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Creaking Planks

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Jimin sighs, staring at his phone.

It's 1 am and he's alone in their dorm. He chews on his lower lip as he plays with his phone, trying to distract himself from the reality of Hoseok being with Namjoon at the moment.

He groans, stomach twisting violently at the thought. He turns over and switches off the bedside light, throwing his phone carelessly on the cupboard, before he slumps back and pulls his sheets up.

It's been over two years of living together with Hoseok in their dingy college dorm-- moldy grey couch, tiny splintering cupboard, flea market rug that's worse for wear, twin bunk bed with a squeaky (and frankly quite concerning) wooden staircase-- Jimin takes the top bunk because Hoseok is afraid of heights.

But their far from glamorous abode is compensated by the fact that they get along impeccably.

Jimin often wonders how he lucked out on a roommate as wonderful as Hoseok.

Hoseok who cleans up their room and makes it look at least a bit presentable.

Hoseok, who makes him breakfast every morning because "Jiminie, you shouldn't skip breakfast, it's brain food!"

Hoseok, who lets him climb down and slip into his bed, when it's winter and the air conditioning doesn't work the way it should.

Hoseok who likes to cuddle on the couch when they have their obligatory roommate movie marathons on Sundays.

Hoseok who Jimin was skeptical of living with when he first met him-- loud laugh, blindening smile, overly sweet personality-- so similar to Jimin himself that it made him feel uneasy.

Hoseok who Jimin had developed a crush on after seeing him dance for the first time.

Hoseok who Jimin had fallen in love with after he'd made Jimin chicken noodle soup when he down with the flu-- he'd forgotten to add salt, it had tasted disgusting, but Jimin had already fallen, hook line and sinker.

Hoseok who is still dating his highschool sweetheart Namjoon.

The door clicks open, effectively pulling Jimin out of his thoughts. He hears the shuffle of feet, Hoseok's heavy breathing as he tries his best not to make any noise. Jimin smiles into the mattress. Hoseok is so endearing in the way he's always so considerate towards him.

There's a creaking sound of the floor, the planks pulling down under his weight as Hoseok walks towards his bed. Jimin has his eyes and ears wide open, swallowing his spit, as he listens to Hoseok flop unceremoniously into his bed.

There's a soft sigh, followed by the sound of rustling sheets, before he finally hears the near musical sound of Hoseok's soft snores. Jimin gulps, the sound filling the air around him.

Jimin slowly pulls back his sheets, gently slipping out and climbing down towards Hoseok's bunk. He looks at Hoseok's peaceful face, heart shaped lips parted open, drool pooling at the corners, eyelashes fluttering prettily against his flushed cheeks-- he looks drunk, but Jimin isn't too surprised, Hoseok is a lightweight after all.

Jimin gulps, just silently watching the way Hoseok's chest rises and falls in an even rhythm, thin white T-shirt teasing a hint of dusky nipples beneath it, making Jimin's mouth water almost like a Pavlovian response.

He shouldn't be doing this-- whatever this is.

He remembers how guilty he'd felt the first time he did this-- how he hadn't been able to get a proper sleep for days on end. Jimin swallows, noticing how Hoseok's lips are curled upward in a pretty smile.

He wonders when this became routine for him. He wonders when this became the norm.

Jimin slowly climbs into Hoseok's bed.

"Hnghhh," Hoseok mumbles, turning around and lying on his back. Jimin pauses in his motion, staying still as he studies Hoseok's features for any sign of unrest.

His mind goes back to the first time he had snuck into Hoseok's bed. He'd nearly bolted out of his skin every time Hoseok so much as twitched. Look at him now, casually observing a sleeping Hoseok.

He shifts around and plants his legs on both sides of Hoseok's waist, looming above his body. He looks down at Hoseok's face, faintly illuminated by his night lamp, casting shadows on the sharp planes of his nose and forehead. Jimin smiles, gently pushing Hoseok's hair out of his eyes before bringing his hand down to rub at his high cheekbones. Hoseok hums in his sleep, barely showing any response to Jimin's ministrations.

"Pretty," Jimin whispers, trailing his fingers down Hoseok's face to rub at his lower lip. "So pretty, Hobari. Just for me, isn't it?" Jimin presses against Hoseok's lower lip, before swiping the drool that leaks from his mouth. He chuckles at the way Hoseok smacks his lips together unconsciously. Jimin chuckles. He should feel guilty about how he's done this enough times that he knows that Hoseok will not stir from his sleep in the slightest.

Hoseok is a deep sleeper, to an extent that Jimin used to wonder if he's narcoleptic. But Jimin doesn't think a narcoleptic person would be as pliant as Hoseok is under his hands. Jimin swallows, already feeling a tightness in his boxers as he trails his hands down Hoseok's frame

Hoseok hums, soft and sweet and making Jimin's cock twitch as it plumps up.

