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To Take What You Desire Most

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In the span of a month, the ladies who had sent threatening letters to Shen Jiu (as well as poisoned dishes, incense and knick-knacks, Luo BingHe found out eventually) were sentenced to death. Another month, and the harem was dismissed, with only Shen Jiu remaining. Children were disowned and Luo BingHe himself burned the bridges he built with his many advantageous marriages.

The brave NanShan clan was the first to protest against Luo BingHe’s ruthless actions, as their precious princess and princess’s son were returned to the clanland in disgrace. The leader of the clan and Luo BingHe’s own adolescent son stormed the castle with an army ten-thousand strong but was wiped out in the span of a week, with not a single demon successfully infiltrating Luo BingHe’s abode. It was an utter failure through and through.

“You can kill me, but your heir, your son, your very own flesh and blood, how could you bear to kill him too?” it was rumoured that the NanShan clan leader asked this with his dying breath, as his hands clutched tightly around his nephew’s cold body.

“What is an heir to an immortal ruler other than potential competition?” was Luo BingHe’s famous reply. It was said that his voice was loud and clear, spreading across the battlefield like an early winter chill descending.

Luo BingHe then invited the rest of the clan leaders for a summit in the next three days, when the rotting corpses had not been fully cleared and blood still stained the palace walls a muted red. It was a showing of power, meant to intimidate, and it achieved its purpose, with many leaving cowed and fearful.

Shen Jiu had wanted to gloat surreptitiously at the summit himself, wanted to delight in the crumbling pillars of support he engineered, but he was cloistered away in the inner gardens by the demon lord himself, coaxed to accept that there was nothing in the discussion that could interest him.

Then the palace descended into the controlled chaos of preparing for a wedding on a scale never seen before. It was to be grander than even the first wedding Luo BingHe had when he welcomed his first wife, more spectacular than the Southern Demon Saint’s ceremony. Festive red hung from the rafters and servants worked overtime to ensure that everything was spick and span, and as it should be.

However, despite the celebratory overtones, insidious tendrils of fear crept throughout the palace, as Luo BingHe’s temper grew shorter and more erratic without the help of his harem to balance his spiritual and demonic qi. The demon lord was only amicable and indulgent when in the face of his soon-to-be husband. Everyone else was on tenterhooks.

Shen Jiu, meanwhile, had yet to move into Luo BingHe’s rooms officially. It appeared that Luo BingHe was determined to honour him and follow each and every single one of the traditions to the T. He was to be wedded to the demon lord as an honourable master, rather than a disgraced criminal, and the Eastern courtyard in its entirety was given to Shen Jiu. The rest of the suites were opened up and given to his use, although Shen Jiu had no idea what he could do with that much space.

That little hut on QingJing Peak was more than enough for Shen Jiu.

Nonetheless, he thanked Luo BingHe and appeared reluctantly awed at the regard that he was being shown. The number of gifts that appeared in the Eastern courtyard also increased sharply in frequency, as if Luo BingHe was determined to empty his treasury.

It might have moved a more naïve soul, but Shen Jiu intimately understood the reality. The Eastern courtyard was Luo BingHe’s, and Shen Jiu was Luo BingHe’s too. This was a simple relocation of treasures from the underground vault to the Eastern courtyard. The overnight quadrupling of guards was telling enough.

The day of the wedding came and Shen Jiu was dressed in heavily embroidered robes of red. A headdress that promised an aching neck was carefully affixed upon him, and Shen Jiu allowed himself to be primped till the maidservants’ satisfaction.

The pale visage in the mirror with cheeks flushed with rogue looked like a stranger to Shen Jiu. He was breathtakingly beautiful, ethereal and delicate, but he also appeared frail and illusory, as if he was just one strong breeze away from dissipating.

It made sense, Shen Jiu supposed. He had sold his soul to the demon lord and was about to consummate the final act.  

