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Music Under the Spotlight (Lumity Band Au)

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Amity POV:

I stopped scribbling down in my notebook for a moment, slumping back into my chair with a sigh. I played with the hem of my sweater, looking at the baggy purple fabric for a moment before rubbing it between my fingers. Glancing at my notebook, I scoffed at what I wrote down.

It was another cruddy letter, a letter to Luz. One I knew I wasn't going to send her. Glancing at the bottom, I noticed how I signed my name. It was cursive, a lot fancier than how I usually signed my name in cursive, and to top it off, I put a heart at the end.

A loud groan escaped my throat as I sunk deeper into the chair. Reaching up, I tore the page out of my journal and crumpled it up before tossing it in the garbage behind me. "Whatcha doing there Amity?" I heard Boscha ask me, not even looking up from her scroll.

Footsteps echoed behind me, then the sound of someone crumpling a paper followed right after, making me shoot up in my chair. I quickly spun around and looked to see who was looking at the note, and it was none other than Mattholomule.

His eyes scanned over the letter for a moment, which I quickly dashed over to pry out of his mitts. He rolled his eyes and shoved me away from him, still reading over the letter. Even though he was shorter than I was, it was a struggle to try and get the letter away from him.

"It's a letter to the human again." He laughed, roughly shoving me again to buy him some time.

"Matt so help me I'll- give me that!" I hissed, red in the face. Reaching over him, I yanked the letter from his hands. He yelped in pain and held part of his hand against his mouth, glaring at me because I gave him a papercut.

"Bitch." He hissed under his breath, bringing his hand back up to his lips. I tore up the letter into tiny bits, then tossed it into the bin.

"Right back at you." I told him, shoving him forward. Matt just flipped me off as he walked away, disappearing to the sound room. "Why don't you go be useful and check the sound booth?" I called after him in anger. Boscha sighed, now looking away from her scroll

"Y'know," She started, sitting up in her bean bag a little more. "If I were you, I would just send one already. Like, just write how you miss her and send that." Her scroll pinged, and once she glanced at it, she instantly smiled and started typing away.

I sat back down into my chair and sighed, leaning my head on my hand. "But if I do that, I'll sound way too clingy." I muttered, staring at the table. Running my finger over it, I followed the delicate lines that were etched into the wood.

Boscha finished typing away her message and stood up, slowly walking over towards me. She placed a hand on my shoulder, giving me a light squeeze. "Well, sending one that sounds clingy would be better than not sending one for almost two years, right?" She asked me, which I only groaned and buried my face in my arms.

"What's the point?" I muttered, running my fingers through my hair. "By now, she's forgotten about me." The thought of Luz not remembering who I was hurt, but I wasn't going to show that.

Boscha rolled her eyes, typing on her scroll again. "Well, from what Willow says, I don't think that's the case." I sat up, turning towards the pink haired witch.

"Wait, what?" I asked, blinking a few times. Boscha smirked, not answering me for a moment while she continued to type. "Boscha what do you mean?" I asked her again, making her sigh.

"I mean, that Willow says you're brought up a lot in Luz's letters." She said, her eyes darting between me and her phone. Shortly after, it dinged again. I couldn't help but chuckle at the look on her face. She had a large smile, her eyes glittering bright while she typed out her message.

"Y'know you can't message your girlfriend during the show, right?" I teased, watching as her ears went down and her cheeks went red. A few chuckles escaped my throat, which in response Boscha just shoved me shoulder. While it wasn't enough to push me out of my chair, it was almost enough to make me lose my balance.

"Shut up." She hissed at me, which only made me laugh even more. "You would do the same thing with Luz." That statement made me freeze up pretty quick, and that made it Boscha's turn to laugh.
"Oh Luz~ If only you knew how much I miss you~" Boscha pretended to swoon, laughing even harder when she saw my face going red. But, before she could continue to poke fun at me, the studio door suddenly swung open.

"We're back!" Edric enthusiastically called out, Emira following not too far behind him. In Edric's arms was a bag full of some sort of squishy substance. The twins walked over to Boscha and I, looking between the two of us before smirking. "Ooo, are we annoying Mittens?"

