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"Khai what the fuck?" Third snaps as the creep goes down, knocked right out from Khai's blow.

"Let's go!" He says, grabbing the shorter boy by the arm and dragging him out of the club and away from the madness.

Third is clearly furious but follows him anyway. Which might have to do with the fact that he can't exactly fight Khai's grip on his arm but he'd personally like to think it's his best friend choosing him over that stupid creep. Or he might just want to yell at him in a less public space but that'd be bad so let's not think about that.

They make it to the mostly empty parking lot before Third's patience runs out. The shorter boy stops, digging his feet in so Khai's suddenly the one being pulled around and why is Third that strong anyway he's so small it makes no sense?

"Why did you stop?" He says, finally turning around to face that glare of doom.

For someone with such a sweet looking face Third sure knows how to look terrifying.

"What the hell was that back there?"

"What was what?" Acting stupid has never gotten him anywhere but will he ever stop? Unlikely.

"Don't play with me asshole why'd you punch that guy?"

Welp, the arms are crossed. No getting out of this now.

"He was fucking flirting with you when you said you weren’t interested like a creep!" he defends.

"And?" Third prompts, one eyebrow raised like he's daring him to say something stupid again.

"And what? I was protecting you! Can't I help my best friend out?"

"First of all, I did not fucking need you to protect me I was handling it just fine and second-" Third raises his voice a little, cutting off his objection before he could even open his mouth to say it "-you cannot deck a man in a crowded bar for any fucking reason that is Not Okay!"

"It is if someone's messing with you!"

Third does not agree. Which he makes clear by silently attacking him with his Disappointed Glare of Doom. Khai does his very best to stand his ground, he really does. But that glare-

"Okay fine maybe it's not okay but fuck it all he was pissing me off I had to do something!"

"No you didn't." Okay now Third's just being an ass. Of course he did.

"What was I supposed to just let him harass you?"

"You were supposed to let me deal with it on my own!"

Now he's just being an unreasonable ass.

"Hell no. You're my best friend I have to protect you from the creeps."

"You're not my fucking bodyguard!" Third snaps. "This is like, the fourth time this month you've overreacted to someone hitting on me what the fuck is going on with you?"

"Nothing is going on with me!" He lies. Because he's a liar. "I just don't want anyone to mess with you!"

That's definitely what it is. Just protective feelings for his friend. It's not like he feels an insane amount of rage and jealousy when anyone so much as gets close to Third or anything. Nope. Not at all.

"Yeah right." Third huffs. He doesn't believe him because of course he doesn't. He's a terrible liar.

"If you don't wanna tell me that's fine I don't care."

Third's pouting now, because he's one of those cute ass people who fucking pout when they're mad. The dude has no right looking this adorable when he's actually a terrifying asshole. Third's one of the Extremes for a fucking reason. Khai's eyes wander back to those pouty lips and fuck those stupidly confusing feelings are back that's just fucking awesome can't he just-

"Please stop pouting dammit!" 

He did not mean to say that out loud.

Third smirks knowingly because the bastard is all too aware that he has the upper hand here. He takes a step forward, bridging the tiny gap between them. They're close now, too close. Third's face is right in front of his and he can't stop looking at those dammed lips why is this his life what the fuck.

"Why?" Third says, leaning up on his tip toes. "What are you gonna do about it?"

Khai is moving before he can even think about it. He leans down, their lips crashing messily together. Third stumbles back, clearly shocked, but Khai catches him by the waist and pulls him closer. It takes him far too long before he realizes what exactly it is that he's done. He's about to pull away but then Third's lips start moving against his and the whole world implodes around them until all that's left in the universe is the two of them. Kissing in the poorly lit parking lot of a back alley club.

The kiss ends all too soon in his opinion, but they've got to come up for air at some point. They pull away, panting for breath. Third looks gone in the best way possible- eyes glazed with a mix of arousal and confusion. He's a goddamn vision and Khai is a blind man who was just granted sight for the first time in his life.

"That was unexpected." It was and it wasn't at the same time. A part of him is confused, while another is screaming at him for taking this long to do this.

"You kissed me!" There's a hurt accusation clear in the tone. It makes his heart sink.

"You kissed me back!" Because he had.

Third had kissed him back. Why did he sound like Khai had fucked up when he'd clearly kissed him back?

"That doesn't matter-"

"-Like hell it doesn't!"

"Why the fuck did you kiss me? Why would- if this is some kind of twisted game for you Khai I swear I will kill you-"

He needs to stop this before the other boy spirals. And he decides that kissing him to shut him up is the best solution. It's probably an asshole move but it's all he can think of at the moment and well, no one's ever accused him of being smart after all.

So he kisses Third, for the second time in so many minutes. Third kisses him back. Again.

The second kiss is slower, softer. He pulls back before it starts getting heated, Third's lips chasing his for a hot second before he remembers himself. Khai doesn't pull away entirely this time, instead choosing to rest their foreheads together. He's got Third's face cradled in his hands, their eyes locked.

He'd once told Third he didn't know what it felt like to kiss someone he loves. He thinks this might be it.

"Khai." His name on Third's lips comes out searching, begging for something. An answer, perhaps. Clarity. Confession.

"Hey Third?" He begins, heart beating a mile a minute. "Would it be bad if I said I never want to stop kissing you?"

The answer comes with a hitched breath, tears pooling in his eyes as he says-

"No. That wouldn't be bad at all."

"Good." He says as he leans back in a third time. "Because I kinda never wanna stop kissing you again."

For once, Third meets him halfway.