounds. Mito carefully checked the situation with the Anbu. 

They were only knocked, so that meant Tsunade restrained herself from punching them to hard. Mito knew how to help them she only pured a little amount of chakra surrounding them and they started to wake up, and were immediately at high allert. 

Mito sighed. 






Tenzo was looking at Tsunade eyes clearly seeing shock, the emotion was something like a love and something that seemed like hate. She probably didn't like how he knew wood release but she obviously liked him. 

Tsunade hesitantly reached for his hand. Tenzo squzed her hand assuring her that it was fine. Tsunade hugged him. The boy wouldn't mind it but Tsunade was making him unable to breath or at least her huge chest was at fault. Mito was the one who noticed the discomfort of Tenzo. Saying :"You know I don't want to ruin the moment, but Tenzo-kun has troubles with breathing in that position." 

Tsunade looked down and he seemed a bit red in his face clearly sigh of low oxygen in blood. Mito then showed how to hug Tenzo and returned him to Tsunade.







Mito and Tenzo spent afternoon packing things for the move. Mito wrote few letters she would send to her friends saying she moved house to Senju compand. The packing wasn't long with Mito packing things in sealing scroll. However she noticed that Tenzo didn't have a lot of clothes. Well she saw only his clothes he had been since the meeting in forest. So she decided to go with him to the market. She wasn't worried about her fashion in this case. Well because Tenzo could wear anything and he would look good, and besides she had experience with buying clothes for boys, she also knew it would be fine if she choose to avoid vibrant colors and she knew the safe colors. She also knew Senju clan wore a lot of white. 






On the market she saw a lot of clothes that fitted Tenzo perfectly. He was obliviously tired of trying every single outfit. So Mito decided to buy he had tried. One was completely black, the other was completely white, one was dark green and one was light green. Mito and Tenzo then were going to see what would suit Tenzo for training. Well Tenzo insist on Anbu pants and Mito didn't comply his anbu shirts couldn't be found in his size so they searched for something that was his size and possibly similar. 

While they were looking through clothes. Team Choza was walking through the market. Guy was the first one who noticed Mito in the stands. He started shouting :" Mito-San, what are you doing here." 

Mito turned around after hearing his voice, she was to busy with finding clothes to check the chakra signatures around herself. Tenzo continued to search for a shirt. 

Mito spoke to Guy :" buying clothes, what about you team Choza, coming from mission. "

Choza answered :" Yes, finally finished the d-rank mission." 

Mito nodded :" ah i see." 

Genma then said:" You know this is a shop for boys right, and this is section for children. So I was wondering what are you searching here i could help. "

Mito blushed a little :" I know, I buying clothes for my cousin you see we are trying to find a shirt his size." 

Team Choza exclaimed :" cousin "

Mito then noticed that Tenzo was holding a shirt in his hand and was shyly hidding behind her. Mito answered :" Well yes, here his name is Tenzo, he is really shy so. "

Genma noticed how the small boy seemed not able to meet their eyes so he spoke:" I am Shiranui Genma, I am very good friend of your cousin." 

Tenzo nodded his head. Genma then continued to introduce his team to Tenzo. Team Choza left soon leaving Mito Genma and Tenzo alone. Genma helped Tenzo find his size. He was surprised how well Mito chose colors for the young boy. At the end before he could leave Mito asked him to follow them. 

Mito said :" I know it's a sudden thing, but I am moving out of my apartment. I don't want you guys to worry so I am telling you. I am going to live in Senju compand since Tenzo-kun wants me there." 

Genma panicked at first but when he heard where she was going to live he was surprised :" wait are you saying that Tenzo - kun is Senju. "

Mito answered :" Yes, but that needs to be secret for few days, well Senju and Uzumaki were sister clans so we are all cousins." 

Mito then gave him a letter :" this is a key to the barrier which I will install on Senju compand. I made one for each of you guys. If you could send them and inform them about my new address. Don't forget anyone ok. "

Genma nodded his head. He stopped when he noticed that Senju Tsunade and her student were waiting in front gates of Senju clan compand. He wanted to return as quickly as possible but he heard :" Mito - Chan did you bring a friend, why don't you invite him inside." 


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Mito tried to not sound flustered and said:" Genma if you want you can come in." 

Genma blushed red staying silent for few seconds until he could feel Tenzo hand holding his and pulling him. Genma only managed to stutter:" Y-yes, i we-would love to." 

Tsunade smirked, saying :" Then come in you three, don't be shy, I feel I will see you around a lot." 

Genma panicked and asked :" why." 

Mito answered :"Tsunade - sama Is going to be a head medical in hospital and that means that she will meet everyone at least few times a year, especially shinobi who are on missions outside Konoha and you as a chunin have high risk of getting hurt." 

Mito was totally oblivious to what Tsunade really meant. Tsunade only snorted :" Right. "







Shizune led them inside the main house and sited them on couch which had in front of it coffee table. Tenzo looked around in wonder. Mito was also impressed but she had been guest of Mizukage and she had seen more luxurious style there. Genma was blown away by the house and in fact how huge compand was. When everyone was seated, Shizune brought tea and some snacks. Genma remembered to interduce himself. :" I am very sorry for not introducing myself sooner. I am Shiranui Genma, rank chunin for almost a month now." 

Tsunade nodded her head and said :" I think that you know who I am, but anyways I am Senju Tsunade with lots of titles." 

Shizune smiled and introduced herself :" I am Shizune, Tsunade-sama student. "

Genma nodded his head. 






Shizune was the first to break awkward silence :" if I may know who do you guys know each other. I mean Mito was in village only for a half a year right." 

Mito answered :" Well I know everyone that participated in chunin exams but when I was on probation I trained with few teams and Genma's was one of them. "

Genma nodded :" right, she trained us. "

Mito elbowed him. Making him glare at her in confusion, only realizing when he saw surprised faces of med-nin. 

Mito :" ahm, yes they like to joke like that, but it isn't truth obviously. "

Nobody believed her. Tenzo sat between the two clearly protecting his new friend. Genma smiled at gesture and started to play with the boy while the rest were slowly drinking the tea. 

Tsunade spoke the next :" Genma - kun, did I see you at the gates few days ago." 

Genma turned towards Tsunade and said :" yes I was there." 

Mito forgot the snack in her hand at next words. Tsunade asked :" You are competing to get Mito with other boys right. I saw how you looked at her. "

Tenzo saw the room still he wasn't listening to corvensation to busy looking at the peice of chocolate in Mito hand. He carefully ate it without Mito noticing. Shizune tried her best not to laugh out loud and the scene in front of her. Genma was blushing so hard, she thought he was having a seizure, Mito was frozen in space her face as red as her hair. And Tenzo was sneaky to eat all of the chocolate his face was covered with chocolate. 

Tsunade continued to torture them :" I must say that I didn't expect Mito to have such large fanbase here. Sure in Uzushino she would be goddess, but she managed to charm 4 guys here in such short time." 

That wake up both Mito and Genma :" wait 4." both of them shouted at same time. 






Tsunade asked :" am I wrong. The Uchiha one, the Hatake, Genma-kun and that swordsman boy. "

Mito answered :" Well you aren't complitly wrong, it is just that Hayate, the swordsman, isn't into me, we are just extremely close. I think of him like a big brother, because he thought me a lot of my sword skills. And I don't know why he thinks of me as a big sister." 

Genma butted in :" because you helped him with his sickness. "

Tsunade spoke :" anyways, I must warn you guys, not to mess with Mito or if you hurt her, you are all dead. Is it clear. And say that to rest of guys too. "

Genma shivered :" yes ma'am. "

Tsunade chuckled :"I like this one." 

Mito moumbled:" no you just love to bully people." 

Tsunade heard it:" you are right and I have so much time to bully you." 

Tenzo suddenly spoke:" I won't let you bully Mito-Chan." 

Mito started to pet him and then she finally realized :" Tenzo - kun, did you eat all of chocolate, even the one in my hand." 

Tenzo looked away:" y- yes. "

Mito started to scold the boy. 





Then Shizune was drinking her tea and saw Tsunade gesture for Genma to come closer. The boy came immediately without any hesitation. Tsunade started speaking really quietly to the boy so Mito wouldn't notice them taking :" I will be honest with you. I know that feeling when you like someone and you can't be with them right away. I think it is worth waiting for you and for her. So keep it up. I will ship you guys. So that you know if you ever find yourself troubled how to deal with your feelings you can talk to me. And don't consider this cheating, even though life isn't fair, because Hatake has Kushina - San and Uchiha - kun has his whole clan to back him up. So just come when you want to talk. Ok"

Genma looked a bit flushed but he looked happily at Tsunade and he respectevly bowed to her saying :"thank you." 

Shizune almost spit out her tea when she heard that conversation. 





Tenzo was looking around trying to avoid the eye contact with Mito. Her eyes were pretty but he couldn't look in them for too long. Mito finally finnished her scolding when she heard Tenzo stomach grumble. Saying :" I geuss it is time for dinner. Shizune - San do you mind if I use the kitchen." 

As she looked up to scene where Shizune was barely keeping the fluid in her mouth and Genma respectively bowing to Tsunade. 





Her face was confused at first and then at second it was disgusted. She quickly pulled Tenzo towards herself jumping backwards. And at that moment Shizune couldn't keep it inside and sipited at exactly same place Mito and Tenzo were.

Mito was facing the rest of the room. Genma was surprised by sudden jumping and with Shizunes action. 

Tenzo was almost unaware of the situation and he slowly spoke:" um excuse me Shizune - Chan, were you trying out new water release jutsu." 

Mito started to laugh out loud. The room soon was filled with laughter. Mito gathered herself first and headed to kitchen, or she assumed the kitchen was and found that dinner was almost ready. They clearly interuped Shizune in cooking but by looks of it Shizune was fine with it. Genma come towards her to say his goodbyes, it was getting late and he should head out his house. Tenzo hugged the boy. And was very reluctant about letting him go. But nonetheless he had done it. 

Shizune then was helped by Mito in cooking dinner while Tsunade watched over Tenzo. Carefully considering to curupt him in shipping the two teens. However she was surprised by how he seemed to like Genma without her saying a word. 

The boy was playing with a plushie, which looked like a turtle. But he didn't really know if it was. Tsunade saw the toy and asked :" what kind of animal is that." 

Tenzo answered :"Mito - Chan said it wasn't a animal, but she said it has a name. Isobu. She also said that some say it is called Sanbi for his number of tails." 

Tsunade snorted, how ironic :" did Mito - Chan, gave you it." 

Tenzo answered :" she made it and gave it to me. "








Tsunade asked :" How about you give me a nickname too, I will call you Ten-Chan. Because you are 10 out of 10."

Tenzo blushed :" I like it. Then I will call you Oba-Chan. "

Tsunade had a tick mark :" do not even dare. I still don't have a child I you would call me that, and anyways I still under 40."

Tenzo laughed :" Then Tsuna oba. "

Tsunade smiled :" I like it." then she shouted to Mito :" Did you see that Mito-Chan, I have a cool nickname from Ten-Chan. "

Mito answered :" what, I only heard oba-chan. You couldn't possibly accept that one. " yelled from the kitchen where loud noise was heard next probably from Shizune dropping thing in her shock. 

Tsunade yelled:" no, he got me better one. He will call me Tsuna oba." 

Mito joked:" what, Tsuna oba - Chan. "

Tsunade almost lost the control but her mind quickly started working :" Ten-Chan how about making new name for Mito-Chan. Something stupid if possible." 

Tenzo looked at her innocently saying :" I won't call Mito - Chan with some stupid name, she is my favorite. So I will promote her to Mito-nee-chan." and then he stood up and runned to Mito. Who huged him saying :" You are so sweet Ten-Chan. How about you give Shizune - Chan a new nickname too. "

Tenzo wondered for few seconds and finally spoke:" Shi-chan. Your name will be Shi-chan. "

Shizune smiled and spoke :" was it hard to pronounce my name" 

Tenzo blushed and hid in Mitos arms. 


They had dinner and after dinner Tenzo was super tired so. Shizune and Tsunade showed them the whole compand explaining what was used and what wasn't. Finally they were puted in house closes to main house. Usually there would sleep next clan head or heir who was old enough to live alone. Mito knew that tommorow will be eventful day. She hoped that everything would go smoothly and that Tsunade would at least be able to choose her partner. 










Genma headed home happily and on his way he ran at Hayate. They spoke about the good mood Genma was and Genma informed Hayate about Mito moving out and gave him 3 keys, for every member of his team. The boys were having a great time talking to each other. They were freinds even before Mito came in picture but now they were extremely close. 

While Hayate did not support anyone in chasing his little sister (Mito), he thought that Genma was the most appropriate one for her. He also was glad that Mito let him call her a sister, but he only realized recently that he acted more like older brother than younger brother. 

Genma stopped talking when they were passing by Mitos house and saw that Hatake was standing in front of it hesitant to knock. 

Genma spoke :" Kakashi, what are you doing here." 

Kakashi quickly turned around :" i- I needed to speak with Mito - Chan." 

Genma said :" Sorry to disappoint you, but Mito - Chan isn't at home. Actually she moved out today." 

He was interuped :" what, where is she." 

Genma continued :" as I was saying she moved to Senju compand. Here is the keys if you want to see her. "

Kakashi asked :" were you there when she was moving out. "

Genma shoke his head:" no i accidently meet her in market and I walked her to Senju complex." 

Kakashi said :" I see, I guess it can wait until tommorow. "

Genma asked :" what did you want to speak about. If I may know. "

Kakashi said :" I was going to ask her to train with us on Friday. Because sensei nor Kushina can. "

Genma nodded :" Well I am certain she will say yes, you will probably have someone extra coming." 

Kakashi asked :" what does that mean. "

But Genma didn't answer already moving on with his route to home. 


Chapter Text







Mito was surprised by how quickly Tenzo relaxed in this new environment. Both of them slept peacefully. Mito woke up and it was 6. Am. It was still bit early but Mito decided to head to kitchen make some breakfast. She was done with it and quickly ate her portion before heading inside of bathroom to shower. In the meantime Tenzo woke up. He was started by not seeing Mito but he could feel her close by. When he started to explore the house he found breakfast ready for him and he could hear water running down from bathroom. 




Mito finally was done with showering and she fully clothed herself, her long hair now was under large towel. She could feel that Shizune and Tsunade were awake too, probably getting ready for meeting. Mito knew she would be there as she is involved in this situation. If you ask how. Well first she brought Tsunade back and second she is taking care of one of Senju. Tenzo is going to be present there too. Mito was finding the best outfit for the boy. Once she found it she gave Tenzo to change. She was ready and do was Tenzo. 

While they waited for Tsunade and Shizune to pick them up. Tenzo played with Mito 's hair. Doing braid. One super long braid. 









However to Mito surprise Tsunade and Shizune weren't the first ones at her doors. It was Kakashi he was wearing his usual outfit. Mito opened the doors and invited him to come in. Kakashi refused:" I cannot stay for long, I just want to ask you 2 things." 

From the back of house Tenzo asked Mito :" Mito-nee-Chan is it time to go." 

Mito answered :" no not yet, my friend came to ask me some questions." 

Kakashi was surprised by sudden sudden voice and had a questionable expression. 

Mito said :" right you wanted to ask some questions." 

Kakashi still was interested in the voice but he knew that he would learn after asking his questions :" could you train us tomorrow. You see sensei and Kushina are both busy." 

Mito went blank for a second and answered :" I don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow, but you won't mind if I bring somebody along, right." 

She glanced in the house like she was saying:" him"

Kakashi nodded and asked the next question :" Then you won't mind having dinner with me." 

Mito was dense and said:" sure. I don't mind." 






Kakashi could hear footsteps coming from the house they were extremely light which indicated that person was a shinobi. However he was surprised to see small boy maybe older than 5. Asking Mito :" Tsuna oba, still didn't come." 

Mito answered :" no Ten-Chan, here I would like to introduce you to my friend." 

Tenzo nodded slowly speaking :" I am Tenzo, nice to meet you." 

Kakashi nodded his head and said:" I am Hatake Kakashi, it is pleasure to meet you Tenzo-kun. "

Tenzo eyes widen when he heard Hatake part but nobody noticed. Mito carefully said :" Ten-Chan we are going to train with Kakashi and his team tomorrow. "

Tenzo sparked :" training with Mito - nee-chan . Sure. "

Kakashi spoke again :" I need to go now Kushina - nee-san is very strict." 

Mito smirked and said:" Then don't be late." 

Kakashi nodded and and went to training grounds. Telling the team that Mito agreed on training them. 







Few minutes later Tsunade and Shizune were in front of Mito and Tenzo. They were ready to go. The council meeting was in 8 am. And now was they still had some time to speak with Hokage. However usually clan heads would come earlier to speak with him too. Mito knew that the civilan council was still pretty much same as before but soon the that would change with petition about civilan council being chosen every 4 years. Mito suggested that. 





When they came in Hokage's tower they headed immediately to meeting room knowing that Hokage's office was full with people. Mito found herself and Tenzo a place to sit in space hidden in shadows, she felt presence of almost every clan head in tower. Only Uchiha was not here yet but he was close by. Tsunade sat next to two and Shizune sat next to them. While this meeting was going to discuss about Senju matter it wasn't only about that. 








In Hokage's office, Hokage spoke with clan heads:" do you have any wishes about which problem should we spoke first." 

Nara spoke:" I wish that the meeting doesn't take long time to finish." 

His humor wasn't appreciated by Hokage who mumbled :" impossible" 

Minato nodded and said:" if I may suggest, we should firstly talk about shinobi things and later turn to matters that civilan council has rights to speak in." 

Nara spoke :" ah i see Minato - San wants to show what civilan council can do and can't do. Very wisely and it will spare us some time because the council would be cocky if we solved the matter that concerned them first. "

Hokage gasped and said :" You are right. So that means Senju matters are last. "

Clan heads peeked up at the name of the matter. However when they were about to ask for explanation of this matter Hokage silenced everyone with glare. 

Saying :" it is time to go in the meeting room our guest are already arrived. "

Hokage stood up and walked towards the meeting room on the way there Uchiha clan head was waiting for him. The two quietly talked while walking. 

Uchiha clan had requested that the matter of Uchiha would be first. It wasn't that important but it would be valuable information about future. 







When clan heads entered and sat on their seats. Hokage sat on his seat and called Mito with his hands signature. Mito walked from the shadows passing by Minato who was going inside because only clan heads had spots on table for sitting. Minato wasn't surprised to see Tsunade and Shizune however he was when he noticed Tenzo. He supposed Mito was still on her mission to babysitting the boy. 

Mito was still angry with Hokage but she didn't let it show, she stood next to Hokage waiting for him to speak. His hands moved in gesture that said to lean down. Mito did it hesitantly. The clans attention was on her. Hokage whispered in her ears :" I am sorry for reacting that way yesterday. I know that you did it thinking that was the best for village." 

Mito spoke saying:" no, not at all, that wasn't only reason I said that." 

Now the room was trying to hear what Hokage was saying :" Mito - Chan I know I hurted you, but I still did it your way. And I think you were right. It is better this way. "

Mito answered :" I knew that. However I can't forgive you yet. " she spoke mre quietly not wanting for clan heads to know about her being mad at Hokage. 

Hokage nodded his head and said:" that is alright for now. Did you find anything new in your studies." 

Mito answered :" I have reached the core problem of my point of view. So I don't think I when I will be ready to perform this seal." 

Hokage said :" I see, but there isn't any need for it right now. "

Mito nodded her head and was about to leave. When Nara asked her :" Mito-Chan, do you mind if I speak with you for a second. "

Mito headed to him straight and the Nara stood up and they left the room for some privacy. Mito did wonder what Nara clan head wanted to speak with her. 





Nara Shikaru began :" Are you still mad about Hokage shutting you down yesterday. I m sincerely sorry about that. Hokage - sama has a lot on his mind and maybe he is too old for the hat. But nonetheless he shouldn't have done that to you." 

Mito answered :" Honestly I knew all those things, and I am surprised you wanted to talk about this with me, anyways I am not mad about him yelling at me, I am mad at him for reminding me not to trust adults. "

Shikaru asked :" what does that mean. "

Mito answered :" honestly I don't see myself working with Hokage anymore, so I won't involve myself in any more mess, or should I say I won't be helping with problems in village until Minato-San becomes a Hokage. "

Nara was shocked :" Are you sure about that, Mito - Chan we still need you. "

Mito answered :" not really, i Will still be involved in Senju matter and in Kiri threats, Iwa will be handled by Minato and if he wants my help I will give it to him. And I will tell Hokage a secret how to deal with paperwork. But I won't be coming here every day." 

Nara asked :" if I may ask do you mind working with the clans. "

Mito answered :" if they directly ask for my help then I don't mind. But I don't think any clan needs my help. "

Nara then spoke:" do you think that only problem in Konoha is civilian council. Don't you see the state in clans. "

Mito answered :" there are some problems, some are bigger than other but I can't do anything about them right now when we are exhausted from war, and besides once Minato takes charge I expect that almost every clan to change a clan head to fit into. I heard that Uchiha are already chosen a next clan head how about you. "

Nara:" certainly even the shinobi council is getting old, but sudden change like that. "

Mito shake her head :" don't think it will be sudden, Minato still is on the long mission which will take a lot of time after all we are thinking about making Iwa our long lasting ally. "

Mito then noticed that civilan council were coming from the end of hall and she quickly entered the metting room Nara quickly following her. The door almost hited Inzunaka women, Mito immediately realized that was Tsume, the daughter of current Inzunaka head however Mito didn't notice her come inside the room.which meant that Tsume was there even before Mito entered the first time. Mito could not hide her surprised face. However she did not stop she headed straight to shadows wondering how she didn't notice. When she saw a grin on Minato. She asked :" what are you grinning about I am not really in mood." 

Minato gulped remembering Kushina when she wasn't in mood. He answered honestly :" I am sorry, but your face." 

Mito asked :" Did you do something" 

Minato answered :" oh I and Kushina were doing some research, wanting to surprise you, and we made a seals which conceals somebody presence complitly." 

Mito was awed and started :" Really, wow that is amazing." and then she realized :" hey you made it only to spy on me right."

Minato nodded and then stopped :" wait how did you know. "

Mito said :" what, did you think that Kushina wasn't overheard when she plans something, and Rin was the one who heard and told me to be extra careful" 

Minato face palmed saying :" still there isn't anything you can do about it." 

Mito spoke :"are you sure about that. I won't give you keys to barrier and it is done." 

Minato paled but he knew how he could get the key. But he let Mito think she won. The council was ready to start. 




Chapter Text







Hokage began the meeting saying :" Since this meeting was postponed, we will have more things to talk about. I was asked by Uchiha - dono to have his matter dealt with first. I don't think many of us knew what you are about to say." 

Uchiha head stood straight and began :" the Uchiha clan is getting a new clan head in few months and as such I would request that my nefew can be present in next meeting. Also one of his first laws are to let none - Uchiha to join in Uchiha elite military police. Especially those roots that didn't join I&T. I am asking for your premision in his place as he is already in charge of Uchiha elite military police. "

The one member of civilan council was about to speak, but Hokage was faster asking :" I asume your clan already agreed and you are asking for premision from military leader. What does rest of clan heads think about it. "

Nara clan head was first to answer :" if the Uchiha clan has already decided and brought this matter to you I think it is your decision, but if you are asking for my opinion I think this is acceptable, for both clan and village. Also since the next head is decided it would be best he is ready when he becomes clan head. "

Yamanaka clan head and Akimichi clan head both nodded their heads in agreement to what Nara clan head said. 

Hyuga clan head didn't like the idea to much but said that it was Hokage's decision. Inzunaka clan head agreed with proposed idea. Aburame can head agreed too. 

Civilian council was ready to speak their opinion but Hokage cutted them in saying:" Then you may do as you please Uchiha - dono, i still expect to hear your report of how new members will be doing."






Uchiha clan finally sat down and Hokage was looking at faces of civilan council, waiting for them to protest. However that luckily didn't happen. Inzunaka clan head stood up next because he wanted to speak next. Hokage looked at him and nodded his head. Inzunaka clan head cleared his throat which was sign for Tsume to exit the shadows. Inzunaka clan head began :" Inzunaka clan has problems with our partners being sick. Tsume will report the exact numbers." 

Tsume nodded her head to her father and began :" out 400 of our ninken, exactly 160 are injured some of them are in dangerous situations and we aren't able to treat them all. The problem is we can't just let someone else to treat them because there aren't med-nin specialaized in treatment for them. We ask of Hokage and clan heads to help us find solution to this disaster that happened to us. "

Hokage gasped and asked :" How did they get injured. "

Tsume answered :" according to our investigation they were firstly hurt at Iwa battlefield but their situation progressed worse when they returned. We think that they might be poisoned but we can't find any poison. We only found small injuries on their bodies." 

Hokage gasped he did not knew about this and by the looks of everyone neither did they. 

Tsume continued :" our result come today so we hadn't been able to talk about it sooner as it was a clan matter. "

Hokage nodded :" we will try to find solutions. "

Nara clan was first to speak :" if I may suggest something, I knew somebody who has a specific gift in healing, a kekkei genkai of sorts, she may be able to solve this problem. "

Tsume spoke bluntly :" who is that person. "

Hokage also wondered what Nara clan was talking about. 

Nara clan then proceeded :" Mito-Chan could you please come out. "

Mito walked out the same shadows as Tsume did, she respectfully bowed to everyone present and waited for Nara clan head to continue. Hokage finally understood, Mito indeed had such a gift. However what unselted him was that she was watching in his direction she was waiting for Nara to speak. 






Nara seeing that neither Mito or Hokage would speak said :" Mito Chan is not a medic but she has a special healing ability which was praised by our medics, and she only needs small knowledge about this situation to use it, right Mito - Chan." 

Mito nodded her head and said:" You are right Nara-dono, I only need to know who certain organ works or what is wrong with it. I actually knew a lot about animals as I lived in forrest for a long period of my childhood. "

Inzunaka clan was surprised by how fast the solution was found.

Hokage spoke :" Mito Chan if you agree with this there won't be a problem. "

Mito answered :" I accept this request from Inzunaka clan."

The council was silent. Did Mito just use this opportunity to her advantage. If she heals for Inzunaka clan, Inzunaka clan will be in her dept. The look on Hokage face also was surprised. However he could see that Mito didn't have such intentions and was showing him her distance he created yesterday. He wasn't surprised when he saw Nara shake his and his lips moving like he was speaking. Hokage read the words ' She is genius, a troublesome one, but still genius.' 

Hokage finally regained his control and spoke :" if it is like that I don't have any problems with it. Please inform us of situation later on." 

Inzunaka clan head nodded and sat down, seeing his matter was solved for now. Mito was walking straight for a shadows, and as soon as she was in a hand grabbed her. Mito looked up and saw Tsume saying :" You will help them right. "

Mito nodded and said:" I will try my best. Tsume-sama, however I can't go right now, I am still on another mission here. I will come with you to see what is wrong after the meeting ends." 

Mito then sat to her seat. Watching closely Hokage's face expression. The one thing that she learned in her past is to never trust to same person twice. The first time they break you they make you vounrable to them, so the best thing is to stay close to them but still far from their reach. 






Meanwhile civilian council was pissed they were asked for opinion two times already and they could not hold it any longer. The civilan was about to speak but Hokage cuted in before him. :" now we will move on next thing, this problem is already solved and I wanted to inform you about it. You see in this war against Iwa I often thought about being to old for this position and that it no longer suited me. As such I was trying to find myself a replacement and I found one. I even informed Fire Daimyo about it. He agreed and I will step down from this position in half of year time. Until then my successor will be taught and he will be always by my side. "

Civilian council started to speak loudly :" Why weren't we informed about this. Who is this candidate you are speaking about. "

The clans were not surprised by disrespect however the reaction they got from Hokage was different from usual. Hokage snapped at them :" and why did I need to inform you the civilan council of shinobi matter. As I recall the Hokage is chosen by special council or by previous Hokage himself." 





The civilan council stood there frozen not expecting to be yelled by the Hokage they thought as soft one. 

Hokage continued :" as I was saying, I chose my successor and I will officially introduce him to you now. I doubt that you don't know who he is." 

He spoke softly :" Namikaze Minato." 

Minato walked from the shadows and stood next to Hokage right side. The civilan council wasn't overly happy with his choice. But the clan heads look satisfied. Civilans asked Hokage :" isn't he a student of one of the sannis, why don't we choose a sannin as Hokage instead." 

Tsunade gritted her teath in frustration. 

However before she could spoke from shadows. Mitos hand covered her mouth letting Hokage chance to speak. 

Hokage explained :" sannins are really important to the village and they all contribute to village in their own way. And it think that you are underestimating Namikaze - San, he indeed was trained by sannin but he is prodigy which will surely surpass his teacher. I explained this to you now, because I think you need education, you were really rude and I didn't want to punish you for dissobeying me. However this is last time. Take this as last warning. Noone who is a Hokage or a candidate for that position will be allowed to be insulted. "



When tension calm down a little. Hokage continued :" Well then, we are going to discuss last matter. Senju clan matter. I will ask for clan heads opinion first. "

Mito nodded to Tsunade indicating it was time to gather her courage. 

Nara clan head spoke first :" we are all aware that Senju clan is our honor, like many other clans, and if there is chance to rebuild it we should do it, however both sides have to agree." 


Yamanaka clan was next :" we need to make sure that the shinobi participanting would not be harmed meantaly too. "

Uchiha clan nodded his head :" however this situation shouldn't be used to experiment to much. "

Hokage asked :" what do you mean by that." 

Uchiha answered :" I am sure some greedy people would want for strong children with more genes. I saying that I or my successor won't allow Uchiha and Senju blood to mix up. It may cause problems. And such child would be claimed by us as we are bigger clan right now. Which means that Senju clan would not be revived. "

Hokage gasped and spoke:" I see where your concerns lay. "

Hyuga frowned :" I agree with Uchiha - dono, but I would like to ask what are requirements for being in Senju clan exactly. As I recall we have two Uzumaki shinobi which were distant cousins to the Senju." 

Hokage spoke :" Well in Senju clan laws, only persons with one parents of Senju blood or being wed with one were considered a Senju member. So even if they were distant cousins they could not be in Senju clan and moreover Mito - San can't become member of any other clan. So even if she married into Senju clan she would stay Uzumaki like her grand aunt. "

Hyuga spoke again :" I see. "

Inzunaka clan head just nodded his head clearly thinking more about his own problems than this topic. 

Aburame clan head said :" i wanted to ask a question too. Why. Because I am not informed about the law in village as much as Hokage. But how exactly members should one clan have." 

Hokage nodded his head expecting this question sooner :" Since law is same from 30 years. The clan is considered when more than 3 persons who have directly blood ties and have enough of respect and money. Since only problem for Senju is number off members, they need to have children." 

Civilians then spoke :" Then let's use the CRA program. "

Hokage cought clearing his throat and spoke :" Tsunade why don't you join us in this discussion and inform us about your thoughts on this matter. "

Mito nodded to Tsunade and whispered to her ears :" Don't forget to claim Tenzo immediately, it will ease your situation. I mean both yours and his. I will join you when you speak his name ok. "



Chapter Text





Tsunade walked confidently from the shadows. Purring fear in civilan council with her glare and every step she took to come closer to them. She stopped in the middle of room. She carefully bowed to both Hokage and clan heads and she only lowered her head to the civilans. She eyed every one of them carefully trying to stay cool. She spoke to the Hokage :" I have another matter to speak about. Hokage - sama already knows about this, so I am guessing nobody will object." 

