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Deep Blue

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The hot sun beat down on the cool ocean. There, on a large black rock situated off the coast of a deep blue lagoon, a man with dark hair and shiny silver eyes watched the clouds as they trailed across the sky. He wondered what it would feel like to fly, instead of always swimming in the dark.

He ran his hand through his damp hair and watched a small ship sail past, unaware of his presence there. For that he was thankful. He lost his last hiding spot when a fishing crew spotted him. He had to escape, they would have told the Doves. If he didn't flee then, he would have never of been able to.

He was used to moving around. He never really stayed in one place for too long. It was only a matter of time before he had to leave this place too.

It was a shame, the lagoon was beautiful. Colourful flowers surrounded the edges, followed by a thick forest. The water was deep and various fish swam in it. He liked their company. He was always rather lonely, and isolated from his kind.

The sun began to set and he shivered. The night was going to be a cold one.

He slipped off the rock and returned to the salt water. He dove down, his scaly, silver tail splashing the water before disappearing completely.


A certain blonde haired man walked with a bouncing step in the port of a nearby city. This was odd, since he had just lost his job. He had nearly no money and was hungry as hell, yet he smiled at every single person he saw.

The city folk did not smile back. He knew why. This city had a tragic story. It was the home of widows and orphaned children. The city was located on a small island. The people relied on sea food for both profit and food. While there were many farms created in the attempt to grow food on land, the soil was not rich enough to produce anything substantial. Thus, fishing continued, despite the danger. There were monsters that lurked under the surface of the water. These monsters devoured fishermen. They had immense raw power, enough to break a hole in the hull of a ship and cause it to sink.

So why, you may ask, was this sunny, young man so happy to be in such a horrendous place?

You see, he loved mermaids. He was fascinated with them. That's right, the very creatures many people desperately tried to avoid, he sought out.

Not that he had ever seen one. He had only read about them in books. Reading about them and seeing the crudely drawn pictures was not enough for him. He wanted to know more.


The sun had set and the moon was out. A single, armored ship floated noiselessly, rolling off the calm waves. Lurking underneath the calm water was a dangerous creature.

A vicious glare was on her face. It was framed by dark blue hair, only made darker by the water.

She swam until she was underneath the ship. She scanned the bottom, checking for any weaknesses she could manipulate.

There. A piece of the metal was oxidized where some of its protective layer had been scrapped off. She drew away from the ship. Once she was a considerable distance away she charged back at the ship, picking up speed with furious kicks from her tail. Once she had enough momentum she plowed her fist into the bottom of the ship, tearing a small hole.

It wasn't good enough. She needed something better, something like that wasn't going to sink the ship before it could get back to port. She headed back, she needed to get another good hit in, before they noticed her presence there.

She was about to shoot forward again when something forced her backwards in the water. Her black eyes turned to the right, her red pupils focused on her shoulder. Blood tainted the water around her. With a snarl she wrenched the trident from her shoulder and dropped it into the depths of the water.

She was itching to lunge forward again, to tear everyone on that ship apart for what they had done.

She was dragged back even farther by a hand grasping at her wrist. A man with golden brown hair was scowling at her. She glanced back to ship and he shook his head, dragging her away.

She watched as the ship disappeared from their sight. At that point they resurfaced from the water.

"Damn it, Nishio!" She clenched her teeth in anger. "Why did you have to get in my way!?"

He narrowed his eyes at her. "I wasn't getting in your way, I was saving your life, idiot. Did you really think you could take on a whole ship of Doves by yourself?"

She adverted her gaze and looked into the water.

"Touka. Let's go. Hinami is probably worried." Nishio disappeared in the water.

Touka let out a sigh before following him.


The unemployed man walked along a city street, humming to himself. He bumped into a strange looking man, almost losing his balance.

"Sorry, sorry." He cried in apology at the same time as the other man.

He blinked and grinned at the strange white-haired guy before carrying on his way.

Once the other man walked away, he ducked into a dark alley and pulled out the coin purse he had just pick pocketed. He shook it. It seemed really, really light. He dumped its contents, only coming up with a few small coins and a needle and a strange type of red string.

He sighed in defeat. But, put together with what little money he had it would be enough to buy something for supper. I reached into his pocket to pull out his cash… and… came up with nothing.

"Huh?" He patted his pockets, sure he didn't put it anywhere else. That meant… that guy.

He wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it. They pick pocketed each other. But laughing was not going to get him any food that night.

He decided to head out of the city and trek along the coast. Maybe he could find some fruit to eat. He was not going to ever eat another mushroom he found on the ground. The last time that happened he had a rather unusual experience.

Maybe, if he was lucky, he would spot a mermaid! He crowed at the idea and practically skipped out of the city.


The sun was rising and the young man was out on his rock, enjoying it while the weather was good. His stomach growled and he patted it lightly. It was a while since the last storm, but that was fine, they were due for another one soon.

He leaned back and closed his eyes. It was cold last night. His shivers kept him awake. Maybe he could catch a little sleep…?


A man emerged from the forest along the edge of the cove. He groaned and dropped to his knees. He had been walking all night and found nothing to eat. How could nothing but thick trees and few flowers grow on this island?

He was hungry, tired and cold. His clothes were not quite thick enough to battle the crisp of the night. He curled his hands in the sun-warmed sand and sighed. Maybe he would just stay like that for a little.

His stomach growled and he clutched it as it lurched. Shit. He had to find food.

He pulled himself to his feet. He looked around to see where he was and stopped suddenly, all food forgotten.


The dark haired man blinked his eyes open slowly, so far unaware of what, or rather who, was waking him up. He squinted against the light of the sun to see a figure in his vision.

A face with a large grin loomed into sight. "Good morning!"

His eyes widened and he let out a yelp before flipping over and falling into the water with a splash, dragging the blonde haired man with him.

The dark haired man easily resurfaced, trying to comprehend what had just happened. To his left he saw splashing and hands reaching out of the water as a man desperately tried to keep himself afloat. The dark haired man swam over to him, grasping him around the chest, and dragged him up onto the rock. He looked down at him as the man coughed, puzzled by his behavior.

"Good morning." He murmured back.

The other man grinned in response before going into another round of coughing. The dark haired man, uncertain as what to actually do, awkwardly patted him on the back.

The blonde haired man continued smiling at him. The dark haired man began to feel uncomfortable. He didn't like being stared at.

"…Um…" He blushed and rubbed the back of his head, giving a small smile.

"Ah!" The blonde man yelled and grabbed his shoulders.

He jumped in surprise and almost let out another yelp.

"Hide! My name is Hide!" Hide looked at him expectantly.

"K-Kaneki." Kaneki gently tried to pry Hide's hands off his shoulders, trying not to be too harsh. Humans were fragile, were they not?

He did not succeed. Hide had a death grip on him.

"Haha." Kaneki had a strange look on his face.

Hide laughed earnestly, seeming elated.

"Say, Hide?"

"Yes, Kaneki?" The idiot was still grinning.

"Would you mind taking your hands off of me?" Kaneki asked kindly, his fake smile still on his face.

Hide gasped and apologised before shuffling back a couple feet and crossing his legs underneath him. He was rocking back and forth.

To Kaneki, it seemed Hide had a few screws loose. Maybe he did too, sticking around for this long. Actually most of his kind would have, except they would have eaten the man already.

"Right then. I'm going to go now." Kaneki began to slide off into the water, wondering where his next spot to bathe in the sun would be.

"No! Wait!" Hide lurched after him and would have fallen into the water if Kaneki didn't grab him by the back of his shirt. For a guy who couldn't swim, he sure did act dangerously around the water.

Kaneki set him back down on the rock and fixed him with a serious look. "Wait for what?"

"Ah… umm…" Hide's stomach growled and he blinked, his face going blank.

Kaneki frowned and turned, disappearing into the water. He swam until he found a group of fish. Grabbing a large one just below the head, he killed it, and swam back to the surface.

Hide was sitting where he was before, his head hanging low. He looked surprised when a freshly killed fish appeared in him lap, and even more surprise when he saw Kaneki at the edge of the rock watching him.

"Aren't you going to eat?"

Hide nodded vigorously and placed the fish on the rock before jumping up. "Yeah! But, I need to cook it first!"

Kaneki crossed his arms on the rock and placed his chin over them. "That's right. Humans cook their food."

Hide nodded again and then looked towards the forest sadly. "I need to gather some firewood first though." He set his eyes back on Kaneki. "Please… don't leave."

Kaneki pressed his lips together and nodded. Hide ran towards the forest, casting a skeptical look back in Kaneki's direction.