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Music Under the Spotlight (Lumity Band Au)

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Amity POV:

Luz left a couple of hours after she arrived, saying something about how she should see if The Owl Lady needed any help. She also said that she'd bring us some human snacks to try the next time she dropped by. And with a hug, she left me alone in my room.

I could hear the muffled sounds of my siblings voices telling her goodbye. Leaning my head back onto my chair, I took a deep breath and just melted into the chair. The studio's front door closed, which meant that Luz had left, and that just left me here with the others.

It went quiet for a moment, which I found a little odd. Then, my scroll pinged. I rolled my eyes and unlocked it, finding it was a message from Boscha. "Get out here before someone gets killed." I read, raising an eyebrow.

"What is she talking about?" I muttered to myself as I got out of my chair, going towards my door and pulling it open. Stepping out, I could hear my sibling's hushed voices, and from the sound of it, they were arguing.

Stepping out around the corner, I found both of my siblings standing in front of Matt, who's arms were folded across his chest in annoyance. All three of them had their ears pinned down in irritation. Boscha sat behind them, typing away on her scroll, not really paying attention to what was going on. "Why do you guys care?" Matt snapped, clearly wanting whatever their conversation was about to end.

"Oh we don't." Emira started, shifting her weight so she was leaning back. "But you should. Believe me, if Mittens heard you, she would've throttled your dumbass, and we wouldn't have tried to stop her." Matt scoffed.

"Bah! I don't care." He said, turning away from my siblings in a huff. "I mean, she leaves for two years, then just randomly shows up again for what?" My eyes widened slightly as I realized he was talking about Luz.

"To say hi, wasn't that obvious?" Edric mumbled, leaning slightly against the table. Matt spun back around to face the twins. He was getting red in the face, taking a few steps towards Edric.

He was going to say something to him, probably start yelling at him, but he stopped when he saw me. His expression fell, then he took a few steps back from my siblings. Ed and Em looked between each other, then back towards me, their eyes lighting up when they realized why he back off.

Boscha glanced up at how quiet it got, noticing me before softly nodding and looking back down at her scroll. "Wanna keep talking Matt?" I asked, my voice taking on a cold tone. He glared at me, taking a seat at the table without saying a word.

I walked over to the three, both Ed and Em moving out of my way. Slamming my hand down on the table, Matt didn't react, rather he just pulled out his scroll and started ignoring me. "So, do you want to tell me what you said to Luz?"

Both Ed and Em raised an eyebrow, looking at me before looking at Matt. Matt rolled his eyes, angrily pressing a few buttons on his scroll. "Nothing that wasn't the truth." He spat, his eyebrows tightly furrowed together.

"Which was?" I growled, his eyes met mine. His look was full of venom, almost enough to make me back off, but I still stood my ground. Matt stood up, his chair flying back and nearly hitting Boscha.

"I'm not having this conversation." Matt said in a low tone, walking towards the front door. None of us tried to stop him. He slammed the door behind him when he left, making me wince slightly. My siblings leaned on my shoulders, both of them sighing.

"We can worry about him later." I muttered, shrugging Ed and Em off my shoulders. "Right now it's too early for this."

"Mittens, it's like noon." Edric snorted, making me groan. I sat down at the table, resting my head on my hand.

"I know it is, but it's too early for me to be in a bad mood during auditions." Boscha perked up slightly, a small smirk landing on her face.

"Honestly, after Luz's visit, I doubt that's possible." She remarked, glancing over in my direction. I chuckled, softly shaking my head. "What? You know it's the truth."

"Whatever." I laughed, struggling to suppress the blush that was rising to my cheeks.

"Seriously Amity, I haven't seen you act like that in years. I mean, you literally tackled her when you saw her, and last I checked, you don't do that." Ed and Em nodded in agreement. I shook my head again even though I knew she was right.

Ed and Em both ruffled my hair before disappearing around the corner, telling me to let them know when someone else showed up to audition. With a huff, I tried to fix my hair by running my fingers through it, knowing that it'd probably work.

I slumped down, laying my head in my arms out of boredom. I could hear Boscha laugh, and looking up out of curiosity, I saw she was reading something on her scroll. With a low sigh, I laid my head back down.