She waited for few seconds seing nobody spoke she started :" I already found someone with Senju blood in his genes. I would like to get custody over him from you Hokage - sama. "



Civilians started to speak :" and how are we sure he is indeed a Senju, and not you convince him into believing so."

Tsunade and Hokage both frowned and clan heads were disgusted with disrespect. 

Tsunade spoke :" Orochimaru already comfirmed him being one."

Tsunade snorted and spoke again :" so I am asking you Hokage - sama to give me custudy over Tenzo-kun "

Minato eyes widden but he knew that he should never show his emotions. 





Mito finally took young boy in her hands and stepped from the shadows yet again. Every clan head was surprised to see the boy clinging to Mito as if she was his everything. Some of them froze once they saw his eyes. They were familiar with those eyes which told you every emotion. Obviously only older were frozen. 





Hokage in the meantime spoke his agreement to Tsunade's request. 

The civilan were mad about his approval. They weren't sure the boy was a Senju from the words of Tsunade alone. 

Tenzo was looking at Tsunade his smile small. And Mito let him down on the floor. Tenzo holded himself straight and he spoke :" I am Tenzo. I can show you that I am Senju." looking at the Hokage to see if it is okay. 

The floor around him started to move at first then flowers started to bloom around him. Finally one wooden branch shot towards him and Mito holding one of flowers and stopped just in front of Mito, who carefully took the flower and put it in her hair. Getting a smile from Tenzo. 






The both shinobi and civilans council were silent and surprised by the wood release. Minato was hiding gapping mounth behind his hand. Well it was successful because nobody really was paying him any attention. All of the attention was on the young boy who as soon as he noticed shift in atmosphere came closer to Mito holding his hands to pick him up. Mito did it immediately. Hiding the boy from attention of the room, or at least that is how Tenzo felt. 





Civilan member asked when everyone stopped watching the boy not to make him fear them. :" where has this young boy been until now, if we may know. He may be a spy." 

Hokage nodded his head :" Tenzo - kun indeed is trained to be spy. I am sorry to tell you that he was personally trained by Danzo and that I didn't know about his existence. Danzo was doing his research on Senju clan as soon as Tsunade had left. So he found a way to create a new Senju. Without my permission or my knowledge. If we had found him sooner Danzo would have been sentenced for death, however he died from heart attack. Mito and Orochimaru had personally found him. He took liking to Mitos chakra and was staying with her for almost a week now. "




Civilian council did not have time to tell anything more. Because the clans were outraged by the facts they learned. 

Hokage had to return the topic back to Senju matter :" Well since this is done we still need to talk about Senju matter. Tsunade your opinion please." 

Tsunade nodded her head and she spoke :" I am not against restoring my clan, however since I need only one child to make it official I am against CRA." 




Civilian council was not satisfied yet again and were ready to yell any moment, however Hokage asked his questions cutting them :" Then did you think about your potential partner for this child. "

The smirk on civilian faces were creepy, they knew that Tsunade was prideful and after losing Dan that she could not find love, so they expected to her say no. 

However Tsunade carefully spoke:" I must say that I had thought it a lot, I have come to decision. I a-am going to choose Jiraiya if I had to." her voice was barely above whisper at then end. But everyone heard it. And everyone was shocked, not even Mito could predict this, she couldn't predict how Jiraiya would feel about this or how would the relationship between them go. But she did not need to think about that it wasn't her business. The room was silent. 







Minato was so shocked that his hand dropped down showing his mouth. However nobody looked better not even Hokage himself. Well this wasn't like anything that he was prepared for. But it certainly was the best solution, seeing that even Mito was surprised, he was satisfied that Tsunade came to this conclusion herself without anyone interfere with her thoughts. Civilans could not really complain because one of their for CRA was Jiraiya, even though he wasn't from any clan he still was powerhouse. Clan heads nodded their heads and Hokage spoke :" Well since that's what you have decided and nobody is opposed to it this matter is finished. And so I conclude this meeting. You may all leave." 






 As those words were said Hokage stood up and left the room, Minato following him closely. The room was getting empty with civilans leaving first and then shinobi clans. Mito handed Tenzo to Shizune and headed straight to the Inzunaka dou waiting for her. Tenzo didn't want to leave her but Mito said if he stayed with her he would miss training and Shizune cooking a cake. 









Hokage was satisfied with meeting, he had expected for it to last at least to the noon, but now it was 9:30 so they were really fast, and to his pleasure civilians didn't have a chance to say anything about topics. Even in the one he thought they would have most interest. He hummed happily as they reached the office, he could feel that Nara clan head was heading to office to probably to speak about Mito situation. Minato was mostly shocked about possiblety of his sensei and Tsunade being together. His expression was complex. 





Nara clan head entered the office and walked to the window Hokage was looking through. He waited for response from Hokage :" Is she angry at me still, and how angry from your perspective." 

Nara clan head gulped. Minato understood immediately it was serious. Nara spoke:" The problem is not her anger directed at you, she does not seem to hold a grudge towards you, however the problem is that she lost her trust in you, Hokage - sama, however she didn't lose her trust in village or clans, it is just you who she does not trust anymore. She is really sure at her felling and she said that she won't work for you anymore, however she said that she isn't betraying us, she said that she will finnish the mission she is currently on and that she will take any requests that are coming directly from clans , as you saw today, she also said that she would cooperate with Minato. It seems to me that once you earn her trust you should not lose it. She is a pure genius. She is super useful as ally but she is more dangerous as our enemy, so I am warning you Minato not lose her trust. "

Minato spoke :" if that is so. I wanna ask you, do you think she is a prophet. "

Nara stopped for second :" Actually she didn't gave that feeling to me. Why. "

Hokage was deeply lost in his thoughts. 

Minato answered honestly :" when she returned from kannabi mission she said a prophecy similar to Jiraya's and toads she was even more specific. She spoke about the child who is yet to be born, saying his name as her savior." 

Nara :" How did you hear the prophecy, did she tell it to you. "

Minato shake his head :" she was sleep talking and walking around the room. She never spoke about the child when she was awake, I only know that the child will be born in October two years from now. "

Nara nodded his head in understanding :" any specific features of child." 

Minato spoke :" blue eyes and blonde hair, she was going to say sunshine but stopped in middle of it. She said his name though Naruto, just like main character of Gusty Ninja. "




Nara nodded his head :" she must be really careful, especially around me, she often puts a cold act but she seems to care even more than some of shinobi, even though she seems as blinding as sun she can hide in darkness. She is a surviour. Those are most dangerous of people." 

Hokage was finally done with thinking and he was analyzing the talk between the two. He realized he couldn't do anything to make Mito trust him any more. She wasn't going to hold a grudge that is great but she won't talk to him, unless she must. 

Nara then remembered :" ah she told me to tell you the secret for dealing with paperwork." 

That got Hokage attention really quickly :" what is it." 

Minato was waiting for answer too. Nara chuckled :" a shadow clones" 

The looks on the faces of two were great. They were ready to facepalm themselves. 








Mito was surprised to see that Inzunaka clan dogs or ninken were just laying there. Mito sat down next to one and concerted really hard, mixing her chakra. It was harder for her since she was full of chakra. She also noticed the girl who was she assumed Hana, Kiba's older sister. The girl which was medic for Inzunaka dogs in future, she guessed that here it was that her passion began. 

When her chakra was finally ready. She slowly began checking situation. She could feel poison it was from flower or something nature like. Mito began to make it leave dogs body through the wound it got in. She needed 5 minutes to get it rid completely from the dog. As soon as poison was out she felt the familiar sensation. That smell of wood, somehow mixed with smell of human. She immediately realized Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu was trying to create some kind of poison. She could tell that it still wasn't deadly for humans but animals, weren't so lucky, still it was slow poison. 

Mito then stored the poison in one of her scrolls saying :" I will create antidote from this. The poison is gone from him, but that doesn't mean he is fine, he might have some of sings of sickness but he will survive for sure." 

Inzunaka Tsume nodded her head. Understanding. 

Mito then continued to heal dogs each time she was done faster. Soon she only needed a minute for a dog. She was done with half off dogs and it was noon. She had done every critical dog and she explained that she would come later and heal the rest and check the ones she healed now, explaining that the she needed rest and to analyze posion in dogs since it was still active. and it would be better if she returned it knowledge about it, because she doesn't want to make more damage . 

Tsume thanked her for help. Mito smiled and spoke :" Hana-Chan why don't you take care of them while I am not here, and then when I come here, report to me if anything is wrong ok." 

And Mito was gone after hearing Hana saying:" yes." 

The only thing that Tsume wondered was how does Mito know her daughters name. She was scared of people, and Tsume was the whole time there and didn't hear her daughter interduce herself to the girl. 


Chapter Text






Mito entered Senju clan compand. The compand was calm, the breeze was light and sun was bright, it was peaceful. While Mito usually used to enjoy this kind of weather, but now she felt like something was missing. She was remembering all the time she would spend in this kinda of weather, she realized she didn't like the weather but the feeling of not being alone because there was always someone next during this weather in her life. She moved faster and was almost running in the main house. Where she found everyone eating a dessert. 





It was peaceful picture, she wondered what it felt like. She is to old to feel this happiness she was supposed show. She was trying to be happy child, but she was a teenager who lost the will for life. She wondered if she was doing good job. However she did not let those thought show on her face. Her mask could stay there, but her mind might collapse any moment. But she will push herself to the limits because she promised, because she has to help this world. It doesn't matter if she feels to belong here or not. She didn't belong to the previous one either yet she lived in both of them. 





Tsunade frowned clearly seeing Mito was deep in her thoughts. The smile Mito was wearing was still there however her eyes weren't showing happiness, moreover Tsunade could not guess what the young girl was feeling at all. 

Mito was snapped out of thoughts when Tenzo started to speak to her. Asking her if she would train with him. 

Mito answered :" when I am done eating, but I don't have much time. So it will be short one ok." 

Tenzo nodded his head. Mito took out food out of fridge which was for her and ate it quickly, taking some notes, for her research about regaining chakra from eating and sleeping. 

Mito asked Tsunade :" Are you starting to work today in hospital. "

Tsunade nodded :" Yes, I will be going to inspect things today and help them in operations, Shizune will be working there too. So Ten-Chan will be alone." 

Mito :" Yes, well he will be training most of time right Ten-Chan, and I will be back to fed him on time. We'll if you don't want to be alone Ten-Chan you could go with me to Orochimaru - sama. "

Tenzo slowly thought about it:" Does Orochimaru - sama have some special training for me. "

Mito smirked :" Who do you think you are talking about, when Orochimaru does not have special things. "

Tenzo smiled :" Then I will go with you. "

Tsunade asked :" why do you need to go to Orochimaru. "

Mito answered :" ah, he needs to analyze this poison I found. I would go to hospital but since I know it is extremely complicated I don't want to waste their time. Well the results would be better if you both worked on it but I doubt you have time. "

Tsunade nodded her head. 







Mito was finished with lunch and the two went to Orochimaru lab. Orochimaru who was working on one of his projects since the morning wasn't surprised to see guests. However he wasn't expecting two. He did hear about what happened to the Inzunaka clan and he thought that they would reach out to him to help. Mito politely greated him and Tenzo did same. Tenzo was slowly getting comfortable around Orochimaru seeing him as not threat. Orochimaru led them inside of the lab. He spoke :" I see that Tenzo-kun has gained some of weight, I assume you are following the diet I gave you." 

Mito answered :" Yes." 

Orochimaru spoke again :" I know that you did not come here for this matter but, can I check on you Tenzo - kun." 

Tenzo shyly nodded his head and move to the man expecting to be lifted up on the table. Orochimaru rose his eyebrows looking at Mito who just shurgered. Mito wasn't expert, but she knew that Tenzo obliviously was touched starved, well she knew how that felt, but she didn't knew how to treat that because she would do it to herself. Orochimaru carefully picked him up and layed him down. The check up was short. And seeing that Orochimaru was satisfied. Mito asked :" Is he in good condition." 

Orochimaru nodded his head and asked :" now can I hear the reason why you visited me." 

Mito answered :" I have a poison that needs to be analyzing and possibly make a antidote for it." 

Orochimaru asked again :" is that what you found in Inzunaka ninken." 

Mito nodded her head :" I know that this poison isn't final product of our enemy, and it does not work on humans, or well it isn't deadly for humans, so we have to make antidote for this one and then we will have a base for final poison. "

Orochimaru nodded and asked:" Is this poison from Iwa. "

Mito shake her head and said:" no the bastard isn't aligned to any village, because he seeks something different from village and every village is in his way. "

Mito then gave him a sample from her seal and he put it the machine to check its ingredients. 




Meanwhile Mito asked him :" could you watch Tenzo-kun for few hours, I need to go back to Inzunaka compand and he wants to train, so why don't you show him a few special moves to enetrain him. He won't give you to much trouble, you see once he gets into something he won't stop trying to perfect it. "

Orochimaru asked :" and you can't think of anything to entertain him. "

Mito smirked :" I am not knowledgeable as you are. "

Tenzo was looking through lab and was trying see the machine work but he was too short. He guessed it was just spinning the sample. 





And after few minutes of talking the results of ingredients came out. Mito spoke :" already. "

Orochimaru smirked :" what do you mean already, I made this machine." 

Mito looked at him like that made everything clear. But she immediately regreted it. Because as many crazy scientists Orochimaru started to talk about how machine worked and almost everything had flew above Mitos head, who clearly wasn't interested. So she interopted him asking:" what does results say." 






She received one of the scariest glares in her life, she gulped but luckily Orochimaru answered her question :"it is made of the Aloe Vera and other vegetables from Apshodelaceae family which means it was infused with some type of chakra because this vegetable do not produce much poison." 

Mito though ironic, did that plant like creature use himself to make it, well now she could call him Aloe Vera. But still she hoped that she would not come to meet him anytime soon. 

Mito asked :" do you think that you can create antidote for it. "

Orochimaru nodded and spoke :" I need a 4 to 5 days." 

Mito nodded :" I think that is fine. I am just going to take all of poison forms the dogs and then see their reactions." 

Orochimaru asked her :" You know that is almost impossible right. I mean I heard about your specific trait but even that can't complitly took out the poison. "

Mito smirked :" I take out over 90% percent of poison of them. So I presume that if they survived so long with that much they can survive few days with less right. "

Orochimaru answered :" if you heal their damage the poison caused. "

Mito smirked :" of course." 





Mito then noticed the time :" ah, I should be going now. Tenzo behave OK. "the boy yelled from somewhere inside of lab :" OK, bye bye Mito-nee-Chan. "

The first thing that Tenzo asked was for Orochimaru to continue his explanation of machine. Orochimaru gladly did it. 

After that he even gave some easy water release techniques for Tenzo to practice. Well obliviously not in lab but with Anko who just came in lab for some training herself. To say she wasn't pleased was understatement. She didn't want to babysit a 5 years old child, wannabe shinobi. But her sensei said to take care of him by just glancing at him from time to time. 







Mito reached the Inzunaka compand and she knocked politely, which caused more ruckuss than if she didn't knock. Well because if you knock on Inzunaka clan compand doors that means you aren't Inzunaka clearly and those were rare in visiting their clan. Mito waited for few seconds and doors opened one curious head pooped out. A dog 1 to 2years old. And then there was Hana few inches behind him. Tsume and clan head were just few meters away and we'll the rest of clan was gathering around them. 

Mito spluttered asking :" Did I do something wrong." 

Tsume laughed :" False alarm, here we thought Hokage was coming." 

Mito asked :"why." 

Tsume answered :" to us knocking is a signal of someone important coming in, an outsider of clan and other things." 

Mito bowed:" I apologize, I didn't know that, however my ignorance isn't excuse if I deserve some kind punishment please give it to me. "

Clan head then spoke:" Well we are at fault to, because you were here earlier and we didn't inform you about it, and also right now you are an important guest to us. Please come in. "




Mito walked towards the clan heads and his daughter slowly. Then she finally noticed that she still couldn't feel Tsume so she came really close to the lady. Which surprised everyone, that kind of action was only allowed for an Inzunaka. Mito then reached for Tsume shoulder and toughed some paper of her skin which was invisible to everyone else. Mito then mumbled :" finally found it, know I only need to analyze it." 

Tsume however didn't agree with it :" hey brat give it back, that is mine." 

Mito looked up and then to seal. Well she could not claim it as Uzumaki seal because Minato gave it to Tsume. So she slowly returned it with puppy eyes hoping to soften Tsume, of course it didn't work. 

Only did Mito then noticed that she was surrounded by weapons. Mito spoke slowly :"Sorry, Minato was teasing me with that seal, I couldn't help myself." 

Tsume spoke :" I will let it go this time, only because you could found it." 

Mito nodded and headed to the ninkens. She could see that those which she pulled poison out were peacefully sleeping however they did not look better at all. She the went to get rid from the poison in rest of pack. 






Hana walked to her slowly, and when Mito could see her she hid behind one of the alfa dogs. Mito gestured her to get closer. And Hana did so. Hana started to lisent to Mito who was talking about how she had a cousin around her age, then she spoke about ninken and lot of other things. While Mito spoke and mostly focused on the healing ninken she didn't realize that Tsume was standing behind little Hana, carefully listening to everything. She was looking at the girl Kushina had so many times described to her and found everything about the girl she knew but Mito was still mysterious. And obviously a good sensor, only been defeated by a two genius minds in fuinjutsu. Tsume decided to speak when Mito was finished with last ninken :" How do you know my daughters name." 

Mito was extremely surprised she jumped from somebody managing to sneak behind :" oh, Sage it is only you, I died from fear." 

Tsume spoke again :" answer my question." 

Mito slowly spoke :" ah I know every clan child which goes to the academy, I have seen all of the reports in Hokage tower since I was in charge of paperwork." Mito skilfully lied. Hoping that nothing had gave her away. 

Tsume spoke :" Well Hana still hasn't went to academy. "

Mito look at her confused:" Then at least she was getting administrated there. "

Tsume nodded that was right she did that few weeks ago. 

Mito then dusted herself and headed to the sleeping ninken she puted down for seals and barrier lifted up Mito pured some of her orange chakra there and she did it so that every ninken was under barrier she spoke:" This barrier is like a machine it will provide them with my special chakra and heal the wounds slowly, I will come tomorrow in morning to refil it. And yes you can also walk through it. However as a human being if you have any injuries they will heal with chakra and that means less chakra for healing ninken. And with this i am done for a day."

Tsume asked:" what about the antidote. "

Mito :" ah, yes I did forget about that. Orochimaru - sama said it would be done in 4 to 5 days. " she then wawed and started walking to the doors feeling two familiar chakra signals waiting for her. 


Chapter Text






Well she wasn't surprised that Orochimaru let Anko take care of Tenzo. Anko was close to Tenzo's age. Anko being almost 10. Mito confidently walked to them. Only to hear a yell coming from Anko :" hey brat, wait you can't just walk into there, I am not sure Mito-San is even here." 

Mito finally could see small ball of energy coming straight at her. Mito prepared herself for impact which came in few seconds. She saw surprised look at Anko's face and she spoke :" Tenzo - kun is a sensor, so he he knows where i am at any moment. Did you have fun with Tenzo-kun. "

Anko mumbled :" as if." 

Mito laughed :" Did you guys train. I still some energy why don't we go for a spar." 

Tenzo perked up:" I am in. I wanna see how nee-Chan is strong. "

Anko was annoyed :" the brat was going oon how awesome I was just few moments ago, and now he is more excited for mere genin sparing him. "

Mito smirked :" I may be genin by rank, but still I am stronger than you two combined. "

Anko said:" prove it. "

Mito smirked:" I will, on training grounds. "










Mito was getting warmed up while Tenzo and Anko were thinking about the plan to take Mito down most effectively. 

Mito wasn't worried at all. She was confident in her skills. Tenzo wasn't a problem. He was small, and still weak. Anko was fast and reckless. So she let them attack first. Anko gladly took that chance. She moved quickly and straight for Mito. Mito saw decrease in Tenzo's chakra pool. So they were trying to distract her. Mito sighed softly and grounds around slowly started to rise. The roots of nearby trees were moving towards her as she jumped on the rocks she controlled in air. Anko had to stop her feet because she almost fell down in hole Mito created. Mito was staring at her from a rock two meters in air. Saying :" did you think that would work. Did you forget about me being sensor. Well since I want to prove to you that I am stronger than you I will fight you with 100 percent." 

As she spoke that all of the rocks in air started moving slowly gathering speed. Getting closer and closer to Mito and her rock. Mito then made rocks head straight at Anko who started to run away seeing the rocks move towards her. Anko was so focused on running and saving her own ass that she didn't notice Mito making a earth clone and jumping down from the rock and heading towards Tenzo. Mito engaged him in taijutsu spar. She wanted to see how strong he was. Mito analyzed every his move. Ranking him with everything she knew. She came to conclusions that Tenzo wasn't weak at all. However he lacked experience, which was to be expected, and that he was higher genin in taijutsu. Mito smirked and took out a kunai waiting for Tenzo to do the same. Well Mito here had even larger advantage so she couldn't really say that Tenzo was strong at this but her hands were larger and she could reach him from distance while he couldn't do the same. She confirmed he was a genin in kunai use. His ninjutsu lacked a lot and without his kekkei genkai he does not know any. So he isn't a genin there. However before Mito could continue with her analysis Tenzo was tired out and laying on the ground without breath. Mito spoke to him :" You will have to work on your stamina and ninjutsu. Otherwise you are really strong. Now I will go finish the snake lady." 





Anko was furious Mito was following her on that rock. Never jumping down to fight her. And she was running around the training grounds for 10 minutes. Wondering when the jutsu would end or when Mito would run out of chakra until she suddenly saw Mito sitting in tree just in front of her speaking :" Having fun with my clone. Well it is time to say goodbye to it. It doesn't have any chakra left."

 And just as Mito said that the rocks collapsed to the ground and the clone became a rock too. 





Anko was pissed :" where were all this time." 

Mito answered :" oh, I was playing with Tenzo. Did you forget about him. Well it sure does seem that way. You always have to think about your teamates even if you are only student of Orochimaru - sama." 

Mito moved as she spoke that. Rushing towards Anko. Her speed almost on the level of jonin. Anko managed to react in time dodging attacks. First left hook then right kick. As Mito attacked she started to speed up even more finally breaking into jonin speed. Anko often spared with Orochimaru who moved even faster but his moves she knew to the core so she would get out without many to heavy hits. However Mito was unpredictable. Her kicks seemed to land even if she blocked them she was getting bruised easily. Until she finally noticed the flow of her chakra was right. She broke the genjutsu. Mito was standing 5 meters in front of her. Anko had less bruises suddenly and realized that Mito was laying the genjutsu with every hit. Anko took out a tanto and Mito responded with kunai. Mito moved faster attack Anko from many different angles with her speed and many kunai thrown. Anko had only time to block and attack once or twice. Only did she then realized those tags on kunai. She feared that those were expensives but they didn't react when she blocked them. Mito leted her guard down. Which made Anko even more pissed however when she tried to move she could not. Mito then spoke:" the seals aren't explosives but are rather paralysis. They have to be in certain formation and more that 5 in ground to be active as you see there are over 20 of them in ground and 15 are in right place, meaning that you cannot move but nobody can come closer to you also. So do you accept your defeat. "

Anko stared at disbelief, she couldn't just accept this result. But she also knew if she refused Mito would say then beat me. Which was impossible as she can't move. So she flushed red and just nodded her head. 

Mito spoke :" i geuss that will do. "

Mito then freed Anko from seals and started to repair the training grounds she partly destroyed with the earth jutsu.

Ahe then took Tenzo and said goodbye to Anko. 










Then night was peaceful. Mito and Tenzo didn't do much they had a dinner and few snacks when they headed to bed. Tenzo could not sleep and pleaded Mito to tell him a story. Mito started:" long ago, there was a tree, called a tree of life. That tree had a special fruit which grew only in once. There was a beautiful girl, which did not belong to the planet on which the tree was. She fell in love with one of humans. However her story does not have a happy end. "Mito took a deep breath ready to continue only realizing that Tenzo was already asleep. Mito went to sleep too. 








In the morning. Team 7 was excited. They were all eager to train with Mito to show off how strong they became. 

Mito and Tenzo firstly went to Inzunaka clan compand. Mito checked on the ninkens and was satisfied and she refilled the seal. Then they headed to the training grounds 3. Mito wasn't there for a long time. She kinda missed the feeling of it. It seemed like they were early. Well yes it was 6 am. And it seemed really peaceful. Tenzo seemed content with training grounds. Sensing everything. 

Tenzo tensed up when he felt three chakra signals. Only one of them he somewhat recognized. The trio suddenly popped in cheerfully in the training grounds. Obito and Kakashi were bickering and Rin had enough of it. So she stopped them with hitting them. Mito caught their attention with coughing and then speaking :" lively as usual I see." 

Rin smiled :" Mito - Chan, finally I am able to meet with you, after so long time, I missed you ." 

Mito chuckled :" what are you saying we met a week ago." 

Meanwhile Tenzo was hiding himself behind Mito and complete presence. 

Obito spoke :" Kakashi said that you would bring a kid here. I don't see him. "

Mito nodded and she moved to the side Tenzo followed her movements but they all saw him in those few seconds. Mito then spoke :" I am sorry, he is really shy at first. Well I will do his introduction. His name is Tenzo of Senju. Well officialy, however nobody has called him. Actually this is first time I use it too."

The look on team 7 was priceless :"what." 

Mito smiled :" Tenzo is mine cousin and Kushina's cousin and well he is cousin to Tsunade too." 

Obito was confused and asked :" so he is a half Uzumaki and Senju. I don't get it weren't all Uzumaki red heads." 

Mito answered his head:" ah well we are, and no Tenzo isn't a Uzumaki at all. Senju and Uzumaki are sister clans. "

Rin covered her mouth :" that means you are cousin to Tsunade - sama. "

Mito smirked :" Well if you are surprised about that then I think that I need to remind you that I ma princess. "



Mito let them process that and spoke to Tenzo :" the one on left is Uchiha Obito. The girl is Nohara Rin and I think that you know Hatake Kakashi." 

Tenzo slowly watched each person carefully judging each member of team. Saying :" How are they a team, when one is a jonin one a chunin and genin." 

Mito cleared her throat :" that is kinda direct question, well they are under Namikaze Minato and Hokage puted them together for a reason. And besides a rank doesn't mean much in shinobi world. As I am stronger than Kakashi who is joining and have a higher chance of survival at any kind of danger than him. Rin may not be the strongest but she is really important because she is medic so she needs to be put with strong team that can protect her and that she can do her job. "


Tenzo nodded his head seeing reasons. And it seemed that team 7 was finally done with thinking. Mito asked :" do you wish to take me on. Ten-Chan you will be a referee. "

Team 7 smirked :" this time you are going down. "

Mito turned serious :" I am sorry but that didn't sound original at all. Anko said the same thing yesterday and now where is she." 

Tenzo cuted in:" in Orochimaru-sama 's lab getting treatment. "





Team 7 was ready, waiting for Mito to make a move. They were more experienced than almost 5 months ago. Mito smirked saying :" I won't go easy on you guys. "

As she said that she lunched herself forward at super speed. Obito and Kakashi immediately shielded Rin. Mito was satisfied with the reaction. She didn't stop she attacked Kakashi first enganig him in taijutsu spar. Obito soon joined. Mito was faster than both of them however since she was doing two on one she was at disadvantage. Rin was throwing shuriken and kunai with amazing accuracy. 

Mito then smirked as she jumped back slapping a seal on herself making herself invisible to the eye. Obito activated sharingan and could pinpoint her location. The team followed his instructions. Mito was fascinated by their teamwork. She wondered if she would need to go all out. Well if she could manage to shake them enough to panic. Ah yes there was a move she could do. 




Mito spread her chakra in her surroundings. Tenzo caught immediately what she was doing. However team 7 wasn't as lucky. The immediately fell in a genjutsu. Well Rin dissolved it in seconds, but Mito was moving towards at high speed still invisible. Rin could hear something approaching luckily she was close to boys she tried to break the genjutsu up. Obito managed to break it on his own and Kakashi was awaken with touch of Rin's hand. Obito shouted to Kakashi :" grab her and jump back." 

As he did so. Kakashi followed on his instics. And suddenly Obito was punched so hard he passed Kakashi in air. Laughter could be heard :" he still needs to check his surroundings better." 

As she said that she removed a seal and there stood two Mito's. 




Chapter Text







The two Mitos lunched forward at the same time. One of them moving towards Kakashi and Rin while other was passing by them to attack Obito who was rising from the ground. Mito wanted to see how good was Kakashi at protecting Rin and to see how strong Obito was. Rin was going to be tested when boys were down. 









Kakashi was surprised by sudden attacks, Mito used a new style of taijutsu he never saw her use. He barely managed to avoid some of hits. He was careful not to lose Rin out of his sight protecting her was the only way they could win. Mito smirked at him as if she was reading his mind. Mito took out a kunai and started to attack him with it. Kakashi took out his fathers tanto. And finally managed to make Mito jump back. 





And then there was a sudden yell from other side of training grounds. Obito was in pain. Mito kicked him with left leg in head making him feel strong pain in his chin. He was flying to the tree. Mito spoke " Obito you should watch for a genjutsu, just because you have sharingan activated doesn't mean that you are immune to it." 

As she said that she took out a kunai and stabbed him. In place where Obito was stood a wooden log. Substitution jutsu. Mito started to run towards Kakashi and Rin realizing that Obito was headed there two. Mito smirked and dissappeared in ground using Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique. She moved through underground. Her speed was faster then when she run. 





Kakashi could feel that Mito wasn't as focused on him right now. So he took advantage by pulling the sword Mito gave him and dou welding attacked Mito. Who dodged one of attacks however second sword hit her making her bleed from left hand. Mito jumped back unsealing her sword. Which was even more enchanted in last few days. Mito lifted the sword and it seemed like she started to dance with it. Kakashi was confused until suddenly fire shot from the swords in direction Obito was coming from. Obito yelleped as he dodge the fire ball. Which wasn't big. The next thing Kakashi saw was Mito aiming at Rin which wasn't as close to him as he thought she would be. It must be that Mito retreated more than he noticed and he followed her. Kakashi started to run towards Rin ready to take a hit meant for Rin. When suddenly Rin fell through the ground. Kakashi noticed that she was pulled down. Then he finally found himself in trap. Mito had planned this. She had already fired the fire ball and was engening in spar against Obito. 









Kakashi used a earth release mud wall to protect himself and moved immediately to save Rin. Finding that Rin was stuck at the ground he pulled her out only to be kicked by Mito jumping out of the hole. Kakashi stumbled backwards from the kick. He saw that Rin jumped at Mito punching her hard. Mito suddenly crumbled to the rocks. Kakashi was glad they finally dealt with Clone. However he could hear a lot of noise coming from direction were Obito was. Both Kakashi and Rin rushed to help Obito only to see Obito on the ground completely knocked out. Mito sitting on his back playing with the sword :" Did you come for your share of pain." 

