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After Goto had received the call from Ishihara-san he left the police station in a hurry and took his bicycle to ride to his destination. He had to concentrate quite hard not to rush anything. His head was spinning and thinking clear was almost impossible, but thanks to being a police man he was able to act on automatic without much thinking. After fifteen minutes he has reached the hospital. Goto run inside, not taking care that people looked at him. All that mattered now was to find Masayoshi. He asked for his room at the reception and took the stairs. The elevator was too slow for him. But when he finally reached the room, he was desperately looking for, Goto stopped in front of the door. What was on the other side of the door? Was Masayoshi aright? Could he bear the sight of him being hurt? As far as he remembered Masayoshi was never seriously hurt. Sure he got some scratches, but nothing life-threatening. Masayoshi fought even aliens and survived!
Goto's hands were shaking when he grabbed the door handle and opened the door slowly.
Ishihara-san was sitting next to the bed on a chair doing something on her phone. When she heard someone opening the door, she looked up and smiled gentle at Goto, but the smile didn't reached her eyes. He felt a knot around his throat and his mouth became dry. Never in his life he had been more worried about his friend. Slowly he approached the bed and only looking at Masayoshi. A white bandage was wrapped around his head and just a few strands of his blond hair were showing. He also had some bruises on his face and a twisted wrist.
"How is he doing?" Goto's voice was trembling. He didn't knew what happened nor if his injurious were serious. All Ishihara had said was that Masayoshi had an incident and was in the hospital. She got up and offered the chair to Goto.
"I was at his place and waited for him to get ready for a photo shooting. He just wanted to get a quick shower. So while I waited I heard a loud bang and Masayoshi screamed in pain. When I entered the bath he was laying on the ground unconscious and his head bleeding. I guess he slipped in the shower. The doctors said that he looks fine so far, but they are a little bit worried that he didn't woke up now."
Goto just nodded silently and sat down taking Masayoshi hand in his own, stroking with his thumb over his palm.
"Thank you, Ishihara-san."
"I will leave you two alone now." Goto nodded again and all he registered was the click of the door when it was closed. He was fully focused on the man in front of him. What a cruel twist of fate. Masayoshi was able to defeat aliens without any superpowers, but got beaten by a shower. If Masayoshi wouldn't have been hurt, it could have been funny. A heavy sight left Goto's lips and he closed his eyes for a moment. He hoped, prayed, that Masayoshi would wake up soon and that he would be alright.

Goto stayed at his side until visiting hours were over. All he did in that time he was with Masayoshi was holding his hand and looking worried at him. At home he couldn't fall asleep. The image of Masayoshi sleeping, who never would wake up again was blurring itself in his mind and he couldn't get it out. Masayoshi was on his mind all night and he couldn't get sleep at all.

He called in sick at the police station and was relieved that Totsuka didn't asked him about it. He knew that Goto was reliable and would never call in sick without a proper reason. Goto would tell him later what happened.

In the morning he got up even tho he felt like he would fall asleep at any moment. But just staying at home thinking too much about Masayoshi wouldn't help him. Goto went to the bath, made himself look presentable before he went to the hospital. This time he took a cab. He didn't trusted his current state that he would b able to ride his bicycle without getting into an accident.

He arrived at the hospital when the visiting hours started. This time he entered the room without hesitation. Masayoshi was still sleeping in the bed. His chest rising slowly. A sad smile tugged at Goto's lips and he walked over to his unconscious friend. He pulled the chair next to Masayoshi's bed and sat down like yesterday. Again he took the hand of his friend and stroke softly over it. His own hand was sweaty and a little bit cold. In contrast to that Masayoshi's hand was warm and soft and did fit perfectly in his own hand. Like he was meant to hold his hand.