The rest of the day went by pretty slow. After each person that came by to audition, there was an hour or two in between of us sitting around, either chatting or relaxing. By the end of the day, only five people came to audition.

It was dark out when I decided to call it off. Even though it wasn't very late, Emira was out cold in a bean bag chair, which meant that Edric was scribbling on her face with a marker while Boscha took pictures, the two of them snickering the entire time.

"Are you guys done?" I asked, leaning over to see my brother quickly drawing Emira a handlebar mustache. He held back a laugh and stood up, putting the cap on his marker with a small click. I shook my head, pulling out my scroll to check the time. "How is she asleep? It's only nine."

Both of them took a step back, the two of them turning to me with a dumb grin on their faces. I rolled my eyes, snatching the marker from my brother's hand and setting it down on the table. Then, looking down at my sister, I loudly clapped my hands a few times.

Emira woke with a start, jolting up and rubbing her eyes. "Wha?" She looked up at the three of us, blinking a few times.

"We're heading out. C'mon." She stood up, stretching before eyeing Boscha and Edric, raising an eyebrow and silently questioning if they had lost their minds. They both struggled to suppress their laughs as they stared at her, their eyes darting to look at the drawings on her face.

Instead of saying anything, Emira shook her head and headed towards the front door, Edric not too far behind her. I grabbed Edric's bag of human candy, taking one out of the bag and popping it into my mouth. Boscha followed after me, shutting off all the lights to the studio.

By the time the two of us were outside, my siblings were already halfway up the road, the two of them merrily chatting away. I considered calling out to them so I could pawn off Edric's food to him, but instead, I stayed quiet and popped another piece in my mouth.

"Oh, hey wait Amity!" Boscha called out, picking up her pace so she was by my side. "Can I crash at your place tonight?" She finger gunned with half a smile, a hopeful look glittering in her eyes.

"Sure whatever." She pumped her fist into the air and I raised an eyebrow. "Why though?"

"Why not?" Boscha shrugged, staring at my siblings on the road ahead. I couldn't help but sigh at her answer, but I didn't bother to have her elaborate.

"Well, I'm not walking to your house so you can get your stuff, you can go on your own." Boscha scoffed, waving away my statement as she laughed.

"Nah, I'm lazy, so I'll just sleep in these." She pointed down to her outfit, which kinda surprised me.

"Wow, what kind of parasite crawled into your head? Not like you to not want another outfit." I joked, watching the three eyed witch roll her eyes. She made her scroll appear, quickly unlocking it before opening her messages.

"Dunno, what I do know is that it's better than the love parasite that's infected you." She remarked, not even turning to see my reaction. I sputtered slightly, then punched her shoulder, earning me another laugh.

We both continued walking along the road, eventually chatting about the few people that dropped by to audition. We talked about how they auditioned, commenting about how we felt they performed and how they acted towards us.

The two of us walked up the pathway to my house, and I noticed that it was unnaturally quiet, especially since the twins made it here before us. But, when I saw the bushes by the door rustling, I realized what was going to happen.

Boscha continued talking, saying something about the third person who came by to audition as we approached the door. I took a deep breath, steeling myself for what was about to happen.

When my hand came in contact with the door handle, both Edric and Emira popped out of the bush. "Boo!" They both screamed, making Boscha shriek and jump back, nearly falling off the porch as she clasped a hand over her chest.

"Hello Edric, hello Emira." I mumbled, not even looking over at them. Opening the door, I motioned for Boscha to follow me inside. My siblings struggled to get out of the bush, trying to hurry and get inside before I closed the door on them.

"Wow, not even phased." Edric said with a dejected sigh, slumping down slightly when he appeared at my side. I looked over at the two, noticing the dark orange leaves and tiny twigs that stuck out of their hair.

"You guys are going to drag leaves into the house." I plucked a leaf from Edric's hair and showed it to them before placing it in his hands. Emira carefully nodded her head, then started to walk upstairs. "Where are you going?"

"Gonna go find a mirror." Edric's head quickly snapped in her direction, his eyes widening as she disappeared up the stairs.

"Em wait!" He called after her, desperately climbing up the stairs to stop her before she saw the drawings. He tripped up the stairs a few times, and each time he did, he nearly smacked his face on the steps.

