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An intern for one of the Mann Co. offices that of course get caught up in the “war.” This happens when they look a little too much into Mann Co. as a whole, and end up being taken in by the Mercenaries. When the Administrator finds out they “know too much,” rather than just kill them she takes them in to work under the protection of the mercenaries, as she takes an interest in their “ bold decision to go against Mann. Co policies” (this is sarcastic of course, but she still takes an interest in their ability to quickly gain information) and the fact that “they’re aware she can have them killed at any time regardless.” They now work under fear of death but also gain a personal interest and friendship with the mercenaries.

They play off of the mercenaries as a “straight-man” compared to the wild and crazy ways the mercs and how nuts the whole thing looks to an outsider. Later on however they’re taught to defend themselves and are able to hold their ground surprisingly well (despite their original instincts of panicking).



Other notes:

  • They work under the RED team, and I’m not sure they’d have a BLU counterpart, as they were never a planned part of the team, more like Miss Pauling as a more behind-the-scenes presence.
  •   Though they know about the mercenaries and teams, they aren’t aware the whole “war/dispute” is a big setup by the Administrator (which is really the only thing keeping them alive)
  •  They’re better played off with a setup of a mix of the game and canon storylines, mostly before any of the events in the comics takes place. (And where the mercs “die” but respawn during battles.) But I’ve been thinking about their presence in the comics too just, haven’t thought it all out just yet. 





  • While they generally like all of the other mercenaries, they are notably close to Scout, Engineer, and Spy.
  • Being closest in age, they and Scout have become best friends, always messing around and hanging out with each other when they can. They also try to wingman for him (Before, you know, finding out Miss Pauling is Not Into Men™ )
  • Engineer they get along with due to their fascination and adeptness with technology, he’s the one who helped them start making traps.
  • Spy is a….complicated case. While he is glad they aren’t as crazy or annoying as he sees the other mercenaries, he doesn’t normally outwardly show his liking of them, at least not in front of anyone else. In contrast, they are very taken in with him, being very impressed with his skills on the battlefield as well as smarts, knowledge and wit outside of it.
  • They also get along with Miss Pauling, but are slightly intimidated by her due to knowing she knows a lot more than she lets on, especially with the Administrator. They like her, but don’t fully trust her.

Actual Self-Ship Stuff ❤

  • I actually have more than one canon for them, as I have technically more than one ship with them, even though they’re both spies.
  • One canon where after an unexpected attack on RED base by BLU, Mars meets BLU Spy and both become objectively interested in the other, which then turns into a light-hearted rivalry and then of course to a secret romance. 
  • The other canon, where the above doesn’t happen, follows more of the canon and lore than the games where RED team is always the focus. Instead, RED Spy and Mars just hit it off and realize they enjoy the others’ company significantly and start spending more and more time together. Over time good friends turns to mutual pining and subsequently revealing their attraction to each other and becoming a secret couple. Though not secret like them and BLU Spy in that, REDs and BLUs are not supposed to like each other, but more of ‘Spy can’t tolerate anymore of his team’s shenanigans and if they find out he won’t hear the end of it.’
  • I haven’t written an in-depth third canon where they are dating both spies but…..there is one cause I love both. Both is good. 



IN-GAME STUFF:  (Even though I can’t see them actually an in-game character so really this is just for fun and non-canon except for their talent in making traps.)


  • Primary: Trap-kit
    • The Trap-kit allows them to set up a trap that will activate when an enemy walks over the specified area. They need metal to craft one and can upgrade from one that just traps the enemy to one that does so while causing damage, though it takes more metal.
  • Secondary: Pistol/Revolver (interchangeable)
  • Melee: Crowbar
  • Alt. Ability: Radio/Walkie-Talkie
    • Using the Walkie-Talkie, they’re able to inform a team member about the enemy team, which is not audible in-game and instead gives that specific team member a momentary speed and crit boost. It has a long cool-down bar and can’t be used while they’re taking damage.

Other Abilities:

  • They are the only class able to pick up their own team’s intelligence and, if needed, bring it back to base or away from the enemy. They can’t use their weapons while doing this and their walk speed will be slowed.
  • Their “class” designation would most likely be Support, as they are again, not made to be actually on the battlefield, but can help out if really needed.

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