The next thing Goto noticed were two voices who seemed to talk with each and a strong pressure around his hand. He slowly opened his eyes. He saw his hand intertwined with Masayoshi's and it was squeezed from time to time. His gaze traveled up the body that was now in a sitting position and talking. Still sleep deprived he didn't really noticed what they were talking about, but what he noticed was that heiß friend was awake. That was all that mattered for him.
"Masayoshi." He whispered and a smile appeared on his face. The blond stopped in the middle of his sentence and looked at the still sleepy looking Goto.
"You're awake." Masayoshi noticed, smiled brightly while squeezing his hand again. They just looked at each other, hand holding and smiling softly. But the peaceful moment got interrupted by the doctor who spoke up.
"I don't wanna disturb you, but I have to talk with you, Goto-san. Alone." The police man nodded and got up.
"I'll be back in a moment, Masayoshi." He smiled before he left go of his hand, following the doctor.

They walked away from the room so that Masayoshi couldn't hear them anymore.
"Is everything alright?" Goto asked without hesitation. He had to know if Masayoshi was okay or not. Sure he had looked good so far, but you could never know for sure.
"His injuries look good and he will recover from them, but there is something else. His head injuries caused a trauma and he has an amnesia. We are quite certain that it's just temporary, but we can't say for sure."
Goto looked at him shocked. Eyes wide open, mouth hanging loose. He didn't know what he should say to that. It was just unbelievable. There was no way that this could happen. Masayoshi couldn't have forgotten him. He just couldn't. Or… Could he?
"How bad is it?" Goto has his hand clenched into fists to stop them from trembling.
"Hazama-san has a retrograde amnesia which means he forgot everything that happened before the accident."

Goto had left the hospital after telling Masayoshi he needed to grab some clothes for him and had rushed out of the room without giving him the chance to say something. He needed some time for himself to get a clear head. That was too much at once.
Outside of the hospital he took out his cigarettes. While holding the cigarettes between his lips he was looking in his pockets for his lighter. He knew he had put it into his pockets then were was it now? After what felt like an eternity he found the lighter, but while pulling it out of his pocket he lost his grip on it and it felt to the ground.
"Fuck!" He cursed and bend over to pick up that stupid thing. It landed directly on the 'No smoking area' painting. What irony. Goto picked the lighter up and raised it to his cigarette, but he stopped in his motions looking to the ground again, before he put both things away. If Masayoshi would be here he would lecture Goto that he couldn't smoke in a non smoking area and at least not in front of a hospital.
A forced laugh left his lips before the tears started running down his cheeks making his vision blurry. His heart ached in his chest and he covered his eyes with one hand. His hand were trembling and he couldn't control the tears nor the sobs that left his trembling lips.
Would Masayoshi ever be able to remember him? Would he ever be able to lecture him? Would he ever remember what he had done for this world? What he had done for Goto?
"Why?" Whispered Goto broken between sobs. "Why?" He was just standing there letting the pain and hurt rush over him. He felt so helpless and numb. There was nothing he could do to help Masayoshi and he would probably never get his friend back.

Ishihara had went silent when Goto had told her the news of Masayoshi's state. He had told her that he would bring him some clothes and stay with him for the time being. All she had said after that was that Goto should take care of him and had ended the call after that. It hadn't helped Goto, but at least she was up to date now. He went to Masayoshi's flat and opened the door with the spare key he got from Masayoshi some time ago. It was so quiet and it felt so wrong being here all alone. Mostly he was here with Masayoshi eating curry, drinking together of watching one of the series Masayoshi adored so much. The memories made his heart a little bit heavier. If they could ever do this again? Probably, but if Masayoshi couldn't remember him then it would be the same.
Goto took some deep breath to calm himself down. He felt a knot building in his throat again and his eyes started watering up.
Breath in. Hold the air. Breath out.
In. Hold. Out.
He repeated the steps over and over again, just listening to his own breath in and heartbeat he could feel rushing through his ears. After a few minutes he felt a little bit better. Not much, but not as worse as before. His eyes were still red and puffy from the crying. He didn't wanted Masayoshi to see him like that. So crying all over again would it make just worse. He entered Masayoshi's bedroom and looked for a bag. After finding one he packed all clothes he could need into it. While doing so he noticed that the majority of his wardrobe was empty. But it didn't surprise him that much. Masayoshi just had moved in like a month ago, after his old flat had been blown up. He remembers vague that Masayoshi had mentioned that he wanted to go shopping with Goto to look for some new clothes.
He walked into the bath next and it looked like every time he had visited before. There was no hint that Masayoshi had fallen here to the ground. Goto was pretty sure that Ishihara had hired someone to clean up the mess and he needed to thank her for that. From the bath he packed Masayoshi's toothbrush, toothpaste and favourite shower gel in the bag. Hopefully he would still like it.