They made their bows to each other, and to the heaven and earth. Soon, it was time for the wedding banquet. The demons who attended were rowdy in their merry-making, toasting to anything and everything, and Shen Jiu would have believed that all was well in the demonic political circles, if not for the fact how everyone kept a careful eye on Luo BingHe, flinching whenever he made a sudden movement. Everyone was on edge, and Luo BingHe was now regarded more with fear, than respect.

Shen Jiu allowed a faint smile to grace his lips as he toasted to his new lord husband. Luo BingHe received it happily, his eyes curving into crescents of joy.

“Shall we retreat to our bedchambers?” Luo BingHe suggested long hours after the full moon had risen into the sky, as the banquet gradually winded down.

Shen Jiu inclined his head in silent acceptance and allowed himself to be led into Luo BingHe’s quarters which were also decorated in wedding red.

“You look absolutely stunning today,” Luo BingHe complimented as the two stood restlessly in the bedchambers.

Shen Jiu was waiting patiently for Luo BingHe to take the initiative, but to his surprise, Luo BingHe’s hands did not wander as he disrobed Shen Jiu till he stood before him in his inner robe. His hands did not cop a feel nor were they unchaste.

Luo BingHe said, curling a gentle hand against Shen Jiu’s cheek, “Do not worry. This lord understands that you’ve no desire to have sex with anyone. We can just sleep next to each other.”

“Sleep?” Shen Jiu repeated in confusion.

“Yes, sleep,” Luo BingHe nodded as he started removing his own wedding garbs. “Will you like to help undress this lord—or perhaps, you find it distasteful?”

“Are we going to sleep next to each other for the rest of our married lives?” Shen Jiu persisted in his line of questioning, as his plan seemed to be going astray.

“Yes,” Luo BingHe pulled off his boots as the final step of his undressing. He then paused, a trace of insecurity entering his bearing, “Unless you find that distasteful too? But I swear never to lay an unchaste hand on you.”

Shen Jiu recalculated his plan in light of the new findings. He had assumed that the demon lord would be eager to sample his newest conquest once he had married him, notwithstanding his supposed impotency. However, this new development was not fully unexpected either. After all, the signs were all there. Still, Luo BingHe’s newfound morality was nothing but a small stumbling block for Shen Jiu.

Shen Jiu allowed unshed tears to gather in his eyes, appearing to be infinitely touched by Luo BingHe’s regard for his situation.

“BingHe,” he murmured tenderly, and Shen Jiu knew immediately that it was the right choice when Luo BingHe’s’ eyes widened before grabbing his hand to lay small kisses on each of his fingers. This was the first time he had ever addressed the beast by name.

Shen Jiu allowed this to continue till Luo BingHe was done. He then surged forward to caress the demon lord’s face, thumb tracing his sharp cheekbones. Shen Jiu neared, affection evident in his eyes, as he gently pressed his lips against Luo BingHe’s.

It was sweet and chaste, until it was not. And it was Shen Jiu who was the first to escalate the kiss, the one who licked at Luo BingHe’s lips intently seeking entrance and subsequently devouring his mouth when Luo BingHe allowed entry. It was clumsy and wet, given that Shen Jiu was still new to this. Nonetheless, this clumsiness could be interpreted as passion and Shen Jiu persisted, as his hands wandered down the hard planes of Luo BingHe’s chest.

Shen Jiu wished that Luo BingHe would reciprocate, rather than standing there like a dead block of wood, and as if prompted by Shen Jiu’s thoughts, Luo BingHe finally moved. However, it was not to grope Shen Jiu, but to push him away.

Shen Jiu startled and cold dread ran up his spine. Had he been uncovered?

Luo BingHe’s pupils were blown wide and his lips red and swollen. He said somewhat breathlessly, “Shizun, don’t start what you cannot end.”

Shen Jiu swallowed dryly as he heaved an internal sigh of relief. He took on an aggrieved tone, “Why did you push me away?”

“Shizun, this lord will not force you to attend to your marital duties,” Luo BingHe took in deep breaths, desperately trying to calm himself. However, his eyes darted to Shen Jiu every few seconds, as if helplessly drawn and unable to resist.

“But…” Shen Jiu licked his lips, as he injected a thread of anger at having been forced to say such embarrassing words, “I want to.”

