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The Book of Thursby: Scions of Numenor

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The Analects and Collected Journals of Benjimir


A History of the 

Deeds and Contributions


Thursby Family.

Volume Two.

"The Scions of Numenor." 




The journey of the Thursby family through the ages and beyond has been committed to written word longer than any record we now possess.

Through calamity, war and neglect not all of that long record has survived to our great loss.  Where journals and recorded tales fail we have legends.  Where the legends have been forgotten we have myths.  Usually where myths reach their limits, we have supposition drawn from what wise minds can conjure from the patterns that are replete through all of time.  

Unfailingly one is tasked with the duty of compiling what is known, can be determined, and what informed speculation can reason to be true.  When I was called to the service of my family in the role of high lore keeper of the Thursby family, the honor was mine.  Like many of my kindred the history of our family was largely scattered through tales told in the Imperial halls, books of well known stories, art portraying now mythical moments from ages, years, and worlds whose names are little known and even less understood.

The duty fell to me after my father’s passing.  He for years would take me by the hand through far flung lands, battlefields, halls of ancient lords.  He would pass by spoken word tales I hardly understood.  Whole spring days were spent being shown relics which I could not understand.  Often he would turn to me and tell me that it was not important that I understood then the names or meaning of the stories.  One day he told me I would realize what it all meant.  As I took up the mantle he left behind the words he spoke to me so many times would slowly come to hold profound and unnerving truth.  

“All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.”

And so it is.

~Victoria Thursby, Matron of Lore for the Thursby Family, Scions of Numenor.


Introduction to the Appendices of Second Book of Thursby [RR]

From my brother to my every instructor, I was warned in preparing to write this history that I would be disappointed.  I fancied myself a person seeking the answers to questions often asked among our family, it’s friends and allies.  For however much I did know or could learn there were constantly deeper questions.  Ones less often asked.  Sometimes discouraged from being asked.  Who were the Scions of Numenor.  Where did we come from.  Why are we here?  Or most directly to my efforts, why, again and again over so many years are swaths of our history lost, retold and lost once more.

The truth to many of these questions is not mine to share.  But in writings to follow you may find some illumination to guide you in your own quest for truth.

This Book of Thursby, so we have come to call our histories, will be the third of those we have.  It is compiled from the journals, writings, spoken anecdotes and such which remain after the Seventh Umbral Age of Eorzea.  Selections for other books and records are included to give context and elaboration where I think it of value.  Supposition and liberty to decide the records view of the truth bonds this work together.  In the appendices you will find a collection of notes, dispatches and anecdotes as well as tales which have no grander tales to contain them.  They are all the same what give richness to the history you are about to learn.

May these words guide you to your own truth.

Tinfalas Thursby, 

Historian, Scions of Numenor