Emira peered over my shoulder, Edric set his bag down on the table and peered over my other shoulder. I quickly slammed my notebook shut, making sure they couldn't read anything. Edric ruffled my hair, a stupid smirk on his face. "What are we bugging her about this time?" Emira asked, messing with my ear.

I shot a glare at Boscha, silently telling her to shut her mouth. But, she didn't listen. "I'm just teasing her about Luz." She said to the twins in a singsong voice, smirking at me.

"The human? Oh~" Edric wiggled his eyebrows at me, the teasing only making my face even redder.

"You really should message her Mittens, tell her how much you love her." Emira said with a laugh. I shoved the two of them away, hiding my face in my hands.

"I don't love her." I stammered out, earning a short laugh from the three of them.

"Sure you don't." They all said at the same time, which only made them laugh even more. Edric tried to lean on my shoulder to catch his breath, but I shrugged him off, making him fall to the floor with a loud thud.

Folding my arms over my chest, I turned away from the three, who were now laughing at Edric instead of me. Edric picked himself up off the ground, dusting the invisible dust off of his shirt. "Wait Mittens that reminds me!"

Edric moved back over to me, this time leaning on the table. "Have you found anyone to replace me yet?" He asked, fluttering his eyes at me.

"I already told you, we aren't announcing that we're looking for a new drummer till after this show." I muttered, reaching over to ruffle his hair, which I knew he hated. "Why do you not want to be drummer so badly anyways?" I asked him, genuinely curious.

My brother backed away from me, trying to fix his hair. "It's not that I don't want to be-" He started, blowing his bangs out of his eyes. "but it's just that I'm bored of being the drummer. I wanna work on the special effects with Em."

"Makes sense." I muttered. Glancing at the table, I stared at the bag of squish that Edric brought back. "What is this stuff?" I asked him, afraid to touch it. Edric looked over at it, then his eyes lit up.

"Oh! Well while we were looking for that book you like from the Owl Lady, I bought these cool human candies off of her!" He stuck his hand in the bag and shoved some of the things in his mouth. "She said humans call them worms? Dunno why though. You want one?"

He offered me a piece of his candy, which I hesitantly took from him. Looking it over, it was some kind of long, squishy thing. One side of the gummy was slightly larger and rounder than the other for no apparent reason.

I popped the thing into my mouth and chewed on it a few times, my eyes widening at the flavor. It was surprisingly really good, it had this flavor that I couldn't even begin to describe, it was almost like this odd mix of those fruits I could find in the market during the special seasons.

Taking another worm from Edric's bag, I popped that one in my mouth as well. I noted that the flavor was slightly different than the last one, which only made it more interesting. I silently wondered if Luz liked these kinds of things.

"The Owl Lady didn't have it, but she said that if she ever came across it, she'd keep a hold of the book for you." Emira said, lightly placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Y'know, unless there's some other fanatic looking for one that'd be willing to offer her a decent amount of Snails for it!" Edric said, his cheeks stuffed with candy. I rolled my eyes at him, knowing that it'd only be a matter of time before he started to choke on them.

Boscha walked over to the table, snagging one of the candies and putting it into her mouth. Her eyes widened as she looked at the bag. "Okay wow, those are actually pretty good." Edric enthusiastically nodded and went to say something, but just like I thought, he started to choke on some of the candy.

While Emira was patting Edric on the back to make sure he didn't die and Boscha was busy sitting on the table recording the two of them, I turned back to the table. I stared at my closed notebook, then with a soft sigh, I cracked it open to a new page.

Picking up my pen and ignoring the commotion behind me, I started to scribble down a few notes.

* Check Owl Lady's stand for book regularly.
* Don't let Edric stuff his face with human candy anymore.
* Send letter to Luz???

I underlined the last one a few times, then paused before adding in one last note.

* Ask her if she likes candy worm things.

Then with that, I closed my notebook and set my pen down, rubbing my eyes. I could hear Edric gasping for air behind me, which meant he managed to successfully clear his airways of the squishy candy.

"Now you dumbass, don't shovel like forty of those things into your face." Emira said, and when I turned around I watched her smack him in the back of the head.