“You want to?” Luo BingHe’s eyes bulged hilariously.

Shen Jiu took hold of Luo BingHe’s hand and pressed it tightly against his chest wordlessly. The heat of Luo BingHe’s palm seared like a branding iron against him, but Shen Jiu pushed down the revulsion as his heart raced a mile a second.

Luo BingHe’s fingers twitched, but he did not act further, as if frozen solid. Shen Jiu had never despised the demon more, because Luo BingHe had bought him so entirely, bounded Shen Jiu to him so completely, yet he dared to pretend to be good and just. Was Shen Jiu supposed to be moved because his captor would not force himself on him?

Shen Jiu summoned a bright flush to his cheeks and moved Luo BingHe’s hand slightly downwards to brush against his nipple. It pebbled near instantly, and Shen Jiu asked, rasping, “Can’t you feel me, BingHe?”

Five simple words, and they were enough to unravel Luo BingHe’s control as the demon lord pulled him close again, this time, taking the initiative to thoroughly ravish Shen Jiu’s mouth. Shen Jiu used this opportunity to rut his half-hardness against Luo BingHe’s thighs encouragingly.

To his surprise, Luo BingHe pulled back again. He asked concernedly, “Shizun, did you take an aphrodisiac?”

“No,” Shen Jiu resisted the urge to spit in the face of such hypocritical concern. Instead, he gentled his voice and allowed himself to don a loving gaze. He settled the turmoil in his stomach and prepared himself to let absolute filth fall from his lips. “You’ve done so many things for me, you’ve loved me and respected me. Why is it so difficult for you to think that I would want to reciprocate your attentions, BingHe?”


“BingHe,” Shen Jiu looked up at Luo BingHe through his eyelashes. His mouth tasted of ashes, but Shen Jiu managed to sweep his eyes downwards, shy and slightly coy. “Won’t you take me to bed?”

When faced with such a question, what could Luo BingHe do but to obey?

Immediately, a brilliant smile descended onto Luo BingHe’s face and Shen Jiu found a hungry mouth latching on his neck, worrying at the fragile skin there. Nimble hands deftly unbuckled Shen Jiu’s belt, working through the layers and layers of robes with familiar ease until Shen Jiu was bared to the cool night air. Shen Jiu’s nipples hardened, and his half-hard erection was soon wedged against Luo BingHe’s thigh.

Luo BingHe’s body burned a bright line of heat in Shen Jiu as the pleasurable friction warred with the disgust in his heart. But the needs of his body won out in the end, and Shen Jiu soon found himself pressed insistently backwards, until he collapsed into a soft bed, hard and leaking.

It was a familiar sight he saw – Luo BingHe clothed and hovering over him, while Shen Jiu laid naked and vulnerable beneath him. Shen Jiu reached out, wanting to remove the inner robe from Luo BingHe so as to place them on equal grounds, and Luo BingHe assisted eagerly enough, seeming to delight in his enthusiasm.

As the white robe fell away, revealing Luo BingHe and the heavy erection that rested between his legs, Shen Jiu’s own flagged. He laid a tentative hand on the flushed member, hefting it as he tested the weight, noting the hitched breaths and low groans that sounded from Luo BingHe. Eventually, Shen Jiu wrapped a firm hand around it, stroking it as his hold grew slicker from precome.

“Stop,” Luo BingHe said seconds into the action, and Shen Jiu paused in his ministrations, body tensing in an instinctive fight or flight reaction.

“Shizun,” Luo BingHe pressed Shen Jiu’s back into the mattress, settling in between his legs. He caressed the tender flesh on Shen Jiu’s thighs, pushing them apart widely. “You’ve been so good to me. Let me return the favour.”

With that, Luo BingHe engulfed Shen Jiu into warm, wet heat, swallowing constrictively around the length. His head bobbed up and down, and Shen Jiu nearly screamed at the sudden assault of pleasure on his senses. Instead, a low moan escaped his lips as his erection hardened rapidly, legs splaying wider to accommodate the beast between them.

