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Sleeping Troubles

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“Ugh I can’t believe I have to share a bed with you,” Fumi groaned as she walked into the hotel room that she was in with her sister. She was thirteen years old, going on fourteen in a couple of months. At that age, Fumi thought she could have some independence when they travelled on family holidays. Her loving mothers thought otherwise.


“What’s wrong with me?” Claudine scoffed as she glared at her from their shared double bed. “You share with Shiori all the time.”


“That’s because she’s Shiori,” Fumi explained like it was the most obvious thing in the world. She then climbed on the bed, huffing when Claudine placed her pillow right between them, Fumi pushed said pillow closer to Claudine’s side. “And she won’t hog the bed.”


“Says the one who is moving the barrier closer to me,” Claudine growled as she pushed the pillow back to where the middle was. 


Fumi pushed it back. “What barrier?” Claudine then shoved it back, biting back a shout Fumi grabbed hold on one end and forcefully pushed into Claudine’s face with a mean smirk only a smug thirteen years old could muster. “See that thing is as big as your head!” 


Claudine’s eyes twitched and she mumbled out profanity in french, causing Fumi to gasp and Claudine to wince behind the pillow. She forgot Fumi and Shiori were taking french lessons now that they lived with her and Mama in France. Fumi pointed a finger at Claudine, “I’m telling Mum you called me a bitch in french again!” 


“You didn’t even know what I said!” Claudine yelled as she threw the pillows at Fumi’s face. 


Fumi blocked it with her hand and used the other hand to grab another pillow and threw it back at Claudine.“Yeah, I do! You said Chienne!”


“Aha,” Claudine grinned as she blocked the pillow and stuck her tongue out at Fumi. “Now I’m going to tell Mama you called *Me* A bitch!” 


Fumi rose to her feet, towering over Claudine. “When did I call you that!”


“Just now.”


Fumi’s hands clenched as she growled. “You little—”


“Technically,” Claudine interrupted as she stood, tilting her head higher to show off the few centimetres of height she got over Fumi. “I’m taller  and  older than you.”


Fumi had no words, instead, she answered by tackling Claudine to the centre of the bed. “ARGH!”


From the doorway of their hotel room, one they didn’t hear open in all of the ruckus, their mothers (previously the wives of their mutual ex-husband) looked at the scene with a sigh. The one with wavy blonde hair had an expression of worry whilst the other, a woman with light brown hair with green-blue eyes looked at the fight with amusement. 


“Are you sure this trip is going to help them become friends?” Aina asked as she looked at her wife. “They’re already fighting in the bed, what’s going to happen when they’re in a boat trying to fish tomorrow?”


 Reo smiled at her gently, bringing her to a one-arm hug as she chuckled when she saw Fumi stumble her way to being on top of Claudine. It reminded her of her own sibling fights when she was younger. “They’ll be fine my dear, my brother can handle them and besides, Shiori is coming along so she’ll act as a peacemaker.” 


“If you say so, Ma Cherie.”


“Don’t worry, I know you were a single child but it’s always like this when it comes to siblings.” Before anything else could happen, Reo rapped gently on the door. Fumi and Claudine snapped to her looking like deer in the headlights. Reo smiled, “What did I say about fighting girls?”


Claudine and Fumi looked at each other. Then all at once, they pointed accusing fingers at each other. 




“What? No, I didn’t.”


“Yeah you did,” Claudine glared as she turned around and spotted Aina at the doorway. “Mama she called me a bitch in french.”


“You called me a bitch first!”


Reo’s smile froze as the squabbles continued, she looked directly at Aina. Her wife laughed nervously, rubbing the back of her head. “Ahaha… in my defence it’s french?”


Reo kissed her cheek, before leaning into her ear. “I’ll deal with you later.” Before anything could happen, Reo moved away from the door, went across to the bed and cleared her throat. Once again the two girls stopped arguing and looked at their mother nervously, in the background Aina swooned at her wife’s power. 