"Gods, he's so getting turned into a bat." I laughed, slowly walking into the kitchen. Boscha stood still for a moment, slowly shaking her head before following me.

Shooting off a quick fire spell, I lit up the kitchen's candles before digging around for something to eat. "You hungry?" I asked, turning around to face the pink haired witch. She nodded her head, and with that answer I continued to look for some food.

After about a minute of searching, I found two sandwiches, both of them with a sticky note on the bag that said each of the twins names. From the looks of it, both the sandwiches were PB and J.

I tossed one over to Boscha, who took a look at the sticky note before shrugging, taking the sandwich out of its bag and taking a bite. "Won't your siblings be mad that you're stealing their food?" Boscha asked with her mouth full of food.

Shrugging my shoulders, I pulled my sandwich out of its bag, taking a small bite before swallowing. "It's a couple of sandwiches, they'll be fine." Boscha looked down at her sandwich before shrugging and taking another bite.

Motioning for the witch to follow me, we both traveled upstairs to go to my room. While we walked down the hallway, we passed by Emira's room and her door was open. Inside, I could see her hitting Edric upside the head with a rolled up magazine, Edric repeatedly apologizing to her between laughs.

Ignoring the two of them, Boscha and I went to my room. I made sure to close my door behind us, I silently hoped the twins wouldn't decide to bug us too much tonight, but I knew that was a pretty big thing to hope for.

Boscha kicked her shoes off at the end of my bed before flopping down on it, pulling out her scroll as she took another bite of her sandwich. "Don't get anything on my bed." I muttered, kicking my shoes off and putting them in my closet.

She laughed, turning over so that she was looking at me. "Do you really think I'm gonna do that?" I glared at my friend, making her just chuckle and shake her head. She turned her attention back down to her scroll, finishing off the last few bites of her food.

"I'm gonna change, so don't turn around." I told her, already pulling off my shirt. She hummed in response, shifting so that her back was fully facing me. Grabbing a large night shirt, I pulled it over my head.

While I was putting on a pair of shorts, I turned slightly so I could see the witch behind me. "Are you sure you don't want something to change into?" I glanced at the rest of my closet, knowing that I had a shirt and a pair of shorts she could borrow if she wanted to.

"Yes I'm sure." I shrugged, taking my hair out of its ponytail and running my hand through my hair before sticking the elastic around my wrist. Moving towards the other witch, I sat down at the foot of my bed and pulled out my scroll.

The two of us sat in silence for a moment, the only sounds that could be heard was our breathing and an occasional chuckle from Boscha. I leaned back against my wall, mindlessly scrolling through Penstagram out of boredom.

There was a sudden knock at my door, and before I could tell whoever was on the other side to come in, the door swung open. Standing in my doorway was Edric, who was looking rather different than usual.

Instead of his usual pointed ears, he had long, bat like ears on either side of his head, both of them a light purple shade with a tiny tuft of green fur at their tips. "What happened to you?" Edric winced at the sound of my voice, placing his hands over his ears.

"Not so loud will ya?" He whispered, carefully taking his hands off of his ears. "And Em happened, it's payback." He softly chuckled, his ear twitching slightly.

"How long does it last?" I questioned, lowering my voice so I wouldn't hurt his ears.

"Should wear off by tonight." He shrugged, leaning onto the door frame. "Anyways, just dropped by to say that Em and I are heading off to bed." I gave him a nod in response, watching as he spun on his heel and gave me a quick salute goodbye. "Night Boscha, night Mittens."

His footsteps echoed down the hall to his room, leaving me alone with Boscha. "He doesn't even bother to close the door." I mutter in annoyance, standing up to close the door myself. Boscha chuckled, sitting up on my bed as she crossed her legs.

"Looks like you were kinda right." Looking back over at her I raised an eyebrow. "You said he'd get turned into a bat." She motioned with another chuckle, a small oh leaving my lips. "How'd you guess?"

I shrugged, moving back over to my bed. "It's Em's go to thing when she messes with him. It's because Ed wanted to keep a bat he found once, and Em's kinda poked fun at him for it ever since." Boscha nodded, closing her eyes as a yawn overtook her.