This was the first time anyone had gone down on him, and Shen Jiu was wholly unprepared for the sensation. It was a far cry from how it felt when Shen Jiu had downed the herbs, as pleasure danced behind his eyes, and arousal drowned out the constant refrains of fear and revulsion.

It took no time for the burgeoning tendrils of his climax to make itself known, and Shen Jiu’s hips trembled, trying to thrust erratically into Luo BingHe’s mouth, while at the same time holding back. However, this merely made Luo BingHe tighten his hold on Shen Jiu, pressing dark bruises into pale skin. Just when Shen Jiu was about to give up on his hapless struggling to sink back into the mattress, Luo BingHe chose the moment to withdraw then, a silver line of saliva connecting his lips to Shen Jiu’s erection, breaking only when Luo BingHe’s lips lifted into a Cheshire smile.

Furious at having been robbed of his completion, Shen Jiu lifted his head to glare wetly at Luo BingHe, channelling the frustration he felt at having been toyed.

Luo BingHe laughed lightly, completely uncowed by Shen Jiu’s scowl. “Shizun, don’t look so upset. I want to see you when you come.” Saying so, he pressed a hungry kiss on Shen Jiu’s lips, forcing Shen Jiu to taste his own bitter precome as their tongues entangled. One of his hands sneaked down the length of Shen Jiu’s body, coming to wrap around his erection as it begun to set a punishing pace.  

Thoughts fled Shen Jiu once again, as his body burned white-hot and qi flowed riotously through his veins. His balls drew tighter and heat roiled in his abdomen, as a series of broken-off moans and groans fell involuntarily from Shen Jiu’s lips. Eventually, the ecstasy reached a climax and Shen Jiu felt his body bowing as release spurted from him forcefully.

Trembling minutely as he came down from his high, Shen Jiu blinked blearily at the satisfied smile on Luo BingHe as he laid in the man’s arms. No longer so muddled by pleasure, Shen Jiu eyed the mess on his abdomen distastefully, as he turned to regard Luo BingHe’s stiff erection with grim determination. He could not believe he came before the beast did.

Shen Jiu’s voice was hoarse when he spoke, “You haven’t come yet.”

“It pleases me to see you pleasured,” Luo BingHe nuzzled against Shen Jiu’s neck.

“It must be uncomfortable,” Shen Jiu sighed as his turned his head to gently kiss Luo BingHe. “Here,” Shen Jiu offered and pulled his legs open in an action that was starting to feel too familiar. His nails dug red crescents into the pale flesh as fleshy globes parted to reveal a soft pink pucker.

Luo BingHe appeared to be overcame by emotions and tears began to gather in his eyes. However, this did not last for long, as Luo BingHe obeyed the command with vigour, pressing a series of kisses up Shen Jiu’s calves. They soon transformed into nibbles as Luo BingHe gnawed on the soft fleshy thighs, leaving behind a trail of red love bites as anticipation and fear ratcheted in Shen Jiu. When he finally arrived at the crevice where the pink pucker resided, Luo BingHe breathed out hotly, saying, “Shizun, I’m sorry, but I did not prepare any oils because I thought we wouldn’t be doing this.”

Shen Jiu’s ass clenched at the sensation of warm air skirting over it. He swallowed drily, “It’s fine. I don’t mind hurting for you.”

His traitorous body deserved to hurt for daring to derive pleasure from Luo BingHe.

“Shizun…” Luo BingHe sounded infinitely moved, and he reached down to gather the white liquid that had splattered across Shen Jiu’s abdomen. “Let’s use your cum.”

Something in him ignited at the thought of his own ejaculate being used to further Luo BingHe’s pleasure and a dry fire thrummed dully in Shen Jiu. Unsure of how this foreign emotion might appear on his face, Shen Jiu hid his face behind an arm, as if embarrassed of the filthy acts his body was being subjected to.

“Shizun, I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt,” Luo BingHe promised, a strange undertone of earnestness in his voice. “Trust me.”

