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Did you hide the thermometer?

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Sweet birds chirped in a melodious song, rays of sunshine glittered the tiny drops of dew, filtering through the chiffon curtains that blew against cold and crisp wind. Another supposedly peaceful day yet ruined with something unexpected, an unwanted addition to the day. Napoleon cursed his body for acting up, producing coughing fits and struggling for his breath, and today he had promised to pick you up after your said classes, he wouldn’t want to disappoint you either.

A dull reflection stared back at the man which casted a grey tint, he shook his head and sat in the car, making his way to the university as he suppressed yet another cough that tried to escape his sore throat. 

Turquoise gates passed and trees blurred to the background as the huge white architected building came in sight. The black car parked near a shady area which was just in front of your university, waiting for another passenger to board it. 

Napoleon dropped a few calls to you, notifying that he had arrived. A low grunt erupted from the poor man’s lips, dry from dehydration. A single thought filled his mind, which should have been done long ago. Alas, he was too proud to give in and take medication, this decision taking a toll on his body. 

‘How am I going to hide this from ___?’ Worry started to creep onto his thoughts. 

Rush of students were continuously moving in and out of their classes, scattering everywhere. Hallways filled with loud chatter, it was quite a dizzying view yet you managed to get a hold of the buzzing metal and saw one missed call and few messages from your boyfriend. Giggling at the sweet word written on the reflective screen, you fumbled your way through and out. 

The parking lot filled with vehicles with an array of colors, the hot sun too bright against their polished bodies and you were lost, unable to find Napoleon’s car. Looking and searching, finally a black car of your boyfriend came in sight. 

The black tinted windows rolled down, deep blue crystal orbs met with yours, inviting you in. 

You couldn’t help but be at ease with this lovely man, his sweet scent infused to all his belongings: like whipped cream. 

“How was your—hmm…. classes?” Napoleon inquired; eyes focused on the smooth road ahead as the tall architected building blurred back. 

“Not bad~ you know…. the usual, just kind of boring than most days.” Tired sighs escaping from you. 

“Worry not, nunuche...I’ll cook you some delicious pancakes!” He assured her, eyes twinkling with ideas. 

“Ohh! Can’t wait for it!” You beamed at him, mouth already watering until you realized something was off. 

Napoleon looked more flushed than usual, dark circles forming and his skin paler than usual— for sure something is not right. 

“You okay? Are you feeling sick, Napo?” You cooed with concern, hoping it’s nothing serious. 

The man flinched by the sudden question, blue eyes flickered to yours and back. 

“Nope—I’m fine! More than fine actually.” He denied it. But Napoleon’s appearance contradicted his words... 

Rebuffed comments making it even more suspicious, viewing at the greenery that blended together, resembling blocky streaks of paint as you puckered your lips in thought. 

Freshly cooked pancakes with some delicious chocolate milk was placed on the kitchen counter, the sweet scent wafted in the air, your mouth watered like crazy—after a good shower making it even harder to wait. Napoleon told you that’d he too would come back after a good bath. Impatiently, fingers drummed against the counter, extremely boring to wait and sit tight on the chair. Fed up from kicking heels, you lethargically pushed off upstairs. 

On the other hand, a pair of feet thudded against carpet floors, in a hurry–investigating each and every room, wardrobe and drawers; searching for an item desperately. 

‘Aha! Found it’ Napoleon smirked in victory, flipping the soft duvet off your shared bed— 

“What are you doing?” Your voice was sharp. 

Napoleon’s blood ran cold, being caught, your sweetheart meekly turned to face you. He, too, in a shock, unable to explain. 

“Did you just—I mean were you just…trying to hide the thermometer?” A look of bewilderment plastered on your face, folding your arms in place. 

 “Yea…I’m sorry ___.” A sigh of resignation left the man, chewing nervously at his lips. 

“Okay, well, why though?” Eyebrows quirked up. 

“First…promise me you won’t laugh at me—” he said whilst averting blue clear eyes. 

“Okay! I promise, I won’t laugh at you~.” You smiled at him, waiting. 

“I-I didn’t want you to…find out that I was sick.” He stuttered, slightly pouting. 

A low chuckle filled the room and you slowly burst out in a laughing fit. 

“Hey! You promised—” Napoleon slumped, timidly rubbing at his nape. Turning to a deeper red, if that was even possible from his already flushed cheeks. 

Wheezing harder, you squatted on the floor and put up arms as if in resignation. Ragged breathing mixed with tired chuckles escaped your lips, calming down seemed hard. 

“Nothing, it just seems like I’m dating a man child!” You cracked up yet again. 

 Voice dripped with amuse, you simply stated: “But you’re my man child~ Come on now! My pancakes are getting cold…I’m going to deal with you later.” 

The duvet now wrapped around your boyfriend like a burrito, ready for eating—hmm not quite…. ready to go downstairs and eat ‘pancakes’!