Rin stepped back in her stance. Mito lifted the sword up and dust had risen up. Blocking Rin and Kakashi from seeing. Mito moved fast through the dust with her eyes closed and when she passed by then she spoke:" How are you going to fight me without seeing me. Soon without hearing me. Kakashi want would you do in this situation." 

Kakashi was already on move creating a wind jutsu to clear the dust however it didn't help. Kakashi asked:" what, how." 

Mito laughed and answered :" the sword is actually controlling wind in this area with a seal in wrote on it. So your jutsu was just absorbed. Anyways I am taking Rin while you are stuck here." 

As she said that Rin yellep when she was suddenly grabbed and thrown from dust storm. Mito was next one to exit it. And they started the spar. Mito was holding back. She was only fighting with one hand, her left hand was holding a sword at her back in same position to control the wind behind Mito. 







Rin was stronger than before she was quicker too. She was ready to be chunin now, she was so strong that Mito was struggling to dodge some of attacks. However Mito wasn't going to let that happen so she jumped backwards in dust. Kakashi was trying to find exit but couldn't when suddenly he felt something change around him. And the a kick came throwing him out the dust he landed next to Rin almost hitting her. Mito sighed softly and raised the sword :" to think that you guys got this good, but I still didn't go all out on you, in fact I am not even fighting you with 50 percent as I used too." 

Kakashi spoke :" You are trying to intimidate us. It isn't going to work." 





Mito smirked :" suit yourself. "

As she spoke that she was gone appearing behind them and attacking Rin first only to be blocked by surprised Kakashi. His expression screamed how are you this fast. 

Mito smirked this is how she defeated Obito. Even though he could see her moving his body wasn't adjusted for her speed. He was knocked out in three fast kicks. 

Kakashi and Rin immediately jumped back. Mito followed them and landed before they did ready to punch Kakashi. How only had time to block a kick. He wasn't surprised by hit, no he was surprised by force the hit carried. Kakashi had broken a 2 trees trying to stop himself. Mito then runed after him leaving Rin alone. Mito wanted to see what would Rin do in this situation. Rin immediately started to run towards Obito, trying to heal him enough to get him conscious. 






Kakashi was getting beaten really quickly but he could now understand Mito was getting him adjusted to higher speeds and to new styles of taijutsu. Mito suddenly stopped attacking and jumped back sensing Obito starting to wake up. She moved towards them. Kakashi was trying to catch her up. But he couldn't, Mito was too fast. However she stopped at middle of the grounds. Kakashi was looking at her back and Rin and Obito at her face. Mito spoke :" I see, I seems that I activated your 2 tomoe sharingan Obito. Well then this is getting really fun. I didn't expect for one of you to suddenly got stronger during a spar but that only shows how great of teacher I am." 





As she said that she appeared next to Obito who immediately threw a punch to Mitos face, Mito dodged it whispering:" still that won't help you. " before second punch could reach her Mito was behind Rin who was in line of punch now. 

Mito spoke :" Carefully now Obito, i must say that with power there should be responsibility too." 

As she said that Rin was hited in her guts and Mito swiftly knocked her out saying :" thanks for assist I really didn't need it." 

Kakashi was running towards them. Mito jumped to kick him however this time he was ready. Mito was thrown backwards so she decided to pull out her sword and now she strated to attack both Obito and Kakashi while it looked like she was dancing. Kakashi had given a sword to Obito so that Obito could defend himself. Kakashi and Obito were not doing great in this kenjutsu spar. Mito was to fast and her attacks were precise. They only managed to block her attacks. When she jumped back first time they thought great time to relax for few seconds only for a water dragon two shot towards them. Kakashi only realizing that this was the first time she used ninjutsu to fight them today. Now her saying she wasn't even fighting them with 50% of power hited him. Mito was a chakra monster and yet she wasn't using much of it to fight them head on and still be winning. He almost forgot to dodge. Obito ended saving him. Kakashi mumbled :" this was her first ninjutsu attack today." 

Obito eyes widden realizing it really was. 








Mito was surprised they managed to dodge that. Mito decided that she would show them just a little bit more. So she moved her sword firstly to the left and then to the right creating 20 small water bullets. And she sat down lifting her sword above her head as she used her other hand to take out seals and placing them on the ground. Kakashi noticed the danger and pulled Obito up ready to run. However Obito stood there waiting the bullets to reach him. Kakashi didn't understand why would Obito do that only to see bullets moving to fast for him to actually run anyway. Luckily for him they were at same spot where the hole was from which Mito jumped out. Kakashi jumped into it. While Obito was standing there and started to avoid the bullets flawlessly. His body moving on its own accord. Well his sharingan was the own thing that made it possible. Obito managed to avoid the bullets with just one scratch. Kakashi was impressed. 







However Mito didn't seem impressed at all. Only raising her hand and vibration started to shake Obito. Kakashi didn't get what was happening only seeing Obito struggle to stay on his two feets. Obito seemed to walk like a drunk head. Only to fall down face first completely uncouncious. Mito then took the seal from the ground and appeared next to Kakashi saying :" do you wish to take a nap too." 

Kakashi tensed up :" no." as he said so. Mito pulled him from the hole and called Tenzo down from the tree. Saying :" Well I will clean the training grounds. Do you want to help." 

Tenzo nodded happily and took Mito's hand. Jumping after seeing amazing fight. Kakashi wanted to help too however Mito spoke:" You need to be there when Rin and Obito wake up and Tenzo-kun and I can do it ourselves. "








Kakashi reached Obito first and he took his body to Rin's and sat next to them. Remembering the fight. How Mito outsmarted them, how she seemed to be always ready for their attacks. He wondered if he would ever be as strong as she is, he wondered if team 7 would ever strong enough to fight alongside Mito. To him it seemed like Mito was slowly slipping from his grasp. Like she was moving too fast not just for him but for everyone else. He wondered how much actually of her strength she was hiding. How did she get so strong. Well she was good with seals but he knew there was something else too. 









Soon Mito and Tenzo were back and next to the two trees that had fallen down. Standing there and forming some seals. Tenzo was doing them slightly faster. Kakashi assumed he was more familiar with them. Kakashi thought that it was some kind of ritual because Senjus were famous to like nature and to even consider it a deity of some kinds. His eyes widden when he noticed a two trees starting to regrow. The one next to Tenzo was doing it faster and it looked healthier. Mitos was a bit week looking and growing slower. Tenzo seemed surprised by his grimase. Kakashi could barely hear them. Tenzo spoke:" wow, nee-Chan is amazing. You got to that level in a week of time. I personally needed less time but that is because of my bloodline. I will heal it though. You need to filter more chakra. Well it is difficult to explain because you need to filter more chakra but you can't just realise it whenever you want. It needs to follow nature around you. You seem to have trouble with that because you are to strong of sensor. "

Mito nodded her head :" honestly I was surprised to see it grow this much. I will need to analyze it some more. "


Chapter Text






The first thing that Obito saw when he opened his eyes was a shocked expression on Kakashi face. Well not literally he saw that Kakashi chin was lower than usual indicating that his mouth was opened in shock. His vision was slightly blurry but it came back to normal very quickly. He turned his head to right to see Rin next to him her eyes opened and watching Kakashi with wonder. Then she looked at him and nodded. They slowly rise to see what shocked Kakashi that much. Only to see Mito and Tenzo talking to each other. Rin didn't understand what happened. So she asked Kakashi :" what happened. You are making a funny face." 

That broke Kakashi out of his thoughts and he answered :" those two just grew back the trees that I broke down." 

Obito exclaimed :" huh, what do you mean." 

Kakashi answered :" they used wood release to repair trees. "

Rin covered her mouth :" but how. It is supposed to lost." 

Obito stood and said:" we should ask them. "

Rin was against it but Obito was stubborn and he reached the two. 







Mito saw him approach and stopped talking about her experiment with wood she did these few days. She smiled at Obito asking him :" how do you feel." 

Obito answered :" ah, a bit dizzy but other than that I am fine." 

Mito nodded :" Well your chakra is still fine so you can practice more today." 

Obito then asked :" Did you two use a wood release now." 

Mito looked at him her smile getting smaller :" ah yes, Tenzo - kun was able to do it because it is in his bloodline and I have right affinities to do it. However it is harder for me to control it." 

Before Obito had more to ask Rin stood up and walked to them followed by Kakashi and asked:" so how did we do. "

Mito smirked :" I geuss you passed. Well let's go on next training exercise. Rin you will spar with Tenzo. Don't be afraid of hurting him, he has experienced a few fights and is genin level in most of his aspects. So you are slightly stronger. Obito and Kakashi i want to see how you to spar against each other. "

Team 7 nodded in understanding. 







Mito jumped to the tree to watch Rin VS Tenzo. Tenzo would difucult opponent to Rin because he isn't strong than her but he is more into thinking about fight. 

Tenzo began with throwing some kunai d and Rin easily blocked them. Tenzo rushed towards her, his spead was equal to hers. He started with taijutsu which was based on his root training. Rin never experienced this kind of taijutsu so she had to adjust to it. Tenzo took every advantage he could find hitting Rin more than she hited him. Rin was surprised by force Tenzo managed to hit her. She jumped back and get super serious she attacked him withe everything she had. Tenzo managed to dodge much of it. However his experience wasn't as good as Rin's so she managed to throw him on the ground ready to finish the fight. However Tenzo used his wood release just in time. A vines growed from the ground making Rin trip. And Tenzo jumped on his feet ready to finish the fight. This time Rin blocked his kick. And the fight continued for few more rounds. Rin in the end managed to win. With few bruises and Tenzo was in more pain however he didn't let it show. 

Mito spoke:" You both did great. Rin you still need to improve in taijutsu and possibly learn few ninjutsu and you will be unstoppable team. You still need experience so I would recommend that you ask other genins and chunins for a spar. Tenzo - kun, your strategy was great, however you still lack a bit of strength and speed to make it possible. However you will gain those in few months and you need to seriously start participating other ninjutsu. "

Tenzo then jumped next to her and then in her laps. Closing his eyes as Mito slowly healed him. 






Mito then said:" Obito and Kakashi you may start. "

Kakashi and Obito were super into this fight since they saw each other as a rival. The taijutsu part was super intense. Kakashi had advantage in it because he was faster and his hits had more strength in them. However Obito had his chances and was doing just fine. Obito then decided to use his sharingan and the fight was more even then. Soon Kakashi decided to use ninjutsu and Obito responded with his. To say that the training grounds looked better before was understatement. Mito decided to let them fight as she spoke to Rin. 





Mito spoke:" Rin-Chan, I must ask you something." 

Rin peeked up:" what is it."

Mito spoke:" if there was a chance to train with Tsunade - sama, would you take it." 

Rin was surprised :" Well, yes, obliviously. But don't know if she would take me as student. She is really busy right now. " 

Mito shook her head :" Well she is, but she will start taking students soon, so I am asking if you want me to recommend you. And besides you will seeing each other in hospital. And don't worry about team 7. They will understand and Tsunade likes to torture her students in morning. So could still meet with team in afternoon before going to the to hospital. "

Rin nodded :" Well if you say it like that, I would like if you recommend me. "

Tenzo then spoke :" Mito-nee-Chan, you do realize that Tsuna-oba wants to train you too. "

Mito smirked :" of course, who wouldn't want to train me, well I will train with her once I find you a good training teacher. "

Rin looked at Mito confused. 

Mito asked :" what is it. "

Rin :" ah, I only thought that it would be best for Tenzo to go to the academy. He is of the age. "

Mito facepalmed :" I didn't think about that, how about it Ten-Chan, you can make lots of friends there." 

Tenzo slowly nodded :" if nee-chan thinks it is a good thing then I will go. "

Mito smirked :" of course, you will learn something important there and I will train you personally. Well I will give you schedule and you will follow it as good boy. Right. "

Tenzo nodded. 

Rin was amezed, exclaimed :" You guys are so cute. "





Kakashi and Obito were pissed the girls were talking and not watching them. Obito had still lost but it was close. So he decided to yell:" hey girls, don't ignore us. "

Mito looked down to him:" and what will happen if we do." 

Obito was surprised by Mito nonchalant response :" I and Kakashi will raid your seal storage." 

That seemed to work Mito then spoke :" very scary indeed. Well Obito you will now run 40 laps around the training grounds because you lack stamina and speed, then you will do 3000 push ups and sit ups. With weight seals on you. Kakashi will do the same. However you will got a lighter ones because you are younger. Rin you will do same without seals. I and Tenzo are going to get a lunch and bring something for you guys. You must be finnished by the time we return. "

The trio spoke :" what are you insane. "

Mito looked at them with scary look in her eyes :" don't worry Tenzo tends to eat slowly. If you guys don't do it I will bring guy to compete with you bunch. "

The trio immediately started to run. Mito created a shadow Clone she learned from the scroll Hokage kept barely hidden. 








Mito and Tenzo were eating in silence. Tenzo was enjoying his meal while Mito was rembering some things. Well she basically was remembering her training schedule. She saw the scrolls that had a Clone jutsu over two weeks ago. And kept it secret. She would use those close every day. She usually use 10 of them. 2 were reading fuinjutsu books she borrowed from library and would try making seals. 2 were training wood release every day, then 4 were training her usual ninjutsu chakra control and taijutsu. The last two were doing the training which Isobu recommended. Mito would go to visit biju every day at night where she would talk to him and then they would train so that Mito would get better to controlling more tails. Her speed was actually result of Isobus chakra making her coils in legs expand and when she would use chakra in her legs she could move 3 times faster than usual. Mito knew that black Zetsu and Madara we up to something. But she could no longer predict anything. Madara is supposed to live for more than half of year. Because if she remembered correctly. The kannabi mission was to take in 2 months in original time and Obito was trained for three months before seeing Rin's death and only after that Madara had stopped using gedo statue as source of his life. And already things changed too much. However she still needs to worry about many other things such as kiri actions. If they are already under control of Madara that would be bad. Then Mito realized, Madara doesn't have sharingan and his eyes are in Nagato so that means that Kiri can be dealt with. 






She was brought out of her thinking by Tenzo saying :" I am finnished." 

Mito looked at her plate it was empty too. So she smiled to Tenzo :" good, now we just need to buy something for them." 

Tenzo nodded as they paid for lunch and walked to market buying many different foods. 








When Mito and Tenzo returned to the training grounds after spending 2 hours in market place they found team 7 laying dead tired on the ground. So close to sleeping. Mito softly came closer to them saying :" lunch." 

The boys immediately started to try to sit and eventually sat, while Rin didn't manage and Tenzo had give her a hand. Team 7 ate everything in few minutes and then it hit them pain in stomach. Mito spoke to Tenzo :" You see these guys are training idiots. Don't become like them okay." 

The trio groaned trying to argue back only causing more pain to themselves. Mito then said :" Well you guys can take a nap. I need to go to Orochimaru to see if he has something for me and then I need to check something else so you have a 2 hours to rest." 

Team 7 was already sleeping when she finnished she spoke:" the disrespect." 

Tenzo smiled. And jumped at Mito. She gladly took him in her arms. 









Mito and Tenzo were at entrance of Orochimaru lab. Only to see the most disturbing snake slid under the doors. Mito was disgusted by the snake and was hesitant to walk into lab. However Tenzo was amazed by the snake and had followed the snake close by. Mito followed from a far. Orochimaru smirked at Mito when he noticed her disgust :" it is good to see you Mito. I see you meet one of my summons." 

Tenzo nodded and walked to Orochimaru saying :" can I pet it." 

Orochimaru was confused for second and then gave his permission saying to Mito :" it seems like Tenzo - kun will have like me more and will soon start to scare you with snakes. "

Mito shivered :" ah, I am not ready for that yet. I mean sure you can train him but I thought about letting him go in academy." 

Orochimaru smirked :" Then I only need permission from Tsunade. I assume you want Tenzo to sociolize more with children which is good thing. But he doesn't need anything from academic knowledge. "

Mito spoke:" I don't know, he may learn few valuable things here and there. I didn't go to any but I have learned a lot about the word from Hagoromo. " 




Orochimaru nodded and spoke about his progress on antidote which was going great faster than he thought. Mito nodded and smiled. She was ready to go to Inzunaka. However Orochimaru spoke another question :" I have to ask, are you really give me your secret jutsu." 

Mito smirked :" yes, please be patient for a little bit I need to prepare something for it, it is really hard to get it and I don't know when I will succeed, however you don't need to worry about it yet. You need a little more of Uzumaki in your blood for success." 

Orochimaru smirked :" I like this side of you. Even if you hide your darkness underneath your brightness you show it to me. And I am thankful for it. "

Mito smirked :" obviously I show it to you because you understand it. The third didn't so I only stay by his side when he trusted me. I need to have strong background to be safe. And I am not afraid of making alies everywhere I go. And I see you as such." 





Chapter Text







Mito then took Tenzo into her arms saying :" why don't we go to play with ninkens for some time. There is even a girl around your age there." 

Tenzo excitedly jumped and they headed to Inzunaka compand. Mito and Tenzo entered the compand this time without knocking. Only to see Inzunaka clan members in some kind of panic. Mito immediately followed them only to see that few ninkens were starting to move out the barriers, possibly feeling that they were healthy and that they did not need more of healing. Mito was pissed, so she yelled at ninkens her glare was scary that even the air around froze :" What do you think you are doing. Even if you feel okay. There is no reason for you to exit the barrier. Now go back inside immediately." 

The clan members froze, some of the saw Mito, her long red hair was in the air it looked beautiful however her eyes were cold and threatening. The dogs slowly retrieved back never taking a their eyes from Mito. The clan members were surprised. The ninkens would only be afraid of Inzunaka alphas and no outsiders. 






This girl scared them easily and what is even worse she scared them too. Mito then move to the barrier and did something they did not understand at first. Until Mito spoke :" now you can't leave this barrier even if you want. Now let me check your situation." 

She entered the barrier, and behind her was Hana the daughter of Tsume. Mito didn't notice her until the young girl pulled her for her leggings. Mito then softend her expression and looked down speaking to Hana :" Sometimes you have to be scary because you care, and to show how serious you are." 

Hana nodded in understanding, and asked :" who is that." 

Mito then realized that Tenzo was still in her hands so she leted the young boy down. Checking if he was scared of her only to see his understanding eyes and smile. 

Tenzo smiled and spoke :" I am Tenzo of Senju, I am glad to meet you." 

Hana shly said:" Inzunaka Hana, nice to meet y-you to." 

Mito then asked Hana :" Did you notice anything about the ninkens, were they acting strange." 

Hana answered :" no, they just stood up suddenly and started to walk like they use to before getting injured." 

Mito answered :" ah, I see, will you help me to examine them." 

Hana nodded. It didn't take long to examine everyone. Mito then filled the barrier to the fullest. Meanwhile Tenzo and Hana played with dogs who could move the laughter was helping every dog to relax. 






Mito let the two to play while she wrote report of each dog's health. She was surprised that they were already better and that they were almost no need for antidote in those dogs. However the dogs which were still laying on the ground were healing slowly, just like she predicted well they did receive larger amounts of poison. Mito then saw Tsume who was looking inside of barrier slightly worried. 

Mito decided to head their and answer her worries. 

Tsume nodded to Mito as she exited the barrier. Tsume spoke :" what happened." 

Mito answered :" no need to worry, Tsume-sama, the ninkens were thinking that they were already healed since they felt fine and did not want to take anymore of healing chakra for themselves, trying to speed others rehabilitation.. I managed to return them inside and made barrier to impossible to leave from inside. Unless you are human. "

Tsume nodded :" that is good. But what about kids. What are they doing. "

Mito tensed for second, remembering her childhood how nobody was allowed to play with her. She hoped Tenzo would have normal one at least from now. So she spoke softly :" they are playing, I hope you don't mind that. "

Tsume looked confused at Mito only to see sadness in her eyes:" not at all. I was only asking if the this was some method of healing too." 

Mito spoke:" of course it is, the ninkens were restless and wanted to do something productive so the kids are wasting their built up energy. Making them more calm. You should let your clan children to play with them every day. "

Tsume asked:" the boy, did he had harsh childhood, is that the reason you are afraid of village not accepting him. "

Mito stay quiet for few seconds and then sighed :" Well, partly, he did have hard childhood, probably harder than my own. I am scared for him because I know how it feels not having a single friend even though there are lots of people of your age around you. Everybody thinks you are freak because you are different, you stand out. Tenzo isn't able to read emotions as well as he should, he lacks emotion education, he was learned that feelings and emotions were weaknesses. Then there are adults that don't understand they do not want to understand and they forbid to play with different children. Because they are afraid, not realizing that they are creating the thing they are afraid of. "

Tsume asked :" You are talking from your experience, so what happened to those people. "

Mito sighed:" I left them one day and the next day they were slaughtered. As I was the only shinobi in small village where everyone feared me. The bandits attack them and I didn't do anything to stop them as I didn't feel any kind of emotion for them. I didn't hate them, I didn't fell pity for them thinking that fate was like that. However I couldn't just watch them all die, do I took revenge for their death. "

Tsume spoke:" I don't think that I can understand this. It sounds like you are a bad person. "

Mito spoke :" I never said I was a good person. However I learned a lot since then I am trying to trust the people as much as I can, however even here someone managed to break my trust. "

As she spoke those words she stood up and opened her arms ready for Tenzo to slam at her in big hug. She spoke :" if you will excuse us we have a team waiting for us. "

And just like that they left. 










Team 7 was already up when they returned. Mito smirked and pulled something from her storage seal. It looked like a papers. Team 7 asked :" what is that." 

Mito answered :" your training schedule for whenever you have free time. I wanna see how you will do them now. Since it last for 2 hours which is exactly how much Rin has until her shift in hospital. Now read it and I will provide you with explanations and seals you will need. "

Team 7 nodded in understanding. They could already see what Mito wanted to specialize them in. The training went smoothly. Rin had go to hospital. Which left Mito, Tenzo, Kakashi and Obito alone. 

Mito suggested that they should practice sensing and hiding. Explaining :" Tenzo and I are sensors, I am stronger sensor and in the whole world only 20 people are as good as me, Tenzo is close to the top, so if you manage to hid from him that will earn you reward and if you don't then you will get a training method for getting better at it. Tenzo and I are team and we will hide first you will try to find us together. "

Obito was to ask, but Mito spoke :" You can use sharingan only when you are sure we are close to you. "

Kakashi said :" wouldn't that lessen our chances "

Mito :" no, because he will run out chakra really soon, so you have to be careful like when you are on dangerous mission." 







Mito and Tenzo went into forrest and started to hide. Tenzo wanted to hide on his own. So that he could not rely on Mito too much. Mito nodded in understanding. She suppressed her chakra that even Tenzo could barely feel it. He wondered how was she able to do it. He then couldn't see her anymore and it was even more difficult to follow her chakra signature. 

He then felt Obito and Kakashi start moving. Luckily for Tenzo the rules never said anything about staying at one place so he followed Kakashi and Obito from very afar. He could not see them but he could feel their chakra constantly moving in opposite direction from his. Mito and him made some convincing proffs that they went there. So he was surprised that they fall that trap. 







However Kakashi suddenly changed the direction he was moving. Tenzo realized that Kakashi had realized about the trap. Obito still continued that way carefully avoiding the trap and moving deeper in woods. Kakashi was getting closer to him. Tenzo decided not to move and he stay on the high tree waiting for to pass him by. And Kakashi absolutely didn't notice him. Which was kinda disappointing for him. He was about to move and the branch he was standing on made noise which alerted Kakashi who jumped immediately trying to find somebody, Tenzo cursed himself for moment then thought of something. 

Kakashi didn't find anything on the branch he heard move which was suspicious. He checked carefully. Laying his hand on the tree to feel it warm. Too alive. He pulled and it turned out to be Tenzo. Kakashi was surprised and asked :" How did you do that." 

Tenzo smirked:" this tree was hollow and I just created a wood like cover for my back and went inside." 

Kakashi nodded and asked :" Mito-Chan isn't with you." 

Tenzo nodded :" I wanted to hide from you guys on my own, and I can't really help you I can't feel her. Well that does mean that she isn't in 50 meters range. "






Kakashi and Tenzo come across Obito who was tired out from searching. Mito was feeling their chakra from far away eating ice cream and chilling. It was sweet and good enough to eat. To cold to bite. Her legs were swinging from the branch left and right making a light noise. Her attention was more on the ice cream than them though. So when she finnished the ice cream she felt them really close so she jumped to other tree making a sound she circled them waiting to see who would notice her moments first. Tenzo seemed to feel her around but couldn't pinpoint her because she move in and out his range. Obito had enough and was ready to use his sharingan only for Kakashi to speak:" Don't, she is playing with us. She said only when you are certain and we both know you aren't. Tenzo can you help." 

Tenzo spoke:" she is playing with my range. She is moving a lot so I am not sure where she is but I feel like she is circling us." 

Obito spoke:" Then we move up the trees. "

Mito finally was found. 










Now Obito and Kakashi were to hide. 

Mito and Tenzo did not use sensory abilities when the hide. And only started to search for them after 10 minutes. Mito expanded her sensory ability and immediately could feel both of them. They were easy to pinpoint with her range. So she decided to test Tenzo and boys if. Tenzo could really find them and if they could escape. It proved that Tenzo could find them after trying for 20 minutes which was good for both. 

Mito announced that :" Tenzo won so you will get punishment." 

Kakashi asked :" if we had won what would we get." 

Mito smirked :" same." 

Obito yelled:" hey that is not fair." 

Mito answered :" maybe, but you need to get better in it. I could feel you from the very beginning. Well with this training is done. You may go. "

Obito left leaving Kakashi and Mito and Tenzo alone. Mito said:" I have to go home first. Tenzo has to spend time with his Oba. You can come with us. "

Kakashi spoke:" sure, I am glad you didn't forget about dinner plans. "

Mito smirked :" I would never "



When they reached the Senju compand. Mito entered with Tenzo in her arms and Kakashi behind her. He spoke to Genma yesterday and heard that Tsunade supported Genma for Mito. Well he wanted not to care but he couldn't he was hesitant to enter the house. But Mito lucky didn't either enter she spoke from doors:" I have a dinner plans with Kakashi so take care of Tenzo for few hours. Later I will talk to you about something I realized today." 

Tsunade's voice reached the doors :" okay brat, be careful and have fun. You too Kakashi-kun." 


Mito took his hand and they started to move to the village and then to restaurant. 



Chapter Text







Mito and Kakashi sat down ordering food. Mito asked:" if I may know, what did you want to talk with me." 

Kakashi cleared his throat :" I didn't plan that much, honestly the whole idea was Kushina's. She said it was time for us to have a date." 

Mito chuckled :" ah, I see. Kushina - San did this. Well I like to spend time with you so I won't hold it against you." 

Kakashi was red in face. He wondered if he had scored some points for his honesty. 

Mito then spoke again :" I want to know if you still feel same about me. Even though we are spending less time around each other. "

Kakashi immediately answered :" of course. I like you for who you are. I think that will always stay the same."

Mito shake her head :" that isn't true actually, most people do have special feelings for their first crush. However most people don't end with them. Just like I won't. You won't stop liking me but you will start to delovep other feelings. "

Kakashi asked :" Are you rejecting me. Are you doubting my feelings. "

Mito answered :" not at all. I am only sharing my experience, the person I had a crush on may be dead but nonetheless over time I started to respect them rather than think of them as a love interest. However time will fly and I won't still have answer to your confession, it may seem like I am leading you on, but that isn't my intention at all. I have trouble trusting people, so me loving people is even harder. "

Kakashi was getting frustrated :" Are you implying that I won't hold on this feelings. I will wait for you however long that takes. I am sure Genma and Shisui will do the same. "

Mito had a solem look on her face :" I know, but I am dangerous for you guys and for myself. The darkness is always surrounding me and could harm you at any point. "

Kakashi was confused :" how will you hurt us, how are you dangerous. If we trust you then it is on us if we see you as dangerous or not. "

Mito smiled :" I have lots of enemies, so I can't really focus on anything but them. There will probably be time when you will understand everything I said today. "

Mito then started to eat her food in silence. Ignoring Kakashi. Kakashi again felt that Mito was farther away and he could not reach her. But this time he could feel that she had puted him there to protect him, but from what her enemies or herself. 







Kakashi asked one last question :" You said that you had a crush on someone. Can you talk about him." 

Mito froze for a second :" Well there was this person who wasn't strong however they always stood by my side, preventing me getting hurt by others. Even though that put them into danger. They were so nice and believed in good. I at that time wasn't like I am today, I was a coward who did not know about anything. I was strong but I couldn't use my strength because I was afraid of myself. The person I liked soon got disappointed in life and couldn't find solution, so they killed all of the people that bullied me and then killed themselves. I can't really talk into details because it is to painful. And I am trying to forget about it. I am creating myself on that persons sacrifice. My personality changed since then and I am no longer that person who needs a protection. "








Kakashi had a sad smile on his face, remembering how his father had killed himself too. However something seemed strange Mito said that she is building herself on this sacrifice, what did that mean so he asked :" do you consider this person brave. "

Mito was surprised by question and she answered it slowly :" I do and do not. I consider them brave for putting up a fight. However their last act wasn't brave, it was cowardly thing to do, but I do understand it, they felt dirty, they couldn't comphered what they did. They lost the only thing they thought I liked about them, their innocents. I was sad and couldn't accept it, but soon I realized that even though I liked them I couldn't do anything for them and that I probably wasn't worth them, I started to respect their previous existence. I was thankful for everything they did for me. So I started to live their style of life. Or at least I am trying. "









Kakashi spoke :" I think that they were a cowards. "

Mito nodded :" You can think that, but do you believe that it is another matter. Many people do it because they don't find solutions for their life however some find it like only solution for their problems. Thinking selfishly, thinking that everything will be better without them. Can you blame them, they suffered, the people who suffer usually blame themselves for everything. Even if they aren't wrong. Imagine this, remember our first training together. If I wasn't bluffing and testing you guys and had actually killed Rin and Obito. Who would you blame. Me or yourself. "

Kakashi spoke immediately :" You. "

Mito nodded :" Then if you had killed me. What would your feelings be. "

Kakashi spoke :" I.. I.. Don't know. I.. Would.. Probably struggled with hate and anger. I would blame myself, because I couldn't prevent it. "






Mito :" yes you would, do you understand now, if the person who knows that they did a good thing, but somehow that wasn't expected from them and they are constantly under pressure of their actions. They will find themselves in this situation. "

Kakashi nodded. Wondering if Mito was talking from her experience or maybe she knew about his father and is talking about his suffering. Kakashi lost appetite. He could not believe that Mito knew all along and never judged him, never pitied him. 

Mito then said :" think about it. And find me once you got your solution. If that man was really a coward or maybe an unfortunate person, a lost person, or maybe misunderstood. Even by the most important person to him." 

As she said that she left. Paying for the bill and saying :" it was nice to talk to someone about darkness in this world. Someone who was as hurt and broken as I am. "






Kakashi stayed at table deep in thoughts. Many things were going on. He was questioning. If Mito was talking about him or herself. If he had judged his father too. Just like village did. Was his father truly wrong. The waitress suddenly tapped him saying :" we are closing."

Kakashi noticed that everyone had already left and wondered how long was he there lost in his thoughts and not enjoying his geuss him stood up and apologized to the girl who just wawed it off with look of pity. Kakashi felt that he deserved it this time. He really was pitiful. He never thought of things Mito spoke. He never considered what his father went through. He was also selfish and stubborn as his father not seeing other solution than to hate his father. 






