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Can We Get Soaked Together?

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"Do we have to do this?" Kyutae asked as Gijae stepped into the shower behind him placing a hand on his senior's shoulder.

Gijae leaned in close saying, "Yes, there's no other option."

Honestly, Gijae was only using this as an excuse to check out his annoyingly cute neighbor turned roommate. 

"Hyung, do you know that you take at least three hours in the bathroom?!" Gijae exclaimed as the other man crossed his arms.

"Our water bill is going to be insanely high!" He continued.

Kyutae sighed, "but I don't feel comfortable" He tried to move away before Gijae pushed him back.

"Who cares? We're both guys. Let's just shower together." Gijae smirked starting to advance on him. Kyutae tried once more to grab a towel saying, "I want to leave."

Gijae maneuvered him back under the shower, turning it on. 

"This is your only chance to shower until the next time I do." Kyutae's eyes widened. Who knew when that might be?! 

"You have one minute." 

Kyutae grabbed the soap, lathering himself up as quickly as he could. Gijae had stepped back taking the opportunity to "discreetly" check out his hyung. 

He knew he was hiding a nice body under all those sweaters. Kyutae's body wasn't as big as his, but he had a fit form for his shorter stature. The beginnings of a nice chest and decent biceps. It seems like he worked out too.

Gijae's eyes dared to drift lower seeing a thick dark bush of hair surrounding Kyutae's soft cock, which was swinging slightly as he hurriedly tried to clean himself. Gijae took the time to burn the image in his mind.

Gijae was about to start counting down, hoping Kyutae would start moving a little more frantically, along with his cock when he noticed the object of his attention had stopped moving. Pulling his eyes up Gijae saw Kyutae looking straight at him.

Shit! Fuck! Ugh...

As Gijae tried to come up with an excuse for staring, Kyutae said the last thing he expected his awkward roommate to say.

"Like what you see Gijae-yah?" Closing his opened mouth, Kyutae continued before he could reply.

"Do you want to see what it looks like hard?" His hyung was smirking now and damn, did he look hot like this. Confident now that he knew the younger man was interested in him too. 

He nodded, reaching out and wrapping a large hand around the nice sized cock in front of him. Pulling on it firmly, it started to grow larger. 

Gijae could hardly believe the small man was packing this much heat. Kyutae, who until then hadn't made a sound while he was jerking his cock to hardness said,

"I don't like to jerk off in the shower. It feels weird to me. Maybe, we should try another lubricant?" Wiggling his eyebrows as he glanced down, Gijae couldn't help but laugh. There was his nerdy hyung.

With grace, Gijae lowered himself onto his knees in front of Kyutae. Placing his hand on the base of his cock Gijae wrapped his lips onto the head. Tentatively running his tongue on the underside of his length.

Kyutae sucked in a breath of air, placing one hand on Gijae's shoulder and the other on his head, urging him to take more. The taller man expertly slid down the hard length until his nose was buried in the dark bush.

Gijae bobbed up and down as Kyutae's moans filled the bathroom. Pulling off, he lifted the cock to expose the two gems underneath. Looking up into his hyung's lust-filled eyes, he took one of them into his mouth, sucking gently. He alternated between both of his balls while continuing to slowly jerk him off.

"I'm close! Faster Gijae-yah!"

Gijae pulled off, placing the hard cock on his tongue while jerking him swiftly, looking back up onto his hyung's tightly closed eyes. Kyutae's body locked up.

Opening his eyes and looking down to his dongsaeng's eager face, Kyutae groaned as he shot his cum on his tongue and face. 

Coming down from his high and smiling down on the larger man, Gijae swallowed what cum he could before standing up on shaky legs. Washing his face with some water, Gijae maneuvered Kyutae against the shower wall, pulling his ass back. He leaned down to whisper into his hyung's ear.

"We don't have any condoms, but we can do something else. Let me rub against you." Kyutae nodded. 

Firmly grabbing hold of his thin waist, Gijae inserted his aching hard cock between his cheeks and started to move. He fucked his ass until he spilled onto the smaller man's back.

"My hips are going to bruise now." Kyutae fake pouted turning to get under the water to wash the cum off his back. 

"Sorry." Gijae smiled, looking unrepentant. 

"Next time we're doing this out of the shower. The idea was to use less water." 

"Next time?" Kyutae asked raising his eyebrows with a small smile on his face.

Smirking, Gijae confirmed, "next time, now where's the soap? I still need to wash up." 

Kyutae bent down to pick up the soap for Gijae before hearing an exclamation of surprise that didn't come from the man behind him. Both turning to look to the side, the roommates saw the surprised face of their foreign neighbor looking through the bathroom window. He slowly slid the window closed before walking away.