“I understand that both of you are having difficulty sleeping,” she said calmly, crossing her arms as she spoke. “It’s clear that we might have to cancel the fishing trip if you two aren’t going to have enough sleep.” Just like that the nervous expressions on their faces broke into a panic. “I’ll tell your uncle that only Shiori will fish with him since the other two need to sleep first.”


“No no!” The two girls protested in unison, they both loved fishing, it was one thing they got from their mutual father. They looked at each other with a silent conversation before they both looked back at their mother.


“It’s okay mum, we’ll behave,” Fumi pleaded.


Claudine nodded her head. “Yeah you don’t need to cancel the fishing trip for us, Shiori would be sad to be alone.”


Reo raised a brow. “Are you sure?”






“Okay then but just in case, Shiori will be sleeping with you guys, okay?” Both of them nodded, eager to get the punishment as small as it could be. “Good now move the pillows and prepare the bed, your sister is already asleep so I’ll bring her over.” With a nod they two girls went and prepped the bed even talking to each other. 


“Oh so that’s how you’re going to deal with me later,” Aina joked as Reo went to her side again in the hallway, On their left was their room they shared with Shiori. “Very smart.”


“Maybe~” Reo teased as a cat-like smirk that Fumi inherited from her appeared on her lips. “If only you behave first my dear.”


“Mou so mean.”


Reo chuckled as she opened the door, slowly walking in as she began to whisper to a sleeping Shiori as she began to lift the sleeping girl in her arms. 



“You know we’re getting played right now?” Fumi said casually as she handed Claudine a pillow they threw around before for Shiori. 


“Yep,” Claudine nodded as she took the pillow and fluffed it up before putting in the middle of two of them. “Better getting played now than miss out on fishing though.”


“Yeah you have that right,” Fumi chuckled as she admired their work before the silence became too long for it to be comfortable.


“Sorry for calling you a bitch by the way,” Claudine mumbled looking away as she rubbed her arm. 


“It’s okay,” Fumi said before quietly sighing under her breath. “Sorry for being rude when you were just trying to set up boundaries. I’m not used to sharing with other kids.”


Claudine snorted, “That’s not Shiori.”


Fumi chuckled as she looked at the door, thinking about her little sister.“That’s not Shiori,” she repeated. They both looked at each other and laughed before suddenly stopping.


“This doesn’t make us friends,” Fumi said sternly, quickly, almost as if she’s trying to convince herself to believe it. 


“Of course not,” Claudine nodded, almost fooling herself in the process. 


“You’re only still just my sister.”


“I feel the same way.”


“Shiori is here,” Reo whispered as she came out of the door. “She’s sleeping in the middle okay?”


The girls nodded as Reo laid Shiori gently to rest, the girl stirred mumbling to herself before quieting down when Reo slotted her pony plushie between her arms. “There,” she whispered as the other two sisters began to slide into bed next to Shiori. “Now go to sleep you two so that you’ll be ready for fishing tomorrow.”


“Night mum.”


“Night Maman.” 


Reo kissed them both equally on the head before walking back to the door where Aina waved them goodnight before turning off the light. 


“Night Fumi,” Claudine whispered into the dark. She didn’t expect an answer but she got one anyway. 


“Night Claudine.”



At first, Claudine thought they would actually get through the night in peace but then said peace was broken by a kick against her knee. It happened once, not enough to rouse her but by the second and a quick third time forced her to angrily wake up. 


“Fumi,” she hissed under her breath as she opened and blinked her eyes to adjust to the little light. “Fumi stop kicking me.”


Claudine turned to face her other sisters, as she thought Shiori was sleeping soundly in the middle whilst Fumi was beginning to stir, mumbling words Claudine just knew it was a lie. “It’s not me,” Fumi muttered, eyes still persistently shut. “It’s Shiori.”


Claudine scoffed, she didn’t think she would go there but she went there. Blaming Shiori just because she was in the middle as if Shiori would do that, she was an angel compared to both of them. “I know for a fact it’s not Shiori, it’s you.”