"You're back." Masayoshi said smiling when he saw Goto entering the door. Goto couldn't help himself and smile as well.
"Yes, sorry that it took so long."
"It's okay. You're here now." Goto nodded and placed the bag on the chair.
"Brought you some clothes and everything else you would need. If there is anything else you want or need just tell me and I'll bring it."
"Thank you really much. That's... very kind of you." Masayoshi said and still looked at Goto playing with the edge of his blanked. Goto had the feeling that his friend still wanted to say something.
"Spit it out, Masayoshi. You were never shy around someone." A surprised expression flashed over Masayoshi's face and he nodded.
"Who are you?" Goto had expected that question. He sat down on the bed next Masayoshi, placing one hand on the bed.
"My name is Goto. Goto Hidenori and I'm…" He stopped a moment. What was he? His friend? Should he say that? For him Masayoshi was still his friend, but for Masayoshi he was just a stranger. He could lie, pretending that they didn't really know each other, saving himself the pain about the fact that Masayoshi didn't knew him anymore. But he could never do that. He wouldn't lie to him. Not now when Masayoshi needed him the most. They were friends maybe even best friends, but such a simple term wasn't enough to describe what they have. They went together through so much just saying friends wouldn't satisfy that. Wouldn't grasp their relationship properly.
"We are partners." He simply said and smiled at him.
"I will help you as much as I can."
"Thank you, Hidenori." Masayoshi answered sincere and took Goto's hand which was lying next to him on the bed.
"Hidenori?" Goto asked confused. He didn't noticed that he took his hand. The fact that the blond had called him Hidenori had surprised him. Masayoshi had never called him by his first name. It was weird, but it also sounded quite good if he was honest.
"Can't I call you like that?" Masayoshi asked and looked at him with his puppy eyes. God damn it. Goto was too weak to stand against him when he looked like that and he didn't mind if Masayoshi would use his first name. It was long overdue.
"Sure, you can. I thought… that it might be to intimate for you?" He said and it sounded like a weak excuse.
"You’re also calling me by my first name, so I don't think that this is a problem." Goto couldn't argue with that.

They talked a lot that day. Masayoshi asked Goto out how they met, what they usually did together and everything else he could think of. Goto had to stop him from time to time. He was already becoming a headache from all these questions, but he still tried to answer them as good as possible. There was also somethings he noticed during that time. Masayoshi mostly called him Hidenori, but when he was really happy he even said Hide-chan or when Goto had teased him then Masayoshi has pouted and called him Nori. Sometimes he was a little bit shy with asking his questions. He had always been open about everything. It was quite refreshing to see this side of Masayoshi.

The doctor checked on Masayoshi again. His wrist would take a few weeks to get better and he needed to be careful not to overwhelm himself. He might get some headaches or feel a little bit dizzy. Masayoshi had to come back in a few days for another check up, but he could go home in the morning if someone would be there to take care of him.
Goto had promised not to leave Masayoshi's side until he was better. He had missed the blush on Masayoshi's cheeks, because he was looking at the doctor while he said that.
At the end of the day Goto had said goodbye to Masayoshi and promised that he would arrive in the morning to pick him up, but that he needed some sleep.
"Wait Hide!" Masayoshi called out when Goto had reached the door. He turned around and looked at the blond with a soft smile.
"Yes?" He asked gently and walked back to the bed. Masayoshi looked at him and waited until Goto was standing next to the bed. Next to him.
"Can you hug me?" Goto chuckled at that rolling his eyes. Masayoshi thought that he had asked the wrong question. He wanted to apologize when he felt two strong arm wrapping softly around his shoulders. Goto was holding him close while he whispered.
"Of course, you idiot."