"Pretty Hobari," Jimin whispers, gently tugging Hoseok's t-shirt and tucking it under his armpits. Hoseok murmurs something unintelligible, twisting his hands in his sheets. But Jimin pays no heed, as he sneaks his hand over the expanse of Hoseok's smooth warm skin, relishing in the unconscious shivers that he lets out. Jimin rubs the pads of his thumbs over Hoseok's nipples, cooing softly under his breath when Hoseok chokes out a whine.

"You're such a slut, Hobari," Jimin whispers, tweaking Hoseok's nipples ever so slowly, cooing at the way Hoseok squirms in his sleep. "Such a slut for your dongsaeng, aren't you?"

Hoseok grunts, head lolled to the side, drooling into his pillow. His dark hair spreads across the white pillow like a halo. He looks so vulnerable like this-- so helpless.

"My pretty pretty angel," Jimin sings softly. "Wish you could see yourself, baby. Wish you could see me defile you this way."

He traces his hands down Hoseok's sides, rubbing into his sharp hip bones, licking his lips in appreciation as he takes in all of Hoseok's naked glory. He finally reaches Hoseok's shorts, tugging at the belt loops, before he twists open the button that fastens it in place.

"What a slut," Jimin clicks his tongue. "Gonna have to punish you for going out in these."

He doesn't waste much time, pulling the offensive piece of denim down Hoseok's thighs. Jimin frowns the moment he is hit with the scent of dried cum, pungent and sour. He feels a fury bubble in his chest, a twist in his groin, as he yanks the shorts down to Hoseok's knees.

"Look at that," Jimin laughs, slapping Hoseok's thighs harshly. He watches them bloom a dark red, the soft flesh jiggling under his touch. Hoseok lets out a soft whine, arching off the bed as if he wants more, as if he wants this . Jimin rubs at the flesh, he doesn't want it to leave marks (oh, but he does).

He sighs, jealousy eating away at his insides as he tries to ignore the implications behind Hoseok not wearing any underwear when he comes back from Namjoon's place. Jimin swears under his breath before he brings his hand up and fondles Hoseok's cock.

He groans as he feels how wet it already is, pearling at the tip and staining the inside of his palm. Jimin wraps his hand around and strokes teasingly, watching with raised eyebrows how Hoseok gasps, mouth open in broken pants, eyes still shut and oblivious to what's happening to him.

"So small," Jimin mocks. He wonders if his words come out in Hoseok's dreams. He wonders if Hoseok would enjoy being degraded this way. His cock twitches as he imagines a teary eyed whiny Hoseok, just begging to be used-- begging to be abused.

Jimin swallows, cock now hurting from how hard it's become. He wastes no time in gently pushing Hoseok's knees up and bending them till he's almost folded in half. He looks to check if Hoseok has stirred. It's almost pathetic the way he isn't roused in the slightest, simply continuing to drool into his pillow. Jimin smiles in pity, before he lets go of one leg to trail down to Hoseok's ass. He plays with Hoseok's balls in the process, squeezing them and watching in amusement the way Hoseok whines brokenly. Hoseok has always been so sensitive to Jimin's touch. It makes him wonder just how sensitive Hoseok would be if he were awake.

Jimin hums, gently smacking Hoseok's ass, watching it jiggle prettily, before he spreads his asscheeks apart.

He frowns the moment he sees Hoseok's pucker. It's red and stretched obscenely, fluttering prettily in the air as if begging to be stuffed full. But the sticky white fluid that drips out from it makes Jimin clench his jaw in frustration.

"Didn't even clean up huh?" Jimin chuckles drily, pinching around the hole and stretching it out, watching in distaste as Namjoon's cum dribbles out. "Fucking whore."

"Hnghh--" Hoseok whines in his sleep, body shivering, almost as if he's reacting to Jimin's words. Jimin sighs, before rubbing his thumb along Hoseok's rim, tracing the tender flesh, watching it flutter under his touch.

He presses it in, pushing into Hoseok's walls without any resistance. It's to be expected, what with Hoseok already so loose from his night with Namjoon. Jimin curses, pushing in his index finger as well and scissoring Hoseok's rim, annoyed at how it's already loose enough to take him. Jimin adds in a third finger, thrusting in as far as he can go. He smirks when he feels the pads of his fingers brush against something soft, and he presses into it harshly. Hoseok whines loud and stuttered, back arching off the bed as his thighs start to quiver.

Jimin chuckles, continuing to thrust his fingers in and out of Hoseok's walls, taking his time, watching in fascination at the sweat that paints Hoseok's forehead. He pulls back when Hoseok lets out a choked sob, frowning when he realises that he had used another man's cum as lube.

