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An Educational Experience

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“Xichen, hurry up,” Jiang Cheng growls, glowering over his shoulder at the man kneeling behind him. The furry, spotted ears atop his head twitch a little in agitation while his lithe tail sways from side to side, signalling his impatience

Lan Xichen simply smiles at him, still gazing down at the length of Jiang Cheng’s body, naked from the waist down, where it’s sprawled in front of him on the bed like an offering. “I love it when you arch your back for me,” he murmurs, gaze sweeping over him leisurely.

They’ve been dating for less than a month, but Jiang Cheng feels like his desire for Lan Xichen has burned for forever. It’s been nearly a week since they’ve been able to see each other so his impatience, he thinks, is justified.

“You know, Wanyin,” Lan Xichen says conversationally, still just staring, “I learned something interesting today.”

Jiang Cheng can’t fucking believe this. “Wha—Do I look like I give a shit?” he bites out, incredulous. “Xichen, fucking touch me already!” He doesn’t know how much more of this he can take. He buries his face in his folded arms and suppresses the urge to shy away from Lan Xichen’s hot gaze.

Is Xichen going to make him beg? Because fuck that. If that bastard doesn’t get his hands on him soon, Jiang Cheng is going to turn around and jump him

He twitches as Lan Xichen’s warm hands finally settle on his back, swallowing his satisfied moan. It’s crazy how much a simple touch from his boyfriend affects him. Jiang Cheng would hate it if he doesn’t also love it so much.

Lan Xichen’s broad palms slide along the arch of his spine, over the toned contours of his back and the side of his rib cage, finally settling on the dip of his waist, thumbs rubbing small circles above the subtle dimples just below. He can hold Jiang Cheng so easily there, where his strong, graceful hands can nearly encircle him. The thought and the touch prompt goosebumps to erupt over Jiang Cheng’s skin.

“Wanyin is so responsive to me, I love it,” Lan Xichen murmurs.

Jiang Cheng bites back another curse as those wide hands inch toward his ass, thumbs digging slightly into the plump flesh there and parting him for Lan Xichen’s regard. Reflexively, his tail twitches to cover his now-exposed hole only to be blocked by Lan Xichen’s forearm.

Jiang Cheng feels the bed shift a little, and then his tail is suddenly grabbed.

“Wha—?!” He twists his neck again to look behind him.

“Wanyin, your tail is really adorable.” Lan Xichen has a hand wrapped around his twitching tail, and he rubs at the soft, sleek fur there.

Jiang Cheng huffs. “You’re the one with the fluffy white tail, not me,” he can’t help but point out.

“That may be true, but Wanyin’s is cuter.”

Jiang Cheng doesn’t know if he agrees with that, but before he can retort, Lan Xichen’s hand slides down until he’s gripping Jiang Cheng’s long tail near the base.

“Quit playing around,” Jiang Cheng snaps. Lan Xichen’s other hand is still gripping one smooth asscheek, his thumb temptingly close to where Jiang Cheng wants it most.

“Does Wanyin want to know what I learned?”

This again? “Is now really the time, Xichen? I swear to fucking god—” Jiang Cheng cuts off with a gasp when Lan Xichen presses against his tail with his thumb. It’s—it feels strange. He squirms a bit when the pressure doesn’t ease.

Lan Xichen’s hand slides a little further down until he’s gripping Jiang Cheng’s tail by the very base, thumb still massaging the lithe muscle there.

“Nngh,” Jiang Cheng mumbles. “Let—let go.”

Lan Xichen does not, in fact, let go. Instead, he starts rubbing slow, deliberate circles into the underside of the base of Jiang Cheng’s tail, where it meets the crease of his ass.

Nnnh.” Jiang Cheng shudders. He collapses once again into his arms when Lan Xichen’s fingers begin to massage all along the base of his tail, applying rhythmic, constant pressure.

The sensation is intense. Jiang Cheng can’t tell if it’s pleasant or not, just that it’s a lot, and it ripples from the base of his spine outward. He’s panting now, with his cheek pressed against the bed and his ass still lifted high for Xichen, his spine arched sinuously in the way that Xichen adores.

“Xichen—” he groans, “stop, it’s—it’s too much.”

Once again, Lan Xichen doesn’t listen, instead increasing the pressure on the base of his shivering tail and the bottom of Jiang Cheng’s spine.

Jiang Cheng moans, feeling all too warm. He’s so damn sensitive there. He hadn’t even known. His ears are folded flat against his head, his tail lashing in Lan Xichen’s firm grasp to no avail. He can feel his hole twitching, desperate and wanting.

“Wanyin, you’re so hard already,” Lan Xichen murmurs, voice low and amused.

Jiang Cheng’s eyes widen in shock and he looks down at himself. Xichen’s right: his untouched cock is hard and dripping already onto the sheets. The sight makes him flush in shame.

“Wha—” he gasps, “why—what’re you—”

Lan Xichen hums. Then, with his thumb still digging into the base, he wraps his fingers around Jiang Cheng’s quivering tail and gently tugs.

“Ah!” Jiang Cheng’s back curves even further as his ass lifts to follow the force upward in an attempt to alleviate the pressure. His hands claw for purchase at the sheets next to his head. He feels lightheaded, like all the blood in his body is rushing southward.

Lan Xichen eases the pressure on Jiang Cheng’s tail for a brief moment, only to tug firmly once again, eliciting a yowl from Jiang Cheng. This time, he maintains his hold, keeping Jiang Cheng’s straining body arched in the air for him, his thumb still massaging unrelenting, dizzying circles into the base of his tail.

Jiang Cheng gasps in shivery, staccato breaths, waves of sensation pulsing outward from where Lan Xichen is stimulating him without mercy. He feels tingly all over, wracked with shivers and twitching and dripping all over the bed as his hole flutters wildly, feeling unbearably empty. He becomes aware that he’s making these pathetic keening noises, limbs squirming from the overstimulation.

Jiang Cheng forces his eyes open—when had he shut them?—trying to focus them on Lan Xichen. The other man’s amber eyes are trained on where he’s torturing Jiang Cheng by the tail, and so, so dark. His gaze finally flickers up to meet Jiang Cheng’s teary one.

“Xi-Xichen please, please,” Jiang Cheng moans, hoarse and breathless, “too—too much, I c-can’t—"

Lan Xichen smiles at him, sweet and knowing and devious. Then, he tugs at Jiang Cheng’s tail with just a little more force while his thumb presses viciously again into the tender spot at the base of his spine, and Jiang Cheng howls, back curving in an impossible arch as he comes in shuddering waves, painting the bed with ropes of white.

Lan Xichen finally releases his tail and Jiang Cheng immediately slumps back onto the bed, ass still up, panting and head spinning from the shock of his orgasm. He feels Lan Xichen stroke soothingly over the length of his bare back—his shirt has long since slipped up to pool under his armpits—as he tries to catch his breath. His pulse has only just slowed to no longer frantic when a deliberate touch against his entrance has him jolting again. 

Lan Xichen rubs the pad of his thumb over Jiang Cheng's pliant hole. His voice is honeyed and faintly teasing when he speaks.

 “Is Wanyin ready for the next round?”