"Let's go home." Goto grabbed the bag with Masayoshi clothes and walked with him out of the room and out of the hospital. Goto was already sick of seeing all that steril white and he hoped not to have to see the inside of a hospital in the near future. He drove them to Masayoshi's flat and opened the door for his friend.
The blond entered the flat with big eyes looking around everywhere.
"Woah, Hidenori. Your flat looks so cosy!" Masayoshi announced after he had looked into every room once.
"And these actions figures you have look so cool." Goto was a little bit confused at his first statement, but forget it fast when he heard what Masayoshi said after that.
"That are your figures not mine!" Masayoshi looked confused for a moment before his eyes became bigger and his smile grew wide. He was literally beaming.
"So that means we are living together!" Goto looked a little bit taken aback at that. Did the thought of them living together made him so happy? How should he decline that when Masayoshi looked so happy about it? Goto sighted, before he nodded defeated.
"Yes." He started hesitantly. "We live together."
Masayoshi haven't noticed Goto's struggled and smiled even brighter, if that was even possible.
"That's amazing!" A light blush was creeping up Goto's cheeks, but that was fine.
"I would like to take a shower. Don't know when the last time was that water touched my skin." Goto had almost agreed when he remembered what had happened the last time.
"No, you can't!"
"Why?" Masayoshi asked and looked at Goto.
"Your wrist! The bandage can't get wet. Why don't you take a bath. I'll help you."
"I would quite like that."

Goto went to Masayoshi's room, picked up some clothes for him and also brought some towels along. When he entered the bathroom Masayoshi was just standing in front of the bath tube, still in his clothes.
"What are you waiting for?" Goto asked.
"Can you help me getting undressed?" While Masayoshi had been in the hospital Goto had always helped him to get changed. The black haired hadn't thought about this yet.
"Sure just let me prepare the bath first." Goto felt Masayoshi's eyes on him while he filled the bathtub with water and made a bubble bath of it. He turned around and helped Masayoshi. Lifted the shirt over his head, slipped off his socks and pulled down his trousers so that Masayoshi could step out of them.
"And my shorts?" The blond asked innocently. Goto hesitated for a moment and he was quite happy that he was standing behind Masayoshi's back, when he pulled down his shorts. He avoided to look at his friends butt and helped him climbing into the tub. It was good that we went for a bubble bath so he didn't have to see Masayoshi fully naked. That would have just embarrassed both of them.
Masayoshi leaned back and sighted relieved, closing his eyes. Goto looked at him properly. His hair definitely had seen better days, but at least he didn't had to wear a bandage any longer. The wounds on his head wasn't big, but it still had got stitched up. He had still blue bruises all over his body from the fall. Goto was quite sure that some of them really hurtled. The blond one opened his eyes, his hand were laying on the edge of the bathtub and he smiled softly at Goto.
"Can you join me, Hide?"
"You want me to share the bath with you?" He asked surprised. Goto had just thought that maybe Masayoshi wanted just some help to cleaning his hair. How should he have known that Masayoshi wanted to share the bath with him?
"Yes, is there a problem with that?"
"No… there isn't… " Goto said. When Masayoshi looked so innocent at him then he couldn't deny him anything. So he got undressed and sat behind Masayoshi in the tub. Luckily the tb was long enough to stretch out their legs comfortable.Masayoshi was sitting between Goto's legs and then he shifted closer, leaning his back against the chest of his friend. Goto's whole body went That what not was he had in mind when he had agreed to take a bath together.
"This is really comfortable, Hidenori." Masayoshi whispered and closed his eyes again. Goto relaxed a little bit and sighted defeated. He was powerless when it came to the blond model.

