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Tae-joo was on the floor, clutching at his shoulder. Gook’s heart leapt. Was he actually hurt? He wasn’t sure if his anxiety was fuelled by worry for Tae-joo or the fear of Tae-joo’s father finding out he was hurt. And by Gook’s hand nonetheless.

“Are you okay?” He kneels next to Tae-joo, moving into the space between his open legs.

As soon as he gets near, however, Tae-joo’s pained expression melts into a teasing grin. “Dammit,” He laughs out. His legs suddenly lift up and snap around Gook’s back, pulling his waist forwards as his legs tighten their grip. Gook topples at the sudden movement and puts his hands down at the side of Tae-joo’s head.

Gook feels his waist slot into the space between Tae-joo’s legs and he begins to burn all over, overheating at the thoughts that fill his mind.

He freezes.

He’s now hovering only inches away from Tae-joo’s face. They’re close enough that their breath mingles. Tae-joo is still smiling wide, teasing and relaxed, unaware of the panicked thoughts circulating through Gook’s mind.

He can’t stop THINKING - thinking about how close their bodies are, the position they’re in, what it would feel like in a different setting; on their bed and naked.

Heat sears through him and he tries to pull away. It’s the only way the thoughts will stop.

But Tae-joo’s thighs are tight around his waist and won’t budge. The movement of trying to pull away only makes things worse as Gook’s groin brushes over Tae-joo’s ass. His stomach clenches in response.

Only mere seconds have passed but Tae-joo seems to have sensed the change in atmosphere just as quickly. His smile drops and he tugs his lower lip into his mouth with his teeth instead, staring up at Gook unblinkingly.

Again, it only serves to make Gook’s mind go right back to THOSE thoughts. He imagines Tae-joo like this in different circumstances - laying under Gook and biting his lip to keep the moans in.

He feels another bolt of heat light up the pit of his stomach and all the blood in his body seems to run south at the thought.

“Gook-ah,” Tae-joo mumbles. “Please, just...”

He doesn’t elaborate on what but he doesn’t need to.

Gook hesitates for a mili-second before his willpower breaks down completely. It’s every fantasy he’s ever had come to life. His head spins as if he’s drunk.

Tae-joo rolls his hips upwards suddenly and their cocks rub together through the thin fabrics of their trousers. Gook lets out a groan at the contact. He’s never felt anything like this before.

Suddenly, he’s desperate for it, pulling at the buttons of Tae-joo’s shirt like a man starving, until the shirt falls undone to reveal that perfectly soft skin.

He lets his hands wander freely, and his lips soon follow. Above him, Tae-joo’s breathing goes shaky and unstable. After one particular kiss on his collarbone, Tae-joo makes a sound that has Gook harder than ever before, straining in his trousers.

Their eyes meet. Tae-joo looks at him, unexpectedly vulnerable and Gook is overwhelmed with the need to just kiss him, and wrap him up in a comfortable hug. Gook moves before he thinks, mouth moving towards Tae-joo’s. Before he gets there, however, it hits him - this is real. They’re really about to kiss, after years of unspoken glances stolen at each other’s lips, and Gook suddenly feels incredibly nervous.

His hands are trembling, but he moves to cup Tae-joo’s face anyway.

His lips are soft - softer than he’d ever dreamed about. They fumble awkwardly for a few moments before finding the right angle. Gook tilts his head even more as Tae-joo opens his mouth, allowing Gook’s tongue in. He licks into Tae-joo’s mouth and snaps his hips at the same time, savouring the moan he earns with a ridiculous amount of pride.

His hands move back down over Tae-joo’s chest until they sit on his waist. In one swift movement, he pulls Tae-joo out from under him and onto his lap. The new position places Tae-joo’s ass directly onto Gook’s cock and they both moan.

Gook pulls him in for another kiss, this time harsh and hungry, the tenderness lost to the desire pulsing through him.

Tae-joo pulls away first, leaning back. His arms loop over Gook’s shoulders and he grinds down, a knowing smirk on his lips as he stares Gook down. Gook’s breath are coming in ragged pants by now.

Tae-joo’s eyes are still connected to his when he speaks. “I want you to fuck me, Gook.”

Gook almost comes right there. His fingers twist in the material of Tae-joo’s trousers in an attempt to control himself.

“Are you sure?”


Gook’s hands slide around to grip Tae-joo’s thighs and he lifts him up in a swift motion. Tae-joo’s legs lock around him, pulling Tae-joo’s body even closer. He can feel all of him now, but he still wants more. After years of repressing these feelings, it’s as though the floodgates have been obliterated and now he can’t control anything. He’s just desperate for Tae-joo; to have him in every possible way.

“Your so strong, Gookie,” Tae-joo teases lightly, but for once, Gook feels smug instead of anything else, able to feel his reaction to being carried like this. He likes being manhandled by Gook - something which Gook files away for future reference.

They reach the bedroom in record time. Tae-joo is out of his arms even quicker and across the room, pulling open his drawers. He returns with a bottle of lube.