Edric was bent over, one hand on his knee and the other holding a slimy pile of mush in his hands. He stared at the pile for a moment, then, not surprisingly, he put it back in his mouth. "Oh my god Edric." Boscha gagged, turning away from my brother.

Emira smacked him again and I just rolled my eyes. "What? I'm not wasting this stuff!" He said, sticking more of the mush into his mouth.

"I swear to the gods Edric, some days I wonder how you're still alive." I muttered, earning me an offended gasp from him. But, before he could say anything, Matt poked his head out of the sound room, an annoyed look on his face.

"The concert is in a few hours y'know. You guys need to get ready." He hissed at us, making me roll my eyes. Ed and Em simply laughed, the two of them walking over to Matt. Edric pulled him into a headlock, ruffling his hair slightly.

"Oh c'mon Matty, we've got a bit of time." Edric said, Matt kicked him in the shin to get out of his grip. My brother nearly toppled over, a low, drawn out hiss of pain escaping his lips. Matt rolled his eyes and fixed his hair.

"I doubt that, you three-" He motioned towards my siblings and Boscha. "still need to get dressed for the show." Ed and Em looked down at their clothes, then back at each other.

"Okay fine, you have a point there." Emira placed a hand on her hip while Edric just shrugged. Matt smirked, happy that he was right for once, but his smirk didn't last. The twins shot each other a smug look, then Emira drew a quick spell circle with her finger.

Once the spell was complete, Matt was flipped upside down. He fell to the ground with a thud, then groaned while the twins just laughed. "We'll be right back, we're gonna go change!" Edric said, the two quickly getting away before Matt could get back on his feet.

A low growl escaped Matt as he got back on his feet, dusting himself off. Boscha hopped off the table with a sigh. "I better go get changed too." I shot her a smile and watched as she walked off.

"Don't forget, wear thicker eyeliner!" I called after the three, a collective response coming from each of them. Matt glared at Boscha as she passed, then started to make his way over to me, peering over my shoulder to stare at my journal. I pushed him away from me, wanting him out of my personal bubble.

"I still don't get why you think the human cares about you." He said, a malicious look in his eyes. Stepping to the side, I started to make my way to the sound room to grab my guitar. "I mean, she hasn't sent you a letter in what? Two years?"

"That doesn't mean anything." I snarled, not looking at the witch. "And her name is Luz, start using it." Going into the sound room, I grabbed my guitar off it's shelf before moving back out to the common room.

My guitar was an older model, one that was given to me by my grandfather. It had the body of a dark blue beetle, large green eyes on either side of it's face, and large navy blue pincers that supported the neck of the guitar. The neck was beige in color, and at the top right, there was a small pale horn that jutted out slightly before following the direction the neck went.

Flopping down on a bean bag, I started to pluck a few strings on my guitar to make sure they were all in tune. "Hey, no need to be all butthurt about it. After all, it's your fault anyways." Matt muttered, still standing by the sound room doorway.

I didn't listen to him and just continued to strum my guitar, slightly tuning one of the strings. "Are you even listening to me?" He asked, taking a step closer. Rolling my eyes, I looked away from my guitar to look at Matt.

"No, no I'm not." I said as bluntly as I could, then returned my focus to tuning my guitar to perfection. Matt growled, but didn't say anything else. Instead, he moved over towards the table, his eyes landing on my journal again. "Touch that and I will rip your arms off." I hissed at him, watching as he froze in place.

"What? I just want to look over your songs to see if they're any good." He tried to play it off, reaching for my journal again. In an instant, I summoned a quick abomination, silently commanding it to restrain Matt.

My abomination shambled over to him, wrapping its gooey arms around him to hold him in place. Matt tried to get out of the abomination's grip, but he was firmly held in place by its arms. His ears were down, he was afraid of what I was going to do to him.

Standing up, I carefully leaned my guitar against the wall before moving over towards Matt. "I told you, don't touch." I said in a grave tone, watching him struggle a little more.

He glared at me, stopping in attempt to escape from the abomination. With a wave of my hand, I banished the abomination and Matt landed back onto the floor.

