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Exile's Return: Book 1

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Kharak... A desert wasteland has been our home for over four thousand years. The hot sands of the great deserts are all our people ever knew. Or at least remember. The Polar Regions are the only habitable areas of this planet. Even the Kiith Gaalsien, the oldest of our people remember nothing more than this home. Many religions suggest that we did not originate on this world. They say that the great god Sajuuk banished us to this world for our sins. But not until resent scientific discoveries prove the inevitable truth...we are aliens to this world.

One hundred years ago, a satellite's propulsion systems malfunctioned. It turned to face the planet instead of scanning for metallic debris in Kharak orbit; it detected an object buried in the sands of the Banded Desert. An expedition was sent. What they found was an ancient star ship buried beneath the sand. On the metal pieces were symbols. One of them was that of the Gaalsien clan. They claimed to have no knowledge of this. Deep inside the relic was a power plant that was not functional. It sent our scientific studies thousands of years into the future. But farther in, was hidden a single stone that would change the course of our history forever...

On the Guidestone was carved a galactic map, and a single word more ancient than the clans themselves. Hiigara. Our home.

The clans united as one and a massive colony ship was designed. Construction would take six decades. Twenty years for the scaffolding that would aid the forty year construction of the Mothership. It demanded new technologies, new industries, and new sacrifices. The greatest was made by a young neuroscientist, who was an old friend of mine. Her name was Karan Sjet. She had herself permanently integrated into the ship's hyperdrive as its living core. She is now fleet command.

The promise of the Guidestone united the entire population. Everyone's mind became focused on a single question. Where do we come from? Every effort was put into building the ship that would seek it out among the stars...