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Music Under the Spotlight (Lumity Band Au)

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Luz POV:

Two years.

Two long years since I've returned to the Boiling Isles, since I've joined The Abominations. Two years of traveling between worlds, band practice and all the rest of the chaos that comes from the Isles. Two years since I confessed to Amity.

And now, I sat up on stage with a bright red spotlight blurring my vision of the crowd, my drumsticks held up in the air, my shoulders heaving, a giant smile on my face. Cheers were ringing in my ears, replacing the last few notes of the song.

I glanced over at the others, seeing the smirks plastered on their faces as they kept a tight grip on their instruments. After a moment of hesitation, Amity brought one hand up to her mic, carefully taking it off the stand and pulling it closer to her face.

She let out a bit of a laugh, quickly making the crowd quiet down. "Alright folks, we'll be back after the intermission!" The crowd died down to a sea of loud murmurs, which became slightly muffled as the curtains closed.

Letting out a sigh, I stood up from my drums and stretched my arms over my head, shoving my drumsticks in my pocket and slowly moving backstage. "Congrats! You guys have made it to the halfway point!" Edric piped up as he passed me off a water.

"You act like we've never done a show before." Boscha said as she took a water from him, rubbing her eyes slightly. Edric laughed, giving her a soft shove, which turned into the two of them pushing one another while laughing.

Amity rolled her eyes, taking the last water from her sister before moving over by me. Emira motioned for Skara to do something with the sound board before she walked over to the two of us, rolling up her sleeves. "You guys can still see okay right? The effect didn't mess with your eyesight or anything?"

"Still can see crystal clear!" I told her before taking a sip of water, Amity nodding her head. The Blight let out a sigh of relief, looking over towards her brother and the bassist.

"So I'm gonna guess that goes the same for Boscha." She placed a hand on her hip, then let out a laugh. "Honestly, I'm a little surprised that the glowing eyes effect worked that well for the song."

The youngest Blight shrugged, taking another sip of her water. "They worked so well because the lights were dim to match the song, made it easier to see that our eyes were glowing."

"Dim and red, the Devil Town theme." Emira said with a smirk, her eyes following Edric and Boscha as they walked over. Boscha stood off to Amity's right while Edric threw an arm around Amity and I, pulling us close.

"Remind me." He said, looking between the two of us. "We're playing a bunch of our new songs, all except for your little theme song?" He asked, flicking one of Amity's ears and making her scowl.

"It's not my theme song..." She grumbled, taking another sip of her water.

"Sure, keep telling yourself that." Edric ruffled Amity's hair, making her smack his arm away. "No but seriously, we aren't playing Little Miss Perfect this show? Last I checked, you said at all the practices except the last one that we were gonna play it with the rest of the new songs."

"We were, but we're pushing it back a bit." I nodded my head to what Amity was saying, taking a long sip of my water. "We're gonna play it at the next show instead. That way, we can wrap up the composition for Ordinary and release them side by side."

"I thought you said the composition was done?" Boscha asked, raising an eyebrow. I hummed a little, catching the bassist's attention.

"Technically it is." I said, bringing a hand up to my beanie and fixing it. "But it's leaning more towards an acoustic type of guitar. We've gotta tweak it to be a bit less like that." Boscha softly nodded her head, staring down at her drink.

"So that's why we're releasing Bad Romance early." Boscha said before chuckling, softly shaking her head. "Y'know, you could've just said that instead of calling it a quick last minute change. That makes a whole lot more sense."

"Five more minutes guys!" Skara called out to the five of us, catching our attention. Boscha nodded her head, finishing off the last of her drink before passing the bottle off to Edric. Amity and I did the same, and once they had the bottles, Edric and Emira scattered off to the sides of the stage to get ready.

Amity drew out a small spell, a small floating mirror appearing in front of her. Glancing at her reflection, she let out a little content hum. "Honestly I'm more surprised that our makeup is staying as well as it is."

Bringing a finger up to my face, I gently dragged a finger against my cheek before looking at it, finding nothing on it. "Remind me why you wanted to do this makeup?" All three of us had a fake blush painted on our cheeks and our noses, making us look like we were standing in the cold for awhile. Amity glanced up at me, eyeing my face to make sure I didn't mess up my makeup before shrugging.

