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Inked The Hell Up

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Dinah wakes up and Cassie’s gone. Someone is talking in the gym. She sneaks in, sees Red Hood sprawled across the mats while Cassie dangles her legs above him. He’s speaking softly to her, helmet off. Dinah relaxes and steps into the room. “Hey there, Jay. How’s it going?”

“Hey, Canary. Good enough.”

She nods and Cassie flips down from the rafters. “Talk.”

“Yeah, I saw. I didn’t know you were friends with Jason.”

Cassie fistbumps him, rests his helmet in her lap. Her fingers splay across the front, over the pitted red paint. “Close.”

“Hard to be close friends with this meat head.” Jason sticks his tongue out at her. “Are you out of Gotham for a while?” A shadow passes over his face, and like always she wants to hug him and punch Bruce. She slings an arm around Cassie’s shoulders instead, grinning at Jason. “Was that look a yes?” He finally shrugs, nods.
Dinah remembers when he was Robin and he laughed all the time, copying Dick’s silly one-liners. Now every smile takes effort and her heart breaks. “You could stay with us. I’m training Cassie, but I’m sure we could use some tips.”

“Nah. I’ve got a hotel room. Real fancy.”

“Well, you know there’s always room.”
He gives her a soft smile, the scars on his face shifting, and Dinah reaches a hand over to stroke along his hair. Sometimes he doesn’t like to be touched, and she understands, but this time he just leans into her fingers. “I know. I gotta go, I only came to see Cassie.”

“Alright, honey. Come back any time.” She gives him a quick hug before he’s out the widow and off into the night. “You ready to go back to sleep, hon?” Cassie nods, cartwheeling into their bedroom. Dinah laughs and follows. They fall asleep with Dinah’s hand resting on the new scar on Cassie’s thigh.
“S’too cold to get up,” she whines as Cassie taps her on the head. Cassie pushes her face into the curve of Dinah’s neck, breathes hot in her ear. Dinah shivers and presses her thighs together. “It doesn’t matter how much you breathe on me, Cass. I’m not getting up to see that folk concert.”
Cassie hums a tune, sits up to dig her thumbs into the small of Dinah’s back. “Massages won’t help you, either.” Cassie makes a sad noise and Dinah groans, rolls over to place her hands on Cassie’s hips. She’s a solid, warm weight. “Alright, alright. Don’t pout at me.”

Cassie grins and leaps off her. “Win.”

“Yeah, yeah, you always win.”


Dinah wears jeans, a turtleneck, her combat boots. She glances at the temperature and groans, pulling a pea coat on. Cassie dresses the same, but she’s bouncing on her toes. “I didn’t know you liked folk music this much.”


“What, you’ve never been to a folk concert before?”


“Oh. You’ve never been to a concert.” Sometimes Dinah forgets everything Cassie has missed.

“Mm.” Cassie moves in close, wraps a fluffy yellow scarf around her neck. She goes on tip toe, kisses her cheek. Dinah can feel herself blushing.


“Yeah, ah, I’ll be warm now. Thanks, hon.”


They walk along the streets hand in hand, stand at the concert pressed close. Dinah looks down at Cassie, who’s pink cheeked and smiling, dark wisps of hair escaping from her hat. When they get home they’ll have lunch, then train. Dinah will make hot chocolate and they’ll watch a movie curled up together in bed.
She’s already looking forward to it, squeezes Cassie’s hand til she looks over. On impulse, Dinah kisses her forehead, the tip of her nose, then her mouth. She’s soft, tastes like the syrup they had on their waffles. They separate and Cassie’s giggling, nuzzles her face into Dinah’s coat. She pulls her in by the lapels of her coat and kisses her again, soft presses of their lips over and over. The blood pounding in her ears is louder than the music.

They’re both laughing as they walk home, and Dinah’s not cold anymore. They stop in an alley on the way, kiss til someone wolf whistles. Cassie’s lips are swollen and red. She makes happy noises and licks into Dinah’s mouth. Dinah puts her thumbs to her face, strokes along her jaw. “Honey, honey, we gotta get home.” Cassie pushes her face forward, pouting. “Fine, one more.” She kisses her a last time, and they run home.


Cassie is quiet even in bed. She moves above Dinah like a wave, and Dinah kisses all her tattoos, memorizing the feel of her skin. After, Cassie sprawls out beside her, breathing deeply, and laughs. Dinah wraps an arm around her and falls asleep for a while.