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TF2 S/I Outline stuff

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At the beginning, where Mann Co. is taken over and the mercs are fired, Mars starts to panic because even though they’re not under threat from the administrator, they realize they might be in even more danger due to the amount of information they knew and how it, and the mercs, were some of the only things keeping them alive at Mann Co.

Spy, agrees that it’d be best for everyone on the team to lay low for a while. They’re one of the, but not the very first of the group to leave, believing themselves to be in the most danger and possibly a liability for the rest. Scout, being a close friends, tries to convince them to stay, but with some of the others already gone, they tell him it might be best for them all to leave.

(Well before he sets his flight and has the interaction with Scout that leads to their arrest) Spy is the one who brings them to the train station, where they’ll be feeling across the country. At first it seems he wants to tell them something, in the form of an attempt to even suggest going with him, but not seeing the reason behind his words as anything but trying to be helpful, they turn him down, instead just thanking him for his help and his friendship, and that they’ll miss him. Unable to fully express his feelings, he stops trying to, bidding them goodbye as well, handing them their suitcase that he’s secretly slipped something in. Something he hopes can speak louder than his unspoken words.

Of course, after they leave, he returns to base to grab his things and make his flight, getting into his interaction with Scout and both being subsequently arrested and then the six month timeskip happens.

Miss Pauling, Spy and Demoman go to look for Mars just before, and similarly timed to the same point that Scout, Pyro and Soldier are going after Heavy. While Spy, being the most recent of the group to join up thinks they’re simply going across the country, he’s shocked to hear Miss Pauling tell that they’re going out of the country, to France where he’d initially planned to go.

It turned out that what Spy slipped into the suitcase was a red rose, one that Mars had been trying to find the intention behind, despite deep-down knowing and hoping it was the obvious meaning. After a few months of thinking about it, and about him and the offer he tried to give before they left, they flew to France in hopes of finding him, but of course were unaware of his and Scout’s arrest.

The group find them in a smaller, quite quaint town. But when they find where they’re staying, they find a gun pointed at their faces, as Mars has still been wary of any Mann Co. workers, but once they see Demoman and especially Spy, they drop the weapon and greet them properly. When pressed on why they flew to France of all places, they chock it up to merely being a “suggestion,” from a friend, though Spy has his suspicions, though the two aren’t able to make conversation in private, as the second they’re found Miss Pauling tells them they need to go to Australia to find Sniper.

The group is split up similarly, with Miss Pauling and Demoman going after Sniper while Spy, Mars, Soldier and Zhanna try to get the submarine. Mars goes with Spy to get the keys and while the two try to talk about things, they both end up being either interrupted or still too awkward after it being so long and now in the middle of another mission to really talk things out. Though they start to hit things off again when they admit that they did take his suggestion at going to France to find him, and feeling ridiculous finding out that he never left Teufort.

Nothing really changes with meeting up with the group again and finding Sniper and getting subsequently captured by the TFC group, up until before the scene with Miss Pauling and Spy. Much to the latter’s concern, Mars was taken with Soldier and Zhanna to the torture room, due to their liability and unique knowledge, though of course Soldier ends up being the only one who gets actually tortured (and takes it surprisingly well).

Spy is finding himself extremely worried and angry at the thought Mars being tortured and possibly killed, and it makes it harder to come to the conclusion of breaking his cyanide molar until Miss Pauling’s breakdown. He prays that Mars’ death is quick and painless before he does so but of course is interrupted by Classic Spy disguised as Heavy.

Soldier and Zhanna, and Mars escape and save the rest of them, and after Miss Pauling’s failed speech to the dead Gray Mann, Mars feels just as, if not more distrusting of her than Spy, trying to ask exactly what kind of lies she claimed to tell in the Administrator’s sake, but she brushes them off in favor of finding an escape.

Spy states he will try to find a way out by himself using his stealth, and he and Mars are the last to leave the room but he holds them back a moment so they finally have a moment with just the two of them. They’re a little confused, and surprised when he grabs their hand, giving them a hug and saying he’s glad they didn’t get tortured. Seeing as there’s no promise of an escape from the island he states that their next parting could possibly be their last, especially after the previous incident. And just so there’s no confusion, he kisses their cheek, whispering in French that he adores them. Mars, now somewhat proficient in the language after staying in France replies that they love him, much to his shock. The two want to actually kiss, but hear Miss Pauling calling for them and they decide to just try tell the other to stay safe as they part.

Like in the story the group try to escape and are killed by the robots, but brought back by Medic. They’re with the rest of the group as Saxton brings the weapons, and they are surprisingly adept in helping beat the robots. They’re not with Spy as he goes after Classic Sniper, nor as he finds the nearly dead, then revived Scout, but meet up again of course after Classic Heavy’s defeat.

After this whole adrenaline rush and victory, Mars excitedly meets up with Spy as the group gets their things together, showing concern over his leg injury. He of course replies that it’s nothing too bad, and the two share a loving look before Mars just pulls him down to their height and kisses him. He of course, after a moment of surprise returns it, dipping them romantically, much to the rest of the team’s shock. Though of course, they’re just surprised and joke a little bit, but all-in-all everyone is happy.

(And then whatever happens in the last comic that hasn’t come out yet happens and what not KJLDFSJFDSL)