With that, the course was set and Shen Jiu’s inputs on that matter was no longer needed. Luo BingHe rubbed his wet index finger around Shen Jiu’s rim, taking his time, only pushing in one finger when Shen Jiu started relaxing minutely. The intrusion had Shen Jiu clenching involuntarily at the strange sensation and Shen Jiu gasped, eyes unseeing.


“I’m fine,” Shen Jiu gritted out as he forced his legs apart again. “Continue.”

“I’ll go slower.”

Luo BingHe made good of what he said and it seemed to take an eternity before three fingers were finally in Shen Jiu, pumping in and out gradually, loosening the hole to take in something bigger. The discomfort gradually faded as Shen Jiu grew used to the slight burn and stretch. When Luo BingHe’s fingers brushed against a particular spot inside him, Shen Jiu’s spine arched off the bed as sparks ignited in his body.

A high-pitched whine escaped from Shen Jiu, and Luo BingHe paused, startled, before he began assaulting the spot with impressive accuracy.

Shen Jiu twisted in the bedsheets as he shoved his hips against the fingers, seeking the foreign but pleasurable sensation. His erection had returned and Shen Jiu felt on the brink of coming again.

“BingHe,” Shen Jiu commanded breathlessly, “Fuck me now.”

Luo BingHe was quick to obey and a blunt head rested against Shen Jiu’s rim for a second, before it was slowly pushing its way in. Shen Jiu felt his whole body trembling as it did its best to accommodate the invading length. He panted quietly, feeling stretched and full, but it did not hurt as much as he thought it would.

Inch by inch, Luo BingHe entered Shen Jiu, and when his thighs rested flush against Shen Jiu’s ass, he stopped. The inexorable mix of pleasure with pain had stars dancing behind Shen Jiu’s eyes, but when Luo BingHe remained motionless for an eternity, Shen Jiu looked down and was aghast to see Luo BingHe staring down at where he was joined with Shen Jiu.

Filthy, was the first thought that came to Shen Jiu’s mind. “Don’t look,” he told Luo BingHe.

His words sparked life back into Luo BingHe who leaned up to teasingly bite and pull at Shen Jiu’s nipples. “Shizun, you’re so beautiful,” he said as he laved wetly at the hard nubs, sending tingles of heat down Shen Jiu’s spine.

Shen Jiu closed his eyes, refusing to acknowledge Luo BingHe. It could be brushed off embarrassment.

“Shizun, I’ll show you.” Strong hands pulled at Shen Jiu, and in a sudden flurry of motions, Shen Jiu found himself maneuvered into a sitting position, as he rested across Luo BingHe’s thighs, legs splayed wide to accommodate him. Shen Jiu’s back laid against Luo BingHe’s firm chest as his arms tightly encircled him. This change in positions jolted the erection inside Shen Jiu, sinking deeper into Shen Jiu than he thought possible.

He was so full, so full.

Delirious and nearly overwhelmed by the sensations, Shen Jiu nearly missed the surge of demon qi whipping out from Luo BingHe, as the full-length mirror in Luo BingHe’s dressing chambers was pulled to rest before the bed.

Shen Jiu caught a brief glimpse of bone-white skin in the mirror before he looked away, shame and arousal a tumultuous concoction in him. However, Luo BingHe grasped his chin firmly, forcing Shen Jiu to face the mirror full-on.

“Look, Shizun, look at how prettily you sit on my cock.”

Shen Jiu’s eyes were drawn to the mirror as if cursed, the hand on his chin preventing him from looking elsewhere. He could have closed his eyes to deny the image, but a self-destructive part of him was strangely compelled to gaze at the image the mirror promised.

It was a sight that had Shen Jiu flushing bright red immediately, as the perpetual flush on his face spread down his neck, to his chest where two red buds, abused and bitten, rested, even as a teasing hand tweaked at his left nipple teasingly. Further down, Shen Jiu’s erection stood proudly between his legs, his tight balls partially hiding where Luo BingHe entered him. As if Luo BingHe could hear Shen Jiu, his hand reached down then to unhesitatingly lift the balls and member up, and Luo BingHe shifted on his knees to bear more of Shen Jiu’s weight as he forced the man to lean backwards. Shen Jiu could feel the rumbles in the chest his back leaned against when Luo BingHe next spoke.