"Just figured we could do something special, and besides, it matches a lot of the songs, Arms Tonite, Snow, Devil Town..." She trailed off as she took her hair out of its usual ponytail and ran a hand through it before sighing. "I really need to dye it again." She mumbled, motioning to the brown in her hair, which was starting to show a lot more than before.

I leaned over, barely catching my reflection in her mirror before she turned it to give me a clear view of my face. "You should dye part of it purple." I said, making her eyebrows bunch together before she looked over at me with a confused look.

"Purple?" Her voice held a bit of a laugh, making me smile.

"I'm not saying dye your whole head purple. Like, maybe just a stripe or two. It'd match the band's colors." She rolled her eyes turning her gaze back to the mirror so that she could pull her hair back up into it's half ponytail. "Seriously Ammy, you could pull it off."

"You think so?" She tied her hair off before pulling at it a little, squinting at her reflection a little. I nodded my head, making her smile.

"One hundred percent sure!" I turned my attention back to my own reflection, I ran my fingers through the bottom of my hair, which was a bit longer than a pixie cut. "Speaking of things that we could pull off, you think I'd look good with a mullet?"

"Will you two stop flirting and hurry up?" Boscha called from the stage. Amity looked over towards the bassist, rolling her eyes before making the mirror disappear.

"Does it look like we're flirting Boscha?" She yelled back, making the three eyed witch shrug.

"I dunno. It's hard to tell." The pink haired witch motioned to the makeup on her face before she turned her gaze down to her bass.

Amity rolled her eyes again, then gave me a soft nudge forward, moving towards where she needed to be on the stage. "Your voice ready for the next song?" She asked me with a smirk, making me chuckle.

"Of course it is!" I pulled my drum sticks out of my pocket and twirled them in my hand. "After all, all that practice wasn't for nothing!" I moved behind my drums, excitedly bouncing my free leg up and down while I waited, my eyes following Amity as she moved back up to the mic.

Her grip shifted on her guitar, then with the wave of her hand, she signaled her siblings to pull back the curtains before grabbing her mic. The curtains moved back, revealing the crowd, who's voices got louder when they saw that we were back on stage.

"Who's ready for the show to continue?" Amity asked the crowd, making them all explode into a new fit of noise. She smiled, not saying anything else as she put the mic back in place before taking half a step back.

Then, looking over at the two of us, she gave us a small nod, then looked back into the crowd. We all paused for a moment, then Boscha started her bass, launching into Bad Romance. She went on her own for a moment, then Amity and I kicked in and the crowd went wild.

This song was a little different than the rest, because instead of Amity or Boscha hitting the high note, I was. Amity wanted to test it, see how the crowd would react since they were so used to only the two of them singing.

Safe to say, the crowd thought it was a pleasant surprise.

Then, once we wrapped up that song, we moved onto Bad Idea, the spotlights changing from a pale red light to white color whenever we would sing the chorus, and after that we played Snow, where the twins used their magic to have a fake snow float down onto the crowd, decorating them in a thin layer of white that evaporated away when the song was over.

And then, we finished off the night by playing Misery Business, the lights flickering and changing with certain notes, and grey smoke rising up on the stage about halfway through the song, obscuring the crowds vision of us and only allowing them to hear our voices, but once the song picked back up again, the smoke quickly starting to swirl before rising above our heads and disappearing.

The fans went wild once the song was over, screaming and cheering so loud I was worried they were going to lose their voices the longer they continued. Boscha took a hold of her mic, pulling it closer to her.

"Now that's how you wrap up a show!" She said into the mic, a little louder than her usual tone, probably so that she was heard over the crowd. "Thank you all for coming out tonight!"

I gave an enthusiastic wave to the crowd, who continued let out claps, cheers and whistles long after the curtains closed. Sitting behind my drums for a little longer, I could feel my free leg bouncing up and down, a giant smile plastered on my face.

Boscha let out a loud sigh, slumping down a little before spinning around on her heel, facing Amity and I. Then, she motioned towards backstage before she slowly started walking in that direction, Amity following after her.