Mito walked into the Senju clan compand and headed to main house immediately. Tsunade was waiting for her. Tenzo was snoozing on the couch. Mito softly smiled. Tsunade teased her :" How was the date. Oh sorry dinner." 

Mito answered:" Actually you weren't wrong it was a date. Well Kushina planned it as a date, but we didn't talk about anything romantic or similar. We had a pretty dark conversation." 

Tsunade immediately stopped teasing :" what did you guys talk then. "

Mito answered :" about something that Kakashi has trouble accepting for years and nobody pushed hard enough for him to actually start healing. He just needs to think about it. "

Tsunade was confused, did Mito knew about Sakumoto. :" about what exactly. "

Mito slowly spoke :" suicide, and reasons for it. He thought that those who did it were cowards and I didn't think same. After all the person I respect the most did it. It did change me but I over time understood why it had to happen. I understand them, better than myself." 

Tsunade nodded, and decided to change the topic :" so what did you want to talk with me. I presume is about Tenzo. "







Mito nodded :" Yes. I wasn't sure how we would train him. But I got advice from Rin. I will talk about her later. She said that Tenzo could go to the academy. I know he wouldn't have much to learn there. But his social life would be best there. So I am asking if you think that is good for him. "

Tsunade :" ah, yes, well he certainly needs friends. So there aren't any bad things that could happen to him there and you will be under of less burden. "

Mito nodded :" Well yes, we need only to fill out the documents for it. Hokage will probably allow it. One more thing. Orochimaru - sama is willing to train him. "






Tsunade was confused :" is that so. It is weird. "

Mito answered :" Well Tenzo seems to like snakes. I don't know why. I think he liked idea of me getting scared of him. "

Tsunade snorted :" Well we will think about that. I want to train him too. Since he will become next clan head. "

Mito rose her eyebrows :" really I thought you would give that position to your children. "

Tsunade snorted :" are you crazy, with my luck my children will be as dumb as their father. "

Mito laughed :" I can't say you are wrong, unfortunately. "





Mito then said :" Well on the next matter. Is about something you said few days ago. "

Tsunade nodded :" ah, you mean about me accepting students again. "

Mito nodded. 

Tsunade asked :" Are you interested." 

Mito answered :" honestly, yes I am, but am not joining if you won't take my friend with me. "

Tsunade asked :" who is this friend of yours. I pray it isn't a boy. "

Mito shook her head:" it is a girl. Her name is Rin. Well she is already a medic ninja. She is under team 7 and she is still genin, even though she is strong as a chunin. She needs to get stronger so that her team does not need to fear for her all the time. And I know that you are best at this kind of training. "

Tsunade snorted :" Did you really. Well since my job there isn't as hard as it was with Shizune who didn't not know anything about healing when we started to train. I will accept it. However I heard that this Rin has pretty tight schedule. "

Mito nodded :" yes, she will shorten her training with her team for you. "

Tsunade nodded :" and why do you need to be trained by me. "

Mito smirked :" I have an interest in something only you could give me. "

Tsunade asked just to make sure if she already knew :" and what is that. "

Mito answered :" your summons. I need two you see. Toads are mostly for fighting but slugs are for protection." 

Tsunade smirked :" do you think that you are worthy of them. "

Mito answered :" am I, that isn't for me to decide. Right. So tell me how your day went." 







Tsunade played it cool :" what do you mean, it was pretty boring. "

Mito smirked :" right, meeting with your future childrens father. So boring. "

Tsunade was surprised :" How did you know. "

Mito answered :" Well, I have eyes everywhere. And little bird told the whole village about it. Not to say that bird was redhead. "

Tsunade cursed :" Kushina and her mouth. "

Mito smirked :" yup that bird saw you in front of his doors and now everyone knows." 

Tsunade mumbled :" now, that is one more reason to kill her. "

However she was stopped by Mito :" tell me, I want to know if he fell unconscious. If he had a stupid expression on his face. If he thought you were genjutsu. Or if he even kicked you. Is he even alive. Is he in hospital. "

Tsunade mumbled :" You seem to know him pretty well. At first he thought I was a genjutsu, then he fell unconscious. Then when he woke up in hospital he had this stupid grin on his face, so I punched him. And I don't know of he is alive or not. "

Mito laughed so hard and only stopped to ask :" Tsunade-sama, are you perhaps tsundere. You like him so much but still act like you don't. "

As she spoke that she jumped and grabbed the now sleeping Tenzo. Running to their house. Tsunade was chasing them. 

Well after Mito laid Tenzo on his bed she surrendered and was punched so hard that she almost destroyed a house in Senju complex. 

Tsunade calmed down and they continued to talk more. 


Chapter Text







Tsunade spoke :" the bastard was to happy when he finally understood that I was serious. And I couldn't really help myself. So I left. I heard a lot of noise but I couldn't turn around. I didn't want to it was embarrassing." 

Mito nodded :" I see, our family has a ton of love problems. "

Tsunade snorted :" sure does. Well Tenzo is our hope. "

Mito snorted :" Well you think he won't have fangrils all around him, once he goes into academy. "

Tsunade facepalmed. They talked into the night. Mito teased Tsunade occasionally. Shizune would join here and there. However she went to sleep first. Mito felt happy, but she could feel that time was running out. Kiri time limit was just in two weeks. And she wasn't looking forward to it. She hoped it would go how she planned and anticipated. However it wasn't sure. She also wondered how negotiations with Iwa were going. Well she will be going to Hokage office, might as well ask. 




She went to sleep. The sleep was interrupted by Sage coming in her dreams. 

The two didn't hear from each other in long time. Sage found out that Madara is still trying to force Kiri, but Mizukage is still not under his control. He said that black Zetsu began to move more carefully and now it was harder to find him. Mito understood. Sage was getting weaker, from overusing his chakra. He was doing something that wasn't allowed. He was breaking laws of nature and he was slowly getting rejected. Mito spoke slowly :" Why don't you take a break, I mean, you are exhausting yourself and I will need you later. I don't think that Madara is a problem right now." 

Sage understood :" I will do so. I will return when I have more strength." 










Mito's day was like usual. She went firstly with Tenzo to Orochimaru's lab, where Orochimaru surprised her with an antidote. Mito was tanking him while Tenzo searched for any snakes. Fortunately for Mito he did not find any. Mito talked about antidote more with Orochimaru. :" so you are saying that one drop of antidote has to be put in water and they are supposed to react in five minutes. Should I be worried and anticipate any aggressive reactions." 

Orochimaru :" no, not at all. They will start sleeping. The poison was made to tire them out. So antidote has contrasting effect. "

Mito nodded :" You will still be doing it, right."

Orochimaru :" Yes, if we found in similar situation that we have some kind of base for it. "

Mito then called Tenzo and they went to Inzunaka clan compand. The Inzunaka didn't seem to mind them so they headed to dogs. Mito was suddenly worried. The dogs that were energetic yesterday today were too calm. She searched for Hana to hear if anything happened. However Tsume was the one she found. Tsume immediately spoke:" I don't think they are getting worse, but they are too calm." 

Mito nodded :" I can't really get the reason behind that, but maybe they were tired out yesterday, playing with kids, they probably will be tiring easily for few weeks. Anyways here is antidote. Orochimaru - sama gave it to me this morning. "

Tsume was surprised :" we didn't expect it so soon. "Mito then spoke:" I would like to show how to use it. Is Hana-Chan not here. "

Tsume answered:" she is, however i don't know where. "

Mito nodded :" Well she will come when she sees us. Anyway I need water and bowls. "

Tsume nodded and went to nearby building and took out a medium sized bowl. Then she gestured to place they had a pipe. 

Mito filled the bowl with water and then suddenly saw Hana running at them she smiled softly as she gave a young girl a bowl. They went into the barrier and laid bowl on the ground. Mito took out a small bottle and waited for one drop to hit the bowl. She then let one of dogs to drink it saying. :" he is supposed to go sleeping in 5 minutes, if he does just pur antidote in everyone's water howere be careful. 1 drop I supposed to go on litter because the antidote is really strong and if it is consumed wrongly it can cause different problems such as direhea. Or even it can cause problems with hormones. "






As she was explaining the dog fell asleep. Without sound so when Tenzo started to poke him Mito finally noticed. Mito relaxed and gave antidote to Hana as she started to refill the barrier with her healing chakra. She then checked every dog to see how they were healing without the antidote. When she checked everyone she continued :" when the ninkens wake up, feed them and write down everything they did." 

Tsume spoke :" thank you for help." 

Mito cuted her off:" I will be coming to compand for few more days, you can thank me then. I am going to report to Hokage now." 

Tsume nodded and let the two leave. She wondered if Mito was everything she seemed. 





Mito and Tenzo walked through the village, Tenzo was holding her hand. So when they entered the Hokage tower, the two were greeted by every guard and person in tower. Mito stopped in front of desk for secretary of Hokage waiting for her to lift her head see Mito waiting there. However the young girl was busy with paperwork. Mito felt bad but she had to interup her. 

Mito cleared her throat, which caused the girl who looked to be just over 18, lift her head in surprise, already to apologize. However Mito interupted her again:" I need a academy enternce form." 

The girl searched for it for few seconds. Only realizing that girl in front of her was Uzumaki Mito. The person Hokage said was the best in paperwork he saw. The girl spoke as she handled the form to Mito :" I highly respect you, if you don't mind, could you give me advice." 

Mito responded :" Well, I would say you need to organize everything before you start. Then you can always write down notes where something is. And the last thing is try to remember how each document is supposed to look. So that you can always know if something isn't written correctly. "

Mito then took out pen from her seal and quickly filled out the form and said:" here, this is how academy enetrence form is supposed to look. You can ignore some minor mistakes but these three lines are most important. "

The girl smiled brightly and asked :" do you need to go to Hokage office, he isn't busy right now." 

Mito smirked :" yes, thank you. "





She knocked on the doors carefully. Waiting for come in. She heard someone moving to the doors however she didn't feel anyone. She realized she couldn't feel anything in the room. So when the doors opened and she could enter with Tenzo who also seemed confused. She entered and looked around the room, only to see Minato and Hokage drinking tea. Well there were discussing something before she knocked. Mito spoke first :" I am sorry for interrupting you, Hokage - sama, Minato-sama." 

The two were surprised by the tone, it was filled with respect however when she spoke to Minato there was some warmth to it to. Mito then again spoke:" I see, you have puted new seals on. However I don't think that is good, many shinobi in case of emergency won't be able to find you Hokage - sama, so I would recommend that you use it only when is necessary." 




Hokage nodded :" yes that was the plan, but today we are just testing them. "

Mito snorted :" You are just taking advantage of them, you don't want to work and be interupted in your gossiping. "

Minato was almost red as he spoke:" we didn't do that. Anyways do you like them. "

Mito answered honestly :" Since I know why they were invented I can't really like them, well, anyways I came here to report about Inzunaka matter. "

Hokage straightedge a bit and spoke:" Is there any progress. "

Mito answered :" Yes, Orochimaru-sama, made an antidote and we gave them first dose. The ninkens were doing better for few days already, both of us came to conclusions that this poison wasn't finished procjet and it was experiment, I am sure Black Zetsu was behind it, he wants to create a new poison to kill humans. However he isn't successful for now. But also there is possibility that he is creating a diversion. The ninkens are supposed to be healed by the end of next week. However they will need a rehabitation period. "

Hokage nodded and spoke :" Is there anything else. "

Mito didn't hesitate to say :" I want to know who negotiations are going with Iwa. "

Hokage spoke:" but you aren't involved into it. "

Mito responded coldly :" Well i think differently, I chose Minato to lead them and you accepted and one more thing I am only concerned because Kiri. If you are not able to make negotiations in our way than we will have to go to war with Kiri, which will open a chance for attack from Iwa too. Kumo is probably lurking in their too. Don't forget Kiri is strong now they didn't have to fight us for 5 months and they didn't have any battles. So they are probably stronger than Konoha is. "

Minato nodded :" Well, negogations aren't going the way I wanted them. Iwa wants more freedom. But we can't afford to give them anything. "

Mito didn't understood :" I don't understand, they lost, why are you giving them a choice. If you want I can give you advice on how to deal with them. "

Minato nodded. Mito spoke:" use your stubbornness, be harsh on them, you are losing this because you are to soft, because they saw that we have most of our troops on Kiri border they know something is happening so they are buying time, waiting for some incident to happen to get themselves involved and end us. So stay harsh. If they want more take from them what you already gave them. Try to scare them. Onoki-dono still thinks that you are a brat who killed 50 of his shinobis, he does not respect you but he does fear you. Use that fear to create respect. "






Minato could see logic in that. However could he pull it off. Hokage had a sad look on his face. Mito didn't even look at his direction while she was giving her advice. She spoke to Minato like she used to speak to him, it did seem disrespectful, however the people like Hokage need led someone to clearly speak their mind. To see that was the really only solution. Mito seeing that two weren't going to speak anytime soon spoke again :" Minato - sama, believe in yourself, you can do it, that is the reason I suggested you in first place. If you want I can come to next negotiations to help you." 

Hokage was surprised by her words. However before he could speak his opinion, Minato answered :" could you. I would love that. And to hear your opinion on it. The next one is actually today in We are meeting at clans council room. "

Mito nodded :" Well I will come here in Hokage - sama, Minato-sama, goodbye." 






Mito headed straight to the training grounds in Senju compand with Tenzo. Explaining how academy will start in few weeks. And how he must become the strongest in his class. Mito trained with him and when they had enough they returned to the house. Tsunade was still there doing some paperwork. And as soon as he saw Mito she handled some of it to her. Mito wanted to curse her luck however Tenzo was right there. 

Tsunade spoke :" lunch will soon be done, so help me until then, this is punishment for yesterday." 

Mito mumbled:" You know I did a lot of your job today, filling out the form for entering the academy." 

Tsunade snorted :" How helpful you are. Next time don't suggest something that will make you do paperwork. "

Mito said :" now it is suddenly my fault. I hate you strong willded women. "

Tsunade snorted again saying:" aren't you one too. "

Mito froze for a second and then spoke:" Well I geuss I am. I mean I have to be one around every single idiot in my life"

Tsunade laughed :" now you get me." 

Tenzo was looking confused at those two asking :" am I included in those idiots." 

Mito answered :" no you are not, you fit into another category called too cute and troublesome at same time." 

Tenzo shot :" wait how am I troublesome." 

Mito spoke :" snakes you like snakes and now I will need to be always careful around you. "

Tenzo smirked as he took out a small one. 

Mito freaked out and jumped on the table and then on the ceiling saying :" don't come any closer. "


Chapter Text









Mito spent afternoon training with Tenzo. Mostly focusing on wood release. Tenzo gave her advice when he saw she was stuck. Mito still was a little angry at him for bringing the snake so close to her. However she made sure it would never happen again. You ask how. Well she trained the boy, in taijutsu only. She wasn't merciful, she made excuses like it is for you to get better at this area, or for your reaction to get faster. Only did she at the end when Tenzo couldn't move from pain said :" don't ever think of attacking me with snakes, you will end like this however next time I won't heal you." 

Tenzo nodded. 




It was time for Mito to go she went earlier just not to be late. She was jumping on the roofs and then she landed on pole close to academy. However she did not stop to admire the view. She stopped and spoke:" You guys need to hide better if you don't want people knowing about you." 

Underneath her there was a startled sound. Mito smirked :" what you guys won't denial it." 

Kurenai was red as tomato and so was Asuma. Mito caught Asuma kissing Kurenai. She wondered if they were in relationship since such young days. Well if she remembered Asuma would leave village after the war has ended and he would be back after 9 to 11 years so it could be true. 

Kurenai managed to speak:" it isn't what you think Mito - Chan." 

Mito nodded :" ah, yes there it is. But it isn't surprising at all, all of us knew you two would end up together."

Asuma was then next to speak :" what do you mean. We're we that obvious." 

Mito nodded :" as obvious as Genma was, at least that is what Rin would say." 

Kurenai spoke again :" Mito - Chan, you won't tell anyone right. "

Mito answered :" if they ask i will tell, if they don't i won't." 

Asuma was confused :" What does that mean." 

Mito smirked :" I won't tell them if you don't make it even more obvious. I won't go around taking about you guys. I am not Kushina - San, anyways I won't lie to anyone who asks. But nobody will ask right. "

Kurenai nodded :" yeah nobody will ask. "

Mito smiled :" You know if you want to hide it better, don't kiss in town but rather kiss on empty training grounds. There must be some empty or kiss in forrest nearby. "

Kurenai spoke:" thank you for advising us." 

Mito smirked :" You are welcome. Well also you could always train in sensing and avoid awkward situations, however that won't let you enjoy kissing as much as you seem to. "

As she spoke that she jumped on the next roof. Leaving flushed Asuma and Kurenai. Kurenai spoke :" I can't believe someone saw my first kiss. "

Asuma nodded :" yeah, and it had to be Uzumaki - San, anyways I will see you of. "

Kurenai blushed more as she carefully slip her hand into his. They hid it behind Asumas back as they walked through Konoha. 








Mito arrived just on time. It was 8 pm. And Minato was there reading some of papers. Mito slowly walked towards him. Without making any noise. She came so close to him she was only 10 cm away. She watched his face. Yes it was beautiful. The blond locks that were probably soft, his blue eyes that were color of ocean. His cute nose. She wondered why she considered him handsome at this moment. She lost herself in thoughts. Was she finally going through changes in her preferences. When she just came in this world she would occasionally caught herself checking both females and males. However in last few weeks she only had checked boys. 






Was her mind finally adjusting to her body. Well then she knew she wasn't likely to end with girl because it seemed like all of the girls liked boys and she was liked by boys. She could feel that her mind was still adjusting but she knew that she had still time. She still had a things to do before relaxing. 

She then suddenly realized that she was lost in thoughts and that Minato was looking at her. Looking worried. 






Minato asked when he saw Mito blink:" Are you okay." 

Mito blushed:" ah, yes, I am alright I just realized something. And thought about it too much. Anyways. What are you reading." 

Minato however didn't let the sudden change of topic to happen, asking :" why are you blushing. Do you have fever. "

Mito couldn't take it :" stop don't come any closer. "

Minato asked:" why, are you really alright. "he still was coming closer 

Mito could feel her blush deepen and she panicked :" I found you attractive, so I was lost in my thoughts and thinking about how my body started to change since I entered puberty. "

She spoke fast almost not making sense. However her words stopped Minato who immediately returned to his previous position. Coughing awkwardly. 

Mito then regained her senses and asked again :" what are you reading. "

 Minato answered worried:" a report from one of the spies of Jiraiya. They are saying that Iwa is preparing a force to attack us." 

Mito nodded :" and you don't know what to do. Well did that spy leave Iwa." 

Minato nodded confused :" yes he has, he is on mission for them on the border with Kumo. He informed us when he knew that message would not be intercepted. "

Mito nodded :" that is good. It can't be taken in our advantage. If the meting won't go as you would like. Which will probably happen. We will use this against them. With blef of course. You see…… "

Minato nodded :" I understand, however are you sure they will believe. "

Mito smirked :" they must, because if we knew about them that means we had a chance to do it. "









Soon after Nara clan head entered to find Minato and Mito in the room already talking. He wasn't surprised to see Mito he heard from Hokage what she said. Nara knew that Mito was genius however he still did not know where her abilities were. He didn't knew how goo she was. He only thought that she is as smart as Nara. He wondered if she would be a challenge in shogi. The girl noticed him and bowed. He was always amazed how she would always show her respect. Even though she did not seen why he was to be respected. However he saw in her eyes that she didn't follow what others would do. He never saw her bow to someone who did not deserve it like civilan council.



Mito spoke :" Nara-dono, what are you thinking about. It must be something troublesome." 

Minato couldn't hold his laugh back. He also noticed that Nara had stopped for a second probably lost somewhere else. 

Nara smirked :" You said it yourself. Why don't you try to geuss. "

Mito answered immediately :" I don't know how to play shogi Nara - dono. I could see a spark in your eyes." 

Minato was confused. 

Nara smirked :" Well that is surprising I did think about asking for a match, even one for my son. However there were also other thoughts I was caught on. "

Mito nodded :" Well obviously. But they could be answered by shogi one. Or am I wrong." 

Minato asked :" How do you know he plays shogi. "

Mito shuggered:" I read a lot about clans like for example Naras are the smartest of clans their average iq is 175 which is considered really high. Because they are to smart they find most things boring and they like to laze around. One of activities they like to do is shogi, because they can torture their opponents while playing. Analizing everything about their opponent. Honestly I am surprised that you didn't invite me when I was under surveillance. "






Nara clan answered :" Well I aspected as much from you. To answer your question I wanted however me taking you to Nara compand would make you suspicious. And Hokage thought about you training teams as you showing your loyalty. "

Mito nodded :" Well I did it because I didn't really want to train alone. I didn't want to help them that much. "

Minato chuckled :" tsundere. " expecting Mito to not know what that means. Because Kushina didn't when she was Mitos age however the glare he received show him that he was wrong. Nara laughed however he was silenced by the same glare. 





Mito spoke with sweet smile, which was clearly fake:" Well I would like to hit you two but our guest are nearby. So I will hold it in." 

The two off them then heard someone coming into the office. The first one to enter was a man with red hair, moustache and beard, on his head he was wearing a large headpiece consisting of a three pointed crown-like ridge. His whole outfit was read and Mito immediately realized who he was. Roshi, the jinchuriki of Son Goku, the four tails. She remembered that he would leave Iwa because the of lost of Iwa. Mito prayed to the Sage that Roshi wouldn't notice her being a jinchuriki. She also wondered if him being here was allowed. Then she realized that there were already at war. The next man that came in room was larger and Mito remembered him always by the side of Tsuchigake. She tried to remember his name, something similar to akatskui. Wait was it Akatsuchi. While she wondered about that third person entered. Mito didn't recognize him. She let herself remain composed by Minato side. 




The trio looked at Konoha shinobi. All of the eyes stopping on Mito. However they were more confused than anything else. Roshi looked longer at her than the rest however he finally spoke:" Minato-san, what are thinking putting a kid in this place." 

Minato quickly spoke :" She is respectful shinobi in our village, Roshi-dono." 

Mito smirked a cocky smirk and spoke:" it is nice to meet such important people of Iwa here." 

The iwa trio thought that she was disrespectful :" if you want to talk then at least introduce yourself. "

Mito smirked :" gladly, I am Uzumaki Mito, Roshi-dono, however I did not heard your names." she spoke gesturing to other two. 

She heard :" Akatsuchi, and Ishikawa." 

Minato then spoke :" what is your response to our last week's conditions. "

Roshi spoke:" we cannot agree. "

Minato then continued to speak about new conditions. Meanwhile Mito whispered to Nara clan head:" I don't know if you know, but Roshi - dono is a jinchuriki. If you know just nod, if you don't then hit me. "

The two were watching Mito saying something In the ear of Nara. Scowling, and being satisfied when Mito was hit in the back. However she did not react to it. She moved away from Nara. And then when Minato stopped talking to the Iwa shinobi. Leaving Roshi to think about it. Mito knew he wouldn't. This negotiation were just a show. She whispered to Minato :" Roshi-dono is a jinchuriki, don't let them know that you know, untill they refuse you I will act." 

Minato wanted to ask how would she act however she quickly stepped back. And he did not have a chance. 





Roshi spoke:" Iwa won't be able to agree, Tsuchigake doesn't see this as beneficial to us. "

Mito gave her a quick nod to Minato who spoke:" Then we must deal with those trips you are preparing for attacking us. Mito - Chan you can active that seal." Mito started to form seals. 

Roshi paled, his plan was discovered. He started to gather his chakra. 

Mito smirked as wood suddenly started to appear around the Roshi and he couldn't move. His two teammates were quickly knocked out. One by Minato and the other was firstly held still by Nara shadow possession and knocked out by Mito. 

However Roshi managed to break free once he pured more of biju chakra into his system. 

Mito sighed :" I am still not strong enough to hold a jinchuriki down. Well luckily I thought about this." 

Suddenly Roshi could not move. He was surprised. Mito spoke:" there were seals on those branches. A paralysis seals. Even a jinchuriki cannot fight those. Right 4 tails. "

Roshi was surprised :" How do you know. Don't tell me, you guys have a spy in Iwa." 

Mito chuckled :" and you don't have one in Konoha." 

Roshi spoke:" ours was killed. "

Mito nodded :" possibly, well anyways we still have to deal with those forces that are planning to attack us. Know was their a signal you guys would use for them to attack or was it time attack. "

Seeing that Roshi didn't answer, Mito spoke:" a time attack then, there isn't much you could do since you are in Konoha. "

Minato asked :" when"

Roshi didn't answer. 

Mito sighed loudly saying :" I geuss I will have to find out by force." as she said that she let her hand land on Roshis head and she pured some of her and Isobu chakra inside. She arrived inside of his mindscape. However she didn't allow him to follow her. She used more of chakra for that. Which also meant she had less time. She appeared with Isobu next to Son Goku. And she spoke:" Are you Son Goku. An older brother to Isobu. If so it is nice to meet you." 





Chapter Text









The gorilla like body and face of monkey. The red haired and green skinned creature was surprised by sudden appearance of his long lost brother and human. 

He was at least glad that human called him by his name, only wondering if Isobu had told them his name. 

The proud beast roared:" what do you want, you poor creature, you insect." 

Mito however didn't seem to take offense to his words. Only speaking :" if you allow us to talk with you. There is danger in world, for every biju. I would like to warn you and in return I would like to get access to certain information. "

Son Goku :" what are you blabbing about, danger to biju. To the strongest creatures in the world. There isn't anything that could harm us. "

Mito snorted :" and how come you aren't free then. If I say that someone is able to take you out of your jinchuriki only to seal you in Gedo statue. "





Son Goku froze at those words asking :" why would I belive in you insect. "

Mito answered :" I am Sages last will. So you could consider me his daughter. "

Son Goku scowled and looked at his brother Isobu. Who shyly nodded his head saying:" it is truth, father visits us regularly, there is really dangerous thing trying to end world." 

Son Goku was silent for few moments. 

Mito sighed loudly saying :" if you could hurry up I don't have too much time, I am keeping Roshi from coming here. I don't need him to know about me. " 

Son Goku sighed :" Fine, tell me what you need. "

Mito smirked :" tell me when will attack happen." 

Son Goku :" they will attack tonight at midnight, right now they are moving to here. "

Mito nodded :" I see then, I will tell you summed up story. Uchiha Madara is still alive and is under control of Black Zetsu, who is will of Kaguya. He wants to collect you all to free her from the moon. That will end the world. I am just warning you and you could always come to shared biju mindscape to talk about more details. "

Son Goku said:" Did you speak with other of biju. "

Mito answered :" No. I haven't, I don't want to talk with Kurama just yet. I would probably be eaten and I haven't met any others. "





Son Goku nodded feeling a bit proud at himself for being first, well besides Isobu. 

He noticed that the girl was about to leave so he asked :" hey, you human, what is your name. "

Mito answered :" Uzumaki Mito, Son Goku-sama. However you can call me however you like. "

She left and seconds after her Isobu left too, suddenly Roshi appeared he seemed angry. 

Son Goku decided to ignore him. Roshi was yearling :" four tails, what was that, did you talk with that dammed brat, what did you said to her. "

Only getting more pissed by silence. Son Goku finally roared :" You insect, stop talking and shut up. Before I kick you out." 

However Roshi was about to say something again and he was kicked out of mindscape.










Minato and Shikaru were worried for Mito. When she touched Roshis head she started to pale. It had been more than 5 minutes since she had touched it and she did not move. Roshi was still awake and was screaming to let him in his mindscape. Minato wonder if Mito was talking with four tails about invasion and other things. He wondered if four tails would help her. 






When suddenly, Roshi stopped screaming and Mito's nose started bleeding. She spoke:" they are attacking at midnight. We need to send a message to Onoki." 

Minato paled:" what kind of message." 

Mito smirked wiping blood from her face, looking at Roshi :" to not mess with Konoha." 

Roshi yelled:" Just what did you do to four tails. What kind of genjutsu did you put him under for this information. "

Mito smirked as she looked down at him:" what are saying insect, I didn't do anything, I just talked with him, making a deal with him." 

Minato asked :" what kind of deal. "

Mito smirked as she lied :" I am going to free him and he will destroy Iwagakure." 

Roshi yelled :" You cannot do that, I will not allow it. "

Which made Mito laugh:" and how will you do that, when you can't even move. You really are an insect. "

Minato noticed that Mito wasn't saying truth, her eyes were saying different story. 

So he kinda relaxed asking :" Mito - Chan, you take care of him and I will inform Hokage about situation. "

Mito said :" no, Hokage - sama does not need to know about this, You and I will take care of invasion. Nara - dono, please take care of our guest and send somebody to inform Hokage after we leave, the seal will last for 3 hours so I will give you these 10. Put on each of them one so none can escape. "

Minato was against it :" Mito - Chan we can't do it. "

Mito let her killing intent rise in the room. Making air exstremly hard to breathe. She said to Minato :" I am sorry Minato - San, but this isn't request, do you understand. "

Minato and Nara clan head were shocked they never saw this side of Mito, she seemed like a leader, she seemed like something had possessed her. Mito then spoke again :" take me to your Hiraishin seal, on coridinates 45. 5 N and 15.6 E. "

Minato wanted to know just one thing :" Mito why are you ordering such a thing." 

Roshi was surprised by coridinates. The troops weren't positioned there however they would need to pass through there. 

Mito smirked :" to end this pointless war. Since Onoki-dono wants to bath in blood we will let him, bath in blood of his own shinobi." as she said that she reached for Minato's hand and squeezed it. 







Minato could feel slight tremble of her hand. She obviously wasn't entirely sure in herself, however she didn't have any other solution. Minato thought about it for several seconds only realizing that Mito probably foresaw this happening and thought about this as best solution. They vanished. Roshi cursed. 

Nara made signal for a Anbu to enter. 

Anbu did so and didn't even react to scene in front of him. Nara spoke:" could you get Hokage here, there are few things we need to speak about." 

Anbu vanished in seconds. Roshi finally spoke again asking :" How did she get those coridinates, they aren't there yet." 

Nara seemed confused:" they aren't, well Mito-Chan is a sensor so she probably geussed where they were going to pass, and besides Minato seals are all over place. I don't know where he put all of them. Some aren't even in land of fire. "







Hokage quickly came in the room clearly confused by sight. 

Nara spoke:" Hokage - sama, please sit down we have lot to talk about. "

Hokage sat down and said :" Then begin. "

Nara spoke:" it seems that Iwa never planned to create a peace with us. They even sent their jinchuriki to negotiations. Mito - Chan and Minato - San had gone to deal with upcoming invasion. "

Hokage cought :" all on their own. Are those two insane. Do they even know numbers of enemy. "

Nara shake his head saying :" Mito - Chan insisted that only they two would deal with them. Saying she is doing it for a peace. "

Hokage understood:" a peace through fear. That is exactly what I feared, she was against it before so what made her think differently." 

