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“...So explain to me again. You are spoiling me with this beautiful laughter, because~?” 

Kouichi couldn’t breathe. His lover was huge. His hands were huge. His fingers were huge. And somehow those fingers were anywhere on his body, drawing out a wave of neverending laughter out of him.

“It tihihickles! Cahahaius!” That evil....! Kouichi couldn’t remember ever laughing this much, day in, day out. His body struggled in vain, trying to squirm away from those huge nimble fingers that scribbled all over him. 

Caius discovering his response to tickling had marked the start of many situations like this. He’d cradle him easily in his lap and run his fingers all over his sensitive body - his tummy, his sides, ribs, he could even easily pick up his arms and scratch at his underarms using just one single finger. One finger that could make him like this.

“Staahahap!” His legs kicked, and his eyes widened when he felt Caius’ huge warm hand catch his bare foot. Holding it in his hand, he used one finger to lightly scribble the bottom of his foot, sending ticklish shockwaves through all of his body. 

“AAAHha!” Kouichi laughed until he thought he couldn’t laugh anymore. They were breaking a record. 

“Haa - haa, not fair,” he panted when the tickling had finally come to a stop, and Caius fondly snuggled him. 

Panting and wheezing, Kouichi tiredly rested his head against Caius’ chest, and he almost felt like giggling when he could hear his heartbeat. Someone had gotten excited here, just from hearing him laugh. Kouichi couldn’t help but feel happy because of it.

“Sorry Kouichi, I know it tickles. I just love your laughter so much,” Caius said as he gently caressed Kouichi’s head and back. In Kouichi’s opinion, the best part after getting tickled to death like that was Caius’ gentle aftercare. He’d cuddle him like this, caress his sore body and make him feel good. Kiss his head, then his lips...

He looked up when a low chuckle came from his lover. Caius was smiling.

“I really am sorry,” he said.

“No you’re not,” Kouichi said, pouting. Caius chuckled again and ruffled his hair.

“I guess I’m just too eager to use my advantage like this. I am big, you are small, it’s not like you really have a choice when I want to hear you laugh~” Caius said cheekily. Kouichi blinked and tried to look offended.

“So you’re going to be like this?” he asked. Caius’ advantage wasn’t really fair. He’d use it for all sorts of things in his favor. Randomly picking him up and lifting him in the air. Keeping something Kouichi wanted to have or eat, way out of his reach and teasing him about it. Keeping him prisoner with ease if he wanted to go somewhere, and Caius wasn’t letting him. Pinning him down and tickling him endlessly.... 

Kouichi absentmindedly stared at his lover’s enormous body. He really had a big advantage there, literally. His size could be used in any way to overpower him. And he? He was just tiny. A dwarf. He’d never considered his size a disadvantage in his own world, except now he sometimes...

He then caught on, staring at the hem of Caius’ uniform. Was it a disadvantage, though? Couldn’t he, like, turn it into his advantage

He remembered the first time Caius discovered he was ticklish. Except pleased and merry that he found a way to make him laugh like this, it was not as if the phenomenon surprised him in anyway. He didn’t have to ask what was going on. He wasn’t surprised by the effect of tickling at all - which could only mean... Titans were ticklish too. Or at least, they could be. 

“Kouichi, sorry! You are not mad at me, are you? For teasing you after - don’t be angry!” he could hear Caius’ sweet voice in response to his own silence. He smiled. No, he was not angry. He was just thinking. He was thinking deeply about this theory. And he was juuust going to test his theory in 3 - 2 - 1....

Kouichi!” Caius gasped when he suddenly sped down and wriggled himself under his lover’s huge uniform, crawling under his clothes. 

“Kouichi - wha!” There tucked in warmly and safely, Kouichi started to claw at his lover’s beautiful skin, as if he was a little mouse crawling under his clothes. And hell. yess.