Shen Jiu looked and he could see the bruises and bites left on the tender meat of his thighs, intense red a stark contrast against his pale skin. They progressed in an inward trail, until where they finally ended at the red rim of his asshole that was stretched wide around Luo BingHe’s erection. The pucker was stretched smooth as it clung tight to Luo BingHe’s girth, and there were faint traces of a white substance in the immediate area. It was probably Shen Jiu’s cum which was used to ease the way, or perhaps it was Luo BingHe’s precome that was smeared onto Shen Jiu before he penetrated the man. Or most likely, it was both – a combination of Shen Jiu’s shameful climax with Luo BingHe’s lust.

This uncertainty only hammered home the face of how debauched, used and humiliated Shen Jiu looked. How completely Shen Jiu fit the image of a concubine pleasing his lord husband. How he looked like a thing owned, resting in the embrace of strong arms, and speared on an unforgiving cock.

To his utter dismay, a spike of heat ran up Shen Jiu at this realisation, and he tensed instinctively. In the mirror, Shen Jiu could see the muscles in his thighs and ass twitching, as the hole fluttered and his muscles clenched. A low moan sounded next to Shen Jiu’s ears.

“You tighten so sweetly around me, Shizun.”

These words jolted Shen Jiu out of his daze and he sharply reminded himself that this act of debasement was not for Shen Jiu’s benefit, it was for Luo BingHe’s pleasure. He clenched his muscles deliberately this time round, while his feet moved to gain leverage, planting themselves firmly on the mattress as Shen Jiu began to bounce himself lightly in Luo BingHe’s lap. The humiliating sound of flesh slapping against each other was the accompaniment to Shen Jiu’s agonised pleasure.

Luo BingHe soon got onboard the programme and he moved both hands to Shen Jiu’s ass, helping Shen Jiu to lift higher as his hips began thrusting in rhythm. Like a whore, Shen Jiu managed to think through his haze as he urged his own trembling body to clench tighter and move faster. The two figures in the mirror moved in concert, and Shen Jiu could see for himself how Luo BingHe’s slick cock took him again and again.

When Luo BingHe started thrusting in earnest, it was all Shen Jiu could do to hook his arms backwards, around Luo BingHe’s neck, so that his torso remained upright in this thorough fucking. His legs had long since lost their strength and Shen Jiu now had no control over the pace or force. He was like a ragdoll in Luo BingHe’s hold, cruel pleasure fucked into him relentlessly, as his hole no longer resisted the invading length, instead welcoming it eagerly with soft, vulgar squelches. Somehow, Luo BingHe was still able to brush against the spot with every thrust and Shen Jiu felt as if his entire being was alit with pleasure even with the rough treatment.

A spiel of meaningless words fell from Luo BingHe’s lips as he sought his own pleasure, “So good for me, Shizun. So tight, and so hot. You take me in so well.”

Oversensitivity cast pain on his arousal, but incredibly, Shen Jiu could feel his member hardening again. He had thought it would be impossible for him to get hard so quickly after his last climax, but it appeared that his disgusting body knew no shame. The noises that his throat released were instinctive and Shen Jiu nearly rode the feeling to the peak of its crest, before he remembered himself.

Quickly, Shen Jiu reached down to clamp tightly around his erection.


“To… together,” Shen Jiu managed to reply. It was galling enough that his body was fucked by a monster and got off it, Shen Jiu was not about to come before the beast did again.

Thankfully, his response seemed to spark something in Luo BingHe and the snapping in the demon lord’s hips gained sudden urgency as a low moan resounded in the room. Shen Jiu felt the engorged member taking him in sharp, rapid thrusts. His forcibly restrained erection ached but Shen Jiu held on, denying himself the white hot pleasure until Luo BingHe finally stuttered, arms locking tight and grinding into him sharply as hot fluid was unloaded into Shen Jiu. In the mirror, Luo BingHe’s face was contorted in the throes of pleasure, and the fact that Shen Jiu was the one who brought this expression on the demon lord’s face, that Shen Jiu was one step closer to his revenge drove Shen Jiu over the edge of his climax as he released his hand.

