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weasels vs foxes

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Threatening isn't supposed to be the first thing that comes to Atsumu's mind.

Hell, he shouldn't even feel threatened.

But to say that he does is a complete understatement.


He's terrified.


The libero stands in front of him, arms crossed. The lack of light in the empty hallway they're in makes his usually kind, blue eyes glow. It almost makes him look predatory. Atsumu has to blink to make sure he doesn't see things for the sake of his performance later and his sanity.



The latter takes a few seconds before letting out a puff of air.

"Listen very closely, Miya, because I'm not going to repeat this later."

...what the fuck?

"I know Kiyoomi like the back of my hand, and I've seen him through his bad days," Komori sighs again before letting his shoulders go slack. "Please, even if I'm not there, take care of Kiyoomi for me."


Atsumu can only nod in understanding. He's been in his position before. When Sunarin and Osamu came to announce to the setter that they were dating, in typical sibling fashion, Atsumu asked to have a word with Rintarou. In private. You could probably guess what happened next.


"Good. Good to know," Komori nodded to himself before placing a heavy hand on Atsumu's shoulder. "Then you should do your best for Kiyoomi. And for my sake as well, because if I ever see him frowning even a little more than usual or if I ever hear that you cracked or dented his heart a little, I'll make sure you won't be able to play for the rest of the season."

A soft gasp came from the blonde as he held his hands protectively, suddenly seeming to come to his senses. "Y- wuh- ya can't do that to my setter hands, Komori-kun! How am I gonna hold Omi-Omi and set volleyballs then?"

Komori tightens his grip and tilts his head with a cold smile, "That's for you to find out."

Atsumu lets out a weird noise before Komori releases his shoulder. Immediately, as if he didn't just remind Atsumu of the way Kita would show him strained smiles when he does something stupid, the libero laughs. Lightheartedly humming to himself as he walks out to the main hallway, he turns to a very threatened Atsumu.

"Thank, Atsumu-kun! I feel assured for Kiyoomi now!"

"I- I don't???"