She shook her head to try and shake away the tiredness, looking over at me before summoning her scroll. I looked up at her, then down to her scroll before shaking my head. She glanced over at me, clearly wondering why I was shaking my head. "What?"

"Nothing." I responded, pulling out my own scroll to check the time. It was almost midnight, and I was surprised that it was already that late. With a sigh, I laid down on my back, holding my scroll above my face.

Drawing a quick spell circle, I turned off my lights, casting the room in darkness. Both of our scrolls cast our faces in their light, making them the only bit of light that could be seen in the room. Boscha took her hair out of its bun, her pink hair falling over her shoulders.

With nothing else to do, I pulled open my photos, smiling when I was met with the bunch of photos that Luz and I took together. Clicking on one, I saw the two of us smiling. We both held up peace signs, Luz had her other arm wrapped around my shoulders, pulling me closer to her.

Still scrolling, I stop the small chuckles that bubbled up. I was so focused on the photos that I didn't notice Boscha peering over my shoulder. She gasped in surprise, making me jerk in response, nearly dropping my scroll on my face. "Is that what you guys were doing in your room?" She exclaimed, quickly snatching my scroll out of my hand.

Shooting up, I tried to grab my scroll from her hands. She placed one hand on my chest, keeping the distance between us while she scrolled through my photos with her other hand. "Am you guys look so cute!" She gushed while I kept trying to get my scroll. I managed to push her arm out of the way and lunge forward, grabbing my scroll from her hands.

I tightly held my scroll against my chest, glaring at the pink haired witch in front of me. "When you said you were gonna get some keepsakes, I didn't think you meant that early." She joked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Just can it." I hissed, putting away my scroll so she wouldn't try to nab it again.

"Does she have the photos?" Boscha questioned, raising an eyebrow at me. I shook my head in response. "She doesn't? What, are you just keeping them for yourself?"

"Luz doesn't have a scroll yet Boscha." I said bluntly, sitting back down on my bed. "Once she does, she said she'll give me her number and I'll send them to her."

"Oh she'll give you her number~" She teased, leaning her head on the backs of her hands. "Getting serious now, are you?"

Boscha started to laugh which quicky turned into a muffled yelp when I smacked her in the face with a pillow. She moved the pillow out of her face, putting on a serious act that quickly crumbled into more laughter.

With a sigh, I turned away from her, staring at my bookshelf for a moment. "Speaking of Luz..." I felt the weight on my bed shift. "What's her status in the band auditions?"

I turned back to the other witch. "Whaddya mean?"

"Like..." Boscha motioned around, thinking of what she should say. "Is she gonna be in the band or not?"

"Oh..." I paused, slowly thinking through my answer. Out of all the people that had auditioned today, in my opinion she did the best. However, there were still the auditions that were being held tomorrow.

"Out of everyone else, I feel that most likely... she will be in the band, yes." I started, folding my arms over my chest. "However, there's still the auditions tomorrow... and if someone can do better, then they'll probably be in the band instead of her."

"But if they make it in the band doesn't just rely on their talent, but it also depends on how they act towards us." Boscha added, which I nodded in response.

"True." I mumbled as I stifled a yawn. "But I've still gotta talk over the final choice over with Ed and Em." Even though I had the final say in the end, I still wanted to know how the rest of the band felt about new members.

"Are you basically saying that your final choice is Luz?" She questioned, a sly tone hidden in her voice.

"As of right now, she is." I mumbled.

"Well, if she stays your final choice, I don't think the twins would disagree with your decision." She was right, Ed and Em would be absolutely ecstatic if I told them that Luz was the new band member.

I hummed in response, slouching down on my bed. My eyelids drooped, but I forced myself to stay awake even though I knew I wasn't going to be up much longer. Boscha glanced over at me before shaking her head, turning her attention to her scroll.

"Hey wait, Am?" My eyes closed, but I hummed in response, letting her know I was listening. "If we decide that Luz does become a band member, how are you gonna let her know?"

"I'll probably just drop by the Owl House..." I mumbled, barely cracking open my eyes to look over at her. "Stop by after the auditions, hang out with her, drag her back to the studio."

Boscha hummed, still staring at her scroll. I knew that she wasn't going to sleep anytime soon, but that wasn't going to stop me. Right when I was about to drift off to sleep, Boscha spoke up again. "Amity?"

