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The General And The Jedi IX: With Jewels And Love

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In the days of Old Corellia,
A wedding was days of feasting,
Drinking, and merrymaking,
A great excuse
For a party.

Seth Elmtree
“Old Corellia”
2226 O.R.E.
(Old Republic Era)

The feasting and dancing were epic. If anything, Corellians knew how to have a good time, Luke thought.

Han was the life of the party. He ate, drank and danced as the musicians played and the guests indulged in happy abandon.

Mikal’s wife Selena sat down next to Luke at the head table. The tables had been set up outdoors and there was plenty of room for dancing. Jewelry jangled and the guests laughed and talked and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“How are you doing, nephew?”

Luke smiled. “I’m in deep now.”

She laughed. Her purple hair was dusted with silver and gold sparkles. Her gown was outrageous even by Clan Solon standards. Billowing and every color in the rainbow, the dress was multilayered and wild.

“You’re quite a fashion plate, Aunt Selena.”

She lightly pushed his shoulder. “Silver-tongued, aren’t you?”

Luke laughed. “Did you ever envision a day like this for Han?”

“Oh, I had hopes, but he was always a free spirit. I wasn’t sure he would ever get married.”

“Too footloose?”

“And fancy-free.” Selena looked around, her eyes alighting on the wine fountain. “Wait here.”

She got up and filled two gemmed goblets with deep, purple wine. She handed Luke a goblet as she sat down again.

“Mmm, Rolf makes great wine,” Selena said after she took a swig.

Luke agreed. The wine had a deep-bodied flavor.

“So, did you like the cottage?” she asked.

“I loved it. I’m fascinated by the sea.”

“You come from a desert planet, right?”

“Yes, Tatooine.”

“Ah, now there’s a backwater. Oops, sorry.”

Luke grinned. “It’s all right. You’ve got it correct.”

She chuckled and took another swig. “You’ve probably seen quite a few worlds since you joined the Rebellion.”

“I’ve seen a jungle moon, an ice planet, and more jungle.”

“Oh, dear! Well, Corellia gives you variety.”

“It does.” Luke’s gaze fell on Han, who was dancing by in a whirl of activity. Graceful and energetic, Han was enjoying himself, loving the attention. “He’s a spotlight-grabber.”

Selena laughed. “But on his terms.”

“What do you mean?”

She gestured expansively. “All this. He doesn’t mind the attention from his family, but he doesn’t want the whole Republic in on his business.”

“Well, I can’t blame him. I’m not thrilled with it, either.”

“Your sister doesn’t seem to mind.”

“She was raised in Alderaan’s Royal House. A far cry from a moisture farm on Tatooine.”



The musicians took a break and Han came over to the table. “Man, I need a drink. Dancing is thirsty work.”

“Plenty of your father’s wine in the fountain.”

“Too bad it’s not big enough to dive into,” Han said with a wink. He headed over to the buffet table and the miniature fountain.

“Wild boy,” Selena snickered.

Han returned with a full goblet. He sat next to Luke and took a long drink. “Mmm, yeah, Dad’s crushin’ those grapes.”

“Mikal’s specialty is whiskey,” Selena said. “He likes drinks with a kick.”

Han grinned. “Uncle Mikal likes a double kick. The first time I tasted his homemade brew, my throat was on fire. I nearly coughed my head off.”

“A headless Han? Horrors!” Luke said.

“Ha, ha, kid. I didn’t know Jedi Knights could be comedians.”

“We can be many things.” Luke smiled seductively.

Han’s eyes gleamed. “Lucky me.” He took another long sip of wine.

“Very lucky,” Selena observed with a smirk.

“C’mon, spouse, let’s dance.” Han drained his goblet and he and Luke rose and joined the dancers.

Leia took Luke’s seat with a goblet in her hand. Selena smiled at her. “Having a good time?”

“The best. You Corellians sure know how to throw a party.”

“Thank you.” Selena indicated with a nod of her head toward Luke. “How’s your brother holding up with all the boisterous revelry?”

Leia laughed. “He can be pretty boisterous himself.”

“That’s interesting. He seems a little introverted.”

“Ah, yes, well, ever since he started serious training as a Jedi.”

“That makes sense. Aren’t Jedi supposed to be serene?”

“That’s the image.”

Selena looked at Leia with interest. “So it’s more of an ideal than practice.”

“I think it’s safe to say that’s so.”

“Must be a lot of pressure on him to be the last Jedi.”

“There is.” Leia sighed. “I’m afraid that it’s always going to be like that.”

“Han will help with that.”

Leia nodded. “Han is the best thing that ever happened to Luke.”

“Oh, yes.” Selena’s affection was clear in her expression as she watched the happy couple as they danced.

“I see a long-lasting relationship,” Leia said.

“You’ve got second sight, dear.”

Leia laughed. “I don’t think I need second sight to see that they’re crazy about each other.”

“Crazy is good. It’s kept Mikal and me together for a great many years.”

Leia took a sip for her goblet. “That’s wonderful.”

“Oh, it’s not always smooth sailing, but we work it out.”

Leia noticed how satisfied Selena sounded. She wondered if she could ever find love like that.

& & & & & &

Luke felt happier than the day he and Han had received their medals for their heroics in the Battle of Yavin IV. He would never forget this day.

A long way from that first meeting in Mos Eisley.

Han smirked at him as the music lilted in the Leaftide air. “Well, kid, you’re part of the clan now. Any regrets?”

Luke smiled. “Nope.”

Han laughed and drew Luke into a kiss. Luke returned it passionately.

“Get a room!” Mikal yelled as he danced by.

The happy couple chuckled as they swayed in each other’s arms.

“Should we get a room?” Han asked as he nuzzled his partner’s neck.

“Sounds like a good idea.”

“You all packed?”


Han glanced up at the sun. “The afternoon is waning. One last toast and away we go!”

& & & & & &

As Best Man, Lando gave the farewell toast. “Han and Luke, may you have a long and happy life together. You’ve already enjoyed a lifetime of adventures, and may you have many more.”

“Hear, hear!” Jan said, lifting her goblet.

Leia raised her goblet. “To Luke and Han!”

“Hear, hear!” Mikal echoed. He took a hearty swig.

Han bowed. “Thank you, Best Man and Honor Maiden. You flatter us.” He smirked and Lando answered with a smirk of his own. “Drink and be merry!” Han invoked.

As they ran toward the hovercar amidst a shower of rose petals, their suitcases safely stowed in the back, Luke asked, “Did you really need to give them leave to drink? They’re already sloshed.”

Han slid behind the wheel. “Hey, a little reinforcement never hurt.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Let’s peel rubber, sweetheart.”

Han laughed and zoomed down the driveway, making a racket as cans tied to the hovercar clacked and banged against each other with an attached sign saying, JUST MARRIED. Clan Solon continued feasting and celebrating, a few mischief-makers smirking.