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People who tolerate machines

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   Ryan has always combined an interest in engineering and playing the drums. Of course, his parents were very doubtful about their son's Hobbies at first, they asked him to choose one of them, but then they decided to let him do what he wants. Now Seaman has already graduated from the University and now he is finishing the implementation of his grand idea. The guy still hasn't decided what he likes more — drums or engineering, so why not combine it together. In addition, Ryan has long dreamed of his own music group. The idea itself was on the verge of fantasy, well, or madness. Robot-a person who will also play the bass guitar, and sing, and with artificial intelligence…

   Ryan wakes up, stretches, flexing his cramped muscles due to the fact that he fell asleep again on the table while "training" artificial intelligence. Today is definitely going to be a big day. The dark-haired man quickly washes his face, pours himself a cup of tea, and heads back to his studio room. There was already at least six months of ready-made "man", all that Seaman did all this time was to adjust the intelligence. And today he has just a little bit left. Finally, after this, he will be able to sleep properly and restore his diet, which he has been dreaming about for a long time, but literally gave all his strength to finalize his creation.
   To be honest, no one believed in Ryan, but the development grant was still given, with the idea that if he failed, he would have to return the money, so no one lost anything except Seaman, of course. But it looks like nothing will need to be returned.
   It was nearly 1 am. Ryan has spent the entire day typing in information, and now, with trembling hands and a blinding, happy smile, he finishes the final touches and moves a little to the side to look at Dallon. That's the name he gave him. And if completely, then Dallon James Weekes. Yes, he registered it as a full-fledged person, it was very difficult for him to achieve this, but still he was given consent and registered.
   Oh, yes, it will definitely be progress. Maybe Ryan will even be recorded in history, quite possibly. All that remained was to breathe life into Dallon and try not to have a heart attack at the first sign of life from Seaman's invention.
   "Finally... everything must work, it must! Well, the most significant moment in my life. One… Two… Three…"
   At the last word, Ryan triggered Dallon's life activity and burst into tears of happiness. Weekes just looked around the room and took a step. Seaman threw an arm around the brown-haired man and buried his face in his shoulder. Dallon only took a step back, but then put his hand on Ryan's back and stroked it gently.
   "Why do you greet me with tears, Ryan Seaman?"
   "Dallon, Dallon, Dallon…"
   The drummer just mumbled the name on his shoulder and cried himself to sleep. Tomorrow he will try to start recording a song with Dallon, he will be the first to hear and see a real miracle with his own eyes. Dallon immediately played well on the bass guitar and sang, no wonder Seaman steamed over all these almost main components.
   The first song was written very unexpectedly. One day, Seaman returned home from the store to find Dallon sitting at the kitchen table, bent over a piece of paper with a focused stare and writing something.
   "Dall, what are you doing?"
   "Ryan, I'm finishing our first song. Want to read it?" Weekes looked at the guy, who was smiling happily. Seaman immediately went to Dallon and looked at the paper. He liked the song very much, so he began to praise and thank the uncomprehending Weekes, and then asked him to hug. Of course, Dallon did not refuse his request, and in the end they stood in an embrace in the kitchen for about five minutes, only then the drummer remembered that he still had a bag of food in the hallway.
   They decided to make a mini-album, and at the same time recoup all the costs of developing a bass player with the help of a tour of their band with a strange name. However, to match the group itself. Their first clip became a sensation and they have already paid off twice all the costs. Dall acted like a robot at first, but then his speech and movements became more and more human. Ryan's parents were still biased and skeptical of the bass player, but nothing negative was expressed.