I shot up from my seat, my hands tightly gripping onto my drumsticks before I pumped my fists in the air and let out a cheer. "And that's another successful show!" I threw an arm around Amity's shoulders as she passed me, startling the witch and making her fumble with her guitar, her grip tightening around the neck.

The two of us went backstage, and I let go of Amity so that she could go put her guitar in its case. Glancing around, I found Boscha and Skara by the sound board, the two of them talking about something that I couldn't hear, and neither of the twins in sight.

Amity came back shortly after carrying her guitar case, looking around before furrowing her eyebrows. "Where's my siblings?" She asked me, making me shrug.

"Right here Mittens!" Edric called out from above, making Amity and I jump in surprise. Looking up, we found the two of them floating in the air with a smug look on their faces before they slowly started coming down. "Don't worry, we didn't go far."

"What were you doing?" She asked them, only making them shrug.

"We've been up there since Snow, y'know, doing special effects." Emira said, giving her younger sister an innocent smile. Amity looked between the two of them for a moment before squinting her eyes.

"I know for a fact you two did something else, so what did you two do?" Her ears went down a bit as she placed her free hand on her hip, making Edric place a hand on his chest, his face scrunching up in offense.

"The fact you don't believe us hurts Mittens, it really does." He did a fake sniffle, making Emira chuckle. Then, he ruffled his younger sister's hair, quickly darting off towards the stage to pack stuff up. "But if we did do something, you have no proof!"

Emira followed after him, also ruffling Amity's hair before she left, making the witch let out a low growl. "One of these days..." She grumbled, muttering the rest of her under her breath as she ran her hands through her hair to fix it.

Looking up at where the twins were floating, I squinted my eyes before shrugging. "Well, it doesn't look like they did anything." Amity looked up as well, letting out a sigh before walking over in Boscha and Skara's direction.

Looking back towards her siblings for a moment, I decided to follow after her to see what the others were doing. "I mean, we've got about forever until the next show." I could hear Boscha say, Skara pausing in winding up her wire to turn and look at the three eyed witch.

"Honestly it probably won't feel like that long, everything else has moved by pretty fast." The silver haired witch said, making the other witch shrug. Moving by Amity's side, I shoved my drumsticks in my pocket and took a hold of her free hand, intertwining our fingers.

"Hey guys!" I chirped, making both of them look up at the two of us, a smile crossing both of their faces. "What're you two talking about?" I asked, my eyes following Skara as she wound up more of a cord.

"Just talking about how we get some time to relax, seeing if we have plans or anything." The pink haired witch said with a shrug.

"Ooo, we're talking about plans?" Edric said as he passed by us, different pieces of the drum set in his hands. "If that's the case, then me and Em plan to go camping for the weekend. Celebrating how well we've done this year."

"You two are going up by yourselves?" Skara tilted her head, but Edric shook his head, shifting his grip on the things in his hands.

"Nah, we're going up with Viney, Jerbo and Barcus." Emira paused before she passed her brother, nodding her head to what he was saying. "It's gonna be great!"

"Just please be careful while you guys are there, and if you're gonna bring apple blood, don't go jump in some river." Amity said, making both of them laugh.

"We won't Mittens!" They both said before walking off, making Amity sigh.

There was a brief pause, then Boscha snorted before turning to the main singer. "I'll bet you money that your brother jumps in a river."

"I already know he's going to." She said, softly shaking her head while the rest of us chuckled. Once the laughter died down, I spun on my heel, letting go of Amity's hand and moving over to grab a speaker to take to the cart.

Amity, Boscha and Skara continued to talk for a moment, the green haired witch asking if either of them had plans. "Well, I might be going up to Willow's cabin to spend some time with her." I heard the pink haired witch say, watching out of the corner of my eye as she reached up to rub her undercut. "And maybe fix this."

"And I'm just planning on hanging out with Bo tomorrow!" Skara said happily, and even though it wasn't the brightest backstage, I could see a faint blush rising to the sound director's cheeks.

"Yeah, you have fun with your girlfriend." I heard Boscha say as I walked away, weaving past the twins as they came back to grab more stuff. Both of them went over to the group, giving them a nudge and telling them to help pack up, calling them a bunch of slowpokes.