“Kouicheeeeeheheeee!” Caius screeched. Kouichi perked up at this, he had never heard him make a sound like this.

“Yes~?” he answered from under his clothes. He could feel Caius’ hands pry at him, trying to peel at his clothes and get him out, but he continued to crawl over his seemingly sensitive body and used his tiny hands to tickle him. He even wiggled the toes of his bare feet a little, tickling Caius with both hands and feet, and he could feel the huge titan stagger and fall back.

“AHAaha Kouichi wahahaaait! Noooo~!” Holding onto him tightly as to not fall off during his struggle, Kouichi increased the tickling. He found his attractive stomach and traced the muscles with his greedy fingers. He circled his belly button and could even use both hands to scratch at the ticklish skin around the tiny hollow. 

“KOUi-Naha! Waha! Eeehehe!” He did not sound like royalty at all. Kouichi smirked. This was just a very ticklish big child, laughing for his life, and he was having a marvelous time with him.

“Can’t understand you, Caius~!” he teased. Blushing, he planted his lips against the warm skin and blew little raspberries. He could feel the huge squirming body jolt at each raspberry, and once he was curious enough to move his wiggling fingers into his belly button, Caius’ voice went from adorable squeaks to a loud roaring belly laugh. 

Kouichi was happily surprised. He could not only hear his laughter, but he could also feel it, with each and every ticklish spot he explored. 

“ANYthihihing but- KOhouichi!” Poor precious thing. It was definitely getting hot in here, under these warm clothes against that warm skin, and with that beautiful laughter in the air. But... Kouichi looked up at more of this attractive body he could try to explore before granting his boyfriend mercy. 

He reached higher, tickling his sides and ribs while he did, and Caius shook with helpless laughter.

“Nohoho don’t go thehehere!” Kouichi smiled fondly when he noticed Caius was trying to be careful - he could not tightly squeeze his arms against his body because it would trap and squeeze Kouichi’s small body - so Caius did not. 

He did not, and so he couldn’t help but allow it when Kouichi reached up further and wiggled his fingers against his underarm, wriggling them in more so he could poke and scratch at the center of his armpit.

EYEhehe!” He could feel Caius respond hysterically again, rolling around on his huge bed. Kouichi knew, if anyone would walk in, it’d be a hilarious sight. 

It was that he was being the cause of this, but oh how he would love to see Caius like this, rolling and squirming helplessly on his bed with peals of hysterical laughs and giggles coming out of him while something barely visible tickled him like this. 

At last, it was getting a little bit too stuffy in here, so he crawled more until his little head popped up through Caius’ collar. 

“HEehehe Kouichi get out of thehehere!” Caius giggled when Kouichi couldn’t help but finish his little tour by testing the sensitivity of his boyfriend’s neck. Caius’ fingers could finally reach him, and they took him out of there and cradled him back in his lap as he was before. Still smiling and giggling, Caius kissed him like that.

“You lihihittle!” he laughed as he kissed his lips multiple times. Kouichi blushed. Caius was... too cute. He had already stopped tickling him but.. he was still laughing.

“Hehehe, that was.. I.. I didn’t know I was so ticklish. Phewwww,” Caius sighed tiredly after a few more kisses, and he finally let himself fall back on their bed and he rested. His chest was heaving as he breathed in and out, the sweetest giggles still slipping past his lips.

“Hehe, geez, tired,” he giggled. Smiling, Kouichi climbed on top of him. He chuckled when he could feel Caius tense up at first, anticipating another attack, but then his huge body relaxed when Kouichi simply lay down on top of him so they could rest together. Caius brought his hand to him and held him fondly.

“So, who’s got the advantage here you say? I say: I do,” Kouichi said cheekily. Caius laughed tiredly.

“You do. You do, you do,” he admitted as he still caught his breath. Satisfied, Kouichi kissed Caius’ chest and then went back to resting on top of him. And just like that, they both fell asleep, in the middle of the day.