Nara answered :" the attack was timed, so there isn't any kind of solution. We can't show that we captured theese guys because that would justify their actions. Because as I understand their troops were still in land of earth when this meeting started. "





Roshi was pissed how was Konoha always a step in front of them. Roshi spoke :" what do you really think they can handle 400 shinobi by themselves. "

The number did surprise Hokage and Nara a bit. However Hokage answered :" You don't know much about these two. Minato is next Hokage and Mito is growing stronger at super speed. Last month she defeated Tsunade all alone. Tell me how many shinobi in your forces could take her on." 

Roshi did pale for second. However he still considered that they didn't have chance. 






Hokage then spoke to Nara :" prepare those Roots from I&T, they will be a back up for Minato and Mito. "

Nara nodded :" I will sir. However even if they head now they won't reach there for next 2 hours." 

Hokage spoke :" I know." looking at Roshi and two others. He could sense that there was something else troubling Roshi. Who was glaring at him. Roshi spoke :" Just who is that girl. "

Hokage nodded :" Who indeed"

Roshi spoke :" she talked with four tails." 

Hokage gasped but quickly recovered :" Is that so. I presume you couldn't hear their conversation. If you did you would know who she is ." 

Roshi was going to speak again however the doors opened and there 10 shinobi stood all having mask on them. Saluting to Hokage and then quickly desapering. 






Mito and Minato suddenly appeared in the forest. Mito took a breath of fresh air. Relaxing herself. She spoke :" 400 of enemies they are half of hour away. So let's set some traps." 

Minato nodded as he asked :" You knew this would happen for beginning." 

Mito played along remembering that he thought she was a prophet :" My dreams aren't always clear. And they often differ from each other if I do something different. In one of dreams, there was invasion of 1000 and you fought them all by yourself. That dream was from long ago thought." 

Minato was surprised by her honesty so he asked:" why are you doing this then. "

Mito answered :" Well as I see things that happen. They already burden me, so I don't want anyone to hold on this burden, all alone. Besides there is a place I am making for myself with this. That is really important for someone like me. "







Mito was doing a trap with exposing seals every 3 meters. Minato was doing a trap filled by kunai and shuriken. There was one special seal Mito had and didn't let down. 

They were done with traps and they still had some time left. So Minato asked :" what is that seal." 

Mito answered :" I call it a bomb. It is a seal of explosion filled with broken kunai and other metal like things. So it is really dangerous." 

Minato nodded :" How do you plan on using it." 

Mito created a earth Clone and sticked it on him. But not activating it. " like this. ". The Clone then hid his chakra and made it up on tree and jumped few times.

Mito spoke :" they are here. "









At those words sank in. There was two loud explosions. One came from the front of the group the were watching from the tree and one was coming from the middle as Clone jumped there and exploding in middle of jump. The poor Iwa shinobi could not comprehend what happened. The Clone suddenly appeared and expoded wounding many of them. Some were instantly dead, some were heavily wounded and some were not. The explosion in front of them alerted them about enemy. There were many wounded in front too. 






Minato felt sorry for them as he asked :" why were they moving in this formation." 

Mito answered :" they were afraid to be spotted by our chakra sensor system. Which would alert us. They are fools. " she said as she jumped down. The Iwa shinobi finally seeing their attacker they rushed forwards. Which was a big no-no. 

Minato followed Mito through the trees. The seal was on his skin so nobody could feel him. To say that some Iwa shinobi learned lecture wasn't false. They managed to disarm most of traps. However Mito and Minato would silently eliminate the week. 






The big group of 400 shinobi was down to 300 and they had splited up fighting Mito and her clones and Minato. 

They knew that they were screwed when they saw Minato. So most of them attacked him trying to eliminate him. Mito then took out Samehada wondering if this would be their last fight together. She better make it unforgivable. 

Her clones attacked with jutsu as she was doging them and finishing everything she could see. The battlefield was a bloody mess. Some of her clones filled with earth chakra created a dome of mud walls trapping Iwa shinobi inside while water types followed by creating over 20 water dragons killing everyone who was trapped. Filling the area with bloody read water and bodies without skin. Some of the shinobi had branches of wood sticking out of their bodies. Some were crushed by stones. But there were some beheaded people too. Some were unaturaly thin like someone had sucked life from them. 

On the other side of battle there were some heavy signs of wind just. Minato was using his rasengan and other wind typed techniques. The shinobi count was quickly going down. It took whole 2 hours for them to cut under 50.





However the strongest opponents still weren't dead. There was a squad of 20 shinobi standing in the middle facing backwards to each other and creating some hand seals. While the other shinobi tried to buy them time. 




Chapter Text






Mito was killing without mercy realizing that something big was about to happen. 

She looked to the big group of people her eyes widden when she saw a mechanic eye. She saw that kind of eye, when she watched Sasuke VS Deidara. She immediately connected two dots. These guys were from explosion corps. She yelled at Minato :" retreat, follow me." 

The sudden call got attention of whole battlefield. Luckily Minato had marked Mito since last time. So he immediately appear behind her. He was worried why had she called him. However he followed her they had run in direction of village the shinobi behind them cursing. 








The explosion corps were ready to attack at any time however their opponents weren't in range. More importantly Mito was leading them to Lake. Minato did not understand at first. However when Mito stopped suddenly on water waiting for their opponents to catch up. He saw that smirk appeared on face of reaming Iwa shinobi. The yealled the jutsu name. However he could not pick it up because everything turned to huge explosion of fire and dirt. Mito calmly made hand seals for water dragon jutsu. Minato did not understand her move sometimes. 








There had risen 3 large dragons. Each of them surrounding the two Konoha Ninja. The explosion could not reach them. Well mostly the dirt from above still got in. However they didn't sustain any major injuries. However Mito was clearly breathing heavily. The loud noise didn't stop anytime soon. They were surrounded by water for more than 10 minutes. The first dragon had fallen down, Minato could feel how much stronger every explosion hited now. However he saw that fire was slowly calming down which meant they were out of amountion. Mito spoke :" the back up is few minutes away." 

Minato nodded :" Are they capable of killing them." 

Mito answered :" there won't be problem, Iwa shinobi are on verges of chakra exhaustion." 

As Mito said that the second dragon fell down. Minato chuckled:" so are you. "

Mito nodded :" Well, I am but Isobu isn't." 

Minato :" said, you don't need to force yourself. I will handle them. " as he said that he threw a marked kunai through dragon and it hited a tree behind Iwa forces. Minato suddenly dissappeared and the yells could be heard. Mito let down the last dragon. She could feel Roots start fighting. Mito then strated shooting her water bullets. To clear this mess quickly. 








Soon the battle was over. Some of Roots managed to get midly hurt. Mito helped them heal and almost overexahausted herself. Minato caughed her when she stumbled. Mito didn't realize how much she lost of her chakra. She started to think where she spent all of it. She realized that she spent a lot on ninkens and then she stopped Roshi from entering his own mindscape, which was exhausting, then she created 40 clones with enough of her chakra to perform jutsu. She was done with calculating when she noticed that Minato had her on piggyback riding. Mito spoke :" I could walk on my own. You know I don't need much chakra for that." 

Minato chuckled :" I know but this way both I and you will be safe. Imagine what would happen if Kushina found i let you walk." 

Mito nodded :" Well, I am thankful for your brain this time. "

Minato smiled and then realized :" wait what does this time mean." 

Mito pulled him for a hair as she whisper in his ears :" the seal you made against me, I am still trying not to kill you for it." 

Minato :" Eh, you are still mad about that. "

Mito smirked :" yup." 

Minato shivered saying :" Well, since you don't want to kill me and are close to chakra exhaustion, why don't you go to sleep. "

Mito thought about it for few seconds and mumbled :" Fine, I geuss. "as she laid her head on Minato's right shoulder she softly fell asleep. Her messy hair covering half of her face and the whole back of Minato. If someone was going to see them from front they would be scared because Minato seemed to have long hair covered in blood. And not to mention that they were moving in dark. Followed by 10 masked shinobi. Mito soon started to eat her own hair clearly indicating she was hungry. 

Minato saved her hair from being eaten by moving her to back. He accidently petted Mito. Who seemed to like this motion as a smile made on her face and her head moved to follow Minato's hand. 








Mito then started to sleep talk again. This time it was really quiet so only Minato could hear it :" the Sun, waits for them Moon. They are the only ones that can save us, the bond they share is brothers. The moon shall be named Sasuke , his face will be pale just like full moon, his hair dark like the night. His eyes innocent until they see the true world of pain. On the sunrise of July of 23 he will shine for first time. He will wait for sun, I will have to guide them. "

Minato listen carefully. Picking every word carefully. There were two children. If he could geuss the sun she was referring to was the Naruto blond kid. However this brothers thing confused him. The reference to moon and sun he could somehow understand. It probably represents their personality, both of them are shining on the own way. He didn't understand what she meant with guidence. 






Mito suddenly wake up. Remembering about dreaming of Sasuke and Naruto she seared she could a weird whispers off her voice. She sounded mysterious, well she loved puzzles in her previous life but she didn't know to create any good puzzle herself. She would always hint to much. She opened her eyes to smirking Minato. Well she saw only half of his face and she could see he was smirking and deaply in thoughts.

She cleared her throat to catch his attention. However that made him stumble on the branch. And the two fell down. Mito cursed as she jumped of Minato who couldn't move efficiently with her on his back. So she landed gracefully and Minato landed barely avoiding falling on his face. 

Mito asked :" what are you doing not watching were you are going." 

Minato pouted:" you surprised me, I thought you were asleep. I almost had a heart attack." 

Mito answered :" You aren't that old. Anyways what were you thinking about." 

Minato smirked :" you don't have to know. Sleep talking princess. "

Mito was furious at that nickname, instantly realizing what it meant. Mito wanted to punch Minato but she wanted to punch herself. But decided to play along, wanting to screw up Minato :" Did you like that meaningless puzzle." 

Minato eyes widden only for a second, determining if she was telling truth or not. It was rather easy to see when Mito was lying. Her foot would tense up ready to escape at any point. Her face seemed relaxed but sometimes her eyes were telling other things and last was her arms there was always her trembling arm, sometimes she would hide them behind her back or hold them together. 








Mito was lying obliviously trying to hide this. It was probably to important to both of her and two unborn children. So he had to ask:" July 23.which year." 

Mito had a dark look on her face, clearly unsatisfied by Minato not falling for it she mumbled :" 2 years from now." 

Minato, then analyzed again. Something didn't feel right. The brothers part. They weren't that far of age. Separated by less than 4 months. Mito headed to his back and wrapped her arms around his neck and said:" let go. You can ask questions on the way." 

Minato nodded, grabbing Mitos legs and making sure she doesn't fall. 





They started moving again. Minato was hesitant to ask the question. However Mito started to pull his locks when she could feel him hesitant. He yelped :" Fine I will ask. Well what did the prophecy meant by brothers. They aren't born from same mother." 

Mito nodded :" I guess, there are two reasons for the brother. Well I can describe first and I think you felt it too. But bonds like brothers don't just mean blood. It can be more of friends who can't live without each other but also who have a serious rivalry. The second one was basically a legend. Well the legend is basically truth. "

Minato asked :" what legend. "

Mito smirked :" I will tell you if you show me that seal. "

Minato froze for second :" Well I geuss that is fair. "

Mito smirked :" Well, that is fine however we are in front of Konoha gates. Do you really think that now is time for telling stories. "

Minato was shocked :" You played with me. That isn't fair. "

Mito chuckled :" don't pout Minato - San, you still haven't show me the seal. And besides Hokage - sama is eagerly waiting for us at the gates. "

Minato nodded disappointed:" Fine, I will talk about this with immediately after meeting Hokage and reporting." 








Three minutes later they were in front of gates and indeed the Hokage and whole clan council was there. Hokage asked if everything was dealt with. Minato answered :" Yes. "

The whole group then headed to the council room. The Iwa trio was in I&T. mito knew they would not be able to find any more of plans. Because this was last plan for Iwa involving Konoha. 

Mito stepped down from Minato when they entered the room. Her face surprisingly wasn't red. She didn't do anything to be embarrassed right. 







Hokage watched her carefully. Trying to see what was going on in her head. However he was unsuccessful when Mito looked him straight in eyes. His blood froze because she seemed like she was watching his every move. It seemed like she was mocking him. Like she was saying what are going to do. This time you are all alone you can't count on me. I won't help you. 

Hokage cleared his throat :" Minato - San, Mito-Chan thank you for your service to the village. I would like to promote both of you however Minato cannot be promoted. So I would like to promote you Mito-Chan." 

Mito quickly responded: " I refuse. I can still benefit more from being a genin. "





Clan heads were surprised by quick answer, and by it being negative. The clans could see that Mito and Hokage suddenly become distant. Nara was carefully thinking about the reason for Mito staying a genin. Well one was because she would stay at village and possibly control politics inside of Konoha. Nara clan then thought about Mito probably wanting stay hidden and unknown to the rest of the world. 






Uchiha clan head was impressed by the girls immediate response and how she held herself. Mito continued :" I didn't do much there, Minato - San took care all of them by himself. I mearly helped with sensing opponents." 

Minato wasn't glad she put everything on him. However he couldn't say anything because Hokage spoke next :" Well if it is that so, then we will have to think about the possible solution of this situation. We are in. "

The whole council could clearly see the lie but they also knew it wasn't meant for them but mearly for Iwa delegates, who had returned from I&T, well only Roshi did, because his mind was suddenly unaccessible . Mito was using them for protecting herself. 

Nara cleared his throat saying :" we should probably call Onoki - dono to the meeting. Deamading explanation." 

Hokage nodded that was to be aspected.

Uchiha then spoke :" we should demand that they surrender." 

Hokage nodded once again only to her a question from Mito :" How do you plan on contacting him. "

Hokage didn't expect that question. 

Mito continued :" You see if we send a letter in which we say that we captured there delegates, wouldn't that make Onoki more angry." 

Hokage spoke:" so you suggest that Iwa shinobi inform him themselves. "

Mito nodded :" yes, let the other two go. Roshi-dono is the most important thing to Iwa right now."

Clan heads were deaply thinking about the proposal. Hokage himself was doing that too. It seemed like Mito wanted to take firm stand, but also send a good will to Onoki. However Onoki would still be angry about this.

Mito then spoke:" Well you add a additional proposal to the document. Going something like: if Iwa or Konoha are in war with another of five major nations the other has to come and assist. That means than Konoha shinobi would help Iwa fighting kumo." 

Roshi roared:" You want to use our manpower to deal with kiri. "

Mito smirked and asked :" aren't you already at war with them. "

Roshi was red, they were, but he could not deny or say they were so he asked instead :" so you won't help us with Kiri if they don't attack you. "

Mito answered :" we have a peace treaty with them. And to show that we keep our words we won't break it. "

Hokage spoke:" enough Mito-Chan. I accept you advice however the clans have to decide." 

Mito nodded and bowed in a apology. 

Minato was looking at Mito she did not seem hurt by Hokage's words this time. She apologized for arguing with a guest in front of clan heads. She looked up at him her smile bright but her eyes were not on him she was looking through him like she was seeing somebody else. Her eyes were filled with hope and nostalgia. 






However before Minato could get to analize more clan heads voted. 

Mito advice was accepted. 



Chapter Text







Onoki was pissed waiting for a message from his troops. They were supposed to reach Konoha and comence the attack by now. However no message had come and it was already morning. To make things worse he could not contact with Roshi because the man didn't send any messages yesterday which meant everything wasn't going like planned. 





Onoki was stomping inside of his office. His short body was moving fast. And it was annoying one of his students Deidara. Who was also waiting to hear from the explosion corps. The two were surprised when one of gourds announced :" two delegats are returning. They have been spotted in front of gates." 

Onoki move forward force his way through the people standing on streets. 













After decision was made Hokage spoke:" Minato-san, your mission is to bring the two delegats as close to Iwa as possible. "

Minato nodded and waited for the dou to enter the office. As they did so Minato took them by arms and disappeared. Appearing at Iwa border and at closest point to hidden village in stone. The dou quickly headed to their kage. 








Minato appeared next to Mito. Saying that he had done his part. Explaning:" they are 5 hours away from village so we presume they will come to the village in 4 or more days." 

Hokage nodded and dismissed the council. 

Minato stopped Mito from going anywhere and carried her like a stack of potatoes. Which was his revenge for putting all of blame on him. Well not blame but all of their achievements were considered a blame to Iwa. 





Hokage was confused seeing that Minato seemed to be so close to Mito usually there would be some distance and Minato would hesitate to come closer however this time he took initiative and he wasn't surprised by direction they took out. The hospital. 





Mito was checked on for any major injuries and for her close to chakra exhaustion state. However medical nin said:" her chakra is fine, it is recovering rapidly it is amazing." 

Minato was confused and asked Mito why was it that way and Mito answered :" ah, I didn't you any of Isobu chakra so he is helping me to regain my own. His chakra is richer and harder to gather, but it works like this, if I am full on chakra his recovers faster, and oposite." 

Minato understood:" so the chakra is basically stored in two separate bowls and they are connected so you can recover faster. "

Mito nodded :" yeah, basically. ", Mito was ready to leave however Minato stopped her saying :" no, no, you aren't going to escape me. You will sleepover at my place. "

Mito couldn't refuse :" at least let me write a note to Tsunade. "

She wrote it and created a Clone which delivered it Senju compand which was already asleep. 





Mito and Minato then headed to Minato's house where Kushina was impatiently waiting for Minato. She was surprised by Mito coming to and their clothes were dirty, bloody too. She wanted to know what happened and Mito knew who to escape this situation saying :" Kushina-san, could i take a quick shower. Minato - San can explain it to you better." 

Minato gulped seeing that Kushina took Mito to the bathroom. Minato started explaining from the beginning. 







Mito was showering and washed her body carefully noticing how she was growing in certain areas. Her best already were somewhere between a and b cups which she was satisfied for now however she was afraid that this was only their beginning of growing. Mito then noticed that her hair was longer than she thought it was. Her hair was usually in pony tail but now it was down covering most of her body well she was still short but the hair was over her hips. 






When she exited she began to dry her hair surprised to see a dress waiting for her. She could hear that Minato was close to the end of story. So she waited to dry her hair completely and join them when story was over and Minato would be yelled at. She considered saving him saying she had made this decision. So she had mercy on Minato and was yelled at while he took his shower. 

Kushina was angry :" Mito-Chan, how could you do this. Didn't you think about if you lost your life and possible consequences." 

Mito cutted her off:" I did, I knew what would happen. I knew all along in fact in my vision Minato - San would do it himself so I leased the burden on his back. Because that is my duty here. I am here to prepare the world for a change which means I have to took so many things on myself. And I am ready for it. "

Kushina had a sad look on her face asking :" Are you sure that is your destiny. I think that you are ready. I think that you don't realize that destiny isn't something that is already put on you when you are born. "

Mito turned around saying :" that is a case usually but not for me. I have a destiny and my path is decided, however I am not unhappy with it. Just opposite I think It gave me a place to stand. "

Minato heard the whole conversation wondering if Mito was talking about her gift of prophecy. 












When Onoki finally saw the two men. They looked like they had come from a battle on closer inspection they looked tortured. Akatsuchi spoke first :" Tsuchigake-sama, we are sorry. But Konoha knew." 

Onoki was in flames:" what does that mean, they knew. Did operation failed, how are you here now." 

Akatsuchi responded :" attacked failed it was stopped by two shinobi. One of them was the yellow flash and the other was a Uzumaki child. "

Onoki could not hold his anger any longer he kicked the man next to Akatsuchi. Akatsuchi continued :" yellow flash said that they had a spy here so that is how they knew. Apparently the Uzumaki child could feel chakra and it recognized that Roshi-dono was a jinchuriki. So when they revealed that they knew about our plans and said we had to surrender. Roshi dono attacked. However he was stopped before his attack was ready. The girl and yellow flash stopped us. They are taking Roshi dono hostage they wanted to send message. Asking for you to come directly to Konoha, without army or else. "

Onoki could not belive it he was ready to destroy the whole world how angry he was. 

However Akatsuchi continued :" yellow flash took us to border and we are now here. Konoha still wants to sign agreements with us and this time they send it to you so you can read it and immediately head towards Konoha." 





Onoki took the papers and tored them completely without reading them however Akatsuchi took out a copy. Saying :" for Roshi-dono sake please read it. "

Onoki read it carefully not believing that Konoha would not damage them. However he could not really find anything that did them damage and the last point was in favor for both villages and contires. However he could not really just decide on his own. 








Iwa council was probably more stubborn than Tsuchigake himself. They didn't want to hear anything about possible treaty however when Tsuchigake said that jinchuriki was at stake the room was quiet. They only need to ask daimyo for their premmision. Which they got. 






Onoki took his most trusted shinobi with him and headed straight to Konoha. The team was five membered. And they received a message from Konoha border that their path was cleared. 













Mito was surprised by the sudden hand placed on her shoulder saying :" it is fine. If you are troubled you can always speak to us." 

Mito chuckled :" you guys are acting to much like parents." 

Minato asked :" Is that a bad thing." 

Mito nodded :" I am a teenager. I am supposed to be rebellious towards my parents." 

She said sticking her tongue at him. Kushina snorted saying :" You said that you had a legend to share with us. "

Mito smirked :" Well why don't we head down to your lab Minato - San." 

Minato paled. Kushina was against it to however Mito took step inside already. She turned on the light and didn't react to Minato research or the board at all. She cleaned it making Minato almost scream in horror she said:" don't worry Minato san. I Will make it better and easier to understand at least for you. So let me think where to begin. Ah, Ōtsutsuki Kaguya " she then drew a female like creature her drawing had a three eyes. Mito was impressed by drawing herself she got better at drawing while she was learning fuinjutsu. She was almost scared of how alive it looked. She then said:" she was an alien, she came to earth to eat a fruit from a tree of life. However she was pregnant when she ate it. So her children were born with chakra. She had twins Hagoromo and Hamura. The tree of life or God tree. Made her mad. She after some time went crazy for power. And only other beings that stood in her way were her two sons. "

She then drew the two boys. :" the brothers won at the end. However the world was destroyed after months of battle. Kaguya was know to be first jinchuriki of ten tails. However her sons managed to seal her. Black Zetsu is her third son, or wanna be son. She was sealed in moon and Hamura went to live on the moon to guard the seal. Hagoromo later on become a legend on his own know as Sage of six paths. However he didn't create ninjutsu. He created a nishu. It was similar to ninjutsu but this wasn't used for fighting. It was more like a tehnique for surviving in world. He was the next jinchuriki of ten tails. And he had two sons Indra and Asura. They are two brothers my prophecy is talking about. However I will finish Sages story first. He had to chose a successor between his two sons. Indra a prodigy, the man who created ninjutsu in his early years. Or Asura child which weren't as talented as his brother, however he was like sun warm, friendly. His brother was moon, shining but he was cold. Sage upon his death created biju from ten tails, naming them and hidding them in temples. He chose Asura as his successor, because Hagoromo acknowledged Asura's chosen path, agreeing that love and cooperation were the true keys to peace . Indra was jealous of his brother, Hagoromo was always on his side and it was surprise that he was chosen. His dark emotions were used by Black Zetsu who manipulated with him. The two brothers had to fight against each other. Asura manged to win with power of the all of his friends. Indra was alone and he left the community saying that he would destroy his father's work and Asura. Asura promised to not allow this to happen. Asura became ancestor of Senju, Uzumaki clan. While Indra became one for Uchiha clan. "

She draw them next to each other. Wondering if Minato and Kushina were following her seeing that they were waiting for her to continue she spoke:" Indra and Asura, or their conflict never ended, their souls are being reincarnated. One of most famous reincarnations were Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama." 

Minato was confused :" doesn't that mean that Madara has to die for this to happen." 

Mito nodded :" "yes however he does not have much time." 






Mito then draw a two boys them being age fifteen and names were Naruto and Sasuke she intentionally drawed them badly. And written sun and moon. The saviors. She even wrote dates of their birth. She slowly sit down and drink her tea waiting for couple to understand the whole stories. 

Mito sighed softly :" there are somethings that I left out but that is a story of other times." 

Minato asked :" Naruto child is he a Senju. Is that why you brought back Tsunade." 

Mito shake her head :" Naruto isn't Senju, the two reincarnations don't have to be from the Senju and Uchiha clan." 

Kushina exclaimed :"but Sasuke screams Uchiha." 

Mito then tried to avoid answering that. 

Minato pushed on:" is he a Uchiha." 

Mito mumbled :" Yes he is, but I can't really tell you who are their parents. It could change things." 

Minato nodded :" but we can geuss right." 

Mito nodded :" yeah, but try to geuss tommorow i am sleepy." 

She stood up and headed to stairs, mumbling :" these two are super troublesome. Well luckily they will find after the mess cleans. After all these two are born at peace and they won't allow that peace to crumble. "





. Kushina and Minato analized the story for some time. Wondering who would Naruto be. They couldn't really get it. The blond hair there weren't many people in Konoha in village. However it sounded like they would be born in Konoha both, Mito never spoke of them meeting for the first time. Kushina then exclaimed :" what does this mean Uchihas are my distant relatives. That is crazy." 

Minato nodded :"yes that is crazy." 

Then he stopped the child could be Uzumaki. But what did that mean. Uzumaki usually would have blood red hair. He suddenly fell down on the ground unconscious. Mito heard thud and came down to see what happened. She checked him to see he was in deep shock. She realized he probably got it. She mumbled :" Really it took him 10 minutes to get it. Maybe I should delete this thought." 

Kushina was alarmed by those words :" wait i want to know." 

Mito mumbled :" Then I would need to earese your memories too." 

She quickly did two seals sighs and temporarily hid these thoughts from Minato mind. Only if he was subconsciously reminded of this thought he would remember it. Mito then handed him to Kushina saying :" take care of him. "



Chapter Text






Mito went to sleep and had a dream. The dream was similar to one she had when she first met Tenzo. The three kids were running around and Tenzo was on the tree Mito was watching them under the tree, however this time children didn't notice Naruto to come sit next to Mito. By his side was Sasuke they were barely 4 years older than children she was watching. The two looked at her and said :" please train us auntie." 

Mito smirked as she stood up. However the next step she took the scene change. Mito was underground. Her hands were tied with wood. She looked younger she saw sharingan in distance, staring at her. The man slowly moved towards her. She could recognize him as Madara old Madara. Zetsu was next to him. In next moment she saw blood. Her blood flow on the ground. However it didn't pain her that she would die it pained her because she failed once again. 






Mito woke sweaty and she only slept for 5 hours so she decided to go to Senju compand and probably relax there playing with Tenzo. She quickly get ready to move she took her previous clothes and the dirty one she writed down note how she would return it when she washes it. 

However on her way downstairs Kushina stopped her :" why don't you join us for breakfast." 

Minato nodded saying :"after all you need to explain why did you put a seal on me." 

Mito face darkened :" Fine. I will explain." 

Kushina then sitted her and there was a huge amount of food. Mito still ate little. However it was better than before. Mito spoke:" I am sorry, but you found out to soon about it. I need you to not know who is Naruto for next year and 9 months. Because if you know now I don't know who that would change prophecy. Well there is still chance that you fill find out subconsciously about it but please don't react and do something that isn't your style. " she stood up from table and said:" thank you, for letting me stay I have things to do now, so if you excuse me. "







Mito entered Senju clan compand and was looking at Tenzo in Tsunade's hand who clearly did not sleep the whole night. Mito slowly and carefully walked towards them and then she knelt spreading her arms. Tsunade let Tenzo down who run at Mito with his full speed. He was silently crying. Mito tried to comfort him :" it is fine Ten-Chan I am here now. I am sorry I had important business yesterday. It is okay right. I will play with you today." 

Tenzo only nodded his head saying :" please don't leave me alone." 

Mito frowned :" I can't really promise you that as I am shinobi. But I will try to tell you ahead if I have mission or sleepover somewhere. "

Tenzo nodded and said:" but I want to take me on sleepovers from now on." 

Mito smirked :" oh, since when were you interested in adults stuff. "

Tenzo retorted:" nee-Chan you aren't adult yet either. "

Tsunade snorted :" he is right. Why don't you get ready for your day." 

Mito nodded saying :" I think that you will be called in Hokage's office today. "

Tsunade frowned :" Did you do something stupid." 

Mito innocently smiled :" I might. "









Mito and Tenzo were going around the village. Well Mito was Tenzo was sleeping on her back. She was heading to Inzunaka compand to see who situation was. Well she was stopping in Orochimaru lab since it was on the way. And she didn't know if there had enough antidote. When she entered the room Orochimaru was looking at her impressed :" to think that you would do that. I honestly didn't expect from you." 

Mito smirked :" done what." 

Orochimaru rolled his eyes :" slaughter Iwa invasion." 

Mito answered :"oh, that. I didn't expect that they were that foolish. But I needed to teach them a lession. Were you called to Hokage office." 

Orochimaru nodded :" yes. I was going to head there now, but it seemes that you need my antidote." 

Mito nodded :" I could always take them myself. It isn't like you have a secret that you are trying to hide from me anyways. "

Orochimaru answered :" that is right. However I don't like when people touch my stuff and don't return it to place they found it." 







Mito took antidotes from his hand saying :" same as yesterday. "

Orochimaru nodded :" yes, now scram I will be late." 

Mito smirked and exited the lab and right behind was Orochimaru who finally asked:" why is he sleeping now. "

Mito answered :" he could not sleep the whole night because he could not feel me around. " Mito was then hited with realization. That this could be really big problem. So she needs to think of solution. A seal just for Tenzo. It would take days for her to actually make it. 





Mito entered the Inzunaka compand only to find Hana waiting for her. Her eyes sparkled when she saw Mito and the sparkled more when she saw sleeping Tenzo. She tried to be as quiet as she could. Well it was not problem because she wasn't that loud usually. Mito asked softly :" How are they doing." 

Hana answered :"they seemed to be better however they spent most of time asleep. Their look a lot healthier however they are sleepy." 

Mito nodded :"that is good. The are reacting to antidote. I will check on them." 

She quickly used her chakra to sense inside of their bodies. She saw that those who were had less poison in blood were almost healed completely. The others were on there way there. So she said:" give them antidote when they are done with eating. "

She then began to fill the barrier with her chakra, however it was half full which meant this was last time she would fill it up. Mito was on 40 % of her chakra so she decided to take it easy on herself. 








Mito then said goodbye to Hana and took Tenzo back home. She laid him down on his futon and laid his head on her lap. She then began to read one book she saw the seal she wanted to write. It was detailed. So there was a huge process behind. Mito read it few times to get proces behind it. She then started to write the base down. She was surprised by how quickly she had did it. Now she needed to make the hardest part. Make this seal special by making it hold everything she had. Well the seal wasn't for storage it was actually a calming seal, for reducing stress. Mito slowly read about proces she needed to do to create this seal. Well since she was calming effect Tenzo needed she should pour her chakra inside. However she needed to make just same as hers. That meant she needed to balance both chakra inside of her and pour enough. 








Mito was so focused on pouring the chakra inside of the seal. She needed to fell peace, and everything she loved to make the seal have a positive effect on Tenzo. That she didn't notice the flowers starting to grow around them. Tenzo was still sleeping. However even hsi chakra started to rise and the flowers were growing from his chakra too. The flowers started to merge and it looked like the flowers made a tree filled with flowers. When Mito finally stopped pouring her chakra and opened her eyes she was surprised. She then carefully closed the seal letting him to dry. It still needed one step to be done however that step wasn't hard but it was rather time consuming. 