"Gods, you need to really stop acting like a bitch." He murmured, turning away from me to disappear into the sound room once again. I swear, he loved doing this type of stuff just push my buttons.

"And you need to stop acting like you're the manager." I told him, feeling my face getting red out of anger. I wanted to say more to him, but I just left it at that. From down the hallway, I could hear footsteps that were quickly getting louder.

Then, from around the corner, Edric jumped out with his back facing towards me. "Prepare for trouble!" He said, looking over his shoulder with a smug smirk as he struck some dumb pose.

Emira also appeared from the hallway and moved to Edric's right, mimicking his actions. "And make it double!" She finished off, the two of them bursting out into a fit of laughter.

Boscha also appeared from around the corner, taking one good look at the two of them before simply shaking her head, a smirk plastered on her face. The twins started to wrap up their laughing fit, Edric making his way over to me.

"Mittens! You mind helping me?" He held out the small tube of eyeliner for me to take. With a soft roll of my eyes, I motioned for him to sit on the table. He did what I asked with no complaints, patiently waiting for me to start.

"Why didn't you have Em help you?" I asked him, carefully starting to apply the eyeliner to one eye.

"She didn't want to." He said, shooting a glare to Emira. Emira just shook her head, then started up a small conversation with Boscha. Once I finished applying the eyeliner to his eye, I switched and started working on the other.

A couple of minutes later, I took a step back from my brother. "And, done!" He quickly jumped off the table and went to go find a mirror. "Oh, and Boscha, make sure to check your strings some time alright?" The pink haired witch gave me a nod, then disappeared to the sound room to find her guitar.

Boscha stepped out of the room pretty quickly, nearly running into Edric in the process. While Boscha went to tune her strings, I eyed the twins outfits up and down. Since Emira was special effects and wasn't going to be on the stage, she wore all black to blend with the shadows. She still did the thick eyeliner, which I didn't know why, but I wasn't going to complain about it.

Edric on the other hand was all dressed up, he was wearing a black leather jacket with the collar popped up, a dark blue shirt on underneath. He had on his boots that were similar to mine and a pair of lighter jeans to contrast against the darkness of his top. His hair was still in its signature style, which I couldn't get him to change even if I tried

Boscha was wearing a leather jacket similar to Edric's, but it was more of a crop top jacket than a full one. She had on a dark maroon shirt and dark grey jeans, and to top it all off, she wore a pair of simple black and white sneakers.

While Boscha strummed her guitar to tune it, the twins were both goofing off by lightly shoving one another. "Both of you cut it out, you're going to mess up your makeup." I said to the two of them, which only earned me a shove.

"Aw c'mon Mittens, we're just having a bit of fun." Emira said, grabbing onto my shoulders and pushing me towards Edric, who caught me and spun me around.

"Yeah Mittens, we're just having fun." Edric shoved me forward towards Emira again, but I tripped over my own feet and stumbled, twisting before falling to the floor. My head smacked the hard floor, a low, drawn out hiss of pain coming through my clenched teeth.

Even though they were laughing, my siblings managed to help me up. "You guys are the worst." I said to the two, rubbing the back of my head.

"You know you love us." Emira said in a sweet tone, which I knew was that fake tone she liked to use.

"Not enough." I muttered, yanking my arms away from the two of them. Both of them placed a hand on their chests in offense, but I just ignored them.

"When did you get so cruel Mittens?" Edric asked me, but he didn't get a response. Instead, I moved to the table and grabbed the bottle of eyeliner before disappearing around the corner to go to my room.

I traveled down the hallway, passing by each room before ending up at my own. Looking at the door, I could see there was a new addition to it. Now, just under my name were the words "Mitten's is a dork!" written with magic.

Even though I knew it wasn't going to come off, I still tried to swipe it away, which only made it move. I sighed, knowing I'll just have to deal with it later. Pushing open my door and stepping inside, I moved over towards my mirror and took a seat. The door behind me closed with a soft click.

Opening the small tube of makeup, I started to apply it. I made sure to make the lines thick to match Boscha's and Edric's, the only thing that was matching about our appearances. Then, once I finished applying my makeup I made sure to close the tube, the tube making a small click sound when the cap was applied.