Shen Jiu came and he felt things fading into the background, even as his walls clamped down onto Luo BingHe, milking him through his last spurts. Qi was exchanged furiously between the two; spiritual and demonic qi twinning together even as the lassitude of his climax settled in Shen Jiu’s bones.

“I love you, Shizun,” Luo BingHe chanted, words spilling out of his mouth as if he could no longer contain them. “In this life of mine, I can love no one else but you. You’re my one and only – my only love.”

The duo panted quietly and Shen Jiu caught Luo BingHe’s dazed eyes in the mirror. When Luo BingHe noticed him, a complex look of intense jubilance and tender love dawned upon the demon lord’s face.

“Look at you, Shizun, you came so hard that some landed on the mirror,” Luo BingHe said as he fondled Shen Jiu’s soft member that was now wet with his own come. Shen Jiu swallowed the whine at the discomfort as he glanced downward, repulsed to see that Luo BingHe had spoken truly. A few white beads were present at the bottom of the mirror and Shen Jiu felt the hot flush of anger, although whether it was directed at himself or at Luo BingHe, he was not too sure.

“Don’t,” Shen Jiu whispered, head turning away to hide in the demon’s shoulder.

“But Shizun,” Luo BingHe said as he lifted Shen Jiu up with contradictory tenderness, slipping out of him as a gush of white fluid flowed out of Shen Jiu, trickling down his thighs onto the bed. Shen Jiu wanted to close them together, to hide his shame, but his legs had no strength and it was an easy enough thing for Luo BingHe to hold them wide as his swollen asshole fluttered and gaped. His tender red insides could be seen when Shen Jiu dared a glance at the mirror, painting an absolutely lewd picture when coupled with glazed eyes, ravished chest, and seed languidly leaking out between bitten thighs.

“Look at how good you’re to me. You love me, don’t you, Shizun?”

Shen Jiu felt like he was going to be sick. Hold fast, he told himself, trying to drown out the screaming in his head. Spineless whore, he cursed himself as his hatred grew stronger.

Shen Jiu mustered his remaining strength to twist his body and press soft kisses on Luo BingHe’s lips. As things grew heated, Luo BingHe turned him fully such that Shen Jiu was now chest-to-chest with the demon lord as said demon lord slowly guided him to lie fully on the bed.

Eventually, the kisses slowed, and Shen Jiu cradled the demon lord to him as he pretended to doze off. He knew that the demon lord could still go on, that he had legendary stamina that could have probably fucked Shen Jiu unconscious if he wanted to, but Shen Jiu guessed that his newfound fondness for his husband would give him some reprieve. Shen Jiu snuggled closer and let genuine exhaustion loosen his limbs and slow his breaths.

Luo BingHe seemed willing enough to indulge Shen Jiu, as he pressed a last kiss on Shen Jiu’s forehead, making no move to rouse Shen Jiu for a second round.

“I love you, Shizun,” Luo BingHe said quietly.

An unknown number of hours passed, and Shen Jiu waited patiently for Luo BingHe’s breaths to even, before he slowly untangled himself. Shen Jiu reached for the pitch-black sword that laid discarded on the floor, forgotten by Luo BingHe in this brief respite.

In normal circumstances, XinMo would have rejected his touch, but now that Shen Jiu was practically drenched in Luo BingHe’s qi, XinMo would have mistaken him for his owner. Shen Jiu unsheathed the sword without much trouble and looked assessingly at the gleaming blade.

A heavenly demon’s physique was impressive indeed, but XinMo’s power was nothing to scoff at. If anything could kill a heavenly demon, it would be the sword that the heavenly demon wielded; it would be the sword that was famed to have killed all its previous owners. And aiding in Shen Jiu’s success was the fact that Luo BingHe was weak now. Luo BingHe had weakened himself as he banished his harem and alienated his subjects. His qi had long been unbalanced with his months of sexual abstinence and a single night with Shen Jiu was hardly going to correct the months of erosion, especially not with Luo BingHe’s reluctance to flood Shen Jiu’s meridians with demonic qi.

