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Will Horton was trapped.

That was the only word he could find to describe it. He was forced to stay with the man he used to love against his will.

At the beginning, Jason was nice and sweet. They were both on their first year of college and they got assigned the same dorm and that's how they met. At first, Will wanted to focus on his studies, but Jason was sweet and charming...and Will slowly fell in love with him.

Jason was Will's first kiss...his first everything. They were happy and on their second and last year at the community college when Jason proposed to Will. Of course, at the time, Will was so excited, young, and nieve that he said yes. They got married and after they both graduated from their two years at the community college, Jason enrolled in the police academy.

His entire family was happy and they loved Jason like he was their own son. Roman was especially happy to take Jason under his wing once he got a job as cop in Salem.

Then things slowly started to go bad after Jason started to get the late shift and then started drinking. Will saw him talking to someone that was on his Grandpa Roman's watch list one day and confronted him about it. Jason had been drinking at the time. He hit Will for the first time right on his jaw with his fist. As soon as he realized what he'd done, he immediately apologized. He sobered up for a few days, bought Will one of his favorite books, and figured everything was okay. Jason also bought Will cover up, saying that if they just acted like it wasn't there, they would be fine again.

Will knew it was there.

He also knew that Jason was a dirty cop. He tried to tell Roman, but he just laughed it off, saying that Jason would never do that.

Then Jason didn't hit him again until a month later. He had been drunk and came stumbling in, laughing with his buddies with his buddies at two in the morning. After he told them goodbye, he leaned over the back of the couch where Will had waited up for him. He started kissing his neck and saying he wanted him. Will, of course, shoved him away. He wasn't going to have sex with someone who was drunk.

Jason had walked around the couch and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, yelling that Will isn't supposed to tell him no...that Will wouldn't tell him no. He kissed Will again and Will hated it. He didn't taste right...he tasted like the alcohol that he'd been drinking all night. Will ended up having sex with him that night.

The abuse continued and got more and more frequent. Nobody ever seemed to ask...except his friends, Chad, T, Neil, Melanie, and Gabi. He could tell they were getting suspicious. So could Jason, he realized, when he ordered him to stop seeing them outside of working at the pub.

That was another thing. Will had a passion for writing and was offered an amazing job but Jason said no. The only place he was allowed to work was the pub.

Will tried to leave twice. He'd threatened to leave a lot of times, but he never found himself able to do it. The first time he did, Jason pinned him on the wall and laughed in his face. He said if he ever tried to leave again, he'd kill his siblings, his mother, his father, his friends, and even his step-father, EJ. He said that he had the gun to do it and could make it look like an accident. The second time he did, Jason threatened to get him locked up. He said that he could frame him for anything. The day before that, Will had been acting odd...he yelled at Sami because he was so stressed out when she came over. Jason said he could make it look like Will was crazy and get him locked up in a mental institution if he wanted to.

Will believed he could do both of those things and decided he had to keep everyone he loved safe.

"Will," someone said quietly, snapping him out of his thoughts and memories.

Will had been leaning on the counter at the pub and looked up and saw Neil standing there, "Hey," he said quietly, "What's up?"

"I've had enough of this," Neil said, looking up at the clock.

Will looked confused and looked up at the clock. It was closing time and no one was left in the pub.

"Enough of what?" Will demanded.

"He's hurting you," Neil said, nodding to Chad who was over by the door.

Chad locked the door and T then pulled the blinds down on the windows and the door.

Chad flipped the sign to CLOSED so no one would bother them.

Will shook his head, "I don't know what you're talking about," he whispered.

"Will, we've known you since high school," T said, walking over and sitting at the counter, "You aren't yourself...ever since you met him you've changed."

"And I bet two hundred dollars that if we took a wet rag to your face right now, that make up would come off and we'd see all those bruises," Chad said, "Will, just tell the police, they'll help."

"Chad's right," Neil nodded, putting his hand on Will's arm, "There are people who will protect you from him."

"You might think no one notices...but we do," T said, "We've hated him since day one. So does Gabi, but her shift isn't tonight. Melanie is working or she would be here too!"

"Do they know you guys are doing this...intervention?" Will snorted at the last word.

"Yeah, they do," Neil said, "Will, we're on your side, please-"

"He's not hurting me!" Will yelled at them, "He's the perfect husband! I love him and he loves me! He would never hurt me!"

"So on top of lying to us you're lying to yourself?" Chad demanded.

"Oh, fuck off, Chad!" Will yelled, going into the back and clocking out. He rolled his eyes when they followed him, "Following me around isn't going to make me say anything."

"Oh, then you wouldn't mind if we came back to your apartment tonight?" Neil asked.

"Yeah, it's been a long time since we've talked outside of work," T added.

"It's date night," Will lied. If he said No, he'll be mad. that wouldn't help his case at all. He couldn't let them find out. They didn't realize that they were putting themselves in danger by doing this.

"Whatever," Chad said, "Go back to him, I don't give a shit anymore."

