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The Lady in Grey

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November, 1780

His fingers were caressing the side of her jaw, amazed by how soft her skin was. Ellie’s eyes were locked in his, her breath caught in her throat. She brushed her face against his fingers, her lashes flickering with the pleasure of his touch. Adam reached for her waist, taking it in his hands and making her gulp with delight.

“What are we supposed to do now?” She whispered, as he stroke her curves with care.

He could feel her warmth underneath her thin shift and felt an urge to take off the piece of fabric from her body. However, at the same time, he wanted to be like that, with her in his arms, her shallow breath against his torso.

“I don’t know.”

He could take her clothes off. He could expose her breasts to the warmth, tasting her nipples with his tongue and feeling her with his digits. He could kiss her like she demanded to be kissed before and like he never kissed a woman in his life.

He could hold her, until she fell asleep in his arms, watching her through the night, thinking of what they would do, now that the words were said.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“You have never been with a woman?” She asked and he blushed.

He had had many women before. Prostitutes and widows. Married and separated. He liked the blondes with pretty eyes, the red-headed with luscious smiles, the brunettes with sharp tongues.

He had fucked them. He had tasted every little part. He had discovered their little secrets and whispered things in her ears to make them blush with pleasure. He had worshiped each body that he met during his life and never disappointed a lover.

But now, with Ellie here, long lashes spreading shadows over her cheeks…

“It’s different.” He decided to answer.

“How is it different? I’m a woman, like the others.” She said back, lifting her gaze to meet his.

It was different because she was pure. A virgin, from a noble and ancient family. A girl, well-educated and bred, despite the fact she attacked him in the middle of the night and tried to steal his horse. Everyone had defects and God knows how…what truly happened to her.

She said she came from the past and Adam wanted to believe her… He wanted to believe her, despite his mind kept telling him what was probably the real reason for all that confusion.

He had met soldiers, soldiers who were too distressed by the death and the sorrow of war, soldiers who lost their minds. They created worlds where things were different. There were small things, like family members that still lived, limbs that still existed, friends that were not missing. Others imagined a life where they were related to the king or the colonel.

Maybe… Life was not easy for Ellie. And she created that world for her, a world that was the only protection against the truth.

“Adam.” She said, playing with his shirt. “You’re thinking too much.”

He was. He would never do that with another lady in his arms. The Adam from before would have taken her to his bed, spread her legs, and tasted her core.

But things… Were not the same. He was far away from home, his brother had resurrected from the dead and… He was enamored. Adam Grey, the heartbreaker, was smitten by the tiny fairy in his arms.

“I want to kiss you.”

She smiled and he could see the tip of her tongue.

“So, why don’t you kiss me?”

Because kissing her would lead to other things, things that she was not prepared to deal with, not after all the trauma.

“I…” He tried to put his thoughts in words, to no avail.

“It’s because we are not married?”

Not exactly.

“You think you’re taking advantage of me?”

“I will be taking advantage of you, Ellie. You… After yesterday, everything changed. Your whole world… Your family… I vowed. To be your knight.”


He stopped, raising his eyebrows.


“No.” She repeated. “You vowed to keep me safe and happy, whenever it may be, whoever it may be with. And I’m safe with you. And I’m happy with you.”

He pulled her against his body, resting his forehead in his, watching those bright green eyes.

“I can’t be with you the way we should be. I can’t… Marry you. Have a family with you. I…” I’m too broken. Too sad. Too lonely.

“I don’t care.”

“You say that now, but in the future…”

“In the future, I will still want you. Marriage was only a big disappointment in my life. It was a way to sell me to the highest bidder and the only thing that it truly presented me with…Was you.” She paused, rubbing the tip of her nose against his. “I will have you, any way you will have me, as long as you want me the same way that I want you.”

She opened her eyes to find the depths of the sea.

“And how will you have me?”


Eleanor blushed profusely, her heart beating fast in her rib cage. She didn’t dare to say it, the words that were bubbling in her chest. She just stared, lips apart and eyes amazed, trying to focus on the tall man in front of her, his blond locks falling from his shoulders and blue, bright eyes staring straight at her.

“How will you have me?” He insisted and she had to exhale, slowly.

That was it.

This would change everything.

And she was so excited.

“I will have all of you.” She answered and before she was aware of her surroundings, his lips were already pressed against hers.

His fingers pulled her against his torso, grabbing the fabric from her underdress and pushing and pulling like he intended to tore it from her naked body. This mere thought made her break the kiss, finding air for her excited lungs, her lashes so heavy against her cheeks.

Adam’s lips moved to her neck, caressing and licking and biting his way through, towards her clavicle. Lower and lower he moved, shallower and shallower was her breathing, until he found the hem of the underdress, were a little ribbon tied it in place.

That’s when her knees failed her.

“Let’s go to bed.” He whispered against her warm skin and she wasn’t able to say anything. She tried to mumble words or letters of agreement, but the only thing that left her was a soft moan, as he lifted her in his arms, walking slowly, too slowly, towards the huge canopy bed.

He placed her in the center and watched her for a long time. Eleanor blinked, stunned, watching him with the same intensity he was watching her.

“Come here.” She was finally able to say after her body started to slow down and be aware of what was happening. She didn’t like that, at all. She wanted to be dizzy with feelings, flabbergasted by the power Adam had over her senses.

She wanted more.

And he came, eyes so intense over her that she shivered with anticipation. His body was huge and heavy over hers, in a nice way. She sought his lips with her own, moaning softly as she found them, the same time Adam’s hands found her breasts, swollen and sensitive under his digits.

He played with the size and the weight, finding her nipples under the fabric of the underdress and pinching until she exhaled against his lips. When she opened her mouth, a tongue appeared, gently, shyly, asking for permission. The mere taste of his tongue against hers was enough to make her spread her legs, circling him with her thighs and pulling him closer.

“Oh, God.” She heard him whisper against her mouth and she smiled. It was good to know that she was not the only one losing her mind that night.

Gathering courage, she spread her hands in his torso, feeling the quick heartbeat coming from his chest, the way the muscles shook every time she touched a new part of him. She wanted more. She wanted to feel his skin under the shirt and discover how it would feel against her own naked skin.

Eleanor, without thinking twice, pulled his shirt from his breeches, taking in a fluid motion over his head and throwing it across the room. He was magnificent, with all the tensed muscles and the bright, golden, tanned skin. She placed a kiss over his breast, just a bit over his nipple, and he gasped.

“Ellie, please…”

She looked down and saw his fingers playing over the ribbons in her underdress.


And then he pulled it, slowly and sensually, as they both watched her flesh show under the white fabric. Adam left the ribbons and caressed her thighs, pulling the hem of the underdress up and up, up her hips and her navel and her breasts, until it was on the other side of the room, sprawled by the side of his shirt.

She couldn’t help but smile, as he licked his lips, his hands traveling from her breasts to her belly, resting just a little above the small triangle of hair that the maids once said it was called her flower.

Ellie saw his gulping and her hands traveled to his chest. His heart was beating so fast that she didn’t know how he was still standing over her. With such a quick heartbeat, he would have fainted some minutes ago.

“Are you sure you want this, Ellie?” He asked, his fingers playing with the hair over her flower. “If we finish what we started… You will not be a maiden, anymore. You will be… mine. Do you understand?”

She understood alright. And she was eager to it.

Calmly, she slid her hands down to his hands and pushed it down against her flower, to where once she had touched and trembled with so many feelings. When his hands met the spot, she let a sob, her hips searching for more.

“I do.”

And Adam went down over her, letting a grunt of satisfaction, as his fingers tickled her and their skins met.


She was beautiful. Beautiful and warm and soft and so… bold. She had given herself to him and his touch and Adam could not be more… ready. His trousers were in his way, impending the erection that was trying to burst out of its container.

Oh, God.

His lips were sucking a nipple, while his fingers were playing with her button. She was so moist and soft down there that, even when he inserted a finger, she just sobbed with pleasure, her hips scrubbing against his hand, asking for more.

Oh, he wanted to give her everything.

He knew that he was being an utter fool and was not thinking straight what all this meant for him in the future. But this was not his problem now. No. Now it was his pleasure, watching her surrender under him like that.

He wanted to taste her.

But he would scare her.

Or wouldn’t he?

Would she be surprised with his lips touching her down there? Or she would be terrified, leaving him half-naked and with an erection alone in a room during a snowstorm?

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden tension around his fingers. She was frozen, her breath caught in her throat, her fingers and toes curled in anguish… And sudden, the release, the moan, deep and long, leaving her chest, the sprawled limbs, twitching slightly with pleasure.

He left his hands over her privates, licking his fingers and finally tasting her. She was sweet and refreshing, the flavors playing in his tongue, as she laid down and let her body relax.

He laid by her side, caressing her hair and watching her eyelids flutter.

“I… I liked it…” She started to say. “It was different from what I thought it would be.”

This made him raise his head.

“What do you mean, Eleanor?”

“Why…” She paused, opening her eyes. “I heard the servants saying that it hurt.”

“We didn’t…” He would say they didn’t make love, but they had. If that wasn’t love, he didn’t know what love was. “We didn’t…”

“Oh…” He could see her eyebrows going high in her forehead. “So… What was… this?”

“A part of it. The beginning.” He paused. “For the other part, I… My… Erm…” He pointed to his groin and this made her understand.

“Oh. The yard.” She mentioned, her hands traveling to the hem of his trousers instantly. “I thought it served only to piss. But… Thinking about it… Now it explains much of the jokes the soldiers made during training.”

Oh, God.

“Can I see it?” She asked and how could he say no. So, he used his hands to unlace them and pulled it down, getting completely naked in her bed. He kept his eyes in her, waiting for a surprise or lust in her gaze. However, she only tilted her head, slightly, and mentioned. “Oh, it’s different from the ones I’ve seen.”

“Oh, you’ve seen others?” He played and was glad to see her blush.

“I’ve three brothers, Adam. However… Yours is far… larger.” She lost her words.

“It is because I want you.” He said, covering her body with his, placing his erection between her legs, the tip on her entrance, still swollen and moist from her pleasure. She sighed, her hands going to his shoulders and her eyes searching for his.

“You do?”

“I do.” He paused, kissing her neck and biting the tip of her ear, feeling her parts getting moist with each seductive movement. “But do you want me?”

“Oh, yes.” She whispered, her lips searching for his.

He kissed her, with all his heart, waiting for her heart to lose a beat, for her limbs to get weak, to her hips start searching for him. She moved, unconsciously, towards him, and with one hand, he guided himself, entering slowly, as she rubbed herself against his body, as she pulled him closer with her legs.

With a sob, he was all inside her and she kept moving, rubbing, her tongue playing with his in a mimic of what was happening with their bodies. And he moved and she exhaled, her fingernails entering his skin, her head tilting backward with the new sensation. His hand, placed gently under her thigh, went towards her button, stimulating it enough for her to feel the pleasure, forget the new body inside of her, the ache that will appear afterward, with her in his arms and her heart slowing down in her ribcage.

She squeezed him and Adam knew that it was coming again, the pleasure they were seeking. He moved, faster and faster, his fingers playing with her button and she cried loudly, her body shivering with sensations, her release so intense that he almost came inside of her.

Quickly, he left her, almost forgetting she would be sore, and let his seed spill over her navel, his heart thundering in his chest, his buttocks trembling with the pleasure being left of him. Ellie’s hands were still holding him tightly against her, her heart beating in the same rhythm as his.

And that was when he knew he would never let her go.