Shen Jiu’s schemes played out perfectly.

Unhesitatingly, Shen Jiu plunged XinMo into Luo BingHe’s chest, watching with cool satisfaction as blood spurted forth and Luo BingHe’s eyes flew open in pain.

“Shizun?” Luo BingHe coughed blood, confused. The sight of Luo BingHe at his mercy unlocked all the emotions Shen Jiu had suppressed for the last year.

“You wretched demon spawn, you’ve no right to address me as such!” Shen Jiu spat with intense vitriol, hatred burning bright in his face. He had not shouted like this since he became Shen Jiu yet again. 

Luo BingHe looked down at his chest, appearing incredibly lost. “Shizun, what are you doing?”

“Killing you,” Shen Jiu seethed. “You damned demon spawn, you destroyed everything I held dear!”

“Shi—shizun, you love me,” Luo BingHe said faintly.

“I hate you, I hate you!” Shen Jiu shouted, “The past year has been a lie! What you want most is love, isn’t it? So I gave you love – a love that’s so unselfish and unwavering that all other love will pale in comparison.”

Shen Jiu twisted XinMo viciously as he continued, the red-hot anger cooling into something harsher, “Just so that I can take it away the moment you think you’ve it all.”

Tears were running down Luo BingHe’s cheeks now, the transparent liquid mixing with the maroon blood that coated his lips.

“That’s a lie,” Luo BingHe shook his head weakly, “Shizun, tell me that that’s not true.”

“The truth?” Shen Jiu laughed bitterly. “The truth is that I’ve only loved Qi-ge, and you killed him. You killed him.”

“Shizun—“ the familiar stirrings of blood parasites doused the remnants of the all-consuming anger that had threatened to overwhelm Shen Jiu. Shen Jiu grimly recalled to himself that even when holding the man Luo BingHe claimed to love beyond all else, not once had the demon lord offered to extract his blood parasites.

It was an obsessive, possessive love Luo BingHe shoved upon him, and Shen Jiu suddenly had no desire to draw this out anymore. A tiger defanged, was still a tiger.

“You speak too much,” Shen Jiu interjected coldly, using spiritual qi to reinforce the strength in his arms as he forcibly dragged XinMo down Luo BingHe’s body, breaking Luo BingHe’s ribs and slashing through his stomach.

“If you love me so much, just die for me, won’t you, you damned demon spawn?” Shen Jiu mocked, reminiscent of how Luo BingHe used to do the same to him in the Water Prison. He allowed himself this one last cruelty.

He paused, a sharp curl to his lips as he looked down at the demon lord whose eyes had dimmed, on his last breath. “Oh, I forgot, you don’t have a choice now.”

Saying so, Shen Jiu pulled out XinMo and with one clean swoop, cleaved off Luo BingHe’s head. Blood seeped into the white sheets, staining it a deep red as the viscous liquid spread from where it freely flowed, blooming like a vicious flower around the decapitated body.

Finally, silence reigned in the lord’s quarters as the stifling presence that had dominated it faded. Shen Jiu took in the rooms, and by extension, the palace that had become his whole world for the past year. He was unmade here, dashed beyond all repair. But day by day, week by week, Shen Jiu had pieced himself together through sheer force of will, forged into something that was a crude implement for vengeance. And now that his revenge was accomplished, Shen Jiu gazed into the mirror and found that he did not recognise the man in it.

The man who looked back with empty eyes and a wrecked body was not Shen QingQiu. He was not even Shen Jiu, the child from an ignominious past. It was a stranger who stared back at him, and suddenly Shen Jiu could bear it no longer. Spiritual qi surged forth, shattering the mirror into a thousand tiny silver shards.

The sky was lightening, and the full moon fading. As the sun rose and shone its blazing white rays into the palace, a man dressed in deep red picked up the insignia from Luo BingHe’s discarded robes and left the gilded cage.