"Chad," Neil sighed, "Come on-"

"No, I said whatever, I'm done," Chad said, throwing his apron in the bin, "I can't work here and stand by and watch him end up like this. One of these days, he's going to kill him...I can't be around to see that," he took a deep breath, "There's a new place opening across the street. It's called Club TBD, coffee house by day, club by night," he swallowed, "And I'm going to put in my resume. Tell Caroline I'm sorry."

"Oh, come on, Chad-" Neil groaned when he heard the front door slam, "Great. Chad!" he called, running after him.

Will glared at T, "I want both of you to leave me alone. If you aren't going to be supportive of my relationship with Jason...then we can't be friends anymore," he said, grabbing his bag and jacket and walking out quickly.

"You're late," Jason said, sitting on the couch in their small apartment when he came in.

"Yeah, I know, I'm sorry," Will said quietly.

Jason had gotten to the point where he wasn't drunk when he hit him sometimes, he wasn't going to make him mad.

He looked up at the clock. He was only late by five minutes since he ran after the guys confronted him. Will honestly didn't think five minutes was a big deal, but he wasn't going to say that.

"What happened?" Jason demanded.

"I-I...Caroline held me over," Will said, "Usually, Gabi does the tables, but she had the night off. Th-Then T and Neil had to go and Chad quit. So...I helped her stack chairs and clean the tables. She's so weak sometimes and I-"

"Will," Jason said, standing up and walking over to him, "It's fine. It's your grandma...that was sweet and thoughtful of you to help her. Next time just call and let me talk to her," he said, holding the back of his neck in a tight grip and making him look into his steel gray eyes.

Will nodded.

"Okay?" Jason asked, gripping tighter, obviously wanting a verbal answer.

"Okay," Will said quickly, sighing in relief when Jason let him go.

"We're going to check out that new club tonight," Jason said simply, grabbing his jacket, "Let's go."

"But I just got home-" Will started.

"Now, Will," Jason snapped.

Will followed him out quickly, wincing at how tightly Jason held his hand.

When they walked through town square, he'd always grip his hand even tighter when he saw someone look at Will, it was a silent warning to him not to say a word. He was also ridiculously jealous and thought everyone who looked at Will was checking him out and of course (in his mind) that meant that Will was checking them out too.

Jason put his arm around him, looking up at the sky, "It's such a nice night, isn't it, babe?"

Will swallowed and nodded, "Yeah...nice," he said, looking up at the sky.

There were no stars or the moon, the clouds were covering them.

"Here it is," Jason said, looking at the sign, "Club TBD."

Oh no, Will thought.

That was where Chad said he was going to be.

"Nice place, don't you think, babe?" Jason asked, holding his hand tightly as he looked around.

Will nodded, looking around at the club, "Very," he whispered.

"Speak up when we're in public," Jason growled in his ear.

"It's very nice," Will said, slightly louder, causing a few people to look over.

Jason pulled him over and they sat at the counter.

"Just finish filling out this paperwork and you should be all set," Sonny smiled at Chad who was at the end of the counter, glaring at Will and Jason...mostly Jason.

"Thanks, Sonny," Chad said simply, going back to filling out the paper work as the guy, Sonny, walked over.

"Hi," Sonny said, "Can I help you?"

"Is your coffee organic?" Jason asked.

Chad tried not to roll his eyes.

Seriously? Will thought to himself and looked down, knowing why Jason was asking.

"You're ugly...we're going on a diet," Jason had said bluntly, "You're gaining weight and I don't like that."

"Um...well, I'm pretty sure all coffee beans are grown," Sonny said, "But we have some kind of sugar that's healthier than normal-"

"Just black coffee for both of us" Jason said, cutting him off.

"Right," Sonny said, looking confused, "Sizes?"

"Small for him, large for me," Jason said, gripping Will's hand tighter and causing him to wince.

Sonny gave Will a concerned look before going to get their coffees.

"This place is nice," Jason repeated, getting out his wallet.

Sonny put their coffees on the counter, "There you go," he said, "Eight dollars, please."

Jason gave him the exact amount and his eyes fell on Chad, "Hello, Chad, haven't seen you around in a while. Will hasn't talked about you much."

"Well, that happens when he's on such a short leash," Chad said, "And you won't let me come around."

"Be careful, wouldn't want to be rude to a customer," Jason said, "Especially an officer of the law."

Chad gritted his teeth, "I'm not hired yet. I wouldn't mind losing the chance if I got to beat your ugly ass face in."

Will winced, closing his eyes.

"And that is why you don't get to come around my husband," Jason said, taking a sip of his coffee.

"I don't get to come around your husband because you know I'll call the police on your ass," Chad snapped.

"I hate to break it to you," Jason said, "But I am the police," he stood up and dusted himself off as if something had gotten on him, "Will, open your eyes and lets go."

Will grabbed his coffee and got off of the stool quickly, following him.

Sonny watched after them and then walked over to Chad, "Okay, what was that about?"

Chad sighed, putting the pen down and looking at him, "It's a long story."

"We have time," Sonny said simply.