She then slowly puted Tenzo head on futon and stood up. She the took a gardening scissors and carefully cutted the now tree of flowers from its roots. She then took it outside and quickly digged a hole as she puted it inside. Pouring little of her chakra so it could create new roots. She the removed the roots from house. She began to make lunch. Carefully not to wake Tenzo. 










Hokage called for every jonin and explained what had happened yesterday. The forces were shocked but not by invasion but rather by strength of the dou who cutted them down. Hokage informed that Tsuchigake was going to visit Konoha and not to cause any problems. 






To say Kakashi was surprised by sudden call from Hokage and the one that would inform him about invasion. However he didn't expect that Mito had helped to stop it. He was mad at her. How could she be this reckless. He wanted to scold her however her words hit him. Did she have more enemies she had to face. Did she know they were strong and was protecting them. He didn't like that. Well he did like her strength at first. However he soon began to like her personality more than her strength. The strength was actually becoming something that distanced them.

Hokage spoke then :" Kakashi and sanins are to stay i have to speak with you more." 

The room previously filled by jonins emptied itself. Kakashi waited for orders only to hear :" br careful. While Iwa does not know about Mito's involvement in this case, I want you to be careful when Tsuchigake comes. He is very vengeful. Kakashi as Minato's student you need to make sure nothing happenes to your team. Sanins you are known to be in good relationships with each other and Jiraiya was Minato teacher. And by no way if they don't tell about Mitos involvement. "

Kakashi understood, so he quickly headed to Senju compand only to be stopped by Tsunade :" Mito - Chan is busy now. Your scolding can wait a bit. And I need you to send a message to your female teammate. "

Kakashi was surprised :" to Rin. "

Tsunade nodded :" tell her to come to compand in a hour of time." 

Kakashi asked :"why." 

Tsunade smirked :" I need to train her. She needs to be Mitos training partner." 

Kakashi was surprised :"" in fighting. "

Tsunade snorted :" no in medical ninjutsu, well I will help her in other areas too but there isn't a chance she could be her rival in those. Mito is probably in top 10 of our forces. However she lacks a experience. "








Kakashi wasn't surprised when Tsunade said Mito was out of reach for Rin, however hearing how strong Tsunade thought Mito was made him wonder if Mito was something dangerous that she hid from them. He then headed to training grounds. Informing Rin about this training. Rin was super flustered and almost fell unconscious. 







Tsunade then came in compand only to see, well she wasn't able to see house where Mito and Tenzo stayed, because there was suddenly a huge tree in her way and it was made of flowers. She didn't know what that was she never seen such a thing so she tried to move to closer only to trip on her own legs. Mito exited the house hearing the thud. She tried her best not to start laughing at Tsunade. Who saw that and had a evil smirked as she said:"oh, I was thinking of training you today. I can come with extra difucult training." 

Mito smirked :" that is fine. It means I will learn the hardest thing first." Tsunade snorted :"yeah, right. I came to say that training begins in hour. And what the hell is that." 

Mito blushed:"ah, the tree of flowers. Well it is result of mine mistake and we'll I liked it so I made it stay here. You don't mind right." 

Tsunade said :"I don't, but try not to make a forrest out of clan compand. We had that for 30 years. And shinobi would use them to jump to get closer to Hokage tower which annoyed Senju during that time." 

Mito nodded :"I see. Well me and Tenzo will try not to do that. But we can't promise. Our powers can go out on their own when we are concertaring on something connected to nature." 









Tsunade said then:" a smoke is coming from the house." 

Mito froze :" My lunch. Tenzo. "as she runned quickly only to see that it wasn't that bad. Well lunch was to say overcooked. Tenzo woke up and started to tease Mito :" nee-Chan, you think you are adult but you can't even make a meal. "

Mito didn't respond she mourned her ramen. Well something she considered ramen. If you asked Kushina it would be called soup. 

Tsunade entered the house and said:" Ten-Chan why don't you come eat Shizune - Chans food, and let Mito - Chan die from embarrassing herself." 

Mito yelled:" I will kill you if comment it." 

She then started to clean the mess. She was furious. She was over 20 years old, mentally but her food had tendency to go well. 






Well when she was making it for others. She then headed to main house leaving her doors opened so the smoke could quickly disappear. Mito did not wanted to speak about it. Shizune understood however Tsunade and Tenzo would tease her every once in a while. Shizune would try to shut them up but it didn't seem to work. Mito was saved by sudden knock on the door. She could sense that it was Rin so quickly stood up and opened the doors hugging her saying :"save me from this mean people." 

Rin was shocked, but relaxed when she saw snickering from Tenzo and Tsunade. Rin asked :"what happened.," 

Mito blushed:"I burned the lunch, my precious ramen." 

Rin facepalmed :"that thing isn't considered a ramen. If you don't know how to cook ask Kushina to teach you." 

Mito then yelled:"I know how to cook. I will show you guys." 

Tsunade said :" Then make dinner today." 

Mito nodded :"Fine. You will be amazed. I will make a special menu. You probably didn't eat this food anywhere." 


Chapter Text






Mito, Rin and Tenzo were training with Tsunade for afternoon. Well to say the training was hellish would be truth. Tsunade had started evasion training saying that medical Ninja should always be able to dodge attacks. Tenzo and Rin had go down half in training their body filled with bruises. Mito however was still dodging. Her evasion were pretty good. However she was slowly getting out of breath. Tsunade aimed at her face the most then her abdomen and her knees. Mito seemed like she danced to the Tsunade throws. However when Tsunade switch from balloons and balls to weapons Mito had a lot harder time. 




Over time Rin and Tenzo started to throw things at Mito too. And then it was when Mito snapped she knew she couldn't dodge them so she went to attack. Tsunade stopped immediately :" this is what a medic isn't supposed to do. We aren't going to fight our enemy. Mito you will now have to do 500 push ups. " 

Mito snorted :" I am not a medic Ninja." as she made her first push up. Tsunade glared at her saying :" but Rin is. So you will show how medic Ninja should behave. "

Mito mumbled :" you are one two why don't you show it. "

However Tsunade didn't hear that her attention was on Tenzo who was asking about medical ninjutsu. 

Tsunade explained a lot of things to Tenzo and Mito was listening too. She was rather intrigued into this feild. 




Once Mito was finnished with her push ups. Tsunade and the rest were headed into a medic lab for training on fish. Where Tsunade said :" You two will firstly try on your own to revive the fishes then Rin will show how it is done." 

Mito s

Decided to try without her special chakra. Because she wanted to know without help. And besides she couldn't always count on it. Because it is hard to control it when she is full of chakra. Her attempt was fail because apparently she used too much chakra. Tenzo's was too. They both had 5 tries and would always fail. But each time they were getting closer. Tsunade was impressed by both of their natural talents for this. Shizune struggled to pour chakra inside of fish when she trained. And here these two were doing it easily only problem was amount. 






Rin then showed and explained what they were doing wrong. Mito looked rather confused by her explanation. However Tenzo got it quickly. And after trying 6 more times his fish was alive. Tsunade then noticed what was troubling Mito. It seemed like she was afraid to follow the chakra pathway with her own chakra. Well she did it first time however she suddenly stopped and just pretend to follow it. Her eyes were completely out of focus. Like she was deep in thoughts. 




Mito could not break free from her depressed thoughts. She sweared she could feel something unpleasant coming from the fish. Her mind caught a words said to her long ago. Useless, dirt, unwanted. She felt torn apart. The fish, it reminded her of that night. The night she wasn't only judging herself for her sins but for the sins of her crush, she caused all of them, if only she wasn't born. If only she didn't live that world. The chakra pathway reminded her of her walk to home that night. It was tangled it was shameful. It was dirty. She was surprised by the next image. A body next to this fish. It was body of her crush. The fish was eating it. Mito wanted to scream to make it stop. Her mind was mess she could not control anything. She then felt a unwanted presence in her mind. It was Black Zetsu. He was making her hallucinate. The next thing she knew she felt pain in her cheek. Tsunade hand was moving away from her face. Her neck was slightly bent. She realized that Tsunade had to slap her to make her come back to reality. However Mito didn't feel any better. She could not stop trembling once she noticed the fish. She could not control the urge to flee that moment. So she quickly stepped out the room to the nearest bathroom. Tsunade and Rin were trying to stop her. Mito locked herself in a stall. She then proceeded to vomit her guts out. She was trembling. She tried to focus on other things. 






However for the longest time she could not. Both Rin and Tsunade were worried. Mito was obviously having a panic attack. It was a smaller one however they didn't know what had caused it. Tenzo was slowly getting closer to the stall and. He jumped in. Surprising both of the girls. However Mito didn't say anything. Tenzo curled around her. Trying his best to make her grief easier. Mito stopped trembling. However she only started to pat Tenzo she was again lost in her thoughts. She finally could focus. Black Zetsu was probably trying to influence her. And he was doing great at that. She could not really do anything about it. Her hands formed a fist. She cursed their connection. 






Mito after 5 minutes finally stood up and carefully took Tenzo hand as she slowly unlocked the door. Her form was slightly shaking. However she tried her best to look confident and walk comfortably. Her expression was blank, no smile or anything. She then slowly passed them by and they followed her trying to engage her in a conversation. However Mito only would say yes or no. Sometimes it would be only nodding or shaking her head. When she returned to the lab. She was shaking hard when she saw a fish. She tried to heal it. Her hands shake. She closed her eyes afraid to see the fish. She quickly pulled her hands back when she felt some bouncing on the desk. Her face was even more pale than before. She spoke:" I am done for today." as she exited the lab. Tenzo was following her. Tsunade wanted to comfront Mito however both Tsunade and Rin had a shift in hospital. And they were already late. 








Mito walked through the town aimlessly. Tenzo followed her. Holding her hand, it was cold. The tremebeling had again stopped when they exited the hospital. On their way Mito bought a few dango sticks. However it was all for Tenzo. She wasn't hungry at all. She was queit all the way. She finally stopped when they were on a hill. It was an area filled with nature. It was close to training grounds. Mito laid down on the grass her eyes watching the sky and the clouds. She seemed to be lost in her thoughts again. Tenzo shifted when he felt a familiar chakra coming closer. Mito however didn't notice. The number of chakra signals increased in number. It was 2.

Tenzo waited for them to come closer to see if they were really heading towards them. 











Genma and Kakashi had accidentally bumped on their way from training grounds. Genma was surprised by the look In Kakashi eyes. So he had to ask :" what happened." 

Kakashi spoke:" it is confidential." 

Genma nodded :" I see. But I have to know if it is connected with Mito-Chan." 

Kakashi nodded :" it always is." 

Genma then remembered :" oh, yeah, how did training go." 

Kakashi answered :" it was hellish. "

Genma excepted that and he asked :" so, little bird told me you took opportunity and took her for a date. How did it go. "

Genma didn't even try to hide his curiosity. 

Kakashi blushed for a second and then answered honestly :" it didn't go the way I expected. I already felt like she was pulling away from me. But she said that only time will tell me feelings for her. Is it real or were they my misjudgement. She told me a story about her previous crush." 

Genma was procesing his words carefully :" so she probably doesn't believe that we really like her. I want to know that story too. But I want her to tell me about it. "

Kakashi nodded :" she also said that it is dangerous for us to be with her. She seems to be protecting us from her enemies. However I do not believe that she is doing what is the best. She is already involved with us. The enemy does not care if we are lovers or friends to her. "

Genma understood his point however his attention quickly snapped to almost red blur and brown tiny thing. He saw Kakashi's eyes flash with recognition too. It was Mito. They started to follow her. The atmosphere around the dou in front was awkward almost like none existent. Which made the Kakashi and Genma even more curious. 









When Mito finally laid down they managed to come closer. They even laid down next to her. Genma on her left Kakashi on her right. Tenzo was laying on Genma's hand. His eyes were closed, and he was sleeping. He was still tired from not sleeping the night. 

Genma didn't mind him. He and Kakashi stared at Mito who looked beautiful like this. Her eyes weren't focused on anything. Her face was slightly pale and her skin was glassy. Her lips were red and almost dry. Her hair was like her blanket. She mumbled :" if only you didn't do that. If only I didn't involve myself with you." 







Both Kakashi and Genma were surprised by her words. The fear was taking them over as they asked :" why do you say that. Do you really mean it." 

However Mito didn't respond to it immediately. Her mouth was trembling :" I wish that didn't happen. I miss you Mia. This is first time that I have said your name, after 3 years." 

Kakashi and Genma after feeling revealed, were concerned. Mito obliviously didn't even know they were here. She was talking about her past. And it seemed rather painful for her. 

Mito then said:" today I remembered you. Today the fear of loss is impossible to shake. Today I had a panic attack, because I regret your death that much." 

Kakashi seemed to understand. 

Mito continued :" Even though I killed you with my sins. Your suicide let me gather my courage to change. I liked you, now I must say that you are the person that I will always respect you. I am done trying to forget my past. I know it will be hard. I know it is painful." 

The tears were going down her face a sad smile on her face emerged as she smiled :" I am sorry but I can't eat fish, even though it was your favorite food. It just reminds me too much of you. Your life was filled with your eating fish, ironically you ended in a river and it think they tasted your flesh." 

After her little talk she was queit for long period of time her tears didn't stop. However Genma and Kakashi carefully wiped them of. Their hands carefully touching her skin. Mito seemed to enjoy the touch. 










She then closed her eyes and when she opened them she was focused on her surroundings. And to say her color quickly came to her, was understatement. She was blushing so hard that even her hair looked pale. Mito tried to say something. However she was so flushed. Kakashi and Genma enjoyed the look on her face. Genma wanted to comfort her more so he laid his lips on her cheek. Kakashi followed because he could not let Genma just doing it alone. His clothed lips touched her cheek too. 







Mito almost fainted her eyes were so huge. She jumped up. Her feet were wobbly as she tried to escape from here. However both Kakashi and Genma were holding her hands so she had returned to her previous position as quickly as she moved up. She then realized that they probably heard everything she said. She did not want to ruin this moment. It felt nice. The human touch. Her heart was fluttering. She the leted go of their hands and said :" I need a hug." 

The boys blushed as they hugged her. One from each side. Tenzo was left without his pillow. 

Mito sighed softly as she said :" I am sorry that you had to hear me mumble about my previous crush. I didn't want to hurt you in any way." 

Kakashi nodded and spoke:" I know, you wanted me to think about my father. You want me to get better. You didn't hurt me you just comforted me. This is first hug a had given willingly since my fathers suicide. "

Genma softly spoke:" I don't mind it the slightest. This person was so important to you that you decided to honor them. I don't think anyone would have anything against it. "

Both of them then said in same moment :" we want you to know that we like you no matter what." 

Mito cried a little :" I am sorry for doubting you guys. I wish that I could start dating you right now. But I must wait at least for 2 more years then I can date you. Please be patient with me.." 







Kakashi asked :" Is it that specific. Why. "

Mito nodded :" I need something to happen, then my problems will be solved. "

Genma was confused :" how is that going to happen. "

Mito spoke :" I can't really say it to you. But I just know. "

Mito then noticed Tenzo who was looking at them weirdly as he jumped he said:" nee - Chan they are too close to you. You will suffer from the heat." 

Mito laughed and said:" Then cool me with your water jutsu. "

The boy who still was in the air ready to land and kick the boys from his nee-Chan made a small water jutsu making the trio wet. 

Tenzo landed and nervously laughed when he saw the look on Mito's face he hited her body not face as she expected. Her clothes were wet any her body could be seen. Her breast made appearance. Both boys died from the sudden rush of blood in their heads. 


Chapter Text






Then next day. Mito waked feeling better. Her attention was far from the village. She could feel huge reserves of chakra. She knew what that meant. Mito slowly tried to rise she then remembered why she was still on the hill, her sides covered by her hair and sleeping next to her were two handsome boys their hands on her breast. What frustrated her the most was how each of them looked perfect and how Genma hand was on her right boob and Kakashi was on he left making it impossible for her not to wake one of them up. What was more their legs were tangled. She could not move her legs Tenzo was sleeping on her left making use of her hair as a pillow. 




Flash back to yesterday 

Mito was chasing Tenzo around after making her wet. Only did she notice that sun was almost completely gone. She tried to catch him. However she was still emotionally tired and so she needed to sleep soon. When she finally caught him. Kakashi and Genma jumped on her saying :" You should not move like that around the people. Stay here little longer so that your clothes can dry. We will keep you company." 

Mito nodded after carefully considering how she looked so she asked :" You guys won't mind. I mean Genma what about your parents. You it is getting late. "

Genma asnwerd confidently:" they aren't home so they won't know. If I am little late. "



Mito and the boys then talked about training and lot of other stuff. Mito tried her best not to say anything about Asuma and Kurenai. The boys were pretty good at gossiping, well they were saying it was information gathering. Mito laughed at that. Then there was a lot of talk with young Tenzo who slowly started to like Kakashi as much as he liked Genma. The boy was so cute. 

Mito slowly closed her eyes her emotional tiredness finally caught to her. Soon all of them noticed and slept next to her. 



Flash back end



Mito stared at the long locks of the boys around her. Kakashi was grey and soft, Tenzo were brown and on the darker side, also soft. Genma's were the softest and light brown. She was playing with their hair. Making all of them wear a braid. And to make it worse for them she didn't hid it at all. Tenzo's was a little short. Kakashi hair was still not following the laws of gravity. Genma was a pretty long one and it was beautiful. It was perfect with his face. 






Mito then noticed Minato walking around the village. And he stopped when he finally saw her. He come closer. He looked at her weirdly saying :" the report came Tsuchigake is on his way here." 

Mito tried to get up again only for the hold on her to tightened. Her boobs were squeezed. And she almost moaned. Luckily for her her hands were faster than the sound. She then collected herself and said:" I know, I can feel them. They will reach here in 3 to 4 hours." 

Minato was now looking more at Genma and Kakashi. As he asked :" can you get up." 

Mito blushed and shake her head . 

Minato had heard from Tsunade that Mito had a panic attack yesterday and that she and Tenzo did not return home yesterday. 

He wondered what was that about and what his students had done to help her. He also was little uncomfortable by place where they boys hands were. And the look on their faces said that they were enjoying themselves. 

He quickly tried to untangle their legs. However the more he tried the more the boys had stiffed their bodies. Soon Mito was blushing hard, because now both boys were having their heads on her shoulders and were breathing hot hairs on her neck. 

Mito then sluttered :"j - just, e-wake them up. I c-can't e - endure this." 

Minato noticed that Mito was now even more under the two boys. Which had made him even more uncomfortable. So he cleaned his throat with cough and he yelled :" up. And you both have to do 5 laps around the village. Or else I will forbid you meeting with Mito." 









The boys wake up at the yell. They were surprised by that voice. Kakashi looked up and saw angry Minato :"Minato - sensei what is wrong." 

However before he could get an answer Genma yelleped :" Mito - Chan I am sorry." 

He was super flushed and red. "

Kakashi then noticed his position and his reaction was similar. His face heated up and blush appeared on his ears. 

Minato seemed satisfied to some extent. Tenzo was up too. He was slightly confused by the situation so he asked :" Minato - San, were those two not allowed to touch Mito-nee-Chan because I am pretty sure they kissed her several time on her cheeks yesterday." 





Minato looked at the three blushing mess of children and then at Tenzo so he asked:" Did they do anything else to her. "

Mito hoped they didn't. Kakashi and Genma then said:" we should just start running. " and they were off. 

Tenzo smiled as he said:" they held her hands, they huged and they petted her hair." 

Minato nodded :" don't let them do that to your nee-Chan, it is fine if she agrees," 

Mito was confused :" why would you say that. Of course I let them do those things." 

Minato nodded but still said:" I know you felt bad yesterday, but you must not let boys have their way with you. Take it as advice from your father. "

Minato did not notice his slip but Mito and Tenzo did. Tenzo was confused so he spoke:" Minato - San, are you really Mito's father."

Minato was now the one who blushed :" I decided to take on that role. Because I can. "

Mito wonder if the seal had messed up his head. But she knew it could not do that. 

Minato then said:" can I act like that. "

Mito blushed and said :" do what you want." 

Minato then chuckled :" truly a tsundere. "

Mito pretended not to hear him. 









Mito and Minato firstly took Tenzo to Senju compand and then headed to Hokage office. Mito then hited Minato, saying :" who is tsundere." 

Minato then said :" You are. "

Mito then hitted him again saying :" You aren't allowed to say that to me, father." 

Minato chuckled:" if you call me father I will call you tsundere." 

Mito then stopped and took a sharp left leaving Minato alone on a rooftop. She returned within a minute. 

Minato asked:" what did you do." 

Mito smirked :" I made punishment worse. "

Minato asked :"How so." 

Mito laughed before she spoke:" I saw Gai-kun and I said that Genma and Kakashi are having a race around the village. Saying he should get involved." 

Minato was confused for a second :" ah that kid with lots of energy and supposed rivality with Kakashi." 

Mito nodded :" now that is punishment. "










Minato pretended to understand her words. She obviously knew the boy more. He didn't find him annoying like Kakashi said he would be the one time he had met the boy. They soon reached the tower. Hokage was waiting for the dou. 

Mito knew why she was here. Iwa probably wanted to see the one who took down their jinchuriki. 





Mito stood next to Minato as Hokage spoke about what he expected from this meeting. Well Mito and Minato already knew however the room was filled with some major shinobi of teh village. Only 5 members would go inside. Minato, Mito, Hyuga head, Uchiha head, Akimichi head and Hokage. The rest were here just for be careful, they needed to watch for a safety of meeting. 






Soon the village had quited down. Tsuchigake had appeared. The civilians were looking from a far. 

Hokage and his selected shinobi were waiting for Tsuchigake and his forces at the gates. They greeted Onoki respectfully. Who was still in bad mood. He looked at Mito, carefully not to show any hostility, because that would mean and end of him. He could not survive with 5 shinobi against whole village. 

He greated back :" I hope this ends quickly." 

Mito smirked as she spoke:" that depends on you, Tsuchigake - dono." 

Hokage didn't say anything to Mito, so he said:" shall we sit down and talk. We prepared a house outside of Konoha just for this meeting." 

The house was previously an stable. However Hokage order it to be cleaned and ready for meeting. 






The meting place set here so that Tsuchigake could not say that he was forced to agree to treaty. Well in sense he was. But nobody will know. Iwa won't say anything about their jinchuriki being captured and besides the treaty was good for both villages. In this house Roshi was staying too. He was under constant seals and regularly fed. 

Mito was satisfied by this she wasn't involved in this. Well besides the seals I&T asked from her. 





Minor flashback


Mito also agreed that she would make some seals for I&T on monthly basis. Mito didn't ask much when they would describe a specific seal. She really didn't want to know. Why they needed them. The first meeting with head of I&T was dramatic to say the least. The man stared at her intimatiding her. Then he spoke :" I heard you made those seals. They were excellent could we get more." 

Mito answered :"of course." 

However then I&T head started to number what he wanted. And then he excitedly started to talk about how use would be done and Mito stopped him there:" I really don't want to know the details I will make them and deliver to you on end of the month. "







Onoki was surprised to see Roshi just sitting there. His eyes were focused on the tea in Roshi's hands. Onoki then spoke:" Are you sure Hokage sama that he does not need any supervision. "

Mito answered :" Roshi - dono, is under a series of seals. He can only move his arms and legs. He can't run. So he is staying here so that even Konoha citizens don't know about him being here. "

Onoki was satisfied and intrigued by the answer. He asked Mito :" Did you write them. "

Mito answered :" partly, they are a work from all of Konoha seal masters. They are impossible to recreate. Because each of us has a different style to seals. That also means only we can take them down. "

Onoki then sat down on chair next to Roshi who was making a lot of sighs with his hands. Tsuchigake understood what he was saying but he answered by speaking :" Roshi, I will sing this document no matter what you say. We can't be fighting them now. We are stretched thin." 

However he still read carefully the paper in front of him and would occasionally ask for explanation of certain parts like:" share military equipment. What does this mean. "

Minato explained :" we want from you to make a special swords for us in future from your famous rocks. And in return you will be provided by any kind of equipment you want." 

Tsuchigake nodded :"we can ask for anything then." 

Minato nodded :" yes, we didn't know what you wanted so we pharsed it like that." 

Tsuchigake then answered :" Iwa then wants seals." 

Minato looked at Hokage who just nodded. However Mito spoke before Minato could :" do you wish for special or would you like every type in smaller doses. "

Tsuchigake then thought for few minutes :" I think that want to try them out, so the first time send all of the types and we will say what types we need the most." 

Mito nodded. Minato then spoke :" Then we have to make a deal about how much does one sword worth." 

Mito then said :" Well why don't we compare their prices in market. Our seals are usually are around 2000 Ryo. Some are more expensive and their are some which aren't for the sale. However those are Uzumaki clan secret and cannot be sold anyway. "

The man next to Tsuchigake spoke then :" our swords are usually around 15000 Ryo each. "

Mito then said:" Well then 1 swords is for about 7 and sometimes 8 seals. Since there is over 80 types of seals in Konoha that are selling, would you like two of each." 

Minato then added :"which would be 20 swords from you." 

Onoki was satisfied by that :"Fine we will send it to you by the end of this month." 



Then next thing that caught his attention was the last thing on paper :"if I am not wrong this means we are creating a alience. But you can't attack Kiri and help us there, so in the start you aren't able to hold of the alience." 

Mito answered :"You can see it that way, but you also know that tensions between Kiri and Konoha are high. They are demanding something we cannot give to them. We are hoping to stop the war with this treaty. They won't dare to attack us when we are stopped bashing our heads against yours. So they won't attack us and they will be forced to not attack you. The real problem is what kumo will do. "

Tsuchigake asked :" and if that doesn't happen, if they attack you, what will happen to them. "

Mito spoke :" they will lose by the thing they created. It would end it's revenge. "

The air in the room was cold and the atmosphere was heavy. Mito then smiled and apologized :" that was meant for them. However I wanted you to know too. "

Uchiha then carefully took her hand and hid her behind his back. Because the 5 man next to Tsuchigake were ready to attack at any moment. Tsuchigake however spoke:" I see. You are referring to Samehada I geuss. "

Hokage answered, trying to save Mito, she did not want anybody knowing about her status of jinchuriki so he had to cover for her :" that isn't the only thing they want from us. They wish for the killer of its previous holder to go live in village hidden in Mist." 

Tsuchigake was confused :"does that mean they want Konoha shinobi to live in heart of Kiri. Just because they are now holder of their great sword." 

Mito piped in:" they think that the person who killed the previous holder is more deserving. Since their pride is the sword and all of its holder live their the tradition should not be broken. "

Tsuchigake snorted:" Then how do you plan to solve this. "

Mito answered again from the behind of Uchiha-dono :" by returning it to them after making a official treaty with them. "

Tsuchigake then signed the paper. 


Chapter Text





The meting was finnished all the left to do was to free Roshi. Mito walked confidently towards him. Her eyes never leaving his eyes. Her hands reached his t-4 vertebrae , it looked like she was hugging them man. When she touched it she quickly stepped back. Luckily the seala effects wore of slowlier than her movements. Roshi finally free and not satisfied by treaty started to gather biju chakra ready to kill all of Konoha forces inside of house however the chakra wasn't gathering. It barely aperead. Mito then spoke :" Roshi-dono, do you really think that you would be able to use biju chakra here, especially after getting kicked out by your biju. Are you really that foolish." 

 Roshi was so furious that he almost screamed :" what did you do to four tails." 

Tsuchigake was also worried if his friend could not contact with his biju anymore. It would prove that they lost too much here. 

Mito calmly answered :" I only talked with him, making him realize some things. I believe when you prove that you are worthy of him, he will happily help you. Until then you need to realize what is it that he wants from you. Until then you will be without his powers. I hope that you get it soon enough what he wants from you. "

Roshi roared:" why would I belive you. "

Mito smirked :" Then ask the four tails. "

Mito then moved and passed slowly next to the Tsuchigake who asked :" You do know what four tails wants. "

Mito smirked and answered :" of course but even if you know you can't help Roshi-dono. But regardless I will tell you the answer it is the respect that the biju wants." 






Mito then left the house and with her rest of Konoha forces. The meeting was over. Tsuchigake was troubled because he had to calm Roshi down. It was clear that the fool still wanted to fight, even though this way Iwa could grow stronger quickly and eventually be at the peace. The calming down part wasn't going to happen in Fire County so he had successfully knocked Roshi out. They then began to move towards the border. 









Mito was surprisingly quiet when Hokage asked what the answer was. Mito eventually sighed as she spoke:" all of biju have different things they are focused on, they have fellings. Isobu is really timid and really likes people who talk to him a lot. He likes attention. Son Goku the four tailed beast is a proud beast it likes to be respected." 

Minato then asked:" what does the respect mean. "

Mito smirked :" it does not mean what you are thinking, they don't need to worship him. He wants from his jinchuriki to be able to be friends with him to be on first name basis. Roshi even though he knows the name of his biju he does not call it by his name. Which shows disrespect and how little the man thinks of Son Goku. "

Minato then asked:" do all of the biju have a name. "

Mito nodded :" yes, but some are unwilling to say theirs. However I know all of them. "

Minato nodded and he gathered his courage:" kyubi what is his name. "

Mito froze and then smiled sadly :" I can't tell you, you can ask Kushina, "

Minato froze:" why." 

Mito :"if she doesn't know that you aren't worthy of knowing it." 

Minato didn't understand :" You mean I am not worthy of knowing kyubi name but I am worthy of becoming a Hokage." 

Mito looked at him weirdly:" I don't decide if you are worthy of his name. He will probably be angry at me when he realizes I know his name. I don't wanna become his breakfast. "

Minato looked back at her weirdly :" and how will he do that. "

Mito shivered as she stayed quiet :" Well if go to met him in Kushina's mindscape that will happen. Which will kill me. So just ask Kushina. "

Minato then said:" they don't talk. They aren't able because of seal." Mito understood :" then that is for the best forme at least."






They finally reached the gates where a lot of people were standing waiting for information about the meting. They also watched 3 boys running around the village. Guy had managed to catch up with Genma and Kakashi and now they were on the same lap. His energetic behavior had almost killed the two boys. They were trying to kill him with stares every so often. Mito laughed out loud as she said to Minato :" You see what I meant by real punishment." 

Minato nodded, clearly seeing that the boy was in a sense annoying but still lovable. 

Mito whistled making the boys stop. Guy looked at her and spirted to her as fast as he could. Even though he was further away from Mito he was first to reach her. His compliment annoyed the other two. 

Hokage and the rest were already inside of village leaving Mito alone with the boys. 






The two now jealous boys appeared next to Mito and stood extremely close to her. Interrupting her conversation with Guy. The boys then hugged her saying :" You made our punishment unbearable now you need to comfort us." 

They then started to touch her hair saying:" maybe we should have matching hairstyle." 

Mito immediately regretted invating Guy. He was actually helping the boys to in their attempts if making braids. Mito had fallen on the ground as they finnished it. Kakashi and Genma had a smirk on their face obliviously enjoying themselves. Guy had went to his training. And she was left with them alone once again. She could not look them at eyes. She was too afraid to see their feelings reflected in them. However she exactly knew how they felt and she knew that she couldn't chose between these two. Both of them were important to her. 