Goto swore he would stay here until Masayoshi was better and could remember everything again. Now he just needed to get his stuff from his flat. Maybe without Masayoshi noticing it. He didn't wanted to explain to him why he lied about it. He just didn't wanted to admit that he would like to spend more time with the blond haired.
So Goto messaged Ishihara and told her that he wanted to move in and if she could distract Masayoshi for a few hours. That gave Goto enough time to move all his stuff into Masayoshi flat.

In the evening he was quite exhausted, but the flat looked good. Ishihara also had bought Masayoshi back later that evening. He also looked quite exhausted.
"I can't anymore, Nori." Masayoshi whined and let himself fall onto the couch next to Goto. He leaned against the black haired and closed his eyes.
"Ishihara dragged me to so many places and hoped I would remember anything."
"And?" Goto asked and wrapped his arm around Masayoshi's shoulder to pull him closer.
"Nothing. All I have now is a headache. It was just too much information at once. Just want to sleep." He closed his eyes and snuggled into Goto's side. They enjoyed this moment in silence when both their stomachs rumbled in union.
"I'm hungry." Masayoshi admitted shyly, looking up at Goto with his puppy eyes. A deep sight was heard from the black haired.
"Alright. Me too. I'll make us some instant curry." Goto released Masayoshi from the cuddle and walked to the kitchen, preparing the food for them. After a few minutes Masayoshi joined him and sat down on the kitchen table. He watched his friend for sometime, smiling gently at him.
"Do you often cook?" Goto looked up from the rice he was cooking. His gaze flickered over to Masayoshi.
"Most of the time it's you cooking, but I think the only meal you can prep is instant curry. Would be nice to eat something different from time to time." Masayoshi nodded in agreement.
"What do we usually do together?" Masayoshi asked looking around in the kitchen. It was mostly empty, just the bare minimum was in the kitchen. Just as the rest of the flat. Maybe they didn't life that much long together. Masayoshi didn't knew how right he was about that.
"If we have the time then we eat together, go out from time to time. Sometimes we just sit on the couch and watch some TV or you just tell me about the most recent series you watched. But we are both quite busy so it's rare that we can enjoy each other's company." Masayoshi nodded before he looked back at Goto again. There was something about his gaze that looked different, but Goto couldn't put a name on it. He had already seen that look on Masayoshi when they were in the hospital.
The rest of the evening both of them were quiet and didn't talk that much. Goto was just tired and he thought the same goes for Masayoshi. After the dinner Goto just placed the dishes into the sink before Masayoshi yawned loudly.
"You look tired, Masayoshi. You should go to bed. I'll do the same. Today was a long day." Goto brought Masayoshi to the bedroom and gave him some clothes to get changed and helped him with that. His wrist was still giving him some trouble and getting changed with one hand was quite hard. Masayoshi laid down on the bed and Goto covered him with the blanket.
"Good night." He had almost left the bedroom when Masayoshi called for him like yesterday.
"You want another hug?" Goto asked smiling.
"Where are you going?" His heart dropped when he heard how small and hurt Masayoshi voice sounded. And now Goto knew why Masayoshi had used this variation of his name and why he had used it yesterday. He was scared that Goto would leave him.
"I just wanted to go to the living room. I'm sleeping on the couch."
"Please stay with me. I'm sorry that I don't remember you. That I don't remember us. But please don't leave me alone…" Masayoshi's eyes were watering up and Goto couldn't stand this look of hurt on his friend. He walked over to him and tugged him into a hug.
"I would never leave you, Masayoshi. I will stay with you. Forever."
They were holding each other while Masayoshi cried in Gotos shoulder apologizing over and over again until he fell asleep from the exhaustion.