Gook aches at the sight of him.

Tae-joo settles back on the bed, head resting against the headboard. “Off.” He says.

Gook flushes but complies. Tae-joo pulled off his own trousers and Gook watches in rapt attention as Tae-joo’s body is slowly revealed.

Too busy staring at Tae-joo’s long, toned legs he completely missed the other boy’s hand on the lube bottom until his lube-covered fingers are at the entrance of his hole. “Watch me.”

“What?” Gook says dumbly.

“Don’t look away, okay?”

Not waiting for an answer, Tae-joo bends his finger and pushes in.

Gook has to grip the base of his cock to keep himself from coming. “Tae-joo,” He’s speechless, unable to form an comprehensive thought other than Tae-joo’s name. And he’s so turned on he honestly might die.

After a few minutes of stretching, another finger slips in with an ease that HAS to be practised - a thought that has Gook’s knees weak.

Tae-joo didn’t have to worry about telling Gook to watch, he wouldn’t look away for all the money in the world right now.

When a third finger is added, Gook groans loudly. He’s desperate by now and moves closer. He grabs Tae-joo’s wrist suddenly and pulls his fingers out gently. Tae-joo stares at him.

He replaces them with one of his own fingers. The feeling of Tae-joo around his finger is mind-numbing; he wants to feel that tight heat around his cock.

Tae-joo’s hands grip his shoulder, nails almost painful the way they dig in.

He adds a second finger and probes as far as he can until he brushes over something that tears a strangled moan from Tae-joo. “Right there, Gook, please-“

He flexes his fingers again and hits Tae-joo’s prostate. Tae-joo’s cock leaks pre-come all over his stomach as he moans and Gook watches, entranced by the sight. Seeing Tae-joo like this, turned on and desperate, makes Gook himself even more aroused.

He pulls his fingers out and takes the lube bottle into his hand, squeezing out a generous amount. He runs his lubricated hand over his cock and almost sighs at the feeling.

He shuffles closer to Tae-joo, moving in between his open legs. He lines his cock with Tae-joo’s opening. “Gook-ah, please,” Tae-joo cries.

His head spins again. He can’t think straight. “So needy.” He mutters distractedly, almost unaware of the words falling out of his mouth. “What a needy slut.”

Tae-joo’s cock spurts again, his eyes screwing up in pleasure. “Gook - God, Gook-ah, fuck me,”

He pushes in finally. He tries to go as slowly as possible, trying not to hurt Tae-joo. His cock pulses at the feeling. It was indescribable. He wanted to move but waited a moment. “You okay?” He pulled away to scan Tae-joo’s face.

“I’m fine, I promise.” He bucks his hips impatiently and Gook saw starts. “Just fuck me, Gook-ah,”

Gook moves, bottoming out. He brushes Tae-joo’s prostate with the tip of his cock. He swallows the moan Tae-joo lets out with a deep kiss.

Pulling his hips upwards slightly, he snaps them forwards suddenly and starts fucking Tae-joo at a rapid pace, unable to hold back any longer.

A litany of moans fall out of Tae-joo’s mouth and into Gook’s, swallowed up by their kiss. They break for air and the breathy moans fill the air. It’s everything he’s dreamed about ever since he knew what it was; Tae-joo, under him, moaning and desperate on his cock. “Tae-joo,” He moans. “Fuck.” He feels the pressure building in his stomach, arousal almost blinding by this stage. He lifts Tae-joo’s legs onto his shoulders and places his palms on Tae-joo’s slim hips. He kisses him messily.

His palm quickly travels to the side, grabbing Tae-joo’s cock and jerking it only a few times before Tae-joo comes. He moans wordlessly through his orgasm, too blissed out to speak.

The sight of Tae-joo’s face mixed with the feeling of him clenched around Gook’s cock undoes Gook just as quickly. “Tae-joo, fuck, I love you - oh, fuck, Tae-joo.” His eyes screw shut automatically, a bolt of white-hot arousal flooding through his body.

A few moments later he pulls out breathlessly and collapses onto his back. Sweat and come drips down his body and he cringes.

He looks to the side to see Tae-joo drifting in and out of sleep already, his eyelids fluttering as his eyes opened and closed.

He guessed that he was going to be the one to clean up but he could have guessed that under any circumstances. Tae-joo was never one to do these sorts of things, always wanting to be looked after and pampered.

Instead of the flash of irritation he sometimes feels, Gook smiles and grabs a towel from the en-suite.

When he returns, Tae-joo has pulled the sheet over himself and it sleeping soundly.

Gook lifts it back up and off Tae-joo, and cleans him up. The bed is still damp in places. It’s gross enough that Gook thinks twice about getting in.

He stands there for a moment, deliberating.

Tae-joo’s eyes flutter open sleepily. “Gook-ah,” They lock eyes. “I love you too.”

Gook knows then he’s going to sleep in a wet patch no matter what - and somehow, he now couldn’t care less.