Kakashi and Genma laid next to her. They noticed that she was again lost in her thoughts. So they wanted to enjoy this moment as much as possible. Their hands move on it own. Following Mito's exposed skin. Her hands were exposed. The touch was soft, like she wasn't never touched before. They soon were on their sides their legs on Mito's. Their hands moving closer to her palms. Both Genma and Kakashi felt weird, the usual blood wasn't rushing to their face but to their down region. Mito's legs were also super soft and it didn't help at all to their situation. Mito actually wasn't that lost in thoughts she was just pretending to be. She wanted to see what would happen after noticing them touching her hands. She didn't expect this. However she couldn't say she herself wasn't turned on. She wanted to try something too. She moved her hand slowly but said :" touch me more." as her hands reached down towards were their blood was rushing. Their hands followed hers. They were confused at what she was doing. Mito was surprised by reaction from the boys, did they want to stop. She looked them in eyes. However she could see that wasn't the case. She then started to rub their erected members. Making them huff. Genma then looked at Kakashi who was super confused and he then took his hand laid down on Mito thighs. His was then there two. Mito didn't understand at first but when their hands moved up. The sensation was extremely pleasant. She moaned a little. Her hands started to move more quickly as they move more up. 




Mito was surprised by wet feeling in her pants and the boys were embarrassed when they realized they came. Mito shakily stood up and moved her hand to mouth :"shhh, don't tell anyone about this okay. This will be our secret." 

Mito felt weird saying this. She was older than them mentally, which meant she was a pedophile. But she did not want to think about that. Because if she had gone for partner of her mental age he would be called pedophile.





Mito wonder why did she do it. Why did it feel so right. She had to choose one of them, right. There wasn't any chance of them all being together right. Her thoughts were interuped by Isobu :" do you really think that, they won't accept that. Maybe they will just need time. Just like you will." 

Mito smirked at him saying :"thank you for cheering me up" 





She then opened her eyes to see confused faces of Genma and Kakashi and she said:" I have been thinking a lot this few days about your confessions. I am sorry if I hurted you guys by not believing in your feelings. However I am going to ask you something that many others would consider unreasonable and u moral." 

Genma and Kakashi panicked as they asked :" what is it. "

Mito blushed so hard that her hair looked pale :" would you guys if I dated both of you. "

Genma stayed frozen for a second but he answered :" I wouldn't mind. I like you for who you are, and if I have to share you with someone who is my friend and you care equally about us I would not mind at all. As long as you are happy I will be happy too." 

Kakashi however was queit for a bit longer as he said :" does that mean you like me. "

Mito blushed again :" don't make me take that back. "

Kakashi smirked :" I want to hear it. Say you like me. "

Mito blushed and said:" I like you, both. I like your patience, I like how gentle Genma is, I like how I can talk about anything with both of you, I like that Kakashi knows how I feel, I love that you guys understand me. "

Mito then started to run. Kakashi started to yell after her :" I don't mind then. "

When she run at through village gates. Kakashi and Genma exchange a glance. Kakashi was surprised by the soft expression on Genma's face he then asked:" You don't mind at all." 

Genma answered:" if it was anyone other than you I would mind. I always liked you. I always thought that I wanted to be closer to you. You always were alone and I wanted to be friends with you." 

Kakashi spoke :" we are friends now. "

Genma smirked :" you are more of little brother to me. "

Kakashi sluttered :" w-what, do you mean. "

Genma come closer:" I will take care of you with Mito. You aren't alone, you have your team you have us soon the whole village will love you. They won't just go to talk about your achievements, they will start talking about how great of person you really are." 





Mito run at her house wondering if she really had to say that. Was it really okay. Maybe she rushed she did just realize how much she liked them. Then she thought about Shisui. She never felt butterflies when she was with him. Well she only started to feel them with Kakashi after that dinner they had. Mito then realized she didn't really know much about Shisui she assumed he was the same age as Kakashi, however if she remembered correctly that wasn't the case, he activated his sharingan when he was 7. And he didn't have it here. He was older than itachi, two years older of she remembered correctly, itachi was slightly younger than Hana-Chan. Which meant he was around around 6 to 7 years now. Which meant he would go one this dangerous mission soon. His teammates would get killed and he would activate his sharingan. She needed to be to careful and not to miss that mission. 






Mito then noticed that Jiraiya had come to main house she was surprised by sudden visit. She quickly headed there. Opened the doors as quickly as she could. Tenzo was the only person who wasn't surprised by her entrance. He rushed towards her. Luckily Mito changed her pants when she was in her house. Because Tenzo head was just on her stomach which meant his body was heavily leaning on her. Mito took him in her arms. And then she asked :" Jiraiya - sama what brings you all they way here." 

Tsunade and Jiraiya blushed suddenly and then began to sluttered their words which created a bunch of useless noise to Mito. She then sat down and said :" could you repeat i didn't quite understand that. "

Jiraiya gathered the courage as he spoke :" I wanted to know more about or deal and when would our deal take place and other details." 

Mito nodded :" I see, do you want the house and possibly entire compand to yourself, I can find a place for the rest of us." 

Tsunade blushed :" what are you saying brat."

Mito continued not even bothered by Tsunade words:" I mean you guys will have to enjoy yourself. I am not planning to hear those sounds. "

Jiraiya didn't understand what Mito thinking. 





Mito then asked :" the only problem will be if you guys don't succeed in first attempt. I mean even if you guys do, I expect that Jiraiya - sama will move in with us. It would be weird if the child does not see his father when his father is in Konoha." 

Shizune then appeared from the kitchen :" I agree with Mito-Chan. Jiraiya - sama should just move in. "

Jiraiya then noticed the looks the two girls were sending each other, they were on same wawe line. He then spoke:" if Tsunade does not mind, u think that would be best, for child, of course." 

Tsunade catched on what was happening, however Tenzo was faster to speak up :" I don't mind, I would like to have male friend living so close to me." 

Mito petted his head and he beamed. Tsunade snorted :" just don't teach him anything weird Jiraiya. "

To say that Tsunade was sure in her decisions would be lie. She still didn't know if this whole thing would work out. She could see that everyone supported her and Jiraiya. If only she could say that she liked him. 


Chapter Text







Mito then cought :" anyways, did you think of date. It would be best if it is soon. There will be a mission I will have to take in few days. And I don't want to leave Tenzo alone with Shizune. Even though I am sure she can take care of him. Ten-Chan can get himself in trouble easily. "

Tenzo blushed:" that was just once. And I couldn't do anything about it. I am too short. "

Mito then asked :" Are you ready to talk about that. "

Tenzo was red. :" no. "

Tsunade was looking at the two asking :" what happened. "

Mito smirked as she said :" You see when we were at restaurant. A toilet seat was too high for Tenzo-kun and he needed help. Because he was too short. Well the toilet was a mess so I had to clean it." 

Jiraiya asked :"Did he." 

However Tenzo managed to answer before he even spoke more :" I had to pee." 







Tsunade frowned as she spoke :" I geuss that is fine my days are just coming up. So we can do it in 3 to 6 days from now." 

Jiraiya then said:" Then I would like it to be Monday, because I am heading on mission on Tuesday." 

Mito spoke:" so soon, but I guess you were long here." 

Jiraiya nodded :" yes I have to see how situation is rest of the world. "

Mito asked :" does anything make you worry. "

Jiraiya spoke :" Well Ame is awfully queit, Kiri is dangerous and kumo too. "

Mito nodded :" that is all truth. "







Hayate was in the market watching a strange interaction between Genma and Kakashi. The two were obliviously teasing each other which was different than usual, they would insult each other with the same words just a week ago. However now there was fondness in those words. He quietly came closer to the dou carefully to surprise them. However that did not work. Genma noticed him as he spoke:" oh, look who we have here. Mitos big brother." 

Hayate looked around to see if someone was listening in and said:" should I warn you not to call me that. Or should I warn you not to me met with my little sister." 

Kakashi then said :" even though you are her big brother I don't think you have those authorities." 

Hayate looked at him as he smirked :" should I prove it to you. "

Genma then held a hand of the two of them saying :" I don't think that is a good idea. Besides we could always just get along. Right brother in law. "

Hayate mumbled :" Did I just get promoted." 

Genma and Kakashi laughed :" You sure did. "

Hayate then finally asked :" Did you two become friends while I wasn't looking. "

Genma nodded :" even more than friends. I got a cute little brother. "

Kakashi mumbled :", cute, I could beat you up. "

Hayate ignored the Kakashi as he asked:" since when are this close." 

Genma asnwerd honestly :" Well we had some incredible bonding time. And we naturally got close. Well If I honestly have to say it is from today. We seem to understand each other. And we have a same goal." 

Kakashi nodded. 






Then Genma seeing that conversation end wanted to tease Hayate :" oh I heard Mito-Chan has a new favorite brother. "

To say that didn't get reaction from Hayate would be lie. The boy firstly look confused but his face soon twisted in worry:" who is it." 

Genma and Kakashi laughed :" don't worry you don't have a chance against him. "

Hayate was not satisfied with their words. So he said:" I am going to met her. I mean I won't let anyone take my place." 

The two didn't get to say anything because Hayate was already moving with incredible speed on the roofs of the houses. Well that didn't go as planned. But they will sort things by themselves right. Kakashi and Genma exchange looks. 







Hayate was rushing through the village. And he almost fell down when he saw two people making out. And he made a loud noise of disbelief. Asuma and Kurenai looked up and blushed so hard. However Hayate spoke:" I don't have time for this" as he continued to jumping landing on street before Senju compand. Mito immediately walked out to great him:" big brother, what brings you here." Mito could also feel distressed chakra from Asuma and Kurenai following the boy however they were not as quick as he was. Hayate finally catches his breath as he spoke:" do you have a brother who you love more than me. "

Mito was surprised by the question so she did not know how to respond in few seconds. Hayate saddened quickly but when Mito spoke he stop changing his expression :" ah you are talking about Ten-Chan. However I love you more than him. He is super cute and all but he is also troublesome. Do you want to met him." 

Hayate face brightened as he spoke:" Ten-Chan is he younger than me." 

Mito nodded. 

Hayate then answered :" Yes I want to met him. "

However before Mito could call for Tenzo Asuma and Kurenai arrived. Hayate then remembered. 

Kurenai was frustrated as she spoke :" at least he didn't tell anyone who already didn't know. "

Mito then looked confused :" tell me what. "

Asuma chipped in:" You guys didn't talk about seeing us kissing." 

Mito shoke her head :" no we were talking about family problems. Wait. You guys didn't listen to my advice. "

Kurenai gulped :" Well we tried but there is always a rush of feelings when we are in village." 

Mito facepalm but then she realized that she did something worse this morning. 

Hayate asked:" wait, you knew. And didn't tell me. "

Mito nodded :" well I promised I wouldn't tell to anyone. "

Kurenai added :" Hayate - kun, I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone too." 

Hayate said:" I promise but please don't do it in village. I accidentally found you. But that also means the others could too. "

Mito then remembered something as she asked :" does Anko-Chan not know. "

Kurenai looked at her as she struggled to answer :" Well, she kinda knows because she helped me conffes. "

Mito understood :" ah, I see. She knows to keep her mouth closed for her important people." 

Asuma was surprised by those words :" what do you mean." 

Mito shugered :" Kurenai - Chan gets it, so I don't really want to explain. "

The next moment the doors opened and Tenzo stepped out of the house saying :" " nee-chan, the tea is done." 

However he stopped when he saw three others there. He didn't know if he should interduce himself or just wait for Mito. Mito smiled at him gesturing to come closer. 

Tenzo then spoke as he came closer:" I am Tenzo of Senju. It is nice to meet you. "

Hayate immediately connected the dots and he immediately introduced himself :" I am Gekko Hayate, it is nice to meet you. Ten-Chan." 

The boy was surprised by his nickname being used. However he didn't manage to ask because Kurenai and Asuma interduced themselves. Then Mito started to talk :" I trained with them, Kurenai and Asuma are teammates and Hayate is a person I naturally close too. I consider him a big brother of sorts. That is why he knows your nickname." 

Tenzo then exclaimed :" so he is the big brother you talk a lot about. Honestly I thought he would look stronger. "

The teenagers could feel wawes of jealously coming from Tenzo. Hayate smirked and said:" You can call me big brother too. Since you call my precious little sister, nee-Chan. "

Tenzo was startled he hoped he would provoke the boy but instead the boy was nice to him which made him feel like mean one. He sulked as he asid:" big brother is good person. "

Mito petted him. However that made Hayate move closer to. Mito looked at him weirdly. However she recurrently petted him too. Asuma and Kurenai could not help but laughed. Kurenai was laying on the ground as she mumbled :" Mito-Chan is amazing, not only does she have guys fighting for position of her boyfriend but also of her favorite brother." 





Mito looked at her as she spoke:" Well I would feel pity for you but you also have Asuma running around you like lost puppy." 

Asuma looked at Mito almost cursing her until he noticed that was a joke, directed to Kurenai not him. He could let that slide just this once. Because he really didn't want to seem like jerk to the kid. 

He then said :" I heard that you and my father aren't talking." 

Mito seemed surprised by those words as she asked him :" Did he tell you that." 

Asuma nodded :" he did." 

Mito then nodded :" I guess that is fine, I would rather him being close to you than me." 

Asuma could feel Mito being sinscere and he appreciated it, but he was still curious how Mito really felt. He heard his fathers analizing how she probably felt but he still wanted to know from Mito herself so he gathered his courage as he spoke:" How do you feel about that right now." 

The atmosphere froze for a second, Mito face looked pale for a second. Until Mito sadly smiled and answered :" I honestly still didn't forgive him, he did something that was a mistake from every direction I looked in his decision. I feel betrayed, I feel like I can't trust him anymore. And I just want to ignore him." 

Asuma got it. Unlike him, his father didn't put her in second place, he did something worse he just threw her suggestions out they way like it was useless. She doesn't want to see him, while he desperately wanted to show how great he was, he wanted his father attention to be on him. 








Hayate then noticed the time as the soon wasn't above his head and he said:" I have to go now. My training starts soon. So I have to go. Mito we will talk about something tonight." and he then wawe his hands to all of them. Kurenai and Asuma then noticed the time too so they also left. Mito and Tenzo entered the house to drink tea. Luckily it didn't get to cold. 

Jiraiya asked :" who were the kids. "

Mito looked confused at him :" Well it thought you knew them."

Jiraiya nodded :" obviously but I didn't know you knew them." 

Mito smirked :" I trained them. And Hayate is like big brother I can always lean on to talk about stuff." 

Tsunade didn't know that :" really, thought you were just joking around in front of gates." 

Mito smirked :" in my past village there was a saying that went in every joke there is half of truth. "

Tsunade nodded :" that reminds me, you promised to show of your cooking skills. But you ran away yesterday. "

Mito smirked :" oh did you buy the ingredients I asked for. "

Tsunade nodded :" but I don't know why you need them. "

Mito nodded :" do you cook." 

Tsunade shake her head. 

Mito then said :" no wonder, Shizune would probably know what to do with ingredients. But she wouldn't know how to make this food. "



Tsunade then said :"I guess. I and Shizune will go to hospital. I will invite Rin and I guess Jiraiya will be here."

Jiraiya nodded :" I just need to go and pack my things to move here." 

Mito nodded :" Well that is fine. Ten-Chan why don't you help Jiraiya pack himself. The cooking is boring for you. "



In half of hour everyone left Mito alone in house as she started to cook. She had to prove herself. She knew she could do this. She cooked for herself since she was 6. She just wasn't good at usual Japanese dishes. Mito firstly cutted the spinach and rest of vegetables. The strawberry for dessert. The next thing she did was start making a light soup. Then it came to stretching pasta and then filled it with cheese and spinach then she would roll it up and put in tray in spiral like fashion. She did 3 layers of it. And then she put it in oven. Then she focused on the dessert. The pancakes were fast to be done as she frequently checked on soup and her main dish. She made sure it would be enough for everyone. After finally finishing the pancakes. The doors open and Jiraiya and Tenzo entered the house. Mito then looked at the clock. She still had a 2 hours to finish everything. Which was enough. She knew that Tenzo was already hungry so she gave him two extra pancakes she made. The boy enjoyed them. Mito then continued to cook. The next thing she did were mussels. She wasn't a big fan of them however she wanted to show her skills in kitchen. They were the hardest to find and to cook. Mito smiled when she started to clean them they were fresh and super tasty. Mito then started to cook them. The time went by fast and her pie of cheese and spinach was done. So was her soup. Her mussels had just to cool down. Her pancakes needed to be decorated. 







Mito then heard the doors open again. So she greeted the trio that had come she even made them a her favorite tea. As she said :" dinner is mostly done I just need to decorate the dessert. So you guys can change clothes if you want and call the boys from the rooms." 








When Mito finally finished the pancakes she quickly filled everyone soup and the putted it on table. Mito then quickly cutted pie in equal pieces for everyone. When she was done with that. Tenzo and Rin were already sitting down. Mito was smirking the whole time. The smell of her food was the best. And the look on Rin and Tenzo confirmed it. 

To say that other didn't enjoy her food was lie. Shizune even asked for recipes. Everyone was impressed by the pie and with mussels. Mito was proud of herself. However she quickly noticed that the others could not eat pancakes because they were full. Mito was making a sad puppy face. And they had to eat it. However they regreted it immediately. They were so full they couldn't move and were impressed how Mito could. However Mito pointed :" My portions were smaller because I don't eat much." 





Jiraiya was the one who suddenly asked :" Mito - Chan, I can't remember if you told me, but when is your birthday." 

Mito froze for a second, what date should she chose. Then one of most important dates come to her mind. In previous life because something happened on that they she had hoped everything would end well. The date was very important because she found strength she needed both then and now :" August .8."

Rin then said :"oh really, I always thought that you were born in winter because you said that you turned 12 when you just came in village." 

Mito nodded :" ah, yes I usually would celebrate it in winter because I moved a lot during summer. The winter was safer for us. And I couldn't really celebrate it then when my sensei didn't tell me when I was born until he was on death bed himself. I celebrated it usually on November of 26."

Rin the said:" does that mean you are still 11."

Mito nodded :"yes, I celebrated my birthdays ahead because there was also rule in one of village to count your age with adding a year you spent in womb. That makes you almost year older than. "





Chapter Text







The news of peace treaty of Iwa and Konoha spread quickly. The news already reached Kiri and kumo forces in the afternoon of the same day the treaty was signed. To say that made Kumo smug because they believed :" they are too weak to face us, so they created a treaty, now we shall show them our strength." 

While Kiri reactions were different. Mizukage worried if he should continue with pressing Konoha now when they were again in advantage. Mizukage debated within himself. He couldn't lose the power now. The most of his forces weren't satisfied with how he dealt with Mito escape and they pressured him to this move. Maybe he should step down and let someone else take his place. Maybe, but who. He then exited his office and reached to his council for a help. They however agreed only with his decision to step down. Saying :"we will take care of your successor. We have a great candidate." 

And just like that Mizukage felt relief. However he didn't realize the knew Mizukage would not be as merciful as he is. 








A day later. The Kiri council had a meeting. 

The council voted for the next Mizukage. They chose Karatachi Yagura. One of the strongest men in their army, he did look like a child however he was 21.his tactics were incredible. He was known to follow justice, and he could be cruel sometimes. 

To say that sudden change of Mizukage caused mixed reactions wasn't wrong at all. Civilans felt it to be rushed, however shinobi forces finally relaxed. Kisame was one of those too. He still couldn't get his revenge on Mito, even though he liked her as a person he still hated her actions. 

He grieved for his master for a long of period of time. 







Yagura took the hat and held it with pride his staff in hand he looked like a king of nature. Ironically the staff looked older than he did. Mizukage had amazing speech about how grave mistakes of his predecessor were that he even decided to imprison him for whole year. Yagura was in deep thoughts about the situation he appeared in power. He could manage most of internal problems however the issues with Konoha and Iwa weren't so easy to deal with. Because he knew how important jinchuriki was to nation. But he also knew if he would go to war with Konoha. That would mean 4 jinchuriki versus no jinchuriki. 2 strong armies versus one. Kiri didn't have a choice. They couldn't chose to lose. We just wanted to take as much of it from this. Which meant that a least he could get a hold of Samehada and maybe a treaty with Iwa. However many people in village still want to go to the war. He however didn't wanted to shed blood of his shinobi. Kiri should get stronger a challenge the nations when they are ready. 












In Konoha the situation was different the peace could be felt. The early graduation were mostly canceled. And to be genin children had to be at least 8. However that didn't mean that children that already had that rank would get removed rank. They just got more boring missions. Mito had went to Hokage office since she was involved in Kiri matter more than Iwa one. And when they managed to solve Iwa matter. The Kiri was the next. Mito slowly walked through the tower to office, many people greeted her warmly so she returned it just as warm. Mito politely knocked on the doors. And waited to be called inside. Hokage said it quickly after some loud noise. Mito deducted that a a stack of pens had fallen down. She entered without hesitanting. She wasn't surprised to see Hokage alone. She couldn't feel Minato. This could be awkward if Mito let it be. However she wanted it to end as soon as possible so she spoke :" Hokage - sama, I came to talk about the Kiri matter with you. I think it is time to write and send message." 

Hokage coughed and spoke :" I had a similar thought I was just about to call for you Mito-San, do you want a tea." 

Mito answered :" No need, I am not thirsty at all. So as I was saying I wanted to talk about the message. I wanted to say something in the letter too." 

Hokage was surprised :" and what is it. "

Mito smirked :" I will write it myself when you finnish your part, you can read it then. "




Hokage nodded :" Then I will ask for your opinion of my message too. "

Hokage took out several already written letters from his pockets. Mito was surprised than he kept them there however she didn't mind that much. 

She started to read first one, which was clearly written a week ago :" dear Mizukage - dono, demands are unreasonable and we cannot accept them. Sincerely Hokage." 

Mito crushed this letter as she spoke:" Are you picking a fight." 

Hokage looked confused at her and said:" by no means. Mito - San." 

Mito shake her head :" not with me, but with Kiri. "

Hokage understood :" is it too rude. "

Mito answered :" it is too short." 

She read the others and they all ended in trash. They wouldn't have passed by their own council so to send it to Kiri was even more unreasonable. Mito then spoke :" alright I will write one." 








Mito slowly began :" Dear Mizukage - dono, please reconsider your demands, Konoha is sure that our differences can be dealt peacefully. We are apologizing however we cannot return Uzumaki Mito as a jinchuriki of three tails back to you. We are hoping to deepen our friendship with you village. "

Mito was speaking while she wrote down and she asked:" How does that sound. "

Hokage answered :" it sounds like we don't want to go to the war and it makes us seem a bit week. "

Mito nodded :" yes, however we will add more to the message. "

" it is your decision to make. However if you choose wrong thing you may as well sentenced your shinobi to death. Hokage "

Mito smirked :" done. "

Hokage asked :" what about your part. "

Mito looked at paper and said:" I think it doesn't need to be written because our message is clear. "







The letter was analized by Nara Shikaru. He seemed satisfied by it as he nodded to Hokage. The Hokage then sent a Anbu for messager. The message system in Konoha was complicated. Sometimes it would be handled by teams and sometimes the message would be passed along many shinobi who were on solo mission. However the message almost always reached the destination. 

Hokage knew if the Mizukage accepted their offer. Mito would have to go for negotiations with them. Message would reach Mizukage in two days. So there weren't any worries until then. 










Mito walked to Inzunaka compand one last time she had a tons of antidote with her. She didn't go yesterday however she wasn't called and that meant nothing serious had happened. So when she strolled into compand to look at ninkens she was surprised how healthy all of them looked. There were only two who still needed to recover more. The barrier was half full which meant that the ninkens needed antidote more than healing chakra. Hana was the fastest to reach her. Mito asked her too call Tsume :" I need to tell her new stuff you guys will have to do." 

Mito then lifted the a part of barrier, the one that prevented the dogs from exiting. Tsume appeared quickly, Mito didn't feel her get close she heard o e of dogs bark and she turned around to see her. Mito then began :" I called for you, because almost every ninkens is healthy. Apart from these two. So they need to drink antidote for few more days. And the rest can actually start going on long walks and runs. However the first day should be easy like one lap around the village. The need to work on condition. Their food also needs to be full of protein and healthy fats. If they feel ill just take them to this barrier, because I don't really want to waste this chakra. So it will be staying here. Also for these two call me if something happens that we didn't see before. "

Tsume spoke :" does this mean they are healthy enough to go on missions. "

Mito didn't hesitate to answer :" no, well they are healthy for taking missions, however I don't think they are strong enough after being poisoned for surviving harder missions outside of village. However I doubt they have any usage doing D - rank missions." 

Tsume understood :" can you predict when they will be ready. "

Mito answered :" Well it is hard to tell, however the stronger the ninkens was before being poisoned the longer he will need. I think the first ones should be ready after 2 weeks of constant light training and rest will be gone longer. The younger the ninken is the faster they will heal also. "

Mito then petted the two dogs as she started to head out of barrier Tsume had followed her. Tsume and Mito then said goodbyes. Mito then continued to stroll around the village. She ended climbing the Hokage mountain. She sat on Hashirama head and she watched the village from there. However she wasn't satisfied by the view so she laid down to watch the sky. Only to stop when she saw a new face she didn't before. 






Mito carefully watched the man, who obliviously was Nara, she reminded her a lot of Shikamaru, but Shikamaru wasn't born yet, the only give away was the scar on his face Mito then asked :" Did you need something Nara Shikaku" 

The surprise flashed quickly on Shikaku face however it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. He chuckled :" I didn't think you would know my name. But I suppose that makes it easier for me. Father wanted me to ask you for a match of shogi." 

Mito was morphed in confusion :" didn't I say that I don't know to play it." 

Shikaku smirked :" it is fairly easy to learn I will personally teach you. "

Mito laughed :" I would be honored. But please try to contain yourself from saying troublesome. "

Shikaku almost said it in that moment, but he saved himself :" t- what were you doing here." 

Mito answered :" I was trying to find peace and think about future. However that can wait. "




Mito then followed Shikaku to Nara compand which surprisingly had already prepared themselves for her visit. Mito didn't why. To say that she didn't expect to be greeted by every member of Nara clan was understatement. The dou continued to main house where Mito recognized Yoshino. She quickly noticed the poitret of probably Shikaku's mother Mito however decided to not comment. She however asked :" Shikaku - San, are you two married." her gaze landed on Yoshino. Shikaku answered :" Yes, she is my wife Nara Yoshino." 

Mito softly smiled:" it is nice to meet such lovely couple." Mito knew that Shikamaru was a miracle child. Because apparently Yoshino could not become pregnant before. So she didn't say anything about children in front of her. 






Mito was surprised by warm welcome. Shikaku explained :" father will come in few minutes. As he is better opponent than I am. I will try to warm you up." 

Mito smirked :" somehow I doubt that. You seem to at least have same iq if not higher." 

Shikaku chuckled :" and where does this information come from" 

Mito answered :" it is written on you forehead." 

Shikaku laughed :" Did you just say that my forehead is big." 

Mito smirked. 

Shikaku then started to explain the rules and positions of every piece. Mito was slowly catching up, she would ask everything at least twice, sometimes so she really understand something and sometimes just to annoy the Nara. However Nara seemed to be calm and collected for most of times. Mito catches most important parts. She could not win even if she knew them all. And Shikaru had appeared in middle of explaining so she couldn't really fool around any longer. While both of them were smart Naras, Mito knew that Shikaku did not knew almost anything about her, he probably heard stories but in shinobi world stories didn't mean much. Just like her backstory. 






The first match started. It was obvious that Shikaru had prepared this to test both Mito and Shikaku. Shikaku as a next head and to see how Mito 's mind worked. 

Shikaku obliviously had advantage on shogi board but when it come to verbal questioning the results were stalemate. 

Mito asked:" Is this what you usually do with kids." 

Shikaku chuckled :" no this is first time." 

Mito asked :" Did you ever play against Minato - san." 

Shikaku nodded :" I played many times. We were friends since academy times." 

Mito nodded :" Did he ever surprise you. "

Shikaku was confused by the fact that Mito was actually asking questions and not other way around and what was more she was asking about Minato. He didn't get it right away :" he never ceased to stop. "

Mito simled as she spoke closing her eyes :" do you believe in miracles." 

Shikaku chuckled :" I don't know. I think everything has it is own reason so the miracles aren't really miracles." 

Mito nodded :" but what if something you believed in , but you desperately wanted to be prove wrong, Actually happened. Would you consider that miracle. "

Shikaku stopped to think about it. Mito moved a piece on the board making him lose one of his important figures. 

Shikaku moved his own piece and spoke :" I don't know, would you. "

Mito answered :" Yes, because miracles happen, even if you don't believe in them. Soon even in this village three miracles will happen. This village shall be brightened by new sun and moon. Creating a place for new and strong shadow. "

Mito then took another figure however. The game ended when Shikaku moved his figure. Mito lost. However by the end the board didn't look as she lost miserably. She had push on when game was ending. 






The second match began quickly after. Shikaku was mostly confused. But Shikaru asked instead :" is that another prophecy. Mito-Chan." 

Mito stiffed for second and then spoke :" I see Minato - San, told you about this." 

He then asked :" the new and strong shadow refers to us right, or at least one of us." 

Mito smirked :" he is yet to be born." 

Shikaku then chocked on his tea :" what how far in future can you see." 

Mito answered :" I don't see in future. I get a set of pictures about certain things. I have seen further than I wanted to see. "

The solemn expression made Shikaku regret asking her that, however Mito just continued to play as best as she could. The thing that Shikaru noticed that Mito was more of defensive player. She would only attack when she didn't have choice or if she saw something brewing. 

Shikaku had trouble breaking the defense. 

Shikaku then asked :" I heard that you have a lot of guys following you around. Why do you think they do that." 






Mito was queit for few seconds trying to answer :" I don't actually know. I think that I have shown them what it means to be broken and what happens when you try to heal yourself alone. There is someone in this village. However he can be still rescued, I can't. I have enemies that I don't even know about. I swore to take a revenge, and I am slowly making sure that I do it. "

Shikaku asked :" what do you mean. "

Mito answered :" I killed over 100 of Iwa shinobi, I took something precious from Kiri and I took something from Konoha. All because I wanted to revenge my village. "

Shikaku however saw through that lie as she said :" so this is why Minato calls you tsundere. You hide how you really feel and do it with believable lies. Yes there is your clan and your past, however you don't seem to be doing those things for past and revenge but rather for future. You know that you don't have choice so actually try to portrait yourself as a bad person. When I reality you were shaking from the fear of taking life from others. "








Mito laughed her hand reaching her hair :" You really saw through that. As I expected. You really are the smartest Nara. Your are the first person who told me in face that I am a liar. "

Mito continued to laugh. As then she spoke again :" what do you think about me. Shikaku - San." 

Shikaku stiffed when he saw the cautious eyes of Mito how she seemed to look in his soul. Similar to Minato. 

Shikaku answered :" You seem to be a genius that rivals even Nara clan. You are a survivor, and you are really unpredictable. That is however a Uzumaki trait. However your personality is something that isn't based on your genes. It is based on your trauma from the past." 

Mito smirked and looked at Shikaru as she spoke :" Did he prove worthy of being the head of Nara clan. Shikaru-sama. "

Shikaku stiffed once again hearing those words, was he the one being tested the whole time. Shikaru spoke :" I am proud of you son. However Mito-Chan I still want to play against you. Your defense is the best I have seen in years. "

Mito smirked :" You flatter me. I usually was getting scolded for protecting my things from others." 