Goto woke up when he felt something brushing over his cheek and his hair. He opened his eyes trying to adjust to the sunlight before he saw Masayoshi laying next to him, stroking through his hair. Then he closed his eyes again. He wanted to enjoy this moment for a little bit longer.
"Good morning, Hidenori."
"Morning, Masayoshi." He smiled softly, his voice thick with sleep, before he felt something brushing against his lips. Masayoshi was kissing him slowly and soft. Goto hummed satisfied and returned the kiss gently. Placing his hand on Masayoshi's cheek and stroking with his thumb over the soft skin. He deepened the kiss, pressing himself against Masayoshi, letting his hand slide on his neck to hold him close. A soft moan left Masayoshi's lips and it was the most beautiful sound Goto has ever heard in his life. They parted for a moment to catch their breaths. Forehead against forehead. Just enjoying the company of each other. When Goto opened his eyes again he saw Masayoshi who was panting a little bit. Cheeks and lips painted red with a soft expression and then he was totally awake.
Masayoshi had kissed him! And he had kissed him back! His eyes were wide open in shock. Goto was just staring at Masayoshi perplex, not knowing what to do now or what to say. Masayoshi opened his eyes and looked confused at the black haired.
"Hidenori?" Goto was shaken out of his stare when he heard his name.
"Masayoshi. I'm so sor-" He got stopped from his friend who placed a hand on Goto's mouth.
"Don't apologize. I wanted to kiss you. I can understand that you don't want to force me to anything. But I like you. Please don't treat me differently just because I don't remember you, just… I would like to do it at my pace."
Goto still looked shocked at him and Masayoshi sighted.
"Think about it." Masayoshi got up and left the bed to go to the bathroom. Goto sat up and thought about what the blond had said. It took a moment an the it made click. Masayoshi thought that they were a couple. Goto couldn't blame him. It was all his own fault.
The hand holding. The soft and gentle smiles. Calling them partners. Using their first names. Say that using their first names might be too intimate. Promising not to leave his side. The hug. This good damn hug, that was far too long for friends. Them living together. Bathing together. Which was definitely too intimate for friends. The cuddling on the couch. Talking about their relationship like they spend every minute with each other. Just one bed in the flat.
This was definitely his fault and he was a little bit surprised that Masayoshi never asked if they were a couple. Maybe he was afraid that he wouldn't get a proper answer. The thing is they weren't a couple, but Masayoshi wouldn't believe him if he told him that now. So he had to go with it. Goto sighted heavy and rolled over on his stomach to buried his face in the pillow. It smelled like Masayoshi. Another sight left his lips, but now he was relaxing a little bit. He had to admit that it felt nice to kiss Masayoshi. Maybe it wouldn't hurt him to act like his boyfriend. Masayoshi said himself that he wanted to kiss him and also that he liked him. Goto also liked Masayoshi. A lot. But he never had considered him like that. Maybe he should do that now.

Masayoshi came back from the bath and got changed. Goto was still facing the pillow.
"Get up, Nori. I want to eat breakfast with you." The black haired turned his head and his eyes went wide when he saw Masayoshi wearing his blue hoodie.
"What?" Masayoshi asked and his cheeks turned red. Goto was eyeing him from head to toe. No wonder that he was a model.
"You look great." Masayoshi blushed even more.
"Thank you."

Breakfast was mostly uneventful. Goto had prepared it while Masayoshi had stared at him bluntly. Even while they were eating Masayoshi couldn't take his eyes from him. It felt weird to be the center of Masayoshi's attention like that.
"Do I have something on my face?" Goto asked a little bit annoyed after they were done with eating.
"No.I just… I like looking at you." That surprised Goto a little bit, but he didn't said anything else. He just turned his back to Masayoshi to do the dish.
"Do you have to go to work today?"
"No. I took my vacation so that I can take care of you. I don't want you to be on your own."
"I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble…" Goto looked at Masayoshi and chuckled.
"You're causing me trouble since the first day I met you." He said it with such a fond expression that Masayoshi smiled again.
"What are we doing today, Hidenori?"
"I don't know. What do you wanna do?" Masayoshi thought about that for a moment.
"Can we watch one of the shows you mentioned and cuddle on the couch?"
"And can I ask you some questions?"
"You are already asking a lot." Goto said, smiling softly. Masayoshi smiled a well.