Jimin frowns, wiping it on his boxers, making a fake gagging face as he feels the disgust wash over him. He pulls his boxers down and hisses when his cock springs free, standing proud and tall against his stomach. The head is flushed an angry red, precome breading at the tip. He hums, pulling Hoseok's thighs apart and teasing his tip against Hoseok's rim.

"At least we don't need lube," he whispers, before he pushes past Hoseok's rim, gripping his thighs and holding him down. Hoseok's body shudders, chest heaving as Jimin bottoms down. He groans as his balls hit Hoseok's ass, making him hiss out sharply.

"Gonna fill you up nice and deep now," Jimin whispers, pulling out all the way to the tip before he thrusts back into him. "Bet your boyfriend's never been deep inside huh? No one knows your body like I do, huh Hobari?"

Jimin grunts, snapping his hips and chasing a furious pace. He feels a heat curling inside his gut, as he thrusts into Hoseok as if he's nothing but a doll for his pleasure.

"You're so tight, Hobari," Jimin pants softly. "How are you so tight like a virgin when your boyfriend and I fuck you every other night, huh?"

Hoseok whimpers, his thighs shaking. Jimin wonders if they'd buckle if not for the vice grip he has on them.

"So hot," Jimin grunts, feeling his pace become sloppy, as his orgasm creeps in on him.

He thrusts once again, before he bends down and takes Hoseok's lips in a bruising kiss, nipping into the soft flesh of his bottom lip before he plunges his tongue in at the same rhythm that he pushes his cock inside his ass.

Jimin curses, breaking their kiss as he feels his gut tighten. His orgasm hits him hard and he spills into Hoseok's walls, watching with heavy eyes as Hoseok comes onto his own chest. He smiles, reaching down to kiss Hoseok once again, only to be stopped by Hoseok's words against his mouth.

"Joon--" Hoseok whispers, body convulsing unconsciously, as he continues to squirt little batches of come onto his chest and stomach. Jimin growls, capturing his lips and thrusting into him, riding out his orgasm, ignoring the way Hoseok squirms with oversensitivity under his touch.

When he's finally done, he pulls out of Hoseok, watching with satisfaction at the way his hole gapes slightly, red and tender and swollen from the Jimin's incessant plundering. He hums, pushing some of the come that dribbles out back inside, trying to plug it in.

"There," Jimin whispers. "Much better now."

He pulls Hoseok's shorts up and clasps the button. He pulls Hoseok's t-shirt down the same way, before pulling up his sheets to cover his body. Hoseok's chest continues to rise and fall rapidly, from the aftermath of his orgasm.

Jimin sighs, pulling his own boxers back up as he looks longingly at Hoseok's sleeping face.

He wonders when it was that he stopped feeling any guilt about this. He wonders when it was that he stopped feeling anything at all. He sighs, smiling sadly as he parts Hoseok's hair, it's sweaty from exertion, and clumps together as Jimin runs his fingers through the soft, sticky strands.

"I wonder if you'd forgive me if you ever found out," He whispers, before leaning down and pressing a chaste kiss against Hoseok's lips.

He pulls back and slowly moves out of Hoseok's bed.

"Ah, guess I'll have to make sure you never find out, huh, Hobari?" Jimin chuckles softly, before he climbs up to his own bunk.








Hoseok groans the moment he wakes up, a sharp pain shooting up his back. He hisses, immediately rolling onto his side and using his elbows to raise himself. He curses Namjoon and his ridiculous libido, even as he forces himself to get up from bed.

He regrets it the moment he plants his feet on the ground. A sharp pain rocks through his entire body and his knees shake, threatening to buckle any moment. He wobbles towards the bathroom like a newborn lamb, wincing and cursing under his breath.

"You okay, hyungie?"

Hoseok whips his head around to see Jimin sipping his coffee, legs propped up on the couch. His eyebrows are raised and his face is laced with concern. Hoseok feels a warmth bubble up in his chest as he smiles endearingly at Jimin.

"I'm fine, Jiminie," Hoseok chuckles. "Just a little tired. But thank God, it's the weekend."

"Yeah," Jimin smiles softly. "I'm here if you need me, though. And I made us coffee and toast, so get back here before it gets cold."

"Thanks, Jiminie," Hoseok giggles, the smell of coffee soothing his senses. "I'll be right back."

He walks as fast as he can, what with his legs wobbling every five seconds.

He sighs in relief as he enters the shower. He peels his clothes off and throws them to the side. He freezes when he feels something sticky inside him.

Hoseok groans bending over to pry his ass cheeks apart, cursing loudly as he feels the come coming out of his hole.


"Damn that fucker!" Hoseok hisses as he tries to clean himself up, whining at how tender his rim feels under his touch. 



"Since when does Jimin come so much?"



The End