Mito lost the second match which was closer than her first match. 






The third match was against Shikaru who asked :" Your past, how much darker is it from what you told us. "

Mito froze :" I can't really say. I would say the story I gave you is grey . And the rest of my life is black. Which means I took out the most horrible things out. And presented the traumas that could have been treated if the others didn't happen. "




Chapter Text




The next few days went uneventful for Mito. Her days were spent mostly on training and taking care of Tenzo. She however wasn't bored. Today was Monday and that actually meant two things. She and Shizune and Tenzo had to move back to Mitos previous apartment. Because Jiraiya and Tsunade were going to do the thing. Mito carefully packed everything they would need for one night. The other thing she expected to happen was the arrival of the letter from Kiri. She counted on the days and was fairly certain today the answer would come. 






Mito firstly put the stuff in her previous apartment and then headed to train with Tenzo. While Shizune was doing morning shift. Mito was getting better and better at wood release techniques. She could call even the strongest versions of it. However she could not control them as she should. It was tricky her chakra sometimes would just do things on it is own and sometimes she tried to hard. 

However Tenzo always helped her. His control was natural. However he lacked chakra reserves to actually the strongest exercises. So Mito would train him in exercise that would built his reserves up. Like meditation and better chakra control and storing the chakra. Tenzo was good teacher and good student however he could be annoying sometimes. 

So Mito headed to Hokage tower when it was already noon. Tenzo was apparently bored of the office and would rather spend some time with Orochimaru which was fine with Mito. The boy needed to be more independent and have more friends. Well soon he would go to academy. Which actually starts one week before her birthday which was a two weeks from now. 





Mito felt guilty about the thing she did few days before. She, you could say gave a hand job to two boys, that was problematic by itself. But one of those boys wasn't even 10 and the other was 12 and something. Mito felt horrible, she then made herself strong and said :" okay no more followin your hormones, at least until you are old enough." 

However Mito wonder, how old was old enough. She was already sexually frustrated, and she was mentally if she would have to way 3 more year that did seem like a long period of time but it was acceptable, however she would be 15 then. And her partners would be 12 and 16. What the hell. Could she allow that. Well Genma would not be a problem but Kakashi. Well that she would need to think about then. But the problem now would be could she really last until she is 15. Then it hit her masturbation. Girls could mastrubate too. Mito didn't mastrubate in her previous life much. But she did it sometimes. Well she guessed it would be better than nothing. 

Mito finally reached the Hokage tower and she knocked on the door. Minato could be heard :" just a minute." 

Mito patently waited and the doors opened. Minato was probably expecting someone taller than she was because he was looking up and after few seconds he finally looked at her. To say that didn't annoy Mito would be a lie. However Mito decided to ignore it as she asked :" am I interrupting something. Do you have a important guest you are waiting for."

Minato let her inside as he spoke:" ah we are waiting for the messager."

Mito understood :" ah, he still didn't come. Well they probably were delayed somewhat." 

Hokage nodded :" yes it seems so. Are you going to wait with us. "

Mito sighed :" I don't have anything else to do. So if you would excuse me for interrupting your conversation."

Mito sat on the couch as she took a book out of her seal, the one about Gusty Ninja with Jiraiya hand signature. The early gift she got from Jiraiya for her birthday. 

Mito enjoyed reading it when Tenzo couldn't sleep and she was already half done with the book. Well it was short book with only 100 pages. 











Kiri on the day forth Mizukage Karatachi Yagura received the letter from Konoha. 

The first thing that unsettled many Kiri shinobi was the Konoha shinobi walking in village heading straight to Mizukage. The first reaction that Mizukage had was fear. What was the answer. How should he prepare himself. Well certainly they would refuse but the way how they refuse is also important. Just like when you conffeses to someone you would rather hear why they don't like you than just I don't like you. 








The messager quickly came and bowed to Yagura, however it seemed like he was searching for something else. Yagura spoke :" messager - San, you are here. I must inform you that I am new Mizukage." 

The messager froze for a moment :" I see. We didn't have any information about new Mizukage. So I am sorry for my disrespect. Mizukage - dono, this here is a message from Hokage - sama and the village of hidden in leaves. "

Mizukage heald out hand and carefully opened it on oposite side. Just to make sure it didn't contain any poison. He let the messager leave as he said :" please stay in nearby inn. I will call for you once I write my reply. "

He slowly started to read. The first sentence seemed odd. Like Konoha was week, however the further he read it appeared they were merciful. He sighed. He still had to ask for forgiveness of foolish actions of Kiri in the past. Konoha seemed to like peace more than to go against it. 






Yagura only feared what would his shinobi feel like. They wanted a way to revenge. However Kiri right now couldn't go to the war. He hoped that would be easy to comprehend. He however was also glad he just became a Mizukage. He still didn't have a council because he disbanded the previous one. Saying that they were also involved in ruling and mistakes of 3 Mizukage. So now he had free regime. He could do whatever he wants with this letter and he wanted to do what was the best thing for a village. So he started with :" Dear Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, 

I the fourth Mizukage, Karatachi Yagura, ask for forgiveness about this unpleasant situation. The Third Mizukage was overthrown by counsel and I was chosen as the next Mizukage. I wish to speak with you about this matter privately or with someone you trust. I and my village will not attack and we want peace. However we cannot accept that we lost two of our treasures. Sincerely Mizukage. "

He folded the paper and waited for few moments thinking about it once more. The time he needed to actually write and read the letter was over a hour so when he called for Konoha messager the man was surprised by the letter. The letter was written rather quickly. Back in Konoha he actually knew that he would be messager and was called by Hokage only to wait for several hours. So this was new to him. He carefully took the letter and he carefully put it a seal. He then bowed again to Mizukage as he said:" Mizukage - dono, it was pleasure meeting you." and he was gone. He had to walk in Kiri territory just in case they wouldn't think of him as a threat. His journey was slower than expected because of that. 







Back in Konoha 

The wait for a messager was long. Mito had finnished the book and it was around 3 p.m. Hokage had a lot of people come and go and some where there for missions and some were reporting. The people were wondering if Mito and Hokage had actually make up. However Mito answered it like this :" it is more like a peace treaty. There is a grudge but I we pretend we are fine." 

Minato wasn't impressed by that analysis. Then it was time for Nara head to enter in the room. He was also surprised by the fact Mito was here as he asked :" Mito - Chan, what are you doing here."

Mito responded :" waiting for a reply. I just hope I am not wasting my valuable time." 

Nara smirked :" could you perhaps leave us to talk for few minutes." 

She understood they would probably be talking about her. So she stood up and said:" I guess I can do this, because I already know what you will talk about. "






The Nara clan head just arrived for another short mission he took just few hours after the talk with Mito. It wasn't super serious mission however it needed to be done. So he didn't talk about what he found out about Mito with Hokage. So Mito really did know. The Hokage was surprised to learn that Mito really was a prophet. Her prophecy did sound like legendary stories. Minato also was surprised because Mito didn't speak about shadow at all. Maybe it was important to Nara clan more than the rest. Hokage said :" Then we still don't know what this means." 

Minato interuped :" I have spoken with Mito about this. We'll the long story short. Mito calls this children saviors. One of them will be a Uchiha. One is apparently Nara. However she is misteryous about the sun one. He seems to be the most important one. She did mention the connection with Senju and Uchiha clan, however she said the sun wasn't a Senju. "

Nara nodded :" Did you ask for their appearance, and did you ask why you aren't allowed to know. "

Minato nodded :" yes, she said the sun was blond haired boy with blue eyes and she said that us knowing about them could change some things. "

Nara then spoke :" Well I think I get why she said that. If the child won't be a Yamanaka. Then I know whose child it would be. But I can't reveal it, because we should probably listen to advice of a prophet. "

Nara was smart the only person left when you rejected Senju were Yamanaka and Minato himself. However if Mito could say a clan name like Uchiha it meant that knowing clan name didn't matter because it didn't say the names of parents. So the reason Yamanaka were rejected was because they were also large clan with over 80% of clan members with blond hair. 

Minato and Kushina were the only left. Kushina connection with Senju from her Uzumaki blood and blond hair was apparently from Minato. 

He then continued :" Well that wasn't the only thing we talked about. She apperently saw right through my hidden attempt of testing both her and Shikaku. She approved of him as next head and she said he was a the smartest Nara." 

Minato was glad his best friend was approved by this young girl. He was happy but one thing confused him :" Why did you test Mito too. "

Nara had solemn look on his face :" while I knew Mito was loyal to Konoha, she is still rather mysterious. I knew that her past was much darker than she let on. However her answer and methopher she used showed that I again didn't know much about her. Her words were ' the story I said to you guys was just grey while my life was black. She also said she was broken inside and that she couldn't be saved."

Minato nodded :" yeah I heard that she something about her past to Kakashi, however Kakashi didn't want to tell more. "

Nara nodded he was happy she found someone she could talk with about her past. He spoke:" there is one thing that unsettled me. Mito said that she wasn't allowed to protect when she was younger. She seemed almost sad and heart broken however her eyes flashed with something and her expression completely changed. She smiled and said that doesn't matter now. Also my son called her by your nickname Minato - San. "

Hokage was confused as he asked::" what nickname "

Minato facepalm :" He called her tsundere. Why. "

Mito then opened the doors with messenger by her side. Mito looked at Nara and then Minato and said:" I there is something more important. "

Minato silently cursed himself, he wanted to know why. But the other matter was obliviously more important. 









The messenger read the message. The four people were satisfied. Mito spoke :" Well then shall we take this opportunity and make a another alliance." 

Hokage looked at her as he said :" I presume you want to go to deal with this mess." 

Mito nodded and spoke:" Well yes, but this shall also be a training for new clan heads like Fugaku - sama and Shikaku - sama. We don't want to provoke Kiri by sending me alone." 

Minato spoke:" but doesn't you going there mean a war. "

Mito smirked :" I am the only one who can hold Samehada more than 10 minutes and survive. And Kiri will want it back. So I am going to bring it to them. And I have unsolved business with one of Kiri shinobi. He will surely want to meet me. "

Minato spoke :" business should I be worried. "

Mito shake her head :" You will not, but feel free to worry. Because I know you will. "

Hokage then asked Mito :" Do you know this new Mizukage, honestly I don't know much about him. "

Mito smirked :" yes I know, he was one of candidates for becoming a jinchuriki before they saw me. He is strong individual, however I haven't met him. He looks like a child I heard even though he is 21. He is calm and cautious."

Mito also said :" I foresaw him becoming a fourth Mizukage however it did happen sooner than I expected. Well probably because I stole a biju from them. "

Minato asked :" why. "

Mito looked at him confused, because she didn't know what he was referring to. Her stealing biju or Yagura becoming Mizukage sooner. She then said :" because his predecessor took a wrong stance. I created a havoc in Kiri in one night and Mizukage could not stop me. Which resulted in several deaths and them losing a lot of important things. Shinobi started to doubt their Mizukages abilities. And he caved under pressure which resulted in their ultimatum. Iwa created alliance with us and previous Mizukage stepped down because he didn't know what to do. "

Minato nodded :" I see. Kage can also get overwhelmed by pressure. "

Mito spoke :" of course, they are only human. "

Mito smirked at Minato and totally ignored Hokage. She then said :" shall I explain to you why he called me a tsundere. If so follow me to Orochimaru-sama's lab. "

And she left. Minato looked at two present shinobi in the room and started to run after Mito clearly curious. Nara then said:" I will inform my son and Fuguki - kun about upcoming mission. "

Hokage nodded. 



Chapter Text




Mito explained why Shikaku called her a tsundere. And Minato laughed so hard. Mito wanted to punch him however. Mito saw Kushina and ran towards her wanting to talk with her. Mito ignored them and entered Orochimaru's lab for Tenzo. Once she had found him sleeping on a couch she carefully picked him up. She quietly thanked Orochimaru for helping her taking care of Tenzo. Orochimaru softly smiled as he said :" no it is my pleasure." to say that Mito was surprised by those words, it wouldn't be wrong. She carefully carried the boy the her apartment. Already knowing that Shizune was there from her morning shift. 








Meanwhile in Senju complex. 

In the early morning Jiraiya had woken up really excited but also full of fear. He didn't sleep well and he knew why. He loved Tsunade through all of his life. And he knew that Tsunade had him in her heart too, however she didn't think of his as a lover. He loved her so much that this situation, even though he liked it, he felt it wasn't a moral thing to do. Even though she chose him. It was because she actually didn't have a choice. She probably didn't want to hurt him by choosing Orochimaru. 




His life was hard, he loved children however now it seemed he would have one just because of political reasons. He hated politics, however he was always in that kind of work. He also knew that he wouldn't be able to see this child a lot. That also pained him. He wondered if this was a punishment or something he deserved. His heart had pained him for all of his life, the reason were always different. However it would always leave a scar which would change him. Jiraiya knew he was optimistic for everyone else but when it came to him. He just couldn't be. He was week, fragile, his insurances still there. Was he worth any love. If he wasn't a Sage would anyone noticed him. 






His thoughts stopped when he heard door next to his room open. It seemed like Mito and Tenzo were going out, they slept in main house yesterday because they were to tired from eating Mito's cooking . That didn't make things easier for him at all. 

He wanted to feel happy but he also wanted Tsunade to be happy. Which probably could not happen at same time. 

He was surprised when Mito entered his room quietly. Her footsteps small and without sound she reached him and hugged him, he was sitting in his room a child hugging him and saying :" everything is going to be fine. There is always hope. There is a saying from where I come from the hope dies last. Even if you are hurting there will be better times. Just look at me. Look at my eyes don't let yours become like mine." 




Jiraiya stared at her eyes just for a second and saw how deaply she was hurt. The eyes that seemed to see the true darkness. Almost looking dead. 

Mito said :" I deaply care for you, a lot of us do. Just like you we have difucult time saying that. So please, be strong and win the hope." 

Mito then squeezed him a little bit more as she leted go saying :" good luck." 

Jiraiya was dazed, could it be that Mito understood him. Could it be that she sensed his feelings. However before he could say thank you. Mito was long gone. He heard a main doors open. Which meant Mito had left. 









Tsunade frowned, the day seemed beautiful, the first rayes of sun had entered her room long ago. She saw them too. To say she slept would be wrong. She couldn't, her head filled with thoughts about possible things that could happen today, how things could go wrong today. Her attention was mostly far away. Her thoughts about her previous loved ones. She was still afraid to love. To feel. She would rather have loneliness as a friend than have to hurt someone or to be hurted by someone. Her heart was broken for long period of time. She could see that she started to heal, however that didn't seem to be enough. She wondered if she really saw Jiraiya just like a teammate. Her mind was swirling around the moment when she firstly thought about having his child. She always thought it would be more convenient for her that way. She never wondered if her feelings were causing her to think about him. 

Tsunade was surprised when a sudden girl squeezed her, the room was filled with red. Mito's hair was so red and so beautiful. Mito gently spoke :" there is nothing to be afraid of. Love is there to hurt us, sometimes it hunts us, and sometimes we hunt it. However neither we can nor it can escape each other. So there is nothing you should be afraid. Just try to be yourself. Just follow your heart in this case. If it beats faster than come closer, if it doesn't then say it clearly so neither of you gets hurt. Be honest with yourself and him. Don't lie. " Mito then softly kissed Tsunade on temple saying :" just like you Jiraiya has his doubts too. I don't know if you or him have it worse. However you are in same situation. So just be happy with your choice. I will be going now. Good luck. "

And just like that Mito slipped out of Tsunade's hold. Tsunade's tears were wiped by Mito's clothes. 






Tsunade sighed deeply as she exited her room trying to see where Mito was. If that really was Mito. To thank her however what she saw surprised her. Jiraiya was exiting his room to his eyes red just like hers. He mumbled s quiet :" thank you Mito-Chan." he was also surprised to see her standing there. He froze and tried his best to look normal as he said :" good morning, I hope you slept well." 

Tsunade answered honestly :" I didn't sleep at all. How about you." 

Jiraiya face softend a little :" I slept a little. If you aren't ready we don't need to do it." 






Tsunade froze and her face had a frown. Her heart almost skipped a beat. She knew they had to do it today, but how to say that. Jiraiya again spoke :" or we don't, it is your choice." 

Tsunade then spoke :" we don't have other chances. Jiraiya. I want to talk more before anything happens." 

Jiraiya nodded his face had a soft sad smile :" of course. Hime." his old nickname came to mind and he spoke it without thinking. Tsunade froze, her heart speed again just a little. She then headed downstairs. The tea was waiting for them. And it was Mito's favorite. Tsunade and Jiraiya sit opposite to each other. Jiraiya shakily took a cup. The tea calmed him a bit. Tsunade spoke first :" I want to know how you feel about this, what you think will happen to you and me after this." 

Jiraiya gulped and started :" You know I like you, but you also must realize that I don't like this situation we are currently in. For sure I would be mad at you if you didn't choose me, however I still think this is messed up. And we are the only ones that solve this problem, which scares me even more. I know that what I want does not equals what you want so I am going to be fine if you be happy. "

Tsunade felt her heart speed up again she knew what it meant however she wanted to denial it. So she asked :" what do you want then."

Jiraiya froze and then he spoke quietly to not anger Tsunade :" I want to be with you. I doesn't have to be like husband and wife. But I want to always close to you and this child. I want you to be happy and possibly by my side. I love you like that for longest possible time and I can't think of anything that would make me more happy. "

Tsunade nodded, trying not to show how her checks flushed and how eractic her heart beat was:" I see. I can't say that I don't like you. I like you, however for the longest of time I thought that these feelings weren't same to those of love. However it seems that those thoughts were wrong." 

Jiraiya took sharp inhale, however Tsunade continued :" it seemes like I like you for who you are, under your mask of pervert, the one of most kindest people I have met. I would not realized it without help from Mito, honestly. She opened my mind. "

Jiraiya chuckled :" it really is like what she said hope dies last. My last hope are you. I didn't think you would make this happy. You words healed my spirit. " Tsunade flushed :" I am sorry for rejecting before. "

Jiraiya nodded :" it is fine, I too rejected the possibility of us being together a long time ago, however Mito helped me today to seize this chance once again. "






The tea was drunk. And Jiraiya decided to stand up and he took it to kitchen. He knew that this actually meant a lot. While Tsunade didn't say anything of them being together she said she liked him. That was enough for him. He hoped she would let him take care of her just for today. He froze when he felt hands surround him from the back. Something soft pressed his back. He felt sudden blood rush in two directions. He had to calm himself he had taken a deep breath as he asked :" what does this mean, Hime."

He could hear quiet words :" I am sorry I am not ready to look you in eyes while saying this words. I am just afraid I couldn't say it to you then. I wish for the same things as you. So please don't be afraid. And be yourself, and I will be myself. "

Jiraiya face was beat red. He understood his heart beating like crazy, he also could feel Tsunades. He chuckled as he said :" My heart beats slightly faster, just so you know. "

Tsunade snorted :" this isn't a competition. " Jiraiya turned around :" we can always make it one." 

Tsunade flushed, and then said :" I think you are already hard." 

Jiraiya looked down :" You aren't wrong"







Jiraiya hesitated when Tsunade took his hand. She had pulled him to the stairs saying :" now is the best time for it." 

Jiraiya smirked:" How bold, just like I imagined" as he suddenly pick her up princess style saying:" I need to take special care of you Hime." 

Tsunade again flushed especially when she felt his strong hands on her body making her excited. The room was close so the journey wasn't long, however for Tsunade those moments were precious. The first thing that Jiraiya had done when they entered the room surprised her. He carefully laid her on bed and while he was still clothed he came closer as he asked :" may I kiss you, Hime." 

Tsunade nodded because she could think of response. Jiraiya was leaning on her. His body strong and large, hot and handsome, his face was coming closer and closer one of his hands carefully caressed her face while he was leaning on the other. The kiss that followed it was softest thing she felt. She carefully leted his tongue in her mouth. The kiss became slightly more aggressive. The two of them fighting for dominance. Tsunade was winning and it seemed like Jiraiya was fine with that. Once she was certain she won there. She leaned backwards for some air. Jiraiya did the same however the next kiss that followed wasn't as soft it was much more hungry much more passionate and aggressive. Tsunade had started it as she pushed him and rolled them she was on top of him now and the kiss has maddening. To her surprise Jiraya's hands fell on her but cheeks and she felt a strange sensation. Like she yearend for them to be there for longest time. She could see how Jiraiya was flustered about them. She always thought he was super confident, but it seemed like that was a mask he let fall because he didn't care what she thought about him, he wanted to show his true self. Tsunade was happy about that as she said :" it is okay, you can touch what you want." the sudden stars shone in Jiraya's eyes. As his hands started to move slowly in circles on her gluteus. She then started to bite his lips and slowly move on his neck. Jiraiya looked cute like this like lost puppy. She had complete control over him. She liked dominance. 







Jiraiya could feel his eraction getting bigger and bigger. However he decided to enjoy this. His view was perfect. In front of him Tsunade was bitting his neck which was surprisingly turning him on. His hands were slowly moving up taking in every inch of Tsunade's soft and perfect body. He just wondered how would it feel without clothes on. However he knew he would find out soon and they weren't in hurry at all. 


Chapter Text






Tsunade started to slowly sit on Jiraiya more and more his hands were on her neck as he looked dazed in her eyes completely lost in them. Tsunade started to grind the meat she could feel as her hands started to play with Jiraya's chest. His muscular chest, his beautiful nipples.. His grunts were satisfying. He was flushing so hard that she wanted to eat him up. His clothes were obliviously starting to feel tight however she didn't want to stop teasing him. Jiraiya noticed the glint in her eyes as he thought two can play that game. His hands finally touching her beautiful and large breast. The look of shock when he squeezed them, made him grin, Tsunade was so surprised by the sudden touch and amazing feeling on her breast that she accidentally pressed her body harder on Jiraya's meat making her feel more hot… making her more excited. 







She could feel how her pussy was getting super wet and ready. However she could not just lose it now. She continued grind, the room was filled with grunts and moans. They weren't loud but the persons that had to hear it heard it clearly. Tsunade wanted to hide her moans so she leaned down to kiss Jiraiya. Which she soon realized she did not want to do. Because at exactly the same moment she kissed him. Jiraya's meat got large yet again and he pulled her nipples making her moan in his mouth which lead him taking advantage in her mouth. However she quickly regained herself as she pulled with one of her hands left nipple on Jiraiya chest. Jiraiya almost screamed in surprise. This caused Tsunade to be back in control. 






However Tsunade had enough of teasing each other. She backed out of the kiss and suddenly ripped off the shirt on Jiraiya. The surprise on Jiraiya face was priceless. Tsunade then let her hands carefully feel his skin, it was full of small scars and it ft great. The muscles were ripped and it made her more excited. Jiraiya was meanwhile carefully taking the top of Tsunade's clothes carefully while she was obviously fantasizing about something. When she felt her top of she leaned on Jiraya's chest and moved up and down. Making fractions on both upper and lower part of Jiraya's body. His hand however were buzy unzipping her bra. Which was in the way of skin on skin contact. Tsunade did not mind him playing with them a little more. But still she wanted more she could not just do nothing. 






She then stood up and unzipped the pants. The ones on Jiraiya of course. She then quickly got rid of boxers. As she looked at the meat of Jiraiya she said:" I guess you were lieing about your cock size few years ago." 

Jiraiya face splited in smug grin. 

However when he felt Tsunade's hands on his penis we quickly lost control of his expression. The lust was too much for him. Tsunade was getting ready to take this thing in her mouth. She wanted to tease the poor Jiraiya just a little more. 

Her hands stroke him few time and then she got on her knees as she slowly started to lick him firstly and then occasionally kiss the thing. And the she finally put it in her mouth. The first few up and downs weren't big and the she suddenly went deep. Jiraiya reacted with sitting up and trying to make her stop. However Tsunade didn't. She wanted this. She knew the moment she spoke with Mito. This had to happen. 









Jiraiya was loosing his battle with orgasam. Tsunade was making him so close. And he was afraid to cum in her mouth. He thankfully managed to survive the blowjob and hand job. However he also knew that this was nothing compared what was going to happen from now on. 

To his embarrassment. Tsunade planned to make him this close to cumming. So as she seductively and slowly unzipped her own pants and her underwear. Jiraiya had actually cummed and Tsunade chuckled :" I knew you were boosting about your stamina."

 Jiraiya flushed red :" only when it is you." 

This time it was Tsunade turn to be beat red. She was naked and slowly stepping on the bed to come closer to Jiraiya, who was sitting. Her curves were beautiful. Her posture perfect as she slowly sat on Jiraya's lap. Making the two of them eager to move. Jiraiya started to kiss her neck and bite it. Tsunade meanwhile had carefully adjusted Jiraya's penis to her entrance. Tsunade felt a sudden chills move through her body she was feeling it. The top of penis was twitching ready to enter her at any moment. Jiraiya smirked looking her straight in eyes. And he squeezed her bobs. Which caused her to moan and lower her hips slightly which was enough for Jiraiya's top to enter. Tsunade screamed in pleasure. She hadn't felt something enter that entrance in long time. She started to move slowly down her pussy slowly adjusting to the size of cock. She felt the walls being ripped. The pain was making her moan and she felt it like pleasure. Jiraiya was playing with the bobs carefully squeezing them. His body was hot and ready for action but he also noticed that Tsunade didn't do anything like this in long time he wondered if her attitude was due to sexual frustration to. 





Once he was fully inside her, almost to the point where only his balls were out, his left hand moved to Tsunade's hip making her moan at sudden touch her skin became sensitive. Jiraiya liked that. He asked :"Are you ready to move, Hime."

Tsunade snorted :" How about you." 

Jiraiya then puted some pressure on her hip making her go down more. Jiraya's cock fully in and stretching her more. Deep in Tsunade. Tsunade moaned more and then started to move her speed at first slow and then getting faster with each down. She was riding him with relative ease. Jiraiya was lost at words. It never felt this good. However his attention was soon directed to those bouncing things in front of him. His right hand was grabbing one as he squeezed it and his face was in middle of them enjoying the softness. He suddenly started to lick them and then when he came to nipples with his mouth he started to suck them. Tsunade was at bliss. Her bosy was under so much sensation she did not know on what to focus. Her hips were getting tired however Jiraiya had started to move his and dive deeply inside his left hand would help too. The loud smacking sound filled the room. 

Tsunade yells were getting louder :" yeah, Jiraiya, go there, suck more." 

Jiraiya didn't have any time to reply to busy enjoying himself. 








As Tsunade was getting closer to her orgasam. Jiraiya took whole control. Changing position where Tsunade was laying in her Bach her hips in the air and Jiraiya was kneeling while thrusting deeply into her. The look of surprise on both of their faces when they cummed at same time quickly was replaced with look of satisfaction. However they didn't have enough. They tried all of positions like doogy stlye. To say the sex lasted more than 4 hours, I would have to say it is true. When they finally finished. Jiraiya was kissing the body of Tsunade. She was dead tired as she said :" I take back the thing about your stamina." 

Jiraiya smirked:" I could go for another round if you want." 

Tsunade looked at him as he said:" next time. I am to tired and hungry." 

Jiraiya nodded and then said:" well I can make us quick lunch if you want. While you can shower. "

Tsunade nodded her head wondering if he was just being himself or maybe he was trying to be gentle. She however took the offer. 








The shower made her more sleepy but she could eat because surprisingly Jiraiya had brought the food upstairs. And they had lunch together when they were done Jiraiya had cleaned the room and took shower himself. The dou then laid by each other and fell asleep. Their worries from previous morning long gone. They hold each other close. Promising to never let the other to go. 







Several hours later of sleep and Tsunade and Jiraiya were talking to each other normally. They still wanted to hide this kind of reationship, to afraid to say to others even though they knew everyone would support them. Jiraiya then asked :" what about the name of kid. Since I am going to mission soon we should decide it now." 

Tsunade nodded :" yes you are right. Then we should choose two names. One if the child is a girl one if child is boy." 

Jiraiya nodded :" then I will think about girls name while you think about boys. "

Tsunade snorted :" can you name a girl with normal name." 

Jiraiya twisted his face as he said :" Chieko, the wise child, hopefully she will inherit your brain. "

Tsunade was amazed :" wow, you are good at it. I actually thought about Haruko, spring child, for the boy because they will be born in spring. "

Jiraiya smirked :" How wise of you Hime. I agree. I like it" 

Tsunade smiled :" I like yours too." the two then kissed as they began to speak about Jiraya's upcoming mission and the future they would have. The atmosphere in the room was peaceful and beautiful. The day which started with insecurities now was ending with so much positivity. 








In the other parts of village, more especially in Uchiha compand. Shikaru was speaking with Fugaku. 

Shikaru :" Fugaku - San, I came here directly to say about mission you will take in a day time. You were chosen by the leader of mission and the Hokage. The mission is going to be a diplomatic one. So you will learn a lot in it. The reason you are on this mission is to make you more experienced in this part of your new job. My son will be taking this mission as your partner too. The mission is negotiating with Kiri. Your captain had a bit of history with them so be careful that situation doesn't escape control. "

Fugaku was drinking his tea peacefully as he asked :" if I may assume the leader of mission is Minato right. "

Shikaru answered :" No, Minato - San isn't the captain in this, he just returned to train his team after two weeks and they need to take some low missions to evaluate their progress." 

Fugaku nodded :" if I may ask, Hokage would not dare to send something they desperately want to them right. "

Shikaru answered :" unfortunately yes. "

Fugaku coughed his tea as he asked :" if I may know, why is it that they want Mito-San. "

Shikaru hesitated for a second before speaking :" this must stay between us, the only people that know this are clan heads." 

Fugaku nodded :" I will not tell a soul." 

Nara continued ::" Well you uncle would told you eventually, but you must know now. Mito-Chan is a jinchuriki of three tails, she claims that she took it as a revenge for what happened to her homeland. "

Fugaku was confused :" how. Did she managed to do it." 

Nara spoke carefully :" apparently she let them kidnapped her because she knew they needed a jinchuriki. Her being a Uzumaki helped her a lot, she pretend to not be aware of anything behind the scenes however actually she was able to sense how gathering of Sanbi chakra was going. So when she became the jinchuriki, knowing that they would place a extra seal on her, she decided to escape. She killed Suikazan Fuguki in front of Minato and his team, however she could not move more. Apperently she had stayed there for a half of year and has valuable information on them. She was friendly with them. "

Fugaku asked :" Then are we concerned about her loyalty to us too. "

Nara shook his head :" no she said she took a revenge on us by killing Danzo. "

Fugaku spoke :" Then we have to be careful about them attacking us. "

Nara nodded :" they have new Mizukage, Mito knows little about him, however she is sure he won't act rashly so it is more about others not following his orders. "

Fugaku nodded :" I will go prepare myself. "

Shikaru nodded :" I see, then I will tell me son now, he will surely pleased to be around Mito longer. "






Fugaku then informed his love ones about this news. Even Shisui learnt this. He was worried because if Mito was going on Thai mission with two of next leaderes then it must be important and dangerous mission. He however hoped that Mito would be safe, for the same reason she had them to protect her. 






Meanwhile Mito was having a small party in her house with Shizune and Tenzo and surprisingly all of the teams she teached. She had invited Kakashi, Genma and Hayate who then invited more people. And now the everyone was in