Fumi groaned, looked like she was going to turn around in bed before quickly deciding against it. Instead, she grabbed the other end of her pillow and bent it over so that she could muffle Claudine words instead. 


“Hey,” Claudine hissed under her breath as she started to lean over Shiori to yank the pillow away from Fumi’s head so that she could hear her properly. “Hey, I’m talking to you—”


A soft thud stopped everything. 


“I told you Shiori did it,” Fumi snickered into her hand, eyes wide and full of unspoken laughter as Claudine held her jaw in disbelief. All eyes were on Shiori who softly stirred in the middle of the bed. 


“She just punched me,” Claudine whispered. “She just punched the bottom of my jaw.”


“Didn’t you know that Shiori moves her in her sleep?” Fumi chuckled, too busy enjoying the moment to sleep. 


“No, but you should've told me!” Claudine yelled-whispered as she looked down at Shiori.


“Mmm horsie…” Shiori mumbled before going out into a light exhale. 


“Hey Claudine,” Fumi snickered, “Go neigh horsie.”


“Shut up,” Claudine growled, cheeks going warm from embarrassment. How dare Shiori punch her in the middle of her sleep, then again it was her fault for leaning over her but how was she supposed to know Shiori moved in her sleep! 


For once a look of seriousness dawned in Fumi’s face. “Did it hurt?”


“No,” Claudine snapped with a huff, “I’m just—” She trailed off again completely unsure how to deal with this. “ The audacity  Shiori.”


“She didn’t move before in her sleep,” Fumi said as she moved her hand and softly brushed Shiori’s hair, causing the tiny girl to let out a happy sigh. “It started when dad left which is why Mum sometimes sleeps with her, or at least she shares a room or bed with someone.” Fumi looked up at Claudine with a sad smile. “She doesn’t like to be alone.”


“Well,” Claudine sighed, throwing her hands up in the room before crossing her arms. “Now I can’t be mad at her.”


“Were you mad at her before?”


“No! But now— ugh! This sucks. I wish you punched me in the face instead so I can at least punch you back.”


“I mean we can always arrange that,” Fumi smirked, sitting up and shaking her hand to ready it into a fist. 


Claudine shook her head. “Not now we have fishing tomorrow.”


Fumi frowned but nodded her head, “You know, fair enough.”


At the sound of their conversation, Shiori stirred and kicked Fumi. Much to Claudine’s annoyance, all Fumi did was chuckle softly before patting down the kicked leg. “Is there any way for her to not move?” Claudine asked.


Fumi smirked the cat-like kind that Claudine can’t stand. “There is but I don’t know if the tsundere in you can handle it.”


“Don’t call me a tsundere,” Claudine growled pointing a finger at Fumi. “If anything, you’re more tsundere than me.”


“Am not!”


“Are too!” 


“Mmm,” Shiori whimpered as she moved around, hugging her horse plushie closer. “Onee chan, Kuro nee…” Both of the sisters froze, heart stuck in their lungs as they stared at Shiori. If Shiori woke up and couldn’t fall back to sleep they were done for. Thankfully, Shiori didn’t move much and fell asleep more. 


“Is that a nightmare or can she hear us?” Claudine whispered, eyes wide and frantic as she glanced at Fumi. 


Fumi looked equally nervous, a sweat drop was against her forehead as she looked down at Shiori. “Honestly, I don’t know which one is worse.”


“Okay let’s cuddle then,” Claudine said as she looked at Fumi directly in the eye as her own eyes narrowed in seriousness. “For Shiori.”


Fumi nodded the determined look in her eyes as well. “For Shiori.” 


With that the two girls laid down on their respective pillows again, quietly bickering as they cuddled against Shiori, trying to make sure both sides were comfortable. It would be an adorable sight for their mothers in the morning when they wake up early and see Claudine and Fumi cuddling Shiori and Shiori to have the happiest smile on her sleepy face.