I stared at myself in the mirror for a moment, staring at my outfit. I wore my baggy purple sweater and black jeans which I made sure were cuffed at the bottom. I also had dark grey boots on that touched the top of my cuffed jeans. Fixing my hair, I was careful not to snag my ear cuffs as I put it back up in a half ponytail like always.

Once I was satisfied, I flopped back down into my chair. Since we still had some time, I just wanted to sit around for a bit alone, just to relax. I looked up at the ceiling, picking out a few random faces that were made with the paint before I got bored. Staring at the mirror once again, I looked down at the table drawer and pulled it open.

Inside were a few loose items, but the one that caught my attention was a book. I pulled it out of the drawer and flipped it over, realizing it was the first Azura novel. "Why is this here?" I softly asked myself, staring at the cover for a moment.

There was no way it was my copy, I always left my Azura books at my hideaway in the library. Looking it over, I realized there was some kind of bookmark towards the middle of the book. I cracked it open, and the bookmark fluttered out onto the ground.

Leaning down, I picked up the bookmark off the ground. Flipping it over, I realized it wasn't a bookmark, rather, it was a photo.
And the photo was of me and Luz.

It was a photo from two years ago, back when we first started the book club. We were both in my hideout, Luz on the left while I was on the right. Luz had a goofy smile on her face as she held up a peace sign with her fingers. She had her hoodie over top her head, the two triangle ears at the top were bent down. Her brown eyes were glittering brightly, and I could faintly see the pink that was dusted on her cheeks.

And not too far behind Luz, was me. I was laughing about something, my ears perked up and my cheeks dusted red. I was wearing my old Hexside uniform, but it was missing the cowl. In my hands was one of the Azura books, based on its looks I assumed it was the fifth one.

At the bottom of the photo, scrawled out in messy writing were the words "Azura meeting!" Then, in the corner of the picture in smaller handwriting with parenthesis around it read "Managed to make Amity laugh!" With a little star next to it.

It wasn't hard to tell that it was Luz's handwriting. There wasn't any date or time written on the photo, but from the looks of it, I assumed it was maybe a month after that time we were attacked by the Slitherbeast at the Witches arena.

I sniffled, carefully wiping my eyes so that my makeup wouldn't be ruined. The memories of our book club meetings flooded my mind, all the times we would act out the scenes and give the characters voices, the times where we would just sit back to back and take turns reading through the book as we lost track of time.

Looking back at the book, I noticed a bunch of writing that littered the pages. There were scenes that were circled, sentences that were underlined, little writings in the margin of the book, all of it in my handwriting. I set down the photo on the table.

Reading some of it over, I realized everything I wrote down was marking off the scenes that Luz liked the most. I wrote down how she liked to deliver the lines and how she acted out the scenes. "Oh wow..." I muttered softly, flipping through a few pages to find more underlined text.

"Was I trying to impress her?" I asked myself, flipping through a few more pages before closing the book. The only reason I could think of why I wrote all this down was to use when we would reread the books act them out again.

I put the book back into its drawer, making a mental note to take it back to my hideaway. Then, I picked the photo back up and looked it over once again. For a moment, I considered putting it with the book, but I didn't.

Instead, I stuck the photo on my mirror, not wanting to forget it again. It stuck out of the corner, Luz's smiling face staring at me. A smile tugged at my lips, but it didn't last too long.

"Mittens!" Edric called as he pounded on my door. I jumped in surprise, smacking my knee on the edge of the table. "Hurry up! We're getting ready to go, otherwise Batty Matty's gonna blow a fuse!" I held my knee, a low string of curses steadily flowing past my lips.

Somewhere down the hall, I could hear Matt yell at Edric, telling him to stop calling him Batty Matty. Even though I couldn't see him, I knew that Edric rolled his eyes. "I'll be out in a second!" I yelled, getting no response back.

Standing up, I limped over to the door and pulled it open. Making my way down the hallway, I paused by both of my sibling's doors. With a small smirk, I drew two small spell circles, watching as magic wrating appeared on both of their doors that said "Obnoxious losers." in bold writing. I grinned, then went out to the common room.

