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[Podfic] Nobody's Daddy

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Title: Nobody's Daddy

Author: almaasi

Reader + Cover image: PencilSketchS

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchesteer Characters: Dean Winchester,Castiel, Sam Winchester

Tags - Author: Breastfeeding, nipples, Emasculation/Effemination, Accidental Baby Acquisition, fluff, Warm and Fuzzy feelings, babies, kissing, breastfeeding and nipples are NOT sexualised in this, Nurturer Dean

Tags - Reader: Podfic, Podfic length: 20-30 Minutes

Author's Summery: Dean breastfeeds a baby. Well, the damn thing was crying, what was he supposed to do?!

Podfic: (click to open, then right click to download) [Googledocs] [4shared]

Audiofic archive mp3 .zip file for Download