By the time we finished packing up our equipment it was almost midnight. Most of the fans had left at that point, but some stuck around, flocking us when we were getting ready to leave.

They were all nice, even despite the fact that the twins started messing with some of them. Once we got done with taking photos and giving them autographs, we quickly made our way into cart, the twins deciding to join the rest of us in the back rather than in their usual seats.

I sat next to Amity, resting an arm over her shoulders, making her lean on me. Edric sat off to Amity's right, resting his arms at the top of the seat, Boscha, Skara and Emira sat opposite of Amity and I.

The ride home was full of chatter, Edric and Emira both shooting small illusions at one another, sometimes sending one in Amity's direction to bug her. Skara was constantly nudging Boscha to show her something on her scroll, both of them laughing at the twins actions, ducking when one of their spells would come too close.

Once we made it back to the studio, Edric shot one last small illusion towards Amity, making her jolt up before rubbing her eyes, frustrated grumbles escaping her lips. "C'mon Mittens, we're back at the studio."

"Did you have to do that?" She asked him, her voice filled with irritation. He stood up, shrugging his shoulders with a smirk before leaving the cart, the rest of us following after him.

We unpacked our equipment and brought it into the studio, dropping them off. Most of the talking was done by the twins, either joking around with the rest of us or talking about their plans with the troublemakers.

The six of us were quick to wrap up putting everything away, all of us washing our makeup off at the studio, wanting to get home as soon as possible since it was late. Amity locked up the studio's front door, and all of us were off, Edric and I summoning light spells to light the way as we walked.

All of us talked about the show, talking about things we saw in the crowd or something that the fans said to us when they met up with us outside. Soon enough, Skara and Boscha had to go their own way, leaving me with the Blight siblings.

"Don't get eaten while you're gone Boscha!" Emira called out to the three eyed witch as she started to walk away.

"Yeah! But if you do, we'll find someone good to replace you!" Edric chimed in, making the witch roll her eyes.

They both bid us goodbye, Boscha giving us a salute while Skara gave us an enthusiastic wave. I waved back at the other two before leaning over and giving Amity a soft nudge.

"Hey Ammy, can I crash at your place tonight?" I asked her, but before she could give me an answer, the twins pulled her back, making her yelp.

"Of course you can!" Edric chirped, giving his younger sister a soft nudge. "After all, wouldn't want poor Mittens to be home all alone since we're leaving."

Amity shoved him away, shooting him a glare before her expression softened, looking over at me. "Yes, you can." I smiled, seeing a pale pink rise on the witch's cheeks.

"Just don't do anything we'd do and don't burn the place down while we're gone, though I doubt you two will." Emira said, leaning on Amity's shoulder, making the younger witch also shove her away, which only made Emira laugh.

"Y'know, the longer you two keep this up, the more I'm hoping you jump in a river and get hexed while you two are away." She hissed, making the twins look at one another before chuckling, pulling their sister in a hug.

"Oh we know you don't mean that! You love us!" Edric said in a teasing tone, sticking out his tongue.

"You're lucky I still do." Amity said in a cold tone, getting both of her siblings to let go of her. Then, she moved by my side, grabbing onto my hand and walking forward, not bothering to look and see if her siblings were following us.

I glanced back at them for a moment, seeing both of them laughing before following after us, the two of them whispering to one another.

Soon enough, we made it to Amity's house, and the moment we stepped in the door, the twins pushed past us and went up to their rooms to pack. Amity stared at the stairs for a moment, then turned to me. "You wanna get something to eat?"

I nodded my head and the two of us headed off to the kitchen, the youngest Blight reaching up and taking the beanie off of my head, tossing it onto the kitchen table. Then, she ran a hand through my hair, making the two of us stop walking for a moment.

There was a hazy look in her eyes as she continued to run her fingers through my hair, which I let her do for a few moments before chuckling. "Thought we were getting some food?" She blinked a few times, then smiled before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Sorry, got distracted." I froze in place for a moment, feeling the warmth rise up to my cheeks before taking a seat in the kitchen. "Is Eda going to mind that you stay here for the night?"