They spend the whole morning sitting on the couch and watching Harakiri Sunshine. Masayoshi was sitting on Goto's lap and leaned against his chest while Goto had wrapped his arms around his friends waist.
"I like this." Masayoshi said after their eighth episode.
"Sunshine is one of my favourites too."
"No that's not what I meant. I like sitting here with you just doing nothing at all." Masayoshi turned around so that he was able to look at Goto.
"I feel happy and safe when I'm with you. You feel like home, Hidenori." Goto looked at Masayoshi and his heart stuttered for a moment. He leaned in closer and kissed him. Goto knew he shouldn't do this, but he couldn't help himself. Something about Masayoshi calmed him and made him feel at ease. And the way Masayoshi looked at him. Like he was the most important person in the world. It made him feel loved and he wanted Masayoshi to feel loved too.
They kissed each other long and gentle. Just moving their lips against each other softly. They had all the time in the world and no one of them wanted to rush anything. When they parted Masayoshi smiled brightly and liked over his lips.
"I like this too." Goto laughed at that happily before he pulled him closer for another kiss.

Weeks passed and they fell into a comfortable pattern. Waking up together in the morning. Eating breakfast together. Going to work, but before they parted they shared a lot of goodbye kisses. Goto felt like a teenager again. Then in the evening they ate together, watched TV and cuddled before they went to bed together.
Goto made sure not to mention anything that happened before the accident. Masayoshi always had this sad look on his face when Goto talked about something that his boyfriend couldn't remember. And Masayoshi had stopped asking about his former self. Of course sometimes Goto wished that Masayoshi would remember him, but they were starting to get to know each other all over again. Which was als fine with him. Maybe he haven't noticed what he feels for Masayoshi if that haven't happened.

They were in the kitchen. Masayoshi was making dinner. He had finally learned to cook something else than just instant curry. Now that his wrist was better he could try out all the recipes he had found online. Goto was sitting at the table watching his boyfriend how he prepared the food.
"How was your day?" Masayoshi asked and smiled at Goto.
"Work was as usual. Nothing happened. Just Mari was stalking me again. I don't know how many times I have to tell her that I'm with you. She should overcome her damn uniform fetish. I can't understand that Moe is tolerating that."
"But you have to admit that you look good in uniform."
"Not you too." Goto whined and Masayoshi laughed at that.
"Maybe we should marry. Then she might stop harassing you." He had made it sound casually, but he was quite nervous. Masayoshi looked at Goto to see his reaction.
"You already proposed to me, so why not." Goto returned Masayoshi's gaze, smiling happily at his boyfriend. But then he saw Masayoshi expression changing into something bitter and he noticed the mistake he made.
"When did I propose to you?" Fuck. Goto couldn't talk himself out of this.
"Does this matter?" He noticed his second mistake immediately. Why couldn't he just shut up?
"So I apparently proposed to you and it doesn't matter to you. Good to know!" Masayoshi turned out the plates and left the kitchen. Goto rise up from his chair following Masayoshi.
"Wait. That came out wrong. Masayoshi. It isn't like that."
"Then what is it like? I proposed to you and you said no? Or did you say yes? Did we already planned everything and I ruined it by forgetting everything?" Masayoshi looked sad and hurt and angry.
"I love you, Masayoshi. I love you the way you are. It doesn't matter to me if you remember what happened before your accident or if you will never remember it. I got to know you all over again while you're finding out who you are. I love you right now. How you are at this very moment. So the fact that your old self did propose to me doesn't matter. What matters are you and me. Right now and right here. So please, Masayoshi. Marry me."
"Idiot. You're such an idiot." Masayoshi said before he throw himself into Goto's arms. Goto held Masayoshi close and buried his face in his neck. Breathing in his sent. Thank goodness he said the right thing. He didn't wanted to lose Masayoshi. Not now that he had fallen for him.

"I love you too, Hidenori.

And I would love to marry you."