"Took you long enough to come back out." Boscha said, her hand on her hip. I just softly shook my head.

"I wasn't gone for that long." I told her, pulling up my scroll and seeing if I had any notifications. Surprisingly, there was nothing.

"Wasn't gone for long? Amity, you were gone for like, a half hour. We managed to load all of our equipment in the time you were gone." My eyes widened, as I realized what she said.

"Okay, so maybe I was gone for a bit." I muttered, putting away my scroll. Was I really thinking about Luz for that long?

Boscha lightly pushed me, a low chuckle coming from her. "What were you doing in there anyways?" She asked, but I just shrugged.

"Only thinking about the past, that's all." I could see Boscha wanted to asked what I meant, but there was a sudden loud crash that came from our right. Looking over, I saw Ed and Em tangled in one another on the floor, a miscast binding spell tying the two together.

The twins struggled to untangle themselves, but they weren't successful. "What did you two do?" Boscha and I asked in unison, still watching the twins struggle. Matt then darted out of the sound room, a bucket stuck on his left foot and his clothes were drenched.

Matt looked furious, his teeth bared. "I swear to gods, prank me again you two! I dare you!" He yelled at the two, who were still wriggling on the ground.

I walked over to them, then drew a spell circle to undo their binds. The binds disappeared like dust, freeing both of my siblings. They both scrambled to get up and put some distance between them and Matt. But, before they could get too far, I grabbed them by their ears.

"Both of you, now isn't the time." I hissed, glaring at both of my siblings. "Matt, now isn't the time to kill them either. Do that after the show." Matt tightly furrowed his brows, still fuming. "Now come on, we've got to get going." I let go of my siblings, who both brought a hand up to their ear.

Boscha drew a spell circle and Matt's clothes became dry, but the bucket still remained stuck on his foot. While he struggled to get it off, I grabbed my notebook off the table and put it under my arm.

"Did you guys get everything?" I asked the group, which I got a collective nod. Turning specifically to Edric, I eyed him up and down. "Do you have your drumsticks this time?" I asked him, remembering the last show where he left his sticks here.

He quickly patted himself up and down for a moment, searching the inner pockets of his jacket before triumphantly pulling out his drumsticks. His sticks were carefully carved out of old bones from some creature I couldn't remember.

Putting his sticks back in his pockets, he gave me a thumbs up. "Okay great. Now let's get going, Em still needs to set up her effects." Matt had finally managed to get the bucket off of his foot and he tried to toss it at Edric's head. Edric ducked, the bucket barely missing him before it loudly clanged against the wall.

Grumbling under his breath, Matt angrily stomped towards the door, throwing it open and letting it slam against the wall before trudging outside. We all looked at each other before following him outside.

Outside was our personal traveling cart with our equipment in a cart attached to the back. "We call the front!" The twins shouted in unison, dashing over towards the cart. Matt stared at them from the passenger side seat, and if looks could kill, both of them would be done for.

Making our way over to the cart, Boscha and I climbed in the back and sat down in one of the soft seats. Boscha leaned over to the tiny cooler and pulled out herself a drink. "You want anything?" She asked me and I gave her a nod.

"Just a water." I said, leaning my head back to stare at the room of the cart. Then, I had a water bottle thrown at my face. Another stream of curses flowed from my lips as Boscha just laughed.

"Sorry Amity." She chuckled, shrugging her shoulders.

"You're not sorry." I muttered, taking a swig of my water.

Boscha laughed again. "You're right, I'm not sorry." She flopped down in a seat and pulled up her scroll yet again, sipping her drink and texting away.

"Be glad we have a show, otherwise I would've thrown some water at you." I said, taking another sip of my drink. The cart started to move, making our way to the concert. The two of us sat in silence, the only sounds coming from the creaking of the cart and the muffled sounds of people outside.

I slouched down in my seat, playing with the hem of my sweater. "Is your girlfriend coming to the show?" Boscha shook her head, making her scroll disappear.

"She was going to." The pink haired witch started. "But she said something came up, so she can't make it." I could her voice take on a slightly disappointed tone, but she tried to cover it up. "But, we planned to meet up after the show, I mean, unless the band's doing something after."

Shrugging my shoulders, I took another swig of my water bottle. "I mean, you might miss Matt ripping Edric's head off, but other than that you won't miss anything too important." Boscha opened her scroll again, clicking away for a moment. "Wait, didn't she already buy a ticket?"

"Yeah, but she gave it to someone." Boscha said, not looking up from her scroll.


She shrugged, then continued to text "Dunno, asking her right now." Right as she said that, her scroll dinged again. Her eyes scanned over the message, slowly getting wider the longer she read. "Oh my gods." She said softly, her eyes darting from me to her scroll.

"What is it?" I asked, looking at the wide eyed witch. She hesitated for a minute, then put away her scroll.

"Nothing! Just something on Pensta." She stammered, a stupid smile on her face. "But uh, Willow says she gave her ticket to one of Augustus' friends." Based on her look and body language, I knew there was something she wasn't telling me.

The cart suddenly lurched forward to a stop, and a loud knocking noise came from the front. I assumed it was one of my siblings letting me know that we were here. Boscha shot up from her seat, moving over towards the door.

I followed after her, stepping out of the cart and closing the door behind us. "Guess we'll have to keep an eye out for Augustus then." I said to her, which she responded with a nod.

"Alright you four." Matt called, stepping out of the cart. "We've still got two hours before the show, so we need to set up." I looked at the sky, staring at the sunset for a moment. The sky was a deep orange, slowly turning into a pale purple.

The pale purple color was calming. It reminded me of my time in the book club, it reminded me of my time with her.

"Amity!" I was snapped out of my thoughts at the sound of Matt's voice. "Can you get out of your head for five minutes?" He hissed, clearly irritated. Shaking my head, I cleared my thoughts and started to help them unload all of our equipment.

Emira walked over to me, a few speakers floating behind her. "Hey Mittens, you alright?" She asked, and I couldn't tell if she was genuinely worried about me or not. I gave her a nod.

"Yeah I'm alright. I was just thinking about... stuff." I could feel my cheeks heat up slightly. Emira chuckled, drawing another spell circle to float another speaker.

"Let me guess, Luz's nickname is stuff?" Emira asked with a serious tone, not even looking at me. My ears went down in surprise, my face lighting up. I sputtered, not able to make a proper response. "Were you busy with stuff?"

Her question made me choke, violent coughs wracking my body. Emira laughed, nearly dropping the speakers in the process. "No!" I managed to get out, still coughing.

"Mittens, you should've seen your face!" Emira laughed, placing a hand on my shoulder. "What did you think I meant?" I knew if I said anything, Emira would not only say something about it to Edric, but they would both use it against me at some point.

When Emira realized she wasn't going to get an answer out of me, she just shrugged and walked away, the speakers floating behind her. By the time I managed to catch my breath, Edric had already came over and started unloading his drums.

Shooting my sister a glare, I cast a few spells to pick up the last bit of the speakers, then grabbed my guitar and put it over my shoulder. I made my way to the stage, glancing out at the large empty room.

An empty room that'd be packed with people soon enough.

The thought of the people cheering our names, their excited faces as we step out on stage, it made me smile. I carefully set the speakers on the stage, putting them in their places before I started to help Matt with connecting the speakers to everything.

"Testing, one two three." Edric tapped his mircophone a few times, his voice echoing loudly in the building. "Yo Matt, maybe turn down this mic a bit?" He suggested. Matt muttered something under his breath, then moved over to the soundboard and adjusted the mic.

Matt told Edric to test the other two mics, which we found out were both extremely quiet. The brown haired witch complained that we must have tampered with the mics because he had them "set to perfection" a few minutes ago. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

Leaning against the edge of the stage with my arms folded, I stared out at the empty room. It felt kinda odd being in the room with it this quiet, but I knew it wasn't going to last for much longer.

"Wonder what Luz would think of all this." I thought to myself before my siblings called me backstage to get the final touches ready for the show. With a sigh, I spun around and followed the sound of the twins voices, a grin on my face as I thought of what was going to happen later tonight.