"What do you want?" I growled in a husky tone, turning on my side and opening my eyes. My neck was bent at an awkward angle against the wall, but I ignored the discomfort. She seemed to hesitate for a moment. "Boscha spit it out before I pass out."

"Are you gonna ask Matt what he thinks if Luz joins?" Her question made me sit up, actually waking me up a little. "I mean, if it wasn't obvious, he doesn't like Luz all that much." Boscha stated, her statement followed by a nervous chuckle.

And she was right, Matt clearly didn't like Luz. It didn't matter if she was around or not, just mentioning her name would make him groan in annoyance. He seemed to hate the mere thought of Luz, and if he ever said her name, he'd spit it out like it were venom, that is, if he even bothered to use her name at all.

A low growl emitted from the back of my throat, his voice echoing in the back of my head. "I'll let him know if Luz joins, however, I don't think his opinion will have any weight on my decision." I muttered, popping my fingers. "That sounds kind of mean, doesn't it?"

"Not meaner than your usual." Boscha snorted, typing something on her scroll before looking over at me. "But you do have a point, I mean, he's on the band but he's also just the sound director." She shrugged her shoulders. "Matt's definitely important to the band, but he's not directly on the stage y'know?"

Nodding my head, I leaned my back against the wall again, lightly drumming my fingers against my leg while I thought. Boscha could tell I was thinking, so she turned to face me. "Something gnawing at you?"

"Besides the love parisite?" I dryly laughed, lightly shaking my head. "Just thinking about Matt."

"What about him?" Boscha questioned, putting away her scroll, casting the two of us in darkness.

"If Luz joins the band, I'm worried he's gonna try and mess with her. I mean, he's clearly said something to Luz earlier, cause while we were alone, she knows that he doesn't really like her because of what he said to her."

"What did he say?" I shrugged my shoulders, a low sigh escaping me.

"No clue, Luz didn't tell me. When I asked, she just shrugged it off, saying it was nothing." I rubbed my arms softly, a bad feeling about whatever he said stuck in the back of my mind. "That's why I tried to confront him earlier, but you saw what he did."

Boscha nodded, resting her head on her hand. "I'm surprised he didn't storm off sooner. After all, that conversation with your siblings was going on about five minutes before you showed up."

"Why were they even arguing anyways?" I remembered what Emira said to him, that I would've choked him out and they wouldn't have stopped me.

"I'm pretty sure it was because of something that he said after Luz auditioned." My eyes widened slightly at her answer. "He said something that the twins heard, and since they said that it would've pissed you off, that means it was probably about you or Luz."

She stretched her arms out, taking in a deep breath before letting it all out in a sigh. Before I could ask my next question, she continued to speak. "I didn't ask them what Matt said, so I'm just as clueless as you."

Boscha laid back, her body hitting my bed with a light thump. She stared up at the ceiling for a moment, then glanced down at the floor. "Do you want me to sleep on the floor? Cause I will if you want me to."

"No, you're fine." I said, still a little distracted. "My bed's big enough for two people anyways." Boscha shrugged, rolling over on her side so that she was just barely on the edge of my bed.

"I'll have to ask them what Matt said tomorrow." I thought to myself, crawling up by Boscha, also laying on my side so that I was facing the wall. Thoughts continued to swamp my mind as I imagined what Matt could've said to make my siblings act the way they did.

None of the thoughts were positive.

After who knows how long of dwelling on my thoughts, I realized I needed to think of something positive if I wanted to try and fall asleep. It didn't take long for me to think of something, or rather, someone to distract me.

Closing my eyes, a soft smile appeared on my face as Luz appeared in my thoughts, which quickly shoved back the thoughts that involved Matt.

I couldn't help but start to imagine little scenarios that involved Luz and I in the band, both of us during practice, the two of us joking and chatting during our breaks, both of us performing on stage. I even let myself imagine the two of us backstage before a show, holding hands as she gave me a light peck on the lips, wishing me good luck before the show.

With a satisfied sigh, I continued to let my thoughts be filled by nothing but that sweet girl, finally able to fall asleep, knowing that I knew who I wanted to be our new drummer.