"Nope!" I leaned back in the chair a little, making sure not to tip it past the point of no return. "Besides, she's not even at home right now, right now she's at the human realm."

"Why is she there?" Amity asked, going into the pantry and coming back out with some bread.

I ran a hand through my hair, watching as Amity pulled out four slices of bread. "She told me that she's going to see someone." Was all I said, making the witch raise an eyebrow, but instead of saying anything she just nodded her head.

"You do have everything, right?" I heard from the top of the stairs, taking my attention away from Amity. "Seriously, double check cause I'm not letting you borrow my stuff."

"Well jeez, love you too sis." Edric said, quickly darting down the steps with a duffel bag hanging on his shoulder. "And yes I have everything! Actually... hold on-"

He speed walked into the kitchen, reaching into the cooler and sifting around for a moment before pulling out a bottle of apple blood. His eyes lit up and he quickly unzipped his bag before putting the bottle inside. "Okay! Now I have everything!"

Amity eyed his bag, then her brother for a moment before turning back to the food. "Don't die while you two are out there." She said, making Edric scoff and roll his eyes.

"Wow, and to believe that just ten minutes ago you were hoping that Em and I get killed." He said, and I could see Amity's ears twitch.

"I said that I hoped you get cursed, not killed." Amity specified, turning to look at her brother. "Seriously, don't get hurt while you two are there."

"Oh don't worry so much Mittens, we do have common sense you know?" Emira walked into the room, a duffel bag also on her shoulder. "Besides, if we do somehow get hurt, Viney can heal us." I softly nodded my head to what she said, making Amity sigh.

"Yeah, what Em said." Edric took a few steps backwards before turning around and heading towards the door before pausing. "Now, we'll be heading out!"

"This late?" I asked them, leaning back in my chair again so that I could see them better. The twins both nodded their heads, opening the door and slowly started to walk out. "Wouldn't you guys want to wait till morning?"

"It's not like we're going to the spot tonight." Emira said with a wave of her hand, Edric nodding his head in agreement. "We're going to Viney's house for the night, then we're leaving in the morning."

"Oh, alright then. Bye guys!" I gave them a small wave, both of them giving me a wave back in response.

"See you two later!" They said before closing the door behind them, leaving Amity and I alone. Shortly after, Amity walked over with two plates in hand, a sandwich on each one.

"You fine with this?" She asked me, gesturing towards the plate. I gave her a smile and a nod, carefully taking the plate from her hand and setting it down on the table before grabbing the sandwich and taking a bite.

We both ate in a nice silence, which was interrupted with an occasional giggle whenever I tried to nudge Amity under the table with my foot. Once we were finished with our food, I took the plates and brought them over to the sink, quickly washing them.

Amity stayed over at the table and I could hear her sigh. Looking over in her direction, I found her with the song book open, a pencil in her hand that she tapped against the corner of a page.

"What'cha doing there Ammy?" I asked, running one of the plates under the water.

"Working on compositions." She mumbled, tiredness starting to seep into her voice. I shut off the water, reaching over for a towel to dry off the dishes.

"The composition for Ordinary?" I asked, seeing her nod her head.

"That one and the other new song." She said, motioning to one of the pages. "Trying to finish this one while I fix the other one." The green haired witch mumbled, rubbing her eyes.

I put away the plates and slowly walked over, peering over her shoulder for a few seconds before placing a hand on her shoulder, making her tense up. "You really should get some sleep." I told her, hearing her sigh in response.

"Sleep can wait until after I finish this." Amity said, tapping her pencil against the page. I let out a few tsks, taking the pencil from Amity's hand. "Hey!"

"Nope, it's late and you need the rest. These can wait till morning." I pointed to the song book with the pencil, which Amity tried to grab before I pulled it away, making her groan. "After all, work is done better with a full night's sleep!"

I could hear the green haired witch grumble something under her breath that I couldn't understand, making me chuckle before bending down and giving her a quick kiss on the temple. Then, I gently tossed the pencil back onto the table before scooping the witch up in my arms, making her squeak.

"What are you doing?" She asked me, her voice slightly higher than usual, her ears going down. I smiled at her, seeing the blush rise in her cheeks.

"Taking you to bed." I said, quickly heading off towards the stairs. Taking the two of us upstairs, I headed over to Amity's room, pushing the door open with my foot. Moving over to her bed, I gently put her down before lightly booping her nose. "Alright, now you get in something comfortable and relax, cause I'm gonna go take a quick shower. The show left me all sweaty and gross." I laughed, hearing Amity groan.

"You couldn't have showered, then dragged me out of my work?" She asked me, a hint of annoyance leaking into her tired voice. I shook my head in response.

"Nope! Now get comfortable, I'll be back in a jiffy!" I gave the witch a wink and quickly headed towards the door, pausing in my tracks before turning back around. "First, I need to borrow some clothes."

Amity motioned towards one of her drawers. "There's a bunch of your clothes in there." She told me, making a smirk rise to my face.

Heading over towards the drawer, I pulled it open and grabbed one of the shirts off of the top. "Wow Ammy, you've got a drawer dedicated to all the clothes you've stolen from me." I looked back over at her, watching her roll her eyes.

"Most of them you've left behind after you've spent the night." She told me, folding her arms over her chest. Grabbing a pair of black shorts from the drawer, I shrugged my shoulders.

"Hey well, you haven't given them back to me yet so, technically it means you stole them." I told her, wiggling my eyebrows before heading to the door. "Anyways, be back in a few!"

Heading off towards the bathroom, I quickly got in the shower, using the shampoo that almost smelt like coconut before getting out. Putting on my clothes, I ruffled my hair with to dry it off a bit before looking at myself in the mirror, finding a creeper staring back at me on my shirt, a dopey smile on my face.

Hanging the towel back up, I left the bathroom and went back into Amity's room, finding the door closed. Giving the door a few knocks, I placed a hand on the handle. "Ammy? Can I come in?"

I waited a few moments, getting no response. Knocking again, this time louder, I could hear shuffling come from the other side. "Come in!" Amity's muffled voice called out before I pushed open the door.

Amity was still on her bed, this time in a baggy dark blue shirt and some shorts, her hair down. She eyed me up and down for a moment, a snort coming from her.

Giving her a dopey smile, I bounded over towards her bed, flopping down towards the foot of the bed. "Guess who's little spoon tonight?" I asked playfully, watching as Amity tensed up a bit before she gave me a soft glare.

"You just got out of the shower." She said, and I put on a pout.

"But you were little spoon last time!" I whined, making the youngest Blight roll her eyes. She paused for a moment, her eyes widening a bit before she looked back at me again. "What?"

"Is that the nice shampoo?" She asked me, making me vigorously nod my head. Amity then sighed, flopping down on the bed before motioning me over. "Fine, come here."

I quickly scooted up by her, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my head under her chin. "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist." I said with a smile, nuzzling into the witches neck.

"Whatever." I could hear Amity mumble as she wrapped her arms around me, resting her chin on top of my head, taking a deep breath before melting into the bed. "Night Luz."

"Night Ammy." I chirped, relaxing in her embrace. Closing my eyes, I felt myself slowly start to drift off until the darkness took over.

Not too long later, I woke up again, noticing that my hair still felt kind of damp, meaning that I hadn't been asleep that long. Opening my eyes, I found that the room was still dark, but I couldn't feel Amity's arms around me anymore.

Blinking a few times, I tried to let my eyes adjust to the darkness before I noticed Amity was sitting up in bed. "Amity?" I asked groggily, feeling the witch jump. Sitting up, I reached over to Amity's desk and fumbled around for a moment, eventually finding a pencil and a notebook.

Bringing the items over, I drew out a few light spells, squinting when they formed and rose into the air. "What's the matter?" I asked her, seeing her slowly shake her head as she stared straight ahead.

"Nothing, just thinking about the next show." She mumbled, suddenly leaning on my shoulder. I didn't move, letting her lay her head on me.

"Why?" I asked, feeling her shrug.

"Just thinking about the songs that we're gonna perform." Amity told me, and I could feel her lean against me a little more. "It's making it hard to sleep." She said with a dry chuckle.

"Want to get something to ease your mind then? Tea? Maybe some cherry pie? I could go steal a slice really quick if you want." I told her, but I could feel Amity shake her head.

"No, it's fine." She said, suddenly getting off my shoulder and running her hands through her hair, making her ears twitch.

We both went quiet for a moment, and very slowly, I placed my hand against her's. She didn't hesitate and laced her fingers with mine, giving my hand a soft squeeze. "So what's making you think of the songs now?" I asked, raising an eyebrow even though I didn't know if she could see it or not. "I mean, we've still got a bit before the next show, you don't have to worry about that right now."

Amity stayed quiet for a few moments, then sighed. "I've just been debating songs, well, more like one song." She paused for a couple of moments, and I stayed silent, hoping that she would continue. Her hand squeezed mine again, her ears barely moving down. "I've been debating on playing Loverman at the next show..." She finally said, her voice softer than before.

I could feel my eyes widen a bit, staring at Amity while she looked down at our hands. I hesitated for a moment, then finally spoke up. "Are you debating on doing it because you want to do it, or because the band hasn't played it since it first came out?"

The witch stayed quiet for a moment, then shrugged. "I mean, I feel like we should play it again cause of how long it's been, but at the same time, I don't know if I want to." Amity squeezed my hand again, then let out a sigh. "Y'know what, we can just worry about this in the morning. It's dumb to worry about now anyways."

"Well, we can talk about it now if you want." I suggested, but Amity just shook her head.

"Honestly, I just want to sleep." She said, her eyes meeting mine. "Can we just, I don't know, talk about something else? It's distract me long enough to fall asleep."

I hesitated, then gave the witch a smile. "Sure, what do you want to talk about?" I asked her, gently pulling her closer to me before making both of us lie down, both of us staring at one another as we laid on our sides.

"Doesn't matter to me." She told me, suppressing a yawn that rose up from her throat. Amity moved closer to me, nuzzling her head in my neck and tangling her legs with mine.

Her actions made me freeze up for a moment, but then I was quick to wrap my arms around her. She wrapped her arms around me as well, making sure to avoid my side. "Well... what if we talk about our names?"

"What about them?" She asked me, her breath hitting my neck and making me shiver. Once the shiver went away, I shrugged my shoulders.

"Dunno, was just thinking of some things." I said, ending my sentence with a chuckle. "Okay, so hear me out here, it's really random but it popped into my head, what if my name was Luz Blight?" The was a few moments of silence, then I could hear Amity laugh.

"That sounds weird." She told me, still chuckling, making me groan.

"I know it does, I was just hoping I could play that off." I mumbled, lightly running a hand up and down her back. "Alright, if that one sounds weird, then what about Amity Noceda?" I suggested, feeling the warmth of Amity's face radiating onto my skin.

"That still sounds weird." She said, her voice a bit higher than before, but it was laced with a tone that made me realize something.

I hummed for a moment, Amity pulling away from me for a moment to look at my face, seeing my smirk. "I dunno, based on your tone of voice it sounds like you like it." I said, watching as her golden eyes widened a bit, her ears slowly starting to flap.

"What are you talking about?!" She squeaked out, trying to shove me away, which only made me laugh and pull her closer to me.

"You like the idea of you having my last name!" I said, feeling the witch go practically stiff as a board in my arms. "The amazing singer Amity Blight wants to be called Amity Noceda!"

"No I don't!" Her voice was even higher now, making me laugh. "Look, let's just go to sleep, it's getting late." She quickly said, clearly trying to get me to stop.

"Are you sure Mrs. Noceda?" I teased, wiggling my eyebrows even though she wasn't looking at me, a faint blush starting to rise to my cheeks.

"Luz!" She dragged out my name, making me laugh.

"Alright alright, I'll stop." I said when my laughter died down, the witch pulling away from me to look me in the eyes. I stared at her for a moment, then a soft smile found it's way to my face before I gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"Thank you." She said, her face a shade of red as she nuzzled her head into my neck. I hummed in response, starting to slowly run a hand up and down her back.

"Good night cariño." I said softly, bringing a hand up to her cheek before lightly scratching the spot by her ear, hearing the purr rise up from her throat.

"Good night Luz." She mumbled back as I closed my eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep as I held the witch in my arms, a smile on my face the entire time.