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Want to be your lover

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Luo Fusheng have meet Yang Xiuxian one day at one bar where they couldn't stop smiling at each other and some wink and grinning.
They have been attracted and they have hookup.
It's was maybe the best sex that had Luo Fusheng in his life and he said to Yang Xiuxian "Can we still see each other only for hookup"

"My phone number is on the table," said Yang Xiuxian

Luo Fusheng keeps the number and almost every Friday after his week of work he called Yang Xiuxian were like the first time they had only sex.
It's was great it's was the arrangement they had.

They continue to do it more but Luo Fusheng wanted more, he wanted totally more he wanted to kiss these lips, to wake up with him.
He was in love with him. He wanted to know more about Yang Xiuxian.

One night when Yang Xiuxian was ready to leave Luo Fusheng grab his hand and say "I want to talk to you, I know it's would change many things between us, maybe it's will stop what we do but Yang Xiuxian I want to be with you as boyfriend, I want to kiss you, I want to hold you, I want to wae up to you, talk about everything"

Then Yang Xiuxian looked at him and he was in verge of crying, it's was one of the rare times that Yang Xiuxian looked so weak, fragile. Because he feels the same for Luo Fusheng that why he left so fast because his feelings was so obvious more.
And all he could do now after what said Luo Fusheng was to kiss him.

This was one of their first kiss outside sex, it's was real and passionate and full of love.

Yang Xiuxian put his forehead against the one of Luo Fusheng and said "I want this so much too, I have fallen in love with you my feelings were obvious now that why I was fast to leave but I knew i wouldn't resist you. And I didn't know if you wanted the same with me"

Luo Fusheng kiss him and say "I want that so much, stay the night please and wake up with me"

"Of course," says Yang Xiuxian with a smile

"And if